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Headmaster's Diary of the Jersey Industrial School.This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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August 23rd 1911 - August 6th 1916


Jersey Home for Boys
Jersey Industrial School
Abbot, H
Abbot, Harold
Albert, A
Albert, Lancelot
Grandin and Company
Albert, Lionel
Alexandre, Albert
Allen-Archer, Miss
Atherstone, H
Duret-Aubin, Dr
Duret-Aubin, Mrs
Aubin, Percy A
Bagnall, Thomas Nock, Colonel
Bakes, Alfred
Banks, Alfred Charles
Bartlett, Reginald
Bechmin, E
Becquet, John George
Bellingham, Mr
Benest, C
Benest, Clarence
Benest, Cyril
Bisson, Mr
Blampied, R
Boeille, Mr
Boone, Mr
Boulanger, Pierre
Brayn, Doctor
Campion, James
Carreau, J
Carreau, John
Carrel, H
Chappuis, Dr
Collas, Elias
Colet, J
Colet, John
Collet, John
Coney, Clifford
Coutanche, A, Mr
Dale, J
Davey, George
de Faye, Mr
De Gruchy, Walter
de la Haye, Albert
de Quetteville, Philip Winter, Reverend
de St Croix, Edward
de St Croix, G
de St Croix, P
de Ste Croix, Edward
de Ste Croix, George
de Gruchy, W
Donaldson, Mrs
Douglas, Jacquelin
Dumaresq, Miss
Dumont, George
Falle, Samuel, 1854 - 1937, Dean of Jersey, 1906 - 1937
Faudemer, Alexander
Fazackerley, Mr
Fazackerley, Thomas
Ferguson, Dr
Fontaine, C
Fontaine, Charles
Ford, Charles
Forward, Thomas
Foubert, Charles
Thomas, Francis
Frazer, Dr
Gale, Mr
Gavey, Mr
Gavey, Mrs
Guiton, George
Gladstone, Mrs
Grant, Mr
Gray, W C, Colonel
Grimshaw, Miss
Grodoire, G
Guiliana, Fred
Guiton, G
Guiton, P
Handsford, A
Handsford, Alfred
Harriet, Raymond
Harriett, Edmund
Harriett, Harry
Harris, C
Hayden, Mr
Henry, Miss
Turner, Adolphus Hilgrove
Hill, A
Hill, Arthur
Holmes, G
Holmes, George
Honey, E J, Mr
Huelin, Sydney
Igo, C
Igo, Charles
Igo, J
Igo, John
Igo Family
Jarvis, Arthur
Jarvis, Arthur John
Jones, Charles
King, William
Kirby, Charles
Laverty, W
Laverty, William
Le Cocq, R, Mr
Le Cocq, C F, Mr
Le Couteur, Captain
Le Cras, H
Le Cras, Herbert
Le Feuvre, G, Reverend
Le Gros, A
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Huquet and son
Le Huquet, G
Le Huquet, George
Le Huquet, Mr
Le Huquet, R
Le Huquet, Rennie
Le Lievre, Stanley
Le Quesne, C
Le Riche and Company
Le Riche, Mr
Le Rossignol, Mr
Le Seeleur, George
Lempriere, Reginald Raoul
Lenaghan, A
Lenaghan, Alfred
Lenaghan, Alfred Orlande
Lillicrap, J
Lillicrap, John
Love, R D, Reverend
Luce, Edward
Luce, Herbert
Main's Hotel
Marett, G
Marett, George
Marett, Mr
Marie, J
Marie, John
Mariette, William
Marquand, Alfred
Marquand, Bernard
Marquand, Clarence
Marshall, W
Marshall, Wilfred
Mauger, E
Mauger, Edward
Moor, Edward, Reverend
Dimond, Mrs
Napper, Mr
Noel, W C
Noel, Charles
Noël, Peter
Noel, Walter
O'Brien, Reginald
O'Connor, Mr
Oldridge, E and O
Oldridge, Mr
Ozard, H
Ozard, Herbert
Ozard, R
Ozard, Redmond
Page, H
Parpaillon, P
Paturel, George
Paturel, John
Pelluet, Sam
Perry, Fred
Peyton, Miss
Pipon, Miss
Podger, Bernard
Price, Frank
Pritchard, Miss
Ramie, H
Raymer, Mrs
Renard, A
Reynard, Albert
Robins, Edward
Robins, George
Roche, A
Ruaux, Charles
Salisbury, Arthur
Samson, J A
Schweinitz, E, Mr
Mr Silk's Academy
Simmonds, Percy
Smith, E
Smith, Ernest
Sollitt, C
Springate, Mr
St George, Charles
Stevens, Harold
Stothart, R, Reverend
Thomas, F
Thomas, Francis
Tite, E
Tite, Edward
Tite, H
Tite, Henry
Tredant, A
Tredant, Alfred
Troquer, Frank
Voisin and Company Limited
Wavell, Sydney
Wickers, W
Wickers, Wyndham
Woonton, Albert
Woonton, W
Woonton, William


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