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Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Sir G Don's, Letter Book of correspondence with the Island Authorities. The index has been scanned and attached.

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May 27th 1810 - November 13th 1812


States of Jersey
Don, Sir George, Lieutenant General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1806 - 1814
Le Breton, Thomas
Lempriere, Samuel
Burrard, Sir Harry, General
de Carteret, Colonel
Lauzun, Captain
de Veulle, John
Dumaresq, Sir John
Carteret, Captain
Winter, Philip
Dumaresq, Colonel
Patriarche, Colonel
de Veulle, Colonel
de Carteret, Philip
Giffard, François
de Gruchy, Francois, Constable
Janvrin, Mr
Durell, Mr
Mallet, Mr
de Veulle, Mr
Langlois, John
Champion, Edmond
Chevalier, Mr
Poingdestre, Captain
Marett, Charles
Jones, Doctor
Lerrier, Doctor
Poingdestre, Doctor
Carnegie, Doctor
Evans, Doctor
Hammond, J
Winter, John, Deputy Viscount
Janvrin, François
Humfrey, Lieutenant Colonel
Pipon, James
Hemery, James
Durell, Philip
Lys, Captain
Chevalier, Charles
Poingdestre, John
Le Berton, Philip, Reverend
Le Couteur, Major General
Nicolle, Captain
Hooper, John, Constable of Grouville
Benest, George, Constable of St Brelade's
Robichon, Major
Edgeworth, Sir William
du Heaume, George, Reverend
Bertram, George
Ahier, Philip
Travers, Benjamin
Ahier, Milford
Union Hotel
Durell, Philip, Constable of St Saviour
Broomhead, Lieutenant Colonel
Kerby, F
Ingouville, George


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