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Will and Testament of Philip Le Brocq of 2, West End Terrace, Peirson Road, St Helier. Bequeaths to National Children's Home and Orphanage £50, to Dr Barnado's Homes £50, to Reverend Lax's Mission (Poplar) £50, to the Jersey General Dispensary £50, to the Jersey Blind Society £50, to the Jersey District Nursing Association £50, to Brig Y Don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home £50, to the Jersey Home for Aged folk £50, to the Red Cross International Society £200. Bequeaths to John Philip Le Brocq his gold watch and chain and the oil painting "Battle of Jersey" by Hilson. Bequeaths to John Le Brocq portraits of himself and his wife by John Helier Lander. Bequeaths to Ann Elizabeth Deslandes, née Bree photographs of his wife and son, a sampler, oak table, photographs of family and various other items. Bequeaths to George Deslandes his inlaid press and card table. Bequeaths to Harold Stanley Deslandes his wardrobe, grandfather clock with boat and his grave plot in Almorah Cemetery. Bequeaths to Kenneth Woodhouse a rug, silver brushes, sewing machine and silver bowls. Bequeaths to Laura May Deslandes his tea set and motor car. Dated 31/12/1945. First Codicil Added: 23/12/1946. Second Codicil Added: 18/10/1948. (Includes two closed documents).




August 22nd 1950 - August 22nd 1950


Deslandes, Laura May
Woodhouse, Kenneth
Almorah Cemetery
Deslandes, Harold Stanley
Deslandes, George
Deslandes, Ann Elizabeth, née Bree
Lander, John Helier
Le Brocq, John
Hilson (Artist)
Le Brocq, John Philip
Red Cross International Society
Jersey Home for Aged and Infirm Women
Brig-y-Don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home
Jersey District Nursing Association
Jersey Blind Society
Jersey General Dispensary
Reverend Lax's Mission (Poplar)
Dr Barnado's Homes
National Children's Home and Orphanage
Le Brocq, Philip
Judicial Greffe


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