Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: agriculture; Route de Archirondel; wreck of the 'Atlas'; death of Governor Beresford; Superintendent registrar; St Saviour's cemetery; 1851 census; Corbiere lighthouse; the cutter 'Despatch'; death of the Duchess of Gloucester; deputies in the States; Jane de la Taste's property in the Royal Square; States Chamber; Friendly Societies Act; death of Governor Mundy; beacons; the hospital; accident to battery horse; transfer of property; repairs to La Crete and Le Tacquerel batteries; Gorey pier; Handois lighthouse; railway shed on Albert Quay; market inspectors; Merchant Shipping Bill; Orders in Council; oysters; parochial taxation; swords; proclamation of peace; penal law; petitions; petty debts; St Helier police; portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for Victoria College; royal births; St Martin's parish rate; rifle range; Royal Bay of Grouville; salvage; seigneurial rights; Queen Victoria's visit; tea duty; Victoria College




February 23rd 1848 - December 29th 1860


States of Jersey
Atlas (Ship)
Beresford, William Carr, Lord Viscount
Despatch (cutter)
Jersey General Hospital
Victoria College
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, 1837-1901
Prince Albert
Mundy, Godfrey Charles, Major General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, 1857 - 1860
de la Taste, Jane


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