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Papers relating to the evacuation of invalids from Jersey by the International Red Cross. Includes lists of applicants to leave the Island, lists are organised by priority and includes the names, addresses, and medical condition of each applicant. Distribution of Red Cross Medical Supplies

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April 14th 1945 - April 24th 1945


Red Cross
Bailiff's Chambers
Coutanche, Lord Alexander Moncrieff, 1892 - 1973, Bailiff of Jersey, 1935-1961
Wilson, Alexander
McKinstry, R N, Doctor
Greany, Michael
O'Brien, Morgan
Shaw, George Ernest
Shaw, Dorothea Jenny
Healy, Patrick Christopher
Audrain, Margaret
d'Esterre, Ellen Irene
Angell, Ellen Mary
Le Brun, Eva Priscilla
Brochet, Doris Hilda
Baker, Morris
Brothers, Bertie Edward
Bowman, Percy Alexander
Bissell, Eleanor Winifred
Belchem, Mrs
Bonney, Anaise Yolande
Bassett, Hilda Jane
Battie, Alice Mai
Chardine, Louis
Gulliver-Cradwick, Leonard James Frederick
Le Cocq, Joyce Rosalie
Coleman, Florence Harriet
Desgranges, Madeleine Holley
Downing, Kate
Dorkins, Barbara Phyllis Mary
Ewart, George
Ewart, Fanny
Finlay, William
du Feu, William Henry
Fieldhouse, Willie
Gavey, Phyllis Louisa
Godfray, Clara Winifred
Gavey, Sidney George
Greany, Michael
Graham, Doctor
Griffiths, Wlliam Henry
Gould, Clifford William
Grannum, Reginald Clifton
Hacquoil, Philip Thomas
Harrison, Mrs
Holmes, Ada
Hunkin, Jane Youlton
Hatfield-Hall, Lucy Marie Charlotte Germaine
Healey, Ellen
Jones, William
Kempster, Joan
Laurens, Jessie
Luxon, Evelyn Annie
Lawrence, Gwen Fabert
Le Moigne, Hilda
Le Maistre, Therese
Meaby, John William Gaitskell
Meaby, Mary Irene Harriet Alice
Merhet, Pascaline Marie
McFayden, Olive Nancy
Marett, Elsie Florence
Masters, Florence
Masters, John Thomas
Masters, Clarissa Joyce
Marsh, Malcolm Ready
de Moulpied, Francis Henry
Mannell, Percival
Newland, Matthew Henry
Newland, Agnes Maria Sarah
Nicolle, Dorothy
Perrio, Yvonne Renée
Phillips, Ann Gertrude
Poingdestre, Elsie Elizabeth
Pritchard, George
Proteau, Theodore Pierre Matthew
Le Quesne, Mrs
Robert, Sidney Thomas
Mohammed, raza
Robinson, Elizabeth May
Simpson, Margaret Edith
Scotland, David
Sutton, William
Stephens, Julia Elizabeth
Smithers, Dorothy Emily
Smithers, Bertram
Le Sueur, Marguerite
Vaudin, Marguerite Hazel
Vaudin, Mrs
Vibert, Ivy
Vaudin, Sidney John
Wyatt, Annie Mary
Wood, John Youngson
Wood, Helen
Williams, George
Ager, Jack
Adams, Walter Joseph
Abraham, Ada Adelena
Baker, Bernard Arthur
Byrne, Daisy Peggy
Brunner, Christobel Grace
Barrett, Caroline
de Bourcier, Ella Dora
Cordrey, Edith
Clark, Grace Emma
Crabb, Horace
Davenport, Marie
Franklin, Arthur
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fraser, J N
Le Gresley, Edward Falle
Helm, John Leonard
Harper, B A S
Herpe, Suzanne
Lee, William John
Luce, Louis Alfred
Le Mercier, Walter
Minck, Alice, née Davoux
Matthews, William George
McKay, James
Oakley, Margaret Frances
Pullin, William Henry
Paton, Alexander
Rebours, Kathleen
South, Alice Julia
Smith, Cecil George
Spencer, Constance Ivy
Sorel, Francis Peter
Saunders, Beryl Edith
Tuckett, Hubert Edward
Tanner, Anne Letitia
Wilson, Rober Talbot
White, Florence Elsie
Woodman, Elizabeth Mary
Wilson, Jean Helen Cecile
Watson, George
Arthur, Dorothy
Averty, Madeline Louise Statt
Atyeo, Lois
Alexandre, Miss
Bisson, Charles
Basford, Charles
Butcher, Marie Catherine
Coombs, Florence
Coombs, Dorothy Maud
Connor, Elizabeth Ann
Connor, James Powell
Cashmore, Edith
Le Cocq, Kevin John
Deakin, Mrs
Deakin, Dorothy Edith
Drieu, Helen
Galbreath, Elsie Agnes
Gallichan, Verena Mary
Dalley, Clare Maud Mary
Le Gros, Arthur
Hunt, Reginald
Hayward, Mrs
Hunt, Ernestine, Lady
Holley, John Thomas
Lillicrap, Ruby Lena
Low, William
Lewis, Florence Eliza Amelia
Lawrence, Henry
Millard, Ethel Isabel
O'Brien, Morgan
Macdonald, Rosa Marie
Pallot, Margaret Olympia
Palmer, Thomas
Paterson, Sarah
Seymour, Zoe Irene Leslie
Shaw, George Ernest
Shaw, Dorothea Jenny
Sanford, Edith Maud
Trafford, Alice Constance
Trafford, Frederick
Tardivel, William Albert
Walmsley, Benjamin
Wallis, Richard
Watton, Clifford
Hatfield-Hall, Leslie George
Baker, Leslie Reginald
Baker, Betty
Emery, Miriam Ann
Hennequin, Doris
MacDowell, Enid Kathleen
Wilson, Muriel B
Healy, Patrick Christopher
Taylor, Christopher
Taylor, Doris Mabel
Lewis, David Frederic
Bouchard, Kathleen Burch
Bradford-Martin, Alfred Henry
Bradford-Martin, Margaret
Briard, Annie Sarah
Blight, John
Blight, Ada Alice
Le Boutillier, Elsie May
Banks, William
Banks, Louise
Benest, Sidney George
Carter, Keith James Gregory
Carter, Eunice Rose
Carter, Clement Dennis
Davis, Kathleen Alice
Faiers, Mrs
Fieldhouse, Irene May
Givens, John
Gavey, Doreen Adele
Le Geyt, Anthony James
Gaskell, Arthur
Hughes, Emily
Herring, Gwendoline Maude
Harrison, Miss
de la Haye, John Alan
Le Lievre, Arthur F
Lowry, Emily Kathleen Anne
Langeard, Mrs
Mortimer, Frederick William
Mortimer, Gertrude Annie
Le Maistre, Alice Gertrude May
Moody, Mabel Charlotte
Macartney, Sylvia Theodora
Macartney, George, Sir
Macartney, Catherine Theodora, Lady
Norman, John
Norman, Margaret Phyllis
Ozouf, Walter Francis
Richards, Elsie May
Richardson, William
Sinclair, Grace Lilian
South, Agnes Jenny
Scott, Mary
Stephens, William Henry
Thomson, Mary Emma
Taylor, Winifred
Taylor, Ellen
Taylor, Arthur
Watson, Alice
Yourdi, Hilda Margaret
Ainsworth, Christine
Collier, Dorothy
Connolly, Margaret
Brackenbury, Alice
Brackenbury, John
Brumby-Hall, Henry
Baudains, John G L
Emms, Derek Gordon
Jonas, William
Sarre, Philip V
Sawyer, Harry
Scott, John
Vezier, Albert Leon
Wakeham, Edmund William
Webb, Arthur
du Feu, Lilian Dorothy
Audrain, Margaret
Ballantine, Harry
Ballantine, Marion
Bateman, Frederick
Brough, Joyce
Carver, Harold
Chodzko, Mrs
Le Cornu, Sydney
Dick, James Browning
du Feu, Florence
du Feu, Gladys
de la Haye, Mrs
Godfray, Francis Philip
Inchcombe, Mabel Francis
Jeandron, Ellen
Shaw, George Ernest
Shaw, Dorothea Jenny
Jeandron, Maisie Phyllis
McInroy, David
Le Noa, Yves Marie
Oakley, John Josiah
Picot, George Wimble
Rattenbury, Hilda Rhoda
Saunders, Walter
Vibert, Arthur James
Watson-Allan, Mrs
Webster, Mark C
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, A
Bree, Dorothy Phyllis
Cadin, Edwin William
d'Esterre, Ellen Irene
Smith, Hilda May
Snell, Ellen
Stewart, Alexander Frederick
Waring, Ethel Convlis
Hasler, Eleanor Kathleen
Angreve, Maud
Bateman, Beatrice


medical supplies | evacuations | invalids | health | Bailiffs | Occupation | Second World War | 4, Westbourne Terrace


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