Various committees minute book. Committees include improvements to the Royal Court; law on hawkers; exports of grain; Merchant Seamen's Benefit Society; criminal procedures; regulation of the militia; Roman Catholic petition; Bonne Nuit harbour and road; import duties; lotteries; fishing; rating law; the prison; water supply in St Helier; the petition of Jean Le Couteur; road at Mont Cochon; Trinity road; Justice of the Peace; lighting in St Helier; Mont Orgueil harbour works; oyster fishing; naturalisations; devaloir at Dicq; road next to Gorey Common; road from Pont Marquet to La Haule; repairs at St Anastase School; roads in St Mary; heating of States Chamber; road from St Helier to St John; inquests; purchase of the Fief de Meleches; law on innkeepers; privileges of the Island; royal visit; la Rue aux Ronces; revision of laws; sanitary committee; law on succession; St Lawrence Marsh; orders in Council; salaried police; distilleries; representatives in the States; road from St John to Mont a l'Abbé; Hanois lighthouse; establishment of an industrial school; Fellowships at Oxford; abolition of dimes; parochial school at Grouville; epidemics; establishment of a lunatic asylum; writ of Habeas Corpus; commutation of seigneurial rights and others




January 14th 1835 - May 4th 1859


States of Jersey Committees
St Anastase School
Merchant Seamen's Benefit Society
Le Couteur, Jean


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