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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments and have been indexed by name of person. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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April 22nd 1896 - February 6th 1899


States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Ahearne, Elizabeth, née Cassidy
Ahearne, James
Ahier, Henry
Allain, Julie, née Ruellan
Allam, Violet
Allan, Elizabeth, née Miles
Amy, Emeline E
Amy, G G
Amy, Herbert
Amy, Marie L
Amy, Philippe
Amy, William Herbert
Anderson and Sons, J
Andrews, Fanny
Andrews, Mary Ann, née Brooks
Ashley, Mrs
Aubert, P and W
Aubin, Ada Annie, née Thomas
Aubin, Mary, née Hill
Aubin, Walter Durel, Doctor
Averty, G
Averty, Katie, née McEvoy
Averyt, M M G and Mutton, R
Baal, John Thomas
Bailey, Catherine, née Leary
Bailey, Mary Ann, née Pearson
Baker, George
Baker, J T
Baldwin, Frank
Baldwin, Mrs
Balleine, George Philippe, Reverend
Baltus, Edwin
Baltus, Francis
Baltus, James
Banks, Robert
Barham, H G Foster
Barkham, George
Bartlett, Annie, née Ingram
Bartlett, Henry
Basset, Julie, née Viel
Bastard, Ernest
Baudains, Mary, née Leading
Baudains, Mary, née Leading
Baudains, Peter
Baudains, Pierre
Baudains, Susannah, née Bickham
Bavage, Mary
Baxter, Susan, née Hopkins
Baxter, Susan, née Hopkins
Beakbane, J
Beaucamp, Eliza
Bedan, Albert Gustave
Bedan, Alice Maud Louisa, née Morley
Bedan, Madeleine Alice
Bennett, Sarah, née Bruce
Benoit, Charles
Benôit, Henry
Berel, Jean
Beret, George
Berry, John
Betts, Madame
Bichard, Philip Charles
Biles Family
Biles, Ann
Biles, Harry
Biles, Mary
Binet, J
Bisson, C J and W
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Jane, née Deslandes
Bisson, Mary Ann
Bisson, Mrs, née Le Cras
Blampied, Mrs
Blight, J H
Block, Joseph
Block, Joseph Jean Marie
Blondel Family
Blondel, Constance
Blondel, Pierre
Blondel, Yvonne, née Gargon
Bodnaham, Charles
Boisnel Family
Bolton, Mrs
Bonnice, Jean
Bonnie, Jean
Bonniec, Jean
Bonvoisin, Victor
Bouhier, Jane Marie, née Briand
Bourke, Catherine, née Shea
Bowdidge, Jane
Brageul, Auguste
Brassey, John
Britton, Catherine, née Davies
Brooks, Fanny, née Griggry
Brouard, Elizabeth Monamy
Brough, Alice, née Benoit
Brough, Timothy
Brown, Kate, née Barry
Brown, Mrs
Bruce, E A, Colonel
Brunet, Harriet, née Le Hardy
Buïck, Amanda
Bunker, Robert Henry
Butler, Sarah, née Martin
Butlers, Agnes, née McArthur
Butters, Agnes, née McArthur
Cahel, Elizabeth, née Hannan
Cahill, Elizabeth, née Le Maistre
Caldwell, John, Reverend
Caldwell, Matilda Adelaide
Callaghan, Mary, née Kenealey
Campbell, Jane, née Dyden
Capitaine, Jeanne Marie, née Masson
Carré, Helier
Carroll, Margaret
Carson, Matthew
Cartaut, Alphonse
Carter, John Job
Carter, Mary, née Brunet
Carter, Mrs
Cavallo, Caroline Esther, née Pouclée
Cavallon, Jean B
Cavey, F M
Cavey, J
Chaffey, Eliza, née Randall
Chambers, Peter
Channing, Georgina
Chaperon, Pierre
Charles, Clara
Chatel, Francois
Chatel, Emelie Emma
Chatel, Ferdinand
Chick, Walter
Childs, Sarah, née Squibb
Chisolm, Fanny, née Millow
Clarke, Thomas
Cochrane, Lydia A
Coffey, Frederick Patrick Edward
Cohu, Cyril Egbert
Cohu, Mary Alice, née Huelin
Cohu, Maud Elsie
Cole, Sophia, née Condon
Coles, Mary, née Catherwood
Collas, Jane, née Vibert
Collas, Mrs
Collet, Theophile
Collett, Thomas
Collings, Elizabeth, née Gale
Collings, Richard B
Collins, Richard
Conard, Marie Joseph
Condon, Mrs, née Cunningham
Conery, Hannah, née Cullen
Coney, Patrick
Connel, Ellen, née Le Mesney
Connel, Mary, née Murphy
Connor, Harriet
Connor, Mary A, née Holmes
Conolly, Mrs
Cooney, Mary, née O'Donoghue
Cooper, Catherine, née Foley
Copp, Jacob
Corley, Annie
Corley, Jane
Cornick, William
Cornick, William H
Cornish, Robert Henry
Cotaize, Jeanne Marie, née Brousteur
Couillard, Elizabeth, née Le Quesne
Le Quesne, Elizabeth
Couillard, Jean Francois
Courtman, John William
Coutanche and Binet
Coutanche, Bessie Rosina Violet
Coutanche, Henrietta
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Violet Jane
Crenon, Joseph
Crenon, Marie
Crill, John and sons
Crook, James
Cross, John
Dale, Emily
Dale, Helena Elizabeth
Dale, John
d'Authereau, Caroline
Davis, Henry
Davis, Jemima, née Mitchelmore
Day, Daniel
Day, Hanna Maria, née Halfyard
Day, Mrs, née Halfyard
de Caen, Eleanor, née Carbury
de Caen, Elonor, née Carbury
de Caen, Philippe
de Faye, F G
de Faye, Thomas Louis
de Gruchy and Sons, A
de Gruchy, Francis
de Gruchy, Francois, Reverend
de Gruchy, Henry F
de Gruchy, Marie L, née Payn
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Gruchy, Thomas John
de la Haye, C
de la Mare, Mabel Eloine
de la Mare, Mary, née Norman
de Lany, Matthew
de Peuch, Marie, née Ruault
de Rouca, Michel
de Ste Croix, C
de Veulle, Caroline, née L'Archer
Devin, Augustine, née Regnier
Dingle, A
Dixon, Elie Le Quesne
Dixon, Jane, née Amor
Dodgin, Damoiselle
Doguet, Jean Marie, Captain
Doidge, John
Donoghue, Mrs, née Waters
Dorey, Charles Francis
Dorey, J
Doridge, John
Doudic, Laurent
Downer, A
Downer, George
Drouet, Louis
Druce, Mrs
du Feu, Marie, née Baudains
du Parcq, C
du Virier, Alice, née Garnier
Dunn, Bridget, née Foley
Dunn, Patrick
Dupre Brothers
Dupreuil, Eliza
Dupreuil, Mrs
Durel, Marie, née Helliott
Durell, William
Duval, Louis
Dwyer, Ellen, née Begely
Dwyer, Mrs
Dyer, Emma
Dymond, Mrs, née Wadge
Eagan, Ann, née Sheppard
Eagan, John
Ellett, James W
Elsworth, Edith
English, Thomas
Ennis, Walter John
Erouraux, Gilles
Esnouf, Ellen
Esnouf, Ernest
Esnouf, Eugénie
Evans, Edward
Falla, Thomas, Constable
Falla, Walter, Dr
Fallaize, Eliza, née Elms
Falle, J W
Farrel, Louisa
Fauchet, Marie Louise, née Charpentier
Feaver, Susan, née Beghin
Feltham, Clara, née Billows
Fenesy, Mrs
Fennessy, Mrs
Ferris and Sons
Field, Annie Rebecca, née Stout
Field, John
Fielder, John
Firman, Violette
Fitzgerald, Nora,née Welch
Fleckney, Emma Jane, née Hescott
Foley, Catherine
Foley, John
Forward, Charlotte, née Lockyer
Fosse, Christin
Fossey, Mary
Fox, Alexander
Fox, George
Fox, Richard
Fox, Sarah, née Furzeland
French, John Charles
French, Theresa
Fry, A
Fry, Arthur
Fry, Elizabeth, née Le Marquand
Le Marquand, Elizabeth
Fry, Margaret, née Queeny
Fry, Mrs
Gallichan, Ethel
Gallichan, Francoise, née Vallet
Gallichan, Julie, née Perrier
Gallie Family
Gallie, John Richard
Gallie, Mrs
Gardener, William Henry
Gaudin, Rachel
Gavey, Jean
Gawley, Mary Ann
George, Charles
Giffard, Fanny, née Johnson
Gillam, Stanley Taylor
Gillingham, Amelia
Gillingham, Caroline Elizabeth
Gillingham, Harry
Gillingham, Mary E
Gillingham, Mary Jane
Girard, Daniel
Godfray, Charles LeVesconte
Godfray, Ernest Henry
Godfray, G C
Godfray, John
Godfray, Julie, née Poisson
Gonfroy, Louis
Gonfroy, Marie, née Le Bonniard
Goode, Ellen, née Le Huquet
Goode, Mrs
Goodge, H
Goodland, Marie, née Le Gros
Goodwin, Sarah Maria
Gosling, Eliza, née Smith
Gosney, Rachel, née Gallichan
Gosselin, Auguste Jean
Gosselin, George Thomas
Gosselin, Mrs
Goubert, Francois
Goubert, Louis
Goubert, Louise
Goudin, Jules
Gouedard, Mathurin
Goutron, Annie
Govier, Mrs
Grady, Anna, née Hester
Gray, J
Gray, Louisa, née Andrews
Green, William
Gregory and Sons, William
Gregory, Alfred John
Gregory, John
Grodoire, John
Grodoire, Alfred John
Grossein, Marie
Grossmith, Robert
Gruchy, Mrs
Guegot, Yves
Guérrant, Jeanne, née Marriette
Guérrant, Paul
Guevellon, Jean Marie
Guilbert, John
Guillemot, Jean Marie
Guillot, Jean Marie
Guillou, Alice, née Baudains
Guiquet, Marie Francoise
Guiton, Jean Marett
Guiton, Walter
Gulliver, Alfred
Gurd, Susan, née Rogers
Gurd, Sussanah, née Rogus
Hales, Alice E, née James
Hales, Clarence Owen
Hallman, Sarah, née Harris
Hamon, Nancy, née Le Moignan
Le Moignan, Nancy
Hamon, Philippe
Hansford, Elizabeth
Hansford, Henry
Harding, Harry
Harding, James
Harding, Joshua
Hardy Family
Hardy, Charles
Hardy, Harriet, née Le Dain
Hardy, Mary, née Carey
Harold John Hull
Harrie, Harriet Eliza Pearce, née Luscombe
Harris, Maria, née Weymouth
Harris, Sarah, née Nichols
Haut, Louis
Hawkins Family
Hawkins, Georgina Emily
Hawkins, James
Hawkins, Nina Esther
Hawkins, Philip George
Hawkins, Susannah, née Budge
Hawksford, Elizabeth
Hayes, Selina
Healey, Charles
Healy, Catherine, née Daly
Healy, Catherine, née Welch
Hellio, Marie
Henri, Eliza
Henry, Mrs, née Mcleod
Hepburn, Emma, née Haynes
Hepburn, Matilda, née Bullock
Herivel, Ann Susan
Heurteaux, Clarissa Delphine
Heurtel, Eugenie
Hickman, Harriet Frances
Higgins, Edward
Hocquard, Marie Louise, née Amy
Hocquard, Philippe
Hodges, Ann, née Le Masurier
Hodges, William
Hogin, Mary Ann, née Norris
Hogin, Susan, née Wardley
Holly, Alfred
Holly, Elizabeth
Horner, Jane, née Lander
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Hélene
Huelin and Le feuvre
Hull, Annie
Hull, Jane
Hurel, Thomas
Hurst,Thomas Hatchet
Husk, Elizabeth, née Fuller
Hutchings, George
Hutton, Mary Ann, née Dobin
Inglis, John Barret
James, Violet
Jeandron, Francis
Jerroy, Jean
Jervoy, Jean
Jeune, Marie Clémentine, née Le Long
Jeune, Thomas James
Johnson, Mrs
Jolin, Harriet
Jolin, Henriette
Jones, Edouard
Jones, John
Journeaux, Elizabeth, née Rawlings
Journeaux, Jane
Joy, Mary, née Jackson
Kellett, Ellen, née Bisson
Kellett, Violet Nelly
Kellett, William
Kendal, John
Kent, George
Kenyon, James
Kerfont, Annie Marie
Kerhardi, Francois
Kerhardy, F
Kernahan, Mary, née Patterson
Kessel, William
Kilford, Catherine, née Walters
Kilford, Mrs
Kiney, Margaret, née Dwyer
King, Charles
King, Henry
Knott, Arthur
La Page, Alice
Labey and Blampied
Lambert, Mary, née Usher
L'Amy, Sarah Maria, née Barrett
Lane, Mrs
Lane, William
Lange, Arséne
Lange, Arsene Paul Auguste
Lange, Elise Florence, née Gallichan
Langmead, Mace
Launey, Jules
Le Bas, Lucas
Le Blancq, J W
Le Blancq, Theophile Wesley
Le Boigne, Charles
Le Bonniard, Marie
Le Bourré, Louis
Le Boutillier, Ann
Le Breton, Mrs, née Gillam
Le Brocq, Edward
Le Brocq, Jane
Le Brun, A
Le Brun, F J
Le Brun, Francis John
Le Cam, Jacques
Le Canu, Charles Eugene
Le Cardinel, Angéle
Le Clerc, Euphrasie, née Campion
Le Clerc, Pierre
Le Cocq, George Bisson
Le Cocq, Richard
Le Cornu and Sons, J
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, Elizabeth
Le Couillard, Albert
Le Cozie, Marie Louise
Le Cras, Abraham Jones
Le Cras, Charles Henry
Le Cras, Matilda
Le Cras, Matilda, née Ford
Le Cras, Selina, née Kerrichard
Le Dain, Eliza
Le Feuvre, Marie
Le Fevre, Marie
Le Gallais, Albert
Le Geyt, Johanna, née Fitzgerald
Le Geyt, Johanna, née Gesold
Le Goupil, Francoise, née Morin
Le Grattois, Francois
Le Grattois, Marie, née Le Pasquier
Le Gros, Alfred Philippe
Le Gros, Cecilia
Le Guen, Laurens
Le Hérissier, Benotte, née Le Tiambre
Le Herissier, Mrs
Le Huquet, George and Sons
Le Labour, Lily
Le Lacheur, Mary, née Goole
Le Lange, Lena
Le Lievre Brothers
Le Lievre, Charles Philip
Le Lievre, Theresa, née Gellender
Le Maistre, Ann, née Kembsley
Le Marquand, David
Le Marquand, Emma
Le Masurier, Philip Wilfred
Le Miere Family
Le Moignan, John
Le Moizedec, Josephine
Le Monnier and Sons, C
Le Mottée, Francis
Le Nain, Guillaume
Le Neveu, Reverend
Le Noble, Fanny, née Picot
Le Noble, Mrs
Le Noble, Nicolas
Le Normand, Louis
Le Page, Alice
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, Eli
Le Quesne, Thomas
Le Riche, Charles
Le Riche, Emily, née Pomeroy
Le Riche, S
Le Rossignol and Sons, P
Le Rossignol, A P
Le Rossignol, P
Le Sauvage, A P
Le Sueur and Sons, J O
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Clarence George
Le Sueur, Francis Percy
Le Sueur, Jane Robin
Le Sueur, Melina, née Denton
Le Sueur, Robert Henry
Le Trice, Jeanne, née Le Galle
Le Vavesseur dit Durell
Le Vellet, Francois
Le Velley, Francois
Lear, Ann, née Maddock
Lear, Edwin Francis
Lebert, Mary Ann
Ledwick, Elizabeth, née Hodder
Lemont, Eugene
Lempriere, Annie, née Baudains
Lempriere, Reginald Raoul
Lesbirel, François
Letto, Peter
Léveillé, Jean Baptiste
Ley, Margaret Eleanore
Lindrien, Marie
Livermore, Jane, née Kimber
Lock, James
London Jewellers
Longbottom, Norah, née Amy
Louarme, Marie
Louarne, Marie
Love, John
Love, Sussanah, née Budden
Lucas, Francois
Luceney, Mary, née O'Donoghue
Luen, Catherine, née Crate
Lyne, George
MacKay, Charles
Macleod, Mrs
Maingay, Yves
Male, Ephraim
Mallet, Jane
Malzard, John
Mansel, Alfred
Marais, Marie, née Lengsonne
Marett, Elie
Marett, Ernest
Marett, Georgina, née Anscott
Marett, James R, Colonel
Marett, Reginald
Marie, Désiré Emile
Marie, Jean Nicolas Lous
Marie, Jean P
Marquand, David
Marquand, Léonie, née Trainel
Marrec, Christine
Marrec, Marie Yvonne
Marsh, Ann, née Johnson
Mauger, Blanche
Mauger, C
Mault, Mathurin
Maut, Jeanne Marie, née Varnic
Maut, Mathurin
Mayer and Meltzer
McDermott, Eliza Jane
McGrath, John
McLeod, Mrs
McLeod, Mrs, née Bepsley
Mead, John
Mead, Minnie
Medland, Mary Ann, née Nicolle
Medland, Thomas Alfred
Méheuret, Marie
Messervy and Amy
Michel, Annie Louise
Michel, Julie
Millon, Marie
Millon, Yves
Millow, Emma, née Henry
Mills, Elizabeth
Mills, Frederica Maria, née Steiger
Milmer, Cecilia, née Ledbury
Moignard, Alice Maud Mary
Moirier, François
Monvoisin, Georgina, née Le Cauchois
Morin, Pierre
Morley, William John
Morris, William
Morrison, Maria Georgina, née Lucas
Morvan, Désiré
Mourant, Esther, née Machon
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, W G
Mullins, Dinah
Mullins, Mrs, née Brogan
Mullins, Thomas
Mulready, Catherine, née Connelly
Murphy, Albert Romeril
Murphy, Bridget, née Lawkins
Murphy, Gertrude May
Murphy, Michael James, Captain
Murphy, Mrs
Murphy, Sydney Thomas
Naile, Léon Marie
Naylor, Jane, née Thomas
Neel and Le Quesne
Nicolle, Charles
Noble, Frederick C
Nolan, Mary
Norman, Philippe
Norris, James
Norton, Ann, née Green
Oaking, Henry
O'Brien, John
Oillet, Joseph Guillaume
Oillet, Mathurin
Oliver, Ida
Ollivier, Family
Omnés, Francois
Omnes, Francois Taton
Orange and Company, G
Orsato, John, Captain
Orson, Edwin
Orson, Louisa, née Piton
Osborne, Henry
Osment, Elizabeth, née Gillard
Ouless, C P
Ozeret, George
Ozouf, Paul
Pallot, Joshua
Parker, Frank
Parker, George
Parker, Harold J
Parker, Lily
Parker, Samuel
Parlett, Lily
Parpaillon, P J
Paturel, Désiré
Payn, John W
Payne, John
Peneveyre, Jules Charles
Penson, Ellen
Peprell, Sarah, née Mitchelmore
Perrier, Lottie
Perron, Jean Marie
Petit, Joseph Victor
Philipps, Elizabeth
Philpott, Alice, née Rennel
Pilditch, Henry
Pinel, Philippe
Pirouet, Aimée, née Bliaud
Pirouet, James
Planque, Margaret, née Turner
Poirier, Aimable Elizabeth
Poisson, Pierre
Powell, Ada
Preece family
Preece, George
Preece, Mabel Amelia
Preece, Mary Emma, née Keast
Preece, Maud Hannah
Prentice, Alex.
Prevel, John
Prevel, Mary Ann, neé Philips
Priestwood, Ann J, née Reed
Pucel, Emile
Pucel, Pierre Marie
Pugh, George
Pugh, Jane, née Chaffey
Quenault, John Francois
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsy
Quntaine, Armand
Raisin, William
Ramsay, Amelia Margaret
Ramsay, Bridget, née Coney
Ramsay, H, Corporal
Ramsay, William
Randall, R
Ravens, Margaret, née Brogan
Read, Elvina, Eliza May, née Henry
Read, Thomas
Redot, Marie Anne
Reed, Elize, née Henry
Reed, John
Reed, Lavinia, née de Gruchy
Reed, Thomas
Renault, Marie Yvonne, née Théphot
Renault, Matthurin
Rendell, William
Renouf and Sons, C G
Rich, Jesiah
Richards, Mary
Richardson, Thomas
Rivallon, Jean Louis
Robenson, John
Robert, J S
Robindel, Mr
Robins, Eli
Robinson, John
Rogers, Sarah, née Clarke
Romeril, Mary Ann Agnes
Ropers, Emelie
Ropers, Vincent Emile
Rouat, Jeanne Marie
Roussel, Francoise
Roussole, Jacques
Rowden, Sarah, née French
Rowden, Susan, née Carrol
Rowe, Ellen, née Baudains
Rowe, Mary, née Johnson
Ruello, Louis
Ruff family
Ruff, Grace
Ruff, Henry
Ruff, Lilian
Ruff, William
Rumeur, Marie
Ryan, Johanna, née Ryan
Sainsbury, Mrs
Saltern, Mary Ann, née Lucas
Saunders, Edward B
Saunders, J
Saunders, Sophie, née Ragoul
Sauvé, Alexandrine, née Leger
Sayce, Emma Elizabeth
Sayce, Emma Louisa
Scott, Ellen Florence, née Le Sauteur
Scott, Gertrude Matilda
Scott, Harriet Sarah
Scott, Katherine
Scott, Lilian Florence
Scourfield, Albert George
Scourfield, Kate
Seabury, Henry
Sepherd, Mrs
Shelley, Mary Ann
Sheperd, Jane, née Hockey
Sherlock, William
Short, Henry Robert
Short, Joseph
Showell, Archibald
Showell, Reuben Seth James
Sibley, Julia
Silas, Mrs, née Harris
Silsbury, Catherine, née Cooney
Simmons, David
Simmons, Reginald
Simonet and Sons, W
Sinclair, Thomas
Sissens, Kathleen
Small, Gully
Smallcomb, Elizabeth Ann, née Yelland
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Mary Jane
Smith, Sarah, née Smith
Southern, Catherine Therese, née Wakeham
Southern, Robert
Southwood, Elizabeth, née Townsend
Sperrier, R
Squibb, D C
Stafford, Samuel H
Stansbury, Thomas
Starck, Ada Louisa
Steiger, Agnes, née Le Hérissé
Steiger, Joseph
Stephens, Arabella, née Whetton
Stevens, Eliza Jane
Stevens, Sidney
Stewart, Louisa Eliza, née Wallace
Stewart, Louisa, née Wallace
Stiver, John
Stone, Emma, née Hicks
Stratford, Beatrice
Stratford, Catherine, née Cobb
Stratford, Samuel
Strong, Henry B, Doctor
Surlemont, Victoire
Syvret, John
Syvret, Philippe J
Syvret, Pierre
Tachon, Jean
Tanguy, Marie, née Milliard
Tapley, John
Tessier, Gaston
Tessier, Marie Louise
Tesson, Auguste
Tesson, Auguste
Tesson, Elizabeth née Gallienne
Tesson, Lizzie, née Gallienne
Thatcher, Elizabeth, née Smith
Thatcher, J
Thépot, Marie
Thiebot, Mrs
Thuillier, Emelie
Tierrry, Francois
Tirel family
Tirel, Alice Maud
Tirel, Jean
Tirel, Marie
Tirel, William
Tite, Ann Rogers, née Fogwell
Tobin, Mary, née Welsh
Toner, Patrick
Toogood, Susan
Touzel and Pallot
Touzel, George and Sons
Touzel, Mrs
Towner Family
Tregear, J
Trenchard, Eva Sarah
Trenchard, Olivia
Trenchard, Olivia Emma
Truscott, Sarah, née Kateon
Tucker, Anne, née Le Maistre
Tucker, Elizabeth, née Le Cornu
Valpy, Francis
Varney, Agnes, née Greening
Vasselin, Alexandre
Vasselin, Rose, née Lewis
Vautier, Elizabeth
Vautier, Esther
Vautier, Mary Ann
Vecchione, Paul
Veillard, Louis
Viel, Julie, née Bassel
Vincent Family
Vincent, Eliza
Vincent, John
Vincent, Mary Jane
Vint and Sons, H
Viton, Julie Emelie, née Dutot
Voisin and Sons
Voisin, Elie
Wakeham, Albert
Wakeham, Charles
Walden, J
Walker Family
Walker, Ada Gertrude Mary
Walker, Alice Louisa
Walker, Eliza, née Roswell
Walker, John, Sergeant
Walker, Lily May
Walker, Percy
Wall, Elizabeth Ann, Anderson
Wallman, Ada
Wallman, Albert
Wallman, Elsie
Wallman, George
Wallman, Georgina
Wallman, Priscilla, née Renouf
Walters, Frederick
Warr, Laomi
Warren, James
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, James
Watts, Lucy
Way Family
Way, Edmund
Way, George
Way, Mabel
Wear, Alice, née Romeril
Webb, Rd
Webb, Robert
Webber family
Webber, Grace, née Dobson
Webber, John
Weiss, J and Sons
Werrin, Charlotte, née Laurence
Wetherell, Gertrude
Wetherell, Mrs
Wetherell, Mrs, née Newberry
Whall, Mary Ann, née Elwood
Whelan, Patrick
White and Sons
White, Ann, née Breen
White, Ann, née Corney
White, Caroline, née Williams
Williams, Caroline
White, Gladys
White, Margaret
White, Mary, née Newberry
White, Mrs
White, Mrs
White, Phoebe
Wignall, William
Williams, Jane
Williams, Mary Ann
Williams, Mary Susan
Williams, Susan
Wilmett, John Foster
Wilson, Francis
Wilson, General
Wolley Family
Wood, Kathleen, née Sissons
Wood, Violet Olive
Woodman, Elizabeth, née Lambert
Woodsford, Clarence
Woodsford, Eliza
Woodsford, Percy
Woolley Family
Woolley, Edward
Woolley, Florence
Woolley, Jessie
Wren, John
Yarrow, T A
Vibert, Jane


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