Various committee minutes. Includes committees for civil procedures, St Mannelier and St Anasthase schools; repairs to the Royal Court; La Route des Mielles; sanitary committee; the Law on taxation; civil registration; preparation of response to letter from Sir George Grey; establishment of a lunatic asylum; military service; the petition of Edouard Mourant; Greve de Lecq and Bonne Nuit harbours; to advise on means of raising funds for public needs; dog law; the improvement of public roads; the militia; establishment of railway from St Helier to St Aubin; All Saints district; penal servitude; public schools in Grouville; concession to Clarke's shipbuilders; imprisonment for debt; erection of monument to General Don; railway to the east; tramway between St Aubin and La Moye; public abatoirs and others




December 14th 1865 - April 30th 1873


States of Jersey Committees
Don, Sir George, Lieutenant General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1806 - 1814
Sanitary Committee
St Anastase School
St Mennelier School
Clarke's Shipbuilding Yard
Grey, Sir George
Mourant, Edouard


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