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Prisoners Register, includes; number, name, date of confinement, by whose order, offence, where committed, when taken before the Court, date of trial, sentence, by whose order, education, age, height and colour of hair, trade, religion and birth place, weight on entry and discharge, previous convictions, marks, date of discharge and remarks. This volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. Please click on the description to access the pdf on the next page.

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January 6th 1911 - September 2nd 1931


HM Prison, La Moye
Adam, Eugène
Adcote, James
Addicott, Henry
Adey, Joseph
Ahier, George C
Ahier, George Charles
Ahmed, Rollo
Airth, Andrew
Akehurst, Frederick Joseph
Alaire, Jean Louis
Aldmond, Evan Roger
Alexander, Morris
Allain, Maurice
Allaire, Jean Louis Auguste
Allierou, Joseph Marie
Allin, John
Allo, Mathurin François
Ambert, Y Marie
Ambert, Yves Marie Sent
Amicel, Piere Marie
Amiot, Peter Bienaimé
Amoury, J M
Amy, Catherine
Amy, Charles
Amy, J Philip
Anderson, George
Anderson, Herbert
Andow, J Alexander
Andrews, Charles A
Andrews, William Victor
Angall, Frederick Robert
Anley, Philip William
Arman, Jacob
Arnes, Charles William
Arniot, Pierre Bienamie
Artell, Jacob
Arzul, Françoise, née Bougeant
Ash Mary Alma M
Ashcroft, James Henry
Ashfield, James
Aubert, Cyril
Aubert, William
Aubert, William M
Aubert, William Mill
Aubin, Yves Marie
Aubray, Pierre M
Aubrey, Jean
Audrain, Ada Celine
Audrain, Alfred George
Audrain, Yves
Auffray, Emile P
Auffray, François
Auffret, Arthur Albert
Auffret, Charles
Auffret, Francis
Auffret, Francois
Auffret, Joseph
Aufret, Charles
Aufret, Francis
Aufret, François
Austin, Alfred
Austin, William James Fortescue
Avry, May
Ayling, Frederick
Badier, Andrew William
Badier, Mary
Baigent, Thomas
Bailhache, A Mabel Pinel, née Laurens
Baker, Graham
Balcour, Pierre
Bale, Richard
Ball, Henry
Ballec, Marie Louise, née Graviou
Band, Eugenie
Baniac, Marie
Banks, R Thomas
Banks, Robert Thomas
Baptisite, Jean
Baptiste, Huet
Baquier, Christopher
Barbier, Ada Jane
Barette, Stanley Edward
Barnard, Harry
Barnes, Caroline
Barnes, William
Baron, Amelie
Barville, Jules
Basquet, Perch
Basset, Charles Henry
Basset, Marie Angéle
Bates, Jane, née Shales
Bates, Matilda Jane, nee Shales
Bates, William
Batt, Charles John
Battrick, Mary Jane
Baud, Eugenie
Baud, Margaret, née Le Monnier
Baud, Marguerite, nee Le Monnier
Baudains, Albert Edward
Baudains, Lily Elizabeth
Baudains, Thomas
Baudet, Albert Francis
Baudet, Blanche
Baudet, Francis
Baudin, Auguste L F
Baudin, Auguste L Francois
Bayait, Albert Yves
Bazille, Amalie
Bazille, Peter Yves
Beakbane, Joseph
Beamlerger, E M R
Beauchamp, Edward Henry
Beaumier, Marie Sainte
Beaumier, Pierre Marie
Beck ford, Benjamin Arthur
Beckford, A B
Beckford, Arthur B
Beckford, H Louisa
Beckford, Herbert Arthur
Becquet, Percy
Bedel, Aug Jean
Beglin, Adèle
Beglin, Alice
Bellamy, Albert
Bender, William Frederick
Benest, Alfred Philip
Bennett, Alfred
Benoist, Yves Marie
Berder, L V L
Bersdar, M F Jean Marie
Bertout, P Le Feuvre
Bertram, Charles Philip
Bertram, Fanny
Bertram, Philip
Bertram, Philip Clement
Bertrand, J B
Bertrand, Jean
Besnard, J Thomas
Besnard, Maurice J G
Besnier, Auguste
Besquet, Percy
Best, Charles
Best, William
Beuzeval, Thomas Henry
Bichard, Clement
Bichat, Francis P J
Bienvenue, Jeanne
Bihet, Emile Jules
Billot, Bertha Augustine, nee Simon
Billot, Frank
Bing, Ethel
Bird, Herbert Victor
Birt, Richard
Bisson W William
Bisson, Clifford
Bisson, George Matthew
Bisson, Henry Charles
Black, J
Blackmore, Albert
Blaise, Fanny
Blake, Francis John
Blakemore, Arthur Robert
Blampied, Charles Thomas
Blampied, Percival
Blampied, Thomas
Blanchard, Frederick
Blanchard, Frederick Auguste
Blanchet, Jean
Blanchette, Jean B
Blandamoor, Robert John
Bliault, Ralph Charles
Blivet, Pierre M F
Blondel, Paul Gustave P
Blowers, Rose, née Boivin
Boatmaro, Charles
Bohers, Pauline Louise
Boivin, Charles Albert
Boivin, F L D
Boivin, Percy
Bolan, Andre Edouard Marie
Bolan, Henri
Boleat, John Ernest
Boloré, Eugène
Bond, Caroline
Bondio, Paul
Bonnet, M F Mathurine, née Jean
Bons, Raymond
Bons, Raymond Marcel L
Booth, Francis
Borvin, Charles Albert
Boschat, H Yves
Boschat, Honoré Yves
Boucher, Louis Marie
Boucheré, Albert E
Bouchéré, Albert Edward
Boudier, William George
Bougourd, Annie
Bouhairdi, Jeanne
Bouhaise, Charles
Bouhavre, Charles Marie
Boulaire, John
Boulaise, Francis Henry Bouhaire
Bourdois, Marie Sainte
Bourgaise, Nicòlas
Bourgaise, William Ernest
Bourkis, Gabriel
Bouvier, Louis
Bouvin, Percy
Bowden, William
Bowden, William Henry
Bowditch, Leonard W
Bowker, Rhoda, nee Wilkinson
Boyle, Leonard Denis
Bozec, Jean François
Bredeaux, Francis John
Brehu, Madelaine
Bressat, George Alfred
Bretagne, Hortense
Bretagne, Hortense
Bretiaet, Alf J
Brevost, Mathurin J M
Brevost, Mathurin Joseph M
Brewer, Wilfred Gilbert
Brint, Stephen
Briscoe, Joshua
Britt, Dennis
Brizaz, D P Vritor
Brochat, Francis J
Brochen, Philippa
Brochet, Ernest
Brochet, Francis James
Brochet, Frank
Brocken, J F
Brodie, J
Brown, Frederick William
Brown, Jessie Elizabeth
Bryant, Robert
Bryne, Michael
Buckley, James, Ellen, née Lomasney
Buckley, Thomas
Buckley, Thomas A J
Buckley, Thomas Ashton J
Buckley, Thomas Justin A
Buesnel, George Frederick
Buhot, Bienaimé
Buhot, Celine Marie
Bullock, Charles
Burford, Herbert George
Burgess, Clarice
Burley, Charles Gordon
Burrow, Jean
Burston, Arthur Henry
Butel, Ernest
Butel, Frank
Butel, Peter
Butel, Samuel
Butler, Francis
Byrne, Thomas Patrick
Cabic, Guilleame
Cabot, Annie, née Vilton
Cabot, James Edward
Cabot, Mary Ann
Cabot, Philip Jules
Cadero, Josephine, née Foucault
Cadiou, Rose
Cadiou, Samuel
Cadiou, Samuel Grandin
Cadoret, Joseph
Campbell, Charles Peter
Campion, Albert Francis
Campion, Albert Frederick
Canbaron, Frank
Carpenter, Charles Henry
Carpenter, Ellen
Carpenter, Irene
Carr, John
Carré, René
Carrée, Marie
Carro, Marie Louise
Carrol, Walter John
Carroll, Thomas
Carter, Frank
Carter, Frank William
Cartwright, Eric Basil
Carvello, Louis Auguste
Carvenec, Marie Yvonne
Cass, William
Catlin, Frederick William
Cauvain, Florence, née Bakes
Cauvin, Edgar
Cavanagh, Fred
Cavro, Marie Louise
Chamberlain, William R
Chamberlane, William Archie
Chamril, Jane
Channing, Alfred Percy
Channing, Edmund
Channing, Edmund Arthur
Channing, Edward
Channing, Elizabeth, nee Miller
Channing, Frederick James
Channing, R H Le Breton
Channing, Reuben H Le B
Channing, Reuben Holly
Charlemange, Marie F
Chauvril, Jane
Chavioine, Charles
Chesnan, M H
Chevalier, Pierre
Chevrel, Francis
Chilard, Albertine
Chilard, C
Childers, Morris Gordon
Chisel, William Samuel
Chislard, León
Choupaud, J
Chubb, Percy
Churchill, H James
Churchill, Joseph Samuel
Churchill, William George
Clair, Jean
Clausey, Victor Edward
Clayton, Mark
Clement, Bertram Philip
Cleveland, William
Cleveland, William
Clifton, Lewis George
Cloarec, Jacques
Clonsdale, Thomas Leonard
Clunn, Albert William
Cobb, Edwin
Cobb, William
Cobden, William
Cokayne, Joseph
Cole, Walter George
Coles, George
Collect, Julien
Collier, Arthur
Collinette, Edward William
Collinson, James
Conan, Augustine Marie
Conaro, Maria
Condy, Jane
Conetta, George
Connelly, William Francis
Connolly, Mary, née O'Brien
Coombs, J Charles
Coombs, Joseph George
Coonay, Charles
Cooney, Edward
Cooney, Patrick
Cooney, Thomas
Coram, Wilfred John
Coran, Wilfred J
Corbin, Frederick George
Cormick, A Edward
Cormick, A Edward
Cornier, P Francis
Cornu, Edouard Henri
Coroner, Alexandre
Corre, Francois Marie
Corson, François
Cory, Mable E
Cory, Percival Robert
Cory, Robert I
Cosquer, Henri
Cosquer, Jean Edouard
Cotalf, Louis Alexandre
Cotard, Charles William
Cotard, Henri Marie
Cotard, Jean Marie
Cotard, John Louis
Cotillard, Françoise
Courbaron, Francis
Courbaron, François Jean
Courbaron, Marie
Courbarron, Frank
Courcaux, Jacques Mathurin
Courcoux J M
Courcoux, Elsie May
Courcoux, Jacques
Courcoux, Jean Marie
Coureur, B Annan Dina Beritre
Courtois, Jeanne, née Brousterre
Coutanche, A S
Coutanche, A Sydney
Coutanche, John Clement
Coutanche, Reginald
Coyanet, Marie, née Briard
Cozec, Yves
Crees, Ada Emma, nee Noel
Crees, E Ada Emma, née Noel
Crees, Ethel Louise
Crenan, Joseph
Crenon, Joseph
Creurer, François
Crocker, Adolphus William Henry
Crocker, Mary Ann
Croizard, Eliza, née Stanberry
Cross, Harold
Cross, William
Crozard, May Elizabeth, née Stansbury
Cullen, William
Cullis, Sydney
Cummings, Walter
Cummings, William Charles
D’ Arthenay, Marie Louise
Daisy, Peter
Danés, Emile
Daniels, William Henry
Darcel, Jean Jacques
Darcel, Marie Louise Leonie
Dart, Ada, née Varth
Davey, A Elizabeth, née Syborn
Davey, Ada M
Davey, Ernest George
Davey, Walter
Davey, William Henry
David, Charles
David, Pierre Blanche
Davis, Alfred George
Davy, George Perchard
Davy, Ada Elizabeth, née Syborn
Day- Luce, William Charles
Day, John
Day-Luce, William C
de Carteret, Francis John
de Coux, A A F
De Gruchy, Alfred
de Gruchy, Charles George
de Gruchy, Florence
de Gruchy, Florence, née Henry
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, P Rowland
de Gruchy, William Charles
de Guelle, A Desiré
de Guelle, Armand Desire
de la Cour, Frank
de La Cour, George
de la Haye, Arthur George
de la Haye, George
de La Haye, J B
de la Haye, Louise, née Cabaret
de la Mare, Thomas
de La Noé, Jean
de La Noé, Joseph
de La Noë, Joseph
de La Noé, Jules Yves
de La Noé, Louis F
de la Noé, Marie A
de La Noé, Pierre
de La Perrelle, Bertram
de Ste Croix, Alfred L
de Ste Croix, P William
de Ste Croix, Percy William
de Veau, Francis
Deakin, Francis Eric
Debrieu, A J
Defeu, Charles Thomas
Delamare, Lily Elizabeth
Delanoe, Jean Joseph
Delepine, Elexandrine
Demoy, Jean
Denés, Emile
Denes, Florence Louisa
Dénés, Marguerite, née Catto
Denés, Silvester
Dénès, Yves Maria
Denis, Philip Moyse
Derkin, John
Derouet, Ferdinand
Derrien, Pierre
Dervergess, Caline, née Travers
Deslandes, Ernest
Desplanques, Charles
Desprès, Adelaide
Despres, Irene May
Desprès, Marie
Desvaux, Frank
Desveaux, Francis Thomas
Desveaux, Frank
Desvramx, George Francis
Detourné, Marie
Devaux, George Francis
Deveau,George Francis
Deveaux, Frank
Deveaux, George Francis
Deveaux, William Henry
Dieul, Jean
Disley, John
Dobin, Arthur J
Dobin, Arthur John
Dobin, George Roger
Dodd, Ernest
Dodd, Frank Ernest
Dodds, Frank
Doggett, Bertie Frederick
Dolbel, Philip
Donoghue, Francis
Donoghue, George
Doublard, Emile A
Douci, Charles alias Dancé
Doudic, Alexander
Doudic, Alexandre
Dourier, May Ellen
Downton, Annie, née Le Roy
Draquolis, Alexandros
Dreéc, Alice, née Laurens
Drelaud, Rose
Drelaud, Rose née Cadiou
Drew, Selina, née Baudains
Drew, William Edward
Drieu, George Ernest
Drieux, Alfred Emanuel
Driscoll, H William
Druisllemec, Philip
du Feu, Annie
Du Feu, Charles
du Feu, Charles Thomas
Du Feu, Clarence Villeneuve
du Parcq, H Francis Charles
du Parcq, Henry Francis
du Parcq, Henry Francis N
du Parcq, Henry, Lilian Maud F, née Gosselin
du Val, Elie George
Dubée, Emile
Dubée, F L Joseph
Duccy, Edward John
Ducie, Edward
Duffin, Edith, née Pitcher
Duffin, Sydney
Duhamel, August L
Duhamel, Francis Gustave
Duhamel, Leon François
Duhamel, Marie
Duhamel, Marie, née Carré
Dunn, Francis George
Dupeyron, Emile Fredrick George
Duplessix, Eugenie
Dupont, Marie, née Thomas
Duquemin, Thomas Henry George
Durand, Edward
Durand, F Pierre Victor
Durand, François P V
Durand, L J B
Durand, William
Durant, Edward
Durant, Walter Le Boutillier
Durant, William
Durant, William Walter
Dürner, Arthur Charles
Dutel, Octave
Duthiel, Octave
Duthiel, Octave John
Duthiel, Octavius John
Dutot, Henry
Dutreil, Octave John
Duval, Eugene Charles J
Dyer, Cyril Thomas
Eagan, Henry Philip
Ealson, Leonard Charles
Edwards, Cyril Leslie
Edwards, Esther, née Richards
Edwards, Jane
Edwards, Lucy
Edwards, William
Egan, Henry Philip
Egan, M H
Egan, William Alfred
Egan, William Henry Alfred
Ellett, Charles
Ellis, George
Ellis, Winfield
England, William
English, Joseph
Enright, Bridget, nee Walsh
Enwright, Bridget, née Walsh
Eon, Jean René
Ernest, Marie
Escoffier, Francois
Esnouf, M H
Etasse, Francis
Etiemble, Jean
Evans, Blanche, née Baudet
Evans, Henry
Eve, Henry Bentley
Eveillard, Charles
Evely, May
Falle, Harry
Fantrat, J Auguste
Faramus, E F Mathurin
Faramus, Eugene Francis Mathurin
Faucon, Jean M
Faucon, Jean Marie
Faudel, Albert Paul
Fazackerly, Thomas Alfred
Fenchal, Louis
Ferdre, J
Feron, Emile J F
Feron, Ernest Eugene
Ferrin, Auguste
Ferris, Annie, nee Lempriere
Ferron, John
Ferry, Augustus Charles
Feurgat, Joseph
Ficarnos, Alice
Fichou, Amédeé
Filleul, Reginald Winter
Finerty, Henry
Firbrache, Francis George
Firth, James
Fish, George William
Fisher, George
Fisher, Thomas
Fitzsimmonds, James
Fitzsimmons, James
Flambard, Adelina
Flambard, Adeline
Flambard, Aimée, nee Avole
Flambard, Albina
Flambard, Bienaimé
Fletcher, Stephen George
Fontaine, Jules
Foot, Mary Jane
Forguilloux, Pierre
Forster, Alfred
Fossé, Celestin Louis
Fossé, Louis E
Fossey, Jules C
Fossey, Myha Alphonine
Fossey, Paul Auguste
Fossey, Pierre François
Fouks, William Patrick
Fox, Edward Thomas
Fox, James George
Fox, William Charles
Foyer, Marie J
Fraboulet, Hypolite
French, Herbert
Frigot, Emile Peter
Frigot, Emile Pierre
Frigot, Marie Anne, née Bechelet
Fromage, A J G
Fromage, Alphonsine, née Lelier
Fromage, Amiable Auguste
Fromage, Marie Anne
Froton, Marie
Fudge, Alfred William
Fuller, Hannah, née Lovell
Gailard, Louise
Gale, Henry Isaac
Gallender, E Joseph
Gallic, Yves
Gallichan, Alfred James
Gallichan, Charles John
Gallichan, Jane, née Levier
Gallichan, Mary Jane, née Levier
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Philip Renouf
Gallichan, Susan M
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Walter
Galodé, Philip
Gard, Winter
Garda, Winter
Garde, John
Garde, Winter
Gardener, Arthur H
Garett, Charles
Garin, Joseph
Garland, Arthur
Garnier, Jean Marie
Garnier, Joseph
Garrett, Charles
Garwood, R A
Gaslonde, A Victor
Gatel, Jean Marie
Gattichet, René
Gaudère, Augustine, née Levrier
Gaudère, Joseph
Gaudiniére, Leon Victor
Gautier, Joseph
Gauvry, Jean, Elsie, née Boulaire
Gavey, Mary
Gavey, Philip
Gelin, Marie Yvonne
Gella, J
Genard, Peter
Georgelin, Albert Joseph
Georgelin, Jean Louis
Gerard, Henry John
Gerard, Peter
Gerrard, Philip Edward Poingdestre
Gibaut, Elias
Gicquel, William Abraham
Gilbert, Emma
Gilbert, Minnie
Gilday, James
Gillman, John
Gingo, Jean Pierre
Gipson, Nellie, née Bennett
Giquel, Louis Joseph
Girard, George Francis
Girard, Marie Louise
Girard, William James
Girarde, Winter
Girou, Raymond Francis
Gitan, Louis
Glendewar, John
Goddard, Henry Cecil
Goddard, William J
Godel, Alfred
Godel, M Pinel, née Hamon
Godfray, Leonard George
Gold, Thomas Gould
Goode, William B
Goodfellow, Paolo E
Gordon, William
Gorin, Mathurin
Gorman, David
Gorvel, F Marie
Gorvel, Gabrielle, nee Le Tirant
Gosling, Edith
Gosling, William Thomas
Gosselin Ernest J
Gosselin, Alfred George Louis
Gosselin, Charles Winter
Gosselin, Ernest
Gosselin, Frank A
Gosselin, Frank George L
Gosselin, Harold
Gosselin, Henry
Gosselin, J C Maud
Gosselin, William
Goudré, Valentin Victor
Gouffiri, Jean Francis
Goufini, Matilda
Gough, Henry Edward
Gould, E G W
Gould, Marie Elvina
Gourdon, D M H
Govde, Amos John
Graham, Samuel James
Grandin, Helen, née Whelan
Green, John
Green, Joseph
Gregory, Clifford B
Griault, Louis Victor
Griffin, Réné
Grihault, Charles Victor
Grihault, Marie Bouline, née Lagoguie
Grodiere, William H Rault
Grodoire, W H R
Grodoire, W H Rault
Grodoire, William H R
Grodoire, William R
Grosvalek, M Pierre
Gruchy, Florence,née Henry
Guégan, Jean
Guéne, Guilleaume Alexandre
Guerin, Annie
Guibert, Alexandre John
Guigot, Yves
Guillard, Yves M
Guillaumne, Rabin
Guillon, Cecille
Guinard, Peter
Guinard, Pierre
Guiseppe, Antonio George
Guiton, Henry Oscar
Guppy, Henry James
Gurnard, Pierre
Guy, Percival Holman
Guyadère, Joseph
Guyot, Louis
Gwyn, James
Hacking, William Ernest
Hacon, Julia
Hacquoil, Alice Jane
Hacquoil, Edmund Philip
Hacquoil, Philip
Hacquoil, Phillip, Mary, née Charles
Hacquoil, Stanley
Hafay, Thomas William
Hafay, Thomas William
Haffey, Thomas William
Hafner, Thomas
Hake, Harry
Hake, Henry
Hale, Henry
Hall, George
Hall, Henry Edward Hale
Hall, Stanley R
Hamon, Emile
Hamon, Emile H
Hamon, George Charles
Hamon, Harold John
Hamon, J James
Hamon, M Pinel
Hamon, Percy W
Hamon, Philip Charles
Hamon, William Henry
Hanby, George Francis Belton
Hannaford, Caroline
Hannaford, Frederick W
Hannaford, William John
Hanneford, Frank William
Hannigan, Thomas J
Hansford, Alfred Charles
Hansford, Charles George
Hansford, William
Harben, Raymond Sylvester
Harboeuf, Madelaine
Harboeuf, Pierre
Harding, George
Hardy, James
Hargey, Alexander
Hargey, William
Harris, Frank Walter
Harris, J George
Harrison, Rosy, née Butters
Hart, William
Havanagh, John
Hayden, Benjamin James
Hayes, Frank
Haysey, Albert
Heasts, Edward
Heath, Ebenezer
Hellem, George S de la Haye
Henderson, Fred
Hennessey, H Douglas
Henré, Alfred
Henri, Albert Joseph
Henri, Fer- Alexandre
Henry, Clarence George
Henry, Florence
Henry, Francis William
Henry, John Henry
Henry, John Philip
Henwood, John
Herbert, Emile J
Hervé, Albert
Hervé, J M F
Hervé, J M François
Hervé, Joseph
Hervé, Pierre Francois Marie
Herviec, Florence Louisa
Herviec, John Francis
Hetherington, Lawrence
Hewitt, Harriet
Hewlett, Thomas Alfred
Hibbs, Clement
Hibbs, Joe Charles Bowen
Hicks, Eleanor, née Le Feuvre
Hill, Albert Henry
Hill, Louisa Harriet
Hinault, O Charles Marie
Hinde, Mathew
Hirel, Jean
Hoare, John Charles
Hoare, Louisa, née Smith
Hodge, Richard Alfred
Hodge, William Charles
Hogan, Timothy
Holmes, George
Honeycombe, Jane
Hood, Herbert
Horiau, Henri
Horion, Pierre
Horkey, Max W
Horner, Arthur George
Hostingue, Jane
Houillebecq, James
Houillebecq, Myha
Howlett, Thomas Alfred
Hubert, Clara née Allo
Hubert, Frank
Hublin, Annie Esther, née Bree
Huchet, Joseph Marie
Huelin, Francis Charles
Huet, Albert Francis
Huet, F A J
Huet, Francis Albert
Huet, John Frederick James
Humbolt, J H
Humbolt, J Hurmond
Humphries, William
Hunt, Ernest
Hunt, Robert Horace
Hunter, Albert
Huonic, Jean
Huonic, Jean F, née Euonic
Hurel, C R
Hurel, Cyril Rapson
Hurel, Elsie Ada, née Langlois
Hurt, Francis Albert
Hutchinson, Aitken
Hyde, Albert Bertram
Hyde, Thomas
Illien, Jacques Marie
Illien, Jacques Pierre
Illien, Jacques Rowé
Ingram, Arthur Dennis
Ingram, John Henry
Irving, Thomas
Irviro, Arthur
Isaacs, Ernest
Isherwood, Henry
Isherwood, Philip Henry
Isherwood, Richard
Ismay, John
Jackson, George Royston
Jackson, Harold W H
Jackson, William
Jarisset, Henriette Mabelde, née Bèchee
Jazequel, Joseph
Jeandron, Frank
Jeandron, Patrick
Jeanne, Harry
Jeanne, Henri
Jegan, Frank
Jegou, François
Jégou, Frank
Jehan, William
Jennings, Henry
Jesson, Julia Augustine
Jesty, J S
Jesty, James Samuel
Jeune, J J
Jiquel, Jean Marie
Johnson, May
Johnston, Frederick James
Joliffe, Charles
Jones, Alf
Jones, Arthur Sidney
Jones, McLeuvon
Jones, William
Jordard, Paul Andrew
Jouan, Jean Marie
Jouarme, Louise
Jouncy, John
Journeaux, Gertrude
Journeaux, John Philip
Journeaux, Mary Ann
Jousset, Jean Baptiste
Joy, James George
Kavanagh, John
Keast, Edward
Keenan, Thomas Patrick
Keeping, Alice, née Coombs
Kelly, Joseph
Kelman, J E M
Kenchington, Helen
Kendell, Lennox
Kennedy, James
Kenny, Francis William
Kerangal, François
Kermazec, Pierre Marie
Kersell, Cyril Rapson
Kerslake, Agnes
Kervan, Michael Edward
Kessel, Cyril Rapson
Kessel, Elsie Ada, née Langlois
King, Harry
Kirby, Harry
Kirivin, M Edwin
Kirivin, Mary Johanna
Kirvan, Michael
Knomi, Kumike
Knott, Mary Jane, née Clements
Krimmel, Conrad F W
La Fosse, Albert Clement
La Four, Leoro
La Marquand, Carion François
La Roche, Joseph Marie
La Rose, P Adolphe
La Roux, Jean
Labey, D J
Ladoc, Anne
Laing, John William
Laing, M Leontine, née Laigneul
Lait, Thomas A
Lake, George
Lakeman, Thomas Charles
Lambert, Alfred Charles
Lambotte, Fred
Lamerton, Arthur
Lamerton, Harold
Lamerton, Harold Francis
Lammerton, Harold
Landick, Herbert William
Lane, Harold
Langlois, Fred
Langlois, James
Langlois, Marie Louise
L'Antoine, F Marie
L'Archer, François
Lasbley, Marie Yvonne, née Carvenec
Lasbley, Jean
Laugeard, Ernest Celestin
Laurens, Albert
Laurens, F C
Laurens, Herbert
Laurens, J Pinel
Laurens, R Thomas
Laurens, Sidney Wilfred
Laurents, Albert Clement
Laveix, Jean N
Lawrence, Francis Charles
Lawton, Louisa Jane, née Peppril
Lawton, Joseph Francis
Le Bal, Eugène
Le Bar, Françoise
Le Bas, Anna, née Ropart
Le Bas, William Edward
Le Beaucent, Pierre
Le Bégne, Marie
Le Ber, Françoise
Le Blancq, Françoise
Le Blancq, John Willliam
Le Blancq, Thomas Francis
Le Blond, Francoise, née Le Blancq
Le Borgue, Joseph
Le Bosec, Marie
Le Bourgois, Alfred James
Le Boutillier, James
Le Bouttillier, George Henry
Le Bredonchel, Francis
Le Breton, Alexandre
Le Breton, E Eliza
Le Breton, E J
Le Breton, Philip
Le Bris, François
Le Brocq, Francis
Le Brun, Arthur Daniel
Le Brun, Garnet George
Le Brun, Jeanne M
Le Cardinal, Françoise
Le Caro, Marie Louise
Le Chair, Jean Baptiste
Le Chanu, Marc Augustin Leon
Le Chasseur, George
Le Chasseur, George T
Le Chasseur, George Thomas
Le Chevalier, Alexander Albert
Le Chevalier, Marie
Le Clair, Francis Leon
Le Claire, Leon
Le Claire, Leon Emmanuel
Le Claire, Louis
Le Claire, Marie, née Bayard
Le Claire, William
Le Clercq, Philip George
Le Cleziou, Jean
Le Cocq, Alfred
Le Cocq, Alfred Francis
Le Cocq, Clarence Ernest
Le Cocq, Cyril John
Le Cocq, George
Le Coinec, Etienne
Le Compte, Etienne J V M
Le Conquice, Louise
Le Cornu, Francis Charles
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Corre, François
Le Couteur, N W
Le Couturier, Marie Zelia D
Le Couvey, Albert
Le Cozanet, F M
Le Cozannet, F Marie
Le Disqué, Ambroise
Le Driumlleux, Marie F
Le Duc, Anne Marie
Le Duc, Jean
Le Feuvre, Julien
Le Feuvre, P M
Le Foucheur, Louis
Le Gall, Joseph Marie
Le Gallais, J M
Le Galle, Harriet
Le Galle, Pierre Marie
Le Gallon, Jean M
Le Gaziou, Marie
Le Geyt, Edmond Alfred
Le Goff, Françoise
Le Gresley, Frank
Le Gresley, George Philip
Le Gros, Arthur Victor
Le Gros, Ernest
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, George Francis
Le Gros, H Philip
Le Gros, Hortense
Le Gros, Hortense, née Bretagne
Le Gros, Lucianne, née Pichon
Le Gros, Lucienne, nee Pichon
Le Guen, François W
Le Guen, Francis Marie
Le Guen, Vincent
Le Guerd M François
Le Guiff, Louise Simone
Le Guilche, Francois M J
Le Guilloux, C L A
Le House, John
Le Houx, Bernard
Le Huquet, Arthur
Le Huquet, Blanche A
Le Jeune, Francis
Le Liard, Jean Francois
Le Lienre, Walter
Le Lievre, Alfred
Le Lièvre, Bienaimé C
Le Lièvre, George
Le Lievre, Peter Francis
Le Lievre, Peter William
Le Lievre, Pierre
Le Lièvre, Robert
Le Lievre, Stanley
Le Lievre, Stanley R
Le Lievre, Stanley Robert
Le Lievre, W J
Le Lievre, Walter
Le Lievre, Walter J
Le Lièvre, Walter James
Le Lievre, William
Le Lièvre, William James
Le Lievre, William Philip
Le Livre, B C
Le Long, Charles
Le Luan, Anne-Marie, née Fossey
Le Luan, L
Le Luyier, Guilleame
Le Mahauté, Albert George
Le Maistre, J Marie
Le Maistre, Julian Marie
Le Maitre, John
Le Maître, Julian M
Le Maître-Farley, Phlip
Le Maîtrerol Julien M
Le Marchand, George M
Le Marchand, John Albert
Le Marquand, François
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Peter John
Le Marquand, W
Le Marquand, W J
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Masurier, Alfred Charles
Le Masurier, Alfred William
Le Masurier, Ernest Adolphus
Le Masurier, Flotrence, nee Lempriere
Le Masurier, Percy
Le Mauvich, J W
Le Mauviot, John Francis
Le Maux, L Marie
Le Mehauté, P M
Le Mercier, James Albert
Le Mercier, John Albert
Le Mercier, Philip Alfred
Le Mercier, Walter Henry
Le Miere, Francis William
Le Moeur, Thomas George
Le Moignand, J P E
Le Moignard, Edward
Le Moignard, H J
Le Moignard, J E
Le Moignard, John
Le Moine, Anne, née Ratelle
Le Moine, Ernest
Le Moine, J M
Le Moine, Jean
Le Monnier, Ada Maud, née Duval
Le Monnier, Alphonsine
Le Monnier, Auguste
Le Monnier, Charles Frederick
Le Monnier, Gordon
Le Monnier, Harold G
Le Monnier, Helen Marie, nee Renyard
Le Monnier, Marguérite
Le Monnier, Raymond James
Le Montais, Clarence Philip
Le Montais, Percy B de Lecq
Le Neveu, Edmund
Le Niehauté, Albert George
Le Noa, Ernest joseph
Le Noel, François
Le Normand, J A L
Le Pavaux, John
Le Penec, Jean
Le Penrian, Piere
Le Perviard, Pierre
Le Pevian, J F
Le Pichoux, Ange
Le Prévost, Louis Eugene
Le Provost, Francis J
Le Quellenec, Charles I
Le Ralle, Susanne
Le Rendu, Albert George
Le Riche, Ann Louis
Le Riche, Frederick Nicolle
Le Rolland, Ludune
Le Rouge, A A L
Le Rouge, Charles
Le Rouges, Pierre W Jean
Le Rouzes, William J P
Le Roy, Arsene Auguste
Le Roy, Bentre
Le Roy, Florence Maud, née Gallie
Le Roy, Jean
Le Saux, Albert Edward John
Le Saux, Arthur Stanley
Le Saux, Pierre
Le Scelleur, Louisa
Le Scelleur, Maria, née Gould
Le Scelleur, Thomas William
Le Seelleur, Louisa
Le Sueur, Alfred
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, George
Le Tiec, Suyon
Le Tirant, Gabrielle
Le Tourgeon, Jean Bapiste
Le Tourneau, Joseph
Le Tourneur, John
Le Turgeon, Jean
Le Turgeon, Jean Baptiste
Le Turgeon, John
Le Vannais, Albert A
Le Vannais, Leon Henri
Le Vannon, Yves Marie
Le Vesconte, Winter Noel
Le Villalard, Charles Francis
Le Villalard, Charles Francis
Le Villar, Charles
Le Villio, Augustin Le Vaillant
Ledson, Harry
Lee, Thomas Philip
Lemée, Victor Ange M
Lempriere, Annie
Lempriere, Armand
Lempriere, Clarence J E
Lempriere, Emma
Lempriere, Emma, née Gilbert
Lempriere, Florence
Lempriere, John Philip
Leopold, L L
Leroy, Arsene A
Lesbirel, Philip Hugh
Lesven, Armand
Lesven, Emond
Leverder, Florence Mary
Leverder, Jules
Lévré, George Francis
Levrier, Jean Baptiste
Lewis, George
Lewis, Thomas Sydney
L'Hermite, E Zoe
L'Homme, George D
Liard, George Noel
Libiot, Alexandre
Lièvre, Stanley R
Lievre, Stanley Robert
Liévre, Walter James
Lillicrap, Emma Zoe, née L'Hermite
Lindsay, Robert Clarence
Lisle, George xmas
Lock, William Walter
Loftus, Robert Backus
Logan, Edward Daniel
Lorganillon, P Marie
Lorguelloux, Pierre M
Lorguillion, Pierre
Lorguilloux, P M
Lovell, Hannah
Lovesay, Wilfred
Lowden, Reginald Thomas
Loyach, Francis L M
Loyer, Edward
Lozuet, Marie, née Giard
Lozuet, Paul
Lucas, Albert P F
Lucas, Alfred Jaames
Lucas, Anne, nee Sandain
Lucas, C Le Geyt
Lucas, John Le Boutillier
Lucas, W Charles
Luce, John
Luce, Stanley John
Luce, Thomas Arthur
Lucien, Marc
Ludlow, Roland Marlugh
Luxton, George William
Macé, Eugene
Mace, William
Macfarlane, John Charles
Machon, Adolphus
Machon, Charles William
Machon, P J
Machon, Philip J
Mackin, James
Mahé, Jack Lewis
Mahé, Yves Marie
Mahoney, J William
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, John M
Mahoney, Margaret
Mahony, J Michael
Mahony, John
Mahy, Auguste
Makin, J William
Making, James
Makon, James
Mallet, George Horace
Mallet, Joseph Yves Marie
Maloney, John William
Malory, Francis
Malyard, Edmund John
Malyard, George Reginald
Malyard, Walter James
Malzard, E Charles
Malzard, Edmund Charles
Malzard, Edmund J
Malzard, Edmund John
Malzard, Edward
Malzard, Edward John
Malzard, Edward J
Malzard, Francis John
Malzard, Walter
Mamming, Albert
Manley, William James
Manning, Albert
Manning, Robert
Manuel, Pierre
Marais, Alfreda Anne
Marais, Alphrenda, née Anne
Marais, Anne Elsie
Marais, George Alfred
Marcel, Jean Louis
Marcel, Jeanne née Auffray
Marett, F Henry
Marett, Frank
Marett, Frank Henry
Marett, Marie, née Corman
Marett, Vera Ruth
Marett, William
Marie, Francoise, née Rostrenne
Marie, Cavrée
Marie, E J Louis
Marie, Emile
Marie, Herbert
Marie, Louis
Marie, Pierre
Marion, Jean
Marrec, Raôul Jean Thomas
Marsh, Charles
Marsh, Frederick Charles
Marshall, Alice née Marquis
Martin, Celestin P
Martin, James
Martin, Jean
Martin, Joseph
Mashoucrito, Henri Lilor, Doctor
Masson, H Arsène
Masson, Henri A
Masson, Henri Arséne
Masterman, Alfred John
Masterman, E William
Mathew, James
Mathias, Frank
Mathieu, Eugène
Matré, Yves Marie
Matson, Henry George
Matthiieu, E T Marie
Maufort, Charles
Mauger, Alphonsine, nee Le Monnier
Mauger, Anne Marie, neé Dols
Mauger, Edward
Mauger, Edwin J
Mauger, Harold Charles
Mauger, John Sam
Mautel, Constant P
Mayne, Robert
McCarthy, George
McFarlane, William Joseph
McFee, Archibald
McKenna, James William
McLeod, Edward George
McLeod, John
McLinton, W E
McManus, Thomas
McNamara, Bridget
McNamara, Eileen
Mead, Arthur Alfred
Mejean, Jean Marie
Meledere, Louis
Menant, Alphonse
Menier, Leon Theodore
Mercier, Alfred Frederick
Mercier, Anne M, née Le Duc
Mercier, Walter Henry
Messac, Emile Jean Baptiste
Meunier, Leon Theodore
Michel, Albert
Michel, Alfred
Michel, Louis
Middleditch, Amy
Mignot, Françoise, née Madigot
Milikin, Agnes
Milikin, James
Milikin, William J
Miller, Charles Henry
Miller, Elizabeth
Millikin, William John
Millou, Yves Marie
Milow, M H
Minchington, Alf Charles
Minchington, James
Minchinton, Alf Charles
Minchinton, Louise Simone
Minoux, Emilie
Mirabel, Jean
Mitchington, Albert
Moal, Pierre
Mocel, Jean François
Moignard, George W J
Moignard, George William
Moisan, Francis Alfred
Moisan, G F
Moisan, Guilleaume François
Moisan, Mary Ann, née Crossly
Moisan, William Francis
Moisoro, William F
Moitié, Piere Emile
Mollet, Percy William
Mollet, Peter
Mollet, Touzel
Molloy, David
Monk, Frank
Monk, John Francis
Montel, Constant P
Moody, Edwin
Morant, James Haughton
Morcel, Frederick G J
Morcel, Jeanne née Auffray
Morcel, John
Morin, Francis
Morin, Francis Caesar
Morin, François
Morin, Joseph
Morin, Paul
Morris, William Henry
Morvan, Helen
Morvan, Jean Baptiste
Morvan, Joseph Maurice
Mourant, John M
Moutel, Constant P
Moy, Joseph
Moysan, Joseph
Moyse, Albert Victor
Moyse, Charles Thomas
Moyse, John James
Muenier, Leon Theodore
Mullany, James
Mullins, Sidney William
Murphy, Charles
Murphy, Francis Joseph
Murray, Alex
Murray, Alf
Mussac, Emanuel
Namarow, Marie
Nau, Alfred Jules
Nelson, Donald
Nerou, Edward Napoleon
Newman, Phyllis Dorothy
Nial, Louis
Niaol, Amelia née Barow
Nicolas, Francis
Nicolas, François
Nicolas, Frank
Nicolas, Yves Louis
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Charles William
Nicolle, Clement James
Nicolle, Herbert Winter
Nicolle, Reginald Sydney
Nicolle, Thomas Philip
Nicollet, Eugenie A
Niel, Julia Queen
Nielson, Jean Christian
Noble, Mable E
Noel, Ada Emma
Noel, Alexandrine, née Delépine
Noel, Alisenian A, née Greenwood
Noel, Charles Edward
Noel, Charles James
Noel, E W
Noel, Elexandrine
Noel, Harry Philip
Noel, Henry Philip
Noel, John William
Noel, P Elias
Noel, Philip
Noel, Walter Charles
Nolan, Christopher Patrick
Nolan, Michael John
Norman, D J E
Norman, Francis
Norris, Albert John
Norris, Alfred William
Norris, Herbert John
Norris, J
Norris, Reginald James
Northcote, Katherine Clyde, née Kerr
Northcote, Sydney Webber
Nuad, Arthur Alfred
Nursey, George S F
Nyland, Benjamin
O'Brien, William
Ogier, Alfred
Olivier, Henriette
Olivier, Roland
Olivio, Alexandre
Olliver, Edward
Ollivier, Jules
Ollivier, Julian Marie
Ollivier, Julien M
Ollivier, Louisa Emma
Ollivier, Louise A
Ollivier, Louise Aimée
Ollivier, Thomas
Ollivier, Yves
Omnes, Alphonse
Omnes, Alphonse Louis
Omnes, Francoise
Omnes, Françoise, née Le Vers
Ormés, Francoise
Osborn, Francis
Osborne, Magdeline
Osmond, James S
Oxby, George
Ozouf, John Auguste
Packer, John
Painglot, J
Pallot, Charles P
Pallot, Charles Pinuel
Pallot, William Charles
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Mary Violet, née Dardis
Pareezer, Solomon
Parrot, Gaston
Parvell, Samuel
Pasturel, Florintin
Pasturel, Percy Albert
Payn, Alfred George
Payn, Walter
Payne, Alfred
Payne, Alfred George
Payne, Cecile
Penney, George
Penny, George
Penny, J R F W
Pepperell, Frederick William
Perks, Ewart Gladstone
Peron, Josephine
Perrée, Charles M
Perrée, Charles Mollat
Perreé, Charles Mollet
Perrée, George
Perrier, F Armand
Perriot, Louis
Perro, I M Julienne
Pestel, A George Albert
Petithon, Perine
Pettiquin, Jules
Philip, Ivy
Philips, Edward
Phillips, Frederick
Phillips, Reginald
Pichedo, Marie Jeanne
Pichon, Jean Jules
Pichon, Lucienne Marie Louise
Picot, Archibald Harold
Picot, Frederick Edward
Picton, Thomas William
Pierre, François Marie
Pihan, Ernest John
Pirouet, Herbert John
Pitcher, Reginald Arthur
Pitman, Arthur
Pitts, Samuel John Ellis
Planner, Frederick J
Planner, James
Plevin, Pierre Marie
Plongeon, Louise, née Berrot
Podger, Frederick
Poingdestre, Ernest
Poingdestre, P John
Poole, Violet Frances
Pooles, Arthur Hardi
Potter, Dora, née Labon
Potter, James Henry
Poulin, François
Pouplard, Antoine dit Dasgages
Powell, Joseph
Pratt, Violet Lillian Norton
Preece, Thomas
Pretagne, Hortense
Prigent, Yves
Prior, Leslie
Pritchard, Joseph
Pryce, Charles Lewis
Pugent, Albert
Quéhec, Julien
Quelec, Vincent
Quenault, Elias F
Quenault, Francis Philip
Quenault, Frank
Quenault, Thomas Gerald
Quenguis, Y Marie
Quentin, Anne Jeanne
Quentin, François
Querée, Charles
Querée, Francis
Querée, Frank
Querée, Philip
Queroux, Maria Louisa, née Gilliard
Querreé, Charles
Querrée, Francis
Quevert, J J A F
Quilleron, E L Marie
Quilleron, Eugène Louis
Quilleroux, Eugène
Quimpernel, Pierre
Quin, Edward
Quinn, Thomas H
Quinn, Thomas Harding
Quinn, William E
Quinn, William Edward
Rabet, Albert Guilleaume
Rabet, Arthur
Rabet, Henri
Rabet, Jules
Rabet, Pierre
Rabet, Pierre E
Rabet, Victorine, née Mattifier
Rabeuse, Edward
Rabin, Jean
Radband, Alfred
Ramie, Herbert
Randall, James Henry
Raoul, Jeanne M
Rattenburg, Sarah Ann, née Janvrin
Raull, Julien Marie
Raurn, M S, Nee Riesberg
Rawlins, R Charles
Rebours, Edward Lewis
Rechington, Helen
Reed, Walter
Reegan, Thomas
Rendall, Clarence Tom
Rendall, Percy Tom R
Renié, Adolphus D
Renouf, Annie
Renouf, Hedley
Renouf, Henry Oscar
Renouf, J P
Renouf, James Arthur
Renouf, Nicholas Walter
Renouf, Philip
Renouf, Philippe
Renyard, Helen Marie
Ressel, Cyril Daniel
Ressell, Cyril Rapson
Reuzé, Ernest
Reven, Joseph
Reynes, Pauline Louise
Reynolds, J
Reynolds, J H
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Patrick Joseph
Reynolds, William George
Richard, Eugene
Richard, Eugene Jean
Richard, Henrí Louis
Richard, Louis
Richard, Marie
Richard, Philip
Richard, Pierre Henri
Richards, Marie Anne
Richards, Reuben
Richecour, R Mathurin
Richomme, Francis Charles
Richomme, Francois
Ricordeau, Raoul
Ricou, Alfred
Ricou, Sidney George
Riesberg, M S Emma
Riley, John
Riley, William
Rimmeur, Victor François
Riou, Catherine
Riou, Jean Louis
Riou, Marie Madeleine
Riou, Yves
Riou, Yves Maria
Rirwan, Michael Edward
Riscon, Arthur Thomas
Rive, Francis Henry
Rixon, Arthur Thomas
Rixon, John
Rixon, John Robert
Rixon, John Robert
Roach, David
Roberts, Ernest George Morris
Roberts, Frederick
Roberts, Percy Charles Frank
Robin, Aimable Louis Joseph
Robins, Edward
Robins, George
Robins, George N C
Robins, George Nelson C
Robins, George Nelson Collas
Robinson, Frederick William
Robson, Christopher
Rochfort, Paul
Rogan, J Marie
Rogon, Mathurin
Rolland, Francoise
Rolland, Françoise, née Cardinal
Rolland, Leon
Rolland, Victor
Rollason, Thomas
Romeral, Alf
Romeril, Alfred
Romeril, Lauren
Romeril, Magdeline, nee Osborne
Romeril, William John
Rondel, Philip D
Roobin, Jean Marie
Roussel, Yves
Roussel, Yves Alfred
Roussel, Yves Marie
Routier, Francis
Routier, François
Roy, Marie
Ruaux, Charles Francis
Ruaux, Philip George
Rubens, Edward
Rubeus, Edward Louis
Rubeuse, Edward Louis
Ruellan, Peter Henry
Rumble, George Arthur
Ryan, Eugenie, nee Baud
Ryan, Eugenie, née Baud
Ryan, Henry
Ryan, Hilda Maud, née Journeaux
Ryan, J
Ryan, James
Ryan, Johanna
Ryan, M P
Ryan, M Patrick
Ryan, Maurice Patrick
Sadler, Jack
Sadoe, Anne
Sadow, Anne
Sainthillon, Rose
Salisbury, Frederick
Samuel, Charles Leon
Sandain, Annie
Sangan, Jean
Saunders, E Jane
Saunders, Henry
Saunders, Henry Philip
Saunders, Percival Le Clair
Sauvé, Andrew
Scarley, John
Schenider, John
Schnieder, John
Schofield, Stanley G
Schreider, John
Scoones, Alice Jane, née Le Long
Scott, Arthur Ancher
Searle, Robert
Semandour, Jean Marie
Shales, Matilda Jane
Shales, Walter J
Shales, William Henry
Sheppeck, Johanna, née Ryan
Sheppick, Johanna, nee Ryan
Sheppick, William Charles
Shillite, Thomas
Shippeck, William Charles
Shippeck, William James
Shneider, John
Short, Harry
Simmonds, Edward
Simmonds, Walter Alfred
Simmons, Arthur
Simmons, Gertrude
Simmons, Stanley
Simon, Berthe Augustine
Simpson, Charles
Single, Jemima, née Durant
Sloptrer, J J Charles
Slowman, Thomas
Smith, Alfred James
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Edley Harold
Smith, Edmund Darcy
Smith, George
Smith, Harry A
Smith, Violet, nee Pratt
Smith, William F J
Souley, William Hammond
Southern, Frank Thomas
Spears, Edward Stanley
Springate, James Philip
Spurling, Geoffrey
St George, Francis
St George, Frederick
St George, Mary Maria
Stafford, John
Stansfield, Daniel Albert
Stark, Edward
Stat, R Herbert
Steele, Walter
Stevenson, Norman Broughton
Stocker, Reginald
Stoodley, Alice Jane
Stoodley, Arthur
Stopher, Harold Clarence
Strang, McKenzie P
Streames, Albert
Strudwick, Thomas A
Sullivan, Daniel
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Stanley Turner
Sullivan, William, Doctor
Surguy, Sidney John
Sutton, Kathleen Mary, née Deakin
Sutton, Robert Victor
Swayne, James Henry William
Sweeney, Edward
Syborn, Thomas
Symons, Louise Emma, nee Ollivier
Syvret Dumaresq, Lauren
Syvret, Philip John
Tanguy, Emile
Tanguy, P M
Tank, Charles Henry
Tardival, James
Tardivel, Pierre
Tardivel, Yves
Taton, Albert J
Taton, Joseph
Taude, Leá
Taunton, Horace Stanley William
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Stanley Edward
Therin, Pierre
Therin, Pierre Marie
Therry, Ernest Oscar
Thiebot, Emile
Thiebot, Joules
Thisson, Louisa, née Le Gros
Thomas H J T
Thomas, Arsène
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, H J Yves
Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Harry J Y
Thomas, Henri J G
Thomas, Henri Julien
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Jean
Thomas, Sidney William
Thomas, Ward
Thomas, William Jack
Thomas, Y J Pierre
Thomas, Yves
Thompson, Lawrence William
Thompson, William
Thorne, Annie, nee Le Riche
Thorne, Walter
Thuillier, John Louis Albert
Tibot, William Charles
Tilley, Marie
Tilley, Sam Gordon
Tiral, Albina
Tirel, Adeline, née Flambard
Tirel, Albert
Tirel, Albert George
Tirel, Bertha J F
Tirel, Emile
Tirel, Joseph Marie
Tirel, Matilda
Tisson, Charles William
Tisson, George Mauger
Tissoro, Jane
Toogood, William Harold
Tooms, George
Toqué, Louis Frederick
Torode, Nicholas
Tostevin, Clarence Charles
Tostevin, J Peter
Toudic, Jean Francois
Toudic, Marcel
Toulson, Harry
Tourement, Yves Marie
Toussaint, Auguste J L
Touzel, Edward
Touzel, John Thomas
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, Thomas John
Travers, Emile
Traylen, Ernest James
Trebouta, Philomène
Tregaskis, Reginald
Tréhion, E M Joseph
Trenchard, F E
Trenchard, Frederick Edward
Trinder, Clarence F D
Triou, Eugène
Truscott, Ellen E
Tucker, Charles
Tucker, Frederick Gerald
Tuoner, Percy Edward
Turmel, Victor
Turmel, Victor M
Turnbull, James
Turner, James Stephen
Turner, Reginald Robert
Turner, Russell Wellesley
Turner, Stephen
Turpin, Alfred Henry
Vale, Margaret
Valmy, Henry Jean Louis
Valogues, Jean
Vardon, E J
Vardon, J F Louisa
Vautier, Clarence
Vautier, George Philip
Vautier, Marie Label
Vautier, Philip George
Vazin, Marie Louise
Venement, Thomas J
Veron, Leon George
Vezin, Marie Louise
Via, Jean
Vibert, J Walter
Vickery, Alfred Edward
Vidier, Jean Edward
Viel, J E Gallichan
Viel, J Elias
Viel, John Elias Gallichan
Vilalar, Charles Francis
Vilalard, Charles
Vilalon, Charles F
Vilard, J Francis
Villalard, Charles Francis
Vincent, Cyril
Vincent, John
Viney, Robert
Wailer, John
Walker, John Alfred
Walker, Richard
Walsh, Bridget
Walsh, James Robert
Walsh, Patrick
Ward, Thomas
Warren, Daisy, née Southard
Warren, Ernest John
Warren, George W
Waterhouse, Charles Henry
Waters, George
Waters, George William
Watkins, Arthur Leslie
Watterson, William
Way, Anne
Way, Anne, née Sadoc
Way, Anne, nee Sadoe
Way, L Mark
Way, Sidney M
Way, Sydney Mark
Webb, Arthur
Webb, Matilda Ann, née Pirouet
Webber, E J
Webber, Robert William
Webster, Edward
Webster, Edward Louis
Webster, James George
Webster, James Stephen
Werrin, William Arthur
Wheatley, Thomas William
White, William
Whitehill, Frank
Whitley, Thomas George
Whittle, Frank Walter
Wilkinson, Rhoda
Wilkinson, Thomas
Wilkinson, Victoria
Williams, Charles
Williams, Martin
Willis, Bob
Willis, Catherine, née Amy
Willours, Ernest John
Wills George H
Wills, Frederick
Wills, George Henry
Wills, Katherine Mary E, neé Amy
Wilson, Frank
Wilson, George
Wilson, John
Wilson, Matthew
Wilson, William Henry
Woods, Tom S
Wright, John
Wright, William John


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