Petition signed by the rate paying inhabitants of St Helier, regarding the will of Mary Bartlett and the building of the General Hospital originally destined for St Aubin. Mary Bartlett left the sum of 50,000 livres, 10,000 for the building of the hospital and 40,000 for the maintainence of the building and for the care of the inmates. A suitable piece of ground could not be obtained in St Aubin and a piece of land in St Helier was offered by Philip Bandinell Seigneur of the Fief de Meleches, this was covenanted and accepted by James Pipon the surviving executor of the original testament. On the 31st of May 1750 His Majesties Lord Justices ordered that the said hospital was to be built on the land given by the said Philip Bandinell in St Helier not in St Aubins as in the original bequest. The current petition relates to the fact that the hospital was originally built for the poor of the island regardless of parish and that funds have been set up to provide for the inhabitants including several generous bequests. The petition states that the building has so far been used to house four divisions of a detachment of the first regiment and that no offices have yet been built or the ground enclosed, and that of the original sum of 10,000 livres bequeathed by Mrs Bartlett for the building, 40,000 livres have been expended. The petition states that the states of the said island instead of making said hospital a place for all the poor of the island [which has been expected for 30 years], declared that the hospital will house no more than 22 people. Each parish will send a number of persons depending of the amount of rates that they contribute to the island. The petitioners wish to express the view that they should not have to support the widows and orphans of soldiers who have come to the island and the hospital should be made general for the whole native poor of the island as Mary Bartlett had intended.




1770 - 1770


Marett, Amice
Herult, John
Le Couteur, Philip
Lemprière, Thomas
de Carteret, Philippe
Patriarche, David
Du Pré, J
Durell, J
Bartlett, Mary
Bandinell, Philippe
Pipon, James
Lempriere, James Amice
Le Couteur, Francois
Fiott, Nicolas
Gossett, Matthew
Combes, Edouard
Hamon, Philippe
Amiraux, Peter
Allez, John
Hilgrove, Thomas
Mauger, Matthieu
Marinel, Charles
Patriarch, William
de Ste Croix, Philippe
Valpy, George
Richardson, Jean
Hue, John
Thoreau, John
Simonet, Peter
Bouton, John
Marquet, Louis
de la Taste, John
d'Arthenay, Thomas
Geffrard, John
Lempriere, Jean
Deslandes, Clement
Benest, Jean
Mallet, Lewis
Poingdestre, Jean
Le Gallais, Philippe
Laurens, Philippe
Alexandre, Richard
Le Quesne, Jean
Bisson, Benjamin
Guillet, Samuel
Belloc, Etienne
Thacker, William
Dumaresq, George
Bishop, Joseph
Butcher, Hugh
Brunet, Jean
Kerbey, John
Chevallier, William
Dolbel, William
Guillet, Jacques
Boutton, Thomas
Le Cappelain, B
Robinson, Elie
Montays, Thomas
Mauger, George
Boudier, Jean
Dumaresq, William
Hemery, James
Dumaresq, J
La Cloche, Matthew
Gavey, Jean
Balcam, Micael
Pickstock, Thomas
Martinant, John
Bertram, Philippe
Le Touze, Paul
Horne, Peter
de Gruchy, Matthieu
Le Feuvre, George
Falle, Jean
de ste Croix, Aron


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