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Papers relating to the teaching of German in schools including the provision of teachers and books. Includes details of the german curriculum, text books used, names of the teachers of German in various schools and a list of pupils receiving prizes for German.

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1941 - 1945


Williams, Rees Morris
Kennett, Walter Holman
Schumacher, Colonel, Field Commander
Hayes, J C
Hugo, C
Tait, J
Winterflood, A
Reffler, Doctor
von Stein, O K V R
Education Department
Corbel, O G
O'Connell, James
Twomey, D
Cronin, D
Sheehan, W
Twomey, T
Creedon, P
Goggin, James
Cooke, E F
O'Sullivan, D
Talana, Roy
Vaughan, J
Casper, Doctor, O K V R
Steiner, Arthur
Brosch, Doctor, K V R
Public Instruction Committee
St Ouen's Central School
Norman, Madeleine Louise
Perchard, Phyllis Beryl
La Motte Street Centre
Poingdestre, Frank Hugh
Trinity Central school
Vautier, Leslie
Quenault, Arthur
Victoria College
St Brelade's School
Le Gresley, Henry Francis
Brighton Road School
Landick, Stanhope Huard Curtis
Le Couteur, Emily
Whitesmith, Celia
McGugan, Nancy
Grouville School
Turpin, Frederick
Bree, Jurat
Jersey College for Girls
Desrez, Eugenie Azelia
Le Febvre, Elaine
Foster, Elizabeth
Holt, Christine
von Aufsess, K V R
Bonne, Camille Louis Albert
Mylne, Vivienne Gower
Mauger, Dorothy Christiania Bearman
Le Breton, Muriel Olive
Fleury, William Touzel
Guiton, Kenneth George
Hacquoil, Dora Jane
Le Rossiginol, Marguerite Beryl
Anthony, Cecil Lonnan Joseph
Andrews, Jack Cecil Miles
Painter, Joan Mary
Frost, Marjorie Lydia
Collins, Gertrude Mary
Haughey, Margaret
Sheehan, Nora
Obendorf, Elizabeth Mary
O'Kane, Teresa
Silk, Beryl Pomeroy
Baker, Marjorie Olive
Tolk, William Jacob
Spraggs, M
Daymond, Ruth
Downing, Miss
Casimir, Paul Andrew
Galbreath, Mrs
Pallot, F
Blochlinger, Anna
Nowlan, K
Le Breton, M O
Fleury, W T
Andrews, J C M
Bleul, Herr, Sonderfuehrer
Kratzer, Major
Cambridge, M A
Blampied, A G
Quenault, S W
New Street Boys' School
Les Landes School
St Mary's School
St John's School
St Martin's School
St Luke's School
St Clement's School
St Saviour's School
Westwood College
St Matthew's Convent School
Thistle Grove School
St Martin's Collegiate School
Jersey High School
Les Alpes School
Chapman, T G
Tiffin, B W
Gruchy, Geoffrey Ivor Edgar
Hacquoil, R C
Hayden, D P
Le Ruez, L E
Le Brun, J C
Gray, Evelyn
Dart, Marian
Cooke, Elizabeth
Baucher, Olga
Renier, Patricia
Gruchy, Betty
Le Riche, Yvonne
Gellender, Barbara
Carpenter, Graham
Metcalfe, Stella
Symons, Ronald
Snushall, Sidney
Huet, Joan
Strange, Patricia
Barden, Angelina
Rabet, Maurice
Le Claire, K
Igo, Sonia
Clark, Maud
Rowe, Maureen
Alsford, Bernard
Veler, Réné
Le Piez, Audrey
Vincent, Douglas
Weeks, Doreen
de Ste Croix, Beryl
Le Texier, Rita
Quenault, Denis
Kemp, Anthony
Vibert, Ivy
Le Marquand, Dennis
Nicolle, Patricia
Le Monnier, Lilian
Cotard, Henry
Jeanne, Margaret
de La Cour, Ethel
Anthony, Lucy
Jacobs, Betty
Allix, Ronald
Georgelin, Doreen
Pinel, Helen
de la Mothe, R
Blampied, D
Travert, E
Hamon, Michael
Le Sueur, Barry
Le Cocq, Kevin
Mourant, Graham
Caddick, Vera
Gallagher, Maeve
Fox, Kathleen
du Feu, Marjorie
de Gruchy, Thomas R
Darker, Pamela
Richardson, Marian
Elliott, Barbara
Heider, Major
Convent F C J
Helvetia House School
Vauxhall private School
Vale School
St George's Preparatory School
Halkett Place Girls School
La Motte Street School
First Tower School


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