BBC Radio Jersey's first hour broadcast. Compilation of speeches including Winston Churchill announcing the end of the second world war, the coronation and visit of Queen Elizabeth II, the first man into space, the assassination of John F Kennedy, the third goal in the 1966 football World Cup Final and man landing on the moon. George Howard, Chairman of the BBC, formally opens the radio station. Talks about the importance of local radio to a community especially such a community as Jersey. For the first time a facility will provided for the island to say what it wants to say. It is an important link to the BBC in London. It will provide a connection to the rest of Britain. He has pleasure in declaring the radio station open. The bailiff Sir Frank Ereaut welcoming George Howard and BBC Radio Jersey to Jersey. He thanks the BBC for coming to the island to open local radio-he was delighted when the BBC accepted the invitation of the States to come and broadcast in Jersey. He thanks the BBC for their understanding towards the island and is looking forward to the radio station reflecting the many interests and history of the island. He is confident that it will be a station to be proud of. Music-Consider Yourself from Oliver. Peter Doyle introducing the programme involving talking to members of staff at BBC Radio Jersey. Talks to the station manager Mike Waugh. He is excited about the radio station starting up. There are 4 staff but there have been a lot of contributors to the station being opened. People have come in and helped. He asks that people give the station information about events that are happening in the island for their 'What's On' programme. Music-'We've Only Just Begun' by The Carpenters. Talking to Jacqui Monkman who answers the phones when people ring in to the radio. She is pleased that she is the first live female voice on Radio Jersey. She is looking after the What's On spot and she hopes that the general public will let her know about events in the island. Music-The Beatles with 'With a Little Help from my Friends'. Jersey Today will start at 7 o'clock tomorrow until 8.15 with a variety of programmes including weather, travel, reviewing the newspapers, news, sport and What's On. Message from a listener Kath Simmons who says that the idea of Radio Jersey is great. Music-Fern Kinney with 'Together we are Beautiful'. Talking to Mike Vibert about people providing news stories for BBC Radio Jersey. Radio is a much more personal and human business than the newspaper business where he worked previously. Music-What's New Pussycat with Tom Jones. 'On the Street Where you Live' by Nat King Cole. Geraldine des Forges of Radio Lions offering to play requests for people in hospital. Weekend Programmes-Jersey Today on Monday-Friday from 7-8.15, Jersey at One at 1-1.07, 5.30 Roundabout. At the weekend Jersey Today starts at 8.00-9.00. Sunday includes a phone in quiz and a report on local events that have happened during the week. There was a hope during the programme to link with a local radio show in New Jersey but there wasn't a local radio show in New Jersey. Music-'Hands Across the Sea'. Talking to John Hogg from a local radio station in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. He is the general manager, programme director and engineer at the radio station where there is 4 full time staff and 2 part time. There is always a lot to do. Jersey Shore is a village of 5,000 and the city next door has a population of 50,000-60,000. Music-Glen Miller Orchestra with Pennsylvania 6-5000. Aubrey Singer, managing director of the radio. He is leaving radio to go to television. Reads some dedications. Music-Jumping Jive by Joe Jackson. Reads dedications. Music-Rita Coolidge with You. Reads dedications. Music-It Ain't What you Do. Reads dedications. Music-Gallagher and Lyle with 'I wanna stay with you'. Thanks the listeners for joining him.




March 15th 1982 - March 15th 1982


Singer, Aubrey
Hogg, John
Radio Lions
des Forges, Geraldine
Vibert, Mike
Simmons, Kath
Monkman, Jacqui
Waugh, Mike
Doyle, Peter
Ereaut, Sir Frank
Howard, George
Kennedy, J F, President of the United States of America
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1952-
Churchill, Winston
BBC Radio Jersey


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