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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

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January 3rd 1848 - July 3rd 1854


Sinnatt and Sons (Funeral Directors)
Adair, Charlotte
Adcock, John
Ahier, John Thomas
Ahier, Abraham
Ake, Paul
Aldred, John Henry
Aldred, Mrs
Alexander, Maria
Alexander, Miss
Alexander, Mary
Alexander, child
Alexander, Catherine Syme
Alexander, Robert
Alexandre, Alfred James
Allen, Mrs
Allen, Richard Samuel
Allen, James
Amiraux, Matthew
Amor, Noah George
Amor, Elizabeth
Amy, Mrs
Amy, Miss
Andersen, Mrs
Anderson, John
Anderson, Mrs
Anderson, Charlotte Erskine Wade
Andersson, Mr
Andrews, Robert
Angell, Anne Wade
Anley, William
Anley, Charlotte
Anthoine, Mrs
Anthoine, George Helier
Anthony, Natecz
Arnold, Emma Ellen
Arnold, John Daniel
Arnold, Charlotte
Arundel, Henry
Asher, Richard
Asher, Harriott
Asher, Frederick
Asher, Elizabeth
Ashford, John
Asplet, Elizabeth
Asplet, Nancy Ennis
Atkins, John
Atkins , Mary
Atkinson, Thomas
Auber, Peter
Aubin, John
Aubin, Mr
Axworthy, Honour
Bagenell, Mrs
Bailey, Thomas William
Bailey, Mrs
Bailhache, Nicolas
Bailhache, Clement
Baker, Mrs
Baker, Elizabeth Ashford
Ballaine, Frances
Ballaine, Miss
Balsom, Infant
Balsom, John Austin
Balsom, Grace
Banister, Child
Banks, George John Frederick
Banks, Fanny Champions
Bannister, Sarah, née Buttifant
Barnard, Mr
Barnes, Blanche
Barnes, Mary Helena
Barry, Frederick Charles
Bartlet, Mrs
Bartlett, Mr
Bartlett, Albert Frederick
Bartley, Julia
Bassan, Sydney Hughes
Bastifell, Arthur Thomas
Bates, George
Bawden, Child
Bazeley, Child
Bazeley, Mrs
Beames, George
Beasland, Percy
Beauchamp, Infant
Beauchamp, Child
Beddlecombe, Joseph
Beech, Mrs
Bell, Mrs
Bellamy, Mrs
Bellingham, Elizabeth, née Langer
Bellingham, Stephen
Bellis, Child
Belson, Henry Fage
Benest, John Coltoe
Benest, Infant
Benest, Elizabeth
Benest, Infant
Benest, George Henry
Benest, Amice
Benest, Infant
Benest, Mrs
Bennett, Edmund William
Bergear, Infant
Bertram, Infant
Bertram, Edmund William
Bertram, Francis John
Bertram, Infant
Bertram, Mrs
Bessin, Harriet Le Sueur
Bestley, Elizabeth
Betts, Elizabeth Holt
Bevan, Mrs
Bichard, John M
Biddlecombe, Child
Bill, Sarah
Bilot, Child
Binet, Child
Birt, Betsey
Bishop, Mrs
Bishop, Child
Bisson, Infant
Bisson, Miss
Blackler, Robert
Blackler, Mary Ann
Blackler, Philip
Blake, Ada Anne
Blight, Child
Blyth, Katherine Clementina
Boddie, Susan Barrett Thomas
Boddie, Infant
Boisnet, Eugènè
Bond, Samuel
Bond, Catherine
Bone, Elizabeth
Bosford, Jane
Boston, Jane
Bott, Caroline
Bott, Charles
Boullough, Mrs
Bourinot, John
Bousquet, Jean
Bouton, Mrs, née Dumaresq
Bouton, Philip
Bowring, Mrs
Brackenbury, Jane
Brady, Mrs
Bragg, infant
Bragg, William Joseph
Bragg, Child
Branch, infant
Brasford, Mrs
Brawley, Mrs
Bray, William
Bree, Mrs
Brennan, John
Bretel, Child
Brettenden, Fanny
Brewer, Thomas Gibson
Bridgeham, James
Bridgeham, John Eager
Bridgham, Williama Tyndall
Brieaux, Susan Emma Jane
Brine, John
Brine, Florence Augusta
Bristow, Frederick
Brodie, Mr
Brohier, John Boyle
Brohier, Cyrus P
Brooks, John
Brooks, Mrs
Brooks, Thomas Charles
Broomer, Mary Ann
Broomer, Mrs
Broughton, Charles Delves
Brown, Harriott
Brown, Charles William Le Geyt
Brown, William Henry
Brown, James Alexander
Brown, Mrs
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Robert
Brown, Joshua
Brown, Eliza T
Brown, Mrs
Brown, William Nicholas
Bruce, Horace Lewis Knight
Bryant, Mrs
Bryant, John Wheller
Bryant, Julia Maria
Buckler, Sidney Hampdon
Budd, infant
Budd, Mr
Budd, Alice Mary
Bunbury, Georgina, née Dunstan
Bunbury, George Thomas Frederick
Burgess, Mr
Burgess, Robert
Burk, Mrs
Burk, William Augustin
Burke, Infant
Burman, Infant
Burman, Mark
Burnet, Alexander
Burney, Mary
Burns, child
Burr, Maria
Burredge, Agness
Burrell, James
Burridge, Mary Bunt
Burt, Elizabeth Ellen
Burt, Child
Burton, I
Butters, Allice
Butterworth, William James
Cabot, J
Cabot, John
Cadell, Christian
Cadett, Jane Emily
Cager, Mrs
Calvert, Thomas
Campbell, John
Campbell, Elizabeth Fielding
Campbell, Matilda Mary Susanna
Carmichael, John
Carolin, Edward George
Carter, Robert
Carter, Frances Emiline
Carter, Infant
Carter, Clara Elizabeth
Carter, Charles William
Carver, Sarah Sampson
Carver, James John
Case, John
Case, Robert
Case, Augustus John
Case , Robert William
Case, John James
Cassidy, Thomas
Cass, William John
Cattlin, Susannah
Cauvet, Theobald Felix Francois
Cave, Emily Rosellen
Cayzer, Infant
Champion, Mrs
Champion, Miss
Chancellor, Male infant
Chapman, Betsey Ann
Charlton, Peter
Cheer, Child
Chevalier, Mr
Ching, Philip Richard
Chorley, John
Christmas, Edward
Churchward, William Tapley
Clanalbin, Alexandra Powell
Clark, John
Clark, Edmund
Clark, Mrs
Clark, Alfred
Clark, John
Clark, Francis James Ward
Clarke, Mrs
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Frances
Cleary, Richard Stranton
Cleeter, George
Clegg, Child
Clement, Peter
Clements, Charles Oxley
Clements, James
Clements, Susanna Faben Gellet
Cloak, Mrs
Clubley, James Keating
Cockburn, Mrs
Cockburn, Alexander
Cole, Infant
Cole, George James
Cole, William
Collas, Laura Jane
Collenette, Joseph
Collins, Infant
Collis, Henry
Colville, Mrs
Colville, Josue
Comaford, Margaret
Combes, Ann
Comerford, John
Commiskey, Margaret, née Madden
Compton, William
Conain, Mrs
Condon, Infant
Congdon, Thomas James
Connell, Mr
Connell, Mrs
Constant, Child
Cook, Infant
Cook, Ann
Cooper, Eliza
Cooper, Montague Oronsby
Coote, Charles Philip
Cope, Matilda
Corbin, Infant
Corbin, Mrs
Cordiers, Mons
Cornish, Walter Courtney
Cory, infant
Cory, Ellen
Cotten, Child
Cotton, Child
Couch, Mary Ann
Coulbert, Matilda
Coulson, Israel
Coutanche, Child
Coutanche, Mrs
Coutanche, Clement
Cox, Sophia Frances
Cox, Gregory
Cox, Frances Harriet Bartlett
Crabb, Henry
Crabb, Henry Hugh Francis
Craven, Thomas
Creagh, John
Creagh, John Michial
Creagh, Emma
Creagh, Elizabeth
Creese, William
Crèpin, Marie Ann Henrietta Sophie, née Enault
Crespenel, Mrs
Crevel, Josephine Marie
Crocker, Mr
Cropp, Frederick
Cropp, Stephen
Cross, William
Crossley, Maria
Crossley, Sophia Ellen
Crossley, James
Cruickshank, George William
Culley, Elizabeth
Cullimore, Ann
Cuming, William
Cuming, Mrs
Cundy, Mr R
Curwood, Jane Martha
Curwood, Martha Sarah
Dacombe, Finlay James
Dallain, infant
Dallain, Peter
Dallain, John Gidion
Dallaine, Herbert Philip
Dare, Mrs
Dare, Mary
Dare, Francis
Dare, Beulah
Darling, Henry William
Dart, Mrs
Davau, Jane
Davies, Jane Elizabeth
Davies, George Evans James
Davis, Mrs
Davis, Hebe
Dawe, William Henry
Dawes, Mary Boxhold
Dawes, George
Day, Mrs
de Carteret, Infant
de Carteret, Eliza Sophia
de Carteret, Amice
de Carteret, Hugh
de Carteret, Mrs
de Carteret, Charles
de Carteret, Hugh George
de Carteret, Mary
de Gruchy, Mrs
de Gruchy, Miss
de Gruchy, Child
de Gruchy, Thomas
de la Mare, Mrs
de La Parrelle, John
de la Taste, Frederick Henry
de Montmorency, Raymond
de Pierreville, Philbert Le Chandelier
de St Croix, infant
De St Croix, Mrs
de St Croix, Philip William
De St Croix, Mrs
de Ste Croix, Florance
de Ste Croix, Mrs
de Vernet, Infant
de Veulle, Miss
de Veulle, Lady
de Veulle, Acton
de Veulle, John Tindle
Deacon, Ann
Deal, Janvrin Pitt
Dean, George Edward
Dean, Alice
Dearle, John
Deasy, Rickard
Deasy, Mary Anne
Dechamp, Mr
Decie, Mrs
Dentey, Elizabeth
Derbyshire, Frederick William
Derry, Jane
Descour, Infant
Desland, Mrs
Deslande, Mary Ann
Desmasur, Albert
Dickenson, Mrs
Dickson, David Ross
Dickson, Mrs
Dinmead, Robert
Dixon, Anthony
Dixon, Ann Elizabeth
Dobing, James
Docker, Sarah Ellin
Doran, Mrs
Dowden, Joseph
Dowden, Sarah
Dowland, Thomas Samuel
Downer, Ann Rachel Elizabeth
Downton, Infant
Drake, Darcy
Drayton, Mary Ann
Drayton, Joseph
Drieu, Mrs
Driver, Mary Eliza
Druce, Mrs
Druce, William John
du Feu, Sophie Henriette
du Feu, Jane Alice
du Fief, Armand Casimir Gouin
du Jardin, Mrs, née Perchard
du Parcq, Child
du Preè, William Henry
du Putron, Miss
Dugan, Ann
Duhamel, Child
Dujardin, Infant
Dumaresq, child
Dumaresq, Daniel
Dunn, John Travers
Dunn, Victoria Jane
Dupont, Charles
Duprè, Philip
Dupree, Child
Durell, Edward
Durell, Mrs
Durell, Henry
Durell, infant
Durell, Mrs
Dutailles, Louis Helen
Dutton, John
Dyer, Child
Dyer, Mrs
Dyer, William
Eagar, Son
Earles, Lucey Illingsworth
Eastly, Edward Coad
Eastwood, George
Eayrs, Henry
Edmunston, Eliza
Edney, Henry
Edwards, William
Edwards, John
Egre, Louisa, née Le Quesne
Elderton, Edmund
Elliott, George
Ellis, Charlotte
Ellis, Elizabeth Jane
Ellis, Mary Ann
Elms, Mary Camings
Eltenton, Mrs
England, John
Ennis, Infant
Ennis, Male infant
Ennis, James
Erskine, James
Esthur, Louisa Ann
Etherington, James
Etienne, Louise Anselme, née d'Ataide
Eude, Adolphe Pierre
Euing, infant
Evans, Child
Evans, Frances
Evendon, Richard
Ewing, Thomas Martin
Falla, Daniel
Fallaize, Nicolas
Falle, Mrs, née Piquin
Falle, James Farquharson
Falle, Elias
Falle, Philip
Fanstone, Ann
Farley, Joseph
Farquharson, Robert James
Farrell, Elizabeth Grandin
Fauvel, C Female child
Fennell, Hannora
Fenning, Charles Wheake
Ferrett, William
Fielding, Gaberiel
Filleul, I
Finnimore, Philip
Finnimore, Elizabeth
Finnimore, Charles Alfred
Fiott, Rachel
Fitz, Child
Fixott, Mrs
Fixott, Edith
Flanigan, Jane Scott
Fleche, Amand
Flood, Child
Florant, Infant
Flower, Susanna , née Cook
Foard, Henrietta Sarah
Foard, Richard
Foard, Hannah
Fonchon, Mons
Fontaine, Child
Foot, Duncan Macdonald
Forbes, Mr
Forbes, Joseph
Forbes, Emma Gordon
Forbes, Mary Peart
Ford, Zoe Margaret
Ford, Mr
Fortier, Mr
Fortier, Miss
Fortiscue, Mrs
Fortiscue, George
Forward, Young child
Forward, Child
Fountain, Thomas
Fouquè, Etienne
Fowler, Mrs
Fowler, James
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Samuel
Fowler, Mrs
Fox, Joseph Neville
Francis, Thomas
Francis, Female child
Fraser, Georgeina Augusta Mackenzie
French, Jane
Frost, Mary Ann
Frost, James
Frost, Alfred William
Frost, Mary, née Rice
Fry, Mary Ann
Fry, Mrs
Fry, Ellen
Fulford, Jane
Fybrand, Child
Gaffeney, Francois George
Galbraith, Frederick
Gale, Elvina
Gale, Child
Gallichan, Edward John
Gallichan, Mrs
Gange, George
Garthwait, William
Gaspé, Infant
Gates, Mrs
Gaudin, Francis
Gaudin, Philip
Gaudin, Daniel
Gauntlett, George
Geard, Eliza Jane
Geary, Laurance
Gellard, Robert Bengamin
George Thomas, Charleton
Georges, William Payne
German, Mary
Gibaut, Madam, née de La Teste
Giffard, Mrs, née Ahier
Giffard, James
Gilbert, Infant
Giles, Ann
Gill, George Frederick
Gillard, Rachel
Gillham, Emily
Gillham, Mary Sterling
Gillham, Charles
Gladdis, Mary Ann
Glascock, Mr
Goate, Edward
Godfray, Child
Godfray, Hugh Philip
Godfray, Philip
Godfray, Mrs
Godfray, Madame
Godley, Isabella Mary
Goff, Mary AnnFontaine
Goodeve, Edward John William
Gordon, Maxwell
Gordon, Henry Passley Gabriel David
Gore, Mrs
Gosset, Mrs
Gossett, John William
Gossett, Hilgrove
Gossett, Isaac
Gotterel, Louisa
Grand, Mrs
Grant, Jane
Grant, Alexander
Grathwait, Fanny
Grathwaite, Rebecca
Graut, Mrs
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Ellen L
Gray, Mary Walton
Greaves, Robert
Gregery, Robert
Gregg, Infant
Gregory, Louisa
Grellet, Edward
Grendin, Esther
Greslet, Jeanne Madelain
Grey, Emma Eliza
Grieves, Jonathan
Griffon, Female
Griffon, Mr
Grigery, Infant
Grigg, Miss
Groombridge, John William
Gruchy, Mrs
Guerin, Fanny Selina
Guillet, Ann
Guiton, John
Guppy, John Abbott
Guy, John
Guy, George Strout
Hacker, Martha Nash Hiscocks
Hacking, Child
Haddock, James H
Halfhyde, Benjimin
Hall, Mrs Maria
Hallet, Mrs
Hallet, Giles
Hallett, William Albert
Hallett, Ellen
Hallett, Child
Halliday, Mary
Hallman, Hennrietta
Halse, Harriett
Hammond, Mrs
Handcock, William
Hansford, William
Hansford, Child
Hanton, Ellen
Hardie, John
Harding, Male child
Harding, Mrs
Harris, George
Harris, Frederick George
Harris, Joanna Ann
Harrison, George Bolton
Hart, Bridget
Hart, William
Hart, Mrs
Hart, infant
Hart, Child
Hart, Mary Ann Berry
Harvey, Infant
Harwood, John Terry
Hatch, John Hugh
Haverfield, Isabella Francis
Hawkens, Mrs
Haycock, Joseph
Hayles, Thomas
Hayward, Child
Healey, James
Healy, John
Heap, Mary Ann
Hearnden, Sarah
Heath, Child
Heath, Mrs
Heath, Child
Hedley, Ellen
Hemery, James
Hemery, Clement
Henery,Francis James Alexander
Henley, Edward
Hennessy, Catherine
Henry, John
Herevel, Child
Herevil, Infant
Herival, Joseph
Herley, Charles
Herley, Jane
Heudy, Infant
Heudy, Small Child
Hewitt, Joseph
Heywood, Child
Hickey, Francis Isabella
Hill, Child
Hill, Mary
Hill, William Zeno
Hill, Sarah
Hillieard, Thomas
Hinchley, Henry William
Hine, James Cornelius Palmer
Hine, Mr
Hoare, Infant
Hodder, Mr
Hodder, Mrs
Holiwell, George Marshall
Holland, Charles
Hood, James
Hooper, Mary
Hope, Mary Ann
Horne, Hester
Hosking, Charles Wesley
Howard, Gearge Arthur Augustin
Howard, Thomas William
Howard, Joseph
Howard, William Albert
Howden, Elizabeth
Hue, Mary Clementine
Hugo, Paulina
Hunt, Eliza
Hurley, Elizabeth
Hussey, Louisa Liston
Hussey, Emma Isabella Maria
Hussey, Infant
Huston, Infant
Hutchings, Infant
Hutton, Mrs
Hutton, Elizabeth
Hyne, Mary Elizabeth
Hyne, Allen
Hyne, Selina Elizabeth, née Leech
Ingram, Jane, née Fauvel
Ingram, Child
Ingram, William Henry
Izon, William Kitland
Jackson, Miss
Jackson, Mr
Jackson, Mrs
Jackson, Henry Alfred Burrough
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, Benjaman
Jacobs, Mrs
James, Mrs
James, Henry Joseph
Jane, Caroline
Janvrin, Mrs
Jarvis, Child
Jarvis, Thomas
Jasper, Mrs
Jauault, Mathilde
Jeffreys, Amelia
Jemmett, Kate Helen
Jenkins, John
Jeune, Mary
Job, Charles
Johns, Mrs
Johnson, William
Johnson, Salome
Johnson, Ellen Elizabeth, née Helier
Johnson, David England
Jones, John
Jones, Ann
Jones, Infant
Jones, Selina
Jones, Ellonor Catherine
Jones, Infant
Jones, Godiva
Joslin, Mrs
Journeaux, Mrs
Journeaux, Madam
Joyce, Thomas Thatcher
Juillerat, Madam
Julian, Child
Jutting, John Henry
Keagan, Stillborn infant
Kearney, Child
Keene, Richard Rubin
Kelland, Alice
Kelling, Elise Jane
Kemm, Mrs
Kennedy, John
Kernot, Louisa
Kibble, Amos
Killing, Daniel
Killing, Child
Kimber, John
Kimber, Frederick Giffard
Kimber, Albert
King, Mrs
King, Ann
King, Isabella Louisa
King, Miss
Kingston, Mrs
Kirk, Thomas
Kiville, Charles Price
Knight, Mrs
Knight, Henry
Knight, Peter
Knolles, Francis Henry
Knott, Francis Charles
Knott, Mr
Knott, William Henry
Knott, infant
Knott, William
Knott, Amelia
Knott, Catherine Harriete
Knowles, Margaret
Knox, Infant
La Cloche, Mary
La Gerche, William Philip
La Gerche, Alfred John
La Mare, Child
L'Abby, child
Labey, Mrs
Labey, Thomas
Lallemand, Denis Nicolas Francis D'Aiguillon
Lambert, Maria
Lancaster, William Thomas
Landick, Samuel Henry
Landick, Elizabeth Ann
Landick, Charles John
Lane, Mrs
Langelier, Emm Mary
Langmead, George Winne Lysaght
Langworthy, Mr
Larbalestier, James
Larbalestier, Philip
Larbelestier, Jane
Larbelestier, Mary Jane
Lathem, G
Laurance, Charles
Laurence, George
Laurens, Elizabeth Le Boutillier
Laurens, John
Lavanture, Mrs
Lawrance, Mary Ann
Le Bailley, Infant
Le Bas, Nicholas
Le Bas, William Dudley White
Le Bas, Miss
Le Ber, Mrs
Le Blanc, Isabella Laura
Le Boutillier, Mrs
Le Boutillier, Child
Le Breton, Infant
Le Breton, William
Le Breton, Elizabeth
Le Brocq, Miss
Le Brun, W
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Madame
Le Brun, Charlotte Louisa Ann, née Smith
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Godfray
Le Brun, Mary Augustine
Le Capelaine, John
Le Capelane, Samuel
Le Capelane, Mrs
Le Cheminaut, Elizabeth
Le Cloch, Master
Le Cornu, Infant
Le Couteur, Thomas William
Le Cras, Alphonsso
Le Cras, infant
Le Dain, Mrs
Le Feuvre, Child
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, Young child
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Infant
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, Infant
Le Feuvre , Thomas
Le Feuvre , Winifred
Le Francois, Charles
Le Gallais, Miss
Le Gendre, Madame
Le Gendre, Infant
Le Geyt, Matthew
Le Geyt, Philip
Le Goubé, Alexandre
Le Grand, Amice
Le Gros, Edward
Le Gros, Elizabeth
Le Gros, James
Le Gros, Madame
Le Geyt, Madam
Le Hardy, Thomas Philip
Le Houx, Pierre Aimable Amanuel
Lihue, Mr
Le Jeune, Female
Le Long, Victor Auguste
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, Mary Ann
Le Maistre, Mrs
Le Maistre, Miss
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maitre, Child
Le Marchant, Madame
Le Marquand, William
Le Merchant, Catherine Louisa
Le Monnier, Constant
Le Quesne, Mrs
Le Quesne, infant
Le Quesne, Female infant
Le Rey, Ann Harriet
Le Rey, Infant
Le Rey, Child female
Le Rey, Mrs
Le Riche, Marie Rose
Le Riche, Mrs
Le Riche, Rose Francis Drieu
Le Riche, Ann
Le Sauteur, John Luke
Le Sauteur, Mrs
Le Scelleur, Mary Le Geyt
Le Sueur, Jane
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Tourner, Madam
Le Veslet, Elizabeth, née Le Maistre
Le Viscount, George
Le Viscount, Infant
Lean, Samuel
Leat, William Maunder
Leat, Thomas Maunder
Leaver, Edmund
Leaver, Louisa Ann, née Oliver
Leet, Alexander
Lempriere, Mary Ann
Lempriere, Infant
Lendon, John
Lerrier, John
Lerson, Mr
Lesberel, Ellen Amelia
Lesberil, Mary Louisa
Lesourd, Madam Cesarie Lenoir
Lewis, Mrs
Lewis, John
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Henry
Ley, Robert Bruce
Leybourne, Mrs
L'Hermitte, Catherine
Lidstone, Henry Charles
Liebert, Anthony
Lindon, George
Lindsey, Samuel Henry
Lions, Child
Little, Simon
Lloyd, Thomas
Lloyd, Henry
Lockwood, Madeline Boyes
Long, Mary
Loraine, John Lambton Bart
Louis, Charles Matthew
Lovitt, John
Low, Child
Low, Elizabeth, née Abbott
Lucy, Sarah Anne
Lumbard, Abigail Clarke
Lusk, Mrs
MacDonald, Kate
Macgowan, Fanny
Mackeson, Isabella Russell
Macleod, Donald Bannington
Macreight, William Paxton
Madden, Mrs
Madland, Charles
Mahy, Henry
Mahy, Child
Mahy, Elizabeth Ann, née Marett
Malin, Thomas
Mallet, Mrs
Mallet, John
Mallet , Luisa Ellen
Mallett, Mrs
Maloney, Mrs
Malzard, Infant
Malzard, Mary
Manley, John Richard
Marett, Mrs
Marett, child
Marett, Philip
Marret, Infant
Marsh, Samuel
Marsh, Emma
Marshall, Infant
Marshall, Elizabeth
Marshall, Edward Charles
Marshell, Mrs
Martin, George Sovage
Martin, Mrs
Martin, Adilaide Madeline Dupont
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Mary Ann
Martin, Mrs, née Blenkinsop
Masserat, Mons
Masson, Julie Léonie
Masters, Mary Jane
Matthews, Madam
Matthews, William
Mauger, Mrs
Mayne, Elizabeth Stewart
Mc Kenzie, Charlotte, née Foster
McAllen, child
McAllen, Charles George
McAllen, Miss
McArthur, John
McAuliff, Honora
McAvoy, Michael
McAvoy, Matilda Elizabeth
McCabe, Mrs
McDonald, Alexander
McFarlain, Carloine
McFarlen, Mr
McHugo, Mary
McKee, Mrs
McKenny, Samuel
McKenzie, Catherine Kennett
Mckenzie, Child
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, Mrs
McLand, William Henry
McMahon, Thomas
McNally, Anderson
McNeil, Child
Mellars, George
Merlin, Charles
Merphy, Infant
Merry, Charles Montgomery
Messenger, Miss
Messervy, Infant
Messervy, Philip
Messervy, Infant
Messervy, Mrs
Messervy, Mary
Messervy, Daniel
Metcalf, Mr
Mildrum, Mary Ann
Millard, Henry Moser
Miller, Mrs
Mills, Child
Mills, George
Millward, Mrs
Minchington, Child
Minchington, Elizabeth
Minchington, Mary Jane
Minchinton, Ann
Mitchell, Silas
Monckton, Margaret
Monk, John
Montandon, Catherine Angelique Elizabeth De Mitre
Montandon, Mrs
Montgomery, Mrs
Moore, Infant
Moore, John Hildebrand Oakes
Moore, George
Morley, Charlotte Harriet
Morris, John
Morrish, Samuel Phipps
Moses, Mrs
Moss, Mrs
Mourant, Miss
Mourant, Edward
Mourant, Mrs
Mourant, Mr
Mourant, Eliza
Mourant, Infant
Mulholland, Mrs
Mullens, Child
Mullens, John
Mullins, Mary Ann
Munson, John
Munt, John
Murdock, William
Murry, Infant
Muspratt, Mrs
Musqueta, John
Mutton, infant
Mutton, Child
Mutton, Richard
Mutton, John Cory
Mutton, Jane
Neel, Mrs
Neel, Child
Neel, Elias
Neel, John
Neilson, Harriett
Newell, Julia Adela
Newlyn, Richard Bolton
Newman, Elizabeth Ashford
Newman, Julia Matilda
Newnham, Infant
Newton, Infant
Nicholson, J
Nicholson, Robert Dring
Nicholson, Ellen
Nicolle, Clement
Nicolle, Child
Nicolle, Madame
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Edward
Nicolle, Miss
Nicolle, Philip
Nicolle, Infant
Nicolle, Elias
Nicolle, Infant
Nicolle, John Durell
Nicolson, Gidion
Nicolson, infant
Noel, John
Noel, Child
Noel, Alfred
Noel, John
Norman, Child
Norris, Edwin James
Norris, Hansford Georgina
Northey, Lewis Llewellin Stewart
Norton, Mrs
Norton, infant
Norton, Matthew
Nowell, William
Nurse, Thomas
O'Brien, Elizabeth
O'Dell, Elizabeth
O'Donnel, Mary
Okencki, Stephen
Oldridge, Lucina
Oldridge, Robert
Oliver, Honour
Orange, Child
Orange, Geffrard
O'Reilly, Patrick Leonard
Oridge, James
O'Rielly, Mrs
Osburn, Martha Elizabeth Anna
Oumont, Monsieur
Owen, Robert Stephen
Oxford, Infant
Oxford, Emma
Paddock, John
Parkinson, Thomas
Parks, Infant
Parson, Mr
Parson, Charles Thomas
Parsons, Mrs
Parsons, Ann
Passons, infant
Patchet, Christopher
Patman, Sarah
Patriarche, Philip
Patterson, Thomas
Patterson, Female child
Paul, Miss
Paul, Louisa Jane Holland
Payn, John
Payn, Emma Mary
Payne, Francis
Payne, Infant
Payne , Mrs
Peagam, Infant
Peak, Child
Peake, Agnes Ann
Pearse, John
Pearson, Jane
Pearson, Louisa Jane
Peart, Elizabeth Mary, née Harrington
Peek, Elizabeth
Pendrell, James Joseph
Penfound, Mrs
Pengelly, Fanny Aubin
Pengely, Infant
Pepin, Mrs
Pequin, Miss
Perchard, John
Perchard, Mrs
Perchard, Female Child
Perren, Charlotte
Perren, John Plyman
Perrot, Frances
Perrot, Clement
Perrot, Miss
Perry, Infant
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Robert
Petibon, Monsieur
Phillips, Agnes, née Livis
Picot, Ann
Pigen, Miss
Pigeon, Mary Ann Stone
Piggott, James
Pike, Mary Ann
Pim, Henry Bedford
Pipon, Elias White Hall
Pipon, George Thomas
Pipon, Charlotte Dorothea, née West
Pipon, Infant
Pirouet, Infant
Pirouet, George
Pirouet, Eliza
Pirouet, George Don
Pitcher, Henry Jones
Pitt, Thomas Chatham
Pitt, Mrs
Pittman, Mrs
Pleu, Clement
Plowman, Henry
Poigndestre, Charles William
Poingdestre, Child
Poingdestre, Mary Apline
Pointon, Michael
Pool, Child
Pope, Child
Pope, John
Pope, Albert Freeman
Pope, Mrs
Pope, Jane
Pope, Stephen
Porter, William
Powel, Bengamen
Prawl, male
Preston, Sophia
Prigg, John Edward
Primery, John
Pritchard, Child
Pritchard, Mrs
Pritchard, William
Prunea, Mrs
Pryce, Mariee
Pugsley, Mary Ann
Pugsley, John
Purkess, Ann, née Purchase
Purkis, Thomas
Purkis, Mr
Purkiss/Purkess, Thomas
Radford, Louisa Mary
Rainey, Jane
Randle, Child
Rangecroft, William
Ranwell, Miss
Rattigan, Margaret
Raymond, Thomas
Raymond, Mr
Rayner, Mrs
Raynolds, Frederick Harris
Reardon/Rearden, John
Redmond, Mary Ann
Redmond, John
Redmond, Julia, née Hartwell
Reed, Emma
Reede, Mary Ann
Reeks, John
Remy, Infant
Rendle, Mr
Rennels, E
Rennick, Mrs
Renny, William
Renouf, Miss
Renouf, George Isaac
Renouf, Infant
Renouf, Clement
Renouf, Joshua
Renouf, Louisa Susan
Renouf, Mrs
Richards, Child
Richards, Elizabeth Mary
Richards, Ann Naomi
Richards, Mary Fairy
Richardson, Mrs
Richardson, Elizabeth Hague
Rigdon, John
Rive, Infant
Roberts, John
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Elizabeth Fox
Roberts, Mr
Robertson, Philip Thomas
Robilliard, Nicolas
Robin, Mrs
Robin, Infant
Robinson, Isaac
Robinson, Johanna
Robinson, Charles Cowling
Roach, Child
Rodda, John
Rodwell, Miss
Roe, Lionel James Damer
Roger, Edward
Rogers, Theophius Cornelius
Rogers, Mrs
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Mary Ann Viel
Roissier, Caroline
Roive, James
Rolestone, Mrs
Rose, James Herbert
Rose, John W
Rosset, Ernest
Rouchamp, Ann Jane
Rourke, Mr
Rousseau, John Joseph
Rowcliffe, Mrs, née Bonamy
Rowcliffe, Edwin
Rowcliffe, Female Child
Rowe, James
Rowe, Charles James
Rowe, Mary Elizabeth
Rowe, Child
Rowson, Mrs
Sainthill, Mary Ann Quirke
Sanders, Mr
Sanders, Mary Coombes
Sandwith, Charles Octavus
Saterly, Child
Savage, George
Savage, Child
Savage, Edward
Scamel, Infant
Scarth, Elizabeth
Schonswar, Elizabeth
Schroder, Julius Ludolphus
Scott, infant
Scriven, George Afred
Sebere, Philip
Sebire, Jean
Sebire, Amaury
Selby, Constantia Grey Donaldson
Seldon, Ann
Selwood, Mary Ann
Senior, Eliza
Seward, Eliza Jane
Seward, Mrs
Seward, James
Sewell, George
Shaler, Small twin
Sherwood, Charlotte, née Cussell
Sherwood, John
Sherwood, George William
Shirvall, Harry
Shuttleworth, Althea
Simmonds, Albert
Simmons, Mrs
Simon, Infant
Simonet, Male child
Simonite, Peter
Simons, Elizabeth Ann
Simons, Henry Stephen
Simpson, Eliza
Simpson, infant
Sinclair, James
Sinnatt, Mary Elizabeth
Sinnatt, Thomas Waye
Sinnatt, infant
Sinnatt, Ellen
Sinnatt, Samuel John Smith
Skuse, Sarah
Sladden, William
Slade, John
Slater, Mary Ann
Slater, Mrs
Slugett, Infant
Small, Mrs
Smerdon, Mrs
Smith, Mrs
Smith, George
Smith, Henry
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Miss
Smith, Child
Smith, Infant
Smith, Joseph John
Smith, John
Smith, Emily
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Abraham
Smith, Elizabeth, née Molloy
Smith, William
Smith, Thomas
Smyth, Mr
Sohier, Madallo Marie
Sohier, Ann or Nancy
Sotheby, John Barnett
Sothern, Julia, née Pinson
Sovereign, I G
Spanner, Child
Sparks, James
Spawforth, Charlotte
Spurr, William
Squibb, Charles Robert
Squibb, Child
Squires, Child
Squires, John
Stafford, Thomas
Stalker, Thomas
Stanaway, Matilda Rossella
Stark, Mary Ann
Stayner, Miss
Stead, Mrs
Steed , Child
Steede, Emma
Steel, John Hodgson Wright
Stephens, Matilda Elizabeth
Stevens, Child
Stewart, John Richard
Stewart, Isabella
Stibbard, Sarah Jane
Stibbard, John Davey
Stibbard, Jane Ann
Stirling, William
Stockham, John
Stokes, Barbara Cundell
Stone, Mrs
Stoneman, William
Stoneman, Mrs
Storror, Thomas
Strong, Mr W
Summers, Elizabeth, née George
Sundercombe, William Robert
Sutcliffe, Mrs
Sutton, Charles Thomas
Sutton, George
Swaffield, John
Sweeny, Charles Frederick
Swietoslawaki, Julian Emile
Symmonds, Ann
Syvret, George
Syvret, Annie Le Breton
Talbott, Horatio
Tangne, Felicite
Tanner, William
Taskes, Child
Taskis, Susanna, née Williams
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, Infant
Taylor, William
Taylor, Robert Charles
Taylor, John Charles
Taylor, Mary Arnell
Taylor, Mrs
Taylor, William
Taylor, Female
Taylor, Child
Tears, infant
Templer, Charles
Thayer, Selina Hobbs
Thomas, James
Thomas, Jenkin
Thomas, Joseph
Thompson, Mrs
Thompson, Mrs
Thoreau, John
Thoreau, Infant
Thoreau, Child female
Thoreau, Rachel,née Hubert
Thorley, Louisa
Thorn, Child
Thorn, Mrs
Thorn, Henry William James
Thorne, Thomas
Tibbles, Child
Tinckam, Infant
Tinckham, Infant
Tinkham, Infant
Tolderry, William Francis
Toms, Elizabeth
Tooze, Thomas Charles
Touzeau, Clara Jane
Touzel, Philip
Toy, Bengamen
Tozer, Mrs, Widow of Mr Wright
Travers, Mrs
Treeve, Miss
Tregear, John
Tregell, W
Tregell, Child
Treseder, Infant
Treseder, Emma, née Mackey
Trip, Young child
Tripp, Infant
True, George
Trueman, Edwin Hammitton
Truscott, Mrs
Tryon, Henrietta
Tucker, Thomas Elliott
Tucker, Mrs
Turgis, Edward
Turgis, Edward
Turnbull, John
Turner, Augustus Charles
Turner, Infant
Turner, Jane Harriet
Turner, Stillborn infant
Turner, Grace, née Trego
Turner, Infant
Umphelby, Ann
Unidentified man
Usher, Mary, née Hill
Ussell, Mrs
Vallee, Jacque
Van Homrigh, Alexander Godly
Vanston, Infant
Vanstone, John Edwin
Vardon, Mrs
Varley, Mrs
Varley, John
Vaudin, Mrs
Vavasour, Thomas Hippon
Veasey, Mrs
Vibert, Mrs
Vickers, Mrs
Vickery, Mrs
Vincent, James
Vincent, John
Vincent, Claude Christopher
Vincent, Jeanne Francoise Jouanne
Voisin, Child
Vonberg, John
Voss, Onesimon
Vyvyan, Thomas
Wadsworth, Mrs
Wakeham, Henry George Robert
Wakeley, Mary Ann
Walcott, Edmund John
Walkem, Mark
Walker, William Caldecott
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Child
Walker, Infant
Wallis, Allice
Wallis, John
Walters, Elizabeth
Walters, Robert
Wannacott, Mr
Ward, James Budd
Ward, Mr
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, John George
Ward, Julia
Warne, Henry
Warren, infant
Warrington, George Stephen Thornhill
Warrington, Emma Cortlandt Gertrude Anne
Warrs, Child
Watkins, George
Watson, Infant
Watts, Infant
Watts, Mrs
Watts, Elizabeth
Way, Henry Gregory
Waymouth, W
Wearing, Child
Wearing, Eliza Jane
Weatherton, infant
Weay, Nancy
Webb, Charles
Webb , Thomas
Webb , Adolphus
Webber, Child
Webster, John
Wells, James Francis
Westaway, Nathaniel
Weston, Arthur Dupré Kennedy
Westwood, John
Wetherby, Louisa
Wetter, Rebeca
Wheatherly, Robert
Wheelwright, William
Wherry, Jane
Whitcher, George
Whitcher, Julie
White, Child
White, Mrs
White, Richard
White, Elizabeth Jane
White, Child
White, George Henry
White, Mrs
White, Child
White, William
White, George
Whitley, Joseph John
Whittle, Mary
Wildig, George Burgess
Wilkens, Child
Wilkens, William
Wilkens, Nagle
Wilkens, Edward Charles
Wilkens, Mrs
Wilkey, Charles George
Wilkins, Child
Willcocks, Mrs
Willcox, Child
Williams, Agness Ann
Williams, Jane
Williams, Mrs
Williams, Mary Ann
Williams, Thomas Absalom
Williams, infant
Williams, Henry John
Williams, Male child
Williamson, Mrs
Willis, Mrs
Willmet, John Henry
Wills, Anna Catherine
Wills, Mrs
Wills, Infant
Wilmer, Augustus Henry
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Eliza
Winship, Lionel
Winter, Mary Ann
Winter, Infant
Wogan, Reginald Walter
Wonnacott, Mrs
Wood, Sarah Maria
Wood, Anne Wade
Woodford, Edward William
Woods, Walter William
Woonton, William
Worker, William Howse
Wouters, Philip
Wright, Mr
Wyatt, Charles Pratt
Wyatt, Mary
Wyatt, Emma Hariette
Wynne, Charles
Young, Susan Ann
Young, Edward
Young, Jane


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