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Draft register of deaths in St Helier volume 19. These records provided the information for the Superintendent Registrar to compile the official death registers. They include name, age, date, cause of death, address, doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.

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February 5th 1867 - May 5th 1868


Ackland, Jane, nee Powell
Ader, Anne, nee Guichard
Ahier, Ann Elizabeth
Ahier, Ann, nee Hoskings
Ahier, Lydie Sophie
Alexandre, Ada
Alexandre, Elvina Sophia
Alexandre, François
Alexandre, Jacques
Alford, Georgina, nee Queen
Allen, Amy, nee Hudson
Allen, Thomas John
Allix, Mary, nee Machon
Amy, Charles
Amy, Elizabeth, nee Payn
Amy, Francis
Amy, Jeanne
Amy, Philip Gruchy
Andow, Joseph
Andrews, Ann, nee Pitcher
Andrews, Ella, nee Kay
Andrews, Louisa Alice
Anley, Caroline
Anley, James
Anson, William
Anthoine, Jane, nee Short
Anthoine, Jean
Armel, Charles René
Armstrong, Francis Wheeler
Arscott, James
Arthur, John
Ash, Frances, nee Leader
Ashley, Edward
Atkins, William
Aubin, Elizabeth, nee Whitley
Auger, François Nicholas
Avril, Jean
Bailhache, Ada Susan
Bailhache, Julia Rachel, nee Norman
Baker, Mary, nee Gruchy
Baker, Mary, nee Romeril
Baker, Rebecca Matilda Janet
Baker, Rebecca, nee Strawbridge
Baker, Robert
Balsom, Mary Ann, nee Syvret
Syvret, Mary Ann
Barkham, Walter Thomas Alexander
Barnes, Blanche
Barnett, Louisa
Barrett, Ernest Peter
Barrot, Charles George
Barrow, Josiah George Louis
Barry, Margaret
Bartlett, Eliza Eleanor
Bartlett, Matilda, nee Matthews
Bashford, Mary Ann, nee Dawson
Battam, Jane
Battam, John William
Beakey, Catherine, nee Coston
Beales, William
Beattie, Louisa, nee Keene
Beaucamp, Marguerite, nee Le Sueur
Beazer, Kezia, nee Taylor
Bell, Hannah, nee Laffrey
Benest, Arthur Clement
Benham, Robert
Bennett, Mary, nee Slater
Bernard, John Anthoine
Berrow, Amy
Berry, William Appleton
Berthelot, Alfred John
Bertram, Arthur Cecil
Bertram, François
Bertram, Jane Mary, nee Le Brun
Le Brun, Jane Mary
Bertram, Lizzie Jane
Biddlecombe, Ann
Biles, Charles
Billot, Elizabeth
Billot, Mary Ann
Binet, Lucy
Birch, George
Bissob, Philip Henry
Bisson, Harriet Elizabeth, nee Le Sueur
Bisson, Isabella Jane Victoria
Bisson, Jane Hamilton, nee Clark
Bisson, Jane nee De Gruchy
Bisson, Margaret, nee Watcher
Bisson, Thomas
Bissoni, Ann, nee Freeman
Blampied, John
Blampied, Josué
Boesence, William
Bony, Anne Marie
Boreham, Anne Rachel, nee Kavanagh
Boreham, James Donkin
Bott, Arthur Lovell
Boudier, John George
Bourinot, Philip Deslandes
Bowden, George
Bowman, Eleanor
Breen, Mary, nee Fennessey
Brennan, Mary, nee Johnson
Brennen, Caroline, nee Connor
Briard, John
Bridges, Charles Collins
Bridle, Elvina Victoria
Bright, Ann, nee Blampied
Blampied, Ann
Broad, James Nivell
Brophy, Peter
Brown, Florence Elöise Mary
Brown, Jane, nee Pouclée
Bryant, Christopher
Budgen, Thomas
Buesnel, Henriette Elizabeth, nee Aubin
Bulley, Jane
Burges, Agnes Mary
Burges, Mary, nee Edwards
Burridge, Emily Mary, nee Seward
Burton, William Edward
Butler, Maria
Butler, Marie
Butten, Henry
Cabot, Ann
Cabot, Mary
Cadoret, Jeanne, nee Aubert
Cailliot, Philippe
Calf, Julia Isabella
Canivet, Jeanne, nee Binbert
Canut, François
Carr, Ellen, nee Sullivan
Carré, Jean
Case, Clara
Caulfield, Bernard
Caulfield, St George McGregor
Channon, Abraham Bowden
Chapman, Rosalie
Chapman, Susannah Mary
Charles, François Marie
Cheesman, Charles Oscar
Chevalier, John Peter Francis
Chevalier, Rachel Sally
Chotard, Gabriel Jean Marie
Clanalbin, Stephen Powell
Clark, Edward
Clark, Thereza Jane
Clarke, Peter William
Cleave, William Oke
Cocking, Ann Jane, nee Baker
Cockrane, Alice
Collett, Emily Louisa
Collings, Beatrice Mary
Collings, George
Collings, Henry James
Collins, Ann
Collins, Catherine, nee Whelan
Connell, Johanna, nee Hennessey
Connell, Margaret, nee Patterson
Connelly, Ellen
Cooke, Jean
Cooke, John
Coote, Attillia, nee Anley
Cornick, Mary Ann
Cousins, Thomas
Coutanche, George
Coutanche, Henry Elias
Coutanche, Philippe
Cowell, Florence Minnie
Cowper, Charles Henry
Craig, Ellen, nee O`Sullivan
Crespin, Augustine Louise
Criblet, Louis
Criddle, Louisa, nee Griffin
Cronin, Ellen Rachel
Crosse, Louisa, nee Ind
Cummings, James
Dare, Robert
Darragh, Joseph Joshua
Davern, Catherine, nee Taylor
Davern, Michael
Davey, Emily Jane
Davey, Mary
Davey, Rachel
Davies, Evan
Davis, Alice
Davis, Mary Jane
Davis, Sophia
Daw, Ann
Daw, Anna Mary
de Carteret, Constance Marie
de Castro, Claire Pereina
de Caux, Charles Alexandre Barthélémy
de Faye, Thomas
de Gruchy, Esther
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Philippe
de La Haye, Louis
de La Mare, Elizabeth, nee Noel
de La Mare, Mari, nee Ahier
de la Mare, Philippe
De la Mare, Susan
de la Perrelle, Reginald de Jersey
de Mitre, George
de Quetteville, Elie
de Quetteville, Jean
de St Croix, James Charles
Debray, Pierre
Demaine, James
Dennis, Alice Jane
Dennis, John William
Derwin, John
Deslandes, Jane Elizabeth
Dixon, Rebecca Jane, nee Taylor
Dobin, Martha, nee Richards
Donny, Guillaume
Doras, Alfred James
Dorey, Ann, nee Martin
Dorey, Evelyne
Douglas, Jane, nee Caulman
Down, William
Downing, George Edward
Draper, Louisa, nee Gingell
Draper, Sophia, nee Dodge
Driver, George
Druce, William George
du Feu, Catherin, nee Tulberty
du Val, Dominique Pierre
Dubreuil, Anna Eugénie Jeanne
Duchesne, Denis Auguste
Duglas, Jane
Duhamel, Mary Ann, nee Kerby
Dumaresq, Margaret
Dumaresq, Jacques
Durand, Louise Marie
Durie, François
Duval, Anne, nee Marett
Dwyer, Mary
Dwyer, Mary Ellen
Eager, Benjamin
Eckford, James
Eddy, Alice Jane
Edgar, Robert
Egré, Elizabeth, nee Tourgis
Elliott, Sarah Hannah
Ennis, Christiana, nee Powell
Ennis, George
Ergot, Agathe, nee Deviller
Erwin, Louisa Catherine Mary
Esnouf, Alice Mary Jane
Esnouf, Blanche
Esnouf, John Matthew
Esnouf, William Henry
Eudes, André Bernard
Fallaize, Sarah Louisa
Falle, Louisa
Fardon, Georgina Susan
Fardon, Georgina Susan, nee Gilbert
Farley, John
Farrell, Mary Ann, nee Hickey
Farrell, Richard
Fauvel, Benjamin
Fauvel, Minna
Feeham, Patrick Vincent
Feehan, Sarah, nee Eales
Feltham, William
Fewings, Fred Parker
Fewings, Jane
Fewings, Sarah Anne, nee Davey
Fewins, James
Fielding, Jeanne, nee Pallot
Figure, John
Filleul, Eliza Ann
Filleul, Francis William
Finnie, Mary, nee Berham
Fitzpatrick, Alfred
Flinn, John
Flinn, Margaret
Fookes, Joseph
Ford, Edwin James
Fosse, Armand Luc
Foster, Eliza, nee Boyé
Fowler, Jane Margaret
Fox, John Joseph
Frampton, George
Francis, Harriet, nee Collins
Friend, John
Fruing, William
Fudge, John
Fuller, Francis C B
Furgusson, George Huelin
Gallichan, Alice Jane
Gallichan, Henry Westbrook Sohier
Gallichan, Philip
Gallie, Ann, nee Wintle
Galliot, Pierre
Gallop, Henrietta
Galpin, Emma Louisa
Gard, William
Gardner, Flora
Garrick, Jessie Maria
Gaskin, William
Gates, Ann, nee Kitcher
Gaudin, Esther, nee Liot
Gauvry, Marie Françoise
Gavey, Josué Charles
Gavey, Mary Ann, nee de La Haye
Gavey, Philippe
Gavey, Rachel, nee Ahier
Gay, Adeline
Geffrard, Anne, nee Pirouet
Gelender, Mary Elvina
Gellender, Ada
Gellender, Elizabeth, nee Brasford
Gellender, Frederick John
Gérard, Eugénie
Gibaut, Susann, nee Bertram
Gibbins, Maria, nee Foot
Gibbs, Charles Arthur
Gibbs, Jane
Giffard, Francis
Gilbert, Paul Albert Constant
Gillman, Mary Ann, nee Vincent
Gladdis, Frederick
Gladdis, William Edmund
Godden, George William
Godfray, François
Godfray, William François
Gordon, Joseph MacIntosh
Gorman, Ellen
Gosset, Mary Ann, nee Bosdet
Gothe, Jeanne Marie
Goudon, Elizabeth, nee Wimbée
Gould, Alfreda Milena Amelia
Govan, Helen, nee Gibson
Grant, Louisa Jane
Graves, Lillian Harriot Rachel
Gray, Jane Maria
Green, Ada Ann
Gregory, Alfred
Griffin, Mary Helen
Grigg, William
Grimes, Charles
Grimmond, Margare, nee Wright
Groizard, William Alfred
Gruchy, François
Gruchy, Jeanne, nee de La Cour
Gruchy, Sorel
Gruchy, Walter Thacker Whitley
Guiton, Eliza, nee Neel
Gunton, Alice Mary
Guppy, Mary Ann
Hale, John
Hall, John Thomas
Hallford, Margaret, nee Duffey
Halliday, Ezekiel
Hamon, Anne, nee Canivet
Hampton, Charlotte, nee Salter
Hamptonne, Elizabeth, nee de St Croix
Haney, Patrick
Harding, Rosina Louisa Jane
Hardy, Mary
Hardyway, Ann, nee Hillyer
Hart, Elizabeth, nee Collins
Hawken, Benjamin
Hay, Rose
Hayward, Thomas
Healey, Morris
Henry, William
Henwood, William
Hérivel, Esther
Hescott, William Charles
Heyden, Elizabeth, nee Lander
Hicks, Jan, nee Hennessey
Higgins, Ann, nee Price
Higgins, Henry
Hill, John Henry
Hoare, Henry James
Hocquard, Jane Mary
Hogan, Joseph
Holdsworth, James
Honeycombe, Samuel
Hooper, Jane
Hopin, Charlotte, nee Langford
Horrell, John Edwin Prout
Houelbecq, Eugénie
Houguet, Elizabeth
Houilbecq, François
How, Elihu William
Howley, Elizabeth Martha, nee Winkworth
Hubert, Marie, nee Mourant
Huelin, Elizabeth Louise, nee Romeril
Huelin, Emma Louisa
Huelin, Louisa
Hurley, Sarah Elizabeth
Ichet, Esther, nee Machon
Jandron, Jean
Janvrin, Daniel Philip
Jeffery, Jane
Jehan, Mary, nee Cory
Jenkins, Margaret, nee Robinson
Jeune, Amelia Delphena
Jerrard, Louisa
Jeune, Elizabeth, nee Hérivel
Jeune, Jeanne, nee Le Gros
Jeune, John
Johnson, David
Johnston, George Joseph Bidmead
Johnstone, Amos
Joll, John William Henry
Jones, Charles
Jones, Louisa
Journeaux, George Benjamin
Journeaux, Jane Elizabeth
Journeaux, Rachel Judith, nee Hamon
Kaill, Elizabeth Adelaide Augusta, nee Tucker
Kassle, James George Smale
Keast, Priscilla Richards
Keeping, James
Kelland, Robert
Kelly, Fanny Ann, nee Box
Kelly, Margaret, neeHeffernan
Kennedy, William
Killmister, Bertha Dina
Kimber, Joannah, nee Cox
Kine, William Henry
Kiney, Julia, nee Ural
Kitts, Maria Emma
Knife, Eliza, nee Mumford
Knight, Ann, nee Cornish
Knight, David Lewis Parry
Knight, William
Knowles, Robert
Labey, Philippe
Laffoley, Philippe
Landrin, Pierre Francois
Larbalestier, Harriet, nee Smith
Laumaille, Louise
Laurence, Frederick Henry
Laurens, Elizabeth, nee Chevalier
Laurens, Marie, nee Fielding
Laurens, Rachel, nee Skelton
Le Bas, Francis
Le Ber, Ann, nee Trego
Le Blancq, Louisa
Le Blancq, Marie
Le Blancq, Mary, nee du Heaume
Le Boutillier, Amy Williams
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, George
Le Boutillier, Julie Fanny, nee Cabot
Le Boutillier, Mary Ann, nee Williams
Le Boutillier, Molly, nee Le Rossignol
Le Breton, Charles Eugene
Le Brun, Jacques
Le Brun, Kathleen Trowsdall
Le Brun, Mary Jane
Le Brun, Susan, nee Gay
Le Cocq, Mary Ann Catherine, nee Wiseman
Le Cordier, Jean Francois
Le Cornu, James
Le Cornu, James Renouf
Le Cornu, Jane Elizabeth, née Le Feuvre
Le Feuvre, Jane Elizabeth
Le Cornu, Rose
Le Duc, Elizabeth Ann, nee Le Geyt
Le Duc, Elizabeth Leigh
Le Duc, Julia
Le Feuvre, Adeline Eliza Jane
Le Feuvre, Jane Margaret
Le Feuvre, Marie, nee Moignard
Le Feuvre, Rose Anne Françoise, nee Guigot
Le Gallais, Charles
Le Gallais, Edmund Matthew
Le Galle, Jean
Le Gassick, Thomas Edwin
Le Geyt, Daniel Mattieu
Le Gros, Elizabeth Marie, nee Aubin
Le Gros, Marie Madeleine, nee Dorey
Le Gros, Mary, nee Snooks
Le Guffon, Joseph Pierre
Le Houx, Jean Bernard
Le Maistre Marguerite, nee Alicette
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Manquais, Maria, nee Ross
Le Marchand, Matthew Thomas Henry
Le Marchand, Pierre Thomas
Le Marquand, Anne, nee Kerby
Le Marquand, Justina, nee Short
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, Susanne, nee Gallichan
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Ménager, Julien
Le Parc, Gabrielle Marie Catherine
Le Prevost, Jeanne Félicie
Le Quesne, Elizabeth Susanne
Le Quesne, Esthe, nee Le Vesconte
Le Ray, Nancy
Le Ray, Thomas Philip
Le Rossignol, John
Le Rossignol, Mary Anne, nee Gorman
Le Roy, John Louther
Le Sauteur, Eliza Harriet
Le Seelleur, Joseph Charles
Le Seelleur, Mary, nee Gibson
Le Sueur, Clement Hubert
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Templier, James
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Elize Marie, nee Dupré
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Rachel, nee Sullivan
Lean, Richard
Ledo, Marie Anne Julie, nee Le Lièvre
Lee, Mary Anna Mudge
Lee, Samuel Tamlin Mudge
Leigh, Gédéon Laurent
Lempriere, Emily Albertine
Levesque, Elizabeth, nee Thorpe
Lewis, Alice Maria
Lewis, Jacob Joseph
Light, James William
Lilley, Lydia Frances Barnicoat
Lily, Mary Ann
Lloyd, Madeline Jessie
Lock, Eva Mary
Lock, Sarah, nee Perkins
Long, Patricia Emily
Loré, Auguste Jean
Loving, Ellen, nee Symes
Lucas, Emma, nee Cross
Lucas, George William James
Lucas, Marie, nee Le Moignan
Luce, Anne Susanne
Luce, Mary Ann, nee Mourant
Lumley, Rebecca Sarah
Luxon, Charles
Lyons, James
Lyte, Henrietta Louisa
Mabbot, Joseph
Mabey, Florence
Mackenzie, Elizabeth
Maher, Michael
Mahone, Catherine
Maison, Lucia Alexandrine Marguerite
Male, Elizabeth, nee Morris
Malicet, Célestine Georgina
Malin, Ida Mabel
Mallet, Philip Le Quesne
Manning, Rachel, nee Gaudion
Mannion, John
Marett, Elizabeth, nee Simon
Marett, Jane Louisa
Marett, Marie, nee Amy
Marett, Marie, nee Hubert
Marett, Mary Elizabeth, nee Noel
Marett, Minnie Edith Helena
Marett, Sydney Edley de La Rue
Marks, Nicholas
Masters, Elizabeth Louisa
Mauduit, Auguste Guillaume
Mauger, Harriet
May, Ann, nee Smee
McAllen, Alfred Philip
McKee, William
McKittrick, Thomas
McLaren, Lucy Emma
McLeod, John Henry
Meech, Elizabeth, nee Hope
Mercier, Mabel Eckford
Merifield, George Cory
Messervy, Charles Edwin
Messervy, Jane, nee Bouton
Mew, William Edmund
Michel, Elizabeth
Michel, Jacques Louis
Millman, Sarah
Mitchel, George Alexander
Mitchell, Sophis Louisa, nee Vaux
Moaxley, Sarah Emma
Mollet, Thomas
Moody, William James
Moore, Elizabeth
Morel, Marie Louise
Morin, Auguste Louis
Morin, Laurent François
Morlais, Jacques
Mortimore, Jane, nee de St Croix
Moss, Mary Ann, nee Copp
Mourant, Ann, nee Le Gros
Mourant, Jane, nee Le Maistre
Moyse, John James
Muels, Margaret, nee Cudmore
Murphy, Patrick
Murray, Amanda Melvina Caroline, nee Mackenzie
Murray, Francis Le Feuvre
Murray, Thomas
Nairn, Jessie
Nash, Ann, nee Coutanche
Neale, Fanny
Neville, Frederick
New, Elizabeth, nee Elliott
Newber, Thomas Christian
Newman, Hannah
Newman, Jessie Eva
Nicholson, George Theophilus
Nicholson, Robert Harvey
Nicholson, Rosetta Blanche
Nicklin, Emmanuella Mary
Nicolle, Elise
Nicolle, Eliza Jane
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Elizabeth Julia, nee Hill
Nicolle, John Emile
Nicolle, Sidney Philip
Noel, Emma Matilda
Noel, Nancy, nee Webb
Noel, Rachel, nee Canivet
O`Brien, Elizabeth Mary
O`Brien, Mary Ann
O`Donnell, John Walter
O`Flaherty, Timothy
O`Keefe, John William
Oakley, Henry Charles
Oldmixon, Frances, nee Paul
Oldridge, Mary, nee Keates
Ollivier, Arthur
Opie, Jessie Maud Mary
Osborne, Robert
Owen, Thomas
Padfield, Francis
Padley, Mary, nee Braddell
Padmore, Freeman
Pallot, Abraham
Pallot, Philippe
Palmer, Jane, nee Robin
Palmer, Kate
Parker, Jessie Margaret Lyon
Patch, Edward
Paul, Thomas William
Payn, Susanne, nee Le Sueur
Peagam, Edith Beatrice
Pearce, John
Peckham, Charles Thomas
Pépin, Helier
Périot, Louisa
Perris, Richard Victor
Phillips, Charles Frederick Johnstone
Phillips, Mark
Phillips, Samuel Mark
Pickett, Jane, nee Stevens
Pickworth, James
Picot, Charles Philip
Picot, Daniel
Picot, George
Picot, Nancy, nee Le Geyt
Picot, Selina Elizabeth Jane
Pigeon, John Edward
Pihan, Eliza
Pihan, Jane Victorine
Pike, Celeste Philedelphia, nee Aubert
Pike, Joseph
Pinel, Nancy
Pipon, Alfred Oldridge Arthur
Piquet, Ann, nee Phillips
Pitman, Ann nee Baker
Piton, Henriette, nee Le Bass
Ploughman, John
Podger, Alice Maud Mary
Poingdestre, Philippe
Porter, Paul
Potter, William Henry
Pouclée, Amelia Harriet
Powell, William Benjamin
Premont, Pierre
Prigg, Elizabeth Salome
Pritchard, Adela Alicia
Prouten, Francis
Quérée, Eliza Julia
Quérée, John Alfred
Quesnel, Martha
Ralph, Jeanne
Ranwell, William
Rapsey, Elizabeth Mary
Rapsey, Julia, nee Gyle
Reignolds, Annie Georgina
Reignolds, Catherine
Remy, William John
Renard, Hippolyte Louis Pierre
Renouf, Clement
Renouf, Florence Elizabeth Jane
Renouf, John
Renouf, Louisa Clara
Renouf, Mary Elizabeth, nee Poingdestre
Restorick, James
Richards, William
Riley, Jane Louisa
Robins, Alexander James
Robins, Ann
Robinson, Eliza
Robinson, Samuel
Robinson, William
Rocket, Jemima, nee Brown
Roddis, George
Roddis, Mary Ann, nee Appleby
Rogéré, Mary Ann, nee Arthur
Rogers, George Higgs
Rogers, Henry
Rolestone, Nicholas
Romeril, Anne, nee Deslandes
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Magdalene, nee Babot
Rouland, Jean François Ambroise
Rouxel,Charles Alfred
Row, Lucy Rosea
Rowcliffe, Clara Ann Eleonore
Rowden, Elizabeth
Rowe, Esther Annie
Rowe, Henry George Laurens
Roys, Anne Eugénie
Roys, George William
Roys, John
Rudd, Eric
Russell, Samuel
Rutt, Jane, nee Budge
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Ellen, nee Gleeson
Ryan, Mary, nee Power
Ryan, Sarah, nee Bowen
Saget, Emmanuel Julien Charles Marie
Salesses, Ernestine Thérèse
Salter, George
Saltern, Philip Samball
Samwell, Mary Ann, nee Fowler
Sarre, Emily Augusta
Savage, William Henry
Scarborough, Sidney Hocquard
Scott, Desirée Louise, nee Berthier
Scott, William John
Scriven, Henry Alfred
Seale, Thomas
Searle, Isabella
Sercombe, Sidney
Shales, Alexander
Shortland, Hannah Mary
Shracksto, Grace
Silby, Margaret, nee Grady
Simens, Daniel
Simmens, Anne, nee Le Brun
Le Brun, Anne
Skahill, Jane
Smith, Martha, nee Guppy
Smith, Emily Jane
Smith, Jane, nee Hotton
Smith, Louise Ann
Smith, Mary Ann, nee Lane
Smith, Richard
Smith, Sarah
Smyth, Rose, nee Maelay
Snell, Elizabeth, nee Watson
Snell, Samuel
Sohier, Clarence Francis
Spanner, Matthew
Spiller, Henry
Square, John Duheaume
Squibb, Osborn Thomas
Squière, Louise Eliza
Staddon, Caroline Louisa Amelia
Staddon, Susanna, nee Saffrey
Stanley, Lucy
Starck, Anne, nee Le Maistre
Starks, Sarah
Statt, Daniel
Stephens, Alice Maud
Stevenson, Annie Hannay, nee Langtry
Steward, Evelyn
Stewart, Martha Josephine
Straight, Thomas
Street, John
Stuart, Charles Edward
Stych, Ann, nee Billingham
Sullivan, Edouard
Sullivan, John
Supple, James
Symons, Charles
Symons, Jane Parker, nee Hedley
Syvret, George
Syvret, Jeanne, nee Gallie
Syvret, John Charles
Syvret, Susan, nee Renouf
Taroni, Peter
Taylor, Charlotte, nee Thomas
Taylor, Elizabeth, nee Hicks
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, William
Thomas, Mary Jane, nee Britton
Thompson, Samuel
Thorne, Leonora Victoria
Tidyman, Jane, nee Kneeshaw
Timothée, Jacques Vincent
Tocque, Virginia, nee Fruing
Tostevin, Peter
Touzel, Jane, nee Filleul
Tramp, Eleonor, nee Percy
Tregaskis, William Richard
Tregeagle, Minnie
Tregoning, Hugh
Trivett, George
Trivett, Mary, nee Cory
Trout, John
Tucker, Agnes
Turgot, Aimable
Tynan, John
Varin, Jean Armand
Vasselin, Albert
Vasselin, François Basîle Edmond
Vaudin, Philippe Joseph
Vaugante, Marguerite
Vautier, Eliza Esnouf
Viel, Abraham
Viel, Sophie, nee Laurens
Vigot, Edward George
Vigot, Elizabeth Susannah, nee Crouch
Vigot, Jean François
Vincent, Helier
Vincent, Jane, nee Treheu
Vining, James
Wakeham, Alice
Wakeham, Richard
Walden, Diana, nee Hutchings
Walden, Henry Thomas
Walker, Frederick Edward
Walker, James Edwin
Walker, Robert
Walters, John
Walters, William Henry
War, Abraham
Ward, Jane, nee Williams
Wardley, Elizabeth, nee Lambert
Watcher, Elizabeth, nee Watts
Werndly, Caroline, nee Dunn
West, Sarah, nee Cavill
Westlake, Ann, nee Mackenny
Westrup, Franziska, nee Frischer
Whitcroft, Elizabeth
White, Thomas
Whittle, Mary, nee Gardner
Williams, Ann, nee Smith
Williams, Elizabeth, nee Pike
Williams, Maria
Wingate, Andrew
Woodhouse, Jane Elizabeth Annie
Woonton, John William Aubin
Worden, Richard
Wright, Robert
Wybert, Mary, nee Vibert
Yealland, Albert Edward
Yeatman, John
Young, James Clifford Martin
Le Feuvre, Jane Elizabeth
Coutanche, Ann


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