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St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation Purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A221.pdf in red.

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July 28th 1889 - February 21st 1909


Town Church
d'Authreau, William Victor
d'Authreau, Rozelle Marjorie
d'Authreau, Edward George
d'Authreau, John Harold
L'Amy, Irene Maud
d'Authreau, Charles John
Angel, Blanche
Acourt, Essie Violet
d'Avoine, Violet Ruby
Adams, Lily May
Adams, Edyth Florence
Adey, Winifred May
Ahearn, Sidney Thomas
Ahier, Beryl
Ahier, Arthur Joseph
Ahier, Alfred Edward
Ahier, Muriel
Ahier, Henry John
Ahier, Stanley Moyse
Albert, Harry
Alberto, Edward Paul
Alexandre, Reggie
Allchin, Frederick Charles
Allen, Cyril George
Allix, Adolphus John
Allix, Dorothy Flora Georgina
Allix, Beatrice Grace
Allix, Lucille Kathleen
Amy, Cyril Adolphus
Amy, Gladys Mourant
Amy, Blanche Isabel Louie
Amy, Louisa May
Amy, Dorothy Emily
Amy, Winter Noel
Andrews, Ida Valerie
Andrews, William Oscar du Jardin
Andrews, Edith Florence
Andrews, Ethel
Andrews, Oliver Mizpah
Andrews, Winifred Violet
Andrews, Grace Ethel
Andrews, Ivy Stella
Andrews, Marguerite Stella
Anfray, Florence May
Anley, Marguerite
Anley, Winifred Margaret
Anthony, Cecil Lonnan Joseph
Anthony, Florence Edith
Arnold, Hilda Rose
Arnold, Harold William
Arthur, Dora May
Arthur, Marie Perida
Arthur, Helier Thomas
Arthur, Florence Ann
Arthur, Alfred George
Ascott, Maud Ernestine
Atkins, Ward Watson
Atkins, Alfred
Atkinson, Violet Ada
Aubert, Kathleen Vera
Aubin, Gladys Esther Mary
Aubin, John Clement
Aubin, Esther Elizabeth
Aubin, Marguerite Dumaresq
Audrain, Ella Jane
Audrain, Sidney John
Audrain, Charles Francis
Baal, Leslie Herbert
Baal, Keith Alfred
Baaley, George Courtman
Bain, Ina Kathleen Rozelle
Baker, Herbert Francis
Baker, Florence Louise
Balcam, Arthur Thomas
Banks, Herbert Francis George
Bannier, Elinor Marie
Barbier, Mabel Florence
Barker, Dorothy Maud
Bartlett, Reginald Edward
Barton, Herbert William
Barton, Kenneth George
Bassett, Philip Alcide
Bassett, Violet Lilian May
Bataille, Iris Lilian
Bates, Frederick
Bates, Albert Edward
Bates, Alfred George
Bathers, Jack David Percival Silvester
Batrick, Ann Mary
Batrick, Alice
Batstone, Gladys Ada
Battam, Alfred Francis
Battam, Clarence Noel
Battrick, Henrietta Maud
Battrick, Walter
Battrick, Beatrice Victoria
Battrick, Adolphus William
Battrick, Violet May
Battrick, Cyril
Battrick, Harold
Battrick, Thomas Harold
Battrick, Henry Arthur
Battrick, Edith May
Battrick, Charles Henry
Battrick, Walter Richard
Battrick, William
Battrick, Alfred
Baudains, Florence May
Baudains, Stanley William
Baudains, Percy Edward
Baudains, Doris Annie
Baudains, Dora Mary
Baudains, Arthur Claude
Baudains, Cyril Claude
Baynor, Frederick Charles
Beasley, Clarence James
Beaton, Gladys Annie
Beaton, John
Beaton, Beatrice Bessie
Beaton, Elsie
Beauchamp, May
Beaudet, Beryl Ivy
Beaugeard, Wilma Marion
Beaugie, Clarence Edward
Beaugie, Violet Annie
Beaugie, Philip
Beauzeval, Francis Joseph
Beckford, Ida Elsie
Beckford, Iris Hannah
Beckford, Clifford Robert
Beckford, Harry Bromley
Becquet, Dorothy Alice
Becquet, George
Beer, Trevor Vernon
Beer, Raymond Gordon
Behoe, Violet Maud
Bellingham, Betty Prince
Benest, Francis
Benest, Charles
Benest, Alfred Jeune
Benest, Henry George
Benest, Gladys Annie
Benest, Gertrude Blanche
Benest, Nellie
Benest, Walter Philip
Bennett, Doras Louisa
Bennett, Bernard Edward
Bennett, Ronald Roy
Bennett, Nellie Rose
Bennett, Myrtle Maud
Berkford, Caroline May
Bertram, John Elias
Bertram, Violet Emily May
Bertram, Edward Thomas
Bertram, Irene Doris
Besnard, John Thomas Auguste
Besnard, Joseph John
Beuzeval, Charles Alfred
Beuzeval, Walter Thomas Alexander
Bewhay, William Henry
Bewhay, Edwin John
Biddle, Gladys Ada
Binet, Phyllis Mary
Binet, Adrien Wilfred
Binet, Gladys Margaret
Binnington, William Horace
Bishop, Muriel Evelyn
Bison, Edward George
Bison, Charles Henry
Bison, Violet May
Bison, Muriel Evelyn
Bison, Dorothy Eliza
Bison, Clarence William
Bison, Charles Alfred
Bison, Stanley Edward
Bison, Linda May
Bison, Raymond John
Bisson, Philip Edward
Bisson, George Godfray
Bisson, Stanley Alfred
Bisson, Annie
Bisson, Stanley Edward
Bisson, Dorothy Lilian
Bizet, Charles John
Bizet, Doris Eva
Blackler, Ether Maud Edith
Blackler, Dorothy Ada May
Blackler, Winifred Grace
Blackler, John William
Blampied, May Ann
Blampied, James John
Blampied, Irene Elizabeth
Blampied, Gladys Miller
Blampied, Lucille May
Blampied, Lilian Charlotte
Blampied, Marguerite Edith
Blampied, Arthur Edward
Bliault, Kathleen Margaret Ellen
Bliault, Adolphus James
Bliaux, George Clarence
Blowers, Doras Ada May
Boielle, Richard Clarence
Boielle, Jeannette
Boots, Alice Emily Aubin
Boswell, Harry
Boswell, Raymond
Bouchere, Albert Edward
Boudin, Raymond Albert
Boulanger, Marian Frances
Bourke, Francis Renouf
Bowden, Bernard Havelock James
Bowman, Allan Henry
Boyce, Kathleen Maud
Boyes, Frederick George Monson
Brayley, Ena Violet
Bree, John Charles
Bree, Susan Jane
Bree, Gladys May
Breen, William Thomas
Breen, Iris Frances May
Breen, Irene Doris
Brennan, Robert Henry
Brennan, Terence Patrick
Bretel, Clifford John
Briard, Bernard Clarence
Briard, Dudley
Briard, Maynald George
Briard, Ivy Edith
Bridgland, Doras Hilda
Bridle, Edith Mildred
Bridle, Eunice Eleanor
Brien, George Ernest Denis
Brint, Frederick Bertie
Brint, Theresa Maud
Brint, Amy Annie
Britton, Alfred William
Brooks, Charles Thomas
Brown, Henry James
Brown, Frederick William
Brown, Jessie Florence
Brown, Ernest Marchant
Bruck, Terence Charles
Bryant, Florence
Buckingham, Alice Edith Louise
Buckingham, Edith Ellen
Buesnel, Vera May
Bullen, Gladys Margaret
Burke, Hammond Edward
Burman, John Bowra
Burmese, Florence Ida Mary
Burt, Clarence
Burt, Sarah Georgina
Butchard, John Stanley
Butler, Evelyn Phyllis
Butler, Albert Edward
Cabot, Philip George
Cabot, Jack
Cabot, Emelie Marguerite
Cadiou, Maud Ethel
Campion, Doris Emily
Campion, George Pellant
Canivet, Violet Maud Pepin
Carré, Gladys Maud
Carson, Alfred William
Carson, Edward James
Carter, Oscar Henry
Carter, Charles Denzel
Carter, Harold Francis
Carter, Olive Lydia
Carter, Lilian
Carter, Tom Bertram
Carter, Maud
Cartwright, Sydney Frederick
Cartwright, Grace Annie Beer
Cartwright, Clarence John Beer
Catlinet, Kathleen Maud
Cavey, Mathew James Lester
Cavey, Arthur Clifford
Cavey, Claude Allan
Cawley, Gerald Francis
Cawley, Arthur
Cawley, Cyril Henry
Cawley, Kathleen Alice
Cawley, Frederick John
Chafe, Florence May
Chafe, May Florence
Chaffe, Harold Wilfred
Chaffe, Edward Jack
Chalker, Doris May
Champion, Herbert Kendall
Chaney, Dorace May
Channing, Ernest Alfred George
Channing, Harold Raymond
Channing, Hilda Rose
Channing, Edith May
Channing, John Le Breton
Channing, Violet Maud Lester
Channing, Lilian Maud
Channing, Walter Clarence
Channing, Herbert Reuben
Channing, Mark
Chapman, Gladys Rita
Chard, Elizabeth Hilda
Chattel, George Alfred
Cheney, Lilian May
Chevalier, John William
Chevalier, Sydney William
Chevalier, Violet Louisa
Chevalier, Eva May
Chevalier, Ena Mabel
Chevalier, Zetta Maud
Chevalier, William Raymond
Chillingsworth, Stanley George
Chillingworth, Charles Cyril
Ching, Phyllis Ruby
Ching, Ronald Montagu
Churchward, Neville John
Clarke, Elsie Mary
Clarke, Fred Webber
Clarke, Herbert
Clarke, Violet Mary Bisson
Clarke, Rodney Thomas Webber
Clarke, Dorothy Edith
Clarke, Edward Thomas
Claxton, Alice Sabine
Clayton, Ralph Eric Cyril
Clum, Gladys May Adelina
Cobden, William Arthur
Cobden, Thoams Walter
Cocker, Beresford
Cole, Edward Albert
Cole, Doris Gertrude
Cole, William Arthur
Cole, William Arthur
Cole, Ada Lilian
Cole, Maud Doris
Cole, Inez Frances
Coles, John Lewis Drummond
Collins, Charles Hector
Collins, May Hue
Connor, Bernard Thomas James
Connor, Hilda Olive Eva
Connor, Rita Maud
Connor, Doris Elsie May
Connor, William George
Connor, Doris Ellen
Coombs, Irene Muriel
Cooper, Frederick Alec Charles
Cooper, Irene
Cooper, George Alfred Richard
Cooper, Violet
Copp, Horace Lionel
Copp, Beryl Morris
Copp, Sybil Gladys
Copp, Charles George
Corbel, Francis Philip
Corbel, Doris Annie
Corbel, Harold Walmesley
Corbel, Ivy Emmeline
Corbel, Olive Nora
Corbel, Lilian Alice
Corbin, Edward Albert
Corbin, Edith Hilda
Cornick, Arthur Charles
Cornish, Matilda Hilda
Cory, Donald
Cory, Florence Mabel
Couilliard, Florence May
Coullard, Sydney George
Coutanche, Henry George
Coutanche, Philip Malcolm
Cracknel, Frederick Cyril
Cracknel, Clarence Alfred
Croad, James Arthur
Croad, May Leigh
Cross, Walter Leonard
Cummings, Winifred Maud
Cummings, Thomas
Cummins, William Charles
Cunningham, Charles James
Cuthberton, Iris Mabel
D'Authreau, Frederick James
D'Authreau, Elsie Maud
d'Authreau, William Victor
D'Authreau, John Frederick
D'Avoine, Irene Florence
D'Avoine, Samuel Walter
D'Avoine, Gladys Rose
Dale, Regina Mary
Dale, Alan
Dale, Bernard George
Dallain, George Albert
Dauvin, Lilian Maud
Davage, Eveline May
Davey, Emma Mary
Davey, Ernest Walter
Davey, Ivy |Louisa
Davey, Albert Alexander
Davey, James Walter
Davey, Arline Ada
David, Charles Cotton
Davies, Violet Irene Mary
Davis, Harold
Davis, Charles James
Davy, Ethel Albina
Daw, Violet Georgina Mary
Daw, Walter Philip
Day, Arthur Thomas
de Carteret, Mabel Ellen
De Faye, John Louis Amy
De Gruchy, Ada Violet
De Gruchy, Bertram John
De Gruchy, Marian Phyllis
De Gruchy, George Walter
de Gruchy, Edward Charles
De Gruchy, Grace Ivy Adela
de Gruchy, Percy William
de Gruchy, Ruby May
De Gruchy, Vera
De Jersey, Arthur George
de la Cour, John George
de la Cour, Clarence Sydney
de la Haye, Terence Alfred
de la Haye, Gertrude Ruth
De la Haye, Alfred William Herbert
De la Haye, Arthur Charles
De la Lande, Emily Jessie
De la Mare, Sydney Clarence
de la Mare, Clarence William
De la Mare, Elsie May
De la Mare, Doras May Cameron
de Louche, Percy Hugh
de Louche, Madeline Clare
De St George, Emily Louisa
De Ste Croix, Elsie Edith
De Ste Croix, Daisy Violet
De Ste Croix, Beryl May
De Ste Croix, Dorothy May
De Ste Croix, Ednar Florence
de Ste Croix, Margaret
De Ste Croix, Edward Charles
De Ste Croix, Esther May
De Ste Croix, Helena Ruth
De Ste Croix, Alfred Charles
De Ste Croix, Gwyneth Lucille
de Ste Croix, Helen Freda
de Ste Croix, Stanley Reginald
De Ste Croix, Ida Emmeline
de Ste Croix, Philip Thomas
De Ste Croix, Philip Walter
De Ste Croix, James Charles
De Veau, William Henry
De Veulle, George Francis
De Veulle, Joan
Deakins, Walter John
Denman, Frances Maud
Devitt, Ethel Jennie
Dickenson, Edith
Dickinson, Beryl
Dimond, Edward Thomas
Dimond, Sydney Harold
Dimond, Jeanie Louise
Dinan, Margaret Marie
Dingle, John Edward George
Dingle, Charles Frederick
Dingle, Doris Mabel Louisa
Dingle, Donald Hector
Donoghue, Lilian Emma
Donoghue, Elizabeth Alice May
Donoghue, Emma Edith
Donovan, Rita Annie
Dowinton, Walter Anthony
Down, Ethel Mary
Downer, Irene Edith
Drake, Edwin Henry Battam
Drelaud, Lily Elvina
Drelaud, Evelyn Mary
Drew, Douglas Laurel McCready
Drew, Valentine Gwendoline McCready
Drew, Arthur Malcolm
Druce, Vera Alice
Druce, Leonard George
Druce, William Percival
Druce, Eunice Annie
Druce, Ida Olive
Du Feu, Lawrence Henry
Du Feu, Walter Stanley
Duheaume, Alfred James
Duquemin, Walter Peter
Duquemin, Hazel Hope
Durell, Clifford Henry
Durell, Joyce Elaine
Dutton, Winifred May
Duvey, Philip Francis
Eager, Ada Adele Rebecca
Eager, Elsie Rebecca Queenie
Eager, Gertrude Josephine
Eager, Jack Arthur
Eager, Lilian Mary
Edgar, Edmund George
Edmonds, Dorothy Evelyn Violet
Edwards, Constance Freda
Eeales, Basil Welford
Eeles, Cecil Wilfred
Egland, Iris
Egland, Harold Thomas
Egland, Rita Rose
Eldridge, Dorothy May
Elliott, Winifred Edith
Elliott, Gladys Ada
Ellis, Gertrude Louisa Bisson
Ellis, Cyril William
Eustache, Albert Francis John
Evans, Ellen Iris
Everest, Helena Elsie Mary
Falle, Raymond George
Falle, William Henry
Falle, Iris Frieda
Falle, Dora may
Falle, Eugenie Florence Fosse
Falle, Doris Vera Eugenie
Falle, Alfred Philip
Falle, Cyril Winter
Falle, Emily Florence
Falle, Wilfred Ernest
Farley, Clarence George
Fausse, Beatrice Marion
Fauvel, Charles William
Ferbrache, Ada Everdell
Ferbrache, Francis George
Ferbrache, Hilda Evendell
Ferbrache, Bernard Henry
Ferbrache, Ena Everdell
Ferrand, Francis William
Fielding, Evelyn |Mabel
Fitchard, Lionel James
Fitzgerald, Florence Elizabeth
Fitzgerald, Elsie Louisa
Foot, Nina Louise
Foot, Edwin Charles
Foott, Wilfred Stanley
Foott, Louisa Adéle
Foott, Lilian Maud
Forder, George Alfred
Forward, Thomas William
Fosse, Elsie Violet
Fosse, Elsie Maud
Fosse, Ernest Charles
Fox, Mabel Annie
Fox, Eric Charles
Fox, Henry Charles
Fraser, Frederick James
Free, Cecil Ernest Charles
Freeman, Winifred Gladys
Freeman, William Stanley Reginald
Freeman, Christopher Sydney
Freeman, Edward Jack
French, Archer William
French, Edward George
Frigot, Violet Louisa
Frigot, Gladys May
Frigott, Laura Victoria
Furzer, William Garel
Furzer, Beryl May
Gabeldeau, Alice Blampied
Gadsly, Edward Philip John
Gaillaird, Florence Anna
Galbraith, Florence Agnes
Gale, Harry
Gallichan, Maud
Gallichan, Henry Madden
Gallichan, Jessie Louise
Gallichan, Percy Reginald
Gallichan, Reginald Percy
Gallichan, Constance Henry
Gallichan, Thomas Henry Perchard
Gallichan, Doris Maud
Gallichan, Sarah Maud
Gallichan, Harry Edward Charles
Gallichan, Ivy Mavis
Gallichan, Mathew Joseph
Gallichan, Frederick Manners
Gallichan, Donald George
Gallichan, Edna Nellie
Gallichan, Ena Melinda Maud
Gallichan, Reginald Stanley
Gallichan, Percival Eric
Gallichan, Leonard Edwin Bowles
Gallie, Bernard Henry
Gallie, Henry John
Gallienne, Albert Philip
Gardener, Cecil Stanley
Garnier, Dora Margaret
Garnier, Doris May
Garnier, Herbert Charles
Garnier, Elsie Winifred
Garnier, Walter Edward
Garnier, Philip Charles
Gasnier, Lilian Maud
Gates, Francis James
Gauzette, William George
Gavey, Raymond Walter
Gavey, Joshua Charles Eugene
Gellender Jnr., Vera Terrell
Gibaut, Sadie Violet
Gibaut, Sybil Anita
Gibaut, John Philip
Gibbins, Arthur Robert
Gibbins, Edith Maud
Gibbins, Ethel Irene
Gibson, Eric George Frederick
Gilbert, Henry Thomas
Girard, Rose Adelaide
Girard, George Francis
Girard, William Edward Noel
Girard, James Daniel
Glendewar, William Henry
Glover, Walter Charles
Glover, Elsie May
Godeaux, John Charles
Godfray, Edna Kate
Godfray, Doras Linda
Godfray, Nellie Violet
Godfray, Henry Charles
Godfray, Walter Thomas
Godfray, Donald Cyril
Goldsmith, James Henry
Goldsmith, Lilian Maud
Goldsmith, Charles Arthur
Goldsmith, Bertrand George
Goldsworthy, Muriel Rose
Goldsworthy, Dorothy Gladys Mellie
Gosney, Jack
Goss, Frederick Alex Melverton
Gottrel, Herbert Francis
Gottrel, William Henry
Goubert, Mellie Mary
Gould, Raymond Edward Henry
Gould, Dorothy Gladys
Gould, Marjorie Bertha
Gouzeth, Doris May
Grady, Ernest
Graham, Hector Redvers
Grandin, Frank Arthur Ernest
Gray, Wilmer Augusta
Gray, George John Edward
Gray, Roger
Green, Elsa Poulter
Grimshaw, Henry William Janvrin
Grimshaw, William Albert
Grimshaw, Sidney Albert
Gruchy, Edwin John
Guile, Ivy
Guile, Lilian Maud
Guile, Doris May
Guile, Kathleen
Guille, John Sidney
Guiton, Elsie Ann
Gulley, John Thomas
Gulley, Eernest Edward
Guppy, Florence Emily
Guy, Stanley Albert
Hacking, Ivy Adelaide
Hafey, Thomas William
Haines, John Joseph Sydney
Haines, Norah Marion
Haines, William Theodore
Haines, Sydney James
Haines, Gertrude Lilian May
Hall, Christine Alice
Hambly, Elsie Annie
Hamilton, Cecil James Henry
Hamley, Celia Ann Newbery
Hamon, Nellie
Hamon, Gladys Maud
Hamon, Wilfred John
Hamon, William John
Hamon, Kathleen Maude
Hancock, Mabel Elizabeth Maud
Handcock, Walter James
Handle, Joyce Ida Margaret
Hannaford, Frederick George
Hannaford, Sydney
Hannaford, Clarence Bertie
Hannaford, Archibald Harold
Hanning, Ethel Alfreda
Harben, Edith Florence
Harben, Cyril Ambrose
Hardey, Margaret Harriet Felicete
Harding, Doris Vera
Harris, Ada Mary
Harris, Edith Gertrude
Harris, Irene Winifred
Harris, Clarence Charles
Harris, Mary Lydia
Harris, Mildred Rose
Harris, Frank Walter
Harvey, Sidney Charles
Hassall, Madeline
Hassell, Frederick Henry
Hassell, Muriel
Hayball, Ernest Fred
Haynes, Eveline Emily
Haynes, Charles Henry
Helie, Alice Jane
Hemmings, Violet May
Henniker, John Edward Philip
Henry, Mabel Alice
Henry, Harold John Albert
Henry, Phyllis Ada
Henry, Francis Charles
Henry, Doris Esnouf
Hervé, Francis Alfred
Hervé, Louie Gladys
Hervé, William Charles
Hettich, Frieda Edwina
Hibbs, Oressa |May
Hibbs, Amelia Maud
Hibbs, James Westerman
Hibbs, Percy John
Hibbs, Eileen
Higen, Philip Misson
Higgens, Maurice Reginald
Higgens, Winifred Rose
Higgins, Lilian May Clara
Hill, Rowland Arthur
Hill, Lilian May
Hinault, Ruby Florence Esther
Hine, Doris Clare
Hine, Kathleen Zara
Hine, Arthur Leonard
Hingston, Cecil Reginald
Hoare, Maxwell Henry
Hobbs, Walter Vibert
Hocquard, John Hacquoil
Hocquard, Raymond Mauger
Hodgeson, Violet Eva Olive
Hodgetts, Gladys Aubin
Hodgetts, Percy Osmont
Hodgson, Rosa Louisa Maud
Hodgson, William George
Hodgson, Joseph henry
Hodgson, Doris Elsie May
Holborn, Arthur
Hollingsworth, Alma Florence
Hollister, Elsie Lilian
Holloway, Irene Lilly
Holmes, Nora
Holmes, Charles Edward
Holmes, Ruby
Honeycombe, Lilian Florence
Honeycombe, Arthur Sydney
Honeycombe, Frederick Charles
Hood, Georgeina Marguerite
Hopkins, John Edward
Horman, Sidney
Horman, Elsie May
Horman, Charles Sidney
Horman, Francis James
Horsfall, Cyril
Horsfall, Raymond Alfred
Horsfall, Bernard Ernest
Hotton, Lilian Gertrude
Hotton, Wilfred
Houiellebecq, John Percy
Howard, Albert Edwin
Howard, Edith May
Howard, Irene
Howard, Samuel John
Hubert, Leonard Philip
Huelin, Cyril
Huelin, Kathleen Margaret May
Huelin, Alexandra Martha
Huelin, Leslie Francis
Hurst, May Lilian Rose
Hurst, Winifred Mabel
Hutchings, Edward Albert
Hutchings, Alexandra May
Hutchings, Ruby Lilian
Hutchings, Violet Amy
Hutchings, Ivy Mabel
Hutchings, Henry John
Hutter, Frank
Igot, John William
Ingram, Edna Ellen
Isabel, Elvina Annie
Isherwood, Eva Florence
Isherwood, Eileen Maud
Isherwood, Ernest Frederick
Isherwood, Richard Samuel Edward
Jarnet, Dorothy Alice
Jarnet, Clarence Edward
Jarnet, Ethel Florence
Jarnet, Olive Gertrude
Jarnet, Ivy Beatrice
Jarnet, Herbert William
Jarnet, Clifford Charles
Jean, Horace John
Jenkins, Colin Rees
Jerrard, Daniel William
Jeune, Francis John
Jeune, William Albert
Jeune, Edward Francis
Jeune, John Alfred
Jeune, John Richard
Jeune, Stanley Charles
Jobb, Stanley
Jocelyn, Doris May
Jones, Henry John Diamond
Jones, Ernest Charles
Jones, Edward James
Jones, Ivy Dimond
Jordan, Mabel Sybil
Jordan, Arthur Sydney
Journeaux, Stanley Herbert
Journeaux, Charles Edmund
Journeaux, Elsie Edith
Jupe, William
Jupe, Geoffrey
Kadrewell, Claude Lionel
Keeping, Florence Maud
Keeping, Violet Maud
Kellaway, William Kenneth
Kellaway, Doris Blanche
Kellett, Fred Podger
Kendall, Beatrice Grace Pullen
Kent, Ivy Violet
Kerry, Joseph John Theodore
King, Thomas Henry William
Kitcher, Lionel Jesse
Kitcher, George Sydney
Kitcher, Phyllis Mary
Krudewigh, Phyllis Alberta
L'amy, Phyllis Daphne
La Cloche, Ivy Clementine
La Cloche, Beryl Louisa
La Mauviot, Hilda Beatrice Ada
Labey, Vernon James
Laffoley, Edward James
Laffoley, Hilda Maud
Laffoley, Alice Ada
Laffoley, Sidney Charles
Laffoley, Walter John
Laffoley, Winifred
Laffoley, Wilfred
Laffoley, Percy George
Lainey, Catherine Mabel
Lakeman, Clarence William Pellow
Lamy, Winifred Dolphin
Lamy, Dorothy Kathleen
Lander, William Joseph
Lander, Clement William
Lander, Leonard Pascoe
Landick, Madeline Emily
Landick, William Percy
Landick, Linda Winifred
Landick, Lilian Eva
Landick, Reginald Richard
Lane, William Charles Albert
Langdon, Gladys Clara
Langdon, Charles Stanley
Langlois, Irene Augusta
Langlois, Florence Lilian
Langlois, Dorothy Amenda
Langlois, Kathleen Amy
Langlois, Edna Hilda
Larbalestier, Dorothy Rebecca
Larbalestier, Christine Sarah
Larbalestier, Irene Laura
Larbalestier, Walter Charles
Larbalestier, John Charles
Laugee, Doras Ellen
Laurence, Harold Walter
Laurens, Robert Rider
Laurens, Lilian Jessie
Laurens, Wilfred John
Laurens, Charles Sharman
Laurens, Doras Grace
Laurens, Francis George
Laurens, Robert Clive
Laverty, William Charles
Laverty, Florence May
Lawrence, Winnie Georgina
Lawrence, Grace Edith
Lawrence, Eleanor Letitia
Le Balestier, Lydia Maude
Le Blancq, Bernard James
Le Blancq, Edward George
Le Blancq, Allen James
Le Blancq, Annie Elizabeth
Le Blancq, Alfred James
Le Boutillier, Doris Maud
Le Boutillier, James Hazelhurst
Le Boutillier, Edward Charles
Le Boutillier, Ethel May
Le Boutillier, Sydney John
Le Boydre, Annie Esther
Le Breton, Irene Winifred
Le Breton, Susan Frances
Le Breton, Irene Maria
Le Breton, Lilian May
Le Breton, Elsie Florence
Le Brocq, Iris Vera
Le Brocq, Raymond Frank
Le Brocq, Dorothy Marie
Le Brocq, Henry Charles
Le Brocq, Doris Wavena
Le Brocq, Raymond James
Le Brocq, Winter
Le Brocq, Gwenneth Tierney
Le Brocq, Edward de Gruchy
Le Brocq, Hugh George
Le Brocq, Phyllis Emma
Le Brocq, Eric Francis
Le Brocq, Alfred Durell
Le Brun, Arthur Copp
Le Brun, Edward Francis
Le Brun, Carlotta Mauger
Le Brun, Edith
Le Brun, Frieda
Le Brun, George Gordon James
Le Brun, Elsie
Le Brun, Irene Rose
Le Brun, Oscar Donald
Le Brun, William George
Le Brun, Reginald James
Le Clercq, Olive Rita
Le Clercq, Ronald Thomas Durell
Le Coat, Frank Alfred
Le Cocq, Philip Francis
Le Cocq, Gertrude Lily
Le cocq, Irene Louise
Le Cocq, James William
Le Cocq, Elsie May
Le Cocq, Percy Charles Shephard
Le Cocq, Nellie May
Le Cornu, Phyllis Florence
Le Cornu, Mabel Ann Violet
Le Cornu, Clarence Walter
Le Cornu, Madeline Phyllis
Le Cornu, Olive May
Le Cornu, Florence Ada
Le Couilliard, Cyril Gordon
Le Couteur, Edward George
Le Couteur, Hedley Henry
Le Cras, William Charles
Le Cras, Athelstane Alexander
Le Dain, George Edward
Le Dain, Doris
Le Dain, Gladys
Le Feuvre, Sidney
Le Feuvre, Stanley Edward Spanner
Le Gallais, Frances Mary
Le Geyt, Alfred Philip Francis
Le Geyt, Edna May
Le Geyt, Cecilia Rose
Le Geyt, Eileen Doris
Le Grand, John Francis
Le Gresley, John Ernest
Le Gresley, Henry Falle
Le Gros, Winifred Maud
Le Gros, Ernest Roy Martin
Le Gros, Edith Maud
Le Gros, Edith Louisa
Le Huquet, Edward Thomas
Le Huquet, Philip George
Le Lievre, Charles Edward
Le Lievre, Louisa May
Le Lion, Elsie Mary
Le Lion, Violet Annie
Le Maistre, Gladys Miriam
Le Maistre, Walter Stanley
Le Maistre, Doris Elsie
Le Maistre, Olive Edith
Le Maistre, Simonne Claire
Le Marchand, Ada
Le Marchand, William Reginald
Le Marquand, Walter Stanley
Le Marquand, Alfred Winter
Le Marquand, Arthur Reginald
Le Marquand, Philip John
Le Marquand, Ernest Lewis
Le Marquand, William Shambrook
Le Marquand, Arthur Philip
Le Marquand, Winter Charles
Le Masurier, John Francis
Le Masurier, Marguerite
Le Masurier, Cyril Winter George
Le Moignan, Walter Donoghue
Le Monier, Francis
Le Monier, Ruby Florence
Le Monier, Lucelle
Le Monnier, Doris Melrose
Le Mottee, Daisy Goff Payne
Le Noir, Henry Victor
Le Page, Marjorie Florence
Le Pavou, Doris Pearl Christine
Le Peterin dit Le Roux, Ernest Howard
Le Petit, Edward Ernest
Le Petivin dit Le Roux, Doris
Le Plangion, Joseph Albert Pitman
Le Poidevin, Gladys Helena
Le Quesne, Francis Walter
Le Quesne, Florence Annie
Le Quesne, Gladys Maud
Le Quesne, Thomas Letto
Le Quesne, Walter Joshua
Le Quesne, John
Le Riche, Lydia
Le Riche, Anna Ellett
Le Riche, Alfred Edward
Le Riche, Nellie
Le Riche, Henry
Le Riche, Estelle Millie
Le Riche, Samuel Francis
Le Rossignol, Kathleen Ethel
Le Rouge, Leon Henry Charles
Le Rue, Kenneth Kitchener Dun Donald
Le Rue, Lileen Doris
Le Sauteur, Frederick William
Le Sauteur, Robert William
Le Sauteur, William
Le Seelleur, Celia Evelyn
Le Seelleur, Cyril
Le Seelleur, Renee Elizabeth
Le Seelleur, Vera May
Le Seelleur, Margery Isabel
Le Sueur, Eileen Mary
Le Sueur, Harold Sydney
Le Sueur, Walter Adolphus
Le Sueur, Alfred Pinel
Le Sueur, Ernest Coram
Le Sueur, Clement Philip
Le sueur, Herbert Claude
Le Sueur, Matilda Eleanor
Le Sueur, Sydney Charles
Le Sueur, Violet Emma Hilda
Le Sueur, Vera Kathleen
Le Sueur, Clemence Julia
Le Sueur, Stanley Alfred
Le Sueur, Arthur John
Le Sueur, Robert George
Le Sueur, Kathleen Phyllis
Le Sueur, Iris Winifred
Le Templier, Lilian
Le Templier, Stanley Edward Neville
Le Tourneur, Lilian
Le Vailland, Percival Walter Philip
Le Vaillant, Jack
Leach, Ernest McCready
Lebris, Ruby Agnes May
Ledwich, Irene Grace Susan
Ledwich, Winifred Maud
Ledwich, William Cowen
Lee, Doris Gertrude
Legg, Edwin Francis
Lempriere, Winifred Adelina
Lempriere, Dorothy Lilian May
Lempriere, Beatrice
Lempriere, Clarence Joseph Edward
Lennard, Charles Alfred
Leopold, Jack Lewis
Leopold, Henry Percy
Lesbirel, Sydney Clarence
Lesbirel, Charles Edwin
Lesbirel, Margaret May
Lesbirel, Clarence Ernest
Lesbirel, Albert John
Lesbirel, Louisa Ada
Lestang, Eliza Maud
Lester, Cecil Griffiths
Letting, Reginald Alfred
Levée, Alfred George
Lewis, Minnie Elvina
Lewis, John Newberry
Lewis, Emily May
Lewis, Francis Edward
Lewis, Mabel Florence
Lillicrap, Nora Joy
Lillicrap, José
Lillicrap, Ruth
Lillicrap, Jack
Liot, Emmeline Mary
Liot, Esther Olive
Liot, Winter John
Liot, Lilian May
Lisle, Violet Katie Julia
Little, William Houguet
Lock, Violet Bertha
Long, John Philip
Long, Doris Godfray
Longstreeth, Geoffrey
Lovell, Charles William Friehold
Lovell, Rylda Ivy
Lovell, George Albert
Lowen, Alan Thomas William
Lozuet, Mabel Maud
Lucas, Edith Dorothy
Lucas, Alfred William Francis
Lucas, Ernest Edward
Lucas, William Henry
Lucas, Iris Maud
Luce, Edward
Mabey, Ida clementine
Mace, Dorothy Mary
Maçon, John Clifford
Maçon, Harold George
Macon, Edward Charles
Maçon, Gladys Ruby
Macready, Percy Thomas Amy
Macready, Edythe Amy
Maher, Rose Lydia
Mainwaring, Irene Marjorie Maud
Male, Doris Georgina
Mallet, Lionel Aubrey
Mallet, Gladys Stella
Mallet, Clifford Roy
Mallet, Arthur Stuart
Mallet, Henry Charles
Mallet, Evelyn Dumaresq
Mallet, Clarence Clifford
Mallet, Blanche Maud
Malzard, Florence Maud
Malzard, Robert George
Malzard, Edmund John
Malzard, Bernard John
Manly, Joyce Ann
Manning, Violet Emma
Manning, Edward Stanley
Marett, Edwin Percival
Marett, Lilian Zilda
Marett, Ethel May
Marett, Violet Olive
Marett, Alfred John
Marett, Ilay Alice
Marett, George Alfred
Marett, Walter James
Marett, Arthur Stanley
Marett, Jessie Lilian
Marett, Beatrice May
Marett, Ruby Grace
Marie, Colin Cecil
Marie, James Francis
Marie, Reginald Raymond
Marshall, Doris May
Martin, Francis Henry Noel
Marton, Lilian Gertrude
Mash, Rhoda Nellie Alice
Masters, Stanley Jack
Matson, Elvina Julia
Matson, Gladys Silvery
Matson, Alfred George
Matson, William Reginald
Matson, Walter Edward Charles
Matson, Ernest Charles Frederick
Matson, Matilda Elizabeth
Mauger, Reginald Edward James
Mauger, Alfred Charles
Mayhew, Winifred Clarence
Mayne, Wilfred Harold
Mayne, Emily Jane
McLinton, Dorothy Therese
Medder, Hilda Mavis
Melin, William Edmund
Melville, Mavis Rose
Menier, Peter Francis
Mercier, Doris Maud
Mercier, Gladys Maud
Mesny, Doris Emmie
Mesny, Lucie Marion
Michel, Stanley Francis
Mignot, Kathleen Geneve d'Eautville
Mildren, Herbert Cecil
Mildren, Violet May
Millard, Kathleen Florence Vera
Miller, Dorothy Maud
Mills, Rosalie May
Moffat, Stephen Henry
Moignard, Stanley Herbert Henry
Moignard, Clifford Henry Charles
Moignard, John Charles
Moignard, Ivy May
Moignard, Ethel May Constance
Moitie, Evelyn Mary
Moitie, Lilian Maud
Moitie, Charles Edward
Monamy, Reginald Percy
Moody, Dorothy May
Moody, Ivy May
Moody, Rita Marie
Moody, Albert James
Moon, Doris Ada
Moon, Lily Ena
Moon, Ada Rose
Moone, Hilda
Moore, Ralph
Morgan, Herbert Geoffrey
Morin, May Violet
Morin, Francis Albert
Morin, Arthur George
Morrison, Emma Florence
Moucheux, Doris Alexandra
Mourant, Harry Denton
Mourant, Arthur John
Mourant, Thomas Charles
Mourant, Connie
Mourant, Eunice
Mourant, Herbert George
Mourant, Mary Lilian
Mourant, John Clifford
Mouraud, Leonie Sara
Moyse, George Albert
Moyse, Reginald Malcolm
Muels, Louisa Annie
Musso, Iris Byril Constance
Nerou, Edna Maud
Neville, Agnes Alice Madeline
Neville, Lilian Maud
Neville, Henry Edward James
Newington, William George
Newman, Charles Henry
Newman, Arthur Herbert
Nicholas, Fred Uter
Nicolle, Lilian Maud
Nicolle, Alfred
Nicolle, Florence May
Nicolle, Reginald John
Nicolle, Arthur Charles
Nicolle, Charles Stanley
Noble, Eline Gertrude
Noel, Irene Eleanor
Noel, Christine Amy
Noel, Dorothy Edith Annie
Noel, Vera Mary
Noel, Verna Rose
Noel, Doris Alice Miller
Noel, Mabel Marian
Noel, Winter George
Noel, William Thomas
Noel, Clifford Charles Amy
Noel, Charles William
Noel, Stanley
Noel, Eunice
Noel, George Richard
Noel, Clarence Edward Amy
Noel, Arthur Walter
Noel, Beatrice Violet
Noel, Harold John Amy
Norman, George William
Norman, Arthur Philip
Norman, Arthur Francis
Norman, Lily Gladys
Norman, Winifred Lilian
Norris, Sydney Edward Francis
Norris, Henrietta May
Nursey, George
Olden, Lily May
Oliver, Helen Rita
Ollivier, Emma Charlotte
Orange, John
Osmand, Percy Charles Seville
Osmond, Reginald Raymond Percival
Osmont, Charles William
Ounen, Nina Millicent
Oxford, Louisa
Oxford, Mavis Olive
Oxford, Alfred William
Ozard, Winifred Louisa
Ozouf, Ethel Margaret
Ozouf, John Edwin
Pain, Cyril George
Pain, Mary Agnes
Paine, William Charles
Pallot, George
Pallot, John Herbert
Pallot, Philip
Pallot, Alice Maud
Pallot, Francis
Pallot, William Thomas Charles
Parker, Nellie Leonora
Parr, Annie Elizabeth Vera
Parr, Charles Buller
Paskins, Thomas Fasson
Patch, Lilian Maud
Patch, Kathleen Winifred
Patch, Ethel May
Patch, Laura May
Patch, Winifred Nellie
Patch, Edward James
Payn, Reginald Durell
Payn, Linda Doris
Payne, Walter George
Payne, Albert George
Payne, Walter Garner
Peacock, George Hilary
Peacock, Norah May
Penney, Henry Arthur
Pepin, Ravenhill George
Pepin, Irene
Perchard, Grace Irene
Perchard, Emaline Elizabeth
Perchard, David John
Perchard, Harry Charles Alexander
Perchard, Doris Maud Eleanor
Perchard, Vera Grace
Perée, Walter Ernest
Perkins, Mabel
Perkins, Lilian Maud
Perkins, Henry James
Perrier, Francis Alfred
Perrier, William Edward
Perrier, Albert John
Perry, Charles Philip
Petit, Alice Agnes
Petit, John Edwin
Petit, Mabel Louise
Phillips, Winifred Ethel
Phillips, Ruby Florence Louise
Picot, Florence Marie
Picot, Francis George
Picot, Archibald Harold
Picot, Daniel Francis Alma
Picot, Lilian May
Picot, Gladys Queenie
Pigeon, Sydney Philip
Pillow, Blanche Louise
Pinel, Edward Henry
Pinkham, James
Piquet, Arthur Cyril
Pirouet, James Francis
Pirouet, Lucilles Marie
Pirouette, Ernest Charles
Pirouette, Winter Philip
Pitcher, Grace Edith
Pitcher, Arthur Cyril
Pitman, George Waters
Pitman, Adelaide Evlyn
Pitman, Eleanor Calvert
Pitman, Dorothy Bellina
Pluck, Jessie
Plumbley, Rosa Phyllis
Podger, Reginald Wright
Podger, Joyce Eveline
Poingdestre, Rosaline Olive
Poingdestre, Clarence John
Poole, Eunice Gertrude
Houguet-Poole, Eric
Poree, Dorothy Minda
Poree, Cecil Edward James
Porée, Madeleine
Poree, Raymond Adolph
Porter, Edwin Frank
Porter, Vernon Alexander
Potter, Phyllis May
Prichard, Phyllis Beryl
Priddy, Henry Philip
Priddy, Blanche Lilian
Priddy, Francis Noel
Prig, Dorothy Matilda
Proper, John Francis
Pryor, Richard Davey
Purkis, Reginald Percy
Purkis, Annette
Queen, Olive Maud
Quenault, Holly Berry Rose
Quenault, William Edwin
Quenault, John Francis Esnouf
Quenault, Harold John Esnouf
Queree, Sydney Wilfred Lake
Querée, John Henry
Queree, William Philip Charles
Queree, Una Maud
Querée, Stanley Louis Philip
Quintain, Mavis Florence
Quintaine, Doris Maud
Quirot, Philip Edward
Quirot, Ernest Philip
Quirot, Doris Lilian
Ralph, Jessie Nora
Ralph, Doris Hilda
Redway, Sydney James
Reed, Cyril Bernard
Reed, Raymond
Reed, Doris Edna
Remphry, Ethel Maud
Remphry, Gladys May
Rendall, Gladys Hilda
Renel, Walter Reginald Pallot
Renouf, Philip Arthur Harry
Renouf, Sidney George
Renouf, Charles Henry
Renouf, Marjorie Beryl
Renouf, Elsie May
Renouf, Percy Reginald
Renouf, Benjamin James
Renouf, John Thomas
Renouf, Lilian Bertha
Renouf, William Thomas
Revell, Thomas David
Revell, George Herbert
Rice, Robert Wilafred
Richards, Olive Louise Noel
Richards, Louie Noel
Richards, Mildred Annie
Richards, Bernard Noel
Richards, Edith Emily
Richards, Dorothy Aileen
Richardson, George Harold
Richardson, Vivian Ralph
Richardson, Frederick Charles
Richardson, William Robert Alec
Richardson, Hugh Nicholas Aubin
Richardson, Laura Mabel
Richardson, Erith Noel
Richmond, Lilian Selina Edith
Rickett, Rita Claudia
Riou, Rolland Gustave
Riou, Christine Margaret
Rive, John Thomas
Rive, William Henry
Rive, Raymond Brusey
Rive, Olive May
Rive, Gertrude
Roberts, Florence Doras
Robertson, Harold Sidney
Robertson, Iris Florence
Robertson, Phyllis Maud
Robins, Thomas John Snowdon
Roche, Irene Blanche
Rodda, Cecil Goldsworthy
Rodda, Lester Goldsworthy
Romeril, John William
Romeril, Gladys Ruby
Rose, Herbert Cecil
Routier, Arthur Joseph
Routier, Francis Cyril
Routier, Ernest Stanley
Rowcliff, Edward William
Rowland, Arthur Henry Le Quesne
Rowland, Violet Maud Alma
Rowland, Frederick Edwin
Ruff, Elsie Evelyn
Russell, Ronald Benwell
Ryan, Rita Violet
Ryan, Ellen Eliza Alberta
Ryan, Kathleen Lena
Salway, Eva Ellen
Samson, Iris Laura
Sarchet, Alethea Ada
Saudain, Violet Ellen
Saunders, Violet Ivy
Saunders, Gladys Winifred
Saunders, Dennis Philip
Scoones, Irene Alice
Seager, Angelina
Sebire, Raymond Arthur
Seear, Percy Bertram
Sewell, Henry
Sewell, Percy
Shales, Florence May
Shambrook, Rita Irene
Shaw, Vera Florence
Shaw, Amy Hannah
Sheail, Cyril John
Sheers, Edward Charles
Shepherd, Edward Charles
Shepherd, Lilian Marie
Shepherd, Winifred Frances
Shepherd, Edith Ann
Shiers, Beatrice Elsie Victoria
Shiner, Iris Frances Falle
Short, Edward Francis
Short, Herbert James
Shorts, Kathleen Avis
Silvester, Frederick William
Simmons, Evangeline Gertrude
Simon, Gladys Mary
Simon, Edith Maud
Simon, Victoria Alberta
Simon, James Samuel
Simon, Esther Miriam
Sinclair, Kathleen Mary
Sinclair, Doris Maud
Sinel, Leslie Philip
Sinel, Frederick Charles
Sinel, Priscilla Edith
Single, Edward John
Single, Courtland Le Breton
Single, Violet Hilda
Skeleton, William Philip
Skelley, Alice Maud
Skinner, William Henry
Smith, Percival Sydney
Smith, Edward Henry John
Smith, Ernest Raymond
Smith, Winifred Harriet
Smith, Harvey Edward
Smith, Agnes Florence
Smith, William Thomas
Smith, Clara Constance
Smith, Percy Charles
Smith, Marguerite Annie
Smith, Gertrude Gladys
Smith, Lily
Smith, Edith Maud
Smith, Charles Thomas
Smith, Raymond Matthew
Smith, Irwin John
Smith, Harold John
Smith, Robert Edward
Soudain, Norman George
Soudin, Irwin James
Spiller, Edith Gertrude
St. George, Arthur Thomas Harold
Stamberg, Arthur Frederick Abbott
Stanley, Alice Maud
Starck, John Wesley
Starck, Harold Barrett
Starck, Charles William
Statt, Horace Daniel
Stephens, Edward David
Stephens, Doras Maud
Stevens, Edith Marguerite
Still, Lionel Alfred
Still, Ivy Emily
Stokes, William Arthur
Stokes, Harold Clement
Stone, Doris Maud
Stoodley, Henrietta Elizabeth Ethel
Stopher, Elvina Georgina
Studwick, Winifred
Swanson, Thomas Charles
Symons, Raymond William
Symons, Rita Violet
Symons, Iris Emily
Symons, Charles William
Syvret, Gladys
Syvret, Reginald John
Syvret, Ena Dorothy
Tapley, Sidney Archibald
Tapley, Charles Henry
Taylor, William Henry
Taylor, Wilfrid Sanders
Taylor, Edith Adele
Taylor, Charles Edwin
Terry, Charles Walter
Terry, Doris Kathleen
Terry, Marguerite
Thatcher, Charles Edwin
Thatcher, William James
Thomas, Rita Ivy
Thomas, Charles Henry
Thomas, Elsie Adelaide
Thorne, Ruby Maud
Thorne, Clifford Ernest
Thorne, Sydney George
Tibot, Thomas Herbert
Titcombe, Reginald Bazil Dark
Tite, Hilda Maud
Tite, Florence Ada
Tocher, Bruce Buller
Tostevin, Lilian Esther
Touzel, Maurice Francis William
Touzel, Nellie Rive
Touzel, Elsie Alfrida
Touzel, Lester Claud
Towel, Una Doreen
Traylen, Florence Rosetta
Trigell, Christine
Truscott, Henry Charles
Truscott, Beatrice Eileen Maud
Tucker, Mabel Ellen
Turmel, Alfred John
Turner, Arthur Edward
Turner, Ellen Josephine
Turner, Beatrice Elsie
Turner, Rose Maud
Turner, Violet Ellen
Turner, Alfred William
Turner, John Alfred
Turner, Eva Rosina
Turner, Sidney Charles Francis
Umpleby, Edith Annie
Valpy, Francis Herbert
Vardon, Henry Saxby
Vasselin, George Francis
Vaudin, Violet Gladys
Vaudin, Doris Linda
Vautier, Jack Rollo
Vautier, Dorothy Gilbert
Vautier, Adolphus Stanley
Veale, Ada Linda
Venement, Kathleen Clara
Venn, Margaret Silvestra May
Vickers, Lily Irene
Vickery, Jack
Vigot, Phillip Julius
Vigot, Edward Philip Dennis
Villars, Henry George
Vilton, Jack
Vincent, Alfred John
Voisin, Emily Esther
Voisin, Lavinia Grace
Voisin, Annie Agnes
Voisin, Doris Ruby
Voisin, Arthur James
Voisin, Thomas Henry
Voisin, William Charles
Voss, Gladys May
Wakeham, Harold Thomas
Wakeham, Vera Gertrude
Wakeham, Percy George
Wakley, Albert Charles Thomas
Walden, Margherita Norah
Waldren, Mary
Waldren, Eliza
Walker, William George
Walker, Virginia Julia
Walker, Eliza Louisa
Walker, William James
Wallis, Arthur Henry
Walmsley, Hilda Maria
Walters, Alice May
Want, Winifred Lovelace
Want, Frank James
Ward, Arthur Frederick Foster
Warren, Phyllis May (Mary?)
Warren, Violet Maud
Watkin, Raymond Walter Charles
Watkins, Gertrude Cora
Watkins, Elsie Evelyn Alice
Watkins, Maycel Phyllis
Watkins, Reginald Stephen
Watson, Ernest
Watts, Thomas Bernard Hoey
Wavell, Edwin Charles
Wavell, Robert Gunton
Webb, Dorothy Mary Elizabeth
Webb, Henry Nicholas
Webber, Melvina Letitia
Weber, Carl Otto August
Welch, Alice Elda Libian
Westbrook, Daisy Vera
Westbrook, Harry George
Whistler, Reginald Hector
White, Charles George
White, William henry
Whitehouse, Enid Beryl
Whitley, Janet Mabel
Wiggins, Edith Mary
Wilkinson, Ivy Ruby
Williams, John
Willmett, Marjorie Bertha
Wills, Margerie Helen
Wilson, Maud Cicely Mary
Wilson, Grace May
Wilson, Janet Susan
Wilson, Ada Emily
Wilson, Grace Linel
Wilson, Dorothy Victoria
Wilson, Violet Victoria
Witt, Amy Florence Louise
Wood, Florence May
Woodman, Arthur John
Woodman, Gladys Annie
Woodman, Gordon
Woodsford, Marjorie Mary Ada
Woodsford, Cyril James
Woodward, Francis May
Wright, William John
Wright, Charles Henry
Wright, Masie Florence
Wright, Arthur Charles
Yeatman, Violet Maud
Youlton, Mabel Alice
Abraham, Edward James
Abraham, Mabel Maud
Acourt, Henry Clifford
Acourt, James Henry
Acourt, Joseph William
Adams, John Roland
Adey, Edwin Alfred
Adey, Ellen Louise
Adey, John Kitchener French
Adey, Lilian Maud
Agutter, William Dudley
Ahearn, Blanche Margaret
Ahearn, Sidney Thomas
Ahearne, Daniel Arthur
Ahier, Charles Joseph
Ahier, Charles Thomas
Ahier, Jessie May Opie
Ahier, Marjorie
Ahier, Oswald
Ahier, Phyllis
Albert, George Alexander Thomas
Albert, Lancelot George Arthur
Albert, Linda Georgina
Albert, Mabel Julia
Albert, Queenie Maud
Albert, Ruby Regina Louisa
Alexander, Charles Robert
Alexandre, Florence Mary
Allan, Harold Clifford
Allen, Charles Prout
Allix, Edna May
Allix, Louisa Violet Franklin
Amery, Thomas William
Amy, Aileen Lavonia
Amy, Augustus Octavius
Amy, Charles Stanley
Amy, Henry Guy Lucas
Amy, John Peter
Amy, Mary Isabella
Amy, Maud Godfray
Amy, Ruth Godfray
Amy, Walter William
Andrews, Charles Clifford
Andrews, Charles John Battaille
Andrews, Clifford Peter Charles
Andrews, Dorothy Alice
Andrews, Elizabeth Louisa
Andrews, Evelyne
Andrews, Vera Matilda
Anfray, Harold Eugené
Angel, Dorothy Grace
Anstee, Laurence William Leonard
Anstee, Phyllis
Arnold, Alice Lilian Maud
Arnold, Florence Elizabeth
Arnold, Gladys May
Arnold, Percy Clarence
Arthur, Doris Esther
Arthur, John William
Arthur, Mabel Louisa
Ashford, Stanley Edward
Atkins, Florence May Victoria
Atkins, Harold Stanley
Atkins, Lillie Ladysmith
Atkins, Mahalah Agnes
Atkins, Robert Maxwell
Atkins, Ward Watson
Aubert, Bernice Evelyn
Aubert, Marion Edythe
Aubert, Walter de Gruchy
Aubin, Horace Day
Aubin, Percy Day
Aubin, Violet Elvina
Audrain, Albert George
Audrain, Pierre Marie
Augrain, John Francis
Austin, Percy George
Auton, Prudence
Badier, Florence Mary Elizabeth
Badier, Lilian Jane
Bailey, Ada
Bailey, Alfred Edward
Bailey, Dorothy May
Bailey, Harold Charles
Bailey, Herbert Charles
Baillie, Walter Ernest
Baker, Clement Copp
Baker, Dorothy Maud
Baker, Frederick George
Baker, Lilian Maud
Baker, Percy William
Bakes, Alfred Philadelphia
Bakes, Dorothy Bertha
Bakes, Gladys Maud
Bakes, Stanley Gruchy
Balcam, Emely Ethel
Balcam, Ernest Edward
Balcam, Florence Dahlia
Balcam, Ida Lilian Mary
Balcam, Walter John Le Cocq
Balstone, Clarence Albert Francis
Baltam, Grace Hilda Vernon
Banks, Alfred Charles
Banks, Alfred Henry
Banks, Linda Violet Maud
Barnes, Archibald Wilfred
Barnes, Bertha Elizabeth
Barnes, Frank Edmund
Barnes, Hector Frederick
Barrow, John Thomas William
Barry, Eveline Violet
Barry, William Frederick
Barter, Arthur Sidney
Barter, John
Barter, Sidney Charles
Bartlett, Dorothy Letitia
Bartlett, William Alfred
Bassett, Albert Clarence
Bassett, Arthur Stanley
Bassett, Stanley George
Baston, Edward James Bruce
Bates, Francis Robert
Bates, Robert
Battam, Albert Edward
Battam, Edith May
Battam, Francis Philip Charles
Battam, Harold William
Battrick, Dorothy Alice
Battrick, Elsie Violet
Battrick, Georgina May
Battrick, Gladys May
Battrick, Josephine Alice
Battrick, Philip James
Baudains, Annie Ethel
Baudains, Mabel Annie
Baudains, William Stanley
Baxter, Edward Albert
Bearley, Reginald Bertie
Beaton, Emily Winifred
Beaucamp, Charles Francis
Beauchamp, Arthur Harold
Beauchamp, Ethel Harriet
Beaudet, Hazel Alice Louisa
Beaugeard, Elsie Dora
Beaugeard, Lilian Violet
Beaugeard, Percy John
Beaugeard, Percy John
Beaugié, Dorothy May
Beaugié, Irene Maud
Beaugie, John Edward
Bechemin, Augustine Mary
Bechemin, Francis Alfred
Beck, Lydia Lilian
Beckford, Dorothy Louisa
Beckford, Edwin William
Beckford, Herbert Arthur
Becquet, Edward
Benest, Clarice Maud
Benest, Cyril Edward
Benest, Elsie Elizabeth Victoria
Benest, Florence Eliza Amelia
Benest, Francis
Benest, Frederick Clement
Benest, Frederick John
Benest, George Mallet
Benest, Kathleen Margaret
Benest, Raymond
Bennett, Annie
Bennett, Annie Olivia
Bennett, Elma Annie
Bennett, Gladys Hannah
Bennett, Gladys Mabel
Bennett, Violet May
Bequet, Elsie Marie
Bequet, Francis
Bertram, Ethel Maud
Bertram, Walter John
Beuchet, Eleanor Florence
Bidois, Florence Maud
Biles, Elsie Margaret
Billeé, Theodore Adolphus
Billot, Violet Florence
Binet, John William Henry
Binet, Lillie Caroline
Binet, Lionel Aubin
Binnington, Esther Lucy
Binnington, Richard
Birch, Muriel Violet Eveline
Bird, Christine Mary
Bird, Edith Marion
Bishop, Alfred Jeune
Bishop, Lilian Beatrice
Bishop, Marguerite Jeune
Bishop, May Josephine
Bishop, Victor Reginald
Bison, Alfred Henry
Bison, James Edward George
Bison, John Le Vesconte
Bisson, Clarence Ernest John
Bisson, Clarence Falle
Bisson, Elsie Hilda
Bisson, Grace Violet
Bisson, Mabel Elizabeth
Bisson, Stanley Philip George Edward
Bisson, Violet May
Bisson, Winifred Maud Eleonore
Blackmore, Albert
Blampied, Binda
Blampied, Florence
Blampied, Percy John
Blampied, Walter Francis
Blanchard, Sidney John
Blanchard, Winifred Margaret
Boddie, Hilda Hartie
Boielle, Edward George
Bosdet, Ruby Gladwy Lorna
Boswell, Dorothy Ethel
Boswell, Harold John
Boswell, Mabel Victoria Alexandra
Bottomley, Wilton Murray
Boucheré, Arthur George Nicolas
Boudin, Jules Eugene William Henry
Boulanger, Valerie Myrtle
Boulevard, Laura Albina Alexandrine
Boullier, Charles John Arthur
Boulvard, Florence Amelia
Bowman, Ronald William
Boyce, Raymond Robert
Boyce, William Knight
Boyle, Mabel Violet May
Braley, Herbert Francis
Brand, George William
Brand, Walter Edmund
Bree, Laura Victoria
Brée, Magdalene Elizabeth
Brée, Violet Ann Hamon
Brehaut, Beryl Agnes
Brennan, Thomas Archibald
Brett, Elizabeth Georgina
Briant, Gladys
Briard, Bernard Clarence
Briard, Gertrude Esther
Bridgland, Freda Irene
Brien, Ada Lilian
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Percy Harry
Brown, Reginald
Brown, Reginald Malcolm
Brown, Thomas James
Brown, Vera Maud
Brudier, William George
Bryant, Matilda
Bryant, Reginald
Bullen, Marie Kathleen
Burke, Hammond Edward
Burrard, Lilian May
Burrard, Vera Margerie
Burt, James Richard Charles
Burt, William Henry
Cabot, Doris Ellen
Cabot, Ethel Maud
Cabot, Harry Arthur
Cadiou, Clifford and Linda (twins)
Cadiou, Doris May
Cadiou, Eliza Emily
Cadiou, Ivy Maud
Canivet, Mabel Jane Jessie
Cann, Thomas William Henry
Carey, Sydney Charles
Carpenter, Eva Gertrude
Carré, Gladys Maud
Carrel, Francois Harold
Carson, Adelaide Louise
Carson, Alfred William
Carter, Alfred Henry
Carter, Dorothy Emily
Carter, Frederick Reginald
Carter, Lilia Mary
Carter, Percy Frank
Carver, Gladys Matilda
Carver, Lilian Violet
Cattinet, Adolphus James
Cattinet, Herbert Langlois
Cave, Derrick Ernest Fuller
Cave, Isabel Emily
Cavey, Edmund Daniel
Cavey, Malcolm
Cavey, Victoria Theresa
Cawley, Edward Bernard
Cawley, Francis Charles
Cawley, Gertrude Rose
Cawley, Olga Phyllis
Cawley, Ronald Fetherstone
Cawse, John William Walter Balkwill
Chaffe, Percy Arthur
Chaffe, Winifred Nell
Challoner, Edgar Redvers
Champion, Cyril Charles
Champion, William Charles
Champion, William Charles
Champion, William Harold
Chaney, William Harold
Channing, Reuben Holly Le Breton
Channings, Margaret Elsie
Chapman, William Charles
Cheston, Aubrey Chidderston
Chevalier, Cecil Thomas
Chevalier, Henry William
Chevalier, Hilda Alice
Chevalier, Thomas Henry
Chevalier, Walter Henry Thomas
Chichester, Clarence George
Chillingsworth, Grace Victoria
Chinnery, Albert Edward Lionel
Chinnery, Arthur Guy
Chinnery, Cyril Raymond
Chinnery, Herbert Alfred
Chotton, Victorine Emilie Clara
Claireaux, Eunice Mary
Clark, Cyril George
Clark, Florence Laura
Clarke, Ada Louisa
Clarke, Bernard Hamilton
Clarke, Clement Edward
Clarke, Emily Violet
Clarke, George Edward
Clarke, John Henry
Clarke, Walter Cyril
Clement, Ernest George
Clements, Eva Bessie
Clunn, Albert William
Cobden, Herbert Charles
Cockell, May Georgeanna
Colbeck, Vera Alexandra
Cole, Annie Louise
Cole, Flossie May
Collett, Adeleza Kathleen
Collett, John Francis Hubert
Collum, Joseph Arthur
Compton, Doris May
Connell, Amy Kathleen
Connell, Henry Arthur
Connell, Lily
Connor, George Francis
Connor, Louisa Alexander
Connor, Mary Louise Maud
Conor, Violet Florence Rebecca
Conway, Dorothy May
Coombs, Elsie May
Coombs, Irene Muriel
Coombs, Winifred Ada
Cooms, John James
Cooms, Walter John
Cooper, Charles Alfred
Cooper, Christine Rosina
Cooper, Frederick Alec Charles
Cooper, Frederick Edward
Cooper, George Edwin
Cooper, William Noury
Copland, Charlotte Tennant
Corbel, Edith May
Corbel, Francis Philip
Corbel, Iris May
Corbel, Violet May
Corbin, Arthur Charles Stanbury
Corbin, Clarence Raymond
Corbin, Frank
Corbin, Ivy May
Corbin, William Osment
Cornish, Lilian May Marie
Cory, Ethel Grace
Cory, Geoffrey Robinson
Cory, Kathleen Spencer
Cory, Marion
Couilliard, Frieda Gertrude
Couilliard, Frieda Violet May
Couper, Emma Elizabeth
Court, Norah Annak
Coutanche, Charles Stephens
Coutanche, Vincent S John
Cox, John Robert
Cox, Kathleen Crewe
Crooks, Norman Frederick
Cross, Edna Alice
Crowell, William Henry
Cudlipp, Gladys Louise
Cumliffe, Mabel Louisa
Cummings, Alfred William
Cummings, Dorothy May
Cummings, Frederick Walter
Cummings, Gwindoline Florence
Cummings, Gwindoline Florence
Cummings, Mary Irene
Cummings, William Gordon
Cuthburton, Daisy
Cutmore, Albert Charles Poingdestre
Cutmore, Richard Charles
D'Authreau, Dorothy Gladys
D'Avoine, Mabel Irene
D'Avoine, Percival Garnet
Dace, Bertha Gladys Simmons
Daniel, Christine Eva
Daniel, Cyril Huelin
Daniels, Reginald William
Darby-Griffith, Helena Gwendoline Clara
Darragh, Reginald James
Dauvin, Alfred Philip
Dauvin, Lily Maud Louise
Davage, Frederick Verron
Davey, Ada Violet Grace
Davey, Ethel Marion
Davey, George Robert
David, Francis Cotton
Davis, Arabella Beatrice
Davis, Elvina Louisa
Davis, Gladys Emily
Davis, Harry Cyril
Daw, Lilian Louisa Amelia
Dawe, Jessie May
Day, Helen Esther
De Broder, Eva Ferguson
de Carteret, Alfred Francis
de Carteret, John Hamon
De Carteret, Winifred Baker
De Gruchy (junior), Agnes Annie
de Gruchy, Campbell Gordon
De Gruchy, Faith Mary
De Gruchy, Henry George
De Gruchy, John Philip Mourant
De Gruchy, Louie
De Gruchy, Lydia Alice
De Gruchy, Rose Godfray
De Gruchy, Sydney Arthur
De Jersey, Alice Florence Harriet
De la Mare, Maud Eveline
de la Cour, John
De la Cour, Linda Florence
de la Cour, Philip George
De la Cour, Reginald Jasper
De la Cour, Walter Henry
de la Haye, Rose
De la Haye, Violet Linda
De La Lande, Alice Maud
De la Mare, Arthur Charles
De la Mare, Charles Frederick
De la Mare, Nellie Treasure
de la Mare, Stanley Sidney
De la Mare, Sydney Clarence
De la Mare, Violet May
De la Mothe, Clifford
de la Mothe, Doris
de la Mothe, Wilfred
De la Perrelle, Frederick Le Montais
De La Perrelle, Harold Raymond
De la Taste, Herbert Colin
De Quetteville, Alfred Charles
De Rue, Lydia Maria
De Rue, Sydney Fleming
De Rue, Winifred Gladys
De Ste Croix, Clarice Maud
de Ste Croix, Doris Helen
de Ste Croix, Ethel May
de Ste Croix, Florence May
de Ste Croix, George Frederick
de Ste Croix, Ida
de Ste Croix, John William
de Ste Croix, Lilian Clarice May
de Ste Croix, Maud Florence
de Ste Croix, Nelly May
de Ste Croix, Stanley Edward
de Ste Croix, William Charles
de Ste Croix, Winifred Aline
De Veau, Florence May
De Veulle, Violet Adelaide
De Vismes, Clara Louise
Deakins, George Philip
Deakins, Ruby Dorothy
Deakins, William Edward Falle
Demoy, Jeanne Reine
Denis, Dorothy Annie
Denis, Frederick Charles
Denis, Philip Moyse
Deslandes, Elsie Maria
Deslandes, Ernest McAllen
Desprès, Ernest James
Deveau, Lilian Maud
Dickinson, Cyril
Dickinson, Robert
Dimond, Edwin Wright
Dingle, Percy William
Dixon, Florence Maud
Dobel, Henry William
Donaldson, Phyllis
Dorey, Edward Charles
Dorkin, Clarence
Dorkins, Alfred
Dorkins, Daisy Winifred
Dowling, Doris Mary Johnson
Downey, Ivy Maud
Downey, John James
Drelaud, Albert Edward
Drelaud, Linda Emma Adeline
Drelaud, Richard William
Druce, Clifford Arthur
Du Feu, Dora
du Feu, Lucy
du Feu, Philip
Du Feu, Raymond
du Feu, Violet
Du Fresne, Olive May
Du Heaume, Alice May
Du Pré, Sidney James
Duguey, Wilmet May
Dunscombe, Margaret Jane
Dunstan, Raymond Le Seelleur
Dupré, Ida Maud
Dupré, Lilian May
Duquemin, Walter Peter
Duston, Harold Philip Alexander
Dutot, Evelyn Anna
Duvet, Elsie Mabel
Duvey, Raymond Philip
Eager, Ada Mabel
Eager, Joseph Charles
Eager, William John
Easton, William Arthur Rothwell
Edwards, Phyllis Alice
Egan, Daniel Singleton
Egland, Florence May
Egland, Grace
Egland, Iris
Eldred, Florence Mabel
Ellett, Berford Webb
Ellett, John Blanchford
Ellett, Madge
Elliett, John Edward Victor
Esnouf, Cecil Ernest
Esnouf, Doris Violet
Esnouf, Frederick Clarence
Esnouf, Philip John Richard
Eugene, Henry Peter
Eustache, Blanche Marie Josephine
Eve, Fred
Everett, Arthur William
Everett, Florence Annie
Everett, Muriel Eleonor
Eyles, Clarisse Merina
Falle, Mabel Georgina
Fallu, Irene Gladys
Fancey, Albert James
Fane, Elsie Isabel Rushton
Farley, Francis William
Farley, Gladys Annie Isabella
Farley, James Edward
Farley, John Hotton
Farley, Stanley Theodore
Fauvel, Angeline Gladys
Fauvel, George
Fazackerley, Dorothy Alice
Fazackerley, Eva
Fazackerley, Hilda May
Fazackerley, Thomas Alfred
Fazackerly, Richard John
Featherstone, Florence Alice
Fenn, Alice Mary
Fenn, Anne Sarah
Ferrant, Ada Vera
Fish, Harold George
Fisher, Clarence George
Fitzgerald, Alice Janet
Fitzgerald, Violet Mabel
Fletcher, Blanche Mary
Fletcher, Eva May
Fletcher, Florence Adelina
Foot, Harry Charles
Ford, Dorothy
Forward, Bessie Elizabeth
Forward, Christina Elizabeth
Forward, William John
Fosse, Ann Elizabeth
Fosse, Florence Mabel
Fosse, Henry Reginald
Fowler, Douglas Manley
Fowler, Evelyn May Mary Ann
Fowler, Hector Redvers
Fox, Florence Norah
Fox, Hedley Fuzzeland
Fox, Olivia
Fox, Walter Sydney
Fox, William Charles
Frame, Gladys Theresa
Freeman, Dorothy Mabel
Freeman, Elsie Maud
Frigell, Ernest Charles
Frigot, Peter Alfred
Frost, Doris Alexandra
Frost, John James
Frotin, Célénie Anastasie
Fuszard, Ida Lilian Maud
Gadiou, Elise Ann
Gale, William Frank
Galley, William Ernest
Gallichan, Emma Miriam
Gallichan, Ethel Maud
Gallichan, Frederick
Gallichan, Grace Louisa
Gallichan, Herbert William Bowles
Gallichan, John William Edward
Gallichan, Linda May
Gallichan, Louisa Jane
Gallichan, Maud
Gallichan, Thomas Alfred
Gallichan, Wilfred Sydney Robert
Gallichan, William John
Gallie, Gladys Henrietta
Gallway, Maurice Pritchard
Gardener, George Alfred Waldron
Garnier, Clarence John
Garnier, Edith Maud
Garnier, Eunice Emma
Gasnier, Florence Maud
Gasnier, Lilian Brenda
Gaudin, Ernest Thomas
Gaudin, Oscar Francis
Gaudin, Sylvia Beatrice
Gaudion, Clarence George
Gaudion, Lilian Maud
Gavey, Madeline Elie
Gavey, Sidney George
Gaylor, Victoria Edith Mary Allez
Gerard, Grace Florence
Gibaut, Albert Snowdon
Gibaut, Ivy Muriel
Gibaut, Ruby Irene
Gibbins, Clarence Edward
Gibbs, Dorothy
Gibbs, Lionel Willie
Giffard, Reginald William Alfred
Gillingham, Gertrude Lilian
Gillingham, Henry Charles
Girard, Adelaide Beatrice
Girard, George Albert
Gisson, Frank Victor Noble
Glendewar, Harold
Godfray, Edward Albert
Godfray, Francis John
Godfray, George Thomas
Godfray, John Clarence
Godfray, Lilian Laura Blanche
Godfray, Mabel Lydia
Godfray, May Doras
Godfray, Priscilla May
Godfray, Ruth May
Godfray, Thomas Le Prevost
Goding, Frederick George
Godley, Richard Harry Fetherstone
Gold, Peter John Francis
Goldsmith, Charles Henry
Goldsmith, Nora Millie
Goodenough, Maud
Gosling, Lilian Gertrude
Gosling, Percy Stanley
Goss, Nellie Freda
Gotterel, George Francis Nicolle
Gottrel, Charles Albert
Gottrel, Clara Florence
Goubert, Eveline Jane
Goubert, Violet Maud
Gough, William Henry
Gould, Fanny Winifred Maud
Gould, Henry Reginald
Gould, Marjorie Elvina Fanny
Grady, Ernest
Grady, Nellie Curtis
Grady, Sydney
Grandin, Bertha May
Grandin, Frank Arthur Ernest
Grandin, Lilian Ruby
Grandin, Violet Clara
Grant, Clarence George
Gray, Ernest Copeland
Gray, Frederick George Lambert
Gray, Kate
Gray, Percival
Gray, Stanley
Green, Evelyn Lydia
Green, Reginald
Gregory, Jack Raggett
Grellier, Arthue Berteau
Grellier, Florence Maud
Gresille, Lilian Maud
Grimshaw, Emmeline Miriam
Grimshaw, Hilda Louisa
Groizard, Harold Francis Edwin
Groizard, Violet Hannah
Gruchy, Arthur Alfred
Gruchy, Ethel May
Gruchy, Kathleen Maude
Guilliard, Stuart Charles
Guiton, Ella Maud
Guiton, George Filleul
Guiton, Lilian Miller
Gulliford, Constance Viola
Gulliford, Dorothy Elanor
Gulliford, Lelitia May
Gulliford, Stanley Charles
Gully, Douglas Roy
Gully, Francis Charles
Gunney, Violet Dixon
Guy, Eva May
Guy, George
Hacquoil, Mabel Hilda
Hadey, Florence May
Haines, Cecil Percival
Haines, Cyril Hugh
Haines, Doris Lilian Amy
Hake, Charles Stanley
Hall, George Henry Atkinson
Ham, Beatrice Hilda
Ham, Dorothy Mabel
Ham, James Harold
Hambling, George William
Hambly, Alice Margaret
Hambly, Jessie Campbell
Hambly, Marjorie Borough
Hammett, Mark James Kirk
Hamon, Alfred Charles
Hamon, Arthur Philip
Hamon, Elsie de Gruchy
Hamon, Joseph Thomas
Hamon, Kathleen Louisa
Hamon, Muriel Lily Florence
Hamon, René Auguste
Hands, George Henry
Hands, Raymond
Hannaford, Arthur William
Hansford, John Michael
Hansford, Walter George
Harben, Clarence George
Harben, Lillie Rose
Harben, Raymond Sylvestre
Harben, Victoria May
Harding, Sidney
Hardy, Elsie Irene
Hardy, Florence Maud
Hardy, William Henry
Harnett, Florence Eva
Harnett, Henry George
Harnett, Mabel Iras
Harris, Clarice Laura Beatrice
Harris, Dorothy
Harris, Henry George
Harris, Percy
Harrison, Marjorie Bethune
Harrison, Owen Victor
Harvey, Eileen
Harvey, Henrietta Elizabeth
Harvey, Henry William
Harvey, Sidney Charles
Hassell, Harold Clarence James
Haynes, Edith Maud
Haynes, Ellen Delicia
Healey, Clarence John
Heath, Clifford William
Heath, Douglas
Heath, Furnley George
Heath, Helena Mary
Heath, Kathleen
Henry, Ada Florence
Henry, Birt Walter
Henry, Clarence George
Henry, Ethel Alice
Henry, Gladys Amelia
Henry, Violet May
Hepburn, Mabel Beatrice
Hervey, Hilda Guille
Hettich, Agnes Maitland
Heywoud, Lilian Elsie
Hibbs, Alfred Thomas
Hibbs, Clarence Bower
Hibbs, Clarice Victoria
Hibbs, Edward Cecil
Hibbs, Nora Hepburn
Hibbs, Thomas Gladwin
Hibbs, Violet May
Hibbs, William Henry James
Hibbs, Winifred Beatrice
Hillier, Albert Edward
Hilton, Zoé Gwendoline Renouf
Hind, Arthur Broomfield
Hind, Nellie Ahier
Hine, Grace De Ste Croix
Hine, Marcus Broomfield
Hine, Nestor Pain
Hine, William
Hingston, Frederick John
Hitchcock, Frederick George
Hobbs, Arthur William
Hobbs, Emily Elizabeth
Hobbs, John Vivian
Hobbs, Lilian Maud
Hobbs, Reginald
Hobbs, Violet Edith
Hobbs, William Arthur
Hobbs, William Peter
Hobson, Alfred Gordon
Hodgson, Beatrice Victoria Ladysmith
Holborn, Dorothy Elizabeth
Holborn, John August Hacquoil
Holbourn, Cyril Ralph
Holding, May Adelaide
Holmes, Clifford Reuben
Holmes, George
Holmes, Lindon Sydney
Holmes, Violet
Holmes, Violet Annie
Honeycomb, Clarence John
Honeycombe, Florence Annie
Honeycombe, William Samuel
Horman, James Neil
Horman, Walter Charles
Horman, William
Horsfall, Edith Mary
Horton, John Crewe
Hoskings, Arthur Ernest
Hoskings, Sydney Wilfred
Hotton, Marjorie Louise
Houillebecq, Lillie Mildred
Houillebecq, May Louisa
Howard, Albert Edwin
Howard, Robert Vernon
Hubert, Arthur Bond
Hubert, Cyril May (daughter)
Hubert, John Armstrong
Hubert, Sydney
Huelin, Edward Charles Francis
Huelin, Victor
Huelin, William
Huish, William John Arthur
Hunt, Albert
Hunt, Edward Charles
Hunt, John
Huson, Alfred George Frank
Huson, Frank Andrew
Hussey, Ida Adelaide
Hutching, Alfred William
Hutchings, Alexandra May
Hutchings, Arthur Sidney Philip
Hutchings, Arthur Sidney Philip
Hutchings, Edward Albert
Hutchings, Elsie May
Hutchings, Frances May
Huxford, Albert Edward
Huxford, Rose Marion
Huxford, Victoria Maud Emblem
Ingram, Arthur Denis Walter
Ingram, Violet Ruby
Isherwood, Elizabeth Agnes
Isherwood, John Francis
Isherwood, Winifred Grace
James, Annie
James, Walter Thomas
Janvrin, Walter Thomas
Jarnet, Francis Charles
Jarnet, Raymond Charles
Jarnet, William Alfred
Jarrett, Harold
Jefferies, Edwin Theophilas
Jeffs, Benjamin William
Jenne, Beatrice Emily
Jerrard, Violet Louisa
Jerrom, Harry
Jesty, William Francis
Jeune, Edith May
Jeune, Ernest Edward
Jeune, Gertrude Emma
Jeune, Gladys Mabel
Jeune, Harold John
Job, Bernard Thomas
Jocelyn, Alice Maud
Jocelyn, Annie Ellen
Jocelyn, Georgina Sophie
Johnson, Ethel Sturge Johnson
Johnson, Phyllis Leonore
Johnston, Donald Bruce
Johnston, Duncan Crawford
Joll, Charles Henry
Joll, John William
Jones, John Herbert
Jordan, Lorna Rose
Jordan, Winnifred Olva Dene
Jouan, Gladys May
Jouguet, Gladys Helena
Journeaux, Fred Thomas
Journeaux, Herbert Alfred
Journeaux, Hilda Maud
Journeaux, John Philip
Journeaux, Leveina Gladys
Journeaux, May Irene
Journeaux, Sidney Luce
Journeaux, Wilfred Redvers
Journeaux, William Henry
Jupe, Albert John Durden
Jupe, Charles Reginald
Jupe, Jessie Kathleene
Jupe, Zylpha Lang
Kadrevelle, Victor Reginald
Kadrewell, Edward Alexander
Kearley, Stanley charles
Keeping, Eric Roland
Kellaway, William Kenneth
Keller, Emilie Berthe
Keller, Marie Josephine
Kelleway, Florence Lilian
Kendall, Julius Bolton
Kensington, William Henry
Kent, Frederick Edward James
Kent, Gertrude Victoria
Ketcher, Ida Mary
Kilner, Dorothy Maud
King, Elsie May
King, Ida Louise
King, Wilfred Simpson
Kingston, Alfred Clarence
Kitchen, Edith Alice
Kitcher, Winifred Mildred
Kitt, Mary Maud
Kitt, Mary Maud
Knight, Edgar Rosevair Wingston
Knight, Stella Hingston
Knowles, Adelaide Kay
Krudewig, Alice Mary
Krudewigh, Phyllis Alberta
La Cloche, Bevis
La Folley, Gertrude Esmie
La Source, George Eugène
Laffoley, Charles Francis
Laffoley, Edward Albert
Laffoley, Sydney Charles
Laffoley, Violet Magdeleine
Laffoley, Violet May
Lainey, Florence May
Lainey, Rosetta Maud
Lake, Esther Elizabeth
Lake, George Henry Noel
Lakeman, Florence Mill
Lakeman, Violet Isabella
Lamerton, Harold Richard
Lamerton, William
Lander, Hilda Noele
Landick, Doris Lillian
Landick, Frank William
Landrick, Arthur Herbert
Lane, Amilia Ann
Lane, Harry
Lane, Jack
Langdom, Dorothy
Langdom, Frank
Langdon, Catherine Violet
Langdon, Francis George
Lange, Florence Ann Louise
Langlois, Gwendoline Noel
Langlois, Jack Vincent
Langlois, Lizzie Annie
Langlois, Madeline Gladys
Larbalestier, Frank
Larbalestier, Philip George
Larbalestier, Ruby
Larbalestier, Walter Frank
Lasance, Charles Alexis
Latham, Percival Arthur
Laugeard, Florence Winifred
Laurens, Dorothy Edna
Laurens, Edward Francis
Laurens, Florence Kathleen
Laurens, Gladys Louisa May
Laurens, Harold Herbert
Laurens, Ida Madeline
Laurens, Mabel Rose
Laurens, Raymond Alfred
Laurens, Reginald Adolphus
Laurens, Rose Louise
Laurens, Ruby Jennet
Laverty, Ernest Alfred
Laverty, Lilian Irene Osborne
Lawrence, Ernest Raymond
Lawrence, Florence Henrietta
Lawrence, Henry Leslie William
Lawrence, Philip Edwin
Le Blancq, George Alfred Philip
Le Blancq, Philip George Felix
Le Boutillier, Albert Redvers
Le Boutillier, Albert William
Le Boutillier, Arthur
Le Boutillier, Bertha Gladys
Le Boutillier, Clarence Francis
Le Boutillier, Doris Matilda
Le Boutillier, Edward James
Le Boutillier, Gertrude Elizabeth Clark
Le Boutillier, Mabel Marie
Le Boutillier, Philip Barnett
Le Boutillier, Violet May
Le Boydre, Louis Henry
Le Boydre, Philip Louis Samson
Le Branchu, Linda Flora
Le Breton, Adolphus
Le Breton, Alfred
Le Breton, Dorothy Violet May
Le Breton, Edith Myra
Le Breton, Edward William
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, Henry Claude
Le Breton, Irene Constance
Le Breton, Lilian
Le Breton, Lilian Gladys May
Le Breton, Redvers Hingston Knight
Le Breton, William Thomas
Le Breton, William Thomas
Le Breton, William Thomas
Le Brocq, Bessie Tarrant
Le Brocq, Christine Louise
Le Brocq, Edith Mary
Le Brocq, Edward John
Le Brocq, Gladys Margaret
Le Brocq, Hilda Alice
Le Brocq, Hubert William
Le Brocq, Iris Vera
Le Brocq, Kathleen Jessie
Le Brun, Bernice Maude Strickland
Le Brun, Florence
Le Brun, Gladys
Le Brun, John Raymond
Le Brun, Oswald George
Le Brun, Stanley Cyril
Le Chasseur, Garnett Keith
Le Chevalier, Charles Thomas
Le Cocq, Alice Ada
Le Cocq, Edward Philip
Le Cocq, Gertrude Elizabeth
Le Cocq, Lilian Edith
Le Cocq, Lilian Gertrude
Le Cocq, Reginald Gordon
Le Cornu, John George
Le Cornu, Lily May
Le Cornu, Phyllis Florence
Le Cornu, Walter Helier
Le Couilliard, Dorothy
Le Couteur, William George
Le Cras, Charles Francis Bisson
Le Cras, Doras Annie Mary
Le Cras, Elsie Phillipa
Le Cras, Lily Gertrude
Le Cras, Matilda Elizabeth
Le Cras, May Louise
Le Cras, Reginald Clifford
Le Cras, Ruby Edith
Le Cras, Winifred May
Le Dain, Ada Winifred Hyancinth
Le Dain, Ernest Ainsley
Le Feuvre dit Filliatro, Stanley Cyril
Le Feuvre, Edward Edgar
Le Feuvre, Enid
Le Feuvre, Ethel Maud
Le Feuvre, Ethel Maud
Le Feuvre, Florence May
Le Feuvre, Grace Linda
Le Feuvre, Harold Dixon
Le Feuvre, Kathleen
Le Feuvre, Madeline Daisy
Le Feuvre, Stanley George
Le Fillastre, Mabel
Le Foley, Florence Lizzie
Le François, Edna Audrey
Le François, Lucy Grace Ewin
Le François, Maud Victorine
Le Geyt, Kathleen Lilian Maud
Le Geyt, Mage Henrietta
Le Grand, Florence Maud
Le Gresley, Ida Eva
Le Gresley, Winifred Ellen
Le Gros, Alfred Reginald
Le Gros, Arthur Reginald
Le Gros, Arthur Victor
Le Gros, Christine Gladys
Le Gros, Doris May
Le Gros, Edgar Harry
Le Gros, John Edwin
Le Gros, Lilian Maud
Le Gros, May Adeline
Le Gros, Ruby Florence
Le Gros, William Alfred John
Le Heron, Eveline Clara
Le Heron, Raymond Sidney
Le Huguet, Clement James Aubin
Le Huquet, Clement Aubin
Le Huquet, George Bancroft
Le Lievre, Alfred Hardy
Le Lievre, Alice Regina
Le Lievre, Helen Maud
Le Lievre, Ruby Hilda
Le Lievre, Stanley Robert
Le Lievre, Sydney Albert
Le Liévre, Violet Winifred
Le Lièvre, Walter James
Le Lion, Elsie Mary
Le Maistre, Roselle Mary
Le Maistre, Clifford William
Le Maistre, Elsie Mariam
Le Maistre, George William
Le Maistre, Hilda May
Le Maistre, Lilian Agnes
Le Maistre, Raymond Walter
Le Marchand, Anna Susan
Le Marinel, Henry Bisson
Le Marinel, Sarah Elizabeth
Le Marquand, Francis Robert
Le Marquand, Henry William
Le Marquand, Lilian Maud
Le Marquand, Mabel
Le Marquand, Percy
Le Marquand, Reginald Frank
Le Marquand, Thomas Clarence
Le Masurier, Annie Frances
Le Masurier, Charles William
Le Masurier, Edith Florence
Le Masurier, Ethel Maud
Le Masurier, Thomas Charles
Le Masurier, Violet Margaret
Le Mercier, Emily Lydia
Le Mercier, Mabel Maud Louisa
Le Mercier, Vera Violet
Le Mesurier, Clara Reta
Le Meur, Louise
Le Monnier, Ada
Le Monnier, Alice May
Le Monnier, Clifford Charles Syvret
Le Monnier, Lilian May
Le Mottee, Adele Bishop
Le Mottée, Florence
Le Mottée, Philip Bishop
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Bernard
Le Petit, Edward John
Le Poidevin, Stanley Edward
Le Quesne, Bertram
Le Quesne, Clifford George
Le Quesne, Philip John
Le Reverend, Louisa Ethel
Le Riche, Albert John Gautier
Le Riche, Arthur George
Le Riche, Charles Winter
Le Riche, Edward Samuel
Le Riche, Francis Ellett
Le Riche, Lydia
Le Riche, Prescilla Lucinda Florence
Le Rossignol, Clarence Sydney
Le Rossignol, Doris Mary
Le Roux, John Philip
Le Roux, May Violet
Le Sauteur, Edward Ronald
Le Sauteur, Frederick William
Le Sauteur, John Walter Redvers
Le Seeleur, Irma Florence Amelia
Le Seelleur, Dorothy Marie
Le Seelleur, Florence
Le Seelleur, Thomas Philip
Le Seelleur, Wilfred Francis
Le Stang, Albert George
Le Sueur, Albert Francis
Le Sueur, Alfred George
Le Sueur, Charles Le Couteur
Le Sueur, Constance Annie
Le Sueur, Delia Pauline
Le Sueur, Elsie Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Elsie Lilian
Le Sueur, Florence Eveline
Le Sueur, Florence Gladys
Le Sueur, Gladys
Le Sueur, Harold Francis
Le Sueur, Linda Violet
Le Sueur, Mabel Annie
Le Sueur, Muriel Alice
Le Sueur, Philippa Mary
Le Sueur, Reginald Harold
Le Sueur, Sydney Walter
Le Sueur, Violet Mafeking
Le Sueur, William John Hawkins
Le Sueur, Winifred
Le Templier, Bertha May
Le Templier, Lilian
Le Templier, Reginald John
Lebeau, Ferdinand leon
Lebeau, Florus Gilbert
Lebeau, Idalie Georgina
Lebeau, Marius Alexandre
Ledwich, Arthur Sydney Harding
Ledwich, Irene Grace Susan
Ledwick, James William
Lee, Beatrice
Lee, Mary Gertrude
Lee, William Walter
Lemprière, Arthur Gilbert
Lemprière, Marjory Valentine
Lempriere, Olive Maud
Lemprière, Robert William
Lempriere, Victor Frederick
Lennard, Cyril Thomas
Leonard, Edwin Henry Herbert
Leopold, Jack Lewis
Lesbirel, Arthur William
Lesbirel, Hazel
Lesbirel, Kathleen Vera
Lesbirel, Thomas Francis
Lestang, Louis Alexandre Leon
Lethbridge, Evelyn Maud
Lethbridge, Violet May
Levee, Henry Walter
Lewis, Frederick
Lewis, Maud Blanche
Lillicrap, Ethel Mary
Liön, George Victor
Liot, Albert George
Liot, Harold Charles
Liot, Wilfred Victor
Little, May
Little, William Houguet
Lloyd, Clarence Lionel
Long, Clifford
Long, Dorothy Gladys
Loveless, Charles Edward
Loveless, Lilian Maud
Lozuet, Ada Florence Le Brocq
Lozuet, Violet Florence Mabey
Lucas, Arthur Henry
Lucas, Claude Le Geyt
Lucas, Edith Dorothy
Lucas, Stanley Clarence
Luce, Beatrice Joy
Luce, Doris Mabel
Lydiard, Ivy Emma Adophine
Lynch, Henry Charles
Lynch, Walter Homan
Lyons, Olga Leonory
Lyons, William Vardon
Mace, Alice Ruby
Mace, Thomas
Macey, Elizabeth Lily
MacFarlane, John Charles Hooper
Machin, Joseph William
Machon, Agnes Louisa
Maçon, Elsie Vera
Macon, Eveline Grace
Maçon, Lilian May Victoria
Maguire, William Edmund
Main, Elizabeth Frances Lilian
Maine, Percival Frederick
Mainwaring, Irene Marjorie Maud
Major, Enid Blanche
Makin, George Thomas
Malherbe, Alberta Agnes
Mallet, Charles
Mallet, Clement Stanley Bertram
Mallet, Ernest Alexandre
Mallet, Gladys Maud
Mallet, John
Mallet, John Francis
Mallet, Leonard Henry
Mallet, Olive
Mallet, William Kirkwood Hewitt
Malzard, Florence Elizabeth
Malzard, Olive Alexandrine
Manley, Violet May
Manly, Joyce Ann
Manning, William George
Marett, Alfred Charles Francis
Marett, Alfred George Vincent
Marett, Alfred John
Marett, Edna Blanche
Marett, Edward Nicolas
Marett, Elsie Mabel
Marett, Emily May
Marett, Ernest Reginald
Marett, Evelyne Alice
Marett, Florence Maud
Marett, Francis Reginald
Marett, Grace Florence
Marett, Hilda Frances
Marett, Ida May
Marett, Jessie Beatrice
Marett, John George
Marett, Lionel Ernest
Marett, Miriam Bertha
Marett, Nellie de Carteret
Marett, Sidney Stoodley
Marett, Stanley de Carteret
Marett, William Nicholas
Marie, Colin Cecil
Marie, Lilian Alma
Marie, Millie Florence Nellina
Marquand, Clarence David
Marrett, Colleen Ruby Winifred
Marshall, George Arthur
Marshall, Robert James
Martin, Clifford Charles
Martin, Ethel
Martin, Henry Vincent
Martin, John Vincent
Martin, Olive Whitley
Martin, Walter Renouf
Martin, William Edward
Mash, Gertrude Alice
Mason, Edna
Mason, Winnie
Mathew, Florence Ellen
Maton, Eric Charles
Maton, Ivy Gladys
Matson, Dorothy Victoria
Matson, Elvina Julia
Matson, Eva Mabel
Matson, Lilian Maud
Matson, Lionel Ernest
Mauger, Hilda Janet
Mauger, Lilian Maud
Mauger, May Ruby
Mauger, William James
Maunoury, Ivy May
Mayberry, Herbert Oxenford Melmoth Plantagenet
Mayes, Richard Thomas
McAuliffe, Dennis James Beck
McClinton, William Ernest
McDermott, Iris Ada Ivy
McDonald, Florence
McFarlang, Arthur Charles Francis
McFarling, Hector Alfred
McFarling, Lydia Florence
McGuire, Agnes Mary
McGuire, Elizabeth Louisa
McGuire, Gertrude Margaret
McGuire, Percy de Mouilped
McGuire, Rosa Annette Allez
McGuire, Thomas Slaver
McLeod, Amelia Doris
McLinton, Ada Helena
Medder, Thomas Clarence
Melin, Albert Henry
Melin, Frederic Samuel
Melin, Rosa Emma
Mellor, Mabel Maud
Melville, George Raymond
Mercier, Christine Louise
Mercier, John Murray
Mercier, Stanley Charles
Mercy, Wilfred Thomas
Merville, Sidney Charles Dimond
Mesny, Allan James
Mesny, Claude Leslie
Mesny, Rodney Henry
Millow, Alfred Edward
Milner, Mark Arthur
Mitson, Laura Florence Maud
Moignard, Adelaide Susan
Moignard, Arthur James
Moignard, Joseph John
Moitie, Charles Edward
Moitié, Lily Pinel
Mollet, Gladys Annie
Mollet, Lilian Cee
Monamy, Clement George
Monamy, William Arthur Leonard
Moncec, Bertha Ida
Monckton, Edmund Savile
Monet, Edwin Dawe
Monsec, Thomas
Moody, Charles William
Moore, Marie
Morin, Alfred France Amice
Morin, Gladys Kathleen
Morin, Harold Francis
Morin, Vera Emily Louisa
Morley, Annie Lilian
Mourant, Anna Maud
Mourant, Clifford
Mourant, Clifford John
Mourant, Edward John
Mourant, Miriam Lydia
Mourant, Raymond Arthur
Mourant, Reginald Philip
Moyse, Elsie Violet Margaret
Moyse, Francis Bernard
Moyse, Mabel Victoria
Moyse, Philip Robert
Moyse, William George
Mullins, Arthur Redvers Charles
Murray, Elsie Mary
Murray, Robert Martin
Neate, Edith Mary
Neville, Clarence George
Newington, Ethel Amelia
Newington, Joseph Victor
Newman, Edward Charles
Newman, Ethel Mary
Nicol, George William
Nicolle, Edward Durell
Nicolle, Elise Amelia
Nicolle, Howard Vaughan
Nicolle, Janet May
Nicolle, Lelia Evelyn
Nicolle, Lilian Maud
Nicolle, Philip Alfred
Nicolle, William Herbert
Noble, Gladys Emily
Noel, Ada Linda
Noel, Alfred Thomas
Noel, Charles Raymond
Noel, Edmund
Noel, Ernest Hanley
Noel, Harry Francis
Noel, Henry Francis
Noel, Lawrence Philip Henry
Noel, Lilian May
Noel, Lilian May
Noel, Muriel May
Noel, Philip Henry
Noel, Phillis Amy
Noel, Reginald Leaver
Noel, Susan Beatrice Gale
Noel, Violet Emily
Norma, Martha Mary
Downton, Ruby Hilda
Norman, John Hamon Clarence
Norman, Maud Florence
Norman, Winifred Mary
Norris, Florence Lucy
Norris, Leonard Mansell
Norton, Frederick
Norton, Henrietta Maud
Nursey, Frederick
Obien, Violet Maud
Ollivier, Gladys Ena
Onfroy, Mabel Adeline
Orange, Arthur
Orange, Gerald
Orange, Walter
Orviss, Raymond William
Oscar, George Arthur
Osmand, George Frederick
Osmand, James Spencer
Osmand, William Henry
Osment, Arthur Steward
Osment, Gladys Bertha
Osment, Henry Charles Hope
Osment, William Edward
Osment, Winifred Ethel
Oude, John William
Ouless, Pauline Jeanne
Ounan, Alfred Sidney
Ounan, Arthur Harold
Owen, Arthur Ronald
Oxford, Alice Queenie
Oxford, John Charles
Ozard, Ernest Henry
Ozard, Henry William
Ozard, Lizzie
Ozard, Redmond
Ozard, Redmond
Ozouf, Mary Annie
Pain, Stanley Nelson
Pallot, Elsie
Pallot, Ernest John de la Lande
Pallot, John Edward
Pallot, Lily Annie
Pallot, Linda
Pallot, Raymond
Palmer, Hilda Jane
Palmer, Stanley John Poingdestre
Palmer, William John
Palmes, Joyce Olga Maud
Parker, Richard Eli
Parks, Eva Mary
Parks, Samuel
Parris, William Henry
Patch, George Edward
Patch, Harold Herbert
Payn, Dorothy
Payn, Elsie Eda
Payn, Eva Winifred
Payne, Herbert George
Peacock, Ellen Margaret
Pearce, Alice Jessie
Pearce, Ernest Henry
Pearse, George John
Pearse, Maud Dorothy
Pelluet, Albert Edmund
Pelluet, Samuel George De Gruchy
Pelluet, Walter Van Laun
Penney, George Aubin
Pepin, Vera Madeline Le Four
Pepin, Winifred Grace
Perchard, Alice Maud Matilda
Perchard, Elsie Elvina
Perkins, George Henry
Perkins, Henry John Watts
Perrée, Florence Gwendoline
Perry, George John Noel
Perry, John Charles Joseph
Pezet, Richard John
Pick, Dora Lenton
Picot, Adolphus Frederick William
Picot, Arthur Charles
Picot, Charles Henri
Picot, Ernest Francis
Picot, Ethel Violet
Picot, George
Picot, Joy Violet
Picot, Philip
Picot, Ruby May
Pigeon, Ethel Lilian
Pigeon, Walter James Philip
Pike, Gladys Rose
Pinching, Daniel Peacock Wildbore
Pinel, Florence Marie
Pinel, John Sidney
Pinwill, Violet May Eleanor
Piquet, Jean
Piquet, Marie
Piquet, Percy Charles
Pirouet, Grace Ida
Pirouet, John George
Pirouet, Tracey Osmond
Pitcher, Reginald Arthur
Pitman, Arthur Frederick
Pitman, Harold Cyril
Pitman, Maude Calvert
Pluck, Arthur
Pluck, Ethel
Plumbley, Frank Hamilton
Plumley, Cathleen Mary
Podger, Olive Florence
Poingdestre, Clifford Sydney
Poingdestre, Erol Walter
Poingdestre, Irene Amelia Gale
Poingdestre, Irene May
Pool, George Albert
Pool, Violet Lilian
Poole, Harold Claude
Pooley, John Pitman
Pope, Joseph Goodman
Porée, Alfred George
Porée, Marjorie Laura
Porter, Marguerite Violet
Porter, Rodney Herbert
Preston, Albert Edward
Preston, Wilfred Henry John
Priddy, Arthur Clarence
Priestwood, Allarina Prudence
Prig, Dorothy Matilda
Pryor, William Alfred
Pullen, Charles Arthur
Purkis, Ethel Winifred
Purkis, Harold Victor
Purkist, Daisy Isabel
Putland, Maud Louise
Queen, Doris Annie
Quenault, Clarence George
Quenault, Elias Francis
Quenault, Florence Mary
Quenault, Gladys Christine
Quenault, Gladys May
Quenault, Ivy Lilian
Quenault, John Francis
Quenault, William Cunningham
Quérée, Ethel Maud Victoria
Quérée, Harold Frederick Griffin
Querée, Herbert Henry
Queree, Hilda Elsie
Queree, John George Frederick
Querée, Ruby Anne
Quirot, Philip Edward
Rabey, May Gwendoline
Rafferty, Henry Adolphus William
Raffray, Cyril Allan
Ralph, Florence May
Ralph, Lilian Maud
Ralph, Walter Betford
Randall, Janet Grace
Randall, Jocelyn Graeme
Randall, Mervyn Gregory
Randall, Owen Charles
Rault, Nellie Florence Ruby
Rayson, Harry Charles
Reed, George Bertram
Reed, Violet May
Reeve, Dorothy Florence May
Remphry, Dorothy May
Remy, Evelyn Ada
Remy, Honorine
Remy, Millicent Ellen
Renouf, Charles George
Renouf, Charles Henry
Renouf, Dorothy Maud
Renouf, Edith Isabel
Renouf, Eileen Esther
Renouf, Emma Eliza
Renouf, George Harold
Renouf, Gerald
Renouf, Henry Charles Francis
Renouf, Jack
Renouf, Mabel Amy
Renouf, Violet Maud Victoria
Renouf, Walter Charles
Renyard, Anna Mary Anquetil
Renyard, Doris Ellen
Renyard, Florence Huelin
Reynold, Charles Francis
Reynolds, Lilian Irene
Richards, Arthur Edward
Richards, Lilian Dorothy May
Richards, Mina Rosetta Noel
Richards, Philip Arthur Morris
Richards, Violet May Noel
Richardson, George Harold
Richardson, George James Arthur
Richardson, Henry Gordon
Richardson, John Edward
Richardson, Philip Albert Edward
Richmond, Gladys Elsie
Rickard, William
Rickett, Ivy Hilda
Ricou, Harriet Blanche
Riley, Charles John
Riley, Louisa Ada
Ringshaw, Arthur Henry
Riou, Madeline Primrose
Risbridger, Harold Rundle
Rive, Alice Victoria
Rive, Elsie Florence
Rive, John Thomas
Robert, Adolphus Charles
Robert, Alec
Robert, Charles Thomas
Robert, Clifford
Robert, Doris Rachel
Robert, Gladys May
Roberts, Evelyn Gertrude
Roberts, Jessie Muriel
Roberts, Pierson Charles
Roberts, William Frederick
Robinson, Frederick William
Robinson, Mabel Florence
Robinson, William Charles
Rodda, Ada Lilian
Rodda, Henry Albert Goldsworthy
Rodda, Raymond Gerald
Rogers, Arthur Edward
Rogers, Clifford Henry
Rogers, Dorothea Gladys
Rogers, Freda Edith Nellie
Rogers, George William
Rogers, James
Rogers, Reginald Clarence
Romeril, Ethel Annie
Romeril, Herbert Walter
Romeril, John William
Romeril, Selina Mary
Romeril, William Charles
Rose, Lilian Irene
Rose, Ruby Doris
Rowcliffe, Arthur John Matthew
Rowland, Gladys Annie
Ruff, Elsie Ethel
Russell, Maude Constance
Rust, Alexandre Georgina
Rust, Maud Cecilia
Ryan, Ellen Eliza Alberta
Ryan, Rita Violet
Sadler, Florence Victoria
Sadler, Lily May
Sanders, Ruby Irene
Saunder, May Luxmore
Saunders, Gladys Irene
Saunders, Irene May
Saunders, Phyllis Christine
Saunders, Robert Baden-Powell
Saunders, Sydney Norman
Saunders, Theresa Reina
Sayce, William Allen
Scarrett, John Henry
Scott, Sidney James
Seager, Sarah Ann
Seavy, Archibald Richard
Sethbridge, Winifred Ann
Shales, Hosanna Esther
Shales, Kathleen Jane
Shales, Violet
Shales, Walter John
Shepard, Avice Ellen
Shiers, Lilian Amy
Shiers, Samuel George
Shiers, Violet Osment
Shiner, Alfred Ernest
Shiner, Gladys May Falle
Shiner, Thomas Falle
Shorts, Kathleen Avis
Simon, Charles Stanley
Simon, Gladys Mary
Simon, Philip George
Simon, Sigmond Howard
Simpson, Lilian Jessie May
Sinclair, George Kenneth
Sinclair, Lilian Gladys
Sinclair, Sidney Belford
Sinel, Edith Winnifred
Sinel, Stanley Philip
Single, Edwin Arthur Courtland
Single, Ivy Elvina Emily
Single, Vera May
Sinnatt, Kathleen Lipscombe
Sinnatt, Maisie Agnes
Smith, Barrington Craven
Smith, Dorothy May
Smith, Florence Evelyn
Smith, Frederick Charles
Smith, James
Smith, Jessie Irene
Smith, Mary Susan
Smith, Richard George
Smith, Spencer George Clarke
Smith, Vera Charlotte
Smith, William Adolphus
Smith, William Bruce
Sohier, Arthur Clement
Sohier, Doris Eliza
Sohier, Florence Adelina
Sosse, William Felix
Southern, Beatrice Nellie Maud
Speerman, Alfred
Spiller, Emily May
Spiller, James William
Spiller, Violet Lucy
St George, Alice Maud
St George, Elsie May
St George, Herbert Frank
Stafford, Alfred John
Stamberg, Ethel Lydia Abbott
Stanbury, Georgina Marjorie Abbott
Statt, Doris Muriel
Statt, Stuart Searle
Statt, Winifred May
St George, Leoline
Stear, Harriet Ellen
Stephens, Annie May
Stephens, Henry Edward
Stevens, Alick Charles
Stevens, Cornelius George
Stevens, Florence Bartlett
Stevens, George William Thomas
Stewart, Charles Victor
Stivey, Alfred Edward
Stivey, William Charles
Stokes, Frederick Charles
Stokes, Gladys Elizabeth
Stokes, Lily Helen Augusta
Stone, Lilian Myra Le Breton
Stone, William Farquhar Le Breton
Stopher, Jack Thomas Charles
Stopher, Joseph Edward John
Stopher, Mary Georgina
Stopher, Violet Priscilla Mary Victoria
Strudwick, Gladys Evelyn
Sullivan, George Alfred Francis
Suriestoslawski, Georgina Victoria
Syvret, Florence
Syvret, Gertrude Francis
Syvret, Henry James
Syvret, John Howard
Tank, Francis Laurens
Tapley, Stanley George Trenchard
Tapley, Winnifred Maud
Taylor, Arthur Edward
Taylor, Asile May
Taylor, Charles Frederick
Taylor, Clyde Peter Hamon
Taylor, Frederick James
Taylor, Henry
Terry, Ada Florence
Terry, David John
Terry, Matthew Frederick
Tester, Harry Frank
Therin, Adolphe
Thomas, Amelia Alice Louise
Thomas, Edith Amy
Thomas, George Albert Victor
Thomas, Kathleen Marie
Thorne, Gladys Annie
Thorne, Percivial Harold
Thorne, William
Tibot, James Walter
Tibot, Julia May
Tite, Harold
Tocque, Iris Mabel
Tostevin, Charles Nicolas
Tostevin, Percy Robert
Tostevin, Vera Lydia
Tostevin, Walter Charles
Touzel, Constance
Touzel, Francis George
Touzel, Herbert Le Boutillier
Touzel, James Edward
Touzel, Maurice Francis William
Touzel, Percy John
Touzel, Raoul
Touzel, Redvers
Trevelyan, Marjorie Winifred
Trigell, Magerie May
Tucker, Christine Beatrice
Tucker, Joseph John
Turner, Alfred Edward
Turner, Clarence Edmund
Turner, Edward George
Turner, Reginald Robert
Turpin, Philip Capel
Tyler, Archibald David
Tyler, Charles William Henry
Umpledy, Samuel Gedeon
Vanner, Arthur Egbert
Vardon, Philip Henry
Varney, Ernest Charles
Varney, Florence Grace
Varney, Hilda Winnifred
Vaughan, Amelia Ivy May
Vautier, Bertram Aikin
Vautier, Clive Webb
Vautier, Dudley Arthur
Vautier, Ethel Laura
Vautier, Gordon William
Vautier, Hazel Mary
Venement, James
Vetier, Laura Louisa
Vetier, Reginald Stanley
Vibert, Cicely Fraser
Vibert, Eva Florence
Vibert, James Doras
Vibert, Lilian Rachel
Vick, Dorothy Temperance Elkins
Villars, Charles Edward
Villars, Frederick Charles
Vincent, Hilda Jane
Voisin, Adolphus George
Voisin, Alfred John
Voisin, Gerald Hazzard
Voss, Gladys May
Wade, Amy Agnes
Wakeham, Violet May
Wakley, Hilda Maude
Walbridge, Violet Rose
Walker, Amelia Edith Queenie
Walker, Elsie Edith
Walker, Eva Doris
Walker, Irene
Walker, Ruby Violet
Walker, William Charles
Walker, William Dundas
Walker, William George
Walkey, May
Wallace, Berthon Ellerslie
Wallace, Reginald Winter
Wallbridge, Lilian May
Wallis, Arthur Henry
Walmesley, Reginald Hubert
Walmesley, William John
Walmsley, Florence Maud
Walters, Florence
Ward Saunders, Gwynneth Clara
Warren, Beatrice Victoria
Warren, Edward John
Warren, Ellen Winnifred
Warren, James Henry
Warren, Laura Jane
Warren, Ruth Alice
Warren, Violet Hilda
Waters, Ernest Albert
Watkins, Charles William
Watkins, Minnie Beatrice May
Watkins, Thomas Cecil Redvers
Watts, Archibald
Watts, Archibald Grant
Watts, Robert Gordon
Wavell, Sydney Frederick
Way, Oswald John
Way, William Alfred
Webb, Ethel Maud Victoria
Webb, Florence Gwendoline Gladys
Webber, Albert Ernest
Webber, Arthur Ernest
Webber, Harold Victor
Webber, William Ernest
Weber, Carl Otto August
Welch, Gertrude Ethel Grace
White, Florence May
White, Linda Flora
White, William Edmund
Wiles, John Herbert
Wilkins, Cyril Corbin
Wilkinson, Victoria Alice May
Willcox, John Thomas Amy
Williams, Alfred Henry
Williams, Harold William
Williams, Winifred Whiting
Wilson, Daisy Aileen Abbott
Wilson, Elizabeth Hannah
Wilson, Henry James Edward
Wilson, John William Philip
Wilson, Kathleen Mary
Wilson, Maud Cicely Mary
Wilson, Samuel George
Withers, Olliver William
Witt, Winifred Elizabeth Phoebe
Woods, Albert Edward
Woods, Dorothy Florence
Woods, Keith Harold Henry
Woonton, William
Wright, George Henry
Wright, Gladys Maud
Wyatt, Hilda Annie
Wylde-Browne, May Audrey Hope
Yeoman, William David
Young, Gladys Alice Mary
Abbot, Alfred William
Abbot, Ellen Jane
Abbot, George Nicolle
Abernethy, Violet Rimington
Abraham, Ada Adeline
Abraham, Alfred Lewis Phillips
Abraham, Elsie May
Adams, Annie Louise
Adams, Rose Lillian
Adderson, Annie de Ste Croix
Adderson, Kathleen
Adshead, Cyrus
Agnes, Emeline Gladys
Agnes, Herbert Edwin
Ahier, Clarence John
Ahier, Dorothy
Ahier, Edward John
Ahier, Hedley St John
Ahier, Lillian Maud
Ahier, Lizzie
Ahier, Oscar Oswald
Ahier, Percy John
Ahier, Ruby Florence
Ahier, Winter Charles Miraldie
Albert, Ada Lawrence
Albert, Dailia Lucy
Albert, Ivy Vera Fewins
Albert, Lily Adelina Feurins
Alexander, Charles
Alexander, Florence
Alexandre, Ernest Francis
Allen, Cecil William
Allen, Edward Leonard Bisson
Allen, Eva Caroline
Allen, George Louis
Allen, Gertrude Matilda
Allix, Frances
Amiot, Harold Mark Carlisle
Amiot, Henrietta Edith Aileen
Amiot, Virginia Louisa Fontaine
Amos, Doris Lily
Amos, Gladys Iris Florence
Amy, Alfred George
Amy, Anna
Amy, Bertine Ella Florie
Amy, Christine
Amy, Dora Louise
Amy, Dorothy Cadoret
Amy, Edith
Amy, Eliza
Amy, Ethel Lilian
Amy, John Leonard
Amy, Madelaine
Amy, Mildred Eliza
Amy, Olive Una
Amy, Vera
Amy, William Henry
Anderson, Clarence Gerald
Andow, Francis Albert
Andow, Walter Edwin
Andrews, Beatrice May
Andrews, Charles Aleide
Andrews, Florence Fanny
Andrews, Jessie Alice Levinia
Andrews, Ruby Maud
Andrews, Sidney Arthur Charles
Andrews, Willie Vernon
Angel, Alice Gertrude
Angel, Blanche
Ansett, James George
Arm, Violet Muriel
Arnold, Arthur George
Arrowsmith, Christopher
Ashley, Ernest Arthur
Ashling, Arthur Oliver
Ashling, Sydney Charles
Ashmoles, Fred William
Atkins, Beatrice Maud
Atkins, Beatrice Maud
Atkins, George Charles
Atkins, George Charles
Atkins, Lily Rose
Aubin, Charles Walter Duret
Aubin, Harold Day
Aubin, Maud Mary
Aubin, Oscar Linden
Aubin, Reginald John
Aubin, Marie Le Cerf
Aubren, Thomas John
Audrain, Emile Alexandre
Audrain, Emily Ann
Audrain, Ernest Peter
Aufray, Mabel Eleonore
Averty, Emily
Averty, Rosie
Aveson, Christopher Sydney
Bachier, Lizzie Emma
Badier, Lilian Maud
Bagley, Alice
Bagwell, Florence Mary
Bagwell, John Helier
Bailey, Arthur Herbert
Bailey, Beatrice Eliza
Bailey, Clarence George
Bailey, Dulcie Edith
Bailey, Edith Eliza
Bailey, Eveline Bessie
Bailey, William Edmund
Bailley, Ethel
Baines, Edgar Philip
Baker, Arthur Lamarton
Baker, Arthur Vautier
Baker, Cathleen Maria
Baker, Gladys Ellen
Baker, Hilda Florence
Baker, Madeline Agnes
Baker, May Vera
Baker, Winifred Adela
Bakes, Elizabeth Marett
Bakes, Lily Gertrude
Balcam, Ada Celina
Baldwin, Stanley Joseph Edward
Ball, Edith Susan
Banks, Helen Jane Maud
Barbier, Alfred Duval
Barnes, Clarence Leonard
Barnes, Edward Charles Irving
Barnes, Raymond Berte
Barnes, Samuel John
Barnes, Violet Kathleen May
Barns, Clarice May
Barrett, Beatrice Ivy
Barrett, Daisy Ethel
Barrett, Gladys Elizabeth
Barrow, Ellen
Barry, Florence Agnes
Barter, Ethel Sarah
Barter, Amy Caroline Frances
Barter, George Wilfred
Bartho, Reginald Harrie
Bartlett, Evelyn Maud
Bartlett, Frank Waylett
Bartlett, Herbert Walter
Bartlett, Lilian Georgina
Bartlett, Nellie Alice Maud
Basett, William Walter
Basford, Daisy Maud
Basford, Ernest Charles William
Bass, Philip Burnet
Basset, Charles Henry
Basset, Ernest James
Bassett, Nellie Harriet
Bassett, Nellie Harriet
Bassett, Eunice Mabel
Bassett, Mabel Eunice
Bassett, Violet Mourant
Bassett, Walter Peter
Bassett, Walter Thomas
Bassford, Rose Violet
Bataille, Beatrice
Bataille, George Thomas John
Bataille, George Thomas John
Bates, George Arthur
Bates, George Herclues
Bates, Gertrude Alice
Bates, John Edward
Bates, John Francis
Bates, William Charles James
Batho, Herbert Gill
Battam, Christine Lydia Amelia
Battam, Elizabeth Caroline
Battam, Emma Maud
Battam, Georgina May
Battam, John Michael
Battam, John William Witt
Battam, Lilian Gertrude
Battam, William
Battrick, Arthur William
Battrick, Percy
Battrick, Philip John
Battrick, Walter James Thomas
Baudains, Mabel Nicolle
Baudains, Percy Thomas
Baudains, William Francis
Baxter, Edith Emma
Baxter, James
Bayley, Edward Clarence
Bayshaw, Frances May
Beal, Rosa Louisa
Bearsley, Winter Charles
Beasley, Amelia Violet Louisa
Beasley, Eva Louisa
Beasley, Lilian Eva
Beasley, Rita Louisa
Beaucamp, Frank
Bechemin, Walter Henry
Beck, Samuel John
Becker, Stanley Henry
Belin, Philip Edward
Bellee, Charles Henry Fred
Bellee, Florence May
Bellee, Matilda Clara Amelia
Bellew, Caleb William
Bellot, Adele Roissier
Bellot, Clarence George
Bellot, George Renouf
Benest, Eva Alice
Benest, Harold
Benest, Jenny Margaret
Benest, Kathleen Maud
Benest, Louie Blanche
Bennet, Edith Alice Maud
Bennett, Arthur Henry
Bennett, Arthur Henry
Bennett, Elsie May
Bennett, Harold Edward
Bennett, Hilda Susie
Bennett, Phyllis Pauline
Bennett, Wilfred Harold
Benoit, Charles
Bernard, Cyril
Berry, Henry Alexandre
Bertram, Albert Charles
Bertram, Violet Florence Mary
Beuchet, Daisy May
Beuchet, Mabel
Beuchet, Nellie Maud
Beuzeval, Emily Louisa Mbel
Beuzeval, Thomas Henry
Biddle, Blanche Gertrude
Biddle, Leonard George
Binet, Cecil Charles Aubin
Binet, Florence Harriet Dundas
Binet, Nelly Grace
Binet, Roy Oliver
Bird, Charles Brasford
Bird, Ethel Gertrude
Birmingham, Gertrude Alice
Birt, Burrowed Spear
Bishop, Annie Elizabeth
Bishop, Arveld Winter
Bishop, Florence Gertrude
Bishop, Hilda Jeune
Bishop, Lillian May
Bishop, Rosalie Madeline
Bisson Le Cras, Francis Charles George
Bisson Le Cras, Francis William
Bisson Le Cras, Philip Charles
Bisson, Adele Leontine
Bisson, Albert Edward
Bisson, Albert John
Bisson, Charles Hubert
Bisson, Clarence Charles George
Bisson, Doris Stuart
Bisson, Edwin Sutton
Bisson, George Mathew
Bisson, Hilda May
Bisson, Ivy Maud
Bisson, Lilian Ada
Bisson, Lilian May
Bisson, Louisa Annie
Bisson, Reginald Frederick
Bisson, Richard
Bisson, Selena Rebakah
Bisson, Vera Irena
Bisson, Walter Charles
Bisson, Walter William
Blackmore, Arthur Sidney
Blampied, Bertram Liott
Blampied, Edmund Frederick
Blampied, Florence
Blampied, Frederick Chrsitie
Blampied, Harold John
Blampied, Lydia
Blampied, Roy Charles
Blanchard, Amelia Gee
Blanchard, Eva
Blanchard, Lilian May
Blanchard, Ruby Grace
Blanchard, William John
Bliault, Stanley Alfred
Bliaux, May Hetty
Blight, Cecil Harold
Blight, Ethel Henrietta
Blight, Henry Leonard
Blight, Reginald Samson
Boardman, Albert William
Boast, Ellen
Boddie, James Walter John
Bolt, Ernest Bentley
Bond, Mildred Rose
Bossy, Dorothy Laura
Bossy, Emile Helier
Boswell, Emily Florence May
Boswell, Gladys Maud
Bott, Claris Louisa
Bott, Helena Grace
Bott, Herbert Lovell
Bott, Violet Dorothy
Bouchere, Edith Mary
Boucherie, Alfred Nicolas
Boudin, Lucien Aristide
Bouilli, John Charles Albert
Bouillier, Florence Linda
Boullier, Dora Jane
Boullier, James Walter
Boulvard, Joseph Honore
Bounds, Benjamin George
Bowden, Arthur William
Bowden, Edwin William
Bowden, Florence May
Bowditch, Violet Laura
Bowers, Mary Elizabeth
Bowin, Mary Selina
Bowles, Wilfred Spencer
Bowman, May Doris
Bowman, William Henry
Bowman, Winnian Olice
Bowyer, Otto
Box, Beatrice Mary
Boyce, Arthur George
Boyce, Reginald Charles
Boyle, Lily
Boyles, Edith Elsie
Bray, Alma Ethel Emily
Bray, Charles Harry
Bree, Alfred Charles
Bree, Amy Elizabeth
Bree, Edward Amy
Bree, Eva Maude
Le Sueur, Florence May, née Bree
Brée, Harold George
Bree, Philip George
Bressat, George Alfred
Brett, Bertie Bernard
Brett, Herbert Dennis
Briard, Laurence Edward
Briard, Philip William Clarence
Briard, Stanley Alfred Thomas
Bridle, Henry George
Brint, William George
Brisset, William Frederick
Britt, Daisy Ada
Britt, Kathleen
Britt, Stanley St Clair
Britton, Clement Donald
Britton, Sydney James Sutton
Brodhurst, Fabain Claud L'Aertes
Brodhurst, Gavin Aubin L'Aerles
Brooks, Mabel Frances
Brooks, Walter Reginald
Brown, Agnes Ella
Brown, Amelia Jane
Brown, Dorothy May
Brown, Flora Gladys
Brown, George Charles
Brown, Gladys Mary
Brown, Walter John
Brunker, Thomas William
Brunker, William Thomas
Bryant, Frederick Charles
Bryant, Robert
Bttrick, Violet May
Buckingham, Ernest Edward
Buesnel, Clement George
Buesnel, Marie
Buesnel, Yvonne
Bugg, Violet Eliza Mary
Bunchy, Harry
Bundy, Agnes Ethel
Burch, Alfred Edwin
Burch, Cecil William
Burch, Clarence Robert
Burch, Henry Worden
Burgess, Hilda Winifred
Burgess, Reginald Francis
Burk, Ann May
Burke, Arthur Lloyd
Burke, Violet Lilian
Burnham, Gerald
Butler, Reginald Albert
Buttery, Augusta Maud Elizabeth
Buttery, Charles Henry
Buttery, Thomas William
Buttery, William Thomas
Buttler, Lucy Helena Ann
Cabe, George Richard
Cabot, Florence Emily
Cabot, Florence Louise
Cabot, George Albert
Cabot, Laura
Cabot, William
Cadiou, Arthur Edwin
Cadiou, Edward Hedley
Cadiou, Ernest Henry
Cadiou, Gladys Annie
Cager, Harold Thomas Charles
Cake, Ethel Gladys
Cake, Gordon Lionel
Cake, Hilda Florence
Campbell, Augusta Louisa
Canning, Cecil Thomas
Caplin, Gordon William
Carcaud, Theodora
Carcoran, Florence
Carpenter, Arthur Clarence
Carpenter, Florence Maud
Carpenter, James Harvey
Carre, Raymond Charles
Carre, Ubern Thomas
Carrel, Harold John
Carrey, Florence May
Carroll, Ruby Isabella
Carson, Harold Adolphus
Carter, Alfred Charles
Carter, Alfred John
Carter, Gladys May
Carter, Harry
Carter, John James
Carter, Mabel Maud
Carter, Rosaline Harriet
Carter, Violet Angeline Carter
Carter, William
Carter, William George
Carver, Ethel Maud
Carver, George Durell
Carver, Gertrude Maud
Carver, Hilda Rose
Carver, May Mahalah
Carey, Agnes Caroline
Case, Gertrude Charlotte
Case, Herbert Edward
Catelinet, Walter Ernest
Catrelinet, Gladys Ann
Cattenet, Lydia Ethel Maud
Cavey, Ada Rosina
Cavey, Allan Mathew
Cavey, Emma Roina May
Cavey, Eva Winifred
Cavey, Ronald George
Cawley, Bernard George
Cawley, Charles John
Cawley, Edith Violet
Cawley, Elsie Julia
Cawley, Francis William
Cawley, Mabel Clara
Chaffe, Annie Louisa
Chaffe, Clara Maud
Chaffe, William Edward
Chaffe, William George
Chambers, Margaret Halley
Champion, Arthur Edward Le Sueur
Champion, Robert Horace
Channing, Albert Edward
Channing, Alfred Percy
Channing, Edmund Arthur Stanley
Channing, Frederick James
Channing, Grace Dethan Buoy
Channing, Harold James
Channing, Henry Charles
Channing, Manuel James Orlando
Channing, William Henry
Chant, Lilian Louisa
Chappel, Evelyn Victoria
Charles Arthur, Le Quesne
Cheney, Ethel Maud
Cheston, Claude Onslow
Chevalier, Clara Selina
Chevalier, Elsie Eva
Chevalier, Elsie Eva
Chevalier, Eva Jane Preston
Chevalier, Louisa Jane
Chevalier, Louisa Maud
Chevalier, Maud Gladys
Chevalier, Victoria Louisa
Chillingworth, Percy
Chinery, Clarence William
Churchill, Albert Sidney
Churchill, Beatrice Adeline
Churchill, Beatrice Emma
Churchill, George James
Churchill, James George
Churchill, Thomas George
Claireaux, John Auguste
Claireaux, Mabel May
Clark, Florence Ellen
Clarke, Albert Henry Thimbley
Clarke, Emeline Vida
Clarke, Kate Elvina
Cleaver, Edward John Cowtry
Cleaver, Herbert Leonard
Clements , William Henry
Cobden, Richard William
Cocker, Alice Jane
Cocker, William John
Cockram, Frederick Allan
Cockroft, Annie
Colback, Alfred Walter
Cole, Edith
Cole, John
Cole, Lilian May
Cole, Lilly
Cole, Violet Matilda
Collas, Edith Henrietta
Collas, Gordon
Collas, Walter John
Collett, Ethel Blanche Maria
Colleypriest, James Thomas
Collings, Gladys Elizabeth
Collings, Mabel Margaret
Collon, Maxwell Cyril
Comms, Madge Frances Walkey
Compton, Clarence William
Compton, Mansell Hedley
Compton, Violet Gertrude
Compton, William Summer
Connell, Frederick
Connell, Ivy Amelia
Connell, Reginald Robert
Conner, Louisa Martha Florence
Connor, Eliza Ethel Louisa
Connor, Gertrude Ethel
Coom, Reginald Alfred
Coomb, Amice Tardif
Coombs, Arthur James
Coombs, Edward Gordon
Coombs, Ernest Charles
Coombs, Herbert Sydney
Coombs, Ivy Elsie Ada
Coombs, Percy William
Coombs, Rosana Beatrice
Cooms, Madge Frances Harris
Cooper, Grace Laura
Cooper, Stanley Walter
Copp, Hilda Blanche
Coppin, Elsie May
Copps, Alfred Harold
Corbel, Clarence George
Corbel, Lilian Jane Alice
Corbel, William Emile Henry
Corbin, Percy
Corbin, Rita
Cornick, Claude Reginald
Cornick, May Gladys
Cornick, May Gladys
Cornish, Alfred Thomas
Cornish, Ethel Grace
Cornish, Frederick
Cornish, Lyle Blanche
Cornish, Mabel Mary
Corsair, Alice Amelia Maud
Cory, Grace Gwendoline
Cory, Margery
Cotrel, Jacques Marie
Couillard, Alice Luce
Couillard, Florence Luce
Couillard, May Luce
Coulliard, Hilda Elizabeth Luce
Courcoux, Robert Charles
Courtman, Sidney Arthur Thomas
Coutanche, Adolphus de Ste Croix
Coutanche, Beatrice Maud
Coutanche, Elsie May
Coutanche, Lillie Romeril
Coutanche, Mary Muriel
Cox, James Ambrose
Cox, Lucille Maud Phyllis
Creasey, Frank Oscar
Crespin, Jane Amelia
Croad, George Notley
Croft, Elizabeth Rhoda
Cross, Cecilia Emma
Cross, Clara Margaret Kaill
Cuirot, Louisa Lina Alberta
Culver, Florence Vera
Cummings, Elsie Violet
Cummings, Lilian Ethel
Cummings, Thomas Bolton
Cunliffe, Gladys May
Cunliffs, Hilda Selina
Curry, Doris Aubray
Cutmore, Lilian Doris
D'Authreau, Elsie Maud
Dale, Ethel Maud
Dale, Sydney Harold
Dallain, Dorothy Iris
Dallain, Everil Grace
Dalley, Vera May Pittman
Darke, Francis George Noble
Darragh, Thomas Francis
Daurin, Florence Angel Melvina
Davey, Dorothy Isabella
Davey, Elsie May
Davey, Kathleen Constance
Davey, Lilian Florence
Davey, Violet May
Davey, William Clarence
Davey, William Henry
David, Mary Lilian
Davies, Charles Percy
Davies, Phyllis Maud
Davis, Charles Isaac
Davis, Florence May
Davis, Grace Elizabeth
Davis, Harry
Davis, Irene Winnifred
Davis, John Norcott
Davis, Winifred Elaine Louisa
Davoine, Harold Wilfred
Dawe, John
De Broder, Alice Ann Mary
De Broder, George Philip
De Broder, Lucy Louisa
De Carteret, Clara Eva
de Carteret, Dora Elizabeth
De Carteret, Lilian Ethel
De Caux, Lizzie Mary
de Faye, Rosaline Elvie
De Garis, Florence Naomi
de Gruchy, Charles William
de Gruchy, Daisy de Quetteville
De Gruchy, Edith May Ann Mourant
De Gruchy, Florence Elizabeth
de Gruchy, Florence Morant
De Gruchy, Frederick
De Gruchy, Harold Stewart
De Gruchy, Harold William
de Gruchy, Herbert
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, Lilian
De Gruchy, Lilian Maud
de Gruchy, Nina Elizabeth
De Gruchy, Philip Francis
de Gruchy, Thomas John
de Gruchy, Thomas John
De La Cour, Gladys Ada
De La Cour, Herbert John
de la Haye, Alice Maud
de la Haye, Philip George
De La Haye, Sydney Philip
De La Haye, Thomas Reginald
de la Mare, Edith Amelia
de la Mare, Harold Chatel
De La Mare, Reginald Percy George
De La Perrelle, Edwin Clarence
De la Perrelle, Reta Lottie
De La Rue, Archibald Groves
De La Rue, Francis Alfred Lambert
De La Rue, Violet Emily Mary
de la Taste, Algernon Levett
De St George, Edward Ownen
De Ste Croix, Alfred James
De Ste Croix, Alfred Sydney
de Ste Croix, Beatrice Victoria Mary
de Ste Croix, Edith Mary Ann
De Ste Croix, Edward John
De Ste Croix, Ernest James
de Ste Croix, Gladys Maud
de Ste Croix, Gladys May
de Ste Croix, Harold Charles
de Ste Croix, Henry Alfred
de Ste Croix, Henry Alfred
De Ste Croix, Lilian Vibert
De Ste Croix, Mabel Louise
de Ste Croix, Maude Amy
de Ste Croix, Percy William
De Ste Croix, Violet Elizabeth
De Ste Croix, Violet Maud
De Ste Croix, William Oliver
De Veulle, Maud Mary
De Veulle, Phyllis
De Vine, Lord Darshwood Leslie
Deager, George Martin
Debroden, George Thomas
Dee, Archibald Adolphus Louis
Dee, Ethel Maude
Dee, Maude Ethel
Deguelle, Elsie Gladys
Delafield, Grace Eunice
Delaney, Eliza Mary
Delaney, James Charles
Delaney, Thomas Matthew
Dene, Daisy Blanche
Dene, Winnifred Octavia
Denis, Frederick William
Denis, Harold Edward
Denis, Jane Ada
Denis, Lillie Louise
Denis, Lotty Marion
Denis, Maud Cecilia
Denis, Winifred Louise
Dennis, William James
Denton, Lilian Melvina Elizabeth
Deslandes, Clarence Matthew Ernest
Deslandes, Elsie May Violet
Deslandes, Reginald George
Desprès, Albert George
Desprès, Albert John
Desprès, George Owen
Despres, Maud Alexandrina
Despres, Reginald Walter
Dethan, Ida Blanche
Dethan, James Esther
Dethan, William Edmund Arthur
Dethel, Arthur Harold
Devenish, Grace May
Devenish, Rita Blanche
Devonport, John
Dickinson, Dorothy
Dimond, John Stewart
Dimond, Lilian May
Dingle, Harold Charles
Dixon, Ada Mary
Dobel, Gladys Ethel
Dobel, Robert Charles
Dobin, Arthur James
Dobin, Arthur John
Dolman, Horace Le Four
Donoghue, Albert
Donoghue, Andrew Francis
Donoghue, Fredick James
Donovan, Rose
Dorey, Albert John
Dorey, Charles
Dorey, Doris Louisa
Dorey, Dorothy Marjorie
Dorey, Gladys Louise
Dorey, Philip Charles
Dorkins, Francis John
Dorkins, Jessie Grace
Dorlich, Emily
Douglas, Stanley Charles
Dowinton, Margaret Clementine Violet
Downing, Florence Daisy
Drake, Beatrice Ethel Battam
Drelaud, Gladys
Drelaud, John Thomas Washington
Drelaud, Lilian Mary
Drelaud, Percy
Drilleaud, Alfred Thomas
Driscoll, Eva Ann
Driscoll, Eva Ann
Druce, Alfred Joseph
Druce, Nita Mary
Druce, Winifred Ada
Du Feu, Arthur George
du Feu, Charles Thomas
du Feu, Gladys Florence
Du Feu, Laura Matilda
du Feu, Lilian Violet
du Pre, Eva
Dugardin, Olga Cecile
Duguelle, Cecil Stanley
Duhamel, Charles Philip
Duhamel, George Lovell
Duheaume, Charles Philip
Duheaume, Florence Rose
Dumosch, Violet Clementine
Duncan, Elsie Florence
Dunell, William Frederick
Dunell, Winifred Valentine
Dunstan, Ruth Alexandrine
Durel, Cyril Jean Amede
Duthel, Octave Theobald John
Dutot, Adelina Fleury
Dutot, Percy David
Duvey, Archibald Francis
Duvey, Gladwin Harry
Duvey, Hilda Lilian
Eager, George Joseph John Herbert
Edmonds, Nora
Edmunds, Frank Cullinane
Egan, Annie Maud
Egan, Kathleen Florence
Egland, Lilian Clara
Egland, Mabel Sarah
Egland, Violet Rose
Egland, William David
Egre, Arthur Herbert
Egre, Clarence Winter
Egre, Irene Winnifred
Egre, Stanley Edward
Egré, Winter George
Elcum, Gwendoline Bowen
Ellett, James Waters
Ellett, Kathleen Rose
Ellett, Nellie Lyd
Elliot, Dorothy May
Elliot, George Philip
Elliot, George William
Elliot, Mabel Annie
Elliott, Alfred Charles
Elliott, William Henry Frederick
Ellis, Frederick Giffard
Ellis, William Philip
Ennis, Annie Eveline
Esnouf, Edith Maud
Esnouf, Maud Maria
Esnouf, Rosina Gertrude
Evans, Ethel Maud
Eve, Violet Alice
Eveleigh, Thomas Edward William
Ewins, Jessie Elizabeth
Fairchild, Harold James
Fallais, Margaret
Falle, Adolphus Lempriere
Falle, Gladys Kate
Falle, Sidney Elias
Fallis, Henry
Farr, Lawrence Ernest Augustus
Farrell, Alfred Edward
Farrell, Beatrice Mable
Farrell, Florence Louisa Wyatt
Farrier, Stanley Claude
Fauvel, Stanley Harold
Fauvel, Walter Charles
Fazackerly, Richard John
Fearon, Florence Ina
Fearon, Meiriem Louisa
Feltham, Gertrude Clara
Feltham, Mary Ann
Feltham, Tom Edward
Fenn, George Philip
Fenn, Henry Alfred
Fenn, William Albert
Fenten, Hilda Eva
Fenten, Victoria May
Fenton, Charles Oakley
Ferris, Amy Elsie Hamon
Ferris, Hephzibah Maud
Ferris, Reginald Stanley
Ferris, Daisy Lilian
Filleul, Charles James
Filleul, Daisy Olive
Filleul, Edith Una
Filleul, Herbert Philip
Filleul, Ida Alice
Filleul, John Clarence
Filluel, Violet May
Fisher, Walter John
Fitch, Albert Henry John
Fitzgerald, John George
Flambard, Elsie May
Flambard, Hilda Maud Mary
Fletcher, Ada Amelia
Fletcher, Hilda Adelaide
Fletcher, Vivian Albert
Fleury, Laurie Annie
Foley, Lilian Cicely
Folley, Ethel May
Fontaine, Ethel Maud Grace
Foot, Mary Angelina
Ford, Alice Dorothy Annie
Fosse, Lilian Annie
Fosse, Reginald Ernest
Foster, Jessie Eveline
Fowler, Henry Edward
Fowler, Herbert James
Fox, Charles Edwin
Fox, Edwin Alfred
Fox, Elizabeth Phoebe
Fox, George James
Fox, Gladys Maud
Fox, Grace Edith May
Fox, Harold Arthur
Fox, Hilda Louisa
Fox, Lilian May
Fox, Mildred Ponsonby
Fox, Walter Ambrose
Fox, Winnifred Beatrice Louisa
Freeman, Alfred Herbert
Freeman, Alfred Samuel
Freeman, Clarence Albert King
Freeman, Frederick Charles
Freeman, Gertrude Maria
Freeman, Gladys Gertrude Dorothy
Freeman, Herbert Albert
Freeman, Louisa Matilda
Furzer, George Edward
Furzer, Gladwin
Gale, Bertha Isabella
Gallichan, Alfred Charles
Gallichan, Alfred James
Gallichan, Edwin Kenchington
Gallichan, Emily Julia
Gallichan, Florence Helena
Gallichan, Francis Ernest
Gallichan, Helier Alfred Thomas
Gallichan, Lydia Maud
Gallichan, Olive Elizabeth Blanche
Gallichan, Raymond John
Gallichan, Walter John Frederick
Gallichan, Wilfred Ernest
Gallichan, William Henry
Gallichan, William Herbert Kenchington
Gallie, Blanche Laurie
Gallie, Edward Herbert
Gallie, Florence Maud
Gallie, Levinia Florence
Gallie, Lilian Winifred
Gallie, William Arthur
Gallway, Gladys Eileen
Galpin, Harry
Garnier, Harold Frederick
Garnier, Olive May
Gaudin, Dorothy Esther
Gaudin, Edmund Thomas
Gaudin, George John
Gaudin, Grace Dorothy
Gaudin, Ivey Florence
Gaudin, Philip Mollet
Gaudion, Charles William
Gaudion, John Arthur
Gaudion, Walter James
Geary, Francis Philip
Geary, Henry Albert Joseph
Geary, Mabel Maud
Geary, William George
Gee, Arthur James
Gee, Gladys Mary
Gee, Louisa Ellen
Gee, Violet May
Gehan, John George
Gellender, Esther Ella
Gerard, Elsie Louisa
Gerge, Dorothy
Germain, Agnes Esther
Gerold, Alfred Edward
Gerrard, George William
Gibaut, Clarence John
Gibaut, Elizabeth Marie
Gibaut, Frank Laurens
Gibaut, Gladys Maud
Gibaut, Margaret Phyllis
Gibaut, Stanley Marett
Gibbins, Elsie May
Gibbins, Frederick William
Gibbons, Wallis Edward Henry
Gibbs, Charles Henry Truscott
Gibson, Vera Irene
Gibsone, Jane Louisa
Gibsone, John Charles
Gibsone, Leila
Gicquel, Violet Sharman
Gilby, Alexander John Bigmore
Gilby, Lillie
Gill, Mabel Olga
Gill, William Snowden
Gillingham, Mary Ann
Girard, Amelia Louisa
Girard, Emma Amelia
Girard, Frank Alfred
Girard, Sophie
Girard, William Edward Alfred
Glendewar, Edward Charles
Glendewar, Ethel Maud
Glendewar, Francis Henry
Glendewar, James
Goddard, Rose Winifred
Godel, Albert Edward
Godel, Aline Hocquard
Godel, Clarence William
Godel, Elsie Alice
Godel, Sidney Philip
Godel, William Frederick
Godfray, Edwin Charles
Godfray, Edwin Joyce
Godfray, Florence Mary
Godfray, Frances Henrietta
Godfray, Martha Mintern
Godfray, Thomas Ronald
Godfray, Violet Edith
Godfray, William Durell
Godfree, John Sinclair
Godfree, Thomas Harry
Goding, Avis Aldrida Blake
Gold, Alfred Clifford
Gold, Winifred Ann
Goldsmith, Daisy Annie
Goldsmith, Violet Marion
Goldsmith, Walter Alfred
Goodenough, Elsie Emily
Goodenough, Ernest
Goodread, George Frank
Gordon, Harold Oscar Cecil
Gosling, Edward Alfred
Gosse, Maruis
Gosselin, Percy Huelin
Goubert, Emily
Gough, Cecilia Maud
Gough, Florence Annie
Gough, Isabel Maud
Gould, Alfred Harry
Gould, Edward William
Gould, Harry Edward
Gould, Henry Francis
Gould, Margaret Olive
Gould, Violet Dorothy Weekly
Goundrill, Hilda Emma
Grady, John
Grady, Mark Curtis
Grady, Winter
Graham, Charles Walter
Grainger, Edith Amelia Mary
Grainger, Violet May
Grandin, Charles Philip De Carteret
Grandin, Christine Jeannette
Grandin, Doris Louise de Carteret
Grandin, Ethel Maud
Grandin, Gladwin Frederick
Grandin, John Harliston de Carteret
Grandin, Reginald de Carteret
Grandin, Richard John
Grandin, Violet
Granger, Daisy Ruby Eleonore
Grant, Edward John Thomas
Gray, Henry
Gray, Lily Margaret
Gray, Maud Elizabeth
Gray, Richard Christopher
Gray, Samuel William Stephen
Green, Florence Augustine
Green, George Charles
Green, George Ernest
Green, Gladys Sophie
Green, Ida Louisa Ethel
Green, Louisa Violet
Green, Violet Louisa
Gregory, Annie Margaret
Grey, John Edmund
Griffin, Clara Vautier
Griffin, Clarence Thomas
Griffin, Stanley
Grigory, Clifford Bryan
Grillier, Frances May
Grimshaw, Winifred Charlotte
Gritton, Reginald Thomas
Grizel, Blanche Aimee
Groizard, Albert Charles Henry
Groizard, Emmeline Elizabeth
Groizard, Emmeline Georgina
Groizard, Selina May Gladys
Grouat, Joseph Edward Joshua
Gruchy, Hilda Violet
Gruchy, John George
Gruchy, Philip Henry
Grumbrell, Eva Alice Chevalier
Guillard, Miriam
Guillaume, Lyndale Oswald
Guille, Eilene Ada
Guilliard, Linda
Guiton, Geoffrey
Guiton, Helen Eliza
Guiton, Lilian May
Guiton, Myra Grace
Gulley, George Peter
Gulliford, Ambrose Walter
Gulliford, Florence May
Gulliford, Harold John Banks
Gulliford, Vera May
Gumbrell, Mildred Messervy
Gumbrell, William Clarence
Gunney, Thomas Philip John
Gunney, Walter Cecil Ndel
Gunny, Maud Mary
Guppy, Elsie Georgina
Gurney, Linda May
Guy, Harold James
Guy, Sydney George
Gynney, Olive Louise
Hadley, Clarence Joseph
Haigs, Frederick Joseph
Hainault, Adolphus Ambrose
Hake, Lilian
Hake, William Edward
Hale, Ethel Joanna
Hale, Henry Frederick Perram
Hale, Michael William
Hale, Walter Edward
Hale, William Richard
Hall, Alfred Winter
Hall, Arthur William
Hall, Dorothy Constance
Hall, Ethel Annie
Hall, George Alexander
Hall, Harry Charles
Hall, James Henry
Hall, James Samuel
Hallman, Clarence Herclues
Hallman, Queenie Elvina
Halls, Sidney James
Halls, Walter Henry
Ham, Brinda May
Hambley, William Henry
Hambling, Arthur George Spencer
Hamon, Adele
Hamon, Alfred de Gruchy
Hamon, Alice Fowler
Hamon, Alice Maud
Hamon, Cecil John
Hamon, Charles Clement Joseph
Hamon, Edöuard
Hamon, Elsie Jane
Hamon, Enid Emily
Hamon, Lilian Maud
Hamon, Lilian Maud Eleanor
Hamon, Madeline Valpy
Hamon, Mildred Millicient
Hamon, Oscar Charles
Hamon, Sidney Alfred
Hamon, Walter Charles Stephen
Hamon, Wilfred James
Hampton, Clara
Hampton, Lily May
Hams, Stanley
Hands, Ruby Louisa
Handsford, Louisa Ann
Hannaford, Albert Charles
Hannaford, Florence Maud
Hannaford, Henry Frederick William
Hannaford, Joseph Henry
Hannaford, William John
Hanneford, Samuel Edward Joseph
Hansford, Alfred Henry
Hansford, Alice Louise
Hansford, Arthur Henry
Hansford, Florence Maud
Hansford, Frederick Clarence
Hansford, Percy Herbert
Harben, Ethel Violet Louise
Harben, Sidney Winter Le Gros
Hardie, Mabel Gertrude
Harding, Alice Maud
Harding, Bertie Albert
Harding, Earnest
Hardy, Florence May
Hardy, Sydney
Harnett, Ethel Agnes
Harold, Ethel Laura
Harris, Alan
Harris, Amelia Beatrice
Harris, Andrew
Harris, Beatrice May Alice
Harris, Dorothy
Harris, Elsie Barrow
Harris, Gladys Elizabeth
Harris, Madeleine
Harris, Olga
Harrison, Nora
Hart, Clarence
Hart, George Albert
Hartoble, Ivy Henrietta
Hartopp, Byron Cole
Hartopp, Stanley Frederick
Harvey, Edwin Jerram
Harvey, Grace Mabel Marion
Harvey, Harold Joseph
Harvey, Joseph Henry
Harvey, Olive
Harwood, Florence May
Harwood, Jessie Iola
Hassell, Edith Aline Winnifred
Havell, Louise Jane
Hayllar, Jessie Matilda
Healey, Elsie Susan
Healey, Florence Le Brocq
Heath, Arthur Washington
Heath, Doylea
Heath, Elvina May
Heath, Violet Maud
Heather, Robert John
Hellet, Emmeline Daisy
Henry, Edgar John Dundars
Henry, John Philip
Henry, Stanley Noel
Henwood, Eliza Adeline
Herault, Elsie Maud
Herron, Alfred Andrew
Hescott, Henry William
Hewat, Henry Arthur
Heywood, Maud Clara
Hibbs, Albertine
Hibbs, Beatrice Maud
Hibbs, Elsie maude Bauer
Hibbs, Etheline
Hibbs, Fanny Louisa
Hibbs, Henry James
Hibbs, Joseph Edward
Hibbs, Lawrence Bosdet
Hibbs, Rebecca Louisa
Hibbs, Ruby Bower
Hibbs, Stuart
Hibbs, Thomas Reginald
Higgins, Kathleen Louise
Higgins, Lilian Martha
Hind, John de Gruchy
Hinds, George John
Hinds, Maud Mary
Hinds, Olivia Annie
Hine, Murial Bromfield
Hingston, Edith May
Hitchcock, Hetty Rosina
Hoare, Alice Jessie de Caen
Hobbs, Albert Edward Frederick
Hobbs, Florence Edith
Hobbs, Peter Philip
Hock, Arthur Joseph
Hodges, Charles William
Hodgetts, Edith Maud
Hodgson, Thomas James
Holborn, Florence Annie
Holley, Edward Alfred
Holmes, Alfred Henry
Holmes, Jane
Holmes, John Romeril
Holmes, Martha Evelyn
Holmes, Maud lice
Holness, Walter Francis
Honeycomb, Francis
Honeycomb, Maud Mary
Honeycombe, Ethel Maud Mary
Honeycombe, Lilian Eva
Hooper, Gertrude
Hooper, Harold Spicer
Hooper, James William Stanley
Hopkins, Ada
Horton, George
Horton, May
Horton, Percival
Hoskings, Oscar Emmanuel
Hotton, Albert Philip
Hotton, Clement Frederick
Hotton, George William
Hotton, Henry Summers
Houelbecq, Cecilia Elize
Houielbecq, Francis Charles
Houielbecq, James William
Houiellbecq, Emile Frank
Houiellbecq, Maud Eveline
Houilbecq, Emily Florence
Houilbecq, William Francis
Houillebecq, Peter Thomas
Housel, Francis John
Housman, Charles George
Hovnel, Dorothy Lotty
Howard, Edgar Thomas
Hoyles, George Alfred Helleur
Hoyles, Mabel Jane
Hoyles, Phillis Ethel
Hoyles, Winifred Elsie
Hubert, Donald Franklyn
Hubert, Irene Winnifred
Hue, John
Huelin, Charles Henry
Huelin, Laurie Frances
Humphrey, Amy Annie
Humphrey, Mary Ann
Humphreys, Winnifred Sibyl
Hunt, Agatha Hilda
Hunt, Ethel Violet
Hunter, Charles John
Hurley, Herbert George
Hurley, Hilda Grace
Hurst, Claude
Hurst, Rosetta
Huson , Arthur Albert
Huson , John Charles
Hutchings, Clarence Percy
Hutchings, Eliza Elizabeth
Hutchings, Philip Francis
Hutchings, Robert
Hutchings, Thomas Francis
Hutchings, Winter John
Huxford, Marjory Ada
Huxford, Mary Constance
Iggo, Frederick Cyril Henry
Ingram, Allen Vernon
Ingram, Elsie May
Ingram, Ethel Maud
Ingram, William Charles Edwin
Irving, Edward Joseph Banraffe
Irwin, Mildred Prismby
Irwin, Nancy Mignon
Isherwood, Philip Henry
Ivey, Hilda
Jacklin, Louis Ellett
Jacklin, Ruby Melena Louisa
Jackson, Annie Isabelle
James, Matilda Jane
Janvrin, Thomas George Henry
Jaynes, Adolphus
Jaynes, Elsie May
Jaynes, Robert
Jayres, Oscar
Jean, Annie Watson
Jean, Dorothy
Jean, Gladys Watson
Jean, William Watson
Jeandron, Arthur Harold
Jeandron, Emile
Jeandron, William Amice
Jefferies, Cecil George
Jenne, Alfred John
Jenne, Stanley Fauvel
Jennings, Henry Marett
Jerrard, Emily Hilda
Jerrom, Moyra Gibson
Jesty, Dorais Grace Warren
Jesty, Gertrude Lena Warren
Jeune, Amy Eliza
Jeune, Arthur Thomas
Jeune, Charles Walter
Jeune, Gertrude Louisa
Jeune, Ivey Maud
Jeune, Lilian Georgina
Jeune, Louise Clementine
Jeune, Mary Evelyn
Jeune, Oswald Egland
Johnson, Harry Birrell
Johnson, Joseph Robert
Jones, Elizabeth Esther
Jones, Henry
Jones, Karyl
Jones, Violet Louisa
Jones, William James
Jourdan, Wilfred Thomas
Journeaux, Amy Georgina
Journeaux, Annie Jane Elizabeth
Journeaux, Arthur Philip
Journeaux, Bentley Clive
Journeaux, Clarence Arthur
Journeaux, Elsie Florence
Journeaux, Flory Elsie May
Journeaux, Frank Mark Winter
Journeaux, Herbert Alfred John
Journeaux, Ivy Grace
Journeaux, John Arthur
Journeaux, Reta May
Journeaux, Stanley Walter
Journeaux, Violet Maud
Journeaux, Walter James
Journeaux, Walter Philip
Journeaux, William Oscar
Judge, Thomas Victor
Juhel, Edward Alexandre
Juhel, Henry John
Julien, Elise May
Kearley, Clarence Henry
Kearley, George Philip
Kearley, George Samuel
Kearley, Lizzie
Keast, Florence May
Keast, John Richard
Keay, James Edgar
Keegan, Violet Knight
Keeping, Ellen Eliza
Keeping, Ernest William John
Keeping, John Walter
Keeping, Lilian Emma Louise
Keeping, Lizzie Clara Ledo
Keeping, Marguerite Nellie
Keeping, William Charles
Kellett, Nellie May
Kemish, Florence May
Kendall, Alice Violet
Kendall, Ethel May
Kendall, Nicholas Percy
Kendall, Sydney Albert
Kendall, William Charles
Kent, Hilda Blanche
Kent, Philip Jhn
Kerr, Kenelm
Kessell, Cyril Rapson
Keyworth, Lillie
Killminister, Harold John
King, Cecil Phil?p
King, Daisy Louisa
King, Douglas Granville
King, George
King, Gladys
King, Mary Ann
King, Susan Annie
Kitchen, George David
Kitcher, Adelaide Emily
Kitcher, Charles Edward
Kitcher, Edward Henry
Kitcher, Lucy Blanche
Kitcher, Sydney
Kitcher, William George
Knight, Adolphus Edgar
L'Aine, Beatrice Florence
La Rue, James Mill
La Sauce, Washington George
Labey, Donald Charles
Labey, Irene Balleine
Labey, Reginald George
Labey, Stuart Frank
Labey, Viola Mourant
Laisney, William George
Lake, Frederick Philip
Lakeman, Henry Abire
Lakeman, Thomas Charles Aubert
Lakeman, William James
Lamerton, Alice Elizabeth
Lamerton, Edwin Thomas
Lamerton, Emma Maria
Lamerton, George Willie
Lamerton, Hilda Blanche
Lamerton, Mabel Harriet
Lamerton, May
Lamerton, Richard William
Lancashire, Frank Henry
Lane, Clarice Maud
Lane, Dorothy Lily
Lanerton, Alice Ethel
Langdon, Batrice (Beatrice) Marion
Langdon, Lionel
Langeard, Gertrude Blanche
Langlois, Alfred George
Langlois, Harold George
Langlois, Harold Sidney
Larbalestier, Bernard
Larbalestier, Charles Henry
Larbalestier, Elsie
Larbalestier, Eric
Larbalestier, Gladys
Larbalestier, Morris
Larbalestier, William
Largeard, Edith May
Laugeard, Lilian Maud
Laugee, William Arthur
Laurens, Clarence John
Laurens, Clarence Stanley
Laurens, Ethel May
Laurens, Herbert
Laurens, John Willam
Laurens, Malcolm Raymond Austin
Laurens, Muriel Veronica
Laurens, Philip John
Laurens, Reginald Godfray
Laurens, William Albert
Laurens, William Charles
Laurens, Winifred May
Lavender, Alice Maud
Laverty, Arthur Charles Philip
Laverty, Frederick Adolphe Hubert
Laverty, Reggie John Philip
Lawrence, Amelia Victoria
Lawrence, Arthur Percy James
Lawrence, Barnard Albert Victor
Lawrence, Cecil Charles
Lawrence, Edwin Herbert
Lawrence, Martyn Edward Helier
Le Bailly, Frances Marett
Le Bas, Ada Eva
Le Bas, Maud
Le Bas, William Adolphus
Le Ber, Reginald James Truscott
Le Boutillier, Ada Amelia
Le Boutillier, Alfred John
Le Boutillier, Arthur Reginald
Le Boutillier, Clarence George
Le Boutillier, Edith Emily Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Elsie Maud
Le Boutillier, Etta Agnes
Le Boutillier, Florence Annie
Le Boutillier, Francis Henry
Le Boutillier, Harold Randolph
Le Boutillier, Jessie Malvinia
Le Boutillier, John Clement
Le Boutillier, Lilian Alice
Le Boutillier, Mabel Elsie
Le Boutillier, May Florence
Le Boutillier, Percival Touzel
Le Boutillier, Ruby Emily
Le Boutillier, Stanley Joseph Dolbel
Le Boutillier, Walter Charles
Le Boydre, Hilda Louisa
Le Branchu, John Adolphus
Le Breton, Alfred James
Le Breton, Bernard Alfred
Le Breton, Charles
Le Breton, Clarissa Edith Burnham
Le Breton, Ethel Selina Maud
Le Breton, Florence May
Le Breton, Irene Gladys
Le Breton, Lillie Hetty
Le Breton, Percy Leopold Laurie
Le Breton, Rita Strang
Le Breton, Walter Adolphus Gillam
Le Breton, William John
Le Breton, William Thomas
Le Bris, Mary Annie
Le Brocq, Arthur Gaudin
Le Brocq, Lilian Jane
Le Brocq, Lydia Florence
Le Brocq, May Louise
Le Brocq, Walter Charles
Le Brun, Beatrice Amy
Le Brun, Foster Much
Le Brun, Gordon Stewart
Le Brun, John Salthill
Le Brun, Lilian May
Le Brun, Majoris Doris Ellen
Le Brun, Percival
Le Clercq, Philip Albert Edward
Le Cocq, Amelia Ethel
Le Cocq, Annette Rose
Le Cocq, Archibald James
Le Cocq, Dorothy Rita
Le Cocq, Florence Ethel
Le Cocq, John Henry Clarence
Le Cocq, Louisa Blanche Alexandre
Le Cocq, Louisa Jane
Le Cocq, Louise Mary Seline
Le Cocq, Philip Charles
Le Cocq, Reginald Arthur
Le Cocq, Rose Louise
Le Cocq, Sydney Charles
Le Conte, Alice Brusey
Le Conte, Emily Mabel
Le Cornu, Alfred Elias
Le Cornu, Annie Alice
Le Cornu, Bertha Helena
Le Cornu, Clifford Francis
Le Cornu, Edwin Charles
Le Cornu, Elsie Stear
Le Cornu, Hilda
Le Cornu, Hilda Gertrude
Le Cornu, Lancelot Charles
Le Cornu, Mary Frances
Le Cornu, Neta Viola
Le Cornu, Philip George
Le Cornu, Psyche Beryl
Le Cornu, Vera Gwendoline
Le Couillard, Francis George
Le Couilliard, Sydney George
Le Couteur, Florence Muger
Le Couteur, Janet Balleine
Le Couteur, Lillie Irene
Le Couteur, Philip Charles
Le Cras, Elsie May
Le Cras, Florence Rose Goss
Le Cras, George Walter
Le Cras, Violet Gertrude
Le Crecq, Dorothy Nellie
Le Cronier, Doris
Le Feuvre, Annie Louisa
Le Feuvre, Arthur Mourant
Le Feuvre, Blanche Louisa
Le Feuvre, Donald
Le Feuvre, Doris Fiddes
Le Feuvre, Eugene Matthew Frederick
Le Feuvre, Eunice Mabel
Le Feuvre, Euphrasia
Le Feuvre, Francis Pike
Le Feuvre, Lilian Maud
Le Feuvre, Mabel Maude
Le Feuvre, Nancy
Le Feuvre, Philip Roland Winter
Le Feuvre, Phyllis
Le Feuvre, Thomas Gerald
Le Feuvre, Violet Julia
Le Francois, Daisy May
Le Francois, Ethel Hannah
Le Francois, Lily Violet
Le Francois, Winnifred Josephine
Le Geyt, Alfred Charles
Le Geyt, Charles Philip
Le Geyt, Evelyn Gilby
Le Geyt, Winifred Ogelvie
Le Goubin, Alfred George
Le Goubin, Annie Georgina
Le Gros Bisson, Harry Walter
Le Gros Bisson, John Philip
Le Gros, Alice Amy
Le Gros, Arthur Ernest
Le Gros, Charles Laurens
Le Gros, Edward Francis
Le Gros, Ernest Francis Vicq
Le Gros, Ervin Beverley
Le Gros, Ethel Walbury
Le Gros, Eva Ernestine Mai
Le Gros, Francis George
Le Gros, Frank Herbert
Le Gros, Gladys Mary
Le Gros, Gladys May
Le Gros, Ida Adeline
Le Gros, Joshua Bailache
Le Gros, Louisa Gladys
Le Gros, Owen Claud
Le Gros, Percy John Philip
Le Gros, Philip Henry Joseph
Le Huguet, Walter Charles
Le Huquet , Ethel Emma
Le Huquet, Arthur Frederick
Le Huquet, Ethel Rose
Le Huquet, George Henry
Le Huquet, Sydney John
Le Leivre, Clarence Charles
Le Leivre, Reta Emily
Le Lievre, Alfred Philip
Le Lievre, Charles Frederick
Le Lievre, Francis Richard
Le Lièvre, George Marett
Le Lievre, Maud Alice
Le Lion, Alice Lucy
Le Lion, Blanche
Le Lion, Frank John
Le Lion, Philip Francis
Le Maistre, Charles Winter
Le Maistre, Clarence Francis
Le Maistre, Clarence Lindon
Le Maistre, Harold John
Le Maistre, William Touzel
Le Marchand, Beatrice May
Le Marchand, Ellen
Le Marchand, John
Le Marchard, Alfred Francis
Le Marquand, Alice
Le Marquand, Alice Maud
Le Marquand, Beryl Bruce
Le Marquand, Charles
Le Marquand, Edward William
Le Marquand, Joseph Henry
Le Marquand, Maud Mary
Le Marquand, May Gladys
Le Marquand, Nellie Bruce
Le Marquand, Snowdon Arthur Thomas
Le Masurier, Alfred Henry
Le Masurier, Edith May
Le Masurier, Edward Herbert
Le Masurier, Emily Alice Louisa
Le Masurier, Francis George John
Le Masurier, Helen Jane
Le Masurier, John Malzard
Le Masurier, Lilias Helen
Le Masurier, Louisa Jeannie
Le Masurier, Louisa Maud
Le Masurier, Pearl Louise
Le Masurier, Percy Lionel
Le Masurier, Ruby Gertrude
Le Masurier, Violet Mary
Le Mercier, Elsie Lydia
Le Messurier, Helina Mary
Le Mesurier, Elsie
Le Moine, Alfred John
Le Moine, Harry John
Le Moine, Isabella Maud
Le Moine, John William
Le Moine, Linda Violet
Le Monnier, Alice Maud
Le Monnier, Lydia May
Le Mottee, Florence May
Le Mottée, Herbert Stanley
Le Mottée, Herbert Stanley
Le Mottée, Lilian Maud
Le Mottee, William James
Le Moukon, George Francis
Le Mouton, Arthur William
Le Mouton, Florence May
Le Page, Margaret Laura Isabel
Le Parcq, Henry Francis Charles
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Grace Lizette
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Marion
Le Piez, Florence Maud
Le Piez, Mabel Adelaide
Le Prevost, Herbert John
Le Quesne, Hilda Louisa
Le Quesne, Marjorie
Le Rendu, Frank
Le Reuz, Alfred Sidney
Le Reverand, James Clement
Le Reverend, Hilda Mary
Le Riche, Adolphus George
Le Riche, Florence Mary
Le Riche, Leighton Stuart Hamon
Le Rue, Henry Francis
Le Ruez, Douglas Wilfred
Le Ruez, Rucy May
Le Ruez, Sidney Alfred
Le Sateur, Lilian Ada
Le Sauteur, William George
Le Sauvage, Clifford Arthur
Le Sauvage, Courtenay
Le Sauvage, Dorothy Nell
Le Sauvage, Hilda Jane
Le Sauvage, John Wolsey Morgan
Le Sauvage, Stanley George
Le Sueur, Adele
Le Sueur, Adolphus John
Le Sueur, Beatrice
Le Sueur, Clarence George Stanley
Le Sueur, Claude John
Le Sueur, Clement Stanley
Le Sueur, Delicia Hawkins
Le Sueur, Edith May
Le Sueur, Elsie Clara
Le Sueur, Elsie Maud
Le Sueur, Ernest Geoffrey Carrington
Le Sueur, Ernest George
Le Sueur, Florence Maud
Le Sueur, Frances Jane
Le Sueur, Francis Percy
Le Sueur, Francis Reginald
Le Sueur, George Charles
Le Sueur, Gertrude Alice
Le Sueur, Gladys Christine
Le Sueur, Herbert Henry
Le Sueur, Horace Clive
Le Sueur, Jessie Lydia
Le Sueur, John Henry
Le Sueur, Lilian Alma Clarence
Le Sueur, Lilian Maud
Le Sueur, Lilian May
Le Sueur, Lucille
Le Sueur, Mabel Lucille
Le Sueur, Philip Stanley
Le Sueur, Raymond Frank
Le Sueur, Reta Winnifred
Le Sueur, Ruth Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Sybil Marguerite Burney
Le Sueur, Wilfred Henry Duvey
Le Sueur, William Charles
Le Sueur, Winifred Elise
Le Tourneur, Arthur William
Le Vaillant, Alfred Henry
Leangham, Harold Alexander
Leat, Emma Elvina
Lees, John Edward
Legg, Elsie May
Legg, Laura Douglas Madlin
Legg, Lilian Annie
Legg, William Thomas
Lempriere, Beatrice
Lenaghan, Thomas William
Lenox, Marian Ellen
Leopold, Frederick Bowman
Lesbirel, Constance Noel
Lesbirel, Mabel Louise
Lestang, Florence May
Letto, Charles Frederick
Levens, Ruby Alpha Juliet
Lewis, Arthur George
Lewis, Mabel Alice
Lewis, William Douglas
Lihou, Frederick George
Lihou, Marion Annie
Lillicrap, Dorothy Bessie
Lillicrap, Eileen Frances Emily
Lindsey, Sainthill Percy Templeman
Lion, Gladys May
Little, Alfred Mourant
Little, Emma Grace
Little, John Franklin
Little, Louisa Mary Ann
Livingstone, Winifred Jessie
Lobb, Ann Louise
Lock, George Alfred
Lock, William Charles
Long, Catherine Gordon
Long, John James
Louden, Stanley Harold
Love , Marina Ella
Love, William Oscar Ahelstan
Lowden, Edith Mary
Lowen, David Reginald
Lucas, Albert Denis
Lucas, Dorothy Dudingston
Lucas, Ethel May
Lucas, Florence Jane
Lucas, Frederick George
Lucas, John Philip
Lucas, Margaret Esther
Lucas, Mary Ann Susan
Lucas, Violet Ruby
Luce, Albert Alfred
Luce, Alfred Percy Day
Luce, Beatrice Day
Luce, Cyril Helleur
Luce, Edith Susette Day
Luce, Francis
Luce, Francis James John
Luce, Frederick Basil Day
Luce, John Allix
Luce, Julius Augustus Day
Luce, Louis Philip
Luce, Melanie Margaret
Luce, Philip Emile
Luce, Philip John
Luce, Reginald William
Lyte, Rita Selina
Mabey, Arthur William
Mabey, Edmund George
Mabey, Eleanor Martha
Mabey, Maud Alice
Mabey, Walter William
Mace, William Lucas
Machon, Charles William Whittle
Machon, Ethel Maud
Mackenzie, Dorothy Eva
Mackenzie, Gladys Maud
Mackenzie, Harold Montague Shave
Mackin, Edith Margaret
Macon, Florence May Augusta
Macready, Louie Marguerite
Makin, Annie Emma
Makine, Ada Philis
Male, Frederick Edward
Male, Hannah Phyllis
Male, Sydney?Hopton
Mallet, Annie
Mallet, Elsie Louisa
Mallet, Ida Annie
Mallet, Ivy Mary
Mallet, John Philip
Mallowby, Charles William
Malorey, Stanley Philip
Malzard, Harold Philip
Malzard, John Charles Twynam
Manley, Florence
Manley, William James
Manning, Cecil Claude
Manning, Ernest Ambrose
Manning, Florence Amelia May
Manning, Florence Jane
Manning, Victor
Maratt, Louisa May
Marcus, Joseph Edward
Marcus, Mary Margaret
Marett, Amelia Lilian
Marett, Charles Durell
Marett, Clarence Frederick
Marett, Eleonore Ethel
Marett, Elsie Maud
Marett, Ernest Snowdon
Marett, Florence Maud
Marett, George Francis
Marett, John George
Marett, Lucy Jane
Marett, Nellie de Carteret
Marie , Jane Beatrice
Marie, Edward
Marley, Florence Louisa
Marquand, Alfred John
Marquand, Bernard Charles
Marquand, Ruby Katy Elizabeth
Marrett, Alfred Edwin
Marrett, Edwin Alfred Reginald
Marrett, Eleanor
Marrett, Francis Elias John
Marrett, Gladys Irene Victoria
Marrett, Walter George
Marsh, Violet Louisa
Marshall, Archibald Claude
Marshall, Charles Edwin
Marshall, Dorothy Goodfellow
Marshall, Harold Lewis
Marshall, Henry George
Marshall, Lilian May
Marshall, William Frank
Martin, George Richard
Martin, Harold John
Martin, Ida Margaret
Martin, John Walter
Martin, Lilian Margaret
Martin, Maud Theresa
Martin, William Charles
Mash, Florence Edith
Maskell, Louisa Florence
Mason, Kathleen
Masterman, Edith May
Masterman, Frederick John
Masters, Ethel Violet
Masters, Henry Clayton
Masters, Ida Emmeline
Masters, Richard Arthur
Masters, Vera Charlotte
Mathew, Adelaide
Mathew, Albert Frederick Arthur
Mathew, Arthur Ernest
Mathew, Edgar Percey
Matson, Alfred George
Matson, Amelia Louise Gabriel
Matson, Arthur William
Matson, Elvina Gertrude
Matson, Florence Maud
Matson, Henry George
Matson, Louisa May
Matson, Violet May
Matthews, Rita Emily
Maubery, Henry Albert
Maubery, Winifred Mabel
Mauger, Arthur Lawrence
Mauger, George Alfred
Mauger, Gerald
Mauger, Herbert Henry
Mauger, Raulin
Maxwell-Moffat, John
Maxwell-Moffat, Mary
McAllen, Arthur Philip
McAllen, Elsie Annie
McAllen, John Eastwood
McBride, Albert Edward
McBride, Louisa Boswick
McCarthy, William Alexander
McDermott, Alfred Ernest
McDermott, Alice Maud
McDonald, Hilda Violet
McGuire, Isabelle Louisa
McKenney, Janet
McLacklan, Frederick George Alexander
McLeod, William Sidney
McNiffe, James Harns
Mellish, Elsie Isabelle
Mellor, Elsie Laura
Membery, Dora Amelia
Mercier, John Albert
Mercier, Walter Henry
Mercy, Lilian Ann
Mesny, Henry Rodney
Mesny, Rose Leslie
Middleton Isabel, Winnifred Isabel
Miles, Eliza Beswich
Miles, Louisa
Milhuish, John
Miller, Harry Clifford
Millow, Daisy Lydia
Misson, Harriet Florence
Mitchell, Edward Thomas
Moignard, Albert Victor
Moignard, Florence May
Moignard, Frank Philip Reginald
Moignard, Linda Godfray
Moignard, Lucile Ann
Moitie, Edwin Steven
Mollet, Arthur James
Mollet, Charles Philip
Mollet, Doris Touzel
Mollet, Lily Louia
Mollet, Lily May
Mollet, Percival Alfred
Mollet, Stanley Harold
Mollet, Walter
Monckton, William Arundel
Monet, Elias Edwin
Monet, May Florence Louise
Monskton, Rosamond Vere
Moody, Amelia Emma
Moody, Edna May Robrough
Moody, Edwin William George
Moody, George Augustus
Moody, Ivy Dorothy
Moody, Mabel Violet Vernon
Moody, Thomas Walter George
Moon, Elsie Ruby
Moon, Henry Harvald
Moore, Herbert Edward
Morgan, Amelia Edith
Morgan, Elsie Emma
Morgan, Robert John
Morris, Ida May
Morris, Ruby May
Morton, Jennie
Moss, Elaine Louise
Mountcastle,?William Alfred Leigton
Mourant, Edith Emily
Mourant, Ethel Emma
Mourant, Louisa Alice
Mourant, Rita Harriet
Moyse, Agnes Mary
Moyse, Elsie Adelina
Moyse, Lilian Maud
Moyse, Stanley Arthur
Moyse, Sydney James
Murphy, Clara Kathleen
Murray, Charles William
Murray, Harry Le Paturel
Murrell, James Sidney
Mutton, Arthur
Neary, Dora Eileen
Neary, Florence Ethel Ann Fuller
Neary, Ida Nora Fuller
Neate, Cecil Robert
Neate, Florence Julia
Neate, Herbert Charles Hardy
Neate, Nellie Annie
Neil, Ivy Althea
Nerou, William Edmund
Nerou, Winifred Edith
Neville, Alfred Charles
Neville, William |Henry
Newcombe, James
Newcombe, Millie
Newman, Arthur Walter
Newton, Bessie Lilian
Newton, William Beadon
Nicol, Andrew Dawson
Nicolle, Alice Gladys
Nicolle, Dudley Eric
Nicolle, Mabel Maria
Nicolle, William
Niel, Donald Percival
Noel, Cecil Henry
Noel, Charles Finch
Noel, Charles Herbert Pallot
Noel, David Philip
Noel, Dora
Noel, Edith Luey
Noel, Edward Charles
Noel, Edward Ernest
Noel, Elsie Mary
Noel, Henry Levy
Noel, Henry Philip Miles
Noel, Hilda Maud
Noel, Lilian Elsie
Noel, Maud
Noel, Renouly
Noel, Walter Charles Truscott
Noel, William James
Noel, William James
Nolais, Maud
Nolais, Reginald Philip
Norman , William Charles
Norman, Albert John
Norman, Bertha Roland
Norman, Edward William
Norman, Elizabeth Mary
Norman, Florence Elizabeth May
Norman, Geoffrey
Norman, Gladys Maud
Norman, Hubert Arthur
Norman, John Mallett
Norman, Mabel Gladys
Norman, Robert Leonard
Norman, Sidney James
Norris, Harold Simeon
Norris, Jane Margaret
Norris, Walter James
Northey, Edith May
Norton, Francis John
Nother, Ada Alice
Nother, Charles Bertie
Nother, Holly Ethel
Oblin, Matilda Adele
Olivier, Richard Charles Stephen
Olivry, John Alfred Auguste
Olsen, Julius Harold Oscar Charles
Olwry, Sidney John
Ordinaire, George Louis Cassimire
Osborne, Edward Charles Massey
Osment, Doris
Osment, Florence May
Osment, Lilie
Osment, Nellie Rance
Ouan, Thomas Peter
Ouless, Clarence Charles
Ounan, Ivy Neala
Owen, Adolphus Giffard
Ozard, Charles
Ozard, Florence
Ozard, Florence May
Ozard, Gertrude Mabel
Ozard, Lavinia Amelia
Ozard, Mabel Maud
Ozard, William
Packer, Walter Noel
Page, Clarence George
Page, Harold John
Pain, Charles Roberts
Pain, Henry John Mesney
Pallot, Alfred
Pallot, Charles Frederick
Pallot, Ernest Eli
Pallot, Florence Jane Adair
Pallot, Gladys Violet
Pallot, Grace Olive
Pallot, Hilda
Pallot, Lilian
Pallot, Lillie Gertrude
Pallot, Lydia Florence
Pallot, Philip Henry
Pallot, Sidney
Pallot, Victoria
Palmer, Albert Sitch
Palmer, Florence Louisa
Parker, Charles Walter
Parker, Elsie May
Parker, George Thomas
Parker, Harold John
Parker, Henry James
Parker, William Alfred
Parker, William Charles
Parker, William Charles
Parkinson, George
Parns, Tom
Parris, Robert
Parsons, Emily Eliza
Parsons, Isabel Elsie May
Parsons, John Arthur
Patch, Elsie Florence
Patch, Walter Henry
Patch, Walter Sidney
Patterson, Emily Alice
Patterson, John Williams
Paul, Elsie louise
Paul, Louisa Ann
Payne, Mabel Margaret
Pearce, Charles Henry
Pearce, Harold Frank
Pearce, Maud Ethel
Pearce, Walter Francis Henry
Pearse, Lydia Amanda Bennett
Peasant, Wilfred
Pellow, Bertie Cecil
Pellow, Reginald Charles
Pelluet, Arthur Anley
Pelluet, Ernest Alfred
Pelluet, Eunice May
Penney, Florence Eveline
Penny, Horace Edgar
Penny, Jessie
Penny, William Henry
Perchard, Alfred
Perchard, Elsie Maud Mary
Perchard, Naoine Amanda
Perchard, Philip Charles
Perham, Alfred Harry
Henry Joseph
Periot, Rose lilian
Perkins, Ernest Alfred
Perkins, Philip Henry
Perree, Doris Florence Gwendeline
Perree, Gladys Louisa
Perree, William George
Perree, Winnifred Vibert
Perriot, Florence Clara Louisa
Perry, Charles Edward Joseph
Pezet, Adolphus John St Leonard
Pezet, Bertha Blanch
Pezet, Heloise Emma
Phillips, Georgina
Phillips, Hilda Rachel
Phillips, Mabel Florence
Picot, Adeline Annette
Picot, Alice Maud
Picot, Anne Louise
Picot, Clement
Picot, Elsie Florence
Picot, Elsie May
Picot, Frank
Picot, Frederick George Le Moignan
Picot, George Charles
Picot, Gertrude May
Picot, Henry
Picot, John
Picot, John Philip
Picot, Marie
Picot, Mary
Picot, Millicient Mary
Picot, Reginald Harry
Picot, Stanley Philip
Pigeon, Sidney George
Pihan, Clarence James
Pinel, Ada Louisa
Pinel, Amy
Pinel, Arthur George
Pinel, Cecilia Mabel
Pinel, Emily Amelia Sophia
Pinel, Hilda May
Pinney, Edith Maud Maynard
Piquet, Charles
Piquet, John Amy
Piquet, Thomas Charles
Pirouet, Adelize
Pirouet, Charles Anthony
Pitman, Agnes Elsie
Pitman, Charles Albert
Pitman, George Albert
Pitman, George Edwin Charles
Pitman, Reginald Richard
Pitman, Selina Amelia
Plowman, Sarah
Pluck, Douglas
Pluck, Frank
Pluck, Maud
Pluck, Mirida Louise
Plyman, Olive May
Podger, Albert Bernard
Podger, Clarissa Frances
Podger, Harold Charles
Poingdester, Violet Amelia
Poingdestre, Daviel
Poingdestre, Florence Mabel
Poingdestre, Frederick James
Poingdestre, Mabel Violet
Poingdestre, Percy William
Poingdestre, Philip George
Poingdestre, Philip Henry
Pollon, Cecil Angustus
Pool, James Baxter
Pool, Violet Frances
Poole, Clarence George
Poole, Frederick William
Pooley, Alfred Thomas
Pooley, George
Pooley, May
Porter, Ethel Elvina
Porter, Frank
Porter, Sidney George
Powley, William
Pratt, Arthur Charles
Preece, John William
Preston, Alfred John
Preston, Violet Matilda
Prevel, Percival Elias John
Price, Amy Grace
Price, George William
Price, Lizzie Mary
Priestwood, Harold George
Priestwood, Hilton Thomas
Priestwood, Phyllis Mary
Proper, Harold Charles
Proper, Winter Charles
Prout, Grace Agnes
Pullen, Edwin Dunford
Pullen, Elise
Pullen, Ernest John
Pullen, Henry George
Purkis, Alice Maude
Purkis, Henry Samuel
Quant, Percey Charles
Quant, William Charles
Queen, Evelyn Ada
Quenault, Blanche Stephanie
Quenault, Daisy Marie
Quenault, Emma May
Quenault, Harold Philip
Quenault, John Gerald
Quenault, Lucy Dora
Quenault, Philip Peter
Queneau, Florence May
Queree, John Nation
Quesnel, Violet Grace Vardon
Quint, John Henry
Quirto, Herbert Ive Henry
Rabasse , Charles des Chateaux
Rabasse, Clarence Louis
Radford, Leonard S Aubyn
Rakeman, Beatrice Jane
Ralph, Harriet Bertha
Ralph, Violet Gertrude May
Ralph, William Henry
Randall, Audrey
Randall, Basil Gregory
Randall, Doreen
Randall, Trevor Charles
Rault, Adelina Maud
Rault, Annie Frances
Rault, Mary Emmeline
Rayment, Frederick William
Redden, Edward John
Reeve, Frances Ann
Remy, Ida May
Remy, Una Millicent
Remy, William George
Renouf, Ada Margaret
Renouf, Alice Maud
Renouf, Anne Sparkes Whittle
Renouf, Douglas Le Sueur
Renouf, Elsie Agnes
Renouf, Elsie Emmeline
Renouf, Ethel May
Renouf, Florence Edith Alice
Renouf, George Henry
Renouf, Gladwyn
Renouf, James Edward
Renouf, John Carrel
Renouf, Lawrence
Renouf, Louisa Mary
Renouf, Louisa Rachel
Renouf, Nina
Renouf, Reginald Winter
Renouf, William Charles
Renouf, William Charles
Renyard, Raymond Ernest George
Reynolds, Daisy Bessie
Reynolds, Harold Roborough
Richard, John
Richards, Alfred Samuel
Richards, Doris Ethel
Richards, Frederick Wilfred
Richards, Hilda Alice
Richards, Lilian Ethel
Richards, Percy Charles
Richards, Ruby Ada
Richards, William Henry
Richards, William Henry George
Richardson, Emma Jane Ridway
Richmond, Dora Millicent
Richmond, Thomas Frederick
Richmond, William Henry
Rickard, Ina Ruby
Rickard, Myra
Rickett, George Stapley
Ricou, Raymond Robert
Ricou, Violet Margaret
Riley, William Charles
Riou, Clara Louisa
Ritson, William Morris
Rive, Charles William
Rive, Emma
Rive, Florence Mary
Rive, Lilian Mary Ann
Rive, Mabel Rosa
Rixon, Arthur Thomas
Robert, Charles Philip
Robert, Edwin Charles
Robert, Lionel John
Roberts, Ellen Lily
Roberts, William John
Roberts, William Pearson Frederick
Robins, Eva
Robinson, William Charles
Rodda, Charles Le Boutillier
Rodney, Ada Milton Mesny
Rogers, Mary Elizabeth
Rogers, Walter James
Rolland, Reginald Knight
Romeril, Alice Maud
Romeril, Francis Albany
Romeril, Francis George
Romeril, George Francis
Romeril, George Francis
Romeril, Lilian May
Romeril, Mabel Florence
Romeril, Violet May
Romeril, Henry John
Roncliffe, Percy Selwyn
Rondel, Elizabeth Jane
Rouxel, Fabien Leon
Rouxel, Violette Marianne
Rowcliffe, William John
Rowe, Ethel Florence
Rowland, Margarita Ada
Rowland, Violet Marianne
Rozary, Ernest James
Rozery, Alfred William
Ruff, Alfred James
Ruff, Edward John
Ruff, Frederick Alfred
Ruff, Grace Eveline May
Russell, Annie May
Russell, Thomas George
Rust , Eva Annie
Rust, Adelaide Esther
Rust, George William
Rust, Henry Charles
Rust, Henry Charles
Ryan, Florence Anuriel
Ryan, Frederick Charles Thomas
Ryan, John Edward
Ryan, Minnie Harriet
S'bire, George Larbalestier
Saddler, May Eleonore
Sadler, Elsie Dora
Sadler, Florrie Caroline
Sadler, Henry
Sadler, Jack
Sampson, Cecilia Hilda
Sampson, George Vautier
Sampson, Louisa Violet
Samson, Clyde Alfred
Sarchet, Susan Maud
Sauders, Agnes Alfrieda
Saunders, Bertha Gladys
Saunders, Edith May
Saunders, Elsie May
Saunders, Florence Maud
Saunders, Fred Henry
Saunders, Hilda Ethel
Saunders, Lilian May
Saunders, Lydia Stella
Saunders, May Elsie
Saunders, Philip Charles
Sbire, Ida Matilde
Scott, Edward Claud
Scott, Ernest
Seabrook, Linda
Seager, Ellen Mary
Searle, Mildred Annie
Sebire, Edith
Sebire, Jane
Shadwell, Walter Frederick
Shales, Albert Herbert
Shales, Archibald Henry George
Shales, Arthur
Shales, Eliza
Shales, Kate Florence Maud
Shales, Oshanna
Shambrook, Rita Irene
Sharp, Beatrice Rose
Sharp, Emeline Mary
Sharp, William Edward
Sharpe, Thomas Henry
Shaswell, Alice Maud Mary
Shave, Harold William Reid
Shave, Winifred Evelyn
Shephard, Harold George
Sherry, John Gillard
Shiner, Adelina Grace,
Shiner, Ellen Amelia Falle
Shiner, George
Shiner, James Albert
Shorto, Ruth Annie
Simon, Arthur George
Simon, Beatrice Sarah Falle
Simon, Ella Miriam
Simon, Moss
Simon, Selig Falle
Simon, Violet Nellie
Sinclair, Walter Herbert
Sinel, Elsie Ruby Annie
Sinel, May Louisa
Sinel, Rosaline May
Single, Delcay Claudia
Single, Edna May
Single, Elsie May
Single, Florence Esther
Single, Harold
Single, Reginald Albert
Single, Walter Dale
Single, Winter James Herbert
Sinnatt, Phyllis M
Sinnick, William Reginald
Skelley, Elizabeth Ann
Skelley, Winnifred Mabel
Skelly, Albert
Small, Arthur Francis Nehemia
Smith, Albert Eugene
Smith, Bertie Acton
Smith, Charles Clarke
Smith, Constance Deacon
Smith, Ellen Anne Winifred
Smith, Gladys
Smith, Harry Adone
Smith, Inthia Beatrice Tulloh
Smith, Irene Maude Louise
Smith, John
Smith, Lillie Winnifred
Smith, Linda Blanche
Smith, Phillis Edith Findley
Smith, Thomas Tilley
Smith, William George
Smith, Winnifred Agnes
Sohier, Henry Lyman
Sohier, Mary
Sohier, Thomas Henry
Sollit, Reginald Mesny
Souley, Florence Grace
Spargo, Lilian Annie Spencer
Spargo, Thomas James Hoskings
Spencer, Egbert Hughes
Spencer, Grace Dorothy
Spicer, Margaret Alice
Spratt, Albert Gordon
Spratt, Birthwell Evan
Spratt, Douglas George
Spratt, Florence Mary
Spratt, Lily Maud
Spratt, Nora Equal
Spratt, Sidney Herbert
Square, Charles Francis
Square, Elsie Maud
Squibb, Ann Louisa May
Squibb, Florence Louise
St George, Alice Annie
St George, Gladys Leoline
St George, Leoline Gladys
Statt, Clarence Reginald
Statt, Dora Evileine
Statt, Elsie Florence May
Statt, Evileine Dora
Statt, Olive Irene
Statt, Tabot Vernon D'Israeli
Stear, Amice
Stear, William Thomas
Steel, Joseph
Stephen, Harold Edward
Stephens, Alice Jane
Stephens, Dorothy
Stephens, Dorothy Louisa
Stephens, George William
Stephens, Mabel Maud
Stephens, Mary Messervy Carden
Stephens, William George
Stephenson, Alice Maud
Stevenson, Ethel Kate
Stevenson, May
Stewart, John Houghton
Stileman, Lilian May Wardin
Stivy, George Henry
Stokes, Alice Florence
Stokes, Edwin Charles Gordon
Stone, Ethel Le Breton
Stone, Gertrude Emily
Stone, Gladys Henrietta Le Breton
Stradwick, Elsie Maud
Stringfellow, Margaret Ellen
Strout, Arthur Wilson
Strudwick, Bertha May
Strudwick, Winter George
Suiret, Charles Clarence De Ste Croix
Sullivan, Alfred George
Sullivan, Daisy Maty Ann
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Elsie May
Sullivan, Florence Kate Elizabeth
Sullivan, Florence Mary Ann
Sullivan, George Thomas
Sullivan, Melanie Rose
Sullivan, Philip George William
Sullivan, Stanley Turner
Sulman, Gladys Lilian
Suret, Gertrude Elizabeth
Suret, Kathleen
Sutton, William Henry Arthur
Swietoslawski, Francis Alfred Ward
Swift, George Besnard
Swift, Winnifred Alice
Syborne, Claudia Aletta Ellen
Symons, James Stephen
Symons, Robin Ernest
Symons, Rose May
Syvret, Archibald William John
Syvret, Charles Hay Stewart
Syvret, Charles Raymond
Syvret, Edith May
Syvret, Edward Hocquard
Syvret, Edward John
Syvret, Horace Stanley
Tabb, Ada Zelie Letitia Elizabeth
Tanglieur, Richard Henry
Tank, Maude
Tank, Richard
Tank, Ritea Florence
Tapley, William Henry John
Taunton, Hugh Lupus
Taunton, Raufe Grosvenor
Taylor, Christine
Taylor, Edward Charles
Taylor, Florence Mary
Teague, Elsie Dorothy
Teague, Hilda Mildred
Tennant, Daisy
Tennant, Marie
Terry, Adrienne
Terry, Albert Edward
Terry, Florence
Terry, Frederick George
Terry, Leonie Jeanne Louise
Thatcher, Clara Annie
Thomas, Albert William
Thomas, Florence Elsie
Thomas, George Henry Llewelyn
Thomas, George Randolph
Thomas, Susanna Green Mary
Thomas, Winifred Michal
Thornton, William Richard
Tirel , William Frank Edward
Tirel, George Arsene Joseph
Tisson, Alfred Peter
Tisson, Charles William
Tisson, Eugene Mauger
Tisson, Henry Jean
Tisson, Lydia Mary Eugenie
Tisson, Percy Arthur
Tite, Ernest Sydney
Tite, Frederick William
Tite, Lydia Ann Elizabeth
Tocque, Harold John
Tocque, John
Toms, Arthur Woodland
Toovey, Ernest Villiers
Torpy, Gladys Maud
Torpy, Harold Robert
Torpy, Wilfred John
Tostevin, Albert Edmund
Tostevin, Herbert Charles
Tostevin, James Clement
Tothill, Geoffrey Ivan Francis
Tothill, Margaret Winifred Arnold
Tournay, William
Toussaint, Ernest Walter Francis
Touzel, George Thomas
Touzel, Harold Edwin
Touzel, Hilda Margaret
Touzel, Lilian Mourant
Touzel, Marjorie Eleanor
Touzel, Isabel Mary
Townay, Herbert Jeune
Travers, Winter Sinel
Tregear, Frank
Tregear, John
Trehan, Elise Grace
Trehan, Mabel Irene
Trille, GeorgeWashington
Troon, Gertrude May
Troon, William Kampthorne
Trump, Violet Mud
Truscott, Edmund James Henry
Truscott, Ethel Emma
Truscott, Florence Annie Maud
Truscott, William Edmund Kateon
Tucker, Philip Alfred
Tumkins, Beatrice Mary
Turner, Alfred Ernest
Turner, Ernest Charles
Turner, Eugene Alfred
Turner, Eva Cecilia Annie
Turner, Joseph Charles
Turner, Ruth
Turner, Walter George
Turpin, Arthur Bernard
Turpin, Clara Louisa
Turpin, Lilian Beryl
Turpin, Lucille Maud
Turpin, Mildreel Sarah
Turpin, Richard James
Twner, Ethel Amelia
Underhayes, Violet Isabel Evelyn
Valencia, Dorothy Violet Alice
Valentia, Richard Arthur Patrick
Vardon, Clarence Henry
Vardon, Harold George
Vardon, Madelene Selina
Vardon, Percy Reginald
Vardon, Percy Reginald
Vardon, Ruby Grace
Varney, Alfred William
Varney, Matilda Ellen May
Varney, Myra Edith Daisy
Vaudin, Doris Eileen
Vaughan, John James
Vaughan, Ruby Sarah
Vautier, Ada Julia
Vautier, Alice Maud
Vautier, Bery Clare
Vautier, Edwin Thomas
Vautier, Francis George
Vautier, Herbert Adolphus
Vautier, Herbert Edmund
Vautier, John Raymond
Vautier, Percival George
Veage, Charles Lewis
Veage, Eleanor
Veage, James
Veasey, Gertrude Maud Waters
Venement, Edith Louise
Venement, John Herbert
Venement, Margaret Mourant
Venement, Percy James
Vetier, Ada Ann
Vibert, Adelaid Eliza
Vibert, John Philip
Vibert, Mildred Amy
Vibert, Winifred Blanche
Vidors, Jessie Leoniel
Viel, Charles Francis
Viel, Ernest Walter George
Viel, Stanley George Harnett
Vincent, Helena May
Voisin, Charles Henry Voisin
Voisin, Henry Alexander
Voisin, Percy William Archibald
Voisin, Victoria
Walker, Ada Gertrude
Walker, Alfred Charles
Walker, Alfred John
Walker, Alice Louise
Walker, Clifford Charles
Walker, Edith Maud
Walker, Ernest Hamon
Walker, Ethel Annie
Walker, Gwendoline May
Walker, Lillie May
Walker, Mary Louise
Walker, Walter
Walkey, Albert Walter James Harris
Walkey, Clarence
Walkey, Jack
Walkey, May
Wall, George William
Wallbridge, Ethel Maud
Wallbridge, Gladys Eva Maria
Wallis, Elizabeth Lucy
Wallis, Elsie Maud
Wallis, George Charles
Wallsar, George
Wallser, Henry Edward
Walmsley, Lockford John
Walsh, Cathleen
Walsh, James Edward
Ward, Richard Dustan
Wardell, Gladys
Wareham, Reginald
Warren, Albert Charles
Warren, Arthur Henry
Warren, Edwin Percy
Warren, Elizabeth Florence
Warren, Emily Elizabeth
Warren, Emma Christine
Warren, Ethel May
Warren, Frederick George
Warren, Henry Charles
Warren, Mary Allen May
Warren, Winnifred Mary
Waterton, William George
Watham, Margaret
Watkins, Reginald Arthur
Watts, Ellen Elizabeth Squires
Watts, Gwendoline Hilda
Watts, Henry Charles Windsor
Watts, Henry Louis
Watts, Herbert Charles
Watts, James Samuel
Watts, John William Frank
Wavell, Annie Eliza
Wavell, Josephine Hodges
Wavell, Nellie
Wavell, Percy Mansell James
Wavell, Victoria May
Wavell, Winnifred Alice
Way, Lilian Florence
Way, Ruby Amy
Weary, Bertie Alfred
Weary, Henry Ford
Webb, Amelia Elizabeth
Webb, Clarence George
Webb, Elsie
Webb, Ernest Edwin Robert
Webb, Grace Emily
Webb, Rhoda May
Webber, Daisy Bell
Webber, Ernest Charles
Webber, Herbert Henry
Webber, Jessie Elizabeth
Weeks, Archibald Harold
Wellman , Stanley Walter
Wellman, Edgar John
Wells, Edwin Reuben
Wells, Joseph Leonard
Werrin, Charles D?vid
Werrin, Charles Henry
Werrin, Lilian
Werrin, Lilian
West, William Charles
Weston, William Herbert
White, Ada Florence
White, Amelia
White, Beatrice
White, Elsie May
White, Mabel Gertrude
White, Olive Blanche
Whitel, Clarence William
Whittel, Nellie Florence
Whittle, George William
Wilbraham, Elizabeth Emily Louisa
Wilcockson, Mary Elizabeth
Wild, Dora
Wilkinson, Rhoda Ann
Willcox, Adele Amy
William , Maud Ethel
Williams, Edward
Williams, Gordon John
Williams, James Renouf
Williams, Mary Elizabeth
Williams, Maud Elizabeth
Williams, Nellie Mabel
Williams, Oscar
Williams, Rhoda
Williams, Ruby Gladys
Williams, Stanley John
Williams, Thomas Henry
Willmett, Herbert Christopher
Wilson, Charles Samuel
Wilson, Florence May
Wilson, Harry
Wolfe, Alleyn Henry
Wood, Charles Joseph
Wood, Daisy May
Wood, James George
Woodley, Mary Caroline
Woodman, James Robert
Woonton, Albert
Woonton, George Samuel
Wrigglesworth, Edith Maud
Wright, Charles Edwin John
Wright, Grace Josephine
Wright, John Francis
Wyers, Francis
Yeatman, Edith May
Yeatman, William Owen
Youlton, Henry Charles
Youlton, Percy Buesnel
Young, Florence Ada
Young, Florence Ada
Blampied, Binda
Blampied, Florence


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