Depositions (witness statements) in the case against Harry Masterman, William Penney, Ernest Manning, Donald Amy, Charles Osborne, John Rixson, John Blanchard and Harold Jocelyn accused of theft. Statements are from Clifford John Dupré, Constable's Officer, Albert Thomas Le Breton, Police Officer, Francis Le Breton, Police Officer, John Philip Le Lièvre, James Edward Costard, Henry Kitts, Francis Jonathan Ashelford, Camile Hazart, Alfred John Laurens, Philoméne Trébouta, Clara Hacquoil, widow of John Harris, Auguste Léon Barré, William Henry Milne, Percy Grant, Mabel Laverty, Leon Folliard or Frolliard [?], Clara Maud Nelson, Beatrice May Andrews, John Catelinet, Sydney George Ricou, Louisa Mary Lawrence, wife of Alfred Single, Reverend Alan Gordon Smith, Centenier Arthur Luxon and John Francis Jouan.




December 12th 1905 - December 14th 1905


Judicial Greffe
Royal Court
Masterman, Harry
Penney, William
Manning, Ernest
Amy, Donald
Osborne, Charles
Rixson, John
Blanchard, John
Jocelyn, Harold
Dupré, Clifford John
Le Breton, Alfred Thomas
Le Breton, Francis
Le Lievre, John Philip
Costard, James Edward
Kitts, Henry
Ashelford, Francis Jonathan
Hazart, Camille
Laurens, Alfred John
Trébouta, Philomène
Hacquoil, Clara
Barré, Auguste Léon
Milne, William Henry
Grant, Percy
Laverty, Mabel
Folliard, Léon
Nelson, Clara Maud
Andrews, Beatrice May
Catelinet, John
Ricou, Sydney George
Lawrence, Louisa Mary
Smith, Alan Gordon, Reverend
Luxon, Arthur, Centenier of St Helier
Jouan, John Francis


Judicial Greffe | Law | courts | prosecutions | legal proceedings | criminal law | depositions | witnesses | thefts


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