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St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation Purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A220.pdf in red.

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January 3rd 1886 - September 27th 1889


Town Church
Smith, Edmund d'Arcy
Adams, Florence Edith
Adams, Percy Lancett
Ahier, Anne Marie
Ahier, Annie Lottie
Ahier, Annie Louisa
Ahier, Daisy Emily
Ahier, George Albert
Allan, Arthur William
Allen, Florence Ida Prout
Allen, George Boomer
Allen, Rosalie Alice
Allix, Sophie
Amiot, Peter Beinaime Raymond
Amy, Cecily Janet
Amy, Ethel
Amy, Francis Denton
Amy, Herbert Victor
Amy, Ida Lozex
Amy, John Thomas
Amy, Mabel Alice
Amy, Philippe
Andow, Ernest Louis Godfray
Andrews Bligh, Victoria Margaret
Andrews, Emmeline Stephanie Victoria
Andrews, Gertrude Matilda
Angell, Willie Douglas
Arnold, Charles Edward
Arnold, Edward Winstanley Croydon
Arthur, Edward Boxwin
Arthur, Florence Frances
Arthur, Mabel Louisa
Ashwell, Albert Victor
Ashwell, Percy
Asplet, Ada Jane
Atkins, Elizabeth Ann
Averson, Edith May
Averty, James Willie
Baal, George Louis
Badier, Elsie Blanche
Bagerell, Blanche Frances
Bailey, Charles Clement
Bailey, Tom Stephen
Bailhache, Daisy
Balcam, Eva Adelina
Balcam, Henry Charles
Balchin, Emma Louise
Balleine, May Louise
Balston, Georgina Jane Piquet
Barnes, Bernard Benest
Barnes, Francis Renouf
Barnes, William George
Barratt, Beatrice Ivy
Barrett, Archibald John
Barrette, Clara Louisa
Barter, Clarence Bertie
Bartlett, Gertrude Alice
Bartlett, Sarah Waylett
Barton, Henry John
Barton, Winifred Merale
Basset, Elsie
Bassett, Clara Louisa
Bassett, Sydney John
Bates, Alfred George
Battrick, Arthur James
Battrick, Louisa Isabella
Battrick, Mary Jane
Baudains, Florence Ada
Baudains, Harold Beaucamp
Baudains, Mabel Maud
Baudains, Edith Victoria
Baxter, Francis John
Baxter, Mabel
Bayley, Albert James
Beasley, Elias
Beauchamp, Ila Elmira
Beaugier, Edward Philip
Becker, Hermann
Belford, Hilda Rose
Bellot, Elsie
Benest, Celia Sidonia Jane
Benest, Douglas Stephen
Benest, Lilian Florence
Benest, Marie Ariel
Benest, Nora Alice
Benest, Percy John
Bennett, Benjamin Wilfred
Bennett, Florence Emily
Bennett, Frank Victor
Bennett, Sydney Thomas
Benoist, Henry Alfred
Bentley, Christine Bessie
Bentley, Winifred Mary
Bettes, Charles Ernest
Beuchet, Zilda Annie
Beuzeval, George Stanley
Beuzeval, Walter John
Bibby, Daniel Henry
Biddle, Reginald Poutton
Billot, Blanche Lydia
Billot, John Philip
Binet, Gwendoline Maud
Binet, John Henry
Birkby, John Spearman d'Hauteville
Birt, Lilian Maud
Biscoe, Dorothy
Bison, Jeremia Richard
Bisson Le Cras, Clarence Douglas James
Bisson, Charles Walter
Bisson, Edith Lilian
Bisson, Gertrude Amelia
Bisson, Lillian Le Couteur
Bisson, Mabel Blanche
Bisson, Violet Ada
Bisson, Walter Henry
Blackman, John Pratt
Blackmore, William Isaac
Blampied, Elsie May
Blampied, Henrietta Emily
Blanchard, Maud Ann
Bliault, Ralph Clement
Bliaux, Lilian Margaret
Bond, Wilfred Anderson
Boston, Horace Frederick
Boudin, Valerie Eleanore
Boulevard, Elvina Stephanie
Boullier, Alfred John Walter
Boullier, James Walter Henry
Bowden, Florence Eliza
Bowditch, Laura Ann
Bower, Elmo
Bowhill, Dorothy Hilda
Bowles, Alice Spencer
Boyce, Lena May
Bree, Alfred Charles
Bree, Helier William
Bree, Mabel Mary Jane
Bree, Philip
Bree, Philip George
Bressat, Charles Ernest
Bressat, Florence Louise
Briard, Don Edward
Brint, Charles Henry
Britton, Mary Louisa
Brown, James Arthur
Bruil, Charles
Brunker, Gertrude Elizabeth
Brunker, William George Henry
Buckingham, Edith Emmeline
Buesnel, George Cecil
Bull, Frank James
Bulley, Frederick William
Bundy, Walter Henry
Burch, Annie Grace
Burch, Charles William
Burgess, Lilian Daisey
Burk, William George
Burley, Charles
Burnham, Bessie Gertrude
Burnham, Charles
Burnham, Lloyd
Burt, Robert John
Buttery, Albert Richards
Cabot, Alfred Henry
Cabot, Lucy Lydia
Cake, Minda Irene
Cakes, Ernest William
Candy, George James
Canivet, Ernest Higgins
Capewell, Alice Maud
Caplin, William George
Carcaud, James
Carhart, Mabel Emily Enita
Carpenter, John William
Carré, John Walter
Carré, Reginald Percy
Carrel, Ada Ann
Carrel, Winter Thomas
Carter, Charles Henry
Carter, Edward Alfred Victor
Carter, Eleanor
Carter, Francis George
Carter, Henrietta Maud
Carter, Hilda Laura
Carter, Lilian Florence True
Carter, Violet Emily
Carver, Harold
Castel, Gladys Marie Ann
Cawley, Emily Sophia
Cawley, Harold Ernest
Champion, Clarence George
Champion, Sydney Wyatt
Channing, Emily Elvina Margarita
Channon, Mabel Gertrude Elizabeth
Charman, Alexander Arthur
Cheney, James Collas
Churchill, Anna Eliza Rosanna
Churchill, Sidney Albert
Clark, Violet Mary
Clarke, Elsie Vale
Clements, Frank Stone
Clements, Thomas William
Cocker, Jessie Catherine
Colan, Lucy Maria
Colback, Walter Ernest
Coles, John William
Collas, Frederick William
Collas, Mildred Elsie
Collings, Douglas John
Connell, William John
Connor, Amelia Ester Maud
Coombs, James Frederick
Coombs, Mabel Florence
Cooper, Clifford Herbert
Cooper, Otis Sybil
Copp, Lilian Victoria
Coppin, Gertrude Ellen
Coppin, Samuel
Corbin, Effie
Corey, Reginald George
Cornick, Edith Mary Jane
Cornish, Lilian Maud
Cornish, Sarah Ann
Cornish, Sydney Philip
Cornish, Thomas Francis
Cornwall, Frederick Jack
Cothbert, Charles George
Couillard, Walter Philip
Coutanche, Amelia Ann
Coutanche, Olivia Margaret
Coutanche, Stanley Vernon
Coutanche, William Aliston
Cowdray, Pierson Leonard Jersey
Cox, William Isaac
Creasey, Frances Margaret
Crocker, Emily Clara
Crocker, Mary Elizabeth
Crocker, Selina Jane
Cudlip, Mabal Mary
Cumming, Winifred
Cumng, Wilfred Lilian
Curwood, Ruth Chambers
Dale, Horace
Dale-Torque, Lizzie Mabel
Darragh, Hubert Charles
Darragh, Percy Charles
Davey, Alfred Theodore
Davey, Eva Louisa
Davey, Gladys Harriet
Davey, Harriet Matilda
Davey, Ina Rita
Davis, Frederick William
Davis, Herbert James
Davis, Lewis Henry
Davis, Mizalane Brenda
Davy, Edith Lilian
De Broder, Emma Isabella
De Carteret, Ada Elizabeth
De Caux, Victoria Maud
de Faye, Vera Mary
De Gruchy, Amy Hammond
De Gruchy, Edith Mary
de Gruchy, Emily Eliza
de Gruchy, John Edgar
De Gruchy, Mabel Elizabeth
De Gruchy, Winter Charles
De Heaume, Violet Augusta Maude
de la Cour, Walter Philip
De La Haye, Albany Alexandre
De La Haye, William Francis Tom
De La Motte, Percy James Parchot
De La Perrelle, Lewis Pirouet
De Ste Croix, Charles John
De Ste Croix, Charles Philip
de Ste Croix, Clara Ethel
De Ste Croix, Edith Gertrude
De Ste Croix, Florence Elizabeth
De Ste Croix, Florence Mary
De Ste Croix, Lucille Clarissa
de Ste Croix, Stella Blanche
De Ste Croix, Violet Maud
De Veuille, Hilda May
de Veulle, Florence
De Vine, Viscount Apcar Leslie
de Vivier, Alice Caroline Louise
Denis, Percy Edmund
Denny, Lilian Harriet
Deslandes, Lily Maud Mary
Deslands, George Thomas
Devenish, Lilian Florence
Devenish, Matilda Daisy
Dibb, Charles Frederick
Dibb, Robert Henry
Dillon, William James
Diment, Frederick John
Dimond, Tom Christopher
Dingle, Walter Stephen
Disson, George Griffin
Dixon, Florence Rachel
Dolbel, Lucile May
Dolbel, Mabel Martha
Donavan, Ellen Norah
Donoghue, Emma Annie
Donoghue, Herbert Kelford
Donovan, John William
Dorey, Alice Emma
Dorey, Blanche Victoria
Dorey, Clara
Dorglandes, John James
Douglas, Maud Ethel
Dowington, Ernest James
Downer, Grace Elizabeth
Downton, Herbert Ernest
Drelaud, Adelaide Lilian
Drelaud, Hedley John Rodda
Drelaud, Rosa
Drouyn, Ethel May
du Feu, Annie Mary
du Feu, Charlotte Ann
Du Feu, Walter Ernest
du Heaume, Edith Gertrude
du Val, Winter Francis
Dunstan, Cecilia Ernestine Edith
Dunstan, Edith May
Durant, William Thomas
Duvey, Henry Hanley
Eagan, Henry Philip
Eager, Clarence Arthur
East, Vida Olivia
Edgar, Percy Albert Allen
Egland, Winifred Sarah
Egre, John William
Egre, Percy Harold
Elliot, Stella
Ellis, Daisy May
Ellis, Ernest Walter
Ellis, Florence Maud
Ellis, John Henry Freeston
Ellis, Thomas John
England, Blanford George
Ennis, Francis Thomas Charles
Ennis, Sydney Francis
Ereaux, Arthur Jerrett
Ernest, Briard
Evans, Bartha Marion
Evans, Edward James
Eveleigh, Florence
Fallaize, Caroline Bartha
Falle, Ethel Maud
Falle, Leonie Vernon
Fallis, Ernest
Farcell, William Henry
Farrier, Grace Irene Constance
Farrier, Hilda Florence Maud
Fausse, Louisa Augustine
Feltham, Edward George
Feltham, Matilda
Ferbrache, Alfred
Ferris, Eva Mariam Whitel
Fielding, Gertrude
Filch, Maud Adelaide
Filleul, Henry Messervy
Flambard, John Alfred Noel
Fletcher, Charles William
Fletcher, Fanny Julie
Flood, Adeline Grace
Fontaine, John Metherell
Foot, Annie Jeune
Ford, Snowdon Edwin
Forder, Lilian Maud
Freeman, Constance Gertrude
Friebold, Charlotte Eleanor
Friebold, Louisa Edith
Fry, Grace Victoria
Gabeldu, Ada Lydia
Gaeshay, Irene Lisa
Gallchan, George Thomas
Gallichan, Ernest Bichard
Gallichan, Francis Kenchington
Gallichan, Gladys Rose
Gallie, Maud Ruth
Gallie, Philip George Thomas
Galpin, Ada Maud
Galpin, Arthur William
Gardiner, Alice Catherine May
Garnier, Jane
Gaudin, Bertha Ethel
Gaudin, Lilian Susan
Geary, William Henry
Gee, Alfred William Edward
Gee, Henrietta Jane
Gendewar, Sidney Arthur
Gerard, Adolphus Edward Louis
Germain, William Francis
Gibbons, Gladys Annie Gertrude
Gibsone, Edward
Gibsone, Hugh Francis Hackett
Gill, Ada Louisa
Girard, Emma Sophie
Girard, Mary
Glendewar, Clarence Thomas
Godfray, Henry Charles
Goldsmith, George Richard
Goodread, Henry Sidney
Gosline, Prudence Lily
Gosselin, Clarence Alfred
Gotrel, Amelia Elizabeth Rose
Goubin, Rosa Alice Powell
Gough, Hilda Margaret
Grandin, John Philip
Grandin, Marjory
Grant, Percy John
Grant, Sydney Joseph
Gray, Joseph Henry
Gray, Liliam Maud
Gray, Violet Victoria
Green, Alfred Edmunds
Green, Mabel Marion
Greig, Gerald William
Griffin, Blanche Mabel
Grimshaw, Alice Maud
Gruchy, Edward John
Guiton, James Ernest
Gumbrel, Florence Louisa Musgrove
Guppy, Grace Louise
Guppy, James George
Guppy, John Sydney
Guy, Florence Henrietta
Guy, Hamilton Barter
Guy, Thomas Hamilton
Hackett, Florence
Hall, Albert
Hall, Emma
Hall, Ida Mary
Hallet, Ethel Ann
Hallman, Albert Victor
Hamblyn, Walter Stanley
Hamon, Jessie Louisa
Hamon, Linda Violet May
Hamon, Marie Elise
Hamon, Maud Marian
Hamon, Percy Winter
Hamon, Philip James
Hampton, Annie
Hampton, William
Hannaford, Blanche Henrietta Lilian
Hannaford, Lilian Elizabeth
Hansford, Francis Sydney
Hansford, William Henry
Hart, Lydia Maud
Hayllar, Florence Jane
Hazard, Albina Marthe
Hazard, Gabriel Dumesnil
Healey, Mary Aubert
Heathcote, Mabel Olive
Heather, Ida Coruclia
Hennessey, Francis Daniel
Henwood, Edward John
Herbert, Edgar Thomas
Hibbs, Geoffry Clark
Hibbs, Gordon Ewart
Hibbs, Isaac Bower
Higgins, Alice Annie
Hodges, Edmund James
Hodgeson, Elise Maud
Hodgetts, Ada Helen
Hollis, Edmund Francis
Holness, Clara Maud
Home, Dorothy
Honeycombe, Albert Henry
Honeycombe, Richard Charles
Honeycombe, Walter Davy
Hooper, Eva Louise
Hopkins, Arthur Philip
Horner, Arthur George
Hotton, Alfred John
Hotton, Clarence William
Hotton, Clement Victor
Hotton, Frederick Crewe
Hotton, Fredrick James
Hotton, Henry Elijah
Hotton, Hilda Florence
Hotton, Lilian Mary
Howard, Howard
Howell, Jessie Violet
Hoxley, Thornton Henry
Hoyles, Annie Mary
Hoyles, William John Helleur
Huelin, Elizabeth Mary
Huelin, Tryphena Augusta Eda
Hughes, Ada Gladys
Humphrey, William Francis
Husband, Reginald Francis
Hutchings, Rhona Maud
Hutchings, Thomas Philip
Ingram, John Henry
Irving, William James
James, Florence Lilian
Jandron, Hilda Marett
Janvrin, Eva Mabel
Jaynes, Herbert William
Jeandron, Emmeline Louise
Jeandron, Philip George
Jeane, Ophelia Gertrude
Jeffrey, William Henry Amy
Jeffreys, Kathleen Maude
Jennie, Florence Mary
Jennings, Reginald John
Jesty, Gordon James Warren
Jeune, George Sydney
Jeune, John Alfred
Jeune, William Charles
Jones, Francis Ernest
Jones, Reginald Walter
Jones, Rosa Alice
Jones, Stephanie Victoria
Jones, Thomas Henry
Jouan, Mabel Maud
Jouguet, Harold Wilfred
Journeaux, Ada Ann Elizabeth
Journeaux, Ada Blanche
Journeaux, Alfred Stephens
Journeaux, Charles William
Journeaux, Francis Le Masurier
Journeaux, Gladys Levinia
Journeaux, Hilda May
Journeaux, Irene Seynthia
Journeaux, Mabel Louisa Grace
Kackett, Nora Hannah
Keast, William John Richard
Keeping, Albert Henry
Keeping, Alice Violet
Kelland, Harriet Hilda
Kelly, Eva
Kemish, Albert Arthur
Kemish, Ethel Maud
Kenchington, Frederick William
Kent, Adela Estelle Rose
Kent, Ida Charlotte Lilian
Kent, Ruby Irena
Kessell, Florence Alberta
Keyworth, James Wills
Killminister, Wilfred Edward
Killminster, David De La Moth
La Fallais, Walter Edward
La Sauteur, William Georg Battam
Lakeman, Edward George
Lakeman, Mabel Emma Pellow
Lakeman, Walter John
Lamberton, Harold Francis
Lancashier, William Thomas
Lancashire, Lilian Maud
Lane, Ernest Alexander
Langford, Eliza Helena
Langlois, Beatrice Louisa
Langlois, Maud Florence
Larbalastier, Wilfred Goow
Larbalestier, Cecil Morris
Larbalestier, Dorothy
Larbalestier, Ethel Rose
Larbalestier, Harold Percy
Larbalestier, Laura Lilian
Larbalestier, Owen Peter
Laurens, Irene Gladys
Laurens, Louie Annie
Laurens, Matilda Elizabeth Annie
Laurent, George Oscar
Lauzanne, Frederick Gustave
Laverty, Violet Mabel
Le Bas, Beatrice Emme
Le Bas, Hilda Mary
Le Ber, Henry Charles
Le Blancq, Elsie May
Le Blancq, Ivy Isabel
Le Boutillier, Annie Elvina
Le Boutillier, Gladys Ann Violet
Le Boutillier, John
Le Breton, Ernest Edwin
Le Breton, Harold Francis Knight
Le Breton, Mabel Maud
Le Breton, Ruby Mackenzie
Le Bris, Maud Francis Rebecca
Le Brocq, John Wilfrid
Le Brun, Claude Alfred
Le Brun, Ernest Joseph Sidney
Le Brun, George Richard Philip
Le Brun, Jessica Le Neveu
Le Caudey, Vera Emily May
Le Cocq, Emma Rosina
Le Cocq, George Charles Holmes
Le Cocq, John Philip
Le Cocq, Richard James
Le Cornu, Daisy Gertrude
Le Cornu, Elsie Elise
Le Cornu, Emma
Le Cornu, Florence
Le Cornu, Ivy Adeline
Le Cornu, Lilian Voysey
Le Couteur, Ada Jane
Le Couteur, Ann Mary
Le Couteur, Bertha Grace
Le Couteur, Elsie Louisa
Le Couteur, Frank
Le Couteur, Maud Marion
Le Feuvre, Arthur
Le Feuvre, Charles George
Le Feuvre, George Clement
Le Feuvre, May
Le Feuvre, Walter Nicolle
Le Feuvre, William Frederick
Le Francois, James Edward
Le Gallais, Norman
Le Geyt, Joseph Alfred
Le Geyt, Maud Alice
Le Gresley, John Leigh
Le Gresley, Rosa Helena
Le Gros, Alice Maud Mary
Le Gros, Austin Phlip Bichard
Le Gros, Fanny Clementine Dunford
Le Gros, Olive
Le Lievre, Percy Francis
Le Lievre, Thomas Albert
Le Maistre, Ellen Stanbury
Le Maistre, Victoria May
Le Marchand, Charles Henry
Le Marinel, Alice Fanny
Le Marquand, Annie Elizabeth
Le Marquand, Catherine
Le Marquand, Ernest
Le Marquand, Frank Bruce
Le Marquand, George Philip
Le Marquand, Maud Bruce
Le Marquand, Philip Peter
Le Masurier, Charles Philip Henry
Le Masurier, John Edward
Le Masurier, Mary Jane
Le Mercier, Oliver
Le Mierre, Florence Elise
Le Mottee, Jane Matilda
Le Mouton, Hilda May
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Alice Mabel
Le Pras, Alice May
Le Prevost, Mary Baskerville
Le Quesne, Alfred Percy
Le Riche, Emily Jane
Le Riche, Philip Edward
Le Rossignol, Gertrude
Le Rue, William Clarence
Le Ruez, Beatrice May
Le Ruez, Reginald Thomas
Le Sauvage, Alfred Thomas Charles
Le Sueur, Charles Bichard
Le Sueur, Charles Henry
Le Sueur, Edith Florence
Le Sueur, Emily Lilian
Le Sueur, Florence
Le Sueur, Gertrude Annie
Le Sueur, Gladys Lilian
Le Sueur, Henry Francis
Le Sueur, Horace
Le Sueur, Louisa Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Melisia Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Olive May
Le Sueur, Philip Thomas
Le Sueur, Sinwood Charles
Le Tourneur, Gertrude Maud
Le Tourneur, Reginald Francis
Le Vauasseur dit Durell, William Edward
Le Vesconte, Alice Mary
Le Vesconte, John William
Leat, Edith Harriet
Leech, Nelson Mesley
Lees, Elizabeth Jane
Legg, Alfred Charles
Lempriere, Annie Elizabeth
Lempriere, Dora Elizabeth Rachel
Lempriere, Dorothy Gale
Lempriere, Rachel Melanie Margarite
Lempriere, Violet Mary
Lempriere, William George
Lenaghan, Winnifred Violet
Leopold, Archibald
Lesbirel, Stanley Jeffrey
Leslie, Joseph Thomas
Letto, Louise Delphine
Levans, Clifford Vivian
Lewis, John William
Lewis, Louisa Ann
Lillicrap, Clarence Henry John
Little, George William
Lock, Emily
Lock, James Joseph Salter
London, Adolphus William
Long, Florie Alice
Long, Nellie Eva
Lovett, Mary Ann
Lozanne, Blanche Alice
Lucas, Charles Dudingston
Lucas, Emily Lydia
Lucas, Francis Philip
Lucas, Frederick Edward
Lucas, John William
Luce, Alice Beatrice
Luce, Alice Jane
Luce, Maud Annie
Luce, Philippa Louise
Luckarift Alice, Kathleen Alice
Lyle, George Cecil
Lyne, Arthur Oliver
Lyne, Percival George
Macey, Arthur Edwin
Machon, Arthur John William
Machon, Whitby Harold
Macready, Jeannie Caroline
Maguire, Henry
Mallet, Clement Bertram
Mallett, Ida Eveline
Malzard, Rose Phillis
Manning, Joseph Onslow
Marett, Ada Miriam
Marett, Annie Amy
Marett, John Isaac
Marie, Albret Francis
Marie, Elizabeth
Marrett, George Charles
Marrett, William George
Marshall, Elsie Louisa
Marshall, Ernest George Henry
Marshall, Florence Adelina
Martin, Alice Mary
Martin, George
Martin, Hilda Louisa
Martin, John Thomas Gallop
Mason, Dorothy
Matson, Matilda Rose
Matthews, Gladys Emily
Mauger, Eunice Florence
Mauger, George Ernest
McBride, Frederick William
McCullock, William James Thompson
McDermott, Frances Violet Mary
McDonald, Edward Herbert
McFarlane, Ethel May
McKennay, Harold James
McLeod, Henri Frederick William
McLoughlin, Francis Claude
Medland, John Alfred
Mellowby, Jessie Amy Alice
Miller, Ethel Miriam
Miller, John William Thomas
Miller, Maud
Millow, William Charles Paul
Minchinton, Mary Louise
Moignard, Edward Thomas
Moignard, Ernest
Moignard, Lydia Harriet
Mollet, Bessie
Monamy, Lilian Elmy
Monkton, Ethel Mary
Monskton, Joan Frances
Moody, Clarence Walter
Moody, Edith Winifred
Moody, George William
Moon, Reginald James
Morgan, Mabel Louisa
Morris, Ethel
Moss, Edith Elsie Mildred
Moss, Mary Elizabeth
Mourant, Ada Emily
Moxey, Lilian Clara
Moxey, Violet Beatrice
Moyse, John Philip
Murray, Amelia Daisy
Murray, Annie Jane
Murray, Charles Joseph
Needham, Harriet Ellen
Nerou, Louis
Neusham, John Frederick
Neville, Honor Osborne
Newsham, Amy Gertrude
Nicolle, Cyril Victor
Noel, Alice Eliza Beswick
Noel, Hilda Elizabeth
Noel, Janet Louise
Noel, Lily Hilda
Noel, Philip Pallot
Noel, Reginald Courtenay Du Heaume
Noel, William Arthur
Norman, Madeleine Louise
Norris, Sidney Charles
Norton, Edith
Norton, George
Nudds, William John
Nurdin, William Stephen
O'Brien, Maud Mary
O'Shea, Ruby Evaline May
Oblin, Arthur John
Oldridge, Constance Fanny
Olsn, Ole Lars
Orviss, Fred Gerald
Osborne, Doras Violet
Osment, Emeline May
Osment, Florence Emma
Osment, Nellie Mabel
Owen, Guy
Ozard, Francis Henry Edwin
Ozard, John Philip Frank
Page, Gertrude Eveline Maud
Pallot, Adolphus Peter
Pallot, Clément Charles
Pallot, John Josue
Pallot, Lydia Margaret
Pallot, Percy Arthur
Palmer, Edith May
Palmer, Elenor Elizabeth
Parker, Alice Mary
Parker, Florence Ellen
Paskins, Frederick Walter
Paul, Jane Elizabeth
Paul, Thomas William
Payne, Harriet
Pearce, Alice Beatrice May
Pearce, Charles Albert
Pearce, William
Peel-Yates, Olga Lucia
Pellows, Winifred Mary
Pennington, Gladys
Perchard, Annie Elizabeth
Perchard, Hedley John
Perkins, Amy Lilian
Perkins, Elise Emma
Perkins, Helena Rosa
Perkins, Lilian Amy
Perkins, Louisa Jane
Perry, Hilda Louisa
Picot, Arthur Noel
Picot, Harold Samuel
Picot, Hilda
Picot, Lilian Maud
Picot, Rosita Eda
Picot, Stanley Gordon
Pigeon, Edwin Alfred
Pihan , Charles Arthur
Pilluet, Alice Eunice
Pinel, Albert Henry
Pinel, Ellen Elizabeth
Piquet, Clara
Piquet, Reginald Sydney
Pitman, Clarence Harold
Pitman, Lilian Maud
Pluck, Florence Emily
Pluck, James
Plunket, Gladys May
Podger, George Ray
Poingdestre, Arthur William
Poingdestre, Ethel Eliza
Poingdestre, Francis
Poingdestre, Reginald
Pool, Harold John
Poole, Arthur
Poole, Lucy Maud
Pooley, William George
Porley, Alice Maud
Potter, Frederick
Potter, Mary Faith
Pratt, Daisy
Pratt, Madge Gallop
Preece, Mabel Amelia
Prevel, Lilian Charlotte
Price, Joseph Louis
Priestwood, Celia Barbara
Priestwood, William Mark Long
Prout, Archibald Le Sueur
Pullen, Edith Mary
Pullen, Elvina Annie
Pullen, Thomas Charles
Pyke, Ethel Violet
Queree, Ada Ruby
Queree, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Queree, Hilda Anna
Quesnel, Ada Julia
Ralph, Henrietta Selina
Rawle, William Reginald Whitburn
Raye, Ethel Ivy
Raye, Lilian Edna
Reed, John James
Renouf, Alice Maud Ann
Renouf, Charles Le Gros
Renouf, Edward De Faye
Renouf, Fay
Renouf, Fredoline Annie
Renouf, George
Renouf, William John
Reynolds, Charles Hubert
Reynolds, Frederick William Roborough
Reynolds, Thomas Frederick
Rhoda, Walter Frederick
Richards, Gladys Lilian
Richards, Jessie Annie
Richardson, Aubin
Richardson, Walter Henry Ridgeway
Richmond, Frank William
Richmond, George John
Ripper, Elsie
Rive, Alfred George
Rive, Edward Clarence
Robert, Harry
Robert, Lena Matilda
Robert, Philip
Robinson, Jessie Maud
Robinson, Thomas Clarence Percy
Rogers, Annie Emily Louisa
Rogers, Herbert James
Rogers, John Champion
Roissier, Horace Francis
Romeril, Cecil Jane
Rossborough, Reginald Allen
Rothwell, Winifred
Rouxel, Edmund Yves Louis
Rouxelle, Arthur Yves Louis
Rowcliffe, Victor Keen
Rowecliffe, Clarence Walter
Rowland, Maud Victoria
Ruff, Henry Albert
Ryan, Catherine Mary
Ryan, Ethel Violet Hayden
Ryan, Joseph Rubert
S'Bire, Florence Larbalestier
Saddler, Frederick John
Sampson, Alfred Edward
Sampson, Ernest Victor
Saunders, Ernest William
Saunders, Kate Winefred
Saunders, Percival Le Claire
Saunders, Violet Beatrice
Scott, Charles Lennox Janvrin
Scott, Jessie Maud
Scott, Malie Constance
Searle, Elizabeth Hilda
Searle, William George
Sebire, Percival
Sebire, Reginald
Sergeant, Ellen
Sevens, Eveline Lilian May
Shales, Frances Elizabeth Emily
Shales, Henry Charles William
Sharpe, Elizabeth
Shazuel, William Samuel
Sheiver, Arthur
Shireff, John George Henry
Shott, Lilian Eliza
Simmons, Louisa Ann
Simon, Ann Elizabeth
Simon, Harold Murray
Simon, Thomas
Simonds, Francis Arthur
Simonds, Francis Lional de Winter
Sinclair, William Edward
Sinel, Elizabeth Maria
Sinel, Gladys Bertha Alice
Single, Lilian Mabel
Sinnicks, Reginald William
Skelley, Edward James
Small, William James
Smith, Clara Alexandrina
Smith, Edith Millicent
Smith, Florence Maud
Smith, Frederick Charles
Smith, Gertrude Beatrice
Smith, Mabel Alice
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Walter Henry
Sohier, Elizabeth Julia
Sohier, Philip John
Souley, William Hammond
Sowden, Alice Matilda
Sowden, Bertha Margaret
Spratt, Alice
Spratt, Ruth Elizabeth Minturn
Square, Alice Ada
Square, Amelia Rose
St George, Alfred James
St George, Alice Amelia Mary
Stadgwick, Selina Louise
Stark, Lily
Statt, Garnet Wilfred
Statt, Harold Archelep
Statt, Myra Clarissa
Stear, George Edmund
Steel, Edward John
Steggler, Arthur Henry
Stephen, Sidney George
Stephens, Clement William
Stephens, Helen Annie
Stephens, John Hughes
Stephens, Neilson Charles
Stephens, William Carden Messervey
Stevens, Elsie Gertrude
Stire, Hilda Gladys
Stone, Florence Eliza
Stopher, Rebecca Lydia
Sturgess, George Henry
Suinicks, Charles Robert
Suret, John Ernest
Syborn, Ruby Eliza
Symes, Charlet William Ellis
Symons, Reginald James
Syvret, Ethel Beatrice
Syvret, Marion May
Syvret, Sidney George
Tallis, Charles John
Tambrook, Rosaline Maud
Tank, Reginald Woodley
Taylor, Albert Ernest John
Teague, Snowdon William Jacobs
Teaguel, Snowdon William Jacob
Teaque, Constance Ethel
Thatcher, George Albert
Thatcher, Lily Mabel
Thatcher, Reuben Laurens
Thelland, Marie
Thelland, Mildred
Therin, William James Marie
Thomas, Florence May
Thomas, Frederick William
Thomas, Louise
Thomas, Thomas Arthur
Thornton, Beatrice Elizabeth
Thoume, Thomas Marquand
Tirel, Alice Maud Mary
Tirel, John William Henry
Tisson, Francis
Tisson, George Francois
Tite, Thomas
Tite, Winter John Samuel
Toms, Frazer Woodland
Touzel, Alice Maud
Touzel, Bertie Stanley
Touzel, Louisa Alice
Travers, Ernes William
Traylen, Harold
Trehan, Harold Edgar
Trump, Clement Harry
Trump, George
Tucker, William George
Turner, Clarissa Maud Matilda
Turner, Elizabeth Louisa
Turner, Grace Murial
Turner, Joseph William George
Turner, Walter Stewart
Turpin, Charles William Cawley
Turpin, Edith Amelia
Turpin, Lizzie Florence
Vallois, Ernest Alexander
Valpey, John Philip
Valpy, Emily
Valpy, Harold George
Vardon, Alfred James
Vardon, Clarence George
Vaughan, Gilbert Edward Jones
Vautier, Clarence Edwin
Venement, Selina
Venement, William George
Verron, Elsie Mary Julie
Vickers, Maud Mary
Voisin, Beatrice Janvrin
Voisin, Clara Eliza
Waddington, Kathleen
Wakefield, Herbert George
Walker, Arthur Charles
Walker, James Edward
Wallace, Richard Stoodley
Wallis, Ada Fredericka
Wallsar, Mary
Walters, Maud Matilda
Walters, Stanley Miles
Warn, Minnie Ada
Warne, Bertie
Warren, Grace Emily
Warren, Lily Agnes Violet
Warren, Percival Walter
Warrin, Florence Violet
Watkins, Stephen John
Watts, Frederick Charles
Watts, Minda Philippa
Way, Peter Philip
Webb, Arthur George
Webb, Cecelia
Webb, Charles John
Webb, Gladys Irene
Webb, John
Webber, Louise Maud
Wells, Grace Mary
Wells, Winnifred Courtenay
Welsh, Reginald James McIntosh
Werrin, Nelson
West, Edith Mary
West, Eva Irene
West, Ruth Constance Stanley
Weston, Eunice Payne
Wherry, Lilian Maud
Wherry, Minnie Isola Madge
White, Alice Maud
White, Dora
White, Elsie Mary
White, Lily May
White, Louisa Jane
White, Rowland John
Whitel, Henry Thomas
Whittle, John Edward Snowdon
Whyatt, Harold Alfred
Wilkinson, Thomas
Williams, Edwin Percy
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Maggie Amelia
Willmet, Archibald Langmead
Willmott, George Arthur
Witchard, Mabel
Wood, Victoria Le Titia
Woodcock, Helena Hetty Frances
Woodley, Hubert John
Woodnutt, William Henry
Woodsford, Ellen Lottie
Woodward, Elizabeth Ann
Wyatt, William Charles Dixon Town Church


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