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The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

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January 5th 1880 - March 6th 1883


States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Adams, Charles Peter
Adams, Ann, née Bear
Adams, Philippe
Adams, Philip
Ahier, Charles
Ahiezbig, Jane
Alexandre, Walter
Allain, Francoise, née Routier
Allain, Nicholas
Allain, Marie, née Routier
Allais, Francois
Allais, Marie Louise, née Le Sec
Allbank, Elizabeth
Allen, Mrs
Allez, Rosalie Augustine
Allo, Elize Jeanne
Allport, Simon
Allsop, Edward
Allsop, William
Amaury, Victor Désiré
Amaury, Mrs
Amaury, Family
Ames, Selina A M
Amy, Miss
Amy, Mrs
Amy, George
Amy, John
Andrew, Mary Ann, née Annear
Andrews, William
Andrews, Mrs
Anley, Mrs
Ash, Ann Elizabeth, née Burns
Ashley, Mary, née Goubin
Ashley, Angélique Marie
Ashley, Richard George
Astley, Francis L
Ayres, Mary Ann
Bailey, Louisa R S
Bailey, Catherine, née Leary
Bailly, Marie, née Bihet
Bailly, Victor
Baker, Isabella
Baker, George
Balleine, John
Banks, Mrs
Bannister, Edmund
Barbedette, Pierre
Barbedette, Mrs
Barbedette, Children
Barbier, Mr
Barmingham, Ann
Barnutt, Caroline Ann, née Angel
Barnutt, Children
Barry, Mrs
Barry, Patrick
Barry, Children
Barter, Mary
Barter, John
Barter, Mrs
Bartlett, Mrs
Bartlett, Samuel
Basterfield, Arthur
Bastifell, Arthur
Bastin, Mrs
Bates, John
Bates, Sarah, née Watley
Battam, Sarah, née Berry
Battam, Mary Ann
Batters, Mrs
Battrick, Robert
Baudains, Philippe
Baudains, Mary, née Leading
Bauvire, Mrs
Bauvire, Children
Bayston, Mary, née Brady
Bazille, Alice Louise
Beatson, Mrs
Beaucamp, Martha, née Perkins
Beaucamp, John
Beauchamp, Mrs
Beaugeard, Yvonne
Bellot, Mrs
Benest, Charlotte
Bennett, Mrs
Beresford, Mrs
Berthelot, Mrs
Bertram, Eliza Jane
Bertrand, George Henri
Best, William
Best, Children
Bettison, Mrs
Bewes, Cordelia, née Wavish
Bewes, Frederick
Bidau, Louis Henri
Bidau, Henry Louis
Bidau, Mrs
Bideau, Henri
Billot, Judith, née Carrel
Billot, Mrs
Binet, Philippe
Binet, Philip
Binet, Philip Wadsworth
Bishop, E J
Bisson, Daniel
Blackler, Jane, née Gardner
Blampied, John
Blampied, Thomas
Blampied, Harriett, née de Jersey
Blampied, Isabelle Blanche
Blampied, Elizabeth Jane, née Gaudin
Blandamour, Mrs
Blandamour, Child
Body, Ralph
Boissard, Guillaume
Boissier, Jean
Boissier, Children
Boissier, Mrs
Bold, Mary Ann, née Tanner
Bolt, Nicolas John
Bolton, Thomas
Bolton, Ann, née King
Bond, Selina Jane
Boomer, M
Boudin, Mrs
Bougeard, Francois Yve
Bougeard, Yvonne
Bourinot, Lilian Mary
Bourinot, Philippe
Boyd, Doctor
Bradbuary, James Albert
Bradbuary, Albert
Braithwaite, Madame
Bray, Mrs
Brayn, J
Brayn, Mary Ann
Brayn, Children
Brayn, Rachel, née Harvey
Bredanchet, Marie
Bree, Mrs
Brée, Harriet, née Allpass
Bree's Hotel
Bréghin, Louis
Brett, William
Brett, Mrs
Brett, Wallbridge
Briard, Pierre
Brisset, Frank
Britton, Mrs
Broad, Elizabeth, née Davis
Brooks, Mary Anne
Broomer, Mr
Brophy, Mrs
Brouard, Mrs, née Le Moine
Brown, Mrs
Brown, W
Browne, Arthur Herbert
Brummingham, Mary, née Kelly
Brunet, Philippe
Budden, Bernard
Bull, Miss
Bunter, Virginie, née Audoire
Burke, Honora
Burke, Mrs
Burnes, Sophie, née Gallie
Burnes, Mr
Burnett, Mrs
Burns, Elizabeth, née Ash
Burt, Richard
Burt, Mrs
Burt, Children
Cabot, Mary, née Conner
Cabot, Philippe
Cahill, Thomas
Cahill, William-John
Cahill, Nicholas
Cahill, Mrs
Callaghan, Mary, née Kenelly
Callaghan, James
Canning, Joseph
Cannon, Elizabeth
Cantall, George John
Cantall, Mrs
Cantwell, Margaret
Cappelain, François
Cappelain, Mrs
Carey, Mrs
Carlisle, Jane
Carlisle, Miss
Carter, Ann, née Satterfitt
Carter, George
Carter, Mrs
Carter, John
Carteret, Mrs
Carteret, George
Catherwood, Mrs
Caufield, Bridget, née Haggerty
Caufield, Bridget, née Sligo
Caughlin, Mrs
Cavalo, John
Cavalo, Albert Francois
Cavalo, A
Chaffey, Eliza
Challoner, Mrs
Challoner, Children
Chambers, Robert
Chambers, Mrs
Channel Islands Female Penitentiary
Channing, Emily
Channing, Mr
Channing, Martha Harriett
Channing, James
Channon, Mary
Chappell, Richard
Chappell, Mrs
Charleton, Mrs
Charpentier, Marie
Châtel, Charles
Chemin, Jean
Cheney, William John
Cheney, Henry Joseph
Chesnel, Louis
Chevalier, Mary, née Le Leon
Chevalier, Jane, née Le Gresley
Chevalier, Charles
Chevalier, Marie, née Le Leon
Chilcott, John
Chisholm, Fanny, née Millow
Chisholm, Alexander
Chisholm, Children
Chown, Robert
Chown, Mrs
Christopher, George
Chronique de Jersey
Chubb, Katherine
Churchill, George
Churchill, Mrs
Clancey, Daniel
Clann, Edward
Clark, John
Clark, Mrs
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, William
Clarke, Elizabeth, née Griffin
Clément, Thomas
Clements, Mrs
Cock, Henry
Collings, William
Collins, Jane Caroline, née Groves
Colthurst and Harding
Condon, Mrs
Conefroit, François Auguste Bienaimé
Connell, Mary, née Murphy
Connolly, Mrs
Connolly, Urasa, née Moyles
Connor, Bernard
Connor, John
Cooney, Timothy
Corbillard, Mr
Corbin, Elizabeth, née Churchill
Corbin, Alice
Corbin, Child
Corbin, Ada Emma
Corbin, John
Corbin, Elizabeth Ellen
Cornick, Christopher
Cornick, Esau
Cornick, Odel
Cornwall Reformatory Ship
Corward, Mrs
Cosuafoins, Louis
Couch, William
Couch, William Henry Whitsworth
Coudray, Anne Esther, née Perchard
Coudray, Justin Cyprien
Coudray, Justin
Coudray, Joséphine
Coudray, Louis
Coudray, Marie Cathérine, née Robbe
Coudray, Marie Alexandrine, née Allais
Couilliard, Marie Angélique, née Pehan
Couilliard, Alexandre
Couls, Anne, née Prevel
Couls, Elizabeth
Couls, Charles
Couls, James
Couls, C
Cousin, Marie, née Le Breton
Coutanche, Anne, née Calloway
Coutanche, Charles
Coward, Mrs
Cox, James
Cox, Family
Craig, Mrs
Craig, Robert Bernard
Craig, Children
Crapp, John
Crapp, Charles
Crapp, Mrs
Crapp, Susanna
Crapp, Walter
Crespinel, Emma, née Martin
Crespinel, Children
Crespinel, Frances Emma Eliza
Crespinel, Elizabeth Le Masurier
Crocker, Solomon
Cropp, Walter
Cullan, John
Cumming, Charlotte
Cumming, Thomas
Cummings, Alfred
Cummings, Mrs Alfred
Cunningham, Jessie Ann
Curley, Frederick
Curley, James
Curreen, Emily
Cutland, John
Cutland, Mrs
Dale, Edwin
Dale, Ephraim
Dale, Children
Dale, Mrs
Dalton, Thomas
Dalton, Family
Davey, Margaret
Davey, William
Davey, Family
Davey, Alfred
Davey, Mrs
Davey, Mr
Davey, Edwin
Davis, Mrs
Davis, Jemima
Davis, Children
Davis, Sarah
Daw, Sampson
Dawson, Daniel
Dawson, Mary
Day, Hannah Maria, née Halfyard
de Carteret , Mrs Philippe John
de Gruchy, William Laurence
de Gruchy, Mary
de Gruchy, Mrs
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Gruchy and Company, A
de Jersey, Mary Jane, née Sohier
de Jersey, John David
de Jersey, Henriette
de la Cotte, Louis
de la Taste, Charles
De Quetteville, Alice, née Morrissey
de Quetteville, Jacques
De Ste Croix, G
de Ste Croix, Madame
de Vigne, Auguste
Debden, George
Debours Stamps
Delalande, Mrs
Delalande, Children
Delalande, Mrs
Delouche, Mrs
Demick, Eliza, née Fauvel
Denizo, François
Denizo, Mary, née Chevalier
Deslandes, Anne, née Palmer
Deslandes, George
Devine, Isabella, née Quinn
Dicks, James
Dicks, Mrs James
Dingle, Richard
Dixon, William
Dixon, Children
Dodge, Mrs
Dodge, Louisa Nellie
Dogherty, Mrs
Dogherty, Marie, née Novelle
Doidge, John
Donoghue, Mrs
Donoghue, Elizabeth, née Walters
Dooley, Mrs
Dooley, Margaret
Dorey, Richard
Dorey, John
Dorey, Francis H
Dorman, Mary
Dorman, Mrs
Douglas, Mrs
Dowden, George
Dowden, Mrs
Dowling, Mrs
Doyle, George
Drake, Annie
Drayton, William
Dreux, Victorine
Driver, Julia, née Condon
Driver, James
Drought, Fanny, née Allen
Drought, Child
Drought, William
Drouin, George Henri
Drouin, Jean Louis
Drouin, Family
du Feu, Mary Ann, née Wilson
du Jardin, J T
Duggin, Mrs
Dumphy, Catherine, née Neel
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Mrs
Dunn, Children
Dupré, Henri
Durell, John
Dustan, Henry
Dwyer, Mrs
Dwyer, Catherine
Dwyer, John
Dyer, Emma
Dyer, John
Dyer, Mrs John
Eagan, Catherine, née Burns
Eagan, John
Eager, Joseph
Eager, Mrs
Eastley, Family
Ecolivet, Pierre Désiré
Egan, Ann, née Shepherd
Egan, John
Egan, Mary Ann, née Shepherd
Egan, Thomas
Egan, Mrs
Egan, Children
Ellett, William Davy
Ellett, Mrs
Ellett, Samuel
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, Jane, née Hibbert
Elock, William
Elock, Jane, née Amy
Elwood, Mrs
Enright, Mrs
Enwright, Mrs
Ervin, Emma, née Palmer
Ervin, Emma Lucia
Ervin, Mary
Ervin, Children
Esnouf and Mauger
Ewing, Harriet, née Woods
Ewing, James
Fairbridge, Frank Henry
Fallaize and Tostevin
Fauvel, Alfred
Fauvel, Harriet
Fazherley, Thomas
Fearon, Theresa, née Wyatt
Fearon, John
Fennessey, Mrs
Ferdand, Virginie, née Gobichon
Ferdand, Jean
Ferdand, Children
Fitzgerald, Mrs
Fitzgerald, Daniel
Fitzgerald, Children
Fitzgerald, Mrs
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fitzpatrick, Mrs
Flannaghan, Elizabeth
Florent, Mrs
Floyd, Florence
Foard, Mrs
Foard, John
Foard, Children
Foley, Mrs
Foote, George
Foote, Mrs
Foote, Children
Fordham, Mary, née Green
Foreman, Mrs
Foulkes, George
Foulks, George
Fowler, George
Fowler, Charles
Fowler, Mrs
Fox, Susan
Frost, Alfred
Waterman, Eliza Margaret
Fuhy, Mrs
Gabriel, Mrs, née Larose
Gallichan, Edouard Josué
Gallichan, Margaret, née Scott
Gallichan, Alfred
Gallienne, Jean
Gallop, Louisa Hill Riames
Gallop, Louisa Hill Reames
Gallop, Caroline
Gallop, Thomas
Garland, Lucy, née Garfield
Garland, Lucy, née Goodfield
Garland, Lucy, née Dagnam
Garry, M
Gaudin, A G
Gaudion, Ann, née Sanders
Gauvin, Mrs
Gauvin, Victor
Gauvry, Louis
George, Jeremiah
Le Huquet and Sons, George
Gerard, Alice
Gill, Ann
Gill, William
Gilley, Edwin
Gilley, Elizabeth
Girard, Elizabeth
Godfray, George Clement
Godfray, Charles Le Vesconte
Godfray, Mary, née Picot
Godfray, Aaron
Godfray, Bertram
Godfray, Henri Nicolle
Godfray, John
Gomet, François
Gomm, Miss
Gonovan, Bartholomew
Goodland, Simon
Gordon, Jane, née Miles
Gordon, Richard
Gordon, Annie Eliza
Gorguez, Marie, née Allez
Gosling, William
Gosselin, Auguste
Gosselin, Family
Gough, John
Gough, Children
Gould, Mrs
Gould, William
Gould, Children
Gould, Ann, née Haly
Gould, Thomas
Gould, Mrs
Gould, Children
Gould, Alexander
Gould, Mrs
Gould, Timothy
Gould, Mrs
Gover, Stanley Godfrey
Grafton, Mrs
Grafton, Maria, née Capron
Grant, Ann, née Bosuston
Grant, J D
Green, James
Green, Mrs
Green, Jane, née Breen
Gregory, Elizabeth, née Desborough
Griffin, Nora, née Killigrew
Griffin, Frances Mark, née Staples
Grigg, Eliza, née Axworthy
Groizard, Elizabeth, née Rousseau
Gruchy, Charles
Guest, Mrs
Guest, Henry
Guest, Childen
Guilbert, John
Guillard, Mrs
Guillot, Joseph
Guillot, Yves M
Gunnille, Charles
Gunton, Mary, née Elock
Hadley, Elizabeth, née Flanagan
Haffner, Mrs
Haffner, Bridget
Haffner, Child
Haffner, Edwin
Haffner, Ann
Haines, Mary Ann, née Snelling
Haines, Children
Haines, Abraham
Halfyard, Jane, née Neal
Hall, Mrs
Hamel, Elizabeth
Hamling, Mrs
Hamon, James
Hamon, Mrs
Hann, George
Hansford, Mrs
Hansford, Harriet
Hansford, Henry
Hansford, William
Happs, Peter
Happs, Mrs
Happs, Children
Harding, Jane Elizabeth, née Laffoley
Harding, Philippe
Harding, Amelia
Harris, Sarah Ann, née Nicholson
Harris, family
Harrisson, Mrs
Harwood, Sarah, née Clements
Harwood, William
Harwood, Children
Havard, Charles
Havard, Octavie
Havard, Mrs
Haverill, Caroline
Haverill, Percy George
Haverill, Mrs
Hayley, Ann
Healey, James
Healey, Mary
Healey, Margaret
Healey, Michael
Hearne, Ellen
Hearne, Michael
Hearne, Family
Heath, Arabella, née Grove
Heath, Henry W
Heaume, Bertha
Hellard, William
Hennessey, Mrs
Hennessey, John
Hennessey, Children
Hereford, J W
Heron, Jean
Hewiston, Mrs
Hicks, Mrs
Higgett, Thomas
Higgins, Christian, née Maynard
Higham, Stephen
Hill, Elizabeth, née Skinner
Hill, E C
Hill, Jane Maria, née Squibb
Hill, W
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Elizabeth, née Skinner
Hinault, Anna Maria
Hinault, Mr
Hinault, Mrs
Hinault, Mathurin
Hine, Robert
Hinton, John
Hinton, Mrs
Hoare, James
Hodgerson, Adam
Hogan, Patrick
Hogan, Mrs
Hogin, Mary
Hogin, Patrick
Hogin, Mrs
Hollinshed, Frederick
Hollohan, Mrs
Holmes, William
Holmes, Mrs
Holohan, Mary, née Fox
Hooper, William
Hoppin, William
Hoppin, Mrs
Hoppins, William
Hoppins, Mrs
Hoppins, John
Hoppins, Matilda
Hornbrook, John B
Horner, Thomas
Horner, Mrs
Hostin, Paul
Hostin, Mrs
Hostin, Family
House, John
House, Jane, née Sanders
Howe, Thomas
Hubert, Josué Jean
Hue, W
Huelin, William
Huelin, Mrs, née Thébot
Huelin and Le feuvre
Hunt, George
Hurst, Jane
Huston, Robert
Hutchings, Mrs
Hutchings, John
Hutchinson, Mr
Hutchinson, Adam
Hutton, Elizabeth Mary
Huxham, Mrs
Huxham, George
Huxham, Children
Huxham, Thomas
Huxtable, Francis
Inch, Thomas
Inch, Mrs
Ingram, John
Isherwood, Mrs
Isherwood, Children
Jackson, George
Jacquet, Joseph H
James, Margaret, née Hogan
Jannin, Jean Désiré
Jannin, Marie, née Bihet
Jarvis, William Samuel
Jarvis, William Charles
Jarviss, Samuel
Jeffery, George
Jeffery, Children
Jégou, Marguérite
Jenkins, Mrs
Jersey, Mary Jane, née Sohier
Jersey, John David
Jersey, Jean David
Jersey Female Orphan's Home
Jersey Gas Light Company
Jersey Gas Works
Jersey Home for Aged and Infirm Women
Jersey Industrial School
Jersey Lunatic Asylum
Jewell, Simeon
John Le Sueur and Sons
John White and Sons
Johns, Mrs
Johns, Henry
Jones, Mrs
Jones, John
Jones, Children
Jones, John
Jones, William
Joret, Louis Michel
Jorginson, Mrs
Journeaux, Philippe
Joy, Mrs, née Jackson
Kaile, Peter
Keach, Samuel
Keach, Mrs
Keamish, Edward
Keamish, Adolphus
Keamish, Florence
Keamish, Maria
Kearnan, Fanny
Kearne, Mrs
Keast, John
Keast, Mrs
Kelland, James
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Mrs
Kelly, James
Kelly, Children
Kelly, Mrs
Kemish, Edward
Kemish, Adolphus
Kemish, Ann Elizabeth
Kennedy, Mrs
Kessel, William
Kessel, Family
Kilalee, Mrs
Kilford, John
Kilford, Mrs
Kingston, Mrs
Kirk, Mary, née Du Feu
Kitt, William Henry
Knight, Mrs
Knowles, Margaret, née Doolan
La Fosse, Nicolas Isidore
Laffoley, Philippe
Lainé, Mr
Lake, Louisa Susan
Lakeman, Henry
Lamb, Mary
Lamb, Margaret
Lambert, John
Lambert, Children
Lambert, Sarah
Lambert, Louisa
Lambert, Esther
Lambert, Frederick
Lambert, Emma Jane
Lambert, J H
Lamiot, Anne, née Lemarié
Lander, Betsey, née Tallin
Lane, Mrs
Lane, Richard
Lane, Mrs
Lane, Sarah Ann, née Boddeck
Langford, Mrs
Langmeade, Eliza, née Gray
Langmeade, Lindsey
Lanlo, Mrs
Lanlo, Louis Marie
Lanlo, Henri Roger
Lanlo, Mrs
Lanlo, Marie Rose
Larose, Thomas G
Larose, Marie Josephine
Laugeard, Mrs
Laugeard, Mary, née Goubin
Laugeard, Jean
Laurens, Mrs
Lavigne, Isabelle
Lawrence, Elizabeth
Lawton, James
Le Bailli, M
Le Boutillier, Rachel, née Le Riche
Le Boutillier, Philippe
Le Boutillier, Mrs
Le Boutillier, Child
Le Bredouchal, Célestine
Le Breton, Mary Jane
Le Breton, Mr
Le Breton, William
Le Breton, Edward
Le Brocq, Francois
Le Brocq, Edouard
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Canu, Elize
Le Canu, Peter
Le Canu, Marie, née Orange
Le Capelain, François
Le Capelain, Mrs
Le Caudey, M J
Le Chapelain, Mr
Le Cocq, Catherine, née Le Fort
Le Cocq, Jane, née Bryant
Le Cocq, Marie Adele, née Banoit
Le Cocq, Pierre
Le Cornu, John
Le Couteur and Company, A
Le Curè, Mr
Le Duc, Mrs
Le Feuvre, C
Le Feuvre, Charles
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Feuvre, Margaret, née Geary
Le Feuvre, Matthieu
Le Gallais, Albert
Le Gallais, Theodore
Le Geyt, Joihn
Le Gros, Gervais
Le Gros, Thomas C
Le Huquet, Jean Edouard
Le Huquet, Children
Le Lanchon, François
Le Lievre, Mr
Le Lievre, Albert
Le Lievre Brothers
Le Long, François
Le Long, Mrs
Le Long, Children
Le Long, Jane
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maistre, George
Le Maistre, Mrs
Le Manoury, Mrs
Le Marchand, Pierre
Le Marquand, John Kirby
Le Masurier, Mrs
Le Messurier, Mrs
Le Neveu, Thomas
Le Noble, Mrs
Le Patourel, Alfred
Le Piez, Louis
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Rossignol and Sons
Le Roy, Clémentine Désirée, née Savary
Le Sourre, Marguérite Jeanne, née Bordelette
Le Sueur, Thomas
Le Sueur, Abraham
Le Sueur, Amelia, née Powell
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Pierre
Le Sueur, William
Le Sueur, John O
Le Sueur, Jean Oliver
Le Sueur and Le Masurier
Le Sueur and Sons, Jean
Le Touloge, Pauline, née Le Petit
Le Touloge, Thomas
Lebert, Mary Ann
Leech, Mrs
Leech, Children
Leech, Mary Jane
Legard, Family
Leigh, Susan, née Wright
Leigh, William
Lemeure, Perrine
Lempriere, Mrs
Lemprière, Reginald R
Lennaghan, Mrs
Leur, Edwin Francis
Lewis, Alice
Lewis, Abraham
Lewis Berger and Sons Limited
L'Hermite, Eugene
L'Hermite, Marie Jeanne, née Blanchard
Light, Mrs
Lingham, Frances Violet
Lipscombe, Henry John
Livermore Brothers
Long, Mrs
Loszouet, Jean
Louis, Jacques
Lovell, George
Lucas, George
Lucas, Mathurin
Lucas, Family
Lucas, Marie, née Gosset
Lugg, Mrs
Lugg, Mary Ann
Luggard, Ann
Lukins, Thomas
Lukins, Mrs
Lumbard, Matilda
Lusk, Selina
Lyne, George
Lyne, Family
Lyne, Mrs
Macdonald, Katherine
Macdonald, Mary, née Payn
Macdonald, Marie Joséphine
Mackenzie, Mary, née Prévet
Macpherson, Annie
Maffard, Mrs
Maffard, Mr
Maffard, Children
Mahoney, Mrs
Male, James
Mallett, John
Mallon, J W
Maloney, Honora, née McGrath
Manning, Mrs
Marcus, Benjamin
Marett, George
Marett, Jane
Marett, Francois
Marett, Marie, née Bihet
Marie, François
Marie, Mrs
Mariot, Child
Marks, Ellen, née Fitzgerald
Marks, William
Marks, John
Marks, Family
Marquerie, Ann, née Seward
Marsh, Joseph
Marsh, Mary, née Sutherland
Martel, Mary Ann
Martel, Rose Amelia Adolphe
Martin, Marie
Martin, Mrs
Martin, Children
Martin, Mrs
Masson, Mary J
Masters, Mrs
Maubaut, A
Mauger, Mrs
Mauger, Marie
Mauger, Marie, née Raubant
Mauviel, Marie Thérèse
Mauvielle, François
Mauvielle, Mrs
McAnna, Mary, née Flynn
McAvoy, Mrs
McBright, John
McBright, Jane, née Le Long
McCarthy, Honora
McCarthy, Reverend
McCoubrey, Mrs
McDermott, Mr
McDermott, Martin
McKee, William
McKee, Jane
McLeod, Henry
McLeod, Eliza, née Bespley
McLeod, Elizabeth, née Bewley
McWhinney, Mr
Medland, Sarah, née Atkinson
Meech, John
Melville, James
Méopham, Jane, née Ozard
Meopham, Children
Meopham, A R
Merrier, Emma
Merrier, Mr
Messervy, Philip John
Metters, John Bickell
Metters, Mrs
Michel, Ernest
Michelet, Madame
Mildron, Richard
Mildron, George
Mildron, Charles
Mildron, Mary Jane
Miling, Mrs
Miller, Mrs
Miller, Ellen Eliza
Miller, Eliza
Milond, Mrs
Minchin, James
Minchington, Mrs
Minchington, John
Minchinton, Mrs
Mintron, George
Mitchell, Elizabeth Jane, née Mudford
Mitchell, Jane, née Mudford
Mitchell, James
Mogford, John
Moody, James
Morin, Désiré
Morin, Louise
Morrissey, Mrs
Morrisson, Mary, née Knox
Mortimer, Mrs
Moss, James
Motier, Desiré
Mourant, Pierre
Mourant, George
Mourant, Mrs
Moyse, Mrs
Mullins, Elizabeth Margaret, née Morgan
Mullins, John
Mullins, Children
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Catherine, née Crackey
Neel, Jane
Neel, Ellen, née Shay
Neel and Le Quesne
Neill, Mrs
Neill, Thomas
Neill, Ellen, née Shay
Neill, Patrick
Neville, William Robert
Neville, Kate, née Healan
Newman, Henry
Newman, Mrs
Newman, John
Newman, George
Nicholson, Lady
Nicholson, Lieutenant Governor
Nicholson, Madame
Nicolle, Louisa, née Le Rossignol
Nicolle, Charles
Nobilet, Children
Nobilet, Marie, née Raux
Nobillet, Valentin
Noel, Auguste
Noel, Mrs
Noel and Company, Edward
Nolan, Mary
Noonan, Ann
Norman, Charles
Norman, Jane
Norman, Alexandre Francois
Norman, Pauline Françoise Marie, née Dupont
Norman, Alexandre
Norris, Anna
Norris, Ann
Norris, Hannah, née Bowyer
Norris, Anna, née Bowyer
Norris, Mr
Nouveau Chronique
Oatley, John
Oatley, Mrs
O'Brien, Mrs
O'Brien, Mary Ann, née Moore
O'Brien, Ann
O'Brien, Michael
O'Brien, Jeremiah
O'Connor, Barney
O'Connor, Bridget
O'Connor, Catherine
O'Donnell, Mary Ann
O'Donoghue, Patrick
O'Keefe, Francoise, née Pension
O'Keefe, Catherine, née Pension
Oldbank, Elizabeth
Oldridge, Isaac Alexander
Olliver, Thomas
Olliver, Tom
Olliver, Mrs
Ollivier, Elizabeth
Ollivier, Annette
O'Neil, Lewis
O'Neil, Mr
O'Neil, Mrs
O'Neil, Michael
Orange, Edouard
Orchard, Richard
Oregan, Cornelius
O'Reilly, Fanny, née Kearnan
Osborne, Mrs
Osment, David
Osment, Mrs
Owen, Catherine, née Doolang
Ozard, Thomas
Palmer, James
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Henry
Pareille, Jacquet
Parsons, Mary, née Hutchings
Payn, Mrs
Payn, Philippe D
Pelluet, Abel
Pelluet, Family
Pengelly, Charlotte
Pengelly, Mary
Perrier, Mr
Perrin, Henry
Perrot, Clement J
Perry, Henry
Perry, Mrs
Perry, Children
Perry, Victor
Perry, Marie, née de Caen
Perry, John
Perry, Sophia, née Sheppeck
Perry, Mary, née Budden
Pickett, Mary
Picot, John
Pike, Mrs
Pinckham, Mrs
Pinel, Marie Joséphine
Pinel, Philippe
Pinneck, James
Pinwell, Emelia, née Beans
Pinwell, Amelia, née Beans
Pitcher, Charles
Pixley, Peter
Playle, Elizabeth Ann, née Machon
Playle, Clara
Playle, Children
Playle, John Joseph
Playle, Joseph John
Pocket, Richard
Poidevin, Louise, née Savary
Poole, Michael
Poorland, Mrs
Pope, Mrs
Porter, Ann, née Gale
Postel, Harriet Lavan, née Stephens
Postel, Albert Jules
Potter, Maude Mary
Potter, Thomas
Pulman, Fanny, née Stanley
Pulman, Children
Pulman, Joseph
Quenault, Mrs
Quérée, Thomas
Quérée, Toussaint
Quérée, Marie, née Le Breton
Quinlan, Kate
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsy
Quinn, Mrs
Quinn, Michael
Quirot, Mary Ann, née Verant
Quirot, Philippe
Rainey, Georgina
Randall, Robert
Randall, George
Randall, Mrs
Randall, Children
Ratel, John
Ratel, Pierre
Rattigan, Margaret
Raymond, Ann, née Clements
Reed, Lavinia, née de Gruchy
Reed, John
Regan, Cornelius
Regan, Mrs
Reid, Jane
Renault, Mathurin
Rendall, Emma Jane, née Bartlett
Rendall, George
Renouf, John
Renouf, Jean George
Renouf and Company
Repper, Alice
Repper, Wilfred
Reynolds, Michael
Rhodda, Philippa
Richard, Marie, née Trédent
Richard, Guillaume
Richardson, Caroline, née Johnson
Richardson, Emma Jane
Richardson, Caroline, née Clements
Richardson, Philippe M
Richardson, Thomas
Richardson, Susannah, née Park
Riley, Elizabeth, née Manning
Riley, John
Rixon, James Henry
Rixon, Mrs
Roach, George
Roach, Ann, née Campbell
Roberts, Child
Roberts, Charles
Robilliard, James
Robinson, John George
Robinson, Mrs
Robinson, Children
Robrough, Mrs
Rodda, Philippa
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Sarah, née Clarke
Rollings, Ann, née Buckham
Romeril, Jean
Romeril, Mary
Rose, Charles
Rose, Mary Ann, née Pembrook
Rose, Rebecca, née Drew
Rose, Rebecca, née Druce
Ross, Emma, née Warne
Rowcliffe, William
Rowe, Rebecca, née Ryan
Rowe, Mrs
Rowland, Ada
Rowland, John
Rowland, Mrs
Rowland, Elizabeth, née Gilley
Ruault, Mrs
Rundell, Richard
Russell, Mrs
Russell, Children
Russell, Mary Ann
Ryan, Johannah
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, Mrs
Ryan, Kate
Ryan, Thomas
Sabot, Victor
Sabot, Odive
Sabot, Hilda
Sabot, Children
Sage, Kitty
Sainsbury, Mrs
Salter, Amos
Salter, Mrs
Sarre, Jean
Sarre, Elizabeth
Satchwell, Elizabeth
Saunders, Sophie, née Ragout
Schmitt, Albert
Screech, John
Scully, John
Seage, Mary Ann, née Parkes
Seage, Charles Henry Balsom
Searle, Elizabeth, née Fry
Settle, Peter
Seward, Amelia, née Vesley
Seward, George
Seward, John
Shelly, Mary Ann
Shephard, Abraham
Shephard, Family
Shepherd, Abraham
Shepherd, Children
Sheppard, Ann, née Warren
Sheppard, Henry
Sheppard, Mrs
Sherriff, Margaret
Short, Mrs
Showell, Henry
Showell, Joshua
Simmonds, Elizabeth
Simmons, Albert Henry
Simmons, Sarah, née Brown
Simmons, Arthur
Simmons, Mrs
Simmons, Children
Simon, Jean
Simon, George
Simonet Brothers
Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Mary, née Hawker
Simpson, Robert
Sims, Mrs
Sinclair, Mrs
Single, Edward
Skinner, Mrs
Small, Elizabeth, née Simmonds
Smith, Florence
Smith, May
Smith, Mrs
Smith, John
Smith, William
Smith, Children
Smith, Jemima
Smythe, William
Smythe, Mrs
Smythe, Children
Snelling, Ann
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Sohier, Julia
Sorel and Le Couteur
Southwood, Elizabeth
Sowman, Bridget, née Morrisson
Sparkes, C S
Spencer, John Philip
Spencer, Sarah
Spencer, Mrs
Spencer, Sarah Winter, née Marie
Spencer, Mrs
Spiller, James
Spiller, Mrs
Spiller, Children
Spofforth, Major
Spratt, Alfred
Spratt, Rosannah
St Helier National School
St Ouen's Parish School
Stansbury, Susan
Stansbury, Thomas
Stansbury, Children
Stansbury, John
Staples, Ellen
Stephens, Joseph
Stephens, Mrs
Stevens, Charles
Stone, T
Stone, Pamilla, née Winter
Stoodley, Mary Ann, née Laugée
Stoodley, Children
Stranger, Charles
Strong, William
Strong, Mrs
Sullivan, Margaret, née Body
Sullivan, Mrs
Swain, Margaret, née Flannagan
Syvret, George
Talbert, Alexander
Tanguy, Joseph
Tanguy, Mrs
Tanguy, Children
Tanser, Sarah, née Clarke
Taylor, Caroline
Thébot, Marie, née Allain
Thelland, John
Thelland, Jane, née Le Gallais
Thienault, Marie
Thoburn, Mary, née Ironside
Thomas, William
Thomas, A
Thomas, Agnes, née Bean
Thomas, James
Thomas, Matilda, née Andrews
Thompson, Mr
Thorne, Francoise, née Le Brocq
Thorne, Frances E
Thorne, Emily, née Sibley
Thorne, Thomas
Tobin, Mary, née Welch
Tombine, Jean
Tombini, Jean
Toogood, Susan
Touloge, Thomas
Touloge, Mrs
Tout, Ann, née Clifford
Tout, John
Tout, Children
Touzel, Jane, née Callaway
Touzel, Mrs
Tracey, Ellen, née Lennagan
Tregeagle, Mrs
Treilly, Infant
Triggell, Mrs
Truscott, Edmund
Truscott, Children
Truscott, Mrs
Tucker, William
Tunny, Mary, née Finn
Turner, Joseph
Vallée, Alphonse
Vase, Jane, née Bryant
Vase, Marcel
Vasselin, Mr
Verger, Felix
Verger, Mrs
Verger, Family
Viel, Jean Auguste
Viel, Julia Ann
Viel, Children
Voguère, Jean
Voguerre, Jean
Voguerre, Children
Voisin and Company
Waar, Francoise Yvonne
Wakeham, Mrs
Wakeham, Thomas
Wakeham, John
Wakeham, Elizabeth, née Mauger
Wakeham, Children
Wakeham, James
Wakeham, John
Wakeham, Children
Wakeham, Mary Ann
Wakeham, Henri Roger
Walling, Lydia
Wallsend, Harlon
Walsh, Caroline
Walters, Elizabeth
Ward, John
Watts, James
Way, Mrs
Way, Elizabeth, née Palmer
Way, James
Way, Thomas
Webb, Richard
Webb, Mrs
Webb, Children
Webber, Mrs
Welch, Thomas
Welch, Mrs
Welch, Children
Welch, Alice
Wells, Charlotte, née Blackler
Welsh, Elizabeth
Welsh, Mrs
Welsh, Thomas
Welsh, Children
Werrin, John
Werrin, Mrs
Wetherall, Rebecca, née Newberry
Wetherall, Children
Whal, Nicholas
Whal, Children
Whal, Mary Ann, née Elwood
Whal, Agnes
Whelan, William
White, John
White, Mrs
White, John
White, Elizabeth
White, Thomas
White, Mary Caroline
White, Adèle, née Le Feuvre
White, James
White, Alfred
Williams, Charles
Williams, Ann, née Martin
Willmott, John Forster Stokes
Willmott, Mrs
Wills, Mrs
Windeath, George
Wingate, George
Wintour, Captain
Woodman, George
Woodman, Elizabeth, née Ellett
Woodman, Henry
Woodman, Thomas
Woodnut, Daniel
Woodnut, Mrs
Woodnutt, Daniel
Woods, William
Woonton, Samuel
Wright, Mary Ann, née Waterman
Wright, Alfred
Yapsley, Silas
Yorsliou, Beverly
Young, Elizabeth


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