Register of décrets includes lists of creditors and acquisitors of bankrupt individuals, gives history of their financial debts. Livre 50 (index)




1874 - 1875


Samedi Court
Judicial Greffe
Royal Court
Gifford, Alvah Walter
Nicklin, Caroline Mary
Bosdet, George Jean
Asplet, Jean
Le Seelleur, Jeanne Catherine, née Falle
Le Seelleur, Philippe
Ahier, George
Ereaut, Mary Gregory, née Kingsnorth
Ereaut, Philippe
Pritchard, Elizabeth Withall, née Perchard
Pritchard, Thomas
Ackland, William Wogan
Bury, Maxwell
Nowell, Frederick
Camfield, Julia
Cuming, Julia Anne Crozier
Cuming, William Richard
Cuming, William
de la Cour, Philippe Jean
de la Cour, Anna Rachel
de la Cour, Philippe
Le Gros, Thomas
Whettingstall, William Curtis
Whettingstall, William Hardie
Larens, Philippe Jean
Laurens, Philippe
Le Boutillier, Pierre
Le Boutillier, Jean
Carrel, Frederick
Gallie, Edouard
Carrel, John
Le Feuvre, John Charles
Le Bailly, Josué
Le Brun, Philippe
de la Mare, Philippe Abraham
Vautier, Philippe
Vautier, Jean
Carter, Sarah
Rendle, Robert
Binet, Jean
Binet, Jean Philippe
Ellis, Elizabeth, née Collas
Ellis, Sillis
Averty, George
Anquetil, François
Romeril, Marie
de Gruchy, Jean
Gray, Charles William
Cragg, John
Le Neveu, Philippe
Le Gresley, Philippe
Baker, James
Thompson, Matilda Caroline
Powell, Henry
Hinchcliffe, Charlotte Marie
Lowe, Charles John
Staddon, Caroline, née McCloud
Staddon, Henry
McCloud, Eliza Mary Ann
McCloud, Josué
Collins, Amos Jeffrey
Collins, Moses Vening
Kilvinton, William Pearson
Kilvinton, Theophilus
Jones, Mary
Brooks, Vincent
Brooks, John
Clark, George
Clark, William


Judicial Greffe | Law | courts | bankruptcy | décrets


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