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Admission register for St Clement's Parochial School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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November 3rd 1902 - January 19th 1932


St Clement's School
Adams, Frederick
Adams, Ronald
Adams, Walter
Ahier, Alan
Ahier, Alan Richard
Ahier, Beryl
Ahier, Charles Francis
Ahier, Clarence
Ahier, Clarice
Ahier, Cyril
Ahier, Doris Emma
Ahier, Doris M
Ahier, Enid
Ahier, Francis
Ahier, George W
Ahier, John Philip
Ahier, Kathleen M
Ahier, Marjorie
Ahier, Oswald
Ahier, Phyllis
Ahier, Sybil V
Ahier, Wilfred J
Ahier, William Edward
Alexander, Gertrude
Alexander, Minnie
Allen, Doreen Marguerite
Allen, Graeme Philip
Amy, Dorothy
André, Isabelle Mary
Anley, Henry J
Anley, Philip William
Arnold, Frank
Arnold, Kate
Arzur, Eugène
Aubert, Clara
Aubert, William
Aubin, James J
Aubin, Lilian
Audrain, William Louis
Bartholomew, Ivy
Bartlett, Lilian
Bazin, Marcel
Belhomme, Charles
Belhomme, George Peter
Belhomme, Marie
Belhomme, Raymond
Bellec, François
Bellec, Mathilde
Bertaille, Alice
Bertaille, François
Bertaille, Pierre
Bertram, Charles
Beslievre, Alfred Peter
Beynon, Elvina Joyce
Bichelberger, Paulette
Bienvenu, Angele
Bienvenu, Annie
Bienvenu, Jean Francois
Bienvenu, Lucie
Bienvenu, Renee Florence
Billot, Annie
Billot, Harold
Billot, Philip E
Blampied, Florence
Blampied, Lydia
Blanchet, Armande
Blandin, David
Blandin, Gladys O
Blandin, Gladys Olive
Blandin, Olive L
Blandin, Olive Louise
Blondel, Ernestine
Blondel, Jules
Boielle, Edward George
Boielle, Richard Clarence
Boleat, Cecile Marie
Boleat, Helene Augustine
Boleat, Marguerite
Boleat, Paul John
Boleat, Yvonne Emilie
Boulanger, Ivy
Boulanger, Joseph
Boulanger, Marion
Boulanger, Valerie
Bouvier, Dorothy
Bowra, Ellen Mary
Bowra, John Charles
Bradwell, Cyril
Bradwell, Doris
Bredonchell, Arveline
Bree, Joan
Breuilly, Frank A
Britton, Donald
Brochet, Alfred C
Brochet, Arthur F
Brochet, Clara
Brochet, Florence M
Brochet, Francis
Brochet, Harold G
Brochet, Phyllis May
Brochet, Simonne
Brown, Frederick
Buesnel, Cyril John
Buesnel, Douglas Arthur
Buesnel, Lucille Louise
Buesnel, Margaret Alice
Burman, Doris
Burman, Eline
Burman, John
Cabot, Edwin
Cabot, John Evans
Cabot, Lilian
Cabot, Marjorie Frances
Cabot, Maud
Cabot, Philip
Canuel, Alice
Canuet, Celina
Canuet, Julius
Canuet, Lucille
Cawley, Charles F
Cawley, Frederick
Cawley, Gertrude
Cawley, William
Challinor, Betty Alane
Challinor, Joan M
Challinor, Nancy W
Cogan, Jessie
Collins, Leicester
Connell, Beatrice
Conway, Ruth Emma
Corbitt, Eileen Elizabeth
Cornick, Ivy E
Cornick, Lilian Maud
Cornick, Olive M
Couillard, Alfred
Couillard, Arsene
Couillard, Charles
Courcoux, Pierre
Crapp, Edward
Crapp, Nellie
Crapp, Violet
Crapp, Walter
Cropp, Raymond
Darby, Alice
Darby, Heleanor
Darby, Rose
d'Authreau, Antonia
d'Authreau, Jose
de Caux, Adolphus
de Caux, Elsie
de Caux, Evelyn
de Caux, Lily
de Caux, Marie
de Gourville, Augusta
de Gruchy, William
de Rue, Alfred
de Rue, Arthur
de Rue, Clarence
de Rue, Elize A
de Rue, Priscilla
de Ste Croix, Doris
de Ste Croix, Ernest
de Ste Croix, Philip
Desborough, Eleanor
Desmares, George
Devenish, Frances Evelyn
Diaper, Charles Henry
Dobin, Maisie
Dobin, Violet
Dodsley, Gerald G
Dodsley, Vera Joyce
Doublard, Dorothy
Downer, Arthur
Downer, Leonard
Downer, Roy
Doyle, Evelyn G
Doyle, Frederick A
Doyle, Grace E
Drube, Ivy
Drube, May Elizabeth
Duffield, John
Dumesnil, Albertine
Durell, Arthur
Durell, Dorothy
Durell, Frank
Ecoublet, Aline Julie
Ecoublet, Louise
Ecoublet, Marceline
Ecoublet, Rosalie Laurentine
Edgar, Edmund
Edgar, Leonard
Elkington, Thomas H
Elliott, Henry T
Etienne, Andre Pierre
Etienne, Anna
Etienne, Blanche
Etienne, Francis
Etienne, John Francis
Etienne, Raymond
Evans, Dorothy
Evans, Iris Ellen
Evans, John David
Falle, Donald
Falle, Elsie
Falle, Hedley John
Fauvel, Edward George
Fauvel, Ralph
Ferret, Albert P
Field, Arthur
Field, Hector
Field, Maurice
Filleul, Jane
Filleul, Louisa
Findlay, Norman
Fosse, Annie
Fosse, Edith
Fosse, Florence
Fosse, Kathleen
Fromager, Alfred
Fromager, Georgette M
Fromager, Lucienne M
Fromager, Pierre R
Fromager, Violette Marie
Fry, Alma Florence
Fry, Elsie Joyce
Fry, Lilian May
Gallichan, Ernest
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, Mabel
Gallichan, Raymond
Gasnier, Roy
Gautier, Florence
Gee, Rosemary Patricia
Germain, Dennis Harold
Germain, Ivy Doris
Glendewar, Edward
Godfray, Dulcie Christine
Godfray, Edward
Godfray, Elsie Vivien
Godfray, Philip
Gouédard, Louise N
Gouffini, Alfred
Gouffini, David Denis
Goutté, Clarence
Greaves, Eric Ian
Grouvel, Gerald
Grouvel, Leonard
Gruber, George
Gruber, Godfried
Gruchy, Walter J
Guillard, Alex
Guillard, Archibald
Guillard, Ellen
Guillard, Fred
Guillard, Lilian M
Guillard, Lucy
Guillard, Mary Ann
Guinard, Baptiste
Guinard, Batiste
Guise, Walter
Guiton, May
Gulliford, Vera
Guyomard, Francois
Guyomard, Julie
Guyomard, Marcel
Hamon, Irene A
Hamon, Alfred Herbert
Hamon, Alfred James
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Clifford
Hamon, Daisy Phyllis
Hamon, Dora May
Hamon, Doris Joyce
Hamon, Dorothy Maud
Hamon, Eleanor
Hamon, Elsie
Hamon, Ernest
Hamon, Florence Ann
Hamon, Francis
Hamon, George
Hamon, George F
Hamon, Harold
Hamon, Hedley
Hamon, Henry Thomas
Hamon, Jack
Hamon, Jean Mathurin
Hamon, Kathleen
Hamon, Laura Dorothy
Hamon, Lilian
Hamon, Lilian M
Hamon, Louis
Hamon, Lydia M
Hamon, Marguerite
Hamon, Maud
Hamon, May Olive
Hamon, Olive
Hamon, Olive D
Hamon, Ronald
Hamon, Rose
Hamon, Sydney Philip
Hamon, Thomas
Hamon, Vera
Hamon, Violet
Hamon, Wilfred Snowdon
Hamon, William John
Hamon, Winter Francis
Hansford, Elwyn
Hansford, George
Hansford, Raymond
Harvey, Margaret
Harvey, Grace
Hebert, Arthur John
Hennequin, Blanche Angèle
Hennequin, Charles
Hennequin, Christine
Hennequin, George
Hennequin, Jeanne
Herauville, Eva
Hind, Clarence
Hind, Nellie
Hind, Violet
Hodge, Beatrice
Hodge, Donald Charles
Hodge, Janet Margaret
Hodge, John de Gruchy
Hodge, John H
Hodge, Margaret
Hodge, Richard
Hodge, Robert
Hodge, Yvonne Florence
Holley, Germain
Holley, Raymond
Horton, May
Houillebecq, Christine
Houillebecq, Francis
Houillebecq, Violet F
Hubert, Beatrice
Hubert, Phyllis May
Huelin, David
Huelin, Edward
Hurel, Florence
Hurel, Kathleen
Hurel, Louisa
Hyman, Doris
Isherwood, Edith Joan
James, Edgar
Jones, John
Journeaux, Beatrice
Journeaux, Beryl
Journeaux, Claride M
Journeaux, Edith
Journeaux, Frank
Journeaux, Garnet Roy
Journeaux, Mabel
Journeaux, Myra Maud
Journeaux, Philip
Journeaux, Thomas
Kempster, Albert
Kempster, Arthur
Kempster, Cecil A
Kempster, Doris R
Kempster, George Albert
Kempster, Henry
Kempster, John
Kempster, Phyllis
Kempster, Robert
Kenny, Frank
Kenny, Lilian
Knott, Dorothy Olive
Knott, Florence
Laffoley, George James
Laffoley, Reginald Robert
Landick, Doris L
Landick, Madeleine
Langdon, Veronica
Langford, Samuel
Langlois, Dorothy
Langlois, Florence
Langlois, Frank
Langlois, Rene
Launey, Hamilton Edwin
Le Blancq, Eva
Le Blancq, Iris
Le Blancq, John
Le Blancq, Muriel
Le Blancq, Rosella
Le Bourgeois, Frederick
Le Boutillier, Ernest
Le Boutillier, James
Le Boutillier, Walter Alfred
Le Boutillier, Yvonne
Le Breton, Hilda
Le Breuilly, Yvonne
Le Brun, Frank
Le Brun, Reginald
Le Brun, Sydney
Le Chair, Céline
Le Cher, Blanche
Le Cher, Eugène
Le Cher, Selina
Le Chevalier, Aimée Marie
Le Chevalier, Clémentine
Le Chevalier, Peter
Le Clercq, Florence G
Le Clercq, Madeline
Le Cocq, Alice
Le Cocq, Doreen
Le Cocq, Elsie
Le Cocq, Gwendoline
Le Cocq, John Clarence
Le Cocq, Joyce
Le Cocq, Lilian
Le Cocq, Lucy
Le Cocq, Marion
Le Cocq, Patricia Maud
Le Cocq, Peter
Le Cocq, Wilfred Ronald
Le Cozannet, Armand
Le Cozannet, Blanche Jeannine
Le Feuvre, Ellen M
Le Flock, Olive
Le Fol, Florence
Le Gac, Francis Emile
Le Gresley, Edmund
Le Gresley, Ernest
Le Gros, Marjorie
Le Guyader, Augustine
Le Guyader, Joseph
Le Houérou, Jean
Le Houérou, Joseph
Le Huquet, George
Le Huquet, Olive
Le Lievre, Beatrice
Le Lievre, Ernest
Le Lievre, Gladys
Le Lievre, James A
Le Lievre, Lily
Le Lievre, Matilda
Le Lievre, Philip
Le Lievre, Rose
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Lievre, William
Le Long, Aline
Le Louarne, Yvonne M
Le Maistre, Denis John
Le Maistre, Ethel
Le Maistre, Ethel Norah
Le Maistre, Norman Charles
Le Maistre, Reginald Leonard
Le Maitre, Ethel
Le Maître, Sidney
Le Maitre, William
Le Marquand, Adolphus John
Le Marquand, Donald
Le Marquand, Dudley
Le Marquand, George Robert
Le Masurier, Charles G
Le Masurier, Clarence
Le Masurier, Edgar
Le Masurier, Iris May
Le Masurier, Lilian
Le Masurier, Marie Lucille
Le Masurier, R Philip
Le Moignan, Clarence
Le Monnier, John Francis
Le Monnier, Roy
Le Monnier, Yvonne Louise
Le Mottée, Lilian May
Le Petit, Paul
Le Poittevin, Aimée
Le Quesne, John E
Le Quesne, Stanley
Le Rendu, Ronald George
Le Riche, Enid
Le Riche, Francis
Le Riche, Wilfred
Le Rossignol, Doris
Le Rougetel, Charles
Le Saint, François
Le Saint, Frank Charles
Le Saint, Louis
Le Scel, Amélie
Le Sueur, Reginald
Le Tellier, Louise
Le Verdier, Albert Charles
Le Verdier, Blanche
Le Verdier, Violet
Leamon, Joyce Alice
Leat, Doreen
Lecarpentier, George Ernest
Lecureuil, Hedley Peter
Lelerre, Auguste
Lelerre, François
Lelerre, Lily
Lelong, Doris
Lelong, Francis
Lelong, Francis
Lelong, Jules
Lemprière, Blanche
Lempriere, Dora
Lemprière, Hilda
Lemprière, Kathleen
Lempriere, Sidney
Lempriere, Violet Mary
L'Hermite, Augustine
L'Hermite, Joseph
Lillicrap, Jack
Lindsey, Joan
Lloyd, Barbara E
Lloyd, Edward Henry
Loader, Claude A
Loader, Victoria C
Lones, Lilian
Luce, Edward
Luce, Herbert
Mackintosh, Isobel
Main, Elizabeth
Main, Matilda
Malherbe, Francis
Mann, Bernard
Mann, Donald E
Marett, Charles
Marett, Charles V
Marett, Christine
Marett, Eva
Marett, Eva Annie
Marett, Florence
Marett, Gladys
Marie, Eva
Marie, Philip
Marie, Violet
Marsh, John Mons
Matson, Dorothy
Maubry, Margaret
Mayer, Leo John
McAllen, Elsie
McAllen, Nellie
McLure, Gladys
McLure, Grace
Meades, George
Melson, Edith Joan
Melson, Pauline Pearl
Mercer, Harold
Mercier, Alfred
Mercier, John
Moignard, Arthur
Moignard, Clarence
Moignard, Lionel
Moignard, Lucille
Moisan, Alfred
Moisan, Alfred
Moisan, Aline Olive
Moisan, Ethel May
Moisan, Francis
Moisan, William
Moon, Charlotte Vera
Moon, Henry Reginald
Morin, Francis
Morin, Germaine
Morin, Jack Francis
Morin, Violet M
Morris, Jane
Morris, Mary
Motto, Doreen M
Motto, Hilda
Motto, Joseph
Motto, Raymond Walter
Mourant, Basil George
Mourant, George John
Mourant, Irene
Mourant, Jack
Mourant, Laura Jane
Moyse, Elsie
Moyse, Ena May
Moyse, Francis B
Moyse, Lilian
Moyse, Philip
Moyse, Reginald
Moyse, Robert H
Moyse, Stanley
Moyse, Sydney
Muspratt, Eric
Muspratt, Fred
Muspratt, Iris
Musson, Sheila
Noel, Lydia Eve
North, Phyllis Ethel
Nugent, John Terence
Page, Elsie May
Pain, Mary A
Paisnel, Alfred
Paisnel, Edward
Paisnel, Emile J
Paisnel, Isidore
Paisnel, John W
Paisnel, Louis Francois
Pallot, Denis J
Pallot, Emile N
Pallot, Eunice
Pallot, Joan Mary
Pallot, John Charles
Pallot, Marguerite Ann
Pallot, Maud E
Pallot, Olive
Pallot, Oswald Philip
Pallot, Stuart
Pasturel, Albert
Pasturel, Eva
Pasturel, Joseph
Pasturel, Lorette
Pasturelle, Alfred
Pasturelle, Alfred P
Pasturelle, Jean B
Pasturelle, Lise
Perchard, William
Perrier, Cyril
Perrier, Hedley
Perrot, Mary Jacqueline
Perrot, Mary Jacqueline
Phillips, Cyril J
Phillips, Donald V
Pirouet, Alfred
Pirouet, Alfreda Dora
Pirouet, Amy Alice
Pirouet, Annie
Pirouet, Arthur
Pirouet, Edith
Pirouet, Elizabeth
Pirouet, Ernest
Pirouet, Esther Ethel
Pirouet, Francis Russell
Pirouet, Gladys
Pirouet, Ivy Elizabeth
Pirouet, Jack
Pirouet, James
Pirouet, Louisa
Pirouet, Margaret
Pirouet, Olive Frances E
Pirouet, Regina Priscilla
Pirouet, Ruby Esther
Pleven, Albert
Pleven, Blanche
Pleven, Florence
Plevin, Jean
Plevin, Lena
Plevin, Mathilda
Plevin, Peter
Poingdestre, Alfred John
Pollard, Ernest Joseph
Price, Frank George
Prigg, Marguerite
Queree, Elize
Querée, Emile
Querée, Herbert
Queree, Muriel
Rabet, Aline
Rabet, Denis Alfred
Rabet, Jean
Rayson, Ada
Rayson, Alice
Rayson, Amy
Rayson, George Philip
Rayson, Harold
Rayson, Henry
Rayson, John
Rayson, Nora
Rayson, Regina
Rayson, Reginald
Renouf, John Edmund
Reynolds, Joan Alison
Riant, Doris
Riant, Doris
Riant, Florence
Riault, Joseph
Riault, Louise
Roberts, Albert John
Roberts, Alice May
Roberts, Blanche Sybil
Roberts, Cyril
Roberts, Doris
Roberts, Lucille Blanche
Roberts, Winifred Linyan
Robinson, Ritha
Robinson, Sydney
Ruellan, Adeline
Ruellan, André
Ruellan, Blanche
Samson, Charles
Samson, Cyril Philip
Samson, Doris
Samson, Stanley
Scriven, Beryl Florence
Scriven, Sylvia
Shewell, Charles
Simon, Dorothy Yvonne
Simon, George Henry
Simon, Marie
Simon, Phyllis L
Simon, Raymond Philip
Sinclair, Phyllis
Sinel, Ruby
Smith, Dolly
Smith, Ivy Margaret
Smith, Vera
Sohier, Laura
Sohier, Paulette
Speers, Samuel Herbert
Spence, Florence
St George, Arthur Thomas
St George, Douglas Mons
St George, Florence M
St George, Frederick
St George, Linda V
Sutton, Esme May
Sutton, Margery
Tardivel, Aline
Tardivel, Amelie
Tardivel, Douglas George
Tardivel, Emily Marguerite
Tardivel, Jeanne
Tardivel, Walter Stanley
Therin, Margaret Marie
Therin, Peter Emile
Therin, Yvonne M
Thompson, Florence
Thompson, James L
Thompson, Sydna
Tily, Yves
Touzel, Doreen Olive
Touzel, Elsie
Touzel, George J
Touzel, Grace
Touzel, Philip
Tréhiou, Eugène
Tréhiou, Georges
Valpy, Francis
Varaillon, Alfred
Varaillon, Belle
Varaillon, Emile
Varaillon, Lucien
Vasel, Jean Dorothy
Vautier, Alfred
Vautier, John
Vezier, Ada Emily
Vialle, Joseph
Vialle, Marie
Vickers, Walter
Villette, Albert
Vining, Queenie Irene
Vivian, Alfred
Vivian, Iris Mary
Vivian, Marguerite Priscilla
Vivian, Philip
Vivian, Stanley
Wallis, Joyce Edna
Wallis, Ruby Olive
Watkinson, Douglas
Watkinson, Sylvester
Watton, Doreen Madge
Watton, Francis Edward
Watton, Joan Beatrice
West, Cyril Terence
Whitte, Lewis
Willcox, Adele
Willcox, John H
Wood, Ben
Wood, Harry
Wood, Jane Joyce


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