Bail à fin d'Heritage between the Reverend George Balleine Rector of the Parish of St Peter, Jean Renouf son of Jean one of the Centeniers of the said parish representing the Constable [who is the leaseholder of the said property and land concerned in the present contract], Philippe Le Couteur one of the Procureurs du Bien Public and Abraham de Gruchy one of the Surveillants of the said pariish in the name of the Rector for the benefit of the said parish, of the first party and Jean Pipon son of Thomas of the second party. Records the lease in perpetuity from 1 by the authority given to them by the Parish Assembly of St Peter and by the Bishop of Winchester to 2 of a property and land on the Fief de la Hague in the Parish of St Peter for the sum of 38 Quartiers 7 Cabots of wheat of rente annually and the payment of all seigneurial rights due on the land [not registered]




November 8th 1815 - November 8th 1815


Balleine, George, Reverend
Renouf, Jean
Le Couteur, Philippe
de Gruchy, Abraham
Pipon, Jean


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