Account Book showing the accounts of the Chamber and individual members of the Chamber of Commerce including subscriptions, name of vessels in full or part ownership, prizes from privateer activities and the President's accounts [indexed]




February 15th 1780 - May 13th 1786


Chamber of Commerce
Hamon, Philip
Hilgrove, Thomas
Gosset, Abraham
Fiott, Nicholas
Hemery, James
Remon, Edward
Gosset, Matthew
Patriarche, William
Hammond, Thomas
Mallet, Peter
Snow, William
Geffrard, John
Villeneufve, John
Sivret, George
Le Geyt, John
Janvrin, Francis
Winter, Philip
Lerrier, Charles
Laurens, Philip
Baleine, James
Lys, John
de la Taste, John
Simonet, Peter
Gautier, Francis
Mallet, Peter
Durell, Elias
Pipon, James
Dumaresq, John
Poingdestre, Charles
Nicolle, Edward
Chevalier, Abraham
Benest, John
Lerrier, Philip
Hemery, Clement
Rowcliffe, George
Combes, Edward
Mallet, Nicholas
Robinson, Elias
Le Capelain, John
Thoreau, John
Guillet, James
Butcher, Hugh
Horne, Peter
Anquetil, Francis
Janvrin, Philip
Thoreau, Philip
Dumaresq, Philip
Gruchy, Thomas James
Messrs de Gruchy and Fiott
Le Gallais, Philip
Le Cloche, Matthew
de la Garde, Thomas
Matthews, John
Mallet, Thomas
Renouf, Philip
Aubin, Francis
Simonet, James
Bertram, Charles
Dolbel, John
du Parcq, Philip
Le Geyt, Daniel
Renouf, Charles
Remon, James
Ingouville, Philip
Poingdestre, John
Millais, Edward
Pipon, James
Fiott, Edward
Messervy, Daniel
Le Capelain, Benjamin
Collings, Elias
Dolbel, Daniel
Coutanche, Charles
Voy, Henry
de Ste Croix, Aaron
Mauger, George
du Heaume, Edward


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