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St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A214.pdf in red.

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September 9th 1841 - August 13th 1848


A'Court, John
d'Arthenay, Matilda Mary Asplet
L'Amy, Philippe
O'Brien, Mary Ann
Abbott, Minnie Anne
Abel, Maria Jane
Acourt, Fanny
Adams, Charles Coombe
Adams, Lucy Eliza
Adlam, Mary Elizabeth
Adlam, Emelia Jane
Ahier, Eliza Ann
Ahier, Philippe
Ahier, Alfred
Ahier, George
Ahier, John Albert
Ahier, Peter Philip
Ahier, Ann Jane
Ahier, George Francis
Ahier, Ann Elizabeth
Ahier, Ann Elizabeth
Ahier, John William
Albert, Mary Jane
Albert, Alfred Thomas
Albo, Lucy Maria
Alexandre, Matilda
Alexandre, Walter
Alexandre, Jane
Alexandre, Alfred Charles
Alexandre, Walter Thomas
Alexandre, Francis William
Alexandre, Alfred Henry
Alexandre, Philip Luce
Allen, George Joseph Sibley
Allen, Emily
Allen, Eliza
Allen, Matilda
Allen, George
Allen, William Charles
Allen, Joseph George Sibley
Allez, Mary
Allicette, Julie Ann
Allicette, Frank
Allix, Thomas William
Allix, John Aaron
Allix, Aaron Jules
Allix, Thomas William
Allix, Ann
Amor, Julia Emma
Amore, Noah George
Amy, Adolphus Philip
Amy, Emelie Jane
Amy, Ann Emelie
Amy, Amelia
Amy, Louisa Fanny
Amy, Emelie
Amy, Isabella
Amy, Esther Susan
Amy, Mary Elizabeth
Amy, Elizabeth Ann
Amy, John William
Anderson, Adelaide
Anderson, Ann Sylvia
Anderson, James
Anderson, Susanna
Anderson, Charles Frederick
Anderson, Charles William
Anderson, Emma Jane
André, Alexandrine
Andrews, Louisa Elizabeth
Andrews, Elizabeth Jane
Andrews, Catherine Emma
Andrews, Mark William
Angell, William
Anthoine, Amelia Ann
Anthony, Maria Ann
Anthony, Philip Charles
Appligate, Jane
Applin, Susan Elizabeth Sarah
Archer, James
Archer, Joseph Graham
Armand, Alfred
Armstrong, William Lyons Francis
Armstrong, Thomas David
Armstrong, Francis Lyons
Arscott, Emily
Arthur, Philippe
Arthur, Charles Thomas
Ascock, Elizabeth
Ascott, Mary Ann
Ascott, Edwin
Ashcroft, William James
Ashford, Melinda
Asplet, Adolphus
Asplet, Alfred Brocq
Asplet, John Philip
Asplet, Letitia Longman
Asplet, Philip John
Atkins, Joseph William
Atkins, Susan Mary
Atkins, William Joseph
Aubert, Thomas
Aubin, George Thomas
Aumont, Louis Philippe
Aumont, Charles John
Aumont, Julie Monique
Averty, Elise Mary
Averty, Elise Jane
Avril, Francis de Valibus
Avril, Jane Maria
Baal, Jane
Baal, Elizabeth
Badier, Esther Sophie
Badier, George
Bailey, Thomas William
Bailey, John
Bailey, Henry George
Bailhache, Thomas Adolphe
Bailhache, Susan Adelaide
Bailhache, Ann Amelia
Baily, James
Baker, Thomas James
Baker, John Achill
Baker, Charlotte Jane Purkis
Baker, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Baker, Ellen
Baker, Louisa
Baker, John Ashford
Baker, Edward Williams
Baker, John Thomas
Baker, Emily
Bakes, Mary
Balcam, Anna Matilda
Balcam, Alexander John
Baldock, Edward Buckley
Ball, Emma
Bamber, Edward Duncan
Bannister, Isabella Elizabeth
Barbier, James John
Barley, Mary Jane
Barley, Sarah Grace
Barreau, Adolphus Hamptonne
Barry, Maria Elizabeth
Barry, John Brenet
Barry, Susan Ann
Bartelot, Alfred John
Bartelot, Mary Ann Rachel
Basset, Charles
Basset, Thomas
Basterville, Mary Eliza
Bastifell, Arthur Thomas
Bate, Charles Frederick
Bates, Elizabeth Jane
Bates, Walter Painter
Bates, Mary Ann
Bates, Eliza
Bates, Thomas George
Bateson, William George
Bateson, James
Battam, Edward Charles
Battam, Mary Jane
Battam, François James
Battensen, Edward Alfred
Batterson, Wiliam Henry
Baudains, Esther Rachel
Baudains, Thomas John
Baudains dit La Gerche, John Josué
Baugh, Thomas
Beach, Edward Richard
Bean, Sarah Jane
Bearman, Sarah Ann
Bearman, Matilda Jane
Beaucamp, Isabelle
Beaucamp, Benjamin
Beauchamp, Elise
Beauchamp, William George
Beauchamp, John
Beaugié, Ellen Emelie
Beavis, Charlotte Emily
Beck, Nathan
Beck, Henry
Beer, Mary
Béghin, Léon Louis
Béghin, Napoléonie
Beldt, Henry
Belford, Frederick Edwin
Belin, Mary Jane Elizabeth
Belin, Elizabeth Rachel Mary
Bellingham, Elizabeth Langler
Belot, Caroline Anne
Bendixen, Nora Elizabeth
Benham, James
Benham, Alfred
Bennett, George Gregory
Berriman, John Antony
Berry, John
Berry, Henry John
Berry, Jane Elizabeth Adelaïde
Berryman, Murray Charles
Bertram, Mary Jane
Beseant, Louisa Jane
Besset, James
Best, Mary
Beswick, Robert Benjamin
Beuttell, Elizabeth Mary
Bewes, Arthur
Bews, Isabella
Biard, Charles
Biddle, William Thomas
Biddle, John
Billot, Josué Edouard
Billot, Philippe Alfred
Binet, Elie Baudains
Binet, Henriette
Binet, Philip Wadsworth
Binet, Michael Matthews
Binet, Thomas
Binet, George Jean
Binet, Elizabeth
Biro, Mark Theophilus
Bishop, Charles
Bishop, Mary Jane
Bisson, Jean
Bisson, Jane Ann
Bisson, Le Couteur
Bisson, Charles John
Bisson, Philippe Nicolas
Bisson, Adolphus
Bisson, Anna
Bisson, George
Bisson veuve Le Cras, François
Blackmore, Charles Henry
Blackmore, Henry Alfred
Blackmore, James
Blake, Julia Jane
Blampied, Anne
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Elizabeth Adela
Blampied, Adolphe Jean
Blampied, Adolphus John
Blampied, Margaret Elizabeth
Blampied, Mary
Blampied, Henry Denis
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blandamour, Pierre Alexandre
Blanning, Bridget
Blashford, William
Blatchford, James
Blatchford, Mary Ann
Blatchford, Hester
Blee, Ann Susan
Bliaux, James Hyacinthe
Blight, John
Blight, James Charles
Blyth, Sioney Beckwith
Blyth, Mabel Frances
Bodecot, George Abram
Boielle, Alfred George
Bolitho, James Langsford
Bolitho, Mary Eleanor
Bologer, William
Bolson, Mary Ann Rachel
Bolston, Mary Ann
Bond, Elizabeth Ann
Bond, Edward James
Bond, Martha
Bone, John
Boniface, Vivian
Boniface, Blances Franklin
Bonnings, Theophilus Charles
Boreham, James Thomas
Boreham, James Thomas
Bott, Matilda Amelia
Bott, Malvina Selina
Bott, Adolphus David
Bottomley, John
Bottomley, Alfred James
Boudier, Susan Jane
Bourgeoise, Philippe William
Bourinot, Francis
Bowden, Andrew
Bowdridge, Mary
Bowring, Jane Ellen Elizabeth
Bowring, Anna Susanna
Boyle, Margaret Jane
Boyle, Mary Ann
Bradby, Robert
Bradley, Mary
Brady, Jane Elizabeth
Brady, James Northover
Brain, Mary Jane
Braine, William
Branch, Polina Miller
Brasford, Mary Ann
Bray, William Henry
Bray, Selina
Brayn, Ann Louisa
Brayn, Susanna
Brayn, Joshua
Breadmore, Frances Susan
Brée, Philippe Le Boulanger
Brennan, Caroline Jane
Brenon, George
Brewer, John James
Brewer, Emma Louisa
Briard, Alice Rachel
Briard, Henrietta
Bridle, Henry James
Brint, George
Britton, John Alfred
Brooks, John Frederick
Broom, Roseline Cooper
Broomer, George Philip
Broomfield, Mary Eliza
Brophy, Philip
Brophy, Charles Payn
Brophy, Elvena Amelia
Brown, Adolphus O'Rian
Brown, Harriet Ann
Brown, Edwin John
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, William George
Brown, Elizabeth Ann
Brown, John James
Brown, Walter
Brown, James Thomas
Brown, Jane Ann
Brownsea, Walter John
Brownsey, Mary
Brownson, Elizabeth
Bryant, Samuel
Bryant, John
Bubear, Susan
Buckle, Louisa Ann
Buckler, John Hampden
Buckler, Daniel Parslow
Buckrell, John William
Buckrell, Mary Ann
Buesnel, Elizabeth Jane
Buesnel, Charles
Buesnel, Ann Mary
Buesnel, Eise
Bulbeck, Emily Alice
Bulger, Charlotte Douce
Bulley, James
Bulley, George Nathaniel
Bunker, Elizabeth
Burch, Sarah Walford Helene
Burden, Louisa Ann
Burk, Henry
Burman, William Frederick
Burman, James Alfred
Burman, Emma
Burn, Edward Charles
Burn, Sarah Emma
Burne, Alfred Bernard
Burnham, Harriet Susan
Burns, Charles Edward
Burns, Eliza Jane
Burridge, William Charles
Burrows, Selina Matilda
Burt, Ellen Matilda
Burt, Robert James
Burt, Ellen Matilda
Burt, William Henry
Burton, William George
Butler, William John
Butler, John William
Butler, Harriet Elizabeth
Butler, Thomas
Butterworth, Alfred Henry
Butterworth, Ann
Buttery, Eliza
Buxton, Matilda
Cabot, Elizabeth Ellen
Cabot, Phillippe Matthieu
Callaghan, Mary Ann
Callely, John
Camill, Ellen
Campbell, Mary
Canivet, Elvena Amelia
Canivet, Philippe John
Canivet, Elizabeth Jane
Canivet, Elizabeth Jane
Carpenter, Ann
Carrel, William George
Carrow, Charlotte
Carson, Matthew Robert
Carter, William Thomas
Carter, William Peter
Carter, Selina Ann
Carter, Mary Ann Jane
Carter, Ann Elizabeth
Carter, Charles
Carter, Frederick Thomas
Carter, George Henry
Carter, Caroline Julia
Carter, John Job
Carter, Thomas Keen
Carter, François David
Carvell, Elizabeth Mary
Case, Robert William
Cass, Hannah Kazia
Cass, Elizabeth Sarah
Cayzer, Henry
Cayzer, John William
Cayzer, Henry
Cayzer, Nicholas
Chalmers, Charles
Chambers, Susanna
Chambers, Charles
Champion, Jane Elizabeth
Champion, Eliza Anna
Champion, Anna Maria
Champion, Martha
Champion, John Robert
Chandler, James
Channel, Emma Eliza
Chanter, Frances Maria Brown
Chapman, George Smith
Chappel, Harriet Jane
Chappell, William Foard
Charbonnier, Theodor
Chatterton, Adelina
Chatterton, Joseph
Chatterton, Charles Edmund
Cheek, John
Chettenden, Holbrook
Chick, George Robert
Ching, Jane Amelia
Chinnick, Priscilla
Church, William Henry John
Church, Richard Dallimore
Churchill, Mary Ann
Churchill, Lewis
Churchwhite, John Waymouth
Clark, Christopher
Clark, Henry
Clark, Amelia Jane
Clarke, Emma Matilda
Clarke, Mary Louisa
Clarke, Edwin
Clavell, Johanna Elizabeth
Clegg, James Philip
Clement, Mary Jane
Climo, Christopher
Clinan, Ellen Jane
Cobden, Harriet Emma
Cochran, William Stephen
Cochrane, Thomas
Cochrane, John
Cochrane, Samuel Charles
Cock, Edward
Coghlan, Charles Francis
Colback, Ann Elizabeth
Cole, Louisa Jane
Cole, William Francis
Colebrook, Hugh North
Collas, Amelia
Collas, Adolphus Elias
Collas, Emily Jane
Collings, Emma Maria
Collings, Edwin John
Collings, Julia Maria
Collins, Henry
Collins, John Edward
Colwell, George
Commerford, Harriet
Comon, Charlotte
Condon, Ellen
Connaber, Mary Ann Jane
Connell, Fanny Ellen
Connell, John William Henry
Connell, George
Connor, Amelia Elizabeth
Constant, Adelaide
Cook, William James
Coombe, William Frederick
Coombes, Mary Ann
Coone, Eliza
Cooper, James William
Cooper, David Charles
Coote, Ada
Cope, Amelia
Copp, Charles William Henry
Cornick, George
Cornish, Henry James
Cottell, William Richard
Cotton, John
Cotton, Emily Jane
Couch, Joanna Mary Ann
Couch, Charlotte Louisa
Couet, Ambrozine Matilda
Couls, William John
Courtney, Mary Eliza
Courtney, Richard Hugh
Cousins, John Philip
Coutanche, François
Coutanche, Louisa
Coutanche, Esther
Coutanche, George Francois
Coutanche, Robert
Coutanche, Emily Eliza
Coutanche, Eliza
Coutanche, Edouard François
Coutanche, Henriette Françoise
Coutanche, Leah Rachel
Coutanche, Philippe
Coutanche, Louisa Jane
Cowell, John Thomas
Cowley, Richard John
Cox, Elizabeth Mary
Cox, Ann Elizabeth
Cox, William Lewis Henry
Cox, Edward Hubert Lacelles
Crabb, William Henry
Crabb, Mary Ann
Crabb, William Bennett
Craig, Ann Eliza
Cranford, Elizabeth Ann
Crapp, Samuel Honeycombe
Creagh, Emma
Creber, Frederick
Creber, Matilda Jane
Crespinel, John Le Masurier
Critchard, Charles James
Croad, George Charles
Croad, Robert
Cross, Elizabeth Jane Mary Ann
Croucher, Anna Maria
Crowley, Louisa Sophia Spencer
Cumming, Emma Eliza
Cunning, Jane Mary
Cunningham, Julia Ann
Curdle, Esther Elizabeth
Currie, William Henry
Curry, Thomas Le Geyt
Curry, Adolphus
Curwood, Charles Francis
Curwood, Henry William
D'Orellana, James Philip
Dacam, John
Dacam, Francis Charles
Dacam, George Edward
Dacam, Philip Le Couteur
Dacam, John Philip
Dair, James Thomas
Dallain Ec-r, Ernest William
Daly, Denis Jeremiah
Daly, Denis Jeremiah
Damant, Ellen
Damar, Clara Emmeline
Damat, Sarah Ann
Dames, Alfred William
Dames, Mary Willis
Dames, Caroline Bethune
Dare, George Edward
Dave, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Davey, Charles Thomas Frederick
Davidson, Walter Henry
Davies, Alfred
Davis, Matilda Jane
Davis, Thomas Leopold
Davis, Emily Sarah
Davis, Jane
Davis, Emma
Davis, Francis Albert
Davis, Sarah Catherine
Daw, Susan Phillips
Daw, Selina Louisa
Dawe, Frances Arthur
Dawson, Ellen Margaret
Dawson, Margaret
Day, Louisa Ann
Day, Martha Olivier
De Carteret, Philippi Vaudin
de Gruchy, Elizabeth
de Gruchy, Mary
De Gruchy, Lydia Rachel
de Gruchy, Jane Elizabeth
De Gruchy, Celina Mary
De Gruchy, François Charles
De Gruchy, Elise Susan
De Gruchy, Elizabeth Esther
De Gruchy, Louisa Rachel
De Gruchy, Matilda Hamon
De Gruchy, Sophie Ann
De Gruchy, Mary-Ann
de Gruchy, Adolphus
de Gruchy, Philip John
De Gruchy, John Durell
De Gruchy, François Charles
De Gruchy, Harriet Julie
De Gruchy, Georgina Louisa
De Gruchy, Thomas George
De L'Isle, Jane Ann
De La Cour, Philip John
De La Cour, Ann Esnouf
de La Cour, George
de la Haye, Marie Elizabeth
de la Haye, Jane
de la Haye, Philippe Alexandre
De La Haye, John
De La Haye, Alfred Alexandre
de la Lande, Louisa Jane
De La Lande, Emily
De la Mare, Susanne Jeanne Elizabeth
De La Mare, Harriet Eliza
De La Mare, Elizabeth Mary Esther
De La Mare, Ann Margaret Elizabeth
De La Mare, Jane Victoria
De La Mare, Henriette Jane Mary Ann
De la Mare, Susan
De La Porte, Martha
de la Taste, Margaret Isabel
De Louche, Belina
De Mirtre, Alfred Victor
De St Croix, Florence Ida
De St Croix, Charlotte Elizabeth
De St Croix, Adolphus
De St Croix, Thomas Charles
De St Croix, Eliza Jane
de St Croix, Gautier
de St Croix, Amelia
De St Croix, Philippe Edouard
De St Croix, Amelia Hoskins
de St Croix, Aaron
De St Croix, Edward John
De St Croix, Elizabeth
De St Croix, Esther Harriot
De St Croix, Melvena
De St Croix, Isabel
De St Jeore, François Jean
De St Jeore, Richard Thomas Charles
De Thomas, Matilda
de Veulle, Henry Marett
De Visme, Gerrard Auriol
Deable, John James
Delandes, Louisa
Delouche, Joseph Charles
Delouche, Philip James
Delpratt, Joseph Henry
Demirtre, Elizabeth Rachel
Dennis, William Henry
Dennis, Pierce John
Dennis, Charlotte Georgiana
Dennis, Charles Ambroise
Dennis, Thomas
Denton, George Henry
Denton, John Charles
Deslandes, Jane Elizabeth
Deslandes, John Philip
Deslandes, Jane Emelia
Deslandes, Henry John
Deslandes, John
Deslandes, Henry
Deslandes, Eliza Louisa
Deslandes, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Deslandes, Louisa Ann
Deslandes, Walter
Deslandes, Jane Elizabeth
Deslandes, Jane
Deslandes, Alice
Deslandes, Priscilla
Deslandes, Walter
Deslandes, Joseph
Dickson, John Edward
Dickson, Edouard Jechonias
Dimmick, Elizabeth Jane Mary
Dingle, Charles Thomas
Dingle, William Willington
Dingle, Selina Jane
Dingle, John David Wellington
Dinmead, Isabella
Dixon, Elie Le Quesne
Dixson, Elise
Dodge, Louisa
Dodge, Mary Ann
Dolbel, Clement John
Dommett, William James
Dorey, Jane
Dorey, John
Dorey, Thomas
Dougherty, Amelia Rebecca
Dougherty, Jane Ann
Douvard, Caroline Hannah
Dowden, Caroline Elizabeth
Dowden, Mary
Dowding, William Charles
Dowinton, John Francis
Dowinton, William George
Dowland, Emily Eliza
Dowland, Camela Anna
Dowling, Susanna
Dowling, Mary Ann
Down, Arabella Eliza
Down, Henry
Down, Richard Francis
Downer, Marie Sophie
Downer, Mary Jane
Downer, Alfred
Downton, John Thomas
Drake, William Edward
Drake, Mary
Drake, Edward
Drayton, William Henry
Drury, Elizabeth
Du Feu, Jane Margaret
Du Feu, Charles William
Du Feu, Jane
Du Four, Henry John
Du Frêne, Jane Marie
Du Heaume, Elvina
Du Jardin, James
Du Jardin, François de St Croix
Du Jardin, George Edwin
Du Jardin, Barbara Ann
Du Parcq, Esther Peggy
Du Parcq, Alice Jane
Duchemin, Daniel Alfred
Duffett, Henrietta Mary
Duhamel, Susanne Jane
Duhamel, Philip Francis
Duhamel, Sarah Jane Foster
Duhamel, Albert Edouard Le Gresley
Duheaume, Henrietta
Dumaresq, Albert James
Dumaresq, Julia
Dumaresq, Harry Janvrin
Dumaresq, Georgiana Elizabeth
Duncan, George Thomas Joseph
Dunford, Mary
Dunning, Draper Windsor Sorrell
Dunscombe, Sarah
Durell, Henry Edward
Durman, Frederick Samuel
Durman, Martha Sophia
Dutnell, John William
Dyer, Jane
Eade, Mary Ann Amelia
Earl, Catherine
Edney, Louisa Ann
Edney, Henry
Edson, Frederick Morten
Edwards, Charles Richard White
Edwards, Richard James
Edwards, Joseph Thomas
Edwards, Asenath Passmore
Edwards, Elijah Henry Passmore
Edwards, Sarah Pasmore
Elford, Martha Alice
Ellen, Mary Ann
Elliot, Sarah Louisa
Elliot, William John
Elliott, William Buckler
Elliott, Elizabeth
Ellis, William Henry
Ellis, Annabella Honor
Ellis, Mary Ann
Ellis, Elizabeth Sarah
Elmes, Mary Ann
Ennis, Elizabeth Jane
Ennis, Christiana Elizabeth
Ennis, Louisa Hannah
Ereaut, Marie
Ereaut, George
Ereaut, George
Ereaux, Sarah Jane
Esnouf, Jane Elizabeth
Esnouf, Mary Ann
Esnouf, Francis
Esnouf, Thomas William
Esnouf, Edward Mauger
Esnouf, Thomas François
Esnouf, Elie
Esnouf, Ann
Esnouf, John Elias
Esthur, Louisa Ann
Eva, Mary Jane
Eva, William
Eva, Sarah Jane
Evans, Phoebe
Evans, John Sisson
Evans, Annie Marion
Eve, Robert
Eve, Charles
Eve, Frederick William
Evenden, Eliza
Evenden, Mary Ann
Evens, Mary Ann
Evins, Elizabeth
Evins, William
Ewing, Charles James
Fallaize, Louisa Jane
Fallaize, Henry
Fallaize, Nicholas Collinford
Fallaize, Mary Jane
Falle, John
Falle, Pequin John
Falle, Mary Ann
Falle, Philip John
Falle, Susanna Ann
Farquarson or Ferguson, Eliza Jane
Farr, William Henry
Farroe, Francis William Stevenson
Fauvel, Philip
Fauvel, Eliza Ann
Fauvel, Mary Rosamond
Fauvel, Amelia Louisa
Fearon, Theodore
Fearon, Bichard Orchard
Fearon, Stuart Fenelon
Feaver, Harriet Sophia Dashwood
Feaver, Emma
Feaver, Frederick James
Fenner, Mary Elizabeth
Fentum, Matilda Jane
Fentum, Henry Adolphus
Fentum, Lydia Mary
Fergusson, Amelia Susan
Ferrett, Elizabeth
Field, Caroline Jane
Fielding, Matilda
Fielding, Selina
Filleul, George Adolphus
Filleul, Alice
Finley, Ann Sophia
Finnie, Robert
Fleury, John Francis
Flinn, James Thomas
Foard, George Henry Apps
Foard, Eliza Ann
Foot, François William
Forbes, Francis Luce
Ford, Charles Arthur
Ford, William John
Ford, Emelia Isabella
Forward, Clara
Forward, Joseph Henry
Fouchard, Mary Françoise
Fountain, Mary Jane
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Sarah
Fowler, Christiana Maria
Fowler, Matilda
Fowler, Kezia
Fox, Charles James
Fox, Henry Sheldon
Franchard, Olivia Emma
Francis, Elizabeth Harriet
Francis, Emma Ann
Francis, Mary Jane
Francis, Priscilla Mary
Frankpit, Mary Ann
Freeman, Mary Jane
French, Eliza
Fricker, Mary Jane
Fricker, Elizabeth Matilda
Frost, Frederick Dove
Frost, Adolphus John
Frost, Isabella Mary Ann
Fry, Elizabeth
Fry, Elizabeth
Fuller, Alfred Henry
Fuszard, Reuben Henry
Fuur, Henrietta Cecilia
Fuur, Ellen Charlotte
Fybrand, Alexander
Fybrand, Mary Ann
Gacke, Jane
Gain, Elizabeth Amelia
Gale, George James
Gale, William Michard
Gale, Caroline Eleanor
Gale, Arthur
Gallichan, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Mary
Gallichan, Pierre
Gallichan, John Henry
Gallichan, Sophia Elizabeth
Gallichan, Thomas James
Gallichan, Sophie Susanne
Gallichan, William Charles
Gallichan, Daniel James
Gallichan, Edwin D'Arthenay
Gallichan, Eliza Ann
Gallichan, Thomas Philippe
Gallichan, Elizabeth
Gallie, Sophia Elizabeth
Gallie, Mary Amelia
Gallie, John Charles
Gallie, Francis William
Gallie, Jane Amelia
Gallie, Philip Edwin
Gallie, Mary Ann Jane
Gallie, Clara
Gallie, John George
Gallie, Francis Adolphus
Gammon, Emma Susannah
Gammon, Elizabeth Jane
Gann, Louisa Ann
Gard, Orlando
Gard, Oscar
Gard, Frederick
Gardener, John
Gardner, Mara Eliza
Garretty, Elizabeth Louisa
Gartrell, Harriet
Gasnier, Elie George
Gasnier, Elizabeth Maria
Gaudin, Jane Mary
Gaudion, Elizabeth
Gavey, Charles François
Gavey, Edouard George
Gawler, John William
Geard, Eliza Jane
Gelender, Marina Elizabeth
George, Samuel
George, John James
George, Nathaniel
German, Hugh
Gerrard, Betsey Ann
Gibbs, John Mark
Gibson, Henry Philip
Gibson, Samuel
Giffard, Matilda Isabella
Giffard, Mary Ann Patty
Giffard, Emelia
Gifford, Philip
Gilbert, James David
Gilbert, Elizabeth Ann
Gilbert, William Henry
Gilbert, William John
Gilbert, Julie
Gill, Jane
Gill, John
Gillam, Elizabeth Mary
Gillam, Ellen
Gillam, Emily
Gillard, William
Gillard, William
Gillard, John Frosbrook
Gillman, Henriette Elizabeth
Gillman, Louisa Elizabeth
Girard, Peter
Girard, James
Gittins, Philip John
Gladdis, William Henry
Glazebrook, John Lumley Goolden
Gleeson, Edward
Godel, Charles George
Godel, Philippe
Godel, Sophie Elizabeth Esther
Godfray, Eliza Julia Mowatt
Godfray, Edmund
Godfray, Rachel
Godfray, Edwin Francis
Godfray, Amelia Louisa
Godfrey, James Andrew
Goertz, Georgiana Dorothea
Golden, Eliza Mary
Goodfellow, Mary Elizabeth Row
Gordon, Henry Robert
Gordon, James
Gosselin, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Gosselin, Alfred Philippe
Gosset, William James
Gosset, Isaac Hilgrove
Gotterel, Louisa
Gotterel, Philippe
Gough, Charles Bruce Vincent
Grandin, Eliza
Grandin, Jane Ann Elizabeth
Grandin, Ann Mary
Grandin, Philip John
Grard, Selina
Gray, Charles Alfred Davis
Green, Jane
Green, Emily Charlotte
Greep, Jane Ann
Gregory, John Robert
Griffin, John George
Griffin, Martha Ann
Griffin, Alfred Philippe
Griffith, Thomas George
Griffith, Emma Elizabeth
Griffith, Charles William
Griffiths, Philip Clifford
Griffiths, Mary Ann
Griffiths, George Edwin
Grimshaw, William John
Grimshaw, Henrietta
Grimshaw, Catherine
Groizard, Alfred
Groizard, Mary Sarkett
Grouse, Clara Ann
Gruchy, Philip
Gruchy, Erménie Sophie
Gruchy, John Elias
Gruchy, Mary Ann
Gruchy, Edward Godfray
Gruchy, Charles James
Guilliard, Alfred
Guilloüet, James Edwin
Guion, Helier
Gumbrell, Elizabeth Esther
Gundrey, Mary Ann
Gunton, Jane Adelaide
Gurney, Emma Fanny
Gurney, Florence Alice
Guy, Tracey Glewis Thomas
Guy, Gluyes Mary Ann
Hacking, Hannah
Haddick, Henry
Hagemann, William Henry Ludwig
Hake, Francis Robert
Hake, William Daniel
Hake, Alice Mary
Hall, Ann Rachel
Hall, George
Hall, Jane Elizabeth
Hall, Jane Elizabeth
Hall, John Thomas
Hall, Elizabeth Mary
Hall, Mary Elizabeth
Hallett, Henry
Hallett, William
Hallett, Robert
Hallman, William Peter
Hallman, Eliza Elizabeth
Hallman, John Edward
Halman, Mahela
Halman, John Charles
Halse, Henry Budd
Hambley, Mary Jane Morley
Hambley, Mary Jane
Hambley, John Charles
Hamel, Julie Augustine
Hamling, Georgiana Eleonora
Hamon, Charles Francis
Hamon, Henriette
Hamon, Marguerite
Hamon, Henriette Eleonor
Hamon, Lucy
Hamon, John Francis
Hamon, Alice Rachel
Hamon, Mary Jane
Hamon, Charles Frederick
Hamon, Jean François
Hamon, Ann Charlotte
Hamon, Anna
Hamon, Joseph Théophilé
Hancock, Harriet Frances
Hancock, Alfred Henry
Hancock, Ernest Edward
Handcock, Sidney Lloyd
Handy, Esther Elizabeth
Haning, Frederick Charles
Hannaford, William Henry
Hansford, Sarah Ellen
Hansford, Clarissa
Hansford, Elizabeth
Harben, Matilda Elizabeth
Harben, Adelaide Amelia
Hardeley, John
Hardeley, Jane Elizabeth
Hardeman, Daniel
Harding, Emily Jane
Harding, John Abraham
Harding, Elizabeth Jane
Harding, John William
Harding, Lucy
Hardy, David Chappel
Hardy, John Elias
Hardy, Albert Henry
Harfield, Jane Elizabeth
Harman, Maria Elizabeth
Harmer, William Henry
Harris, Elizabeth Tilly
Harris, William Henry
Harris, Ellen
Harris, Sarah
Harrison, Thomas
Hart, Emma Jane
Hart, Henry James
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Isabella Eliza
Hartland, Henry
Hartung, Frederick Morris
Harvey, Emily Rebecca
Harvey, Lucy Ann Emily
Harvey, William Sibley
Hautcliffe, John
Hawkins, George
Hawkins, Adelaide Mary
Hawley, Eliza
Hayball, William John Thomas
Haylock, Harriet Jane
Hays, Mary Ann
Heale, Edward
Heath, Christopher Henry Edmund
Hedgeland, Elizabeth
Hedgeland, John
Hellyer, John Robert
Hellyer, Ellen Mary
Hellyer, Clara Matilda
Hemery, Francis Hobart
Hemery, James
Hemery, Clement William
Henderson, Fanny Beevor
Heno, Charles Henry
Henry, James David
Henwood, Elizabeth Maria
Henwood, William Henry Richards
Hepburn, Charles Nathaniel
Hepburn, John James
Hepburn, James Bertram
Herivel, Elizabeth Mary
Herivel, Mary Ann
Hérivel, Peter George
Hérivel, John
Hérivel, John Richard Philippe
Hewitson, James
Heydon, John Henry
Heydon, Mary Jane
Heyland, Robina Janet
Hezel, John Frederick
Hick, Eliza Jane
Hicks, George Philip
Hicks, Harry Albert
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hill, John Maximilian
Hinchey, Mary Ann Charlotte
Hinchley, James
Hine, Mary Ann
Hine, Grace
Hingston, Mary Ann
Hoare, Valantine James
Hoare, Peachey Henry
Hockey, William John
Hockey, William
Hocquard, Jane Esther
Hocquard, Jane Elizabeth
Hodder, Louisa Ann
Hodge, Grace
Hodge, Sarah Ann
Hodge, Harriet Wilmot
Hodge, Alice Elizabeth
Hodges, Constance
Hodgeson, Louise Emma
Hodgeson, John
Hodgson, Sarah
Hogge, Margaret Mary
Hogge, Phoebe Fanny
Hogge, Valance Julia Annabella
Holdoway, Edwin
Holt, Charles
Holt, Joseph Roper
Holt, Susannah
Holt, Henry
Honey, Thomas William
Honeycombe, John
Hoppey, Esther Ann
Horman, Duhamel
Horman, Edith Mande
Horn, George
Horne, Henry
Horner, Mary
Horton, Richard Edmund John
Hosking, Archimedes John
Hotton, Elizabeth
Houston, Ann Jane
Howard, Charles John
Howard, Eliza Anna
Howe, Charles George
Howe, Joseph Pearce
Howe Benjamin, Harriet Elizabeth
Howell, William Francis Alfred
Huard, Alfred Daniel
Huard, Georgiana Elizabeth
Hubert, Adolphus John
Hubert, James
Hubert, Emelie Mary
Hubert, Adolphus John
Hubert, Alfred
Hubert, Jane Harriet
Hudson, Elizabeth
Hue, Rosa Jane
Hue, Mary Clementina
Huelin, Jane Susan
Huelin, Jane Mary
Huelin, Ann Elizabeth Falle
Huelin, Frederick Henry
Hugo, Harriet
Hugo, Emilia
Hugo, Susan Blanche Mary
Humphries, Sarah Jane
Hunt, Eliza
Hunt, Charles Francis
Hunt, Mary Ann
Hunt, Eliza Jane
Hurley, Elizabeth
Husband, Amelia
Husband, Charles Alexander
Husband, Henry John
Husk, William Henry
Husks, George
Hussey, Jane
Husson, Jean Augustin
Huston, Francis Gill
Huston, Charles Sloper
Hutching, Louisa Susanna
Hutchings, Edward Henry Thomas
Hutchings, John George
Hutchins, George John
Hutton, Fanny Georgiana
Ibberson, Elizabeth Ann
Ilett, Susan Elizabeth
Ilett, Susannah
Ingram, Elias Falle
Ingram, Georgina Ann
Ingram, Elias William
Ingrouille, Henry Charles
Inman, Julia Ann
Irving, Helena Agnes
Isherwood, Samuel George
Ivey, William Richard
Ivey, John Thomas
Ivy, Sarah Ann
Jackman, Harriet
Jackson, John James
Jackson, Peter William Rickman
Jacobs, Charlotte
Jacobs, Mary Ann
Jacobs, Edward
Jacobs, Louisa
Jaffray, Mary Rachel
James, Martha Susanna
Jandron, Philippe Thomas Edouard
Jandron, James Thomas
Jane, Amelia
Janes, John Thomas
Janvey, George William
Janvrin, Mary Elizabeth
Janvrin, Jane Elizabeth
Janvrin, Alice Jane
Janvrin, Jane Emelie Susanne
Janvrin, Frederick Albert
Jaspar, Edwin James
Jasper, Selina Jane
Jean, Elie
Jenkins, James Albert
Jenkins, Mary Ann
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, John William
Jeune, Edmund
Jeune, George
Jeune, Mary Ann
John, Francis Samson Daniel
Johnson, James Alfred
Johnson, Sarah Jane Baker
Johnson, Isabella Elizabeth
Johnston, Anne Sophia
Johnstone, John Charles
Johnstone, Mary Jane
Jolin, Louisa Henriette
Jolin, Eliza
Jolin, Eliza Ann
Jolin, Eliza Jane
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Amelia Dustin
Jones, Elbena Mary
Jones, Louisa Ann
Jones, Jane Treffry
Jones, William James
Jones, David George
Jones, Jane Elizabeth
Jones, William Henry
Jones, William Cambria
Jones, Alfred William
Jones, Mary Jane
Jones, James
Jones, Thomas Christopher
Jones, George
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Henry
Jones, Thomas
Jory, Frederick
Joslin, Eliza Jane
Joste, Jane Analie
Jounet, Charles Jean
Journeaux, Mary Ann
Journeaux, Francis Albert
Journeaux, Matilda
Journeaux, Francis Henry
Joyce, Jane
Jukes, Ellen Joins
Kail, Charlotte Grace
Kaill, Richard Bullcock
Karch, Joseph
Kealing, Richard
Kearne, Thomas Henry
Kearne, Selina Minerva
Kelland, Joseph Samuel
Kent, Ann
Kerby, John Francis
Kevil, John Joseph
Kilhick, Charles
Killick, Ann Louisa
Kilminster, Susanna
Kilminster, Louisa Elizabeth
Kimber, Emily
King, Charles Henry de St Croix
King, Francis John
King, Frederick Richard
Kingcome, Sarah Jane
Kingdon, Hannah Maria
Kneeshaw, Louisa Georgiana
Knight, Elizabeth Ann
Knight, John Francis
Knight, James Martin
Knight, James Charles
Knott, Catherine Harriet
Knox, Jane Amanda Malvina
Knox, Eliza Georgiana
Krüger, Herrmann Augustus
La Marche, Jean Emile
La Niece, Ann Susan
Laffoley, Mary Jane
Laffoley, Mary Ann Jane Priscilla
Laffoley, Jane Mary Ann
Lakin, Mary Ann Coombs
Lakin, Susan
Lamarche, Thomas Frederic
Lambell, Mary Ann Amelia
Lambell, John Richard James
Lancashire, George Samuel
Lancashire, James Francis
Lancaster, Mary
Lane, William Henry Osborn
Lang, Emily
Langlois, Martha Mowbray
Langlois, Eliza Anne Coutanche
Langlois, Henrietta Ann
Langlois, Jean Elie
Langlois, Edward John
Langlois, James
Langlois, Elizabeth Jane
Langlois, Charles Alfred
Langmead, George Winne Lysaght
Langois, Helier
Langoon, Edwin Ebenezer
Langworthy, Emmeline
Larbalestier, Philippe Richard
Larbalestier, Elizabeth Jane
Larbalestier, Edward Charles
Laurens, John Philippe
Laurens, Mary Ann Hughes
Laurens, Mary Ann
Laurens, Jane
Laurens, Thomas Elie
Laurens, Elizabeth Jane
Laurens, Emilie Caroline
Laurens, John William
Laurens, Jane Mary
Laurens, Charles James
Laverty, Josué
Laverty, Wallis Hay
Laverty, Ann Mary
Lavis, Mary Elizabeth
Lawson, Edward
Lawson, James
Le Bailly, Elise Rachel
Le Bailly, Peter Thomas
Le Bailly, George John
Le Bailly, Jean Abraham
Le Bailly, John
Le Bailly, John Philip
Le Bailly, Elizabeth Jane
Le Bas, John Charles
Le Bas, Louisa Arabella
Le Bas, Dumaresq
Le Bas, James
Le Blancq, Philip
Le Blancq, Elizabeth
Le Blancq, Ann Elizabeth
Le Blond, Francis John
Le Boeuf, John
Le Boulanger, John Charles
Le Boutillier, Jane Mary
Le Boutillier, Mary Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Alfred John
Le Boutillier, Ann Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Elie Charles
Le Breton, Philip William
Le Breton, Philippe Andrew
Le Breton, Elizabeth Susan
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Le Breton, Harriet Jane
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, John Oscar
Le Breton, Ann
Le Breton, Francis Philip
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brocq, Franics
Le Brocq, Jane
Le Brocq, Jane Elise
Le Brocq, Alice Mary
Le Brun, Francis Peter
Le Brun, Louisa
Le Brun, Frank
Le Brun, Isabella Burnham
Le Brun, Elizabeth Susanne
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, Sophie Anne
Le Cornu, John Joseph
Le Couteur, Louisa Jane
Le Couteur, Philip
Le Cras, Mary Jane
Le Cras, Ann Ada
Le Cras, Elizabeth
Le Cras, Elise Ann
Le Cras, John
Le Cras, Philippe John
Le Cras, Elizabeth Ann
Le Cronier, Nelson
Le Cuiro, Rachel Ann
Le Dain, Matilda Margaret
Le Dain, George Edward
Le Dain, Mary Ann Sophie
Le Dain, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Caroline Susanne
Le Feuvre, Francis John
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth Mary
Le Feuvre, Charles
Le Feuvre, Mary
Le Feuvre, Philip John
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann Frances
Le Feuvre, John George
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth Jane
Le Feuvre, Philip John
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Feuvre, George Philip
Le Feuvre, John Poingdestre
Le Feuvre, Ann
Le Feuvre, Adolphus Charles
Le Feuvre, John François
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Susanne
Le Fever, Mary Ann
Le Gallais, Jane Noël
Le Gallais, Francis Edwin
Le Gallais, Alice Maud
Le Gallais, Eliza Gibaut
Le Geyt, Philippe
Le Geyt, Alfred John
Le Goubin, John Desiré
Le Gresley, Emelie
Le Gresley, Philippe Josué
Le Gresley, Elizabeth
Willmett, Alice Amelia
Le Gresley, John Francis
Le Gresley, Elizabeth Jane
Le Gros, John Peter
Le Gros, John Abraham
Le Gros, Susanne Jane
Le Gros, Francis
Le Gros, Ann Elizabeth
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Edwin
Le Gros, Louisa Ann
Le Gros, John
Le Huquet, Louisa Elizabeth
Le Lievre, Elizabeth Ann
Le Lièvre, Elizabeth
Le Lievre, François Anez
Le Lievre, Philippe
Le Lievre, Eliza Ann
Le Lievre, François
Le Lievre, Mary Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maistre, Charles François
Le Maistre, Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Philip John
Le Maistre, Eliza Jane
Le Maistre, Jane Eliza
Le Maistre, Marie Anne
Le Maitre, Mary Jane
Le Maitre, Celina Marie Claire
Le Marchant, Matthieu
Le Marquand, Mary Jane
Le Marquand, Mary Rachel
Le Marquand, Susanna Mauger
Le Marquand, Eliza Selina
Le Massurier, Charles
Le Masurier, Mary Jane
Le Masurier, Jane Susan
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, George Peter
Le Masurier, Henry Thomas
Le Masurier, Josué Jean
Le Masurier, George Thomas
Le Masurier, John Peter
Le Masurier, Josué Jean
Le Masurier, Charles James
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Mary Jane
Le Masurier, Alfred William
Le Masurier, Esther Elizabeth
Le Mesurier, Eliza Elvina Rebecca
Le Moignan, Caroline Jane
Le Moignan, Charles
Le Monnier, James
Le Neveu, Jane
Le Noble, Jane Ann
Le Page, Henry George
Le Page, Louisa
Le Quesne, Isabel Edith
Le Quesne, Alfred Charles
Le Quesne Gent, Edward
Le Quesne, Frederick George
Le Quesne, Charles Frederick Nicholas
Le Ray, John Abraham
Le Ray, Albert John
Le Ray, Emelia Ellen
Le Ray, Thomas Philippe
Le Riche, Alfred Smith
Le Riche, Philip John Francois
Le Riche, Julie
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Riche, Henriette Elizabeth
Le Riche, Jane Mary Esther
Le Riche, Matilda Ann
Le Rossignol, Peter Charles
Le Rossignol, Louisa Victoria
Le Rossignol, Ann Elizabeth
Le Rossignol, Francis
Le Rossignol, Edward Albert Matthieu
Le Rossignol, Ann Jane Marguerite
Le Rougetel, Daniel Philippe
Le Roux, Mary Ann
Le Roux, Amelia
Le Scelleur, Amelia Ann
Le Seelleur, Leopold
Le Seelleur, Elizabeth
Le Seelleur, Charles Josué
Le Sueur, Peter
Le Sueur, Mary Ann
Le Sueur, Walter
Le Sueur, Susanna Mary
Le Sueur, Jane Elizbaeth
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Malvena
Le Sueur, Adolphus Albert
Le Sueur, Caroline Mary Turner
Le Sueur, William Henry
Le Sueur, Susanne Elizabeth
Le Sueur, James Frederick
Le Sueur, George
Le Templier, Alfred
Le Templier, Abraham
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Françios Edouard
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Lydia Julia
Le Vesconte, Rachel Elizabeth
Le Vesconte, John Philip
Le Vesconte, Ann Hamon
Le Vesconte, Francis Edward
Leader, Mary Ann Jane
Leary, Ellen
Leaver, Edmund
Ledwich, Julia
Ledwich, Harriet
Lee, Louisa Susanna
Legg, Elizabeth
Legg, Anna Maria
Legg, Elizabeth Ann
Legg, William
Leigh, Charles Philippe
Leigh, Alfred Watson
Leigh, Alice Ann
Lempriere, Helena Deborah
Lenthall, Louisa
Lenverton, Elizabeth Jane
Leonard, John Henry
Leonard, Elizabeth
Leonard, James Randolph
Letto, Mary Ann Ellen
Letto, Henry Philip
Letto, George Deveson
Letto, William Thomas
Leveilley, Philippe Jacques
Lewis, Thomas William
Lewis, William Charles
Lewis, Emily Mary
Lewis, Emma Antoinette
Lewis, George Adolphus
Lewis, Rebecca Susan
Lewis, Mary Ann Sophie
Ley, Louisa Charlotte
Lihou, John James
Lloyd, Henry Romain
Lobb, Sarah Susan
Lomas, Sarah Jane Hayward
Long, Hannah
Longmead, Mace Caroline Frances
Lotherington, Alice Mary
Lowe, Matilda Eliza
Lowe, Frederick Manuel
Lozey, James Anthony
Lucas, John Peter
Lucas, Charles Arthur dé Newfiddle
Lucas, George
Luce, Philippe
Luce, François Frederick
Luce, Elizabeth Susan
Luce, Fanny Thomasse
Luce, Mary Marguerite Elizabeth
Luce, John James
Luce, Lydia Grace Vomorel
Lupscombe, Mary Jane Harris
Lush, Albert
Lyle, Ellen
Lynch, James Beverly
Mabière, Jane Rosalie
Machon, John
Machon, Elizabeth Sophie
Mackie, William Henry
Macle, Susan
Macright, Albert Francis Henry
Maddock, William Henry
Mageneau, James Philip
Mageneau, Louisa Jane
Mainey, Emelie Jane
Mainwaring, Alfred Robert
Mainwaring, John George
Malakin, Ann
Malcolm, David Thomas
Male, John
Male, Jane Selina
Male, Jane Seline
Male, Adelaide
Male, John Alfred
Mallet, John
Mallet, Henry
Mallet, Edmund Thomas
Mallet, Esther Susanna
Mallet, Jane
Mallet, Maria Charlotte
Mallet, Jane
Mallet, Mary Ann Le Sueur
Mallet, John
Mallet, Maria Octavia
Mallet, Mary Elizabeth
Malville, David
Malzard, Mary Jane
Malzard, Charles Philippe
Mange, Winter
Manley, Jane Barrington
Manley, John Richard
Manly, William Daniel
Mann, Harry
Mann, Harriet
Manvielle, Thomas Josué Honoré
Marcham, Mary Ann
Marcus, Philip Benjamin
Marcus, Joseph Edward
Marett, James Philippe
Marett, Carterette
Marett, Joseph Hawkins
Marett, Julie Susanne
Marett, Josué William
Marett, Jane
Marett, Mary Ann
Marett, Jane Mary
Marett, Edwin Hawkins
Marett, Jane Elizabeth
Marett, William
Marett, Philippe John
Marie, Emma
Marie, John
Marie, Dunlop
Mark, George William Henry
Marsh, Henry
Marsh, David John
Marsh, Anna Maria
Marshall, Jane Clara
Marshall, Henry
Marshall, Louisa
Marshall, Mary Ann
Marshall, Julia
Martel, John
Martel, Emily
Martin, John
Martin, James William Henry
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Sophia
Martin, Emelie Ann
Martin, William Henry
Martin, Charles
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Charles
Martin, William John
Martin, John Frederick
Martin, Helena Mary
Martin, Eliza
Martyn, Robert Hanslip
Martyn, Walter Malachi
Mash, Albert James
Mash, Charles Clement
Masters, Fréderic Josué
Masters, Jane Elizabeth
Matson, Elizabeth
Matson, Sophia
Matthews, Selina Amelia
Matthews, Eliza
Matthews, Edouard Phillippe
Matthews, John William
Matthews, John William Bellman
Matthews, Emma Jane
Matthews, Mary Eliza
Matthews, William
Matthews, Arthur James
Mauger, Jean
Mauger, Adolphus Laurence
Mauger, Francis John
Mauger, Agnes Harriot
May, Thomas Waite
May, Harriet
McAllen, Amelia Caroline
McAllen, Harriet Susan
McCelligott, Richard
McCullom, William Henry
McDermott, Sarah Sophia
McFarlane, Alfred William
McGivern, Jane Julia
McIntosh, Henrietta Weightman
McKee, Albert
McKenzie, Clara Matilda
McKenzie, Catherine Matilda
McKenzie, Eliza Ann
McLocklin, William
McLocklin, Edwin David
McLocklin, Eliza Ann
McLoud, Elizabeth Ann
McMahon, George Henry
Medland, Mary Ann
Medland, Emily
Medlen, Sarah Jane
Meech, Mary Rhoda
Meerhoff, Emile Léopold
Mellish, Elizabeth
Mesney, John
Messervy, Alfred
Messervy, Charlotte Lydie
Messinger, Helene Emelia
Messinger, Emile George Philippe
Metherell, Ann Payn
Metherell, Mary Payn
Mew, Mary Ann
Mew, Henry
Michard, Edward Henry
Middleton, Helen Isabella
Middleton, Greenwood
Middleton, Hannah Mary
Mildren, John Wakeford
Miles, Elizabeth Matilda
Milgrove, Héloïse Palmer
Mill, Ellen
Mill, Emma Jane
Millais, Edith Laura
Miller, Joseph Henry Maddocks
Miller, Ann Maria Winter
Miller, William Stone
Mills, Sarah Mary Ann
Mills, Rebecca
Mills, Matilda Elizabeth
Minchington, Ann Susan
Minchinton, William James
Mitchard, Mary Jane
Mitchelmore, Sarah Burrell
Mogg, John
Moignard, Jane
Moignard, Ann Sophia Victoria
Moloney, Robert
Monamy, Clara Jane
Monamy, Philip John
Monet, Ellen Rachel
Monk, Philippe
Moon, James Thomas
Moon, Ann Maria Jefferey
Moore, John
Moore, William
Moore, John Hugh
Moore, John Hamilton
Moore, Jane Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth Françoise
Moore, Robert Alexander
Moorman, William Henry
Moorman, Francis
Moorman, Charles Slade
Moppett, Ann
Moppett, Samuel
Morgan, Faulconer
Morgan, Maria
Morrice, Julie
Morris, Jane Eliza
Moulin, John
Moullin, Victoria Adel
Mourant, Edouard Philippe
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, Charles
Mourant, Emelie
Mourant, Mary Ann
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, François Charles
Mourant, Jane Elizabeth
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, George Daniel
Mourant, Josué Jean
Moys, William
Moys, Sarah Ann
Much, Lydia
Mudford, John
Mudge, Caroline Harriet
Mugford, George
Muir, Mary Ann
Muir, Henry Edwin
Mullett, Georgina
Mulse, John Edward
Munson, Elizabeth Nancy
Munson, James John Ireland
Murphy, Ann
Musgrove, William Henry
Musgrove, George Henry
Mutton, William John
Nantes, William John
Nantes, Edmund Pendleton
Neal, Droa Helen Jemima
Neal, Ellen
Needham, Francis Henry
Needham, Ellen Rose
Needle, Charles son of the late
Netten, Mary
Newen, Lydia
Newenham, Edward Persse
Newenham, Caroline Ann
Newman, Amelia Jane
Newman, Eliza
Newnham, George
Newnham, Thomas
Newport, John Edwin
Newport, Edwin Adolphus
Newton, Harriott Elizabeth
Newton, William Francis
Nichols, John
Nicholson, Amelia
Nicholson, John Hauts Hamilton
Nicolle, Esther Charlotte
Nicolle, Emeline
Nicolle, Jane Amelia
Nicolle, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Nicolle, Ann Elizabeth
Nicolle, Francis Payn
Nicolle, Philip Lawrence
Nicolle, William
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Emily
Nicolle, Joshua Mauger
Nicolle, Maria Lord
Noel, Philippe
Noel, George
Noël, John Abraham
Noël, Jane Mary
Noel, Betsy
Noël, Matilda Mary Ann
Noël, Jane Mary
Noel, Charles John
Noël, James Coombe
Noël, Adolphus Hubert
Noël, Emelie Mary Ann
Noël, Mary Jane Masters
Noël, Alfred Bishop
Noël, Charles Godfray
Norman, Henry Thoreau
Norman, Adolphus Philip
Norman, Elvina
Norman, George Mark
Norman, Mary Elizabeth
Norris, James William Henry
Norris, Arthur Joseph William
Norris, Mary Ann Elizabeth
North, Eliza Emma
North, Maria
North, Mary Jane
Notherton, Grace
Nowland, Thomas Samuel
O'Brian, James Edwin
O'Farrel, John
O'Farrel, Edward
Odoire, John Philip
Odoire, Charles Victor
Oldreive, Emmeline
Oldreive, William
Oliver, Elizabeth Mary
Oliver, William Charles
Oliver, Susan Amelia
Olivier, James
Orange, Alice
Orange, Emma
Orange, Geffrard George
Orchard, Mary Jane
Orellana, Dora Cleopatra
Orman, Fanny Louise
Orviss, Philippe Gosset
Osborn, Eliza
Osborn, Victorai
Osborne, Philippe Thomas
Osborne, Emilie
Osmont, Emelia Louisa
Ouless, Philip Daniel
Owen, Robert Stephen
Owen, Adolphus Henry
Oxford, Harriet
Pace, Helen Emma
Packman, Eliza Vittoria Maria
Pain, Emma Walter
Pallot, Philippe Thomas
Pallot, William Walter Le Masurier
Pallot, Joshua
Palmer, William Henry
Palmer, James
Palmer, Sarah Mary Duhamel
Palmer, Elizabeth Jane
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Mary Ann
Paris, Daniel George
Parker, Richard Thomas
Parker, Julia Mary
Parker, Henry Thomas
Parkes, Emma Elizabeth
Parrott, George William
Parsons, William Edward
Parsons, Robert John
Parsons, Eliza Jane
Parsons, Frederick John
Paskins, Sarah Louisa
Paskins, Eliza
Paskins, Caroline Stone
Patten, Edward
Paul, Edwin Peter
Paul, Frederick William
Paull, William
Paull, Emily
Payn, Jean
Payn, Eliza Maria
Payn, John
Payn, Elizabeth Richardson
Payn, Philippe
Payn, Frederic
Payne, Caroline Louisa
Payne, John Robert
Payne, Alice Emma
Peacock, Thomas
Pearce, William
Pearse, Richard Sankey
Pearse, Susan
Pearson, Mary Walton
Peele, James Joseph
Peerless, Thomas
Pellew, Eliza Rebecca
Penery, Philip
Pengelly, Ernest François
Pengelly, Selina Louisa
Penney, Elizabeth Martha
Penny, Sophia Catherine
Penny, Jane
Penrose, Charlotte Ann Rowe
Pepin, Eliza Anna
Pepin, Maria
Pepperell, George
Perchard, Edward Joslin
Perchard, Frederick
Perchard, Marguerite Jane
Perchard, Clement Philippe
Perier, Clara Mary
Perrin, James Reuben
Perrin, George Henry
Perrin, Louisa
Perry, Henry
Perry, Mary
Perry, John Henry
Perry, Elizabeth Emma
Phillips, Ann Jane
Phillips, John Proning
Phinn, Henry James Wheeler
Phipps, Georgina Alice Henrietta
Pickett, Ann Mary
Pickett, Mary Ann
Pickthorn, Charles Wright
Picot, Julia
Picot, Catherine
Picot, Philippe
Picot, Alice Ann
Pike, Elizabeth Harriet
Pike, Hannah
Pike, Mary Angelina
Pillew, Rebecca Davies
Pillow, William
Pinch, Agnes Jane
Pinch, Mary Lark
Pinkard, Eliza Ann Jane
Pinkard, George Edward
Pinney, Mary Jane
Pinney, John Richard
Pinnick, Charles Henry
Pinnick, William Henry
Pinwell, Margaret
Pinwill, Amelia
Pinwill, Mary Ann
Piquet, Ann Elizabeth
Pirouet, Eliza Jane
Pirouet, Eizabeth Louisa
Pirouet, Harriet
Pirouet, Amelia Susanna
Pirouet, Anne
Pirouet, Louisa Mary
Pitcher, Josiah
Pitcher, Thomas
Pitcher, Josiah
Pitcher, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Pitcher, Maria Elizabeth
Pitman, Robert Henry
Pittman, Mary Primrose
Poak, Elizabeth Sarah
Poch, Alfred de Gruchy
Pockett, Jane
Podester, Elizabeth Mary
Poignand, Willoughby
Poingdestre, George
Poingdestre, Philippe George
Poingdestre, Hubert
Poingdestre, Edmund
Poingdestre, Charles Albert
Poingdestre, Mary
Poingdestre, James Agnew
Poingdestre, Adeline Marthe Salesse
Pope, George Sidney
Pope, Susan Mary
Pope, John Richard
Potts, James William
Powell, Christiana
Powell, Lionel Lewis
Powell, George William French
Prall, Elizabeth Rosina
Prall, Joseph
Pralle, Elvina Mary Ann
Price, Martha Mollet
Price, James Arthur
Price, Benjamin William
Primer, Jane
Primmer, Thomas William
Prior, Emma
Prout, Mary Jane
Puckett, Emma Ann
Puckett, Edward Richard
Pugsley, Mary Ann Steer
Pugsley, Edwin George
Purkins, Maria
Purkins, Margaret
Quarm, William Littlejohns
Quarme, Robert Edward
Quemard, Elias
Quenault, John Elias
Quenault, John Philippe
Quenault, Frances Adel Rebecca
Quenault, Thomas Joseph
Quenault, Pierre Simon
Querée, John Charles
Quesnel, Charles Alfred
Quesnel, Frederic Henry
Quidley, Jane
Quin, Selina
Ralph, George Alfred Romeril
Ralph, Mary Eliza
Randall, John Tinckam
Randall, Edwin John
Randall, Eliza Emily
Ray, Emily Jane
Raye, George William
Raymond, Mary Ann
Raymond, Caroline
Raymond, Mary Ann
Rayner, John
Read, George Henry Harrison
Redman, Sarah Jane
Reed, William
Reed, Harriet
Reed, Harriet
Reed, Mary Ann
Reed, Mary Ann
Rendell, David William
Renole, John Edwin
Renouf, Ann Eliza
Renouf, Mary Ann
Renouf, Philip Charles
Renouf, Thomas Biard
Renouf, Ellen Mary
Renouf, Thomas Edward
Renouf, Josué Ereaut
Renouf, John Thomas
Renouf, Mary Ann Susanna
Renouf, Caroline Ann
Renouf, Eliza Jane
Renouf, Walter
Renouf, John George
Renouf Jnr, Elizabeth
Renouf, Eliza Sophia
Renouf, Anne Jane
Reynold, Matthew Robert
Reynolds, Annie Alicia
Ricard, Francis Charles
Rice, Mary Jane
Richards, Mary Ann
Richards, Charlotte Eliza
Richards, Elizabeth Helena
Richards, Elizabet Harriet Mary Ann Sarah
Richards, Elizabeth Mary
Richardson, Julia
Richmond, Emma
Riddle, Sarah Jane
Riddle, Philip Cornelius
Riddle, Philip John
Ridler, Elizabeth Mary
Risebrough, Mary Frances
Rive, Sophia
Rive, John Philip
Robert, Philippe John
Robert, Elie Philppe
Roberts, William Henry
Roberts, Emelia Mary
Roberts, Amelia Mary
Roberts, David
Roberts, Ambrose
Roberts, John
Robertson, Henry John
Robin, Elizabeth Jane
Robin, Jane Rachel
Robin, Charles Janvrin
Robins, Elizabeth Julie
Robinson, Annie Louisa
Robinson, Richard William
Robinson, James Beaugie
Robinson, Samuel Charles
Robinson, Charles Fector
Rockett, Joseph
Rodda, Charles Thomas
Rodder, William Charles
Rogers, Emma Jane
Rogers, William
Rogers, Mary Jane
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Mark
Rogers, John
Rolling, Mary
Rolstone, Martha Ann Haynes
Romeril, Adolphe
Romeril, Clara Marguerite
Romeril, Jean
Romeril, Walter Filleul
Romeril, Claranda Isabella Townsend
Romeril, Alfred
Rondel, Clement Jean
Rondel, Clement Henry
Rondel, John Clement
Ross, William
Ross, Edward Amaury
Rouget, Henriette Ann
Rousseau, Alexis Joseph
Rousseau, Angelina Marie
Rowcliffe, Edwin
Rowcliffe, Harriet Ann
Rowe, Alfred William
Rowe, Elizabeth Mary Duhamel
Rowe, James Edward
Rowe, Rebecca Susan Ryan
Rowe, William Benjamin
Rowe, Francis
Rowe, Mary
Rowley, Ellen
Rowley, Keith
Rowsell, George David
Ruchkamp, Margaret Sophia
Rudd, Amelia
Rudd, Lucy
Rumsey, Samuel James
Rush, John
Russel, Mary Elizabeth
Russel, George
Russell, Louisa
Ryder, John Tucker
Ryder, Julia
Salisbury, Louisa
Salter, Edith
Salter, William Francis
Salter, Mary Ann
Salter, Philip
Sampson, Julia
Sampson, Martha Louisa Elizabeth
Sampson, Charles John
Samson, George Fréderic
Samson, Martha Ann
Samson, Louisa Jane
Samuel, Mary Ann Margaret
Samuel, Eliza Jane
Sandercock, David Elmer Pope
Sandercock, Esther Eliza
Sandercock, Eliza Charlotte
Sanders, Catherine Coombs
Sansom, Henry Philip
Sarre, John
Sarre, Mary Jane
Sarre, Josué
Satterley, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Saultern, Mary Jane
Saunders, James
Saunders, Amelia Jane
Saunders, William Edward
Saunders, William Coombe
Saunders, George David
Savage, John Thomas
Scales, Eliza
Scales, Amelia Martha
Scanlan, Mary Jane
Scarf, Francis
Scott, Keziah Elizabeth
Scott, William John
Screech, Anna Maria Johanna
Screech, John Tremain
Seager, Thomas William
Seale, John Philip
Seale, Elizabeth Esther
Sebire, Charles Tom
Seccombe, William Henry
Seeney, Emma
Selby, Elizabeth
Sewell, Thomas
Shale, Matilda Grace
Sharkey, Lewis Le Hardy
Sharkey, Seymour John
Sharp, William
Shave, William Charles
Shave, Charlotte Alice Louisa
Sherlock, Eliza Jane
Sherrott, Augustus John
Sherrott, Amy Ellen
Sherry, Clara Ann
Sherry, Melvina Rachel Esther
Short, Peter
Short, Edmund
Simmond, Henry Stephen
Simon, Charles John Visey
Simon, Mary Elizabeth
Simon, John Gaudion
Simon, Eliza Jane
Simon, James
Simon, Ellen Jemima Gray
Simpson, Sophia Elizabeth
Simpson, Sophia Cecilia Elizabeth
Simpson, James
Simpson, Henrietta
Sinclair, Jane
Single, Thomas
Singleton, Sarah
Sinnatt, William Henry
Sinnatt, Thomas Waye
Sinnatt, Jacob Henry
Skelton, John George
Skelton, Anne Aubin
Skelton, Philip John
Skinner, Charles
Skinner, Joseph
Sleight, Charles Albert
Slous, Elizabeth
Small, Ann
Smallridge, Mary Jane
Smartley, Ellen Martha
Smith, Mary Ann Jane
Smith, Elizabeth Ann
Smith, Edwin Evans
Smith, Charles
Smith, Jane Sophia
Smith, Robert Groombridge
Smith, Charles Thomas James
Smith, Ann Margaret
Smith, William James
Smith, James
Smith, John Robert
Smith, John Morgan
Smith, Maria Jane
Smith, Thomas Augustus
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Mary Jane Lobb
Smith, Rachel Ann Jane
Smith, Mary
Smoker, Charles Henry
Snell, Harriet Julia
Snelling, Elizabeth Ann
Snelling, John
Snook, Joseph Henry
Snow, Joseph
Snow, John Albert
Snowe, Clara Jane
Soady, Kitty
Sooley, John Bernard
Sorrell, Thomas
Soupre, Eugenie Marie
Spanner, Thomas
Spanner, Joseph
Spanner, Fanny
Spiller, Ann
Spring, Cecelia
Spurr, John
Squibb, Victoria Sarah
Squire, Mary Ann
Stanberry, John
Stanbury, Elizabeth
Starck, Louisa Mary
Starks, Mary Sarah
Starks, Elizabeth
Stavely, William
Stear, Eleonora
Steen, Horatio Leigh
Stephens, Elizabeth Ann
Stephens, Barbara Ann
Stephens, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
Stevens, Jane
Stevens, Evelina Mary
Stevens, Walter John
Stevens, John
Stevens, Maria
Stevens, Herbert Augustus
Stevens, Clifford Arthur
Stickland, George Augustus
Stickland, Mary Ann Amanda
Stockley, Mary Ann Jane
Stone, Emily Allen
Stone, John
Stoneman, Mary Maria
Stoneman, Elizabeth
Stoodley, Jane
Strafford, Catherine
Stratford, Thomas
Strong, Elizabeth Mary
Stych, John William
Sullivan, Mary Ann
Sullivan, Charles Perrot
Sullivan, Julie Charlotte Elizabeth
Summers, Hannah Elizabeth
Summers, Alfred Henry
Sutton, Janet
Sutton, Frederick
Swaffield, Amy Purchase
Swaffield, William
Sweetapple, Mary Jane
Symes, Joseph John
Symmonds, Jane Ann
Syvret, Mary Ann
Syvret, John Renouf
Talbot, Isabella Ashton
Tall, Mary Jane
Tanguy, Ann Rachel
Tanguy, George Charles
Taylor, Elizabeth Victoria
Taylor, William
Taylor, Emelia
Taylor, Helina
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, Robert William
Taylor, John
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Emeilia
Taylor, Caroline
Taylor, Jane Eliza
Temple, Eliza
Temple, Cecilia
Terry, Maria Madelen
Terry, Louisa Mary
Thatcher, James Gillard
Thatcher, Charles Thomas
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Ann Elizabeth
Thomas, Emma Thomas
Thomazic, Adelaide Stewart
Thorn, Henry William James
Thorn, John
Thorn, George
Thorn, Harriet Alridge
Thoumain, Joseph Stent
Thurgood, Ellen Byron
Tibbles, William
Tibot, Philippe Charles
Tibot, Jane Mary Ann
Tickell, Elizabeth
Tinckam, John
Tinckham, Henry Elias
Tinckham, Charles William
Tippet, Mary Ann
Told, Cornelius
Tomlin, Joseph Henry
Toms, James
Toms, Alfred Philip
Toms, Emma
Toogood, Edward Granville
Torode, Henry
Tostevin, Nicholas Lamswood
Touzel, Helier Thomas
Touzel, Jane Susana
Towlle, Albert Glutton
Towlle, Alfred Buckler
Trachy, Rachel Anne
Trachy, George Alphonse
Tramp, Sarah Jane
Tramp, William Joseph
Tregaskis, William Richard
Treseder, Charlotte
Tresidder, Margaret Ann
Triplett, Lavenia
Tripp, Charles Henry
True, Georgiana
Truman, Frank Wilton
Truscott, Adelina Wilhelmina Dorothy
Tryon, Mary Ann Belgrave
Tuck, Thomas
Tuck, William James
Tucker, William Thomas
Tucker, Charles Henry
Tucker, Priscilla
Tuckerman, Thomas
Tuckett, John Charles
Tuckett, Mary Emma
Tuckett, William Thomas
Tuffen, Ambrose Charles
Tuffley, Charlotte
Turbervill, Jersey Gertrude Aaurora
Turner, William
Turpin, George James
Turpin, Orlando John
Turpin, Charles William
Tweddle, Mary Jane
Tweddle, Margaret
Valpy, Adelina Esther
Valpy, Philippe George
Valpy, Emelie Jane
Valpy, Eleanor
Vardon, Lucy Diana
Varnham, Selina Jane
Varnham, Catherine
Varnham, Hannah Betsy
Vaudeleur, Isabella Dianah
Vecellet, Elizabeth Ann
Venell, Eliza
Vibert, Isabella Mary
Vickery, Henry James
Vickery, Clara
Vickery, Raimond George
Vickery, James Frederick
Vidamour, Frederick Abraham
Vincent, Alfred Lewis Gordon
Vincent, William Charles Stephen Neale
Voisin, Esther Louisa
Voisin, Ernest
Voisin, Eliza Ann
Voisin, Benjamin
Vontom, Jane Harriet
Vontom, Philip Perchard
Vontom, Philip
Vontom, Harriet Louisa
Vosper, Benjamin
Vosper, Benjamin
Walcott, Edmund John
Waldron, John
Walkem, Charlotte Frances
Walker, Priscilla
Walker, Jane Eliza
Walker, Sarah Ann
Walker, Mary
Walker, Emily Sophia
Walker, Robert Henry
Walkey, Eliza Ann
Walkey, Jane Alice Baker
Wall, John George
Walling, Mary
Wallis, Selina Jane
Wallis, Thomas Werter
Wallis, Lucy Susanna Charlotte
Walter, Samuel James
Walters, George Frederick
Walton, Mary Elizabeth
Warburton, Charlotte Ann
Warn, John
Warnes, Elvina Elizabeth
Warr, Mary Louisa
Warr, Ann Elizabeth
Warren, Henry Alfred
Warren, William John
Watt, Catherine Jessie
Watts, John Belot
Watts, Edwin Henry
Wearing, Louisa
Weatheroon, Windsor John
Weatheroon, Emma Jane
Weatheroon, Harriet Sophia
Webb, Francis John
Webb, James Clampitt
Webb, Charles
Webber, William George
Webber, Jemima Ann
Webber, Sarah Ann
Webber, Edward
Wedge, Edmund Daniel
Weedob, Michael Andrew
Welch, Matilda Charlotte
Welch, Emma Jane
Wellington, John
Wells, Amelia Sarah
West, Emmeline Sarah Louisa
West, Elizabeth Sarah Maria
Westaway, Alexander Henry
Westaway, Matilda
Westaway, Charlotte
Westaway, Susan
Westlake, Eliza Ann
Westlake, Richard
Wheeldon, William Henry
Wheeler, Charles Alfred
White, Alfred Richard
White, Robert
White, Elizabeth Mary
White, Charles
White, Matilda Alithea
White, Mary Louisa
White, James John
White, Irene Eliza
White, Henry Joseph
White, James
White, Thomas Henry
White, Selina
White, Sarah
White, Thomas Henry
White, Mary Ann Julia
White, Samuel
Whittaker, Joseph
Whittaker, Harriet
Whittle, Tom Augustus
Widcombe Court, Arthur John
Wilkinson, Walter
Willcocks, James
Willcox, Catherine
Willcox, Joseph
Willcox, Angelina
William, Charles François
Williams, Charles Frederick
Williams, Ellen Roas Jane
Williams, Edward Richard Jebb
Willicott, Mary Ann
Willmets, Charlotte Eliza Stokes
Willmott, John Syms
Wills, Louisa
Wills, Arthur
Wills, John
Wilmot, Henry Floyer Jarvis McReady
Wilmot, Francis Henry
Wilson, Sophia
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, William Thomas
Winter, John
Winter, Letticia Bridget Caroline
Winter, Mary Ann
Winter, Emelia
Wittingham, Arthur William
Wolson, Catherine
Wonnacott, William Henry
Woodcock, Alfred
Woodcock, Caroline
Woodnut, Elizabeth Emma
Woods, James William
Woods, Thomas Henry
Woodward, Selina Jane
Woollcott, Thomas George
Worsfold, Mary Philps
Worsfold, James
Wren, Thomas
Wright, Clara
Wright, Fanny
Wright, Eliza Ann
Wyatt, Clara Jane
Wyatt, John Richards
Wyett, Charles James
Yabsley, Silas John
Yandall, James Hawkins
Yard, Rebecca Ann
Young, Elizabeth Jane
Young, Ann Eliza
Young, Susanna Olivia
Young, Charles John
Zielanowicz, Vincenta Elizabeth
Noël, Mary Jane Masters
Aanensen, Harriet Mary
Abry, Eliza
Ahier, John
Alexandre, Edouard Jean
Alexandre, Henry
Alisette, William Francis Ford
Allcock, Ellen Elizabeth
Allix, George
Amor, Georgiana
Amy, Francois
Andrews, George Philip Lawrence
Askell, Joseph
Atkinson, Alfred Lipscomb
Bailey, Mary Jane
Bailey, William John
Baker, Walter Hugh
Barbier, Robert George
Barnes, Charlotte
Bartley, Alfred
Basset, Elizabeth Nancy
Bates, Fanny Elizabeth
Battam, William George
Bean, James Jasper
Beans, Mary
Beer, John Samuel Thomas
Beghin, Napoléon
Belot, Edwin
Bendixen, Emily
Benham, Hannah
Bennett, John Hasting
Bennett, Joseph Henry
Berry, John Joseph
Bigrel, George William
Bishop, George John
Bisson, Susanna Ann
Blackler, Emma Jane
Blake, William Benjamin
Blampied, Joshua
Blampied, Louisa Mary
Blampied, May
Bond, John
Bottomley, Sarah Ann
Boyle, William Neil
Breadmore, Elizabeth Jane
Bridle, William George
Brown , Philip
Brown, Alexander James
Brown, Charles William Le Geyt
Brown, Elizabeth Ann
Brown, Emily Mary
Buckland, Henrietta
Buesnel, James John
Bulley, Robert James
Burn, Thomas
Burt, Elizabeth Ellen
Burt, William Edward
Burton, Agnes Lydia
Butler esq, Melivia
Butler, Thomas Charles
Cadogan, Henry George
Campbell, Joseph
Canivet, Alfred Philippe
Carr, Francis
Carter, Emma Jane Iago
Carter, James
Chapman, Nancy Jane
Charbonnier, Theodore
Clark, Milbourne Francis
Clarke, John James
Clement, Edward Charles
Clift , Sarah Jane
Coates, George
Cochran , Mary Ann
Collas, Isabella Mary
Collin, Susannah Elizabeth
Collins, Louisa
Collins, Sarah Jane
Conner, Eliza Jane
Coombs, Elizabeth Ann
Cooper, John George
Courtney, Hannah
Coutanche jnr, Edward Watts
Coutanche, Philippe
Cox, Edith Mande Dacie
Crespinel jnr, Eliza Ann
Croad, Charles Henry
Croker, Joillam
Cuerton, George Ernest
Cundey, Samuel John
Curdle, Esther Elizabeth
D'Arthenay, Eliza Jane
Dallain Esqr, Clara Amelia
Damer, Julia Dorah
Davey, Emelia Jane Guy
Davidson, Agnes
Daw, Samuel Blake
de Gruchy, Elvina Eliza
de Gruchy, Jane
De Gruchy, Julia Delphina Hamon
de Gruchy, Louisa
De la Haye, Thomas John George
De St Jore, Elizabeth Ann
De Veulle, Frederic Eugéne
Deal, William Francis
Delpratt, Judith Emily Preston
Denly, Mary Ann
Deslandes, Emilia Jane
Deslandes, Peter Philip
Dickson, John William
Discombe, Emma
Dolbel, Alfred William
Donaver, William Alfred
Dowding, George Henry Thomas
Dowland, Caroline Elizabeth
Drury, Harriet Elizabeth
Du Feu, Adolphus Philip
du Jardin, Frederick
Duhamel, George James
Durward, Caroline Jane
Duthie, William George
Earle, Elizabeth Hill
Easterbrook, Joh Elias
Edmonds , Eliza Ann
Edward, Henry Allen
Edwards, Joseph
Ellis, William James
Elmes, Louisa
Esnouf, John George
Estur , Eliza Ann
Evans, Ernest Thomson Raimbach
Fauvel, Alfred John
Fechan, Emelia
Fentum, Caroline Susannah
Forbes, David John
Ford, Eber Kaines
French, Ann
Fuller, Emma Amelia
Gale, Henry
Gallichan, Elenore
Gallichan, Philippe Matthieu
Gallichan, Roslaie Ann
Gannion, John
Gardener, Robert William
Gasnier, Ann Marguerite Rachel
Gaudin, Alfred George
Gaudin, Emma Fanny
Gavey, George
Gerrard, William James Green
Gillingham, Anthony William
Godard, Anne Esther
Godfray, William Thomas Ford
Goodfellow, Thomas Rowe
Gosset, Mary
Gosslin, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Gotterel, Elizabeth Mary
Goudge, Louisa
Griffin, Philippe
Griffith, John
Guillonet, Henry Alfred
Guiton, Ellen Neel
Guy, Thomas Tracy Gluyas
Hagemann, Agnes Elisa Johanah
Halfyard, Margaret Matilda
Hall, Elizabeth Jane
Hallman , Ester Jane
Hamley, Mary Ann
Hamling, George
Hammond, James Philip
Hansford, Clara
Harben, John William
Harding, Joseph William
Harwood, Charles
Haskett, George uriah
Hedney , Henry
Hellyer, Robert Charles
Henry, Charles Philip James
Herivel, Ann Mary
Hill, Rosalie Mary
Hingston, O'gatha
Hodgeson, Ann Frosine Louise
Hollis, Frank Thomas Peachey
Honeycombe, Jane
Horman, Anne Julia
Huard, William
Hubert, Adelaide Julia
Hue, Julia Matilda
Huelin, Clam Theophile John
Hunter, John
Hurrell, Charles
Hutchings, George James
Jacobs, Emily Ann
Jamieson, Patrick
Jarvis, Thomas Edwin
Jasper, Charles Henry
Jones, Ann Jane
Jones, Charles
Jones, Rosina
Jordan, Emily
Kaill, Mary Susannah
Kellaway, Eliza
Kimber, Albert
Knight, Jane
Lake, David
Lake, Susanna
Lane, John James
Langworthy, Harriet Emma
Laurens, Charles Philippe
Laurens, Louisa Ann
Laurens, Mary Ann
Laventure, Josué
Le Blond, Rosalie Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Charles
Le Breton, Mary
Le Breton, Thomas Edwin
Le Brun, Marie Emelie Francoise
Le Brun, William John Smith
Le Brun, Elizabeth Mary
Le Cras, Elina Henriette
Le Cronier , Thomasin Isabella Mary Campbell
Le Feuvre, Isabel Susanne
Le Feuvre, John William
Le Feuvre, Mary Jane
Le Gallais , Edmund Matthew
Le Gros, Edouard Philippe
Le Gros, Ann
Le Lievre, Mary Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Masurier, Charles Leigh
Le Quesne, Catherine Esther
Le Ray, John
Le Ray, Louisa Eliza
Le Rossignol, Mary Ann
Le Rougetel, Eliza Caroline
Le Sauteur, Louisa
Le Seelleur, Joseph Charles
Le Selleur, James John
Le Seur, Louisa Jane
Le Sueur, Henry George
Le Sueur, Philip Frederick
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Emilia Clara
Le Vesconte, Eliza Sophia
Ledwich, Louisa Agnes
Ledwich, Philip Henry
Lewis, John Owen
Light, Amelia Jane
Lilly, Mary Ann
Lock, Jane
Losack, Louisa Maria
Luce, William Nicolas
Luce, Ann Mauger
Luce, Jane Elizabeth
Luce, Lydia Elizabeth
Luce, WilliamThomas
Lugg, Thomas
Maighney, Jane Esther
Mallet, Alice Spawforth
Maltby, Ann Jane
Malzard, Alfred frank
Malzard, Emma Eliza
Mann, Sarah Elizabeth
Mansey, Susan Abigail
Marcus, Rebecca
Marett, Elise
Marett, Francois Philippe
Marett, John George
Martin, Henriette
Martin, John
Martyn, Malachy
Mash, John Frederick
Matson, Elizabeth Jane
Mauger, Louisa
May, George
Mcpherson, Mary Jane
Mignot, Henry William Jacob
Mill, Emeline
Minchinton, John Francis
Mitchell, Eliza
Moignard, Nancy Jane
Moore, Ann Maria
Morgan, Catherine Jane
Morgan, Philip Ball
Mourant , Adolphe
Mourant, George
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Jean Josué
Murtagh, Sarah
Nankivall, Mary Stevens
Newberry, Caroline Jane
Newberry, Priscilla
Newman, Frances
Nichols, Henry William
Nicolle, Jane Georgina
Noel, Eliza
No?l, Philip William
Nunen, Lucy Elizabeth
Orchard, John Thomas
Ouless, Caroline Jane
Oxford, William
Ozanne, Adolphus de Garis
Pallot, Deslandes
Palmer, Louisa Mary Ann
Paskins, Elizabet Jane
Paull, Alfred henry
Payn, John Philip
Payn, Ann Isabel
Payn, Miriam Eliza
Payne, Ellen Durell
Payne, Susanne Elizabeth
Pengelly, Emma Eliza
Perry, Eliza Emma
Phillips, Alfred
Pinkard, Celina Mary Ann
Pirouet, François Alexandre
Pirouet, Jane Elizabeth
Poch, John
Poingdestre, Ellen Richardson
Pope, Ellen Louisa
Primmer, Mary Ann
Purkins, Jane
Quenault, Marie Jane Francoise
Querée, Elisa Jane
Randall , John
Rawling, Ellen
Raymond, Mary Ann
Read, Joseph
Reid, Donald Norman
Remy, Charlotte Jane
Renouf, Mary Hinchcliffe
Richards, Henry Smith
Richards, James
Richards, Nicholas John
Robillard, Philippe Marett
Robinson, John
Rockett, Joseph
Rodecot, Mary
Rogers, Elizabeth Mary Ford
Romeril, Emma Jane
Romeril, George
Rose, Sarah Susan
Rossiter, Samuel
Rowcliffe , Charles Alfred
Royer, Ann Aimee
Russell, Frances
Russell, Letitia Caroline
Ryan, Daniel Henry
Samson, James Alfred
Semple, John Mackenzie
Seward, William Henry Dixon
Sexey, Sarah Whale
Sheppard, Emelia
Shirley, Emma Amelia
Simon, Marguerite
Simon, René Alfred
Sinel, James Edwin
Sinnatt, Mary Ann
Sinnatt, Samuel John Smith
Skelton, Ann Louisa
Skinner, Jacob
Smith, Caroline Emelia
Smith, Eliza Ann
Smith, John Edwin
Snelling, George William
Sorel, Edith
Spencer, James
Spiller , William Edmund
Squid, William John
Stephens, Edward David
Stevens, Ernest Wilford
Stoneman, Francis
Stoyle , Hannah Thrin
Swaffield, George Gibbs
Syvret, François le Brocq
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, James Daniel
Templier, Jean Abraham
Thomas, Constan Frederic
Thorner, Emma Jane
Thornton, Alice Margaret
Tibbles, Daniel
Tibot, Eleonore Lydia
Tibot, Tsella Esther
Tolton, Julia Mary
Tonkin, Mary Ann Susan
Torode, Maria Jane
Trescott, Selina
Tresidder, Ann Maria
Tresider, Phoebe Ellen
Triplet, Susan
Trott, Langston James
Trubey, Emanuel Richard
Tucker, Amelia Ann
Turpin, William Thomas
Twart, Mary Ann
Valpy, Félicia
Vardon, Matlida Cope
Vaughan, Richard Wyndham
Vaughn, Richard Wyndham
Vibert, John Elie
Vickery, Walter
Voisin, Alfred Hubert
Voisin, Jane
Voisin, Sophie Louise
Wakford, Ann
Walker, Martha
Walker, Philippa
Wall, Thomas
Warren, Octavius Warenne
Watkins, Edward
Webb, Edna
Webb, James Henry
Webber, George
Welch, Charlotte Hughs
Wellington Esqr, Blanche Frances Marianna
Western, Louisa
Whitcombe, Selina Katherine
White, Elizabeth
White, Thomas
William, George
Williams, Eliza Ann
Williams, Emelia Jane
Williams, Reuben James
Woolson, Jane
Wright, Elvina Charlotte
Wright, Helier
Wyatt, Frances Sophia
Wyatt, Sarah Ann
Yabsley, Richard Thomas
Gloucester, Philip
Elizabeth Ann
John Joseph
A'Court, Fanny Elizabeth
Abel, Mary Elizabeth
Abraham, Adolphus
Abry, Ann Amy
Acourt, Sarah Emily
Adams, Thomas William
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Eliza
Ahier, Eliza Jane Marguerite
Ahier, John Milford
Ahier, John Thomas
Albert, Edward
Albert, Henrietta
Albert, Henry
Albo, John Joseph
Aldred, Jessy
Alexandre, Charles Frederick
Alexandre, Hèlen Eliza
Alexandre, Jane Henrietta
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, Julia
Alexandre, Sophia Civilise
Allen, Emma Ann
Allen, Mary-Ann
Allen, Nicholas James
Allen, Thomas
Allen, William
Allez, Loveday Jane
Allix, Elizabeth Sophie
Allix, Francois John
Allix, Sophie Jane Charlotte
Amy, Amelie Elizabeth
Amy, Charles George
Amy, Eleonora Emmeline
Amy, Eliza Caroline
Amy, Filicia
Amy, Francois George
Amy, Jane Esther
Amy, Jane Marguerite
Amy, Madelon Mary Ann
Amy, Philip Charles Daniel
Amy, Selina Elizabeth Jane
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, John Joseph
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary Jane
Andrews, Elizabeth
Andrews, Robina Hall
Andrews, William Henry
Anensen, John
Angel, Sarah-Ann
Angell, Robert Thomas
Anley, Ann
Anley, Thomas
Anley, Ann
Anley, Philippe George
Annear, Jane
Anquetil, Hippolyte Basile
Anthoine, John Nicolas
Anthony, Susan
Appliford, Mary Ann
Archard, Robert James
Armstrong, George
Arrowsmith, John Henry Bell
Arscott, William
Arthur, Charles Page
Arthur, Philip Francis
Asher, Charles
Asher, Henry
Ashford, William Richard
Askell, Samuel
Asplet, Ann Elizabeth Mary
Asplet, Charles George
Atkins, Alfred William Gordon
Aubin, Alice
Aubin, Helena
Aubin, Henry Thomas
Aubin, Jean Mourant
Aubin, Mary Ann Rachel
Aumont, John Charles
Averty, Ann Susanne
Averty, George Thomas
Avril, Ann Louisa
Baal, George Philippe
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, John
Bailey, William
Bailey, William Henry
Bailhache, Clement Vivian
Bailhache, John Alfred
Bailhache, Louisa Susan
Bailhache, Susan Ann
Baily, Samuel
Baker, Charles William Gage
Baker, Elias Philip
Baker, Elizabeth Ellis
Baker, Elizabeth Mary
Baker, Ellen Ann
Baker, Isabella Frances
Baker, Jane Mary
Baker, John William
Baker, Robert John
Baker, Susan Celina
Baker, William George
Baker, William Henry
Baker, William John
Balcam, Adelina Celina
Balcam, Thomas John
Baldock, Albert
Baldock, John Edward
Balleine, George Orange
Balson, Jane Elizabeth
Bannister, Charles Feaver
Bannister, William Philip
Barbier, James
Barbier, Louise Marie
Bardon, William Henry Fortunatio Javis
Barlase, Priscilla Jane
Barnes, Julia-Jane Tonkin
Barreau, Eliza Jane
Barret, Elizabeth
Barrett, Matilda Albena
Barrett, William Gregg
Barrington, Alfred
Barry, Mary Jane
Barry, William James
Bartelot, Elizabeth
Bartelot, Thomas
Bartlett, Ann Maria
Bartlett, George Henry
Bartley, Amelia
Bartlow, Elizabeth Susan
Basset, John
Basset, Thomas
Bate, George Francis
Bateman, Dianah
Bateman, Eliza Frances
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Clara
Bates, James Arthur
Bates, Jean Francois
Bates, John Tremain
Bates, Samuel John
Bateson, William Richard
Battam, Emelie Rachel
Battenson, Ann Catherine
Batters, Rosa Elizabeth
Baudains Dit La Gerche, John Peter
Baudains, Josué
Baudains, Josué
Baudains, Mary Ann
Bavis, Mary-Ann
Baxter, Adelina
Bayly, Georgiana
Beagie, Anne Elizabeth
Beale, Horatio Philip
Bean, Caroline Agnes
Beans, Michel
Beauchamp, Tom
Beck, George Thomas
Beghin, Alfred Henry Prosper
Beghin, Emile Ildephonse
Belford, Elizabeth Gertrude
Belford, Mary Ann Lucretia
Belin, Esther
Bendixen, Mary Elizabeth
Benest, Mary Jane Elizabeth
Benham, Louisa
Bennett, Elizabeth Morcumb
Berger, Julia
Berry, George Henry
Berry, William
Bertram, Charles Edwin
Best, Charles Edwin
Best, Rachel Talbot
Beswick, John James
Bethell, Charles Richard
Biggs, Elizabeth Ann
Bigrel, William George
Billot, Ann-Dorcas
Billot, Philippe
Binet, Ann
Binet, Jean
Bird, Esther Rachel Elizabeth
Bird, Mary Elizabeth Jane
Bird, Rosina
Birt, William Thomas
Birtch, Martha Julia
Birtwhistle, Agnes Augusta Jane Ferguson
Bishop, Elizabeth Jane
Bishop, Mary Emelia
Bisson, Alfred
Bisson, Harriet Jane
Bisson, Philippe
Blackburn, Henry William Jacob
Blackler, Georgina Grace
Blackmore, George Alfred
Blake, Ann-Eliza
Blampied, Charles Francois
Blampied, John Peter
Blampied, Mary Ann
Blatchford, Edward
Blatchford, George Oliver
Blee, Ann
Blee, Eliza-Ann
Blight, Ann Maria
Boase, Harriet Ann
Boielle, Mary Ann
Bolitho, William Henry
Bond, Julia Rebecca
Bone, Elizabeth Crispin
Bonmer, William Henry
Boomer, Mary Jane
Boreham, Ann Rachel
Bottomley, Elvinia Adelaide Elizabeth
Boudier, John George
Boulton, Jane
Bounsall, John
Bourinot, Edmund Charles
Bowden, Emma Amelia
Bowdridge, Alice
Bowring, Eliza
Bowring, Richard
Brady, Sarah
Brady, Sarah ann
Brain, William
Branch, Elizabeth Victoria Grace
Brasford, Edouard
Bray, Ann Hortense
Brayn, Ellen
Brée, Elie
Brenen, John James
Brennam, Thomas Frederick
Brett, Mary Ann Jane
Briard, Ann
Briard, François
Briard, Jane
Briton, Emelia Ann Romeril
Britton, Edward William
Bromer, William George
Bromfield, John Arthur
Broomer, William James
Brophy, John-Peter
Brophy, Susanne
Brown, Anna Clark
Brown, Eliza Jane
Brown, Fanny
Brown, George Thomas
Brown, Hannah Catherine
Brown, Henry
Brown, Levena Sinnatt
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Mary Eliza
Brown, Philip John
Brown, Rebecca Jane
Brown, Robert
Brown, Susan Elizabeth
Brown, William
Brown, William John
Bryant, Fanny
Bubear, William
Buckland, Amelia
Buckle, Emma Harriet
Buckler, George Alexander
Buesnel, Ann
Buesnel, Clément Nicolas
Buesnel, Mary Ann Susan
Buesnel, Philippe Charles
Bulbeck, Clara Louisa
Bulbeck, William Edgar
Bunker, John William
Burch, Henry John
Burland, Alexander
Burman, Emily Jane
Burman, John Theodore
Burn, Sarah-Ann Woodman
Burne, Ann
Butler, James Lewis
Butler, John Edward
Butterworth, James Edwin
Butterworth, John
Butterworth, William James
Buttrine, Mary Ann
Buxton, James Walton Fowell
Buxton, Margaret Annie
Cabot, Henry George
Cabot, Mary Ann
Cabot, Victoria
Cadogan, Esther Mary
Cager, Thomas Henry
Cameron, Sarah Gaudin
Campbell Esqr, Alice Elizabeth Sherer
Campbell, Alice-lucy
Campbell, Charles Stuart
Canivet, Eliza Jane
Canivet, Philip
Cardinal, Mary Ann Romeril
Cardy, Bridget
Carpenter, Mary Ann
Carpenter, William Kent
Carrel, Clara Matilda
Carson, Julia Elizabeth
Carter, Ann
Carter, Anne
Carter, Charlotte
Carter, Edmund James
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, George James
Carter, John
Carter, Louisa Ann
Carter, Mary Ann Emma
Carter, Mary Ann Jago
Carter, Samuel Thomas
Carter, Walter James
Carter, William
Carty, Litticia
Carvell, Laura Ann
Carveth, Eliza Ann
Carveth, Elizabeth Ann
Case, Katharine Warren Susan
Case, Mary Ann Jane
Cass, Margaret Ann
Cass, Thomas James
Cavanah, Eliza Hussey
Cayzer, Agnes Moon
Cayzer, Eliza Jane
Cayzer, John Adolphus
Chambers, James Henry
Chambers, William John
Chandler, Samuel
Chatterton, Mary Ann
Cheminant, Elizabeth Marthe
Chevalier, Elizabeth Jane Barrington
Chown, Henry
Chrichard, Elizabeth Mary
Chrichard, James George
Christie, Edwin
Christie, Henry Arnot
Clark, Adolphus Charles
Clark, Arthur James Knight
Clark, Ellen Celeste
Clark, Henry James
Clark, Louisa Mary Ann
Clark, Robert Trim
Clarke, Ann Emily
Clarke, Eliza-Emely
Clarke, Susan
Clavell, James William
Clean, Henry
Cochrane, Esther Eleanor
Cochrane, Mary
Cocking, Susan Cecilia
Colin, Ann-Mary
Collings, Susanna
Collins Esq, Thomas Christopher
Collins, Charles
Collins, George
Colvill, George
Conch, Charles William Henry
Conch, Emma
Connell, Robert Richard
Connelly, Francis Thomas
Coombes, George
Coope, Henry
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Martha Eliza
Cooper, William Henry Trafalgar
Copp, Adelaide
Cosins, William John
Costard, Caroline Mary Ann
Costard, Emily Esther
Cottell, Ernest Oliver
Couespel, Elizabeth Victoria
Couls, William Richard
Courtney, Julia
Cousins, Elizabeth Ann
Cousins, William John
Coutanche, Ann
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Esther
Coutanche, Julie Elizabeth
Coutanche, Louise Jane
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Thomas Charles
Cove, Rebecca Ann
Coward, John-Henry
Cowell, Charles William
Cox, Joseph Thomas Charles
Cox, Lewis William Hooper
Cox, Mary Catherine
Cox, William
Crabb, Emma Catherine
Crabb, Sarah Jane Bennett
Crahan, Elizabeth Jane
Craig, Arthur
Creagh, Cecily Theresa
Cregoe, Clara-Mary
Crespinel, Charles Simon
Croad, Marguerite Esther
Croad, Thomas
Croucher, James Elias
Croucher, Louisa Rosina Augusta
Crowley, Catherine Susan Spencer
Cumming, Ann Jane
Cumming, Charlotte Emma
Cummins, John Thomas
Cundey, William James
Cunning, Ann Jane Mary
Cunning, Francois
Cunning, John William
Curry, Celina Mary
Curtis, George Charles
Curtis, Mary Ann Du Feu
Curwood, Thomas Joseph
D'Orellana, Francis Gladwin Garner
Dacam, Alfred
Dacam, Francis Philip
Dacombe, Thomas
Dallain, Ernest William
Damant, Emelia
Daniels, Alfred John
Danton, Susan Charlotte
Dare, Susannah
Davey, Susan Mary
Davidson, Selina
Davie, Thomas Wood
Davis, Caroline
Davis, Elizabeth Ann
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sophia Lydia
Davis, Sophie Esther
Day, Eliza Clara
Day, John
Day, Peter Henry
Day, Rosina Victoria
De Carteret, Gertrude
De Carteret, Mabel
De Faye, Elise Sarah
De Faye, Sarah Mary
De France, Cecilia
De Gruchy, Charles Abraham
De Gruchy, Charles Philippe
De Gruchy, Eleonore
De Gruchy, Elvenia Mary
de Gruchy, Jane
de Gruchy, Jane
De Gruchy, Jane Caroline
De Gruchy, Mary-Ann
de Gruchy, Philip Henry
De Gruchy, Philippe Touzel
De Gruchy, Pierre Philippe
De Gruchy, Simon George
De Joux, Henry Réne
De L'Isle, John
De la Cour, Ann Eliza
De La Cour, John Dominique Matthews
De La Haye, John George
de la Haye, John Thomas
de la Haye, Thomas
De La Lande, Clem
de la Mare, Caroline
De La Mare, Jane Sophie
De La Mare, Jean Peter Edouard
De La Rue, Eliza Turner
De Louche, Elias Philippe
De Louche, Mary Jane
De Mirtre, George John
De St Croix, Alice Ann
De St Croix, D'Auvergne
De St Croix, Elizabeth Ann
De St Croix, Emelia
De St Croix, Emelie
De St Croix, Emma Lempriere
De St Croix, Esther Jane
De St Croix, Francois D'Auvergne
De St Croix, Hèlene
De St Croix, John Charles Bowen
De St Croix, John Charles Philip
De St Croix, Leonore Jane
De St Croix, Phoebe
De Veaux, Laura Mary Ann
Deal, Maria Caroline
Dean, John Henry
Dell, George James
Dennis, John David
Dennis, Rosana Elizabeth
Denton, John Henry
Derrick, Elizabeth
Deslandes Jnr, Albert
Deslandes Jnr, Elie George
Deslandes Jnr, Eliza Jane
Deslandes, Charles
Deslandes, Julie Marguerite
Deslandes, Mary
Deslandes, Philippe Noel
Deslandes, Philippe Thomas
Deslandes, Susanna
Deslandes, Susanne Elizabeth
Deslandes, Theodore Philip
Dingle, Edward
Dit Durell, Francois
Ditmas, Edward
Dixon, Mary Jane
Dixon, Sarah Margaret
Doble, Richard Henry
Dodge, Louisa Elizabeth
Doidge, Ellen Elizabeth
Doidge, Thomas William Carter
Dolbel, William George
Dommett, Eliza
Dommett, Emma Jane
Donaldson, George Edward
Donaloson, Sarah Ann
Donovan, Eliza Jane
Dorey, Mary Ann Emelie
Doswell, Emma
Douglas, Mary Sophia
Dowden, Rebecca
Dowden, Robert
Dowden, William James
Dower, Mary Jane
Dowinton, Anthony Romilly
Dowland, Susan Jane
Dowling, Margaret Anna
Downer Jnr, James
Downing, Mary
Drummond, Oscar Willoughby
Drurowe, Sophia Adelaide
Du Feu, Adolphus
du Feu, Anna
Du Feu, Jane Ann
du Feu, Peggy
du Feu, Peter
du Feu, Philip John
Du Heaume, Selina
Du Jardin, Barbara Ann
du Jardin, Jean Thomas
Dubosq, Francois George
Ducat Esqr, Alice Rosa
Ducat, Cyril Hugh Pennycuick
Duchemin, Elizabeth Maria
Duffet, Elizabeth Georgiana
Duffet, Henry John
Dugdale, Thomas
Duggan, Ralph Babbington
Duhamel, Ann Catherine
Duhamel, Charles Frederick
Duhamel, John
Duhamel, John William
Duhamel, Julie Mary Ann
Duhamel, Thomas
Duhamel, Thomas Peter
Dumaresq, Mary
Duncan, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Dupré, William John
Duprey, Elise Clementine
Durand, Philip Henry
Duthie, Louisa Hannah
Dyer, Amelia Elizabeth
Dyer, James
Dyer, Thomas
Dyer-Watts, Esther Margaret
Eade, Elizabeth Jane
Eares, Elizabeth Jane
Earle, William Joseph Hill
Earles, Charles Mauger
East, William
Eddy, Louisa
Edgar, Jane Elizabeth
Edson, Maria Ellen
Edwards, John Charles White
Edwards, Richard Joseph
Egan, Ann Frances
Egan, Mary
Eliott, Amelia Jane
Elliott, Mary Jane
Elliott, Mary Jane Buckler
Elliott, Sarah ann
Ellis, Ann
Ellis, James Cole
Ellis, Samuel Chichester
Elmes, Edward Chisman
Elmes, Jane- Elizabeth
England, Mary-Ann
England, Thomas Francis
Ennis, Ann Catherine
Ennis, Ann Sarre
Ennis, Lingham Charles
Enough, John William Jenkins
Ereaut, Eliza
Ereaut, Henry
Ereaux, Jacques
Ereaux, Philippe George
Ereaux, Richard Woolldridge
Ereaux, Thomas
Escock, Henry
Esnouf Jnr, Maria Brée
Esnouf, Jane Elizabeth
Esnouf, John David
Esnouf, John Francis
Esnouf, Philip John
Esthur, Jane Mary
Eva, Mary Ann
Eve, James John
Evens, Catherine
Evens, Jane Lucy
Evens, Walter Journeaux
Eyres, Jemima
Fallaize, John
Falle, Maria Lydia
Falle, Pequin John
Falle, Philip Touzel
Fallu, Mary-louisa
Farnham, George Aubry John Peter
Faulconer, Fanny Emily
Fauvel Jnr, Lucy
Fauvel, Aubrey Alexander
Fauvel, Jane Esther
Fauvel, Louisa Susanna
Fauvel, Peter Edward
Fearing, Hemath Stuart
Feaver, Thomas
Fechan, Emma
Feeley, Georgia Sarah
Fensh? Finsh, Nicholas
Fenston, Mary Adelaide
Fentrim?, Julia Maria
Fentum, George Benjamin
Ferguson, John James
Ferguson, Margaret
Fielding, Melvina Mary Ann
Filleul, Ann Mary
Filleul, Philip Touzel
Filmore, John George
Finnie, Francis
Fisher, Edmund
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fleming, George James
Foard, Henrietta Esther
Fontaine, Eliza-Victoria
Forbes, Anna
Forbes, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Ford, Edward Henry
Ford, Edward James
Ford, Mary
Ford, Richard Henry
Ford, William James
Forward, Frances Eleanora
Forward, James Aaron
Forward, Mary Ann
Fouchard, Elise Honorine
Fourché, Marie Anne
Fowler, Emma
Fowler, William Henry
Fox, Henry James
Francis, Harriet Eliza
Francis, Jane -Ann
Francis, Samuel James
Frankfitt, Sophia
Freeman, Frederick Marmaduke Winter
French, Adelina Ann
Frost, Eliza Matilda
Fry, George Albert
Fuller, Ellen Eliza
Fuszard, Edward Ruben
Fuur, Elvina Eliza
Fybrand, Joseph Francis
Gable, Henry
Gadsden, Lucy Maud
Galaher, Edward Fitzgerald
Gale, Charles Alexandre
Gale, Mary Eliza
Galliard, James John
Galliard, Jane Rachel
Gallichan, David Helier
Gallichan, Elise
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, John Wilson
Gallichan, Joseph John
Gallichan, Leonore Ann
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Mary Ann Ellen
Gallichan, Philippe Charles
Gallichan, Philippe Forbeck
Gallichan, Thomas Henry
Gallichan, Thomas John
Gallie, Amelia Louisa
Gallie, Eliza
Gallie, John George
Gallie, Julia Ann
Gallie, Samuel Philippe
Gallie, William Frederick
Gallop, John Thomas
Gammon, Eliza
Gann, Charles Henry
Gard, John Thomas
Garnier, Philippe Neel
Gaudin, Celina
Gaudin, Elizabeth Jane
Gaudin, George Francois
Gaudin, John Francis
Gaudin, William Valpy
Gaudion, Nicolas Le Cocq
Gavey, John
Gavey, John James
Gavey, Mary Ann Ester
Gavey, Philippe Joseph
Gavey, Philippe Laurens
Geard, Mary
George, Elizabeth
George, James
Gibbs, Amelia Matilda
Gibbs, Isabella Adelaide
Gibson, Edwin Matthew
Gidley, William
Gilbert, Matilda Emma
Gillam, Betsy Ann
Gillam, Eliza Sarah
Gillam, Jane Elizabeth
Gillam, Jane Elizabeth
Gillham, Thomas Rolstone
Gillman, Charles
Gilpin, Mary Ann
Girandot, Elizabeth Jane
Glascock, William George Graham
Gloyns, John
Godel, John
Godel, Mary
Godel, Mary Ann
Godfray, Henrietta Delicia
Godfray, Hugh Charles
Godfray, John Mowatt
Godfray, Walter Fredrick
Godfray, Walter Lerrier
Goelle, Armand Adolphe
Goff, James Aubin
Gondon, Alfred Jean
Goodenough, Robert Philip
Gore, William John
Gosselin, David
Gosset, Anne Elizabeth
Gosset, Charles Hilgrove Robin
Gosset, Elizabeth Ann
Gosset, Philippe James
Gotterel, George
Gottrell, Elizabeth
Gould, George Sidney
Gowdy, William
Grandin, Francis Philip
Grandin, Jane
Grandin, Jane Anne
Grandin, John
Gray, Grace Jayne
Gray, Joesph Henry
Gray, Mary Jane
Green, Francis John Edward
Greenwood, George John
Gregory, Amelia
Griffin, Elizabeth Susanne
Griffin, Horatio Nelson
Griffin, Thomas
Griffith, Margaret
Griffith, Rosa Jane
Griffiths, Elizabeth Jane
Griffiths, Emily Esther
Groizard, Ambrose Armand
Groizard, Charles Francois
Groizard, Elizabeth
Groizard, Mary Louisa
Groizard, Medora Sophia
Groizard, Selina Elizabeth
Grubb, Alice Emma
Grubb, Ann Sproson
Gruchy, Caroline
Gruchy, Caroline
Gruchy, Charles Abraham
Gruchy, Louisa Elizabeth
Gruchy, Mary Mackenzie
Gruchy, Matthew
Gudfray, Henry John
Guilliard, James Porter
Guillon, James Philippe
Guillouet, Jean Louis
Guiton, Catherine Esther
Guiton, Philip Henry
Gullick, Mary Elizabeth
Gunton, Alexander Philip James
Gunton, Charles Francis
Gunton, Edwin Aikin
Gunton, Louisa Mary
Guy, John Thomas
Guy, Mary Ann Jane
Guy, Robert Thomas
Gyles, James Henry
Hacking, Martha
Hageman, Fritz Wilhelm
Haggiey, Louisa Delphina
Hake, William
Hake, William John Folley
Halfyard, Mary Ann
Hall, Ann Jane
Hall, Mary Ann
Hall, William
Hall, William Frederick
Hall, William Richards
Halliday Esqr, Lionel Tollemache
Hallman, John
Hallman, Mary-Ann
Hambly, Alice Broad
Hameray, Henri Francois Octave
Hamley, Samuel
Hamling, Editha
Hamling, Louisa
Hammett, Elizabeth Castor
Hammond, George Thomas
Hammond, Vavason Fitzhammond
Hamon, Amelia
Hamon, Amelie
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, Clementina
Hamon, Edöuard
Hamon, Edouard William
Hamon, Ellen Jane
Hamon, Emelie Adél
Hamon, Henriette Amelie
Hamon, Jane Elizabeth Adelaide
Hamon, Mary-Ann Marguerite
Hamon, Susanne Esther
Hamon, Thérèse Elizabeth
Hamon, Thomas Alfred
Hancock, Charles Thomas
Hand, Sarah Elizabeth
Haning, James William
Hansford, Celina
Hansford, Louisa
Hapkins, Alfred Henry
Harben, Lucy Sarah
Harding, Celina
Harding, John-Henry
Harding, Marie
Hardy, Ann Tamson
Hardy, James David
Harfield, Matilda Osborn
Harnell, William Henry
Haroy, Amelia
Harris, David George
Harris, James Thomas
Harris, Mary Jane
Harris, Rebecca
Hart, Henry Robert
Hartlon, Emma Jane
Hartung, Carl Heinrich
Harvey, George
Harvey, Margaret Elizabeth
Harvey, Maria
Harvey, Sarah Catherine
Hase, Henry
Hatchell, Henry Hornsby
Hawkes, Mary Louisa Prynn
Hawkins, Henry
Haye, James Bridgeham
Haylock, Louisa Adele
Heal, Mary-Ann
Heath, Georgiana Jane
Hellyer, Louisa-Mary
Helyer, Emily
Hender, Sarah Ann
Henderson, Constance Elizabeth Johanna
Henry, Louisa Mary
Hérivel, Francois Richard
Hezell, Ellen
Hicks, John
Hicks, Sarah
Hill, Charles Robert
Hill, Jane
Hine, Amelia Elizabeth
Hine, Catherine Mary
Hine, Richard John
Hiscock, Louisa
Hitchings, Emily
Hobday, James Richard
Hockey, Caroline
Hocquard, Eliza Rachel
Hodge, Louisa
Hogge, Emma Elizabeth
Hogge, Henry Allen
Holdoway, Henrietta Maria
Holdoway, Sarah Emelia
Holliday, Medora Sophia
Holmes, Elizabeth Harriet
Holmes, Elizabeth Harriet
Holt, Mary Ann
Holt, Elizabeth Mary
Holt, William
Honeycombe, Ann Strong
Honeycombe, Richard
Hoppey, Philip
Horman, Geogiana Sophia
Horman, Mary Georgiana
Horne, Mary-ann
Hornsby, Wickliff Christopher Hatchell
Horton, Elenor
Hoskett, Alfred William
Hoskin, Richard Augustus
Hosking, Sarah Jane
Hotton, Jane
Hotton, Mary
Howarth, Emily
Howe, Charlotte Clarke
Howe, George Charles
Howell, Ann-Eliza Margaret
Huard, Adolphus John
Huard, George Philippe
Huard, Susan Elizabeth
Hubert, George John
Hubert, Jane
Hubert, Jane Mary
Hubert, Maria Marguerite
Hudleston, Geraldine
Hue, Clement Henry
Huelin Jnr, Melvenia Mary Coats
Huelin, Caroline Frances
Huelin, Elizabeth Le Geyt
Hughes, Elizabeth
Hugo, Ann
Hugo, Elizabeth
Hugo, Thomas
Hull, William Henry
Hulme, Robert
Humphrys, Elisa Isabela
Hunt, John Harding
Hunt, John William
Hunt, Louisa
Hurrell, John
Husk, Priscilla Elizabeth
Husk, Selina Ann
Ingerson, Frances Jane
Ingerson, Mary Webber
Ingram, Ann Julia Jane
Ingram, George James
Ingram, John Bussey
Ingram, Thomas
Ironside, Susanna
Irwin, Selina Jane
Isherwood, Elizabeth Jane
Isherwood, James Frederick
Ivay, Joseph Henry
Ivey, Elizabeth Jane
Ivey, Hannah
Ivy, Hannah Louisa
Jackman, Louisa
Jackman, Tom
Jackson, Mary Frances
Jacobs, Alfred
Jacobs, Durell
Jacobs, Richard Thomas
Jaffray, Thomas Helier
James, Ellen
James, Jane
James, John George
James, William John
Jandron, Mary Ann
Janvrin, John Francis
Jarvis, Jane Elizabeth
Jarvis, William
Jasper, Thomas
Jenner, Sarah Jane
Jerome, Mary Ann
Jerrard, Henry Alfred
Jeune, Edwin
Jeune, Elizabeth Ann
Jeune, Fanny Esther
Jeune, Francis-Henry
Jeune, Julia Mary
Jeune, Lydia-Frances
Jinkens, Jane
John, George John
Johns, Rebecca Jane
Johnson, Louisa Newlyn
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah Frances
Johnson, William Wood
Jolin, Alfred
Jones, Caroline Buckeley
Jones, Charles Edwin
Jones, Ebenezer
Jones, John
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary Anne Shaw
Jones, Philippe
Jones, Richard
Jones, Richard Joseph
Joste, Delhina Esther
Joste, Louisa Hannah
Journeaux, Fanny
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, Matilda Thomas
Journeaux, Philippe Theodoret
Joyce, Elizabeth Jane
Julian, Richard Irvin
Julian, Robert Irvin
Kaill, Eleanor Betsy
Kaill, Eliza Sophia
Kaines, Amanda Marianne Elizabeth
Kaines, Oscar
Kallaway, Susannah
Kalloway, David Alexander
Kanison, William
Kearne, Annabella Matilda
Keeping, Emma Mary
Kellow, Harriet
Kennedy, Edith Sophia
Kerslake, Mary Ann Bisson
Keys, Samuel
Killick, Elizabeth Ann
Killick, Samuel Henry
Killmister, Ann Maria
Kimber, Charles George
King, James William
King, Mary Martha
King, Sarah Emma
Kingdon, Jane Williams
Kinleside, Frances Matilda
Kitt, William
Knight, John Edmund
Knight, Joseph George
Knight, Philip
Knight, Susan Amelia Wood
Knight, William George
Knott, Eliza
Knowles, Mary Elizabeth
Krüger, Edward Henry
Kruger, Elise Christine Margaret
L'amy, Ann Rachel
L'Amy, Elizabeth
La Masurier, Philippe Alexandre
La Niece, James
La Trouïle, Abraham Joseph
Laffoley, George
Laffolley, Thomas
Lair, Maria Julia
Lambell, Mary Ann Eliza
Lancaster, Elizabeth Hannah
Langdon, Peter
Langlois, Abraham
Langlois, Alfred
Langlois, Eliza Susan
Langlois, Henry Charles
Langlois, Maria
Langlois, Philip Charles
Langston, Herbert
Larbalestier, Alfred Charles
Larbalestier, John
Larkin, Mary Ann
Laurens, Edouard Chevalier
Laurens, Elizabeth Jane
Laurens, Esther Marie
Laurens, Frederick
Laurens, James
Laurens, Jane
Laurens, John
Laurens, John
Laurens, Thomas
Laurens, Thomas Jean
Laventure, Charles William
Laverty, Jane Ann
Laverty, John Joshua
Lawrence, Charles
Lawrence, Jane
Lawrence, Margery
Lawson, Margaret
Le Bailly, Elizabeth mary
Le Bailly, Isabelle Mary
Le Bas Jnr, John
Le Bas, Charles François
Le Bas, Charles Godfray
Le Blanc, Louis Jane Constant
Le Blanc, Philippe John
Le Boulanger, Eliza Jane
Le Boulanger, Victoria Rachael
Le Boutillier, Jane
Le Boutillier, Rachael Mary
Le Boutillier, Thomas Joseph
Le Breton, Joseph Walter
Le Breton, Mary Jane
Le Breton, Sophia Bellington
Le Brocq, Jane Elise
Le Brocq, Mélanie
Le Brocq, Nancy
Le Brun, Elizabeth Mary
Le Brun, Emma
Le Brun, Frances Charlotte
Le Brun, Henry
Le Brun, James Thomas
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Thomas John Smith
Le Chasseur, Eliza Ann
Le Chasseur, John Thomas
Le Cocq, Alfred Aimé
Le Cocq, Caroline
Le Cocq, Elvina
Le Cocq, Isabelle Constana
Le Cocq, Olivia Elizabeth
Le Cocq, William Francis
Le Cornu, James Philippe
Le Cornu, Margurite Anne
Le Cornu, Matilda Esther
Le Couteur, John du Bois
Le Couteur, Julie Cabot
Le Couteur, Philip Edward
Le Cras, Charles
Le Cras, Ellen Jane
Le Cras, Louisa
Le Cras, Mary Ann
Le Cras, Peter Matthew
Le Cras, Philippe Elie
Le Cras, Thomas
Le Cronier, Caroline Maria Blayney Campbell
Le Cronier, Charlotte Helen Jane Campbell
Le Cronier, George Francis
Le Dain, Ann Elizabeth
Le Duc, Ester Elizabeth
Le Duc, Jane Mary
Le Febvre, Edwin George
Le Feuvre, Anne
Le Feuvre, Charles Harbour
Le Feuvre, Francois Frederic
Le Feuvre, Jane
Le Feuvre, Jane Mary
Le Feuvre, John Joseph
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Susanne
Le Fever, Anna Maria
Le Francois, Charles William
Le Gallais, Alfred Eustace
Le Gallais, Francis Godfray
Le Geyt, Rachel
Le Goubin, Jane Pauline
Le Grand, Philip Francis William Benham
Le Grand, Philippe
Le Gresley, Ann
Le Gresley, Jane Elizabeth
Le Gresley, Jean Charles
Le Gresley, Philip Mortimore
Le Gresley, Susanne
Le Griffon, John
Le Gros Jnr, George Charles
Le Gros, Edward John
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Jacques Francois Joeseph
Le Gros, John Deslandes
Le Gros, Mary Ann
Le Gros, Philip Stephen
Le Gros, Philippe
Le Gros, Rachel
Le Gros, Rachel
Le Hurray, Elizabeth Mary
Le Lievre Jnr, John
Le Lievre, François
Le Lievre, John
Le Lievre, Thomas George
Le Maistre, Albert Poingdestre
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Hilary
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Winter Thomas
Le Maitre, John George
Le Marchand, John Thomas
Le Marchant, Jane
Le Marquand, Francois Elie
Le Marquard, Leonore Esther
Le Masurier, Esther Elizabeth
Le Masurier, François
Le Masurier, François Jean
Le Masurier, Jean Josué
Le Masurier, Mary Elizabeth
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Masurier, Rachel Elizabeth
Le Masurier, Sophie Elizabeth
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Moignan, Charles Edouard
Le Moignan, Josué Pierre
Le Monnier, Thomas
Le Mottee, Eliza
Le Peinteur, Louisa Jane
Le Petevin Dit Le Roux, Elise
Le Pètévin Dit Le Roux, Philippe
Le Quesne Jnr, Charles John
Le Quesne, Amelia
Le Quesne, Anna
Le Quesne, Clara Esther
Le Quesne, Elizabeth Margaret
Le Quesne, Henry
Le Quesne, Jean Charles
Le Ray, Abraham John
Le Ray, Jean
Le Riche, Helen
Le Riche, John
Le Riche, John Francois Philippe
Le Riche, John Philippe
Le Riche, Joseph Thomas
Le Riche, Mary Ann
Le Riche, Philippe
Le Riche, Rachel Jane
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Riche, Thomas Philippe
Le Rossigndl, Augustin
Le Rossignol, Francis
Le Rossignol, Lizadie Mary Ann Esther
Le Rougetel, George
Le Roy, Adelina Bosdet
Le Sateur, Mary Ann
Le Seelleur, Louisa Ann
Le Seelleur, Mary Ann
Le Selleur, Louisa
Le Sueur, Ann
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Elie Philippe
Le Sueur, Elizabeth Sophia
Le Sueur, Francois Clem
Le Sueur, Harriet Susannah
Le Sueur, John Alexandre
Le Sueur, Philippe John
Le Sueur, Sophie
Le Templier, Philippe John
Le Vavasseur Dit Durell, Louisa Rachael
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Mary Ann
Le Vesconte, Edward Philip
Le Vesconte, John Philippe
Le Vesconte, Thomas Peter
Leary, William Henry
Leavens, William George
Leaver, Charles
Ledwich, Susan Jane
Lee, John Michael
Legg, Amelia Elizabeth
Lehoux, James
Leives, Alderida Mary
Lempriere, Emelie
Lenfestey, John Henry
Leroy, George Laurent
Leslie, John Robert
Lewis, Anna Delicia
Lewis, Charles Handover
Lewis, Frederick Thomas
Lewis, John
Lewis, Susan Jane
Lewis, William
Light, Mary Louisa
Lihou, Caroline Nancy
Lilly, George John
Limpus, Martha
Lipscombe, Jane Mary
Little, Mary Bowman
Lobb, William James
Lock, George
Long, John Henry
Losack, Augustus Cameron
Lotherington, Henry Adams
Lott, Jane
Loveless, Emma
Lozey, Charlotte Celina
Lucas, Mary Ann Louisa
Lucas, Peter Henry
Lucas, William Samuel
Luce, George William
Luce, Henriette
Luce, Lidie
Luce, Mary Ann
Lugg, Elizabeth Lydia
Mabire, Augustine Elizabeth
Machon, Alfred William
Mackay, William David
Mackdonald, William
Mackenzie, Edwin-John Landseer
Mackenzie, Louisa Ann
Mackworth, Digby-Louis
MacPherson, Clarence
Maguire, Margaret
Mahy, Hannah Rose
Maighney, Mary-Ann Jane
Malakin, Elizabeth
Male, Charlotte
Male, Henry David
Mallet, Edith Villeneufre
Mallet, Ester
Mallet, Frederick De Carteret
Mallet, Mary Jane
Mallet, Robert Edmund James
Malzard, Elenore Ellen
Malzard, Elizabeth Esther
Malzard, Esther Sophia
Malzard, Isaac Helier
Manly, Eliza Ann
Manly, Georgiana
Manly, Trifina Louisa
Mannell, Mary Judith
Manning, Ann Maria
Marett, Anne Adelaide
Marett, Charles Edward
Marett, Jane
Marett, Jane
Marett, Jane Elise
Marett, John Philippe
Marett, Philippe Luce
Marett, Robert
Margari, Albert Thomas
Marguerie, George
Marie, Philippe
Marsh, Charles William
Marshall, James Thomas
Martin, John Robson Pitcairn
Martin, Louisa Ann
Martin, Mary Robson
Martin, Samuel John
Martin, Stephen Amano
Martin, William Henry
Martin, William Henry
Mason, Isaac John
Mason, Thomas
Masters, William
Matson, John Follet
Matterface, Emma
Matterface, James Edwin
Matterface, Thomas Clark
Matterface, William David
Matthews, Amelia
Matthews, Edwin
Matthews, John Charles
Matthews, Matilda
Matthews, Robert Charles
Mauger, Alice Coddington
Mauger, Anna Maria
Mauger, Charles Albert
Mauger, Sophia Lyndia
Mauger, William Lyndon
May, William Clifford
Mayatte, Eliza
Mc Allen, Charles
Mc Allen, Elizabeth Mary
Mc Allen, Philippe Albert
Mc Allen, Phillip Thomas Francis
Mc Donald, Eliza Kate
Mc Donald, Thomas John
Mc Donald, William John
Mc Farland, Louisa
Mc Kee, Charles James
Mc Pherson, James Matthew
McDermott, David
McDermott, Helene Jane
McKay, Flora Anna Rebecca
Mckee, Mary Eliza
McKenzie, Elisha Charles
McLocklan, Eliza Ann
Mcloud, Caroline
Mdignard, John William
Mealey, Robert
Mecham, Augustus
Medland, Thomas
Merchant, Emily Jane
Messervy, Edouard
Messervy, Elie
Messervy, George frederick
Metherell, John
Metherell, William Payn
Mew, Edwin
Mew, Emma Caroline
Mildren, Elizabeth
Mill, Samuel George
Mill, Sarah
Miller, Leonard James Curwen
Miller, William Stone
Minchinton, Elizabeth Turner
Minchinton, Harriet Ann
Minchinton, Walter charles
Mogg, William George
Moignard, George Annice
Moignard, Philippe
Moise, William
Moles, Edward
Monro, Francis James Fraser
Moon, Anna Maria
Moon, John Edward
Moon, Mary Ann
Moore, George
Moppett, Thomas
Morgan, Philip
Morgan, Sarah
Morrisay, Henry
Mourant, Albert Joseph
Mourant, Anne
Mourant, Charles John
Mourant, Eliza Victoria
Mourant, George Perchard
Mourant, Jane Eliza
Mourant, Philip John
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, Thomas
Moyse, John
Much, Jane Mary
Much, William Thomas
Mudge, Edward Johnson
Mudge, William Clement
Muir, Charles
Mullett, Ann Elizabeth
Mungumry, Caroline Rosina
Murray, Thomas Francis
Musgrove, John James
Musgrove, Martha Ann
Musgrove, Mary Jane
Mutes, Martha Jane
Nash, Frances Elizabeth
Nash, George Henry
Nash, Henry Thomas
Nash, Mark
Needle, George Augustus
Netherton, William
Newberry, Emma Ellen
Newman, Emily Mary
Newman, Henry Charles
Newman, Jane
Newman, Mary Charlotte
Newnham, John-James Jennings
Newnham, William
Newport, Henrietta
Newton, Julia Ann
Newton, Thomas Beadon
Nicholas, Louisa Mary
Nicolle, Edward Grant
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Jean Richard
Nicolle, Julia Jane
Nicolle, Mary Elizabeth
Nicolle, Maryanne
Nicolle, Philip Henry Villeneufue
Nicolle, Philippe Winter
Noel, Clement Francis
Noel, Edgar Carlo
Noël, Edouard Thomas
Noel, Emilie Jane
Noël, Esther Jane
Noel, George
Noel, George Hugh
Noel, John
Noël, John Edward
Noel, Mary Ann
Noel, Philippe
Norfolk, Elias Philip
Norman, Alfred Thomas
Norman, Elizabeth
Norman, John Annice
Norris, Elizabeth
Norris, Mary-Ann Elizabeth
Northover, Charles Wheaton
Nott, Samuel Freeman
Nowlan, George Henry
Nunn, Mary-Ann Elizabeth
O'Farrel, Thomas Adolphus
Oldreive, Louisa Mary Ann
Oldridge, William Edwin Thomas
Osborn, Charles William
Osborn, Eliza
Osmond, Fredreric Victor
Osmond, Sarah
Ouless, Claudius Edwin
Ouless, Edwin Francis Peirson
Owen esqr, Augustus Valobia-Gordon
Oxford, John
Pace Esqr, Frederick William
Paisnel, François
Pallot, John Charles
Pallot, John Francis Peter
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Elizabeth Ann
Palmer, Jane ann
Palmer, William Henry
Parker, Ann-Jane
Parker, William Edward
Parks, Alice-Maria
Parrott, Mary Jane
Parry, John Hooper
Parsons, Mary
Pascoe, Louisa
Paskins, Mary Temperance
Paul, Virginia Sophia
Pauldring, Caroline
Paull, Charles William
Paull, Emma
Paull, James
Paull, Jane
Paull, John
Pawly, Edward
Payn, Aglae
Payn, Amelie
Payn, Elizabeth Amelia
Payn, John Philippe
Payn, Louisa Elizabeth
Payn, Mary Jane
Payn, Philip John
Payn, Thomas William
Payne, Bellamira Frances
Payne, Charles
Payne, Charles Marriott
Payne, Elizabeth Jane
Payne, Letitia Albinia
Peacock, Thomas
Pearce, Margaret Jane
Pearce, Mary Jane
Pearce, Theresa
Peard, St Helier Philip
Pearse, Catherine
Peek, Harriet Elizabeth
Pellew, John Henry
Penery, Jane
Pengelly, Sarah
Penivarden, Elizabeth
Penney, Louisa Ann
Penrose, Charles Harry Baker
Perchard, Elvina Jane
Perchard, Jean George
Perchard, John Henry
Perchard, Mary-Ann Jane
Perchard, Philippe Gedeon John
Perchard, Susan Jane
Perchard, Thomas Joslin
Percy, Sarah Jane
Pernelle, Rose Jane
Perree, Mary Ann
Perring, John Smith
Perrott, Jane
Phalan, Henry William
Philip, Ellen-Eliza Mary
Philips, Edward
Phillips, Eliza
Phillips, Francis David
Phillips, Mark
Pickford, William Henry
Picot, Charles
Picot, Charles Francis
Picot, Charlotte Ann
Picot, David Simon
Picot, Edward James
Picot, Edward John Rowe
Picot, George
Picot, Mauger Philippe
Pierson, Susan Hannah Louisa
Pigeon, Susan
Pike, Mary Ann
Pike, Samuel Alexander Cheer
Pike, William
Pillar, Jayne Dyer
Pillar, Maria Amelia
Pinch, Elizabeth Ann
Pinney, Richard Cary
Pinnick, George Thomas
Pinnick, Joseph Thomas Boyer
Pinwell, Joseph
Pitman, Albert Henry
Piton, Charles Philippe
Poch, Philippe
Poindestre, Caroline Mary
Poingdestre, Alfred Nelson
Poingdestre, Charles Richardson
Poingdestre, Daniel Frederick
Poingdestre, Elie
Poingdestre, Elizabeth Jane
Poingdestre, Gerald
Poingdestre, Mary Ann
Pool, Emily Susan
Poole, Louisa
Pope, Daniel Albert
Powell, Benjamin Edmund
Powell, Eliza Sophia
Prall, Nancy Elizabeth
Pralle, Alfred David
Price, Ann Elizabeth
Price, Richard
Priddle, Mary Ann
Primmer, Francis William
Primmer, Louisa Eliza
Prince, George John
Prince, William John
Pritchard, Louisa
Prouse, Susan Mary Ellen
Pugsley, Eliza Jane
Pugsley, George Henry
Purkis, William Wellman
Quenault, Esther Elizabeth
Quenault, Philippe Thomas
Quereé, George Josué
Quin, George
Quiraut, Philippe
Rafter, Catherine
Rainey, Emily Julia Sophia
Ralph, William Henry
Randall, William Albert
Randell, Elizabeth Eleanor
Randell, John
Rapsey, Caroline
Rapsey, Henry Horman
Rawling, John
Ray, Hannah Williamson
Raymont, Rebecca
Read, Jane Adelaide
Reed, Mary Ann
Reed, Samuel Richard
Reed, Sophia
Remy, Ann-Louisa Charlotte
Remy, George Elias
Renaut, Mary Ann
Rendell, John England
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Charlotte Esther
Renouf, Eliza-Jane
Renouf, Emma
Renouf, Jane Ann
Renouf, Louisa Rachel
Renouf, Mary Ann
Renouf, Philippe
Renouf, Elizabeth
Reyment, Rhoda Maria
Reynolds, Philip James
Reynolds, Susan Elizabeth
Ricard, Charles Moses La Cloche
Rice, Emma
Richards, Ann Rebecca
Richards, Edward William
Richards, James
Richards, Thomas Stephens
Richards, William
Richardson, Mary Ann
Richardson, Robert
Riddle, George Henry
Riddle, Sarah Jane
Rideout, Philip Hicksman
Rider, Henry Edward Baker
Ried, Charlotte Mary
Ring, Sester Louisa
Ritchie, Alfred Richard
Rive, Ann Elizabeth
Rive, Edouard Philippe
Rive, Helier
Rive, Jane
Robert, John Elie
Robiliard, Melanie Elvire Jane
Robilliard, Francis Hammond
Robilliard, George Payn
Robilliard, James Arthur
Robin, Susan Mary
Robinson, Charles Alfred
Robinson, Mary Louisa
Rockett, Mary Ann
Roda, John Henry Richard
Rodgers, Ann
Rodgers, George William
Roe, Mary Ann
Rogers, Charles James
Rogers, Edward
Rogers, Eliza
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Emma
Rogers, Henry Edward
Rogers, Maria
Rogers, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Rogers, Sarah Ann
Rollings, Isabella
Rolstone, Mary Jane
Rolstone, William George
Romeril, Amelie
Romeril, George William
Romeril, Henri Prospére
Romeril, Henri Prospére
Romeril, Jean
Romeril, Julie Angelique
Romeril, Mary
Romeril, Philippe
Romeril, Walter Filleul
Romia, George Oliver
Rondel, Ellen Susanne
Rondel, Mary Ann
Rooks, James
Rose, Thomas
Ross, Frederick Herbert
Ross, Jamie George William
Rouget, Rachel Mary
Rous, Francis Philip
Rousseau, Ameanry Charles
Row, Selina-Victoria
Rowcliffe, Ann
Rowcliffe, Emma
Rowcliffe, John Henry
Rowe, Alexander
Rowe, Alexander
Rowe, James
Rowe, James Woodman
Rowe, Mary Adelaide Caroline
Rowsewell, Henry John
Royer, Prosper Alexandre
Ruchkamp, Ann Jane
Rudd, Mary Ann
Runnells, Richard
Russel, Samuel Philip
Ryan, Lydia Trephina
Sabot, Constant Jean-Marie
Sailly, Henry
Salter, James George
Samson, Philippe Auguste
Samuel, Frederick Simeon
Sandercock, Ann Elizabeth
Sandercock, Thomas John Laurence
Sanders, Robert Coombe
Sargison, Mary-Ann
Sarre, Charles Philippe
Saturley, William John
Saunders, George Thomas
Saunders, Jane
Saunders, Joseph John William
Saunders, Mark James
Sauvarin, Richard Charles
Savage, Eliza
Savage, Georgia
Savage, Martha
Scarborough, John William
Screech, Catherine
Scrivin, Amelia
Seal, Robert William
Searle, Amelia Helier
Searle, Edward John
Sebire, Fanny
Sellis, Catherine
Sexton, William Henry
Sexy, Edwin
Sharkey, Edmund De La Garde
Sharland, Elizabeth Ann
Sharland, Louisa Mary Ann
Shave, Joseph John
Shave, William John
Shearloc, Albert William
Shepherd, Mary Catherine
Showell, Joshua
Showell, William George
Silk, Thomas Peter
Simmons, Jane
Simon, Agnes Henrietta
Simon, Charles Marcus Randolph
Simon, Eliza Rosina
Simon, Elizabeth
Simon, Francois
Simon, Henri William
Simon, Jane Elizabeth
Simonet, Cecil Augustus John
Simonet, Emma Maria Ann Dominicus Burr
Simonet, Walter Fitzjames Dominicus
Simons, George
Simpson, Alexander Hargreaves
Simpson, Charles Wright
Simpson, Eliza Augusta
Simpson, Jennet
Sinclair, Robert John
Sinel Jnr, Henry John
Sinnatt Jnr, Maria Rebecca
Sinnatt, George Haroie
Skinner, John Thomas
Skinner, Maria
Skinner, William Henry
Slaid, Henrietta Elizabeth
Slattery, Mary-Ann Maria
Slattery, Rosannah
Sluggett, William Herbert
Smallacombe, Fanny
Smalldridge, Pierre-George
Smith, Ann
Smith, Ann Charlotte
Smith, Charles Edwin Reynold
Smith, Charlotte Maria Elizabeth
Smith, Emma Margaret
Smith, Frederick Walter
Smith, Hannah Maria
Smith, Harriet Morgan
Smith, Henry Samuel
Smith, James Gabrall
Smith, John Edward
Smith, Lucy Ann
Smith, Maria Eliza
Smith, Philip Frederick Gilbon
Smith, Thomas Amice
Smith, William Henry
Smoker, William Jacob
Snow, Amelia Anne
Soaday, Susan
Sooley, Louisa Jane
Soper, Robert Charles
Sorel, Charles Durell
Sorel, Susan
Soupre, Alfred Amy
Spanner, Maria
Spiller, Henry Philip
Splatt, Hannah Elizabeth
Spurr, Stephen Erwin Alfred
Squire, Robert Henry
St Clair, Félicia Anna
Stambery, Richard
Stammers, Daniel James
Starck, Clement
Starck, Julie Anne
Staveley, Anna
Staveley, Elizabeth Mary
Steel, Amelia
Steel, Mary Ann
Stephens, Joseph James
Stephens, Rebecca Mary
Stephens, Richard Ough
Stephens, William
Stevens, Alfred James
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, Walter John
Stevens, William Stephen
Stiles, John
Stokes, Mary Delicia
Stokes, Maurice Fitzmaurice
Stokes, Sarah Susannah
Stone, Eliza Mary
Stone, Ellen Jane
Stoneman, Anna
Stoneman, Charles
Stoneman, William Henry
Stowell, William Henry
Stoyle, Thomas Humphrey
Strickland, Sarah Emma
Strong, Francis Drake
Strong, Henry Barlow
Strongman, Mary
Strout, Elizabeth Ellen
Sullivan, Adolphus Horatio
Sullivan, Henry Edward Durell
Summers, Issac
Summers, Mary Alice
Sutton, Spencer Perceval
Swaffield, Mary Ann
Sweetapple, William Richard
Symes, Ellen Ann
Symons, Margaret Eliza
Syvret Ecr, Matilda Nicolle
Syvret, Eliza Jane
Syvret, Jean William Thomas
Szultz, Frances Victoria Frederika
Taggert, Thomas William
Tall, Esther Melvin
Talling, Jessie
Tankey, Margaret Ellen
Tapper, Elizabeth
Taylor, Edward John
Taylor, Edward William
Taylor, Harriet
Taylor, Julia
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Peter Francis
Taylor, Peter Francis
Teague, Eliza Ann
Teague, Richard Edward
Teague, Walter
Teer, John Henry
Temple, Thomas James
Terry, John David
Thackrey, Mary
Thatcher, John
Thoman, Eliza Mary
Thomas, Alexander
Thomas, Alfred Stapleton Allix
Thomas, Mary Ann
Thomasic, Elizabeth Ann
Thomazic, Louisa Mathilda
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, John Covill
Thompson, William
Thorn, Elizabeth
Thorner, Mary-Ann
Tibot, Delbina Elizabeth
Tibot, Louisa
Tickell, Catherine
Tickle, Charles
Tocque, Susan Harriett
Todd, Victoria
Torode, Henry Thomas
Tostevin, George Samuel
Touzel Jnr, Ann Henriette
Towele, Emily Augusta
Tozer, Alfred James
Tramp, Charles Henry
Tramp, Fanny Louise
Tranchard, Ellin
Tresider, Ellen
Trevett, William Pengelly
Triplet, Caroline
Trubey, James Francis
True, Betsy ann
True, Robert Philip Gillam
Tuck, George
Turner, Ann
Turner, Eliza Baker
Turner, Emily Matilda
Turner, James
Turner, Mary Elizabeth
Turpin, Amelia Dustin
Twiddle, William
Urry, George
Utting, Julia Stanley
Vallée, Frank Charles
Valpy, Ann Mary
Valpy, George Renouf
Vardon, George
Varnham, Ann
Varnham, Jane Rachael
Varnham, William
Vaudin, John Philippe
Vautier, Eliza Louisa
Venement, Francis John
Vernon, Elizabeth Margaret
Vescelet, Amelia Jane Catherine
Vibert, Charles
Vibert, George Deslandes
Vibert, Lydia Rachael
Vibert, Malvina Deslandes
Vidamour, Frederic Abraham
Vidamour, Thomas Henry
Viel, Elie Pierre
Voisin, Edward
Voisin, Mary-Ann
Vontom, Philip
Vosper, Euphemia Harriet
Vosper, John
Voysey, Catherine Beale
Waddell, William Thomas
Wade, Martha Priscilla
Wadge, Edmund Richards
Wakeham, Charles Richard
Wakley, Sarah Ann Budd
Waldron, Emma Mary-Ann
Walker, Charles
Walker, Charles
Walker, James Alexandre
Walker, Mary Ann
Walker, Philip Henry
Walkey, Louisa Catherine
Wallace, Bridget
Wallace, Eliza Mary Ann Jane
Wallace, William Joseph
Wallis, Elizabeth
Wallis, Elizabeth Ann
Wallis, Jane Bennett
Walter, Harriet Maria Courtney
Walters, Charles John
Walton, Harriet
Waran, James
Ward, Eliza
Warren, Harriet Letitia
Warren, Jane Rachel
Warren, Josiah John
Warren, William Henry Cawne
Waters, Caroline
Watts, Samuel Joseph
Wearing, Amelia
Wearing, George Vine
Weatherdon, Emily Elizabeth
Webb, Benjamin Wilcox
Webb, Charles
Webb, Clara
Webb, Mary Eliza
Webb, Sarah Ann
Webb, William Charles
Webber, Sarah Jane Joye
Weeble, James John
Welch, Amelia Elizabeth
Welch, William James
Wellman, Charles Henry
Wells, Mary
Werring, Mary Jane
West, Jane
West, Louisa Mary
Westaway, James Guillet
Westaway, Nathaniel
Westcott, John
Westlake, James William
Westlake, John Thomas
Westlake, William Dolphin
Wetherell, William Henry
Weymouth, George Francois
Wheadon, Elizabeth Jane
Whitcombe, Margaretta Aubrey
White, Charles
White, Charles George
White, Ellen Barter
White, Frederick Charles
White, George
White, George Henry
White, Georgiana
White, James Frederick
White, James Philip
White, Jane Elliot
White, John
White, Mary-Ann Frances
White, William Charles
White, William Francis
Whitelaw, William
Whittaker, Anna
Whittle, Mary Isabella
Whittle, Thomas Francis
Wickett, Robert
Wilcocks, John
Wilcocks, Mary-Ann
Wilcox, Ann
Wilkes, Emily Villers
Wilkes, Evelina Julia
Wilkins, Emma Susannah
Willcocks, Mary Jane
Willcocks, Philip Frederick
Willcocks, William Henry
Willcox, Agnes Mary
Willcox, Eliza
Willet, John David
Williams, Charles Henry
Williams, George John
Williams, Henry
Williams, John William
Williams, Louisa Ann
Williams, Matilda
Williams, Olivia Smith
Williams, Sarah
Willmett, Eliza Stokes
Wills, Amelia
Wills, Elizabeth Frances
Wills, Emily Ann
Windelbanck, Elizabeth Ellena
Winter, Ann Maria
Wodham, George Brook
Wolson, Mary
Wood, Francis
Woodcock, Elizabeth
Woodcock, Helen
Woodman, Eliza Ann
Woods, Elizabeth Jane
Woonton, Louisa
Worley, Elizabeth Lake
Worsfold, Richard
Wren, Charles Henry
Wright, Charlotte
Wright, Louisa
Wyatt, Elizabeth Matilda
Wyatt, Emily Charlotte
Wyatt, Frederick
Wyatt, Sarah Ann
Wyatt, Sarah Ann
Wyeth, Sarah Ann
Yates, Ann Amethe
Yeatman, George John
Yelton, William Mills
Young, Alexander George
Young, Elizabeth Hester
Young, William Thomas
Randall, William Albert
Deslandes, Philippe Thomas
Henry, Louisa Mary
Simpson, Eliza Augusta
Le Brocq, Nancy
Woodman, Eliza Ann
Baudains, Josué
Canivet, Philip
Pigeon, Susan
Baker, Charles William Gage
Prall, Nancy Elizabeth
Dowden, William James
Gray, Joseph Henry
Sluggett, William Herbert
George, Elizabeth
Le Riche, Helen
Griffin, Thomas
McAllen, Philip Thomas Francis
Le Masurier, François Jean
Bailhache, John Alfred
Beghin, Emile Ildephonse
Howarth, Emily
Town Church
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth Jane
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann Frances
Weatherdon, Emma Jane
Weatherdon, Windsor John
Weatherdon, Harriet Sophia


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