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Establishment of and requisitions and supplies for the soldiers homes at; - The Mayfair Hotel, St Saviour, St Brelade's Hotel, St Brelade's Bay, Millbrook, La Hougue, St Peter, and The officers home at Fort d'Auvergne of; Milk, bread, butter, eggs, furniture, cycles for nurses at the soldiers home, accounts from the Jersey Electricity Company, Jersey Gas Light Company and Jersey New Waterworks Company, petrol, building work by Mr H Le Seelleur, vegetables, potatoes, cookers

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May 14th 1941 - March 8th 1945


Fort d'Auvergne Hotel
St Brelade's Hotel
Mayfair Hotel
Le Seelleur, H
Hamon, J
Orviss Limited
Le Rossignol, Mr
Job and Son
Marks and Riches
Weeks, Mr
Bailiff's Chambers
Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Field Command 515
Schumacher, Colonel
Platzkommandantur I
Le Sueur, F, Captain
Essential Commodities Department
Department of Finance and Economics
Agriculture and Fisheries Department
Department of Transport & Communications
States Treasury
States Greffe
States Dairy
States of Jersey
Le Masurier, Edwin Philip
Messervy Norman, J
Ereaut, Herbert Frank
Bree, Touzel John, Jurat
Cabot, Philip George
Gregory, Mr
Watson, Mr
Elliott, Mr
Le Rossignol, Mr
Jersey Gas Light Company
Jersey Electricity Company
Jersey New Waterworks Company
Arnst, Paymaster
G T Day and Sons
Continental Hotel
Perree, F J
Pelz, K V R
Dorey, Edgar Aleck, Jurat
Demmler, Major
von Stein, O K V R
Casper, Doctor, O K V R
Knackfuss, Colonel
Reffler, Doctor, K V R
von Aufsess, K V R
Hübner, Mr
Heider, Major


cookers | building works | petrol | Water | gas | Electricity | cycles | Furniture | furnishings | Food | vegetables | Potatoes | Milk | Butter | eggs | soldiers | staff wages | requisitioning | Bailiffs | Occupation | Second World War | La Hougue, St Peter | Millbrook | St Brelade's Bay | Havre des Pas | St Saviour | soldatenheim | soldiers homes | Soldatenheim I, Mayfair Hotel | Soldatenheim II, St Brelade's Bay | Soldatenheim III, Millbrook | Soldatenheim IV, La Hougue | Offiziershein, Fort d'Auvergne | St Saviour's Road | Victoria College House | Don Street Dairy | cycles | Red Cross Nurses | La Collette House, La Collette | Eden Lane | 14, Halkett Place | Millbrook | Fort d'Auvergne | Highlands, St Brelade | St Brelade | La Hougue Farm, St Peter | St Peter | Joyland, New Street


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