Autograph Book kept by Margaret Ginns, née Bouchere, during the German occupation and especially when she was a student nurse at the Jersey General Hospital, from August 1944 to May 1945. The book includes some personal items, the signatures of a crew member of HMS Beagle, Joe Jones; Theo Krausen, but added when he was 'discovered' at Batterie Lothringen, Noirmont in 1982; Newell Younggren, captured in his pyjamas by the Germans at Granville, 09/03/45; Armand Dubois, an American POW who was being treated for wounds at the Jersey General Hospital in August 1944, having been captured at St Malo; Captain C Hargreaves, No 20 Civil Affairs Unit; Captain Nichol; John Anderson, the UNRRA captured at Granville March dated 09/05/1945; Major Frank Sargent, RAOC, Force 135, during his visit to Jersey in 1980; Second Officer of the Vega; Peter Holt and Philip Congdon, RAF, added 27/04/1983; signatures from the anniversary of the liberation, May 1984; A Jansson, Captain of the Vega; Thomas Tait, ex US PC 564 revisiting Alderney in December 1986 and some german signatures including Willi Hagedorn from 1987.




1944 - 1987


Hagedorn, Willi
Tait, Thomas
SS Vega
Jannson, A
Congdon, Philip
Holt, Peter
Sargent, Frank H M, Major
Anderson, John
Nichol, Captain
Hargreaves, C, Captain
Dubois, Armand
Younggren, Newell
Krausen, Theo
Jones, Joe
HMS Beagle
Jersey General Hospital
Ginns, Margaret, née Bouchere
Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey)


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