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Social clubs: Jersey Ex Service Men's Club, including the rules and accounts for 1940 and a list of members and social members

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1940 - 1941


Bailiff's Chambers
Jersey Ex Service Men's Club
Andrews, Brigadier General
Abbott, A
Amy, J
Assinder family
Atkins, A
Audrain, P
Boudier, W
Brown, H
Bisson, G
Bennett, A
Behoe, G
Brown, G
Bolkat, J P
Benest, A J
Bertram, H
Barratt, E
Cawley, F
Courcoux, A
Challoner, C
Colley, A
Curtis Family
Cooper, C
Crawford-Morrison, Major
Brooker, A A
De Ste Croix, G
Dutot, C
Davoine, R
de la Haye, G
de Ste Croix, A
Dimond, E
De Ste Croix, J
de Ste Croix, F
Drouin Family
du Feu, E
De Castro, A
Ereaut, H
Elliott, C
Egre, L
Forward, J
Frampton, H
Farley, W
Fermin, J
Godel, W
Green, C
Gallichan, C J
Garde Family
Gallichan, E
Guiton, A T
Giffard, R
Glendewar, H
Glendewar, G W
Hurry, Commander
Hughes, J
Hitchcock Family
Hafey Family
Harper, W
Huson, A
Howe, W
Hassell, F
Hidrio, A J
Hilliker, C
Hansford, R F
Hughes, R
Illien, P
Jones, Harry D, Captain
Journeaux, G
Kemish, C
Kiln, W
Keagan, J
Kemp Family
Kinnish, A
Kemish, F
Le Blancq, P
Le Breton, A
Le Sauvage, C
Langford, G
Le Cocq, P
Le Riche, H
Le Hereaux, J
Le Gros, H
Le Brun, A
Le Sueur, A
Le Gros, W H
Le Breton, W
Le Blancq, P
Le Breton, D
Le Breton, Bernard
Le Breton, A
Mangan, R
Moyse, L
Mollett, P
Morin, E
Manning, K
Matson, W
Newall, R
Norman family
Norman, J
Norman, Lieutenant
Osmond, A
Ozouf, W
Pallot, C
Page, A K
Pirouet, Commander
Poingdestre, R
Perry, B
Penny, W
Pridmore, R
Picot, H
Poingdestre, R
Quinn, E
Quintaine, W
Rossborough, Captain
Robbins, R
Rive, G
Seager, H
Seager, G
Samson, A
Slee, J
Symons Family
Sarre, A
Snell, A
Stanley, G
Symons, W
Syvret, H
Stone, J
Tirel, F
Taylor, J
Withnall, W
Watkins, R
Webb, Lieutenant
Wilkinson Family
Williams, O
Andrews, M
Ayres, W
Amy, Mrs
Andrews, Mrs
Andrews, Mrs
Andrews, Miss
Amy, Mrs
Anley, H
Le Blancq, Mrs
Buckingham, J
Brown, E
Bisson, Mrs
Le Breton, Mrs
Brown, H
Bolton, Mrs
Barry, Mrs
Bedford, Mr
Le Boutillier, Mrs
Le Breton, S
Le Breton, B
Briard, A
Briard, Mrs
Le Blancq, Mr
Le Breton, D
Barry, K
Bennett, Mrs
Bisson, Mrs
Bisson, F
Beaumont, E
Bertram, E
Bartlett, F
Brun Le, Mrs
De Ste Croix, G
Cawley, Mrs
La Cloche, Mrs
La Cloche, Miss
De Ste Croix, F C
Cryner, Mrs
Le Cornu, J
de Ste Croix, A
Le Cocq, Mrs
Collins, B
de Ste Croix, A
Le Cornu, Mrs
Cordery, Mrs
Catchnet, F
Claire, B
Corbin, F
Drew, F
Dupre, Mrs
Dunkin, Mrs
Dunkin, Miss
Dreux, P
Dreux, P
Egre, H
Falle, Mrs
Falle, Miss
Le Feuvre, A
Le Feuvre, L
Finnamore, C
Le Gros, Mrs
Gulliver, Mrs
Gribbin, L
Godel, Mrs
Guegan, Mrs
Guegan, Mr
Green, Mrs
Hyne, Mrs
Hutchings, Mrs
Hill, Mrs
Hughes, Mrs
Le Huguet, Mrs
Hardy, Mrs
Honeycombe, A
Honeycombe, Mrs
Hughes, E
Huson, Mrs
Humphries, Mrs
Isaacs, Mrs
Jennings, Mrs
Jocelyn, Mrs
Journeaux, Mrs
Journeaux, J
Jewell, W S
Kiln, R
Keegan, F
Lees, W
Lees, Mrs
Langlois, M
Langlois, L
Moyse, L
Matthews, Mrs
Morgan, Mrs
Matson, Mrs
McBoyle, Mrs
Mahoney, Mrs
Mehent, Mrs
Marguerie, Miss
Le Main, Mrs
de la Mere, Mrs
Michel, A
Newell, Mrs
Ordish, Mrs
Picot, M
Pinel, Mr
Pinel, Mrs
Picot, D
Poingdestre, Mrs
Pallor, Mrs
Perchard, P
Perchard, E
Perrier, Mrs
Packer, Mrs
Philips, Mrs
Packer, M
Patch, Miss
Le Quellenec, Mrs
Quintaine, G
Quinlan, W
Rive, Mrs
Robinson, Mrs
Richmond, Mrs
Richmond, Miss
Reidy, Mrs
Roberre, Mr
Roberre, Mrs
Syvret, H
Searle, L
Samson, Mrs
Samson, P
Stoodley, R
Symonds, Mrs
Symonds, C
Syvret, M
Simmons, Mrs
Symonds, C
Searle, Mrs
Sullivan, J
Stait, Mrs
Sayers, Mrs
Le Tourneur, Mrs
Thomas, A
Topp, C E
Turner, A
Le Vesconte, Mrs
Varaillon, Mrs
de Vaux, Mrs
Vignot, E
Varney, Mrs
Watkins, L
Warren, V
Williams, Mrs
Walker, Mr
Walker, Mrs
Woods, Mrs
Von Stein, Field Commander


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