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Passports and visa applications for those travelling to or through Occupied Territory. The first part of the applications diary contains references relating to papers in A/E/8/17. The file also contains a report of an appeal from the Royal Court delivered 27th January 1906 concerning the executors of the Will of Julia Westaway

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December 5th 1921 - March 20th 1925


Maitland, W Whitaker
Bauche, Mary S
Amy, Anna Gordon
Spearman, J
Davis, Edward Clarence
Benest, Philip Labey
Deans, Sidney Carswell
Benest, Cyril John
Conn, Mrs
Marks, Mrs
Spratt, Charles Edward
Westaway, Julia
Curwood, Elizabeth
Baudains, Constable of St Helier
Falla, Peter
Thelland, Mr
Skegg, Reverend
Taunton, Hugh Lupus
Taunton, Raufe Grosvenor
Taunton, William G
Snowman, Henry
Snowman, Alberta H
Whittuck, Kathleen Amy Rowner
Guiton, Paul Louis
Filleul, Amy Marguerite
Benest, Harold George
Benest, Evelyn Elinor
Filleul, Harriet Amy
Filleul, Dudley Scarborough Atteleyn
Michel, Edith Mary
Horman, Lilian Maude, née Gibson
Horman, William Arthur
Hamilton, Robert Clifton
Wood-Hall, Arthur
Higginbotham, Josiah
Dealy, John Anderson
Davis, Catherine, née du Pont
Cox, Arthur Brooks
Cox. Laura Rochmond, née Campbell
Cox, Valerie Margaret
Maggs, William
Morse, Sydney John
Morse, Mary, née Dwight
Warde, Louisa Mary-Anne, née Knibbs
Warde, Charles Parry
Fitzhenry, Edith Jessie Violet, née Bird
Gibson, John Holmes
Gibson, Sarah Myra, née Fairchild
Poole, Henry Samuel George
Elliott, F E
Elliott, J B W
McGill, Harry Robertson
Martin, Kathleen Muriel
Martin, Edward Victor
Hampton, Alexander Robert Geoffrey
Hampton, Ada Mary, née Bertelsen
Duvey, Gladwin Harry
Duvey, Elsie May, née Le Cras
Wood-Hall, Frederick George
Morris, William James
Scott, Jessie Lennox


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