Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: accidents to soldiers crossing the causeway to Elizabeth Castle; registration of the Church Building Acts; Privy Council comments on the Finance Act of 1897; Prison-made Goods Act, 1897; International Copyright Act and petition by artists; royal jubilee; royal birthday; medical superintendent for asylum; resignation of George Bertram; nomination of George Balleine as Hospital chaplain; death of Prince of Battenburg; surrender of lease on Blanches Banques rifle range; certificates of origin of goods from Spain; offer to the States from War Office concerning Martello Towers; property near Mont Orgueil transferred to railway company; ecclesiastical district of Gouray; Petty Debts court; Westaway gift of painting by J H Lander; reformatory schools; precautions against the epidemic in Guernsey; Haldanes notes on the Jersey Prison Board; importation of dogs; Jersey Savings Bank; Governor's address to States; harbour rights; reorganisation of the militia; Naturalisation Act, 1898; petition of St Clement's concerning import dues; a quorum and procedure in the States; St Luke's School on an inquest into a dead child; regulations of the Jersey Railways and Tramways Ltd; Uniforms Act, 1894; Lt Governor's veto




January 14th 1895 - December 29th 1899


States of Jersey
Prison Board
Bertram, George
Balleine, George
Lander, John Helier
Jersey Savings Bank
Jersey Railways and Tramways Limited
St Luke's School


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