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Social clubs: Caesarean Club - including rules book and list of members

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1940 - 1941


Caesarean Club
Renouf, W F
Amy, C D
Le Bas, W P
Amy, C V
Belford, J M
Noel, C C
Hornby, G
Le Sueur, F P
Dutot, F P
Case, W A
De Guerin, F W
Scadden, T C
Draycott, R S
Le Caudey, D P
Boleat, J F
Downer, G
Le Couilliard, S C
Baudains, J F
Huelin, J
Marks, H
Spalton, F
Green, J C
Gilley, E
Tolcher, S M
Le Poidevin, J de F
de la Haye, G F
Le Masurier, J P
Tregear, F
Tarr, A
Benest, P L
Le Gresley, E F
Bebest, C J
Langdon, L
Franklin, C J
Mourant, T P
Leopold, W H
Taylor, E S
Barnes, F E
Le Herissier, W C
Harding, R
Farley, E
Thatcher, R L
Le Quesne, P
Watson, J
Ivey, W J
Miles, E
Gallichan, A F
Beer, R J
Jackson, J
Husband, A
Cole, L
Le Blancq, S C
Heading, V
Prain, S D
Le Boutillier, H R
Huelin, E
Corrigan, F F
Hallewell, A V
Goodchild, R
Chandler, F D
Nicolle, W
de Faye, C B
Watson, S C
Le Breton, A T
Preston, H
Foregeard, J F
Chadwick, C E
Reed, A H G
Stevens, L P
Ryan, W J
Payn, R D
Le Gresley, C A
Coyle, D T M
Zeigler, R P
Le Brun, W M
Romeril, G A
Copp, H L
Le Brun, C
Assinder, H A
Vitel, E C
Jeune, A T
O'Neill, B C
Porter, E C
Arthur, E B
Mackenzie, H
Davies, H P
Allen, G
Gavey, P J
Pugsley, T J
Cooper, H
Le Gresley, J W
Blake, J E
Foster, F N
Blakeway, F E
Benson, E W
Queree, H G
Wells, P M
Briginshaw, H
Stent, E H
Nicolle, F J
Rive, Lyndon
Renouf, F H
Wilcox, J T A
Le Masurier, G J
Jouault, J L
Avarne, C H B
Binnington, R
Perredes, A M
Perredes, E C
Le Sueur, H H
Horman, S
Gallichan, J G
Brailey, G
Tostevin, A E
Samson, A
Brée, H T
Gallon, R D
Langin, H G
Le Quesne, J R
White, A H
Desmares, P M
Syvret, J H
Thomas, G R
Paskins, T F
Mallows, W
Gordon, S
Sutton, W
d'Alcorn, W E
Hele, W E
Roberts, P R J
Blackburn, C
Vitel, M A
Le Boutillier, F
Minns, W G
Bertram, A R
Le Sueur, L
Miller, R E
Rive, A G
Owen, S A
Journeaux, C P
Harvey, A
Green, A T
Hines, H S
Cuming, C J


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