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Headmaster's Diary of the Jersey Industrial School, This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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May 1st 1902 - May 19th 1907


Jersey Home for Boys
Clifton Industrial School
Jersey Industrial School
Abadie, Lieutenant Governor
Abadie, Mrs
Abbot, William
Abbott, Harold
Abbott, Mr
Abbott, William
Adams, Miss
Ager, Charles
Ahier, C P
Ahier, Mr
Ahier, Pontac
Alavoine, Max
Alavoine, Mr
Alavoine, Mrs
Albacore, H M
Albert, Lancelot
Bredonchelle, Albert
Buesnel, Albert
Allardice, Miss
Allot, Victorine
Amery, Sergeant
Amy, F
Archard, T
Archer, Dr
Archer, P
Arthur, Centenier
Ashcroft, Mrs
Ashley-Walker, Miss
Aubin and Son, Mr
Aubin, Duret, Doctor
Aubin, Mrs
Aubin, Duret W, Jurat
Aubin, P A, Constable
Auguste, George
Baines, Captain
Bailiff, The
Baker, Mr
Bakes, Alfred
Balleine, A E
Balleine, F G E
Balleine, G O, Dean
Balleine, G P, Reverend
Balliene, J A, Reverend
Bard, P
Barnes, F
Barot, John
Barot, Louis
Barter, Henry
Bartlett, Reginald
Bastide, Mr
Bates, Alfred
Battam, John
Battam, John William
Battam, William
Baudains, P
Baxter, H
Bechelet, W
Bechelet, William
Bechemin, Edward
Becquet, Alfred
Becquet, Charles
Becquet, F
Becquet, V
Becquet, Victor
Bedminster, F
Bellingham, W
Beminster, Fred
Beniot, Henry
Bentlif, Doctor
Bequet, V
Berleau, pupil
Bernard, Arthur Jeffrey
Bertram, J
Best, Harry
Biddlecombe, Alfred
Biddlecombe, George
Bidois, Mr
Bigwood, Mr
Binet, H T
Blackmore, A
Blackmore, Wilfred
Blampied, Arthur
Blampied, R
Blampied, T
Bliault, Sylvan
Bliaut, C
Bligh, Mr
Boleat, Charles
Boomer, Percy
Boone, Mr
Boutillier, Charles
Brayn, P J, Dr
Brebant, John
Bredonchelle, Albert
Bredonchelle, A
Briard, E
Briard, Judge
Briard, P, Jurat
Briddlecome, Alfred
Bridger, Miss
Broun, Mr
Brunker, William
Buesnel, Albert
Burman, Mr
Burnham, Mr
Burrows, E H
Burt, Richard
Bush, H M Inspector
Bush, S
Butters, C S M
Cabot, Mr
Cabot, Mrs
Cabot, Norah
Cain, R
Carey, Carteret, Colonel
Caro, John
Caro, John Francis Marie
Carot, F
Carreau, J
Carveaux, John
Cauvain, E
Cauvain, Eddie
Cavey, Percy William
Chappuis, Doctor
Chazel, Walter Frederick
Cheney, Frederick
Choveaux, N
Clubley, Colonel
Collas, Jervoise
Connolly, Mrs
Contin, R
Connolly, C W, Reverend
Coom, Mrs
Coom, Reginald Alfred
Cooney, Walter
Copp, Mr
Couilliard, Albert
Courtel, V
Coutanche, Miss
Couvain, Edward
Crawford, Mr
Crill, Mr
Curry, T
Dadd, Henry
Dainer, Mr
Dale, J
Daly, Miss
Damer, Mr
Dallain, Frank Aubin
Davey, George
Davis, Charles
Davis, G
de Faye, T L
de Gruchy and Company, A
de Gruchy, Clifford
de Gruchy, Mr
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Gruchy, W
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, William Charles
de la Mare, I
de La Perelle, Mr
de Rosel, Madame
de St Croix, Alfred
de St Croix, Henry
de St Croix, Percy
de St Croix, Sydney
de Vismes, R
Dean, The
Denis, Philip
Denize, Mr
Didot, H
Didot, Miss
Didot, Mr
Donaldson, Mrs
Dorey, D
Dorey, Daisy
Dorey, E
Dorey, Miss
Dowden, Alfred
Dr Barnado’s home
Driscoll, F
Driscoll, Mr
Drube, Otto
du Parcq, Henry Francis
Dumond, H
Dumond, P
Dumont, Alphonse François
Dumont, George
Dunsford, Mr
Eastman’s and Company
Edgecombe, Mr
Mauger, Edgar
Le Vesconte, Edward
England, Mr
Esnouf, Mr
Etheridge, I E
Fairley, Captain
Fairlie, Mrs
Fairweather, General
Fairweather, Miss
Falla, Doctor
Falla, Herbert
Fallaize, Mr
Falvey, Colonel
Falvey, Mrs
Faudemer, Alexander
Faudemer, Francis Charles Lewis
Findlay, Doctor
Findlay, Mrs
Fisher, Mr
Fletcher, A
Foard, Charles
Ford, Charles
Fox, Mr
Fraser, Doctor
Frayling, Mr
Fry, Arthur
Gallichan, Ernest
Gallichan, Arthur
Gallichan, Ernest
Gallichan, Mrs
Gallichan, Percy
Gallie, Arthur
Gallie, Mr
Gallie, William
Garland, Francis
Garnier, W W
Gasnier, Arthur
Gavey, Matron
Gavey, Edward
Gavey, H
Gavey, Mr
Gavey, Mrs
Gavey, P J
Gill, Mr
Gillam, Arthur
Gillam, Mrs
Gillam, Stanley
Gillam, Walter
Gillam, William
Gillard, Mr
Gilley, Stanley
Goddard, Miss
Goddard, Mrs
Godfray, Charles
Godfray, Edwin C
Godfray, Frank
Godfray, G
Godfray, Henry Charles
Godfray, K
Godfray, Master
Godfrey, C
Godfrey, Frank
Godley, D A A G, Major
Gold, Alfred
Gold, Peter John Francis
Gough, Hugh S, Lieutenant Governor
Gough, Mrs
Gray, Arthur
Gray, M, Colonel
Gray, Mr
Gray, Mrs
Gregory, Alfred
Gregory, Frank
Griffin, Major
Griffin, W Wandby, Major
Grodoire, John
Grodoire, Alfred
Grodoire, E
Grodoire, George
Grodoire, H
Grodoire, Harry
Grodoire, John
Grodoire, R
Grodoire, William
Gruchy, Captain
Gruchy, Thomas
Guilard, Mr
Guiton, P
Guy, Frederick William
Guy, Mr
H M S Albacore
Hall, Mr
Hammond, Robin J
Hammond, Mrs
Hamon, Mr
Hamon, George
Hampshire, Cicely
Hampshire, Miss
Hancock, Reverend
Handsford, Alfred Charles
Handsford, pupil
Handsford, W
Harper Miss
Harper, Mr
Harper, Mrs
Harris, Charles
Harrison, B
Harrison, Sidney
Hayden, B
Hayden, Mr
Hayden, Mrs
Hayles, G
Hayles, Mr
Barter, Henry
Heath, Doylea Washington
Hemery, Miss
Henry, Frederick Cyril
Heuze, Ernest
Heuze, G
Hibbs, Clarence Bower
Hibbs, Henry
Hibbs, Robert Edward
Hibbs, Thomas
Hibbs, William Henry James
Hickenbotham, E
Hickenbotham, T
HMS Albacore
Hodden, Sergeant
Hodge, Edgar Charles
Hodge, Frederick John
Hodge, Robert William
Hodges, Mr
Hoggan, D
Hoggan, Miss
Holyoak, A W
Honey, E J
Hotton, Albert Philip
Hotton, Clement
Hotton, Henry
Hotton, P
Houellebecq, Francis John
Houillebecq, John
Houissin, Peter
Houssin, Peter
Hoyles, George
Huelin, Charles
Huelin, Mr
Huelin, Mrs
Huelin, Sydney
Huelin, W
Hueze, Ernest John
Hunt, Mr
Hutchings, Mr
Igo, Fred
Marett, J R
Jarley Amateur Dramatic Company
Jeandron, C
Jeandron, J
Jeandron, John
Jeffery, Arthur
Jeffrey, E
Jeffrey, R
Jeffries, Arthur
Jersey High School
Jersey Modern School
Jeune, Miss
Caro, John
Jones, William
Journeaux, Deputy
Journeaux, G
Journeaux, Miss
Jules, A O
Keeping, William
Kelly, Edward Thomas
Kendall, Mr
Kershaw, Mrs
Kitcher, Charles
King's Own Scottish Borderers
La Place, George Auguste Ernest
Labey and Blampied
Labey, Mr
Lancashire, Frank Henry
Lander, W
Larbalestier, Mr
Laurier, Wilfred, Sir, Prime Minister of Canada
Lawson, Lieutenant
Le Boutillier, Charles
Le Boutillier, Philip
Le Boutillier, Philip
Le Bredonchelle, Albert
Le brocq, Captain
Le Brocq, E
Le Brocq, Mrs
Le Brun, Mr
Le Clercq, Alfred T
Le Cocq, Reginald
Le Cornu, A J
Le Cornu, C F, Captain
Le Cornu, Colonel
Le Cornu, Lawrence
Le Cornu, Mr
Le Cornu, Mrs
Le Cornu, P
Le Cornu, R
Le Couteur Prize
Le Couteur, Adolphus
Le Cras, Herbert Clarence
Le Cras, Francis
Le Cras, Henry
Le Cras, Herbert Clarence
Le Cras, Mr
Le Cras, Mrs
Le Cuirot, Mr
Le Duc, Francis
Le Feuvre, E, Reverend
Le Feuvre, Marie Sainte
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, M
Le Feuvre, J
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, William
Le Fleming, Hugh, Reverend
Le Gallais, F
Le Gros, Frank
Le Gros, Henry
Le Hucquet, Mr
Le Huquet and Son
Le Huquet, Edward F
Le Huquet, G
Le Huquet, Mr
Le Huquet, Thomas
Le Lievre, C
Le Lievre, Charles
Le Lievre, Clarence
Le Lievre, Edward
Le Lievre, P
Le Lievre, Stanley James
Le Lievre, Thomas
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Lievre, V
Le Maistre, J B
Le Maistre, J R
Le Maistre, J
Le Marquand, Charles
Le Marquand, Alfred John
Le Marquand, Bernard
Le Marquand, C
Le Masurier, P
Le Masurier, Wilfred
Le Neveu, Mr
Le Poidevin, I T
Le Poidevin, Thomas
Le Quellenec, Charles
Le Quesne, A J, Centenier
Le Quesne, E
Le Quesne, Mr
Le Riche and Company
Le Riche, Alice
Le Rossignol, Mr
Le Rossignol, Mrs
Le Seeleur, Captain
Le Sueur, Percy
Le Sueur, R, Reverend
Le Sueur, E
Le Sueur, A
Le Sueur, Alfred
Le Sueur, Arthur
Le Sueur, Clarence
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, E, Greffier
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Sueur, Percy
Le Sueur, Robert
Le Vesconte, Edward John
Lea, C H
Leat, William
Lempriere, R R, Viscount
Lenaghan, E
Lenaghan, Harold Alexander
Lenaghan, Thomas William
Lillicrap, John
Lillicrap, John George
Livingstone, Bandmaster
Lloyd, General
Lloyd, Architect
Lloyd, Mr
Longmoore, James
Longstreeth, Mr
Lord Bishop of Southampton
Luce, Edward, Reverend
Lydia, S W
Macready, Mr
Maine, Mr
Maitland, W
Mallett, Mr
Malzard, Mr
Manning, C
Manning, Ernest
Manning, G
Manning, Joseph
Manning, Victor
Marchall, Mr
Marett, Bertie
Marett, J R, Colonel
Marett, George
Marett, Miss
Marett, Mr
Marie, Alfred Winter
Marie, Philip John
Mariette, William
Mariette, C
Marquand, Alfred
Marquand, Bernard
Marquand, Clarence
Marret, Annie
Marrette, Charles
Marshal, Wilfrid
Marshall, Albert
Marshall, Arthur
Marshall, H
Marshall, Wilfred George
Mauger, E
Mauger, Edgar
McClure, Colonel Sergeant
McCrae Bruce, Mrs
McEwen, Miss
McKee, A
McKee, Miss
McKee, Mr
McNeil, Miss
McWhinney, Mr
Meldrum, Mrs
Messervey, A G
Messervy, Jurat
Michel, Alfred
Michel, Fred
Michel, Joseph Hedley
Milner, A, Reverend
Minchin, Richard
Wade, Miss
Warren, Miss
Mitchel-Innes, Mrs
Moffat, Maxwell, Doctor
Moroney, John
Mourant, Arthur
Mourant, Reverend
Mowbray, Miss
Mulready, John
Springate, Mr
Swatman, Mr
Parsons, Mrs
Munster Fusiliers
Murray, Mr
Murray, W H
Murrow, Miss
Neville, William
Nicolle, E T
Noel and Porter
Noel, J
Noel, John
Noel, John
O’Connor, Dr
O’Meara, Mary
Orange and Briard
Otway, Lady
Ozard, G
Ozard, P
Ozard, Philip
Ozard, T G
Ozouf, Ferdinand
Pallot, J
Pallots, Mr
Palmer, Miss
Palmer, Mrs
Parker, Dr
Parker, Charles, Dr
Parlett, F
Parlett, Mr
Parlett, Mrs
Paturel, P
Paturel, Percy
Pavoux, F
Pavoux, Francois
Payn, Jurat
Payn, T, Jurat
Payn, Thomas
Payne, Albert
Payne, Judge
Payne, Jurat
Payton, Ethel
Pearse, Mr
Pellnet, C
Pellnet, Cyril
Pellnet, E
Pellnet, Ernest
Pellnet, G
Pellnett, Cyril
Pelluet, Samuel
Pepin, G, Constable
Perchard, Justin
Perchard, Mr
Perkins, E
Perkins, Ernest
Perkins, V
Perry, Frederick
Pettaway, Alice
Peyton, B M
Peyton, B N
Peyton, Blanche E
Peyton, Blanche M
Peyton, E
Peyton, Ethel
Peyton, Miss
Peyton, Miss B M
Peyton, Mrs
Pignel, Mrs
Pihan, C
Pihan, Charles
Pipon, General
Piquet, Mr
Pitron, Monsieur
Pittaway, Alice
Poidevin, F
Poidevin, T
Poidevin, Thomas
Poignard, Mrs
Potter, G
Potter, George
Potter, Mrs
Potter, W
Potter, W M
Prentice, Captain
Pressey, J
Pritchard, Captain, RN
Proper, W
Proper, Walter
Proper, Winter
Proper, Winter
Quirot, G
Quirot, T
Radcliffe, E H
Raymer, R R
Raymer, Captain
Raymer, Mr
Raymer, N R
Redden, E
Redden, Edward
Redden, G
Redden, S
Reddon, E
Reddon, Edward
Renouf, C G
Renouf, C G, Jurat
Renouf, C
Renouf, Jurat
Renouf, Mrs
Richardson, Advocate
Richardson, Mr
Roache, Arthur
Robert, Marie
Roberts, Miss
Roberts, Muriel
Robin, Colonel
Robin, Philip, Colonel
Robin, P, Colonel
Robin, S, Colonel
Roche, A
Roche, Arthur
Roche, H
Roissier, Mr
Ross, Mr
Rowden, S
Rowden, Sydney
Rowe, W
Rowe, Walter
Rust, G
Rust, George
Rust, George William
Rust, H
Rust, Henry
Rust, Henry Charles
Rust, J
Samson, J A
Scott, Blanche Esmond
Scott, Leslie, Colonel
Scott, T, Colonel
Scott, Leslie, General
Seward, I
Seward, J
Seward, Joe
Seward, Philip
Shaw, Drury
Sheail, Albert
Sheail, Albert John
Sheail, Ernest
Sheail, Ernest Alexander
Sheails, A
Sheails, E
Sheails, Mr
Simmons, Reginald
Simonet, Mr
Simpson, Ward, Colonel
Sohier, Peter
Sollitt, C
Sollitt, Cyril
Souley, W
Souley, William
St Clement’s Horticultural Society
St George, Charles
Stanley, Major
Starck, John
Startford, J
Stephens, Harold
Stephens, Harold
Stevens, Cornelius
Stevens, Cornelius George
Stevens, W
Stewart, G P, Lieutenant Colonel
Stratford, J
Stratford, S
Stratford, Samuel
Studley, W
Studley, Walter
Studley, Walter
Surguy, S
Surguy, Sidney
Surguy, Sydney
Tatam, W
Teighmore Boys
Thatcher, George
Thatcher, J
Thompson, Samuel W
Tisson, Henry
Tisson, Alfred
Tisson, Alfred Peter
Tisson, Charles
Tisson, Charles William
Tisson, Henry
Tisson, Heuré Jean
Tomlinson, Mrs
Toms, Mr
Toms, FW
Tucker, General
Turner, A H
Valpy, John
Valpy, Mr
Vaudin, Judge
Vaudin, Mrs
Vaudin, S
Vaudin, Sydney
Vaudin, W
Vaudin, William
Vaudrain, W
Vavao, L S
Venables Vernon, W, Sir
Venables Vernon, W H, Bailiff
Venables, C
Venables, Mr
Venables, William, Sir
Vernon, Mrs
Vernon, WHV, Bailiff
Vernon, Lady
Vernon, Mrs
Vernon, Bailiff
Vernon, William
Vibert, Mr
Vickers, Miss
Vickers, Mr
Vickers, Mrs
Voisin, Emile
Wade, Miss
Walker, A
Walker, Ashley
Walker, Mrs
Walker, R
Walker, Richard
Watkins, Richard
Wavell, Sydney Francis
Webber, I
Webber, J
Webber, John
Welsh Fusiliers
White, Henry
William, Jones Walter
Williams, J, Reverend
Williams, Richard, Reverend
Wilson, General
Wilson, Miss
Wood, St Leger, Lieutenant Colonel
Woonton, A
Woonton, Albert
Woonton, E
Woonton, William
Wright, Miss
Yarrow, Miss
Yarrow, T


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