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Orders, Forestation Reports, and correspondence relating to Tree Felling, inc. Forestry (Jersey) Order, 1941, and the felling of trees at the following properties; La Moye, La Hague Manor, Les Buttes - St John, Rockmount - Trinity, Le Patrimoine - St Lawrence, near Corbiere, Les Issues - St John, Les Fontaines - St Peter, Le Calots Farm - Grouville, La Reve - St Clement, Noirmont Manor, St Ouen's Avenue, Beau Coin, Egypt Farm, Kandahar - St Brelade, Route Orange, Le Cabot Farm, Clifton, Swiss Valley, Three Oaks, North Dale - St Ouen, Les Capelles - St John, La Chasserie - St Lawrence, St Peters Valley, St Johns Manor, The Farns and La Sente - La Rocque, Grouville Manor, Rozel Hill, Teighmore House, Victoria Tower, La Hougue, Les Huriaux, Greve de Lecq Hill, Ville Bagot, Rozel Manor, Le Chalet - Mont Cambrai, La Fontaine - Grouville, and others.

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May 31st 1941 - March 31st 1945


Schumacher, Colonel
Le Quesne, Edward
Labour Department
Trafford, M
Le Gallais, Colonel
Le Cornu, Betty
Normans Limited
Huelin, J W Limited
Reffler, Doctor
Knackfuss, Feldcommendant
Falla, Mrs
Casper, Field Commandant
Falla, Louise A
Rattenbury, Mr
Pallot, H A
Chappuis, Madame
Wyatt, Horace
Department of Labour, Forestry Section
Basden Smith, Mrs
Falla, Henry
Chevalier, C J
Bidan, Mr
Symons, M
Le Boutillier, F, Constable of St Ouen
Colledge, Mr
Langlois, C
Orange, J H
Ahier, F J
Gibaut, Advocate
Le Quesne, Miss
Bichard, J
du Heaume, Reverend
Riley, Colonel
Starck, P V
Troy, Mr
Aufsess, Baron von
Morrison, H H
Giffard, J F
Le Seelleur, J
Sumner, C J
Le Gallais, C
Marett, Doctor
Poch, P
Norman, J M
Riley, Mrs
St Aubin's Hospital
Fort Henry
Le Masurier, E P
Bree, Jurat
Copper, Mr
Hotel Metropole
Mourant, A J
Schmidt, Captain
Labey, Thomas, Rector


Bailiffs | Occupation | Second World War | german orders | trees | firewood | faggots | Peat | Clogs | La Moye | La Hague Manor, St Peter | Les Buttes, St John | Le Patrimonie, St Lawrence | Les Issues, St John | Les Fontaines, St Peter | La Chasserie, St Lawrence | St Peter's Valley | Le Calots Farm, Grouville | La Rêve, Samarès | Noirmont Manor, St Brelade | St Ouen's Avenue | Beau Coin, Jersey | Egypt Farm, Trinity | Kandahar, St Brelade | Route Orange | Cabot Farm | The Farns, La Rocque | North Dale, St Ouen | La Sente, La Rocque | Clifton | Swiss Valley | Three Oaks | Les Capelles, St John | Victoria Tower | Teighmore House | Le Chalet | Rozel Manor, St Martin | La Hougue, St Saviour | Grouville Manor | Ville Bagot | La Fontaine, Grouville | La Chasserie, St Lawrence | Mentone, St Saviour | La Maisonette, St Peter | Cambrai, Trinity | Rockmount, Trinity | Oaklands, Grouville | Howard Davis Park | Kandahar, St Brelade | Clarence Road | Bras de Fer, Augrès | Beau Desert, St Saviour | Cape Verd, St Lawrence | Les Marais, St Mary | Moulin de Bas, Trinity | Belwood, Trinity | Victoria Chambers, Conway Street | Belmont, Mont au Prêtre | Gibraltar Hill, St Catherine | Belle Vue, St Aubin | Le Val, St Brelade | La Houge, Les Huriaux | Cardington Lodge | Westmount | Millbrook | Gothic Villa, St Aubin's Road | Champs Clair, Trinity | Les Niemes, St Peter | Sunnyside, Grouville | Highview, Trinity | Waterworks Valley


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