Agreement between Clement Baillhache, Jean de Veulle, and Clement Le Gallais procureurs dument fonds of Philippe De Carteret, Daniel Messervy, and Charles De Carteret, Jean Le Quesne, Jean Syvret, Moyse Alexandre, Clement Nicolle, Jean L'Amy, and George Laurens by procuration dated 20th of November 1813 of the first party, and Moyse Gibaut Constable of the parish of St John, Abraham Poingdestre and Isaac Falla, Procureurs de Bien Public & Abraham Poingdestre Junior, and Daniel Carcaud Junior Surveillants of the parish of St John of the second party. The said procurers in the name of their constituants sell to the said Constable, Procureurs and Surveillants in the name of the poor of St John 1 tenth of the Grain grown on the piece of land belonging to the poor of the said parish, which is called Le Clos du Ray, situated in the Parish of St Helier on the Fief de l'Abbé de Bellozanne, this is equal to 3 vergees, 14 perches, ploughable by agreement, for the price and sum of £169, 14 sous, 8 deniers of silver of the order of the King




May 28th 1814 - May 28th 1814


Baillhache, Clement
de Veulle, Jean
Le Gallais, Clement
de Carteret, Philippe
Messervy, Daniel
de Carteret, Charles
Le Quesne, Jean
Syvret, Jean
Alexandre, Moyse
Nicolle, Clement
L'Amy, Jean
Laurens, George
Gibaut, Moyse
Poingdestre, Abraham
Falla, Isaac
Carcaud, Daniel


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1 Parchment
1 pendant seal



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