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Copy dated 13 September 1946 from the Principal Registry of the Will and Testament of Charles Stanley Rayner, 6 Netherby Court, Beaumont now because of the German Occupation residing at Borey House, Beer, Devon, Lieutenant RNR. Dated 8 January 1941. Desires one of the main arteries of his body to be opened after his death and wishes to be cremated. Bequeaths to the Royal Cancer Hospital £1000; to the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys £1000; to the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls £1000; to St Georges Hospital £1000; to Dr Barnados Homes £1000; to St Dunstans for Blind Soldiers £1000; to such naval or mariners charitable institutions his trustees shall choose £2000; to Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary £200; to Jersey Blind Society £100; to Jersey Old Peoples Home £100; to the Missions for Seamen £300; to Durban Home, South Africa £100; to St Aidans Mission, Durban, £100; to City Imperial Volunteers Old Comrades Association £250; The residue of his estate in equal shares to: Royal Cancer Hospital, Royal Masonic Institution for Boys and Girls, Royal Masonic Hospital, St Georges Hospital, The London Hospital, The Brompton Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, St Bartholomews Hospital and St Dunstans for Blind Soldiers. Codicil added 8 January 1941




September 27th 1946 - September 27th 1946


St Bartholomews Hospital
Brompton Hospital for Consumption
London Hospital
Royal Masonic Hospital
City Imperial Volunteers Old Comrades Association
St Aidan's Mission
Durban Home
Missions to Seamen
Jersey Old People's Home
Jersey Blind Society
Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary
St Dunstans Hospital for the Blind
St George's Hospital
Dr Barnardo's Homes
Royal Masonic Institution for Girls
Royal Masonic Institution for Boys
Royal Cancer Hospital
Rayner, Charles Stanley, Lieutenant
Principal Probate Registry
Judicial Greffe(1)


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