Declaration books of the Prince of Wales Lodge




August 2nd 1916 - April 3rd 1940


Prince of Wales Lodge
Puckering, Frank
Grant, George Edward
Staines, Thomas Larcome
Hassell, George
Mahier, Touzel Philip
Hisco, Edward Charles
Welch, Joseph Edmund Ernest
Beuzeval, Albert Eugene
Simmons, George Thomas
Blampied, John Le Cornu
Blampied, Edmund
Mourant, Alfred James
Gosling, Arthur Clarence
Mallet, Albert Ernest
Gallie, Albert Nicolle
Biddle, Charles Poullon
Cowdery, Pierson Leonard
Hodgetts, Percy Le Hardy
King, Walter Geo
Taylor, Christopher
Gallichan, John William
Horman, William Arthur
Noel, Ernest Francis
Le Moignan, Joshua Sinel
Marie, James Edwin
Gallichan, Alfred Charles
Gallichan, William Herbert Kenchington
Horman, Sidney
Pomeroy, William
Le Cornu, Alfred
Allix, Philip John
Beuzeval, John Alfred
Knatchbull, Owen Edward
McCawley, Henry Lovaine
Smith, George Oscroft
Pack, Henry William
Pead, Joseph Frederick
Noel, Walter Joseph
Slade, George Richardson
Cantell, George Francis
Romeril, Percy Adolphus
Beuzeval, Walter John
Hacking, William Ernest
Bree, Francis Vibert
Neil, Donald Percival
Le Sueur, Reg George
Grant, Clarence George
Tower, Noel Gilbert
Matthews, Harold Edgar Justine
Dorey, Frederick John
Preile, Frank George
Olden, William George
Cantell, Alfred John
Richardson, Leyghton Thomas
Bisson, Helier Chevalier
Anley, John Louis
Neil, Walter Samuel
Bartlett, Herbert Walter
Reys, Charles
Clark, Frederick
Hacquoil, Thomas George
Carter, Alfred John (Senior)
Dorey, Josue Emile
Pickett, Alfred John
Le Hayee, Victor Rene
Le Breton, John Downald
Misson, Ernest
Le Boutillier, Stanley Joseph
Jordan, John William Thomas
Pallot, Albert Joseph
Kell, William Francis
De La Haye, James Marquand
Grieve, Alfred Edmund
Webb, James John
Ellis, William Boare
Cox, Edward
Banks, Harry
Horman, Albert George
Harris, Andrew
Algar, William Bowman
Jeune, Thomas Charles
Le Maistre, Clarence
Le Geyt, Reginald Whisby
Bisson, Elie John
Gaudin, George John
Britton, Sidney James Sutton
Williams, Arthur Thomas
Legg, Francis Sidney
Perkins, Sydney Charles
Hall, Albert
Starck, Alfred Edward
Le Cornu, Ernest Romeril
Carter, Claude Albert
Le Maistre, Bertram
Dingle, Walter Stephen
Le Lievre, Charles Philip Bisson
Le Couteur, Philip
Clements, William Henry
Reed, Sydney Bernard
Short, Charles Stanley
Clarke, Fred Webber
Collivet, John Esnouf
Gaudin, Henry George
Pomeroy, William Stanley
Holt, Norman Charles
Bartlett, William Alfred
Tanguy, Louis Jean
Horman, James Neil
Smith, Charles Frederick
Faiers, Cecil Henry
Wavell, Charles Leonard Bruce
Gaudin, Clifford Francis
Renall, Charles William
Cabot, Philip
Matson, William Follett
Bisson, Joseph Syvret
Le Brocq, Albert
Britton, Alfred William
Andre, Edwin Richard
Dennis, Richard Alec
Copp, Charles Alfred
Benest, William
Bisson, John
Short, Charles Trenchard
Lewis, Cecil Lonnan Joseph Anthony
Rennison, Philip de la Lande
Fitch, Alwyn Horace
Boot, Albert
Gray, Harry
Pallot, John A
Le Gros, Ernest Francis Victor
Williams, Oscar
Anthony, Norbert George Dalton
Short, Herbert James
Burke, Reginald Hammond
Williams, John Henry
Langdon, Francis George
De la Motte, Philip Thomas
Baker, Harry
Andrew, Charlotte
Fry, Arthur Frederick
Le Maistre, Philip Daniel
Hodgetts, Philip Mallet
Lobb, Percy Reginald
Marett, Walter George
Marett, Alfred John
Hutchings, Alfred Renouf
Allport, Norman Arthur
Gibaut, John Philip
Pallot, John Messervy
Boleat, John Ernest
Marett, Alfred Edwin
Collett, Ernest William
Godeane, Francis Philip
Hutchings, Ernest Edward
Corbin, Frederick George
De La Perrelle, Louis Pirouet
Le Gresley, Percy Clifford
Morris, Richard Albert
Morris, Henry Gerald
Cawley, Gerald Francis
Gallichan, Francis Kenchington
Prain, Sydney David
Blackburn, Charles
Downer, Winter
Blampied, Arthur Philip
Jeune, George Alfred
Le Sueur, Charles
Quirot, Philip Edward
Tanguy, Cyril Philip
Tibot, James Walter Junior
Beuzeval, Charles Alfred Junior
Davis, Frederick George
Smith, Charles Frederick
Copp, Horace Lionel
Rowland, Arthur Henry Le Quesne
Guiton, Pierre Phillippe Henri
Corbin, Cecil St Helier
Hodgetts, Percy Osmont
Jehan, Herbert Arthur
Corbin, Arthur Charles Stanbury
Stuart, Stuart Harold Roger
Richardson, Henry Gordon
Pridsly, Henry Philip
du Feu, Philip John
Godeause, John Charles
Gallichan, Henry Madden
Rumming, Frank Garland
Bertram, Alfred Robert
Warren, Cyril Percival
Behoe, George Martin John
Renouf, Cyril
Barette, Stanley de Carteret
du Feu, Percival
Strachan, Thomas James
Le Huquet, Charles Alfred
Bransbury, Harry George
Bransbury, Eric John
Tostevin, Raymond Henry
Bates, Richard Charles
Copp, Charles George
Brown, Gordon Samsbury
Syvret, Arthur George
Nicholls, Francis Jervies
Gregory, Maurice Herbert
Dance, William George
Allaire, Auguste Louis
Dean, Eric William Richard
Rive, Alfred John
Huelin, John
Colivet, John William
de Louche, Roy


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