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Request for requisition of 50 bicycles, includes; list of bicycles rejected by the German Authorities, correspondence re. G E Shaw of Les Marroniers, Grouville's bicycle, re. C A Bois of Grenville, La Rocque's bicycle, and re. A W Filleul of Samuel Shaw and Son, 70 Bath Street's bicycle.

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March 27th 1942 - May 6th 1942


Samuel Shaw and Son
Filleul, A W
Bois, C A
Shaw, G E
Bailiff's Chambers
Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Field Command 515
Knackfuss, Colonel
Essential Commodities Department
Le Masurier, E P
States Greffe
Crill, S G, Constable of St Clement
Crill and Benest Solicitors
Pinel, H E
Mackenzie, Mr
Aubin, Mr
Hodges, L
Painter, C
Halliwell, H V
Parry, P V G
Berezai, J
Le Moeur, A G
Perrée, F J, Constable of St Mary
Briard, P W C, Constable of Grouville
Labey, Reverend
Mauger, J W
Knight, H S
Benest, W, Constable of St Brelade
Ivy, Mr
du Val, J, Constable of St Peter
Poignard, Mr
Baudains, John Wesley, Constable of St Lawrence
States of Jersey
Bree, Mr
Shaw, Mr
Le Sueur, F, Captain
War Office
Lieutenant Governor
Shaw, George Ernest
Bois, C A, Doctor


cycles | requisitioning | Bailiffs | Occupation | 70, Bath Street | Grenville, La Rocque | Les Marroniers, Grouville | Regent Chambers | 8, Hill Street | 1, Gwendoline Villas | 27, Halkett Place | Clifton Hotel, The Esplanade, St Helier | 3, Woodbine, St Saviour | New Zealand Avenue | Casa Marina, Beach Road | Les Vaux, St Martin | Montrose, St Martin | Rose Hill, Trinity | Les Marronniers, Grouville | Grenville, La Rocque


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