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St Helier New Street Boys school Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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1947 - 1952


St Helier (New Street) school
Le Geyt Centre
Le Feuvre, Max
Druillenec, H O
Gale, L A
Lobb, J
Benest, George
Medder, Police Constable
Morley, R
Krichefski, Deputy
Morison, J P
Park, Mrs
Le Blancq, M G F
Hockley, S
Le Cocq, G C H
Vincent, T
Le Quesne, P, Deputy
Lempriere, D
Bishop, Mr
Connup, Mr
Dockray, John
Woodsford, A G
Carpenter, D
Corley, B
Noel, T
Crosier, J W
Le Maistre, Graeme
Collins, R L, Reverend
McGinty, Nurse
Fozzard, Miss
Montgomery, Field Marshal
Laffoley, Kenneth
Irwin, Mrs
Baden-Powell, Lady Olave
Le Geyt, Brian
Moody Family
Ollivier family
Hamoniaux family
Postill, Mr
Ceppi, Marc
Collas, Jurat
Pirouet, Commander
Langdon, Mr
Richmond, Captain
Bauche, J
Alexandre, Captain
de Ste Croix, E J
Laffoley, Mrs
Laffoley, Miss
Shorto, R
Fox, W
St George, L
Daw, M
Le Huquet, William
Guy, Leonard
Robertson, James
Toudic, David
Burnham, Mrs
Rault, J L
Gough, M
Le Feuvre, E M
Le Breton, John
Laurens, R
Le Feuvre, R
Rowallan, Lord
Esnouf, Arthur
Parmée, C C
de Louche, J
Walker, H
Liron, John
Gullen, Marjorie
Richardson, E J A, Reverend
Hyman, Mr
Allen, Mr
Pepin, Mr
Carpenter, A
Beveridge, P
Brown, Norman
Baker, G
McKinstry, Dr
Muir, Guthrie,
Stephens, H E
Faiers, Sidney A
Mahrer, P
Makepeace, H, Reverend
Harper, Mr
Brandish, Mrs
Elliston, Bishop
Iliffe, Reverend
Ellis, Mr
Grimshaw, L
Ferbrache, J
Astridge, R
Vibert, A
Le Quelenec, C
Turner, Mr
Cowper, Nurse
Rondel, G
Benest, E
Blampied, A
Galway, M
McFarling, C
Le Vesconte, B
Proper, John
Leech, Mr
Gibson, J
Byrne, K A
King, L R, Reverend
Grimshaw, L
Corbel, Mr
Brewer, H F
Byrne, K F
Burton Leach, Mr
Balleine, G R, Reverend
Willis, Edward Henry, Major General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1929 - 1934
Aubin, Charles Walter Duret, Attorney General
Richardson, P N
Journeaux, H
Le Boutillier, H R
Ingram, A V
Carter, H S
Morrish, Wilfred
Grimshaw, D
Wallser, A
Henry, R
Richard family
Sullivan family
Noel, F
Price, Mr
Holmes, E
Rodda, W J
Carter, A B
Downer, A
Drakes, Wallace
Beck, Mrs
Maguire, David
de Louche, J C
Ching, Reverend
Isaac, R
Poingdestre, E
Mauger, Ronald
Renouf, S J
Baldwin, Miss
Heathcock, Miss
Collas, Senator
Barnes, Mr
Burrow, Mr
Williams, A, Archdeacon
Thorne, G, Reverend
Thompson, Mr
Lennard, R
Journeaux, H A
Liron, John
Audrain, L
Aston, S
Dunn, B
Bechemin, David
Guy, A
Doublard, J
Hooper, Robert
Guy, Graeme
Rowell, John
Guy, S
Hubbard, M
Elliot, J
Balston, R
Rouse, Raymond
Wheeler, G, Reverend
Perrier, K
O'Connor, Derek
Hooper, R
de Gruchy, F A, Major
Moisan, J
Bannier, G
Lewis, C
Arthur, F
Darling, Dr
Swain, Mr
Dunsford, L
Smith, George
Perrier, Kenneth
Manning, Paul
Ryder, Reverend
Roscoe, J
Conetta, Robert
Conetta, Richard
Penney, H
Jegou, F
Austin, Mr
Hogan, V G, Squadron Leader
Bussell, G E, Reverend
Ouzan, R E
Bree, H W
Wood, Mr
McGugan, A
Bedborough, A
Bradley, T
Pearson, G
d'Authreau, C
Le Breton, J
Williams, Gerald
Channing, Bernard
Galley, Brian
Ahier, Philip
Pugsley, B
Clarke, Leonard
Beaugeard, D
Gaslonde, C
Smith, M
Moyse, R
McMeney, Reverend
Rider, R J, Reverend
Brown, A
Le Vesconte, B
Watkins, R
Venton, A
Gallichan, R
Stephens, B
Whitlam, M
Lane, G
Elstone, D
Manning, P
Saunders, M, Major General
Butler, R
Hamon, M J
Corbet, F
Arnold, R A E
Turner, E
Boghurst, A
Le Marquand, John James, Senator
Whitford, B
Bradley, J
Le Marquand, B
Dimond, Peter
Warner, C
Stephens, L
Le Breton, J
Brown, J
Collas, D
Pearson, G
Read, R
Thelwell, J
Le Liard, F
Whitlam, M
Jotham, R
Stone, W
Downer, A


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