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Draft register of deaths in St Helier volume 29.Records personal details of the deceased together with cause of death, time of death and the name of the attending doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.

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October 13th 1881 - February 21st 1883


Adcock, Johanna, née Poland
Adelus, Arienne Briolanie, née Noel
Ahern, John
Ahern, Margaret
Ahern, Thomas
Ahier, John Charles
Ahier, Philippe
Aldersey, Mary Ann, née Bissoni
Alexander, Mary, née Batt
Alexandre, Elie
Alexandre, Eliza, née Godfray
Allan, Ann, née Bedwell
Amand, Marie, née Routier
Amy, Emma, née Gard
Amy, Frederick John
Amy, Helen Theresa
Amy, Jane
Ancault, Marie Francoise
Anderson, Henrietta Mary, née Dillon
Andrew, Susan, née Stuart
Andrews, John
Anning, Elizabeth Catherine, née Dyer
Appleton, Elizabeth Catherine, née Dyer
Argent, Mary Ann
Arnold, Arthur
Ashley, Angelina
Asplet, Charles
Asplet, Jane, née Kerslake
Atkinson, John
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, Ellen
Aubin, Marie Cécile, née Veillet de Veaux
Aubin, Philippe
Aubin, Sophia Elizabeth, née Le Breton
Aubin, Thomas
Avery, Edwin
Aveson, William John
Bailhache, Nicolas
Baker, Mary
Baker, Reginald Percy
Baldwin, Charles
Ball, Clara Hannah Wilkinson, née Masters
Balleine, Reginald
Banier, Marie Françoise
Barbedette, Pierre
Barnett, Henry
Barnfather, Emily Winstoe Anderson, née Hedley
Barrett, Jane, née Le Marquand
Bartlett, Louisa Annie
Bartlett, Mary Ann, née Gallie
Bataille, Sydonie Renée, née Bourgeois
Bate, Frederick Charles
Bates, George
Bates, John
Baudains, Ernest
Baudains, Joshua
Baudet, André Marie
Beale, Ethel Maud Mary
Beaucamp, Betsy Jane, née Gallichan
Beaugard, Victoire Jacqueline
Beaugeard, Eugénie, née Havard
Beaugie, Emily, née Colback
Beck, Samuel
Begley, Ellen Blanche
Benest, Ann Eliza, née Blampied
Bennett, Catherine, née Hutton
Bennett, Ernest
Bennien, Emma
Benoist, Alfred Elias
Benoist, Emma Kathleen Alice
Berry, George Henry
Berry, Louisa, née Lancashire
Bertin, Victor
Bertram, Laura Agnes Adelaide
Bettison, Jane, née Wilmot
Beuchet, Ada Maud
Bevans, Emma Mary
Bevans, George
Bews, Cordelia, née Wavish
Bickenson, Samuel Charles
Biggs, Thomas
Billot, Francis Gaudin
Billot, Mary Jane
Binet, Sydney Edward
Bisson, Mary Ann
Bisson, Sydney Hocquard
Blackmore, Elizabeth Ann, née Chapman
Blampied, Marie, née Blampied
Blampied, Philip
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Sydney Gaudin
Blanchard, Edward Francis
Blanchard, Mary Jane
Blin, Victoire, née Desfriches
Bodley, Mary, née Carr
Bois, Ada Jane
Boissier, Marie, née Loszouet
Bolton, Ann Elizabeth Mary, née King
Bolton, Thomas
Borlase, John
Bosdet, Eliza, née Speck
Bottomley, William
Bouchéré, Edouard Auguste Jean
Bourke, Honora, née Ryan
Bouttier, Mary Ann, née Ahier
Boyd, James
Bragg, Jane, née Bolt
Brain, Marionette
Brewer, Eleanor
Brewer, George
Briard, Ann
Briggs, William Strong
Brisset, Marin
Brooks, John
Brooks, Mary, née Walters
Brown, Eliza, née Pillage
Brown, Susan, née Renouf
Bryant, James
Bryant, Langston Philip John
Buesnel, Elizabeth, née Luce
Burger, William Charles
Burke, James
Burnett, Ann, née Beech
Burr, Betty
Burridge, William
Burt, Henry Edward
Burton, Elizabeth, née Ahier
Butler, William Uriah
Buttfield, William
Cabaret, Marie Joseph
Cabot, Marie, née Le Boutillier
Cabot, Mary, née Mono
Cabot, Pierre
Caillot, Adolphe Jean
Campbell, Elizabeth, née Leach
Campbell, Maud Bertha
Canfield, Kate Gertrude
Carcaud, Mabel
Carlton, Charlotte
Carney, John Thomas
Carney, Mary Ann Jane, née Tanquier
Carrol, Sarah Elizabeth, née Baldwin
Carter, Ann, née Satterfitt
Carter, Florence Georgina
Carter, Thomas
Cattlow, Rachel Jane
Cavanagh, Winifred
Cave, Joseph
Cawfield, Patrick
Caws, Lucy Ann
Champion, Owen John
Chaplin, Evarilda Margaret, née Bradley
Chapon, Joseph
Chartier, Louis Victor
Châtel, Désiré, née Georges
Chevalier, Marie, née Le Lion
Childs, Elizabeth, née Parsons
Ching, Ann
Choquené, Henriette, née Binet
Churchill, Amelia, née Welch
Clancy, Francis Thomas
Clark, Jane, née Carter
Clark, John
Clement, Edward Bradley
Clements, Richard George Edward
Clifford, Constantia, née Baillie
Clift, Ellen Elizabeth Ann
Clift, Emily Powell
Cobden, Lilian Maud
Colebrook, Ann, née Budd
Collas, Eliza Ann
Condon, Alice
Conery, Mary Ann, née Dillon
Connabear, Susannah
Connell, Patrick
Connolly, Daniel Edward
Connolly, Festus Williams
Connor, John Henry
Coombs, Jane, née Pitt
Coombs, Samuel Thomas
Cooper, Cyril Reginald
Corbett, Sarah, née Russell
Corbyn, Louisa Elizabeth, née Gann
Cordery, Edith Mary
Cordial, James
Cory, Mary Ann
Cosby, John
Cosnard, Ann Elizabeth, née de Carteret
Cotton, Edith Eliza
Couillard, Joséphine, née Tacary
Courcoux, Françoise Eugénie
Cousin, Joséphine Césarine, née Cointement
Coutanche, Charles Philip
Coutanche, Louisa, née Kerslake
Cox, Edith
Cox, Sarah Jane
Crapp, Ann Maria, née Wotton
Crapp, Charles Francis
Crawcour, David
Crossley, Ann, née Warren
Crousier, Elise, née Touchard
Crowley, Ellen
Cudmore, Martha
Cullen, Edward
Cummings, Agnes Cecilia
Cummings, Thomas
Cunning, Joseph
Curreen, James
Curry, Olga Louise
Daly, Jane Caroline, née Cummings
David, Alexandre
Davis, John
Davis, John Jefferson
Dawson, Daniel
Day, Anna Eliza Jane
de Carteret, Elizabeth, née Bosdet
de Faye, Lily
de Gruchy, Ada Elsie
de Gruchy, Ada Mary
de Gruchy, Anne Jane
de Gruchy, Florence
de Gruchy, Jeanne Esther
de Gruchy, Mabel Elsie
de Gruchy, Marie, née Le Brun
de Heaume, George Janvrin
de La Cour, Mabel May
de La Haye, Daisy
de la Haye, Louisa Sarah, née Johnson
de la Haye, Mary Ann, née Le Maistre
de La Haye, Nelly Lydia
de La Mare, Elizabeth Ann
de La Mare, Mabel de Caen
de La Penelle, Ada Alice
de La Rue, Francis
de la Taste, Jane
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Ste Croix, François
de Ste Croix, Jane, née Falle
de Ste Croix, John
de Ste Croix, Mary, née Mauger
de Valori, Marie
DeGruchy, Ella
DeGruchy, Philip John
Delalande, Jules Adolphe
Délépine, Julie Françoise, née Coupard
Delouche, Keziah, née Gillett
Dene, Ethel Jane
Dene, Maud Eliza
Densham, Jane, née Blake
Desborough, Samuel
Deslandes, Annie
Deslandes, Mary Esther, née Gallichan
Desmares, Aimée Marie, née Vasselin
Desvallées, Aimée Jeanne Marie Michel
Dickson, Catherine
Dimmick, Edwin Francis
Dimmick, Walter George
Dinahet, Cathérine
Dingle, Richard
Dixon, Sara Eliza
Dobell, Alice, née Ashworth
Dobell, James Herbert
Dodge, Eliza, née Olliver
Donoghue, William Charles
Donovan, Ellen, née Power
Dorey, François
Dorey, George
Dorey, Harvey Reginald
Dorey, Susan Elizabeth, née Payn
Dowden, Frances, née Coote
Dowding, Charles James
Down, Joanna, née Burrow
Downer, Alfred Philip
Drayton, Samuel
Driscoll, Ellen Maud
Driscoll, William James
Druce, Frederick
du Heaume, Nancy, née Hubert
du Moulin, Eugene Auguste
Duguey, Elizabeth, née Falle
Dumaresq, George
Dumaresq, Lavinia, née Andrews
Dupré, Jean George
Dupré, Mary Elizabeth Jane
Duret, Armand
Duval, Sally Marguerite, née Falle
Duvey, Henriette Lydie
Duvey, Mary Louisa
Edgar, Albert Sylvester
Edmonds, William
Edson, Ann, née Kneler
Edwards, George Phillips
Ellis, Hilda
Elwood, Mary Ann, née Tierney
Ennis, Charles Philippe
Ennis, Mary, née Picot
Ereaut, Grace Agnes
Ereaut, Marie
Ereaut, Mary Ann
Esnouf, Susan, née Quesnel
Eve, Frederick George
Ewens, Joseph Henry George
Falle, Eliza, née Nelson
Falle, Harriet, née Aubin
Falle, Hugh Philip
Falle, Jane Elizabeth
Fautrac, Anne, née Le Fèvre
Fauvel, Betsey Jane, née Best
Fearon, John
Feuten, Clarence Godfray
Filleul, Charles
Filleul, Elizabeth, née Touzel
Filleul, George Messervy
Filleul, Mary, née Le Maistre
Fisher, Mary Emma, née Hill
Flemons, Ann, née Budd
Fleury, Philippe
Flower, Edward Bradley
Fontaine, Josephine, née Butel
Ford, William John
Forgeard, Pierre Marie
Foy, Ellen, née McNamara
Frangin, Henri Louis
Frasie, Marie Joséphine
Friehold, Edith Mary
Fry, Frederick
Furzer, Tom Charles Paul
Fuszard, Reuben Henry
Gallichan, Alfred
Gallichan, Anne, née Hamon
Gallichan, Emilie Jane, née Nicolle
Gallichan, George Edward
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Margaret, née Scott
Gallichan, Reginald Philip
Garnett, William
Garnier, Elise, née Neel
Gaudin, Charles Louis
Gaudin, Herbert
Gauthier, Anne Sophie, née Ahier
Gawley, Percy Osmond
Gazy, Antoine
Geary, Charles Walter
Geary, Edward John
Geary, Thomas James
Gellender, Ellen
Gellender, Marina Elizabeth
Gerrard, Mary Ann
Gibaut, James
Gibaut, John Francis
Gibb, George
Gibson, John Holmes
Gibson, Mary
Giffard, George Ernest
Giffard, Harriet
Gilbert, Thomas Winter
Giles, Mary Ann, née Smallicombe
Gillbee, Frances
Godel, Mary Jane Esther
Godfray, Alfred
Godfray, Jane
Godfray, Louise Mary
Godfray, Marie, née Langlois
Gold, Annie Louisa
Gold, Queenie Maud
Goodenough, Eliza
Gordon, Jane, née Miles
Gordon, Sarah, née Arrowsmith
Gorey, George
Gottard, Laura Jane
Gough, William Thomas Francis
Gould, Alexander
Grafton, Maria, née Capron
Grant, Ann, née Bosustow
Graut, Jean
Graves, Robert Stannus
Gray, Henry Basterfield Beckford
Greaves, Catherine Evers, née White
Green, Betsy, née Mollet
Greenway, Eliza Harriet, née Turner
Gregory, Sarah Grace, née Skuse
Gréselle, Eugénié
Griffin, Frederick Samson
Griffin, William
Griffiths, William
Grimshaw, Elizabeth, née Manning
Groizard, Georgina Mary
Groizard, Jane Elizabeth, née Vaudin
Guenaven, Bartholomew
Guibert, Pierre Jean
Guille, John
Gumbrell, Louisa Eliza, née Le Ray
Guy, Clarence Albo
Hacquoil, Elizabeth, née Esnouf
Haffner, Ann
Haffner, Edwin
Hafner, William
Hall, Violet
Hall, William
Hallett, Samuel
Hambly, Caroline, née Maule
Hamel, John James
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamling, Charles
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Charles Joseph
Hamon, Daniel
Hamon, James Philip John
Hamon, Jane, née Bartley
Hamon, Jane, née Coutanche
Hamon, Susanne Elizabeth, née Laurens
Hamon, Walter
Hansford, Mary, née Richards
Hapgood, Albert Edwin
Harben, Ada Esther
Harding, Philip
Harris, Alfred Neason
Harris, William
Hartnatt, William
Haverill, Ellen Frances
Hawes, Caroline Amelia, née Sadler
Hayles, Harriet
Hayter, Edmund
Hayter, Elizabeth Jane, née Pouclée
Healey, John
Hearne, Ellen
Hedgeland, John
Hedger, Henry John Brand
Hélaine, Leopold Pierre
Henri, Nancy, née Gallichan
Henry, Eliza, née Hill
Henry, Josephine, née Guesdon
Henry, Katharine
Henwood, Alfred Henry
Heron, Elizabeth, née Wood
Héron, Frederic
Héron, Louis
Hester, Ann, née Devane
Heyland, John Rowley
Hibbs, Charles Richard
Higgins, Charles Leonard
Higgins, Rose Louise Mary
Higham, Ann, née Squires
Hine, John
Hine, Walter
Hinton, John
Hocquard, Jeanneton, née Hocquard
Hocquard, Josué
Hodges, Frederick Collard
Hodgeson, Percy Alfred
Hodgeson, Thomas Adam Carter
Hogan, Eliza, née Ryan
Hogan, Mary, née McCormick
Holcombe, Ann Elizabeth, née de Carteret
Hollick, Nottingham Blomfield
Holmes, Charles
Holmes, William Edward
Homan, Mary Ann, née Jefferies
Hopper, Samuel
Hoppins, Jane, née Eagan
Hoppins, John
Hotton, George Philippe
Hotton, Marion, née Read
How, Thomas
Huaut, Edouard Bon
Hubert, Philip John
Hunt, Frederick
Hunt, John
Hunt, Walter Albert
Hunter, Elizabeth, née Macé
Hurford, Job Mark Atkin
Huston, Robert
Hutchings, Charles Henry
Ingleby, William Pratt
Ingram, Godfray George
Isherwood, Mary Ann, née de la Perrelle
Isherwood, William
Jacqueline, Matilda Emily
James, William
Janvrin, John James
Jarvis, Juana Maria, née Lucambis
Jasper, Grace, née Lane
Jerram, Charles Harry
Johnson, George
Johnson, Henriette, née Renouf
Joll, John
Jones, Ada, née Vautier
Jones, Charles
Jones, Igno
Jones, William
Jordan, Emily Jane
Joret, Louis Michel
Jouan, Albert Yves
Jourdan, Jane Sophie, née La Bas
Julian, Samuel Emerick
Keeping, Alice Maud
Keeping, Lewis
Kelland, James
Kenney, William
Kerley, George
King, Mary Ann
Kingsnorth, Charles
Knight, Harriet Jane
Knight, Mary, née Mono
Knight, Thomas Saxby
Knowles, Margaret, née Doolan
Labey, Francis
Labour, Marie Françoise, née Perrotte
Laffoley, Rachel, née Le Seelleur
Lamiot, Anne, née Lemarié
L'Amy, Paul Charles
Lancashire, Mary Ann, née Collins
Lane, Rachel, née Tozer
Langlois, Alice Jane Rachel
Langlois, Jean
Langton, William
Laraman, Catherine, née Williams
Larchet, Nickolus
Larcombe, George
Laventure, Jean
Lawder, Anna Maria, née Ormsby
Le Bas, Ernest Henry Godfray
Le Bas, John Francis Gideon
Le Bas, Philippe
Le Bastard, Jeanne Yvonne
Le Blancq, Marie, née Vibert
Le Blond, Marie Rose, née Guédet
Le Boulanger, Philippe
Le Boutillier, Mary Ann
Le Boutillier, Philip Francis
Le Boutillier, Walter John
Le Breton, Charles Thomas
Le Breton, Florence Maud
Le Breton, Hannah Elizabeth, née Summers
Le Breton, Jean Thomas
Le Breton, Marie
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, Walter William
Le Brocq, Esther, née du Heaume
Le Brocq, Laura Jane
Le Brun, Alfred Pinel
Le Brun, Betsy Jane, née Le Cras
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Marie
Le Brun, Nancy, née Gallichan
Le Camp, Ann Foster
Le Capelain, Elizabeth Ann
Le Chasseur, Sophie Elizabeth Esther, née Quérée
Le Clercq, Helier
Le Cocq, Anne Sophie
Le Cocq, Charles
Le Cocq, Louise Mary
Le Cocq, Marguerita Albertina
Le Cocq, Mary Ann
Le Cocq, Thomas Palot
Le Cornu, Esther
Le Cornu, Jane Le Gros, née Bisson
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Susan, née Quenault
Le Couteur, Jane, née Le Dain
Le Cras, Henri Charles
Le Feuvre, Arthur William
Le Feuvre, Jean
Le Feuvre, Jean George
Le Feuvre, Mary, née Langlois
Le Feuvre, Philip John
Le Four, Samuel
Le Geyt, William Francis
Le Grand, Betsy, née Forbes
Le Graverand, Joséphine, née Guesdon
Le Gresley, Anne Rachel, née Pinwell
Le Gresley, John Charles Abraham
Le Gros, Abraham
Le Gros, Thomas
Le Gros, Thomas Philip
Le Lièvre, Ann, née Baal
Le Lièvre, Beatrice Cassandra Newgen
Le Lièvre, Jane, née Cabot
Le Lievre, Marie
Le Lievre, Rachel, née Hamon
Le Maistre, Jane Mary, née Gluyas
Le Marquais, Joseph
Le Marquand, Eliza
Le Masurier, Frances Mary, née Greenway
Le Masurier, Louisa Hardeley, née Phillips
Le Masurier, Mary Ann, née Phillips
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Montais, Philip
Le Quesne, Edmund Joshua
Le Quesne, Ellen, née Simon
Le Riche, Alice
Le Riche, Francis George Percy
Le Riche, Mary
Le Rossignol, Laura Mabel Maud
Le Rouge, Aimable Théodore
Le Rouge, Marguérite Joséphine
Le Roux, Elizabeth, née Basset
Le Ruez, Elsie Pirouet
Le Sauteur, Thomas Francis
Le Sueur, Ada Lydia
Le Sueur, Alfred Francis
Le Sueur, Edwin Horace Vernon
Le Sueur, George Oliver
Le Sueur, Jeanne, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Wilfred
Le Sueur, William
Le Templier, Mary Ann, née Nash
Le Touzel, Nancy, née Payn
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Adela
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William Henry
Le Vesconte, Thomas Pierre
Lecalvé, Louis
Leconte, Marie Rose, née Eugène
Ledwich, Philip Henry
Lee, Mary, née Hafey
Lee, Wilfred Arthur
Lees, Sarah, née Russell
Lefebvre, Marie Berthe
Leigh, Priscilla, née Hunt
Lelièvre, Désiré Auguste
Lemaitre, Emelie Victoire, née Lecampion
Lemprière, Eliza Sophia
Lempriere, Nancy, née Le Page
Lenoir, Pascal Louis
Leo, John
Lerouge, Aimable Désiré
Lerouge, Alfred Julien Ernest
Lesbirel, John
Leslie, Emma, née Quick
Leslie, John
Letenou, George Joseph
L'Eveillé, Augustine
Lewis, Richard
Lidstone, Martha, née Manning
Light, James John
Light, Mary Ann, née Clarke
Linehan, Walter
Little, Sarah Magdalene
Lock, Maria, née Warne
Logan, William
Long, Lydonia
Louise dit Le Miere, Jean Albert
Lovejoy, Eliza Jane, née Lock
Lucas, Amelia Rozel
Lucas, Ernest
Luce, Jean
Lugg, Martha, née Voisin
Lye, Charles Frederick
Machon, Augustine Theotiste, née Vigot
Machon, Elizabeth, née Cotin
Mackinney, Rachel, née Woolcock
MacRay, Mary, née Mitchell
Mahoney, Catherine, née Curtin
Maillard, Jean
Mallet, Clément
Mallet, Jane, née Mollet
Mallet, Mary Elizabeth, née Allix
Mallett, John
Manley, John
Mantle, John
Mara, Jeremiah
Marett, Elizabeth, née Cotin
Marett, Rachel, née DeGruchy
Marguerie, John
Marie dit Leménager, Emelie Victoire, née Lecampion
Marie, Alice
Marie, Ann Louisa
Marie, Elizabeth, née Journeaux
Marie, George
Marie, Jane, née Le Marchand
Marie, Richard
Marrett, George
Marrie, Charles
Marsh, Eliza Harriet, née Turner
Marsh, John Heywood
Marsh, Joseph
Marsoins, Anna Maria
Martin, Bonne
Martin, Fanny Maud Beatrice
Martin, Joseph
Martin, John George
Mash, Mary Ann, née Collins
Masson, Julie, née Ricou
Mather, Henry James
Matson, Peter Follett
Mauger, George
McAnna, William
McAuliffe, Mary
McDermott, Martin
McDonald, Ann, née Kneler
McDonald, John Robinson
McDonald, Juliana Charlotte, née Wade
McGrath, Mary, née Murray
McGregor, John
Mercier, Douglas Spencer
Mercier, François Marie
Mercier, Jeanne
Merrell, Elizabeth, née Ransome
Mesny, Harriet Louisa
Messervy, Ada
Messervy, Hilda
Messervy, Philippe
Metherell, Elizabeth, née Willcocks
Metters, John Bickle
Millars, Thomas
Miller, Alfred
Miller, Elizabeth, née Ross
Miller, James
Mills, Alexander
Milne, Eliza, née Clough
Moignard, Thomas
Mollet, Louisa Agnes
Monamy, George Daniel James
Monnamy, Jane, née Aubin
Moore, Jessie Beatrice
Moore, Mary, née Hoare
Morel, Jules Prosper
Morgan, Edward
Morrison, Mary, née Knotts
Morrissey, Alice Ida Ellen
Mortimer, Alfred Allen
Moss, John George
Mourant, George
Mourant, Marie Madelaine, née Buesnel
Moyse, Jane Ann
Murphy, John
Murray, Mary, née Hoare
Myles, Patrick
Mynahon, Caroline
Naylor, Eliza, née Kent
Neagle, Mary Jane, née Cory
Neel, John Mallet
Netten, William Henry
Newcombe, Mariam Hannah
Newman, Elizabeth, née Griffin
Newman, Elizabeth, née Tibot
Newman, George
Newman, Sydney Thomas
Nicolas, Emily
Nicolle, Betsy Jane, née Gallichan
Nicolle, Francis de Gruchy
Nicolle, Jeanne
Nicolle, John Peter
Nobbs, Daniel
Nobilet, Adolphus Albert Jules
Noel, Annie Mary Jane
Noel, Charles Edwin
Norman, Mary, née Le Marchaud
Nother, Thomas Walter
O'Brien, Peter
O'Connor, Alice Maud
Oldridge, Ann, née Cory
Oldridge, Arthur James
Oliver, Thomas Cornish
Ollivier, Alfred
Ollivier, Jean
Osmont, Nancy
Owen, Maria, née Wren
Pallot, Aveline
Pallot, Charles
Pallot, Eva
Pallot, Mary, née Le Sueur
Park, Lilian Annie
Parker, Margaret Field
Parker, William John
Parsons, Jane, née Harvey
Patch, Matilda Jane, née Gelender
Paul, William Henry
Paull, Elizabeth, née Norton
Payn, Ada Mary
Payn, Elise Mary
Payn, John
Payn, Sarah, née Woodman
Pearce, Leon Ernest
Pearce, William
Pearman, Beatrice Olga Louise
Pearse, John Clifford
Pearse, Louis
Pellier, Esther, née Le Bauf
Pelluet, Lina Priscilla
Pengelly, Charlotte, née Bickford
Peppler, Emma
Perchard, Ernest Collings Wells
Perkins, Sarah, née Arrowsmith
Péron, Anna Nicholas
Perrin, Agathe
Perrot, Francis Peter
Perry, Henry
Pesant, Eva Annie
Phillips, David Nettlefold
Phoebe Sarah, Tucker
Piaceski, Adam
Pickworth, Ann, née Eminson
Picot, Charles
Picot, Jane, née Alexandre
Picot, Josue Philippe
Picot, Mabel Lydia
Picot, Marie, née Collas
Pierce, James Price
Pigeon, Helen, née Sullivan
Pimlott, Harry Moore
Pincemin, Pierre Marie
Pinel, Mary Ann, née Lesbirel
Pirouet, Charles
Podester, Elizabeth, née de ste Croix
Poingdestre, Philippe
Poole, William
Portenier, Louis Felicien
Powell, John
Preece, George Thomas
Price, Harry Gordon
Priestwood, Mark
Prigent, Marie Françoise, née Perrotte
Prunier, Marie, née Eon
Pulman, Fanny Florence
Quesnel, Queenie Gertrude Jane
Ramié, George
Ratcliff, George William
Ratel, Pierre
Rathjins, William
Raven, Marie Jeanne Bouvier, née Lefebure
Read, Mary, née Batt
Read, Thomas
Redbone, Ellen Emily
Reed, Jane, née Wilmot
Reilly, Elizabeth, née Manning
Remon, Walter
Rennell, Robert Perring
Renouard dit Larivière, Jean François Michel
Renouf, Douce, née Liott
Renouf, Florence
Renouf, Jane Mary, née Benest
Renouf, John Le Bas
Richards, Eliza, née Pillage
Richer, Henri Félicien Joseph
Riddle, Alfred Edwin
Rive, Marie, née Le Grand
Rive, Philip
Rive, Philip Mauger
Roberts, John
Roberts, Maud Emily Florence
Robilliard, William Elias Lakin
Robin, Louis Pierre Elie
Robinson, Elizabeth Hauston, née Russell
Rodda, Joahna Margaret
Rodda, Mary, née Luce
Roland, Marie
Romeril, Esther, nee de La Haye
Rondel, Alfred Tolloh
Rose, Charles
Rouault, Jacques Jean
Roudot, Eugene Louis Marie
Rougier, Henri Joseph Alexandre
Rowland, Arthur Le Masurier
Rozery, Louisa Jane
Ruault, Jean Marie
Russell, Mary Ann, née Smallicombe
Rutt, Thomas Alexander
Ryall, Elizabeth Jane, née Pouclée
Ryan, James Andrew
Salter, Amos William
Samson, Arthur William
Samson, Cécile Elisa
Samson, George James
Sarchet, Helen Jane Frances
Sauvage, Ferdinand Eugene
Scelles, Léonie, née Turpin
Searle, Elizabeth, née Fry
Secourable de La Camp, Queenie Winnifred
Selbey, Mary, née Le Marchaud
Settle, Peter
Seward, Annie Helena Margaret
Seymour, Maud Louise
Sharland, Charles John
Shave, Joseph
Shelton, John
Shepard, Ann, née Warren
Simpson, David
Single, Agnes
Single, Benjamin Abel
Single, Mabel Maud
Single, William Herbert
Sinnatt, George Hardie
Slader, Alexander Andow
Sleep, Samuel George Ernest
Small, William
Smith, John
Smith, Louisa Eliza
Smith, Mary, née Bowser
Smith, William
Snow, John
Spencer, John Philip
Spencer, Sarah Grace, née Wellman
Sperring, Elizabeth, née Aubin
Squibb, Harriet, née Brown
Squibb, Sophia Henrietta, neé Osborne
Stanbury, Ann, née Phillips
Stead, William
Steele, Louisa Rachel, née Harvey
Steele, Mabel Eléonore
Stevens, John Gregory
Stevens, Thomas
Stickland, Sarah, née Lloyd
Stokes, George
Stone, Mabel Mary May
Stratton, William
Sullivan, Annie Louisa
Suzanne, Pierre Felix Henri
Swain, Margaret, née Flannagan
Swanson, Florence Louisa
Syburn, Violet Latitia
Symons, Frederick
Syvret, Charles Thomas
Tabb, William
Tackaberry, Fossey
Talbert, Alexander
Tangue, Mary Jane, née Grafton
Targett, William
Tatterstall, Jane
Taylor, Catherine, née Macdonald
Tellis, Rachel Caroline, née Jeune
Terry, Florence Mary
Thébot, Marie, née Allain
Thomas, James
Thomas, Strickland William
Thomas, William
Tibbles, Thomas
Tiernan, Mary, née Mullanny
Tierney, Edward
Tiltman, Reginald Charles Moorse
Tooth, Philip Charles
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, Violet May
Trachy, Daniel
Tratt, John
Trigell, Ann, née Simmons
Trout, Elizabeth, née Norton
Trump, Jane, née Moores
Tucker, Emily Harriet
Tucker, George Alfred
Tucker, Richard Robert
Turgis, Marian, née Foard
Turgis, William
Vasselin, Julie, née Vibert
Vaudin, Sam
Vautier, Helena Jane
Vautier, Jean
Vautier, Julia, née Gilbert
Vautier, Philip James
Vibert, Amice Adolphus
Vibert, Eleanor Mabel
Vibert, Louisa Jane
Vickers, Edith Laura
Viel, Elizabeth, née Le Brun
Vincent, Albert James
Vincent, Laura Jane
Vincent, Winter
Virgile, Julia Louise
Voisin, Mabel Eliza Caroline
Wakeham, Francis John
Wakeham, Thomas
Waldron, William
Walker, Charles
Walker, Dora Amelia
Walkey, Eliza Ann
Wall, Jane, née Green
Walles, Hannah, née Isaacs
Wardell, William Henry
Wareham, Catherine, née Screech
Warren, Sarah, née Gough
Waters, Elizabeth, née Laffoley
Waters, Jeanne, née Le Sueur
Way, Florence
Way, Susan, née Cooper
Weay, Mabel Selina
Webb, Ann
Webber, Anne, née Haysom
Welch, Margaret Sophia Mabel
Wells, Amelia Sarah
Westbury, Emma Elizabeth, née Cooke
Whall, Nicolas
Wherry, Lilian Maud
White, George James
White, John
White, William Francis
Whittle, Charles Clarence
Whitton, Henry
Widgren, Victor Edward
Wiles, Alice Elizabeth
Williams, Charles
Williams, Gertrude Blanche
Willis, Mary Ada
Wiltshire, Mary, née Mullanny
Winter, Anne
Wiseman, Mary Jane, née Grafton
Woodman, Robert
Woods, Esther Mary, née Valpy
Woods, Henry
Woods, John Thomas
Wookey, Beatrice Elsie
Wookey, Gertrude
Wyatt, Marie, née Couillard
Youlton, Ethel Elsie


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