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Request for requisition of 50 bicycles, correspondence includes; J P Le Druillenec of Callington, St Brelade's bicycle Request not to requisition certain bicycles by the Bakery organisation, Wybert Godfray of 2 Helmsdale Villas, Beaumont, St Peter's bicycle, L J Jones of 18 Rouge Bouillon's bicycle, Return of the bicycles of George Turner of 12, The Parade, E Le Brocq of 58, Don Street, and Henry Cotard of Villa Bree, St Martin.

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April 29th 1942 - July 8th 1944


Cotard, Henry
Corah, John Sutton
Villers, Fredric Charles
Clark, Leonard Thomas
Orgill, Richard
Kemish, William James
Le Brocq, John
Dupre, John
Rounault, Albert
Le Brocq, E
Turner, George
Jones, L J
Godfray, Wybert
Le Druillenec, J P
Godfray, Mrs
Bailiff's Chambers
Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Field Command 515
Knackfuss, Colonel, Field Commandant
Essential Commodities Department
States Greffe
Le Sueur, F, Captain
Chief of Police, St Saviour
Kreft, Sonderfuhrer
Le Masurier, E P
States of Jersey
Casper, Doctor, O K V R
du Val, John
Supervisory Committee
Le Masurier, Giffard and Poch
Bakery Organisation
von Aufsess, K V R
Germain, John
Organisation Todt
German Stone Industry
Ronez Quarry
Arbeitgemeinschaft West
Pelz, K V R
Heider, Major


bakeries | cycles | requisitioning | Occupation | Villa Bree | 58 Don Street | 12, The Parade | 18, Rouge Bouillon | 2, Helmsdale Villas | Callington, St Brelade | Joyland, New Street | 8, Hill Street | Don Wrose, Eureka Avenue, Samares | 56, Clearview Street | 4, Landscape Grove | 10, Kensington Place | 2, Clifton House, St Aubin | 3, Le Carre, Mont Cochon | Avranche Cottage, 2, St Lawrence | 10, Union Street | Victoria College House | 35, Esplanade | Rozel, St Martin | Ronez Quarry


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