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Draft register of deaths in St Helier volume 16 . These records provided the information for the Superintendent Registrar to compile the official death registers. They include name, age, date, cause of death, address, doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.

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May 5th 1863 - October 10th 1865


Adamson, Albina, nee Laurence
Ahier, Eliza
Ahier, John Albert
Ahier, John Patriarche
Ahier, Mary, nee High
Alexandre, James
Allain, François Marie
Allain, Thérese
Allem, Mary
Allen, James
Allen, Louisa Ann
Allix, Elizabeth Sophie
Allix, Mary Elizabeth
Amy, Amelia Sophia
Angell, Alice
Anley, Eliza
Anley, Mary Ann Esther, nee Wonton
Anley, Philippe
Anley, Philippe George
Ashley, Thomas
Asplet, Sarah, nee Watts
Aubin, Jean Philippe
Aubin, Marie
Aubin, Rachel
Bagot, Pierre Emile
Bailey, Henry
Bailhache, Francis Philip
Bailleau, Elizabeth
Baker, Louisa Maria
Baker, Lucy Amy
Baker, Mary, nee Lock
Baker, William Henry
Baldwin, Mary
Ball, John
Barbedette, Anastasie, nee Poulain
Barbenson, Elizabeth, nee Nicolle
Barber, Mary, nee Scarborough
Barbier, Marie nee Hamon
Barette, Philippe
Barnes, Elizabeth Jane
Barnett, Thomas Charles
Barnicott, Elizabeth Rosa
Baron, Victor
Barrat, Elizabeth
Barrett, George
Barrett, Peter
Barry, John
Barry, Walter
Bartlett, Henry
Barton, George
Basher, William
Baudains, Elizabeth Jane, nee Corbett
Baudry, Louis François Leopold
Beach, Mary Le Breton
Beaucamp, Mary Anna
Beck, Thomas James
Becquet, John Clement
Beech, William
Bellebon, Anne, nee Edwards
Belson, Violet Mary
Benest, George
Bennett, Annie Flora
Bennett, Caroline Jane
Bennett, Charlotte, nee Barnby
Berteau, Jane, nee Grellier
Berthault, Eliza Lorette Josephine, nee Gondon
Bertram, Anna Sophia
Bertram, Thomas Philip
Bevins, James
Bidois, Pierre Marie
Biggs, Ruth, nee Jackson
Billows, Walter George
Binet, Emelia Fanny
Binet, John
Bisson, Charles Alfred
Bisson, Elie
Bisson, John George
Bisson, Mary, nee Luce
Black, Archibald
Blackith, Francis
Blackmore, John
Blamey, Harriette Townley, nee Edgecome
Blampied, Denis
Blampied, Jourdain
Blampied, Thomas Joshua
Blancken, Elizabeth, nee Winter
Bland, Edward
Boase, John William
Boiëlle, Ann
Boog, James
Borsworthick, Richard Jones
Bosley, Alice Jaine
Bourke, Martin Peter
Bowden, Mary
Box, Mary
Boyd, Elizabeth
Brady, Martin
Bragg, Ann
Brantone, Louis
Bray, Alfred
Bray, Frances Hannah
Bree, Elizabeth
Breen, Cornelius
Breen, Michael
Brenan, Emily, nee Simpson
Bretel, Josephine Rose
Bridgland, Mabel Lucy
Bridle, Adolphus John
Bridle, Sophia, nee Champ
Brogen, Marguerite
Brooks, Ann, nee Barlow
Brown, Henry
Brown, Jane, nee Freeman
Brown, William
Brownsea, Fanny, nee Patch
Buchanan, Niel Griffiths
Buckrell, Maria
Budden, John
Bulley, Hannah, nee Williams
Burns, Martin
Burns, Mary
Burridge, Amelia
Burrill, Sarah, nee Smith
Burton, Jane, nee Hickson
Buxton, Louisa Mary
Bynam, Walter James
Cabot, Eli John Tock
Cabot, Jean
Cailly, Louis Victor
Carloner, Josephine
Carrel, Alice
Carrel, Susan
Carter, Rosina Alice
Carver, Martha, nee Waters
Castle, Henry
Cave, Eliza
Chabrol, Isaac Anthoine
Chandler, Elizabeth, nee Chandler
Chanter, Mary, nee Westcott
Chapman, Ann, nee Grafton
Chapman, Edwin
Chappell, William
Charles, Thomas James
Cheese, Henry James
Ching, Elizabeth
Clarke, Helen Margaret
Clement, Thomas
Clifford, Patrick
Cole, William Williams
Coleman, Henry Collins Woodward
Collas, Jane, nee Dupré
Collings, Augustus Balcke
Collings, William Henry
Collins, Martha Maria
Collins, Sarah Ann, nee Miller
Connor, Elizabrth
Connors, Michael
Cood, Elizabeth, nee Worcester
Cook, Harriet, nee Pelling
Cooke, Charles
Cookson, Sarah, nee Hunter
Corbel, Marie Elizabeth, nee Nicolle
Corbel, Susan Jane, nee Smith
Corbella, Anna Darbara
Cornish, Sophia, nee Hudson
Courbaron, Mary Ann
Courtney, Clara
Coutanche, Ellen
Coutanche, Henry John
Coutanche, Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Jane
Coward, William
Cowell, George
Cowley, Edward James
Cox, John Robert
Crapp, Edgar Matthew
Crawford, Adam Fife
Crocker, Elizabeth, nee Gunston
Crookes, Martin
Cropper, George
Crowley, Ann, nee Maher
Crump, Hannah, nee Cox
Cuming, Elizabeth, nee Strickland
Dacombe, Charlotte, nee Dagwell
Damer, Elizabeth Ann
Damer, John
Danguy, Henri Eugène
Darling, Joseph Benjamin
Davey, James Frank
Davis, Marie, nee de La Mare
Davis, Samuel
de Faye, Mary
de Gruchy, Abraham
de Gruchy, Alice Elizabeth Ann
de Gruchy, Alice Maria
de Gruchy, Clara
de Gruchy, Elizabeth
De Gruchy, Elizabeth Ann
de Gruchy, Emily Ann
de Gruchy, Marguerite
de Gruchy, Mary Ann Rachel, nee Giffard
De Gruchy, Philip Francis
De Gruchy, Pierre Philippe
de Gruchy, Thomas
de la Haye, George
de La Haye, Joseph Dolbel
de La Mare, Nicolas
De La Mare, Percy Walter
de La Taste, Mary Jane, nee Renouf
de Ruffo, Sidney Richards
de St Croix, Edouard
de St Croix, Florence Louisa
de St Croix, Marguerite, nee Le Breton
de St Croix, Ann Mary, nee Luce
de St Croix, Molly, nee Pouclée
Deacon, Sarah, nee Wills
Dean, Thomas Henry
Delamain, Ernest Sydney
Dèlépine, FrédéricJoseph Alexandre
Delot, Marie Françoise, nee Chevalier
Deslandes, Albert Anley
Deslandes, Elizabeth, nee du Jardin
Deslandes, John
Dickson, Graham Le Fevre
Dickson, Louisa Amelia
Dillin, Catherine
Dillon, James
Dip, Alexander Maurice
Dit La Boixière Louis Nicolas
Dix, Mary Agnes
Dogherty, Charles
Doherty, James
Dorey, Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Jane
Dorey, Martha Mary
Dowdell, Matthew
Dowding, Rebecca
Down, Richard
Downing, Louisa Maria
Drake, Francis George
Drayton, Charles
Dromgoole, Nicholas
Druce, Mary Ann
du Feu, Elizabeth Priscilla
Du Jardin, François de St Croix
Du Parcq, Helen
du Parcq, Richard
Duggin, Nicholas
Dumaresq, Annie Lucy
Dupre, François Joseph
Dupré, Jane, nee Le Feuvre dit Fieliatre
Durell, Elizabeth
Durell, John
Dyke, Thomas
Earl, William Edward
Eastley, Emily Elizabeth
Eddie, William
Edwards, Mary
Elliott, John
Eraut, George
Esnouf , Ellen
Esnouf, Jeanneton, nee Falle
Esnouf, Marguerite, nee de La Cour
Eveleigh, Catherine, nee Hansford
Everett, Elizabeth
Fallaize, Sarah, nee Robertson
Falle, Edouard
Falle, Jean Vernon
Falle, John Philip
Farley, William Hynes
Farrant, John William
Farrell, Roger
Fauvel, Ellen Janer
Fauvel, Jeanne, nee Quenault
Fewing, Mary Ann
Fewings, Annie
Fielding, Philippe
Filleul, Elizabeth, nee Poingdestre
Fixott, Charles
Fletcher, Edwin Albert
Flinn, Ann, nee Connery
Foard, Mary, nee Foard
Follett, Mary Ann, nee Evely
Ford, John Newton
Ford, Rebeccanee Bartlett
Forsey, Elizabeth, nee Burt
Fossey, Marie, nee Louet
Fowkes, Caroline
Fowler, Margaret, nee Solter
Fox, Walter William
Friend, Jimima, nee Sheperd
Fry, Giulia Isabella Smith Amadei, nee Lamonde
Fuller, John
Furlong, Ellen
Gacé, Alfred Auguste
Gaillandre, Anatole
Galliard, Elizabeth
Gallichan, Charles Emile
Gallichan, Edward
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Walter Edward
Galpin, Walter John
Gardner, Alexander
Gardner, Alfred Davis
Garland, Philippa, nee Jacobs
Garnier, Jean François
Gaudin, Nicolas
Gauvain, Elizabeth, nee Jeune
Gavey, Elizabeth, nee Ahier
Gevaudan, Eliza Ann, nee Fontaine
Gibaux, Aurélie Marie
Gibbons, Thomas James
Gibbs, Charles Richard
Gibbs, Jane Maria Elizabeth
Giffard, Adela Florence
Giffard, Amelia Louisa
Giles, Amelia Alice
Gillam, Charles
Godden, Ada Eliza
Godel, Anne, nee de La Fontenelle
Godfray, Mary, nee Touzel
Godfray, Thomas Lerrier
Goodridge, Bess
Goodridge, Sarah
Gordon, John
Gould, Bessie
Gould, Martina Ann Amelia
Grandin, John Edward
Grandin, Mary Elizabeth, nee Billot
Gray, Marion
Green, John
Green, William Simon
Grellier, Ann Marie nee Le Rossignol
Griffiths, George
Grigg, Elizabeth, nee Newbold
Groizard, Charles Philip
Gruchy, Jane, nee Le Gros
Gruchy, Mary Ann
Grundy, William George
Guillemette, Auguste
Guilliard, Peter
Guiton, François
Gumbrell, Ann
Gunton, Ann Frances
Guy, Elinor Ann
Guyomar, Alexandre
Hacquoil, Elizabeth, nee Milne
Hake, Adolphus
Hake, Ernest Edgar
Hake, Robert
Hall, Elizabeth Mary
Hall, Henry Richard
Hall, Louisa Jane, nee Searle
Hall, Stephen
Hall, Thomas
Hamon, Anderstine Louisa
Hamon, Ann
Hamon, Mary, nee Le Feuvre
Hamon, Samuel
Hansford, Ada Florence
Hansford, Frederick Robert
Hansford, John James
Harben, Lucy Maud
Hardey, George
Harding, Elizabeth
Harmer, Evan Chandler
Harradance, Jessie Matilda
Harris, Francis William
Harris, George
Harris, John Robert
Hart, Lydia Maria, nee Cole
Hart, Richard
Haskett, Edwin Frederick
Hayes, Harriet, nee Hayes
Haynes, Alfred
Healy, Alfred
Hennessey, Margaret, nee Ahern
Henry, Margaret, nee Durie
Henwood, Henry
Herivel, Edward Charles
Herivel, John
Hescott, William Aubin
Hinchey, Margaret Louisa
Hine, George Robert
Hingston, Elizabeth Sophia
Hobbs, Rosey Elizabeth
Hocking, Sarah, nee Fowler
Hogan, Dennis
Hogg, Stratford George
Hogin, Johanna, nee Davis
Holloway, Joseph
Holmes, Annie
Holmes, Thomas
Honeybrook, Mary
Hooper, Marie, nee Filleul
Horton, Kezia, nee Muggeridge
Howes, Elizabeth Anne Mary Henrietta
Howes, Elizabeth, nee Clarke
Hubert, Ann
Hubert, Charles George
Hubert, Jeanne
Hubert, Sophie, nee Le Ray
Hubert, Susan Esther, nee Colley
Hughes, Roland Charles
Humby, William Henry
Hunter, Robert
Hurps, Frances Amelia
Huxham, Sarah Ann
Ick, Helen, nee Goldson
Jackson, Edward
Jacobs, Samuel
Jacquet, Victor Martial
Jaffray, William
James, Edward
Jamieson, Ann, nee Martin
Jane, Elizabeth Mary, nee May
Janvrin, Daniel
Janvrin, John Lewis
Jarvis, Henry
Jean, Francis Edward
Jean, Jane, nee Le Breton
Jenner, Eliza, nee Sadler
Jerdon, Henry Frederick Conyers
Jerrom, Edith Jane
Jeune, Henry Edward
Jeune, Mary Esther
Johns, Elizabeth
Johns, Martha, nee Allen
Jole, William George
Jones, Margaret
Jones, William
Jouguet, Thomas
Journeaux, Betsy, nee Luce
Kail, George
Kaines, Teresa, nee O`Neille
Kandich, Amelia Monique, nee McDougall
Kay, Henry
Kelly, Francis
Kemmish, William Henry
Kenchington, William
Kendra, Mary, nee Nicolle
Kennedy, Ellen, nee Shea
Kessell, George Henry Albert
Kine, Thomas James
Kitts, Victoria Ellen
Knight, Nancy, née Collas
Knight, Rice
Knox, John
L`Amy, Jean
L`Arrivin, Jean
L`Arrivin, Marie
La Gerche, Marie, nee Le Couteur
La Nièce, Eve Hamilton
La Nièce, Susanne Marie
Labey, Maud Mary
Lambert, Ann Elizabeth, née Stoneham
Lane, James
Langeard, Rosalie Désireé
Larbalestier, Louisa, nee Larbalestier
Larbalestier, Amelia Jane
Larbalestier, Ann, nee Querée
Larbalestier, Jane, nee Romeril
Larbalestier, Louisa
Larbalestier, Mary, nee Touzel
Lathan, Anna, nee Burt
Laumaillé, Marie Magdelaine, nee Clostre
Laurens, Ann
Laurens, Charles James
Laurens, Philippe
Laurent, Marie
Laverty, Eugenia Keppel
Le Bailley, Madelaine, nee Durell
Le Bas, Jeanne, née Le Gros
Le Boutillier, Philippe
Le Breton, Esther, nee Rondel
Le Breton, Mary Jane
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Joshua Arthur
Le Brun, Marguerite, nee de Beaucamp
Le Brun, Mary, nee Beaucamp
Le Capelain, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, Melina Francis
Le Cocq, Nicolas
Le Conte, Isidore Benjamin Julien
Le Cornu, Thomas Philip
Le Cras, James
Le Cras, Marie, nee Goodwin
Le Cras, Susan Esther nee Le Sueur
Le Feuvre, Charles John
Le Feuvre, George Herbert
Le Feuvre, Jeanne, nee Le Couteur
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Philip John
Le Franc, Susanne, nee Touzeau
Le Gaillard, Guillaume
Le Gallais, Jane, nee Nicolle
Le Garé Josephine, nee Frasir
Le Glais, Joseph Jules
Le Gresley, Alfred Holliday
Le Gresley, John Francis
Le Gresley, Peter
Le Gros, Jane, nee Jeune
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Marie, nee Brée
Le Gros, Susanne, nee Rondel
Le Gros, William
Le Lievre, Elizabeth Mary
Le Lievre, George Balleine
Le Maistre, Alice Helen
Le Maistre, Anne, nee Le Brun
Le Maistre, Jane Eliza
Le Maistre, Jean
Le Maistre, Victoria Isabella
Le Marquand, Jean
Le Masurier, Abraham
Le Masurier, Jane, nee Dumaresq
Le Moignan, Charles
Le Quesne, Jean
Le Ray, William John
Le Rougetel, Emmeline Fortunita
Le Sueur, Clement Joseph
Le Sueur, Louisa Ann
Le Sueur, Nancy nee Guiyon
Le Vesconte, Marie, nee Gibaut
Le Vesconte, Susan Ann Elizabeth
Leach, Elias
Leake, Richard Barugh
Lecaudey, Blanche Marie
Leigh, Elizabeth, nee Moignard
Lemprière Marie, nee Le Sueur
Lepileur, Prosper
Lewis, John George
Liddle, George
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Lipscombe, Jane Mary
Lock, Charles Smith
Lock, Samuel Charles
Lomonaco, Elizabeth, nee Trachy
Long, Alfred James
Long, Henrietta
Lucas, Jane, nee Cole
Lucas, Thomas
Luce, George
Luce, Lydia
Luce, Philippe
Lucy, Henry
Luer, Desirée, nee Frasin
Luscombe, Nicholas
Lyon, Eliza
MacAuliffe, Mary Ann
Macey, Elizabeth
Machon, Charles Thomas
Mainwaring, John Popham
Malawski, Rosalie, nee Paris
Mallet, Thomas
Malzard, Henri
Malzard, Mary Ann, nee Le Cornu
Mara, Margaret
Marett, Jean
Marett, Thomas
Marett, Thomas John Winter
Marie, Ann Jane
Marsh, George
Martel, Maria Susan
Martin, Jeanne
Maskell, William
Masson, Louis
Matson, Nicholas
Matthews, Julia Mary
Matthews, Sarah Eliza, nee Clayel
Maubaut, Marie Louise, nee Crépin
Mauger, Edward
Mayne, Helen Elphinstone
McAllen, Edouard
McCebe, Ann, nee McCarthy
McConnell, William Washington Irving
McCormick, Eliza, nee Taylor
McCormick, Joseph William Henry
McDougall, Mary, nee Chappender
McKenzie, Robert Edward
Meech, Selina, nee Jeffreys
Melekin, Henry William
Merrill, Robert
Mertz, Sophia
Messervy, Elizabeth, nee Nicolle
Messervy, Jean
Messervy, Mary Ann, nee Gallichan
Messervy, Philip
Messiter, Augustus Howard
Metters, Annie, nee Hay
Michel, Mary Elizabeth, nee De St Croix
Miles, Eliza Jane
Mills, William Maxwell
Moignard, Jane, nee Lambert
Moisson, Marie nee Gallichan
Moore, John Philippe
Moore, Thomas Chope
Moran, Patrick
Morley, George John
Morley, John
Morris, Bernard William
Mountain, Richard
Mourant, Elizabeth, nee Coutanche
Mourant, Pierre
Moyse, Charles John
Muller, John
Munt, William George
Murray, Charles Frederick
Mutton, James
Neel, Ann
Neel, Esther, nee Le Ruez
Neil, George
Nicholson, Thomas William
Nicholson, William George
Nicolle, Esther, nee Sarre
Nicolle, Philippe
Noble, James Armstrong
Noël, Edouard
Noel, Elizabeth
Noel, Hugh
Noel, Jeanne Marie, née Vardon
Godfray, Jeanne
Noel, Jeanne, nee Godfray
Noel, Philippe
Noonan, Margaret, nee Curran
Norman, Lydie, nee Le Sueur
Nudd, Emma, nee Whitsey
O`Brien, George Stacpoole
Ouless, Elizabeth
Owen, Georgiana Wren
Oxford, John Lang
Pallot, Henry Evans
Pallot, Jeanne, nee Pineaux
Palmer, William Henry
Parkes, Mary, nee Wells
Parris, Joel
Paul, John
Paul, John Edward
Payne, Robert
Peak, Martha Grace
Pelham, Catherine
Penney, Henry
Pepin, William Albert
Perceval, Henry Norman
Perry, Mary Ann, nee Pumfrey
Phinn, Mary Ann Sarah, nee Hill
Picot, Eugène Adrien
Pinel, Sophie Elizabeth
Piney, Susanna
Pinney, Richard
Piquet, Claude Alexandre
Piquet, Marie, nee Poirier
Pirouet, Ann
Pirouet, John
Piton, Louisa Jane
Plymen, John
Poch, Elizabeth
Podger, Emma Alice
Poingdestre, James
Poisson, Mary Jane
Pope, Elvina Elizabeth
Porée, Julien
Powell, Albert Edward
Power, Thomas Christopher
Preston, Alfred George William
Preston, Charles Durell Greenway
Preston, Charles Herbert
Preyre, Isabella Anne, nee Higginson
Prigent, Jean François
Prince, Frances Jane, nee Harte
Prince, Henry
Prince, Sarah Kate
Pringle, Lizzie Regina
Pritchard, Elizabeth, nee Jeune
Prout, John Thomas
Puckett, Edward
Quenault, Elizabeth
Quenault, John
Quenault, Philip
Querée, Henriette
Quéree, Mary, nee Davern
Querée, Thomas Philip
Quesnel, Marguerite
Quin, Patrick
Quirk, Joseph Bennett
Ralston, Sarah, nee Pead
Ramié, Julia Elizabeth, nee Ball
Randall, Joseph
Raynel, George Louis
Reardon, John
Reece, Mary Holmes, nee Renfrey
Rees, Martha Jane
Remington, Mary, nee Lerrick
Remon, Thomas
Renouf dit Bessen, Rose, neeGermain
Renouf, Charlotte, nee Morley
Renouf, Edward John
Renouf, Elvina
Renouf, Jeanne, nee Le Cras
Renouf, Margaret
Renouf, Sophie, nee Perchard
Revins, Ellen
Reynolds, Mary Louisa
Richards, Katherine Augusta
Richardson, Anne
Ridalls, Rhoda
Rielly, Michael
Roach, Mary
Robert, Martha, nee Jenkins
Roberts, William
Robertson, Margaret McPherson
Robilliard, Louise Jane
Robilliard, William Hill
Robinson, Adolphus
Robinson, William
Rosen, Emma Mary, nee Goldie
Rossiter, George William
Rostan, Hélène Marie
Rousseau, Jean Joseph
Russell, Ann Rebecca
Russell, Frederick Lechruere Graves
Russell, Lechmere Frederick Coore Graves
Ryan, Margaret
Sampson, Thomas
Sarre, Emma Jane
Sarson, Susan, nee Splant
Sauvage, John William
Scholefield, William Cotterill
Scoones, Daniel Edward
Scudamore, Amelia
Seagell, Mary, nee Luscombe
Seagell, Sampson
Sealy, James Guilliard
Seaward, Margaret, nee Strain
Shanner, Thomas
Sharland, Charlotte Cobould, nee Webber
Sharland, George Philip
Shellerdy, James
Shepherd, Robert
Shererd, Robert Costel
Shields, Mary
Simon, George
Single, Elvina
Skelton, Emma Howard
Skinner, Eliza
Slater, Catherine Walcott, nee Garnett
Sloggett, Thomas
Smale, Richard Lome
Small, Robert Gullis
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Ernest Rodolphus
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, William Adolphus
Snudden, Louisa Mavis, nee Salomon
Sollock, Louisa
Soper, Amelia Sophia
Spears, Anselm
Square, George Frederick
St.John, Annie, nee Dwyer
Standing, Marguerite, nee Guyon
Statt, Eliza Matilda
Steevens, Susannah Esther Cartwright
Stephens, Mary Ann, nee Downing
Stevens, Algernon Kingston
Stevens, Alice Susan Tidboald
Stodgell, Amelia
Stone, John Edward
Stone, Richard
Storrock, Jessie Elizabeth
Sullivan, Charles
Sullivan, Mary, nee Thickett
Surgey, William Palmer
Symons, Amelia
Symons, Margaret, nee Cross
Syvret, Susan, nee Amy
Tapley, John William
Tarrant, Frederick
Tate, Barnaby
Taylor, Annie Louisa
Thomas, John
Thomson, Eliza
Thorne, Ernest Albert
Tibbles, Thomas
Tobin, Edmund
Tocque, Elizabeth, nee Vautier
Toneri, Antoni
Tostevin, George William
Toulorge, Jean François
Tourgis, William
Touzel John Thomas
Touzel, Ann Esther, nee Touzel
Touzel, Philip
Tregaskis, Emily Reynolds
Troy, Mary, nee Fitzgerald
Truefitt, Thompson
Turpin, Alfred
Tynan, Edward Dominic
Ussell, Judith Amelia
Valpy, Ada
Vanstone, Ann, nee Bates
Vantom, Sophia Mathilda
Vasselin, Marie
Vatcher, George Ernest
Venacker, Josephine Estelle Arthémise, nee Le Mouton
Vibert, Betsey Douce, nee Le Sueur
Vibert, Philip
Vickery, Thomas
Vincent, François
Vonberg, Annie Elizabeth
Wakeham, Alice Frances
Wakeham, Henry James
Wales, Ann Emy
Walker, Louisa Selina Mary
Walker, Mary Ann, nee Arthur
Wallis, Elizabeth, nee Smith
Wardley, Sarah, nee Hayter
Wareham, Joseph
Waters, Mary Esther
Watkins, Charles Henry
Watkins, Elvina
Watson, Harriet Lucy Miriam, nee Sutton
Wavell, Annie Selina
Webb, Charles Joseph Harding
Webb, Jane Caroline, nee Hardy
Welsh, Margaret
Weston, John
Whelan, Mary
White, Elizabeth, nee Mullett
White, John
White, Philip Henry
Whiteman, Elizabeth, neeTout
Wilkins, Edward James
Williams, John
Williams, Robert
Williams, Thomas Chatterton
Willmott, Ada
Witherell, Emma
Witherell, Lucy
Wolfreys, Elizabeth Jane, nee Le Boutillier
Wolfreys, George
Wood, James Peter John
Worton, Mary, nee Finnimore
Worton, Richard
Wright, Charles
Wright, Elizabeth, nee Fox
Wyatt, Mary, nee Davey


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