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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments and have been indexed by name of person. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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January 7th 1903 - January 12th 1906


States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Adams, Jane, née Vibert
Adams, Mrs, née Le Sueur
Ager, Charles
Ager, Jane Elizabeth
Albert, Mary Ann
Alexander, Charles
Alexandre, George
Allain, Marie
Allain, Michel André
Allain, Sophie, née Gatelois
Allen, Elizabeth, née Miles
Allen, James, Sergeant
Allen, Mary, née Doras
Allen, Mary, née Doras
Allen, Michael
Amy, Adolphus Gidéon
Amy, Edith Alice
Amy, Florence Susan
Amy, Francis
Amy, George G
Amy, Gladys Mourant
Amy, Jane, née Colpus
Anderson and Sons
André, Joseph
Andrews Family
Andrews, Alice, née Sinel
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Dorothy
Andrews, Dorothy
Andrews, F
Andrews, Florence
Andrews, Hilda
Andrews, Hilda
Andrews, John
Andrews, Mary, née Brooks
Andrews, Vernon
Andrews, Vernon
Andrews, William
Aregois, Melanie Emelie Marie
Arrowsmith, Frances, née Kettlewood
Ashley, Isabella, née Price
Ashley, Isabella, née Price
Auffray, Jean Baptiste
Baal, Herbert John
Baal, J T
Bacquié, Christophe
Bailey, Stanley
Bailey, Thomas
Bailhache, P
Baker, Bridget, née Hoffman
Baker, George
Baker, George
Baker, Matilda, née Despergues
Baker, Patrick George
Balcam, Thomas, J
Bamber, Charles Henry
Bamber, Charles Ross, Lieutenant
Bamber, Elizabeth, née Godfray
Bamber, H M, Colonel
Bamber, M R
Bane, Florentine, née Le Goubin
Bane, Florentine, née Le Goubin
Bane, Pierre
Basset, Mary A, née Allain
Bates Family
Bates, Frank
Bates, George
Bates, Jane, née Lucey
Bates, John
Bates, Robert
Bauchet, Virginie, née Steiger
Baudain, Philip Ar
Baudain, Philip Ar
Baudain, Philip Ar
Bazire, Pauline, née de la Pierre
Beakbane, Joseph
Beauchet, Virginie, née Steiger
Becker, H
Becquet, Charles Victor
Behan, Anna
Behan, Annie
Bennett, Elizabeth Ann
Bennett, John
Bernardo's Institute
Berry, Henry John
Berry, John
Berteau, E
Berteau, Edmund
Bigwood, James Thomas
Bird, Samuel
Bisson, Jane, née Deslandes
Bisson, Jane, née Deslandes
Bisson, Mary, née King
Blades, Amelia
Blades, Clara Sophia
Blades, Sophia
Blades, Sophia, née Foster
Blampied, A
Blampied, Thomas R
Boison, Rachel née Rickson
Boison, Thomas
Bosdet, Florence
Boudin, Jules
Bowden, Eliza Matilda Moyes
Brailsford, Sarah Ann
Brebant, Jean
Bree, P J
Brett, Annie, née Cawley
Briant, Celina
Briant, Marie Yvonne
Brité, Marie Jeanne, née Rivouaille
Britt, Ann Selina, née Cawley
Brown family
Brown, Agnes Ella
Brown, Ann, née Dupe
Brown, Edmund G
Brown, Reginald
Bruck, Amanda
Bruck, Amanda
Bruck, Amanda
Buenel, Harriet, née le Hardy
Burt, Louisa, née Percival
Burt, William
Buté, Marie J, née Rivouaille
Cabot, Esther, née Jaffray
Cadiou, Rose, née Le Roux
Camp, Anna Elizabeth
Camp, Charles
Campbell, Jane, née Dryden
Campbell, Jane, née Dryden
Capudal, Marie Francoise, née Jounin
Cardon, Eugénie, née Saintememe
Carey, Carteret
Carey, Colonel
Carnec, Catherine
Caro Family
Carr, Catherine, née Sullivan
Carré, Helier
Carré, Helier
Carré, Thomas
Carson, James
Carter, Alfred D
Carter, Anthony
Carver, Florence J
Casey, Catherine, Amelia, née Barrett
Casey, Edmund Anthony
Cavanagh Family
Cavanagh, Alphonse
Cavanagh, Edward
Cavanagh, Florence,
Cavanagh, George
Cavanagh, Joseph
Cavanagh, Julie Jeanne, née Ledo
Cavey, Louise Marie, née Chapeau
Chant, Cardine, née Reynolds
Chapelin, Jeanne Marie, née Guinard
Chazel, Ida
Chazel, Maud
Chazel, Walter F
Chazel, William S
Chazel, William S
Chazel, William, alias Murphy
Cheek, Caroline Lydia
Chevalier, Don
Chevalier, Don
Chevalier, Don
Chevalier, Jane, Le Gresley
Chevalier, Louisa, née Mosgrave
Chilard, Jean
Clark Family
Clark, Ada Alice
Clark, Violet May Bisson
Claxton, Mrs
Clayton, Martha, née Scott
Collas, George John
Collings, Richard
Conan, Augustine, Marie
Conan, Augustine, Marie
Conan, Augustine, Marie
Connahan, Timothy
Connors, Johanna, née Cuff
Copp, A and W
Cornick, William
Cornish, Joseph Beaton
Cory, R
Cotrel, Jacques Marie
Coudray, Jeanne
Couillard, Albert Le Breton
Couillard, Albert Le Breton
Couillard, Rosalie Le Breton
Courcoux, Guillaume
Coutanche, Louisa, née Bott
Coutanche, Philippe
Coward, Louise, née Peprell
Cozannet, Marie
Crabb, Mary Ann, née Gallie
Croad, William
Crossley and Sons
Crotty, Annie
Crotty, George
Crowl, Emily Jane, née Laurens
Cummings, J
Dale, John
Dare, Caroline
d'Authereau, Caroline
David, Marie
Davis, Mulworth
de Béver, Harriette Adele
de Faye, F G
de Faye, Thomas Louis
de Gruchy and Co, A
de Gruchy, Eliza Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Eliza Jane
de Gruchy, Philippe
de la Cote, Louise, née Le Marquand
de la Haye, Alfred
de la Haye, F W
de la Haye, F W
de la Mare, Alfred James
de la Mare, Marie Louise Victorine
de la Motte, Mabel
de Ledi, D
de Quetteville, Clement
Demitré, A
Demoy, Jean
Demoy, Jean
Denize, Jourdain
Denize, Marie, née Gibaut
Deoumagues, Pierre
Desborough, Matilda Lucretia, née Burt
Desborough, Samuel
Desbout, Anne Marie
Devonshire, Annie
Diard, Marie, Eugénie, née Beslievre
Diard, Marie, Eugénie, née Beslievre
Diard, Michel
Diard, Michel
Divall, Elizabeth Sharp
Divall, Henry
Dollo, Jean M
Dooling, William
Dorey, Charles Francois
Dorey, John
Dorkins Family
Dorkins, Alfred
Dorkins, Charles
Dorkins, Clarence
Dorkins, Edith, née Hodgeson
Dorkins, Jessie
Doublet, E
Doublet, Mary, née Vasselin
Droumaguel, Yves Marie
Droumaguel, Yves Marie
Du Heaume, Elvina
du Heaume, George
du Heaume, Mary Jane, née Peniton
du Parcq, C P
du Val, Amelia
Duggan, James
Dunn, Albina, née Mangin
Dupré, Henry A
Dupré, Henry A
Dupreuil, Jean Jules Emile
Durell, William
Durell, William
Eagan, John
Eagen, Ann, née Shepherd
Eagen, John
Eason, John
Ecobichon, Francois Marie
Ecobichon, Joseph
Ecobichon, Joseph
Edwards, Marjorie Joan
Elliott, Harriet Maria, née Adolphe
Elliott, Ida Catherine
Elliott, John Thomas
Ellis, Mary, née Trice
Etasse, Napoleon Pierre
Falla, James
Falla, Peter
Falla, Walter, Surgeon
Fenessy, William Thomas
Fenessy, William Thomas
Fennessy, Mary A, née Hadigan
Fisher, Mr
Flours, Anne Marie
Flynn, Bridget, née Power
Flynn, Thomas
Foot, Charles
Foot, Charles
Forsham, J
Fortey, Clara
Fosse, Auguste
Fossey, Marie
Foubert, Tréphine, née Guyader
Fowler, Ann, née Thomas
Fox, Edward Thomas
Freullon, Auguste
Freullon, Auguste
Fry, Elizabeth, née Le Marquand
Le Marquand, Elizabeth
Gale, Amelia, née Andrews
Gale, Robert
Gallais, Francois
Gallichan, Julie, née Cabot
Gallonée, Marie Rose
Galpin, George
Garnier, Clarence
Garnier, Clarence
Garnier, Lucenie
Garnier, Queenie
Garnier, Rosa Helena
Gas Company
Gasnier, Clarence
Gates, Hannah
Gaudin, Claudia
Gaudin, Claudia
Gellender, John Le Bailly
Germain, L F
Gibson, Caroline, née Drake
Gibsone, Hugh Francis Hacket
Gicquel, Francois Marie
Gicquel, Victorine, née Hervé
Gillman, Joseph William
Ginard Family
Girard, Adéle, Jacquet
Gold, Jemima, née Rusden
Gosney, John
Gosselin, Auguste Jean
Gosselin, Elizabeth, née Giffard
Gosselin, Georges
Gosselin, Lilian
Gosset, Louisa H
Gould, H
Gray, Abraham
Gray, Amelia
Gray, Dorothy Lilian
Gray, J
Gray, Louisa, née Andrews
Gray, Rose Emmeline
Great Western Railway Company
Green, William
Gregory and Sons, William
Grigg, Mary A S
Grigg, Mary Ann Sophia
Grouzieres, Henriette Pauline Irma
Guihéneuf, Réné
Guillot, Pierre
Guiton, Walter E
Gunton, Aimee Oliver
Gunton, Edward Aitkin
Gunton, Miss
Hacquoil, Philippe
Hadigan, Mary
Hadly, Mr
Hagell, H
Hake, William Amos
Hall, Lily
Hall, Thomas
Hamel, Francois
Hamel, Francois
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, Philip J
Hannaford family
Hannaford, Arthur
Hannaford, Florence
Hannaford, John
Hannaford, Joseph
Hannaford, Lily, née Cox
Hannaford, William
Hannery, John
Harding, Alice, née Toms
Harding, George
Harding, Sidney
Hardy, Charles
Hardy, Mabel
Hardy, Mabel
Hardy, Mabel
Hardy, Percy
Hardy, Percy
Harper, J V
Hart, H
Hartzo, Marie Victorine, néeBaucher
Hatch, Louisa
Hatch, Mary Ann, née Underhill
Healey, Catherine, née Daly
Healey, Michael
Healy, Ellen
Heath, Arthur Ebenezer
Hébert, Jean A
Henwood, H
Henwood, Henry
Hepburn, Dinah, née Reeve
Heritage, Mary Ann, née Carpenter
Higgins, Charles
Hilford, Catherine, née Waters
Hinds, H W
Hitchcock, Lilian
Hitchcock, Lilian
Hobbs, Albert Edward
Hodienne, Paul Jean Baptiste
Hogan, Catherine
Hoiron, Achille
Holden, A
Hornby, Gerard, née d la Taste
Hourigan, Reverend
Howe, Kate
Howes, J W
Howes, J W
Huelin and Le feuvre
Huelin, Mr
Huelin, William
Huet, Jeanne Maire, née Deffains
Hunt family
Hunter, George
Hunter, George
Hurel, Armand
Hutchenson, William
Hutchings, George
Ingram, William
Janvrin, Elizabeth
Jehan, Jane
Jehan, Pierre
Job and Sons
Joints, Violet
Jones, J
Jordan, Mary Ann, née Hatch
Jouan, Joseph Laurent
Joy, Mary, née Jackson
Kellett, Daisy
Kellett, Nellie
Kenealy, Mary Ann, née Reagan
Kent, Philip Patrick
Kerambuen, Francois Marie
Kernahan, Mary, né Patterson
Kirkby, Dora
Kirkby, Margaret, née Sheenan
Kneeshaw, Charles
La Paix, Catherine Marie
La Sauce, Charles Alexis
La Sauce, Esther Jane, née de la Haye
La Sauce, George
La Sauce, George Eugene Alexis
La Sausse, Jane, née de la Haye
Labey and Blampied
Lafatu, Francois Marie
Lainé, Edouard Henri
Lainey, Edward Henry
Lambert, Mary Ann, née Monamy
Lambert, Mary, née Usher
L'Amy, Elie
L'Amy, Sarah, née Barrett
Laurens, Ann, née Mitchell
Laurens, Francis
Lavery, Marie Anne
Le Boutillier, Ann
Le Breton, Clemence, née St Pré
Le Brun, A
Le Brun, Frederick Richardson
Le Brun, Tourneur
Le Capon, Augustine, née La Moine
Le Capon, Théophile
Le Cene, Auguste
Le Claire, Eugene Marie
Le Claire, Louis Joseph
Le Cocq Family
Le Cocq, Family
Le Cocq, Florence Ethel
Le Cocq, Jane, née Downton
Le Cocq, Jeanne, née Vasselin
Le Cocq, Louisa Jane
Le Cocq, Pierre Marie
Le Cocq, Richard
Le Cocq, Rose B
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, J P
Le Cornu, J P
Le Couteur, Don
Le Couteur, Harriet
Le Couteur, J D, Captain
Le Couteur, W G
Le Couteur, W G
Le Coutour, Alfred Noel
Le Cras, Charles Henry
Le Cras, Matilda, née Ford
Le Dain, Harriet
Le Doyen, Mr
Le Feuvre Brothers
Le Geyt, Henry J
Le Geyt, Johanna, née Fitzgerald
Le Gresley, John
Le Gros, Alfred Elias
Le Gros, Alfred Reginald
Le Gros, Doris May
Le Gros, Gladys Mary
Le Gros, Mary Jane, née Crook
Le Gros, Mary, née Vasselin
Le Gros, Ruby Florence
Le Gros, Thomas, Captain
Le Huquet, George and Sons
Le Long, Angeline Anastasie Josephine
Le Long, Elise Marie
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Marquand, Ann, née Sweeney
Le Marquand, Charles
Le Marquand, F P
Le Marquand, Peter
Le Masurier, G
Le Moignan, Amy
Le Neveu, P
Le Nonnen, Jules
Le Norman, Marie, née Le Feuvre
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Riche and Co
Le Roi, Marie
Le Roi, Marie
Le Rossignol and Sons
Le Rossignol, L P
Le Rossignol, L P
Le Roux, Hippolyte
Le Sauvage, Stella
Le Sueur, J
Le Sueur, J
Le Tallec, Philomene
Le Tourneur, Bon
Le Tourneur, Bon
Le Tourneur, Jane, née Nicolle
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William
Le Vost, Anne Marie
Lear, Anne, née Maddick
Lear, Edwin F
Lee, Maria, née Gibbins
Lee, Maria, née Gibbins
Legez, Alexandrine
Lempriere, Ferdinand
Lenaghan, Alfred Orlando
Lenaghan, George
Lenaghan, Harold
Lenaghan, Thomas
Leopold, Mr
Lewis, Maud
Lewis, Minnie
Lewis, Thomas
Lharmeuri, Jean Marie
Lharmeuri, Jeanne Marie, née Le Tallec
Lidstone, Catherine
Lidstone, Frederick
Lidstone, John
Lidstone, Margaret
Lidstone, William
Livermore, Hannah, née Gates
Livermore, Mrs
Lloyd, Miss
Lloyd, William John
Lloyd, William John
Loader, Alfred Edgar
Loader, Olive
Loader, Olive Alexandra
Lucas, Victor
Luce, Susanne
Lyne, George
Lyne, George
Lyons, Delia
MacGregor, Marie S
Macready, Catherine, née O'Connell
Mahoney, Catherine, née Hogin
Main, Frances Lilian
Main, John T
Main, Louise Jane Margaret
Main, Mary Jane, née Huelin
Main, Matilda Maud Marion
Maké, Julie, née Hervé
Malzard, A
Malzard, J A
Mangan, James
Mangan, Mary Amelia, née Type
Marais, Marie, née Lengionne
Marett, Harriet, née Wadman
Marguérie, Ann Mary
Margurie, Anne Mary
Marie, Elizabeth Mary
Marie, Emelie, née Lauzach
Marshall, Wilfred
Masterman, Annie
Masterman, Violet
Matson, Dorothy
Matson, Gertrude
Matson, John George
Matson, John George Follet
Matson, Mary E, née Hacking
Matson, Violet May
Mauger, Alice Jane
Mauger, Charles
Mauger, Edgar
Mauger, Philippe Fr
McAuliff, Ellen, née Barry
McCarthy, Maurice
McGee, Catherine, née Kearns
McGrath, May, née Power
McKee, Jane
McKee, William
McKenzie, Isabel Jane
McLean, Mrs
McNeill Family
McNeill, Elizabeth May
McNeill, Florence May
McNeill, Hugh Campbell
McNeill, Jane Victoria
McNeill, Jane, née Le Prevost
McNeill, John Edward
McNeill, Margaret Alice
McNeill, Robert
McNeill, Robert John
McNeill, Roderick
McNeill, Thomas Charles
Melette, Marie Sainte
Mertz, Barbe
Mesmeur, Catherine
Messervy, T
Middleditch, George
Middleditch, Mary Ann, née Bradley
Miles, Henry James
Millon, Marie J
Mills, Gertrude, née Wetherell
Mills, Rose
Mills, Virginie, née Steiger
Moire, Virginie
Mollett, John
Monet, Julie, née Cuirot
Moon, Charles J
Mooney, Ann, née Lakeman
Moorse, Thomas
Morgan, Elsie
Morgan, Grace
Morice, Virginie
Morvan, Olivier
Mourant, P J, Rev
Mourant, P J, Reverend
Mullins, Alice
Mullins, Thomas
Mulready, Catherine, née O'Connel
Mundon, Elizabeth, née Orchard
Murphy, John Thomas
Nash, Nellie
Neel and Le Quesne
Neill, George
Noel and Porter
Noel, Elizabeth, née Gotterel
Noel, Hilda, née Huelin
Noel, John
Noel, P G
Nolan, Mary
Norris, Harriet, née Masters
Norris, Harriet, née Masters
Norris, Harriet, née Masters
O'Brien, Mary, née Clancey
O'Connor, Ellen, née Brophy
O'Donoghue, Catherine
Oldridge, E
Osmond, Elizabeth, née Knoght
Osmond, Elizabeth, née Knoght
Osmond, George
Osmond, George
Overdale Hospital
Owen, Edgar
Owen, Mary, née Sutherland
Ozouf, Ferdinand
Ozouf, Ferdinand
Ozouf, Ferdinand
Pain, Mary Ann, née Luscombe
Pain, Robert Charles
Pain, William George
Pallot, Joshua
Pallott, C C
Pallott, James
Palmer, Ellen, née Hannan
Pascal, Maruis
Payn, Azeline
Payn, John Charles
Payn, Sophie, née Allez
Payne, Ernest Henry
Perou, Francois M
Peters, Jane Mary, née Sherry
Pirouet, Aimee, née Bliaud
Planque, Margaret, née Turner
Plaut, Ann, née Dawson
Plaut, Suietmann
Pléven, Jeanne
Pléven, Joseph
Plévine, Joseph
Ponsford, Maria
Pool, James
Poulain, Marie, née Le Tellier
Presse, Marie
Price Family
Price, Beatrice, 367
Price, Frank George
Price, Mary Ann, née Collas
Prior, Lawrence
Prouten, John
Prouton, John
Prouton, John
Prouton, John
Pryor, Richard
Pullen, Hannah, née How
Quenault, Marie, née Allain
Quenault, Mary, née Allain
Quentric, Marianne, Le Guen
Quentric, Yves Marie
Ramsay, Amelia Margaret
Ramsay, Amelia Margaret
Ramsay, Amelia Margaret
Ramsay, Bridget, née Coney
Ramsay, Bridget, née Coney
Ramsay, H A
Ramsay, Henry Andrew
Ramsay, Henry Andrew, Corporal
Randall Brothers
Rault, Guillaume
Rault, Pierre
Raux, Paul
Read, Thomas
Renault, Emile George
Renault, Emile Joseph Jean
Renault, Francis Henry
Renault, Marie Yvonne, née Théphot
Renouf, C S
Renouf, Charles P
Rerden, Elizabeth, née Baker
Reynolds, J W
Reynolds, J W
Reynolds, J W
Reynolds, John W
Rickett, L A
Riet Family
Riet, Guillaume
Riet, Marie Joseph, née Glou
Robin, Caroline Amelia, née Brown
Robin, Thomas
Robins, Eli
Robinson, Ann, née Kilpack
Rogers, William John
Romeril, George James
Rothband, W S
Roualle, Jacques
Rowan and Sons
Ruff, Elizabeth, née Andrews
Rundle, John
Rust, Alice Jane, née Le Riche
Rust, Henry
Ryan, Johanna
Saggers, Emma
Salisbury, Arthur Ernest Mundy
Salisbury, Emily
Salisbury, Harold Edward
Sauvé, Alexandrine, née Leger
Scott Family
Scott, Gertrude
Scott, Harriet Sarah
Scott, Katherine
Scott, Lilian
Sellier, Jeanne Marie, née Noan
Shales, James
Shirell, Mary, alias Brogan
Shorland, E H
Shorland, E H
Sibley, Julia
Sibley, Julia
Sibley, Julia
Simon, Marie
Simonet and Co, W
Single, Albert
Small, Charlotte
Smith, Albert
Smith, Charles Henry
Smith, Edith Isabel
Smith, Henry
Smith, Lily Long
Spiller, James
Spiller, Thomas J
St James Girls and Infants
Stephens, Alice, née Dalton
Stephens, Richard John Truscott
Stevens family
Stevens, Charles
Stevens, Cornelius
Stevens, Eliza Ann, née Woodward
Stoodley, Mary H, neeTucker
Stuckey, Elizabeth
Sullivan, George
Surbin, Alexandre
Syvret, J
Tabray, Gabrielle
Tallec, Philomene
Tanguy, Francois
Tanguy, Marie Louise
Target, May
Terry, Louisa M
Thomas, Marie Louise, née Lendbour
Thorpy, Elizabeth M
Thorpy, Henry
Tirel, William F
Tomlinson, Samuel
Tostevin, N L
Touzel and Sons, G
Touzel, George J T
Touzel, T C
Tréhiou, Clara, née Renaut
Tremel, Marie Yvonne
Trenchard, Sam
Turner, Elizabeth Victoria, née Dauthereau
Uttley, E
Vagoine, Allain
Valpy, Francis
Varin, Lucille
Varley, Ann
Varley, Selina
Vasselin, Alfred
Vasselin, Auguste
Vasselin, James
Vasselin, Jeanne Marie Eulalie, née Beaudry
Vasselin, John
Vasselin, Peter
Vaudin, Fanny Ellen, née Waldron
Vautier, J
Vautier, J
Voisin and Co
Waite, Richard
Walden, J
Walker and Sons, J J
Walsh, James
Walsh, Mary Catherine, née Moore
Ward, Thomas
Warren, Fanny, née Powell
Warren, James
Watts, James
Webb, Ellen
Webb, Olive
Webb, Olive
Weeks, Henry Colson
Weeks, Robert Maxwell
Welch, May Ellen, née Murphy
Wethereld, Samuel, Captain
Wetherell, Gertrude
Wetherell, Henrietta
Whall, Mary A, Ellwood
Whelan, John
Whelan, John
White and Sons, J
White, Ann, née Breen
White, Ann, née Breen
Williams, James
Wilson, Eliza C
Wilson, Samuel
Winter, Kate
Woods, Victoria
Woodsford, Eliza Mary
Wright, John
Young, Elizabeth, née Moxey
Vibert, Jane


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