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Appériement des chariages et prevostés du Fief de la Reyne en la paroisse de St Martin (Appairiements of the charges and provosts of the Fief de la Reine, St Martin). List of the tenants of the Fief de la Reine with their holdings on that fief and foncier rentes. Includes a list of those called by the provosts of each of the Fiefs in St Martin to be charged for the houses under their name; Fief et Seigneurie d'Anneville, Fief Evrat, Fief de Quettivel, Fief et Seigneurie de Rozel, and the Fief a l'Abbesse de Caen. Also includes a list of the Chefs de Charette in 1701 and 1914

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April 24th 1701 - April 24th 1701


Law Officer's Department


chefs de charette | fiefs | tenants | appairiements | lands | realty | Law | Fief à l'Abbesse de Caen, St Martin | Fief de Quetteville | Fief et Seigneurie de Rozel | Fief Evrat | Fief et Seigneurie d'Anneville | Fief du Roi, St Martin


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