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J B Le Quesne Funeral Director Account Ledger. Includes some details of the person being buried and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index PDF document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.

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August 1st 1951 - October 4th 1954


J B Le Quesne (Funeral Directors)
Adams, Infant
Ahier, Clement Francis
Alexandre, Jean Margaret
Allain, Clara Maria, nee Renouf
Allen, George Abner
Amy, John
Amy, Francis Godfray
Amy, Mabel Alice, née Godfray
Amy, Ada Florence, née Lozuet
Amy, Florence Maud, Honeycombe
Amy, Delicia Margaret
Amy, Ernest
Anderson, Caroline Sarah, Purcell
Andrews, William Victor
Andrews, Thomas
Arnold, Sidney Charles
Ashdown, Leonard
Aubert, Ada Mauger, née Vibert
Aubin, John Clement
Aubin, Lydia Maud, née Le Breton
Auffret, Marie Julienne, née Le Bihan
Aylmer Hindle, William Ross Ornsly
Backhouse, George
Bailey, William Henry
Bailey, Esther Sophie, née Nerou
Baissier, Auguste Joseph Vivian
Baissier, Auguste Jean Jacques
Baker, Rachel Mary Gwendoline, née Howell
Baker, Mabel Morbin
Balcam, Walter Thomas
Balston, Thomas William
Bannister, Walter
Barette, Philip Reginald, Captain
Barnes, John Oliver
Barrow, Alfred Jesse
Bartlett, Edith Emily, née Turner
Bartley, Charles Stallabrass
Bataille, Alice Ann, nee Bannier
Battrick, Josephine Marie Ange, née Blanchard
Baudains, Ada Jane, née Vaudin
Baudains, Eliza Jane, née Vigot
Baudains, Lydia Agnes, nee Boobyer
Baudains, George Francis
Baudains, Lester Charles
Bechelet, John Francis
Beck, Adeline Desiree, née Richard
Beckford, Marie Ernestine, née Faucon
Becquet, Anna Jane, née de Gruchy
Bellais, Maria Pauline
Benest, Walter
Berry, Herbert Stanley
Berry, Albert Edward
Bertram, George Winter
Bertram, Charlotte Maria, née Jeune
Bertram, Ada Maud
Bertram, Maria Ann
Bertram, Wilfred John
Bertram, Douglas
Bertram, Charles Douglas
Bieber, Evelyn Cooper
Billing, Nora, née Brooker
Billot, Elias
Bishop, Avis Millicent, née Gardner
Bisson, Harriet Annie Kate
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Ada Florence
Bisson, Daniel Raoul
Bisson, Alfred Le Couteur
Blampied, Mary Ann Distin
Blampied, Eveline
Blanchet, Anne Marie, née Gallais
Boddie, George Barrett
Bondis, Henry Robert
Bonwick, Henry Robert
Boot, Harold
Bottomley, Jack Herbert
Bouchard, Philip George
Bourgaize, William Ernest
Bowen, Arthur George
Bowen, Mary Lavinia, née Whitehouse
Bree, John Philip
Bree, Eliza Jane, née Hamon
Hamon, Eliza Jane
Bree, Edward
Bree, Janet Elizabeth Phyllis, nee Hurry
Brisset, Susan
Brochet, Jessie Alice, née Gale
Brooks, Fanny
Brunner, Christobell Grace, née Tanner
Bullen, William Baker
Burrows, Stanley Miles
Cadiou, Edouard
Cadiou, Yves Ernest
Campbell, Eva Louisa, née Heasman
Carlyon-Evans, Louise Blanche
Carr, Infant
Carre, Mabel, nee Raughsedge
Carrick, David Bruce, Lieutenant Colonel
Carter, Eric William
Catelinet, Ellen Celeste Henrietta, née Langlois
Catelinet, Anne Marie, née Gaillard
Cawfield, George William
Cawley, Herbert Francis, R A S C
Chamberlain, Harwood
Channing, Catherine Christine
Chapman, Edith Rosa, née Le Cronier
Chatel, Jane, née Coutanche
Chevert, Alice Marie, née Gorvel
Clarke, Violet Florence, née Heaver
Cohen, Phineas
Collas, Louise Maud, née Le Cocq
Collet, Eugenie Marie, nee Courcoux
Collins, Louisa, nee Pigeon
Coombs, George Joseph
Coppard, Ernest Leonard
Corrigan, Francis Frederick
Cosford, Rosemary Kay
Cosway, Edwin Albert
Cottrell, Constance May, née Palmer
Courtois, Jacques Henri
Courval, Leonore Emile Edouard
Coutanche, John George
Cremin, Denis
Crespin, Florence Amelia, née Millow
Crosley, Ethel Margaret
Dalrymple, Albert Ernest, Reverend
Dancer, Kate Leah, nee Davies
Dangerfield, Leslie Robert
Dauvain, Louisa Mary, née Le Rendu
Dawson, Margaret Tyrie, née Graham
de Carteret, Alfred Thomas
de Carteret, Robert Francis Edward
de Gruchy, Reginald Thomas
de la Cote, Louis Peter
De la Cour, Walter Henry
de la Haye, Arthur George
de la Haye, Francis Charles
de la Haye, Francis John
de la Haye, Ada Lydia
de La Haye, Amelia Jane, née Noel
de la Haye, George William
De La Haye, John
de La Mare, Rosa Mabel Ninnom, née Keeping
de Louche, John Cabot
de Ste Croix, William Moses
Dean, William
Demoy, Marie Anne, née Gouedard
Dennis, Richard Henry
Despres, Ruth May, née Godfray
Dibley, John William
Dorglande, Louisa Mary Hearnes
Dowden, Richard George
Downden, Richard George
Downer, James Philip
Downing, Infant
Driver, Edith Louisa, née Baker
du Bois, Thomas Elie Sebastien
du Bois, Louisa Jane, née Davies
du Feu, John
du Heaume, Flora Ann, née Carson
du Heaume, John George
du Pre, Edwin Martin
du Val, Winter Francis
Duchesne, Roger Jean
Duclos, Desire Morin
Duhamel, Leon Francois
Earl, Eileen Isobel
Egre, John Winter
Elliott, Edward Henry Francis
Emmanuel, Jean Baptiste Francois
Emmanuel, Colin Arthur
England, Stanley Percy
Esnouf, John David Misson
Euston, Herbert
Evans, William James
Even, Auguste Peter
Evers-Swindell, Cissie May, née Morse
Falle, Lewis Stanley John
Falle, John
Farrington, Adrienne Eva Blanche
Filleul, Amelia Jane
Fiott, Amelia Esther
Fisher, Alfred Henry Wilson
Fleury, Charlotte Alice
Flynn, James
Foley, William Horace Albert
Fontaine, Adeline Charlotte, née Le Blanc
Fossey, Pierre Francois
Foster, Thomas James
Foxcroft, William George
Frakes, Elizabeth Marie Catherine Charlotte, née Krentzel
French, John Daniel
Gallichan, Walter John Frederick
Gallichan, Thomas
Gates, Jack Clarence
Gibaut, Alice, née Le Brocq
Gibaut, Infant
Gibsone, Hugh Francis Hacket
Gicquel, Raymond William
Gilbert, Emma Maud, née
Gillard, Emily Edith
Gillard, Florence Alice, née Heywood
Girard, George Francis Flower
Godefroy, Paul Jules Armand
Goodwyn, William Henry
Gorde, Isabella May, née MacFarlane
Gordon, Colin, Doctor
Gorvel, Marie Victorine, née Le Bonnehomme
Gosselin, Alfred Charles Austin
Gover, Catherine Mary Ann
Graham, Joseph
Graham, Christine
Gray, Antony
Gray, Charles
Green, Harry Aaron
Greenhill, Jean, nee Inglis
Gregory, Clifford Bryan
Grey, Eva Amelia, née Godden
Grimshaw, Bertha Sarah, née Plant
Groizard, Alice Mary, née Langlois
Grosvalet, Mathurin
Groundsell, Percy John
Gruchy, Alice Madaline, née Heywood
Gulliford, George William
Guy, Stanley Gordon, Doctor
Guy, Hamilton Adolphus
Hack, Frederick George, Doctor
Hairon, Anne
Hall, Mary Ann Eleanor, née Warren
Halliwell, Fletcher
Hamilton, Irene Violet, nee Yarrow
Hamon, Anne Marie, née Le Moine
Hamon, Charles Clement Joseph
Hanna, John Ridgway, Doctor
Hannigan, Caroline, née Hannaford
Harris, Infant
Harris, Francis Joseph
Harvey, Arthur George
Havelhost, Frederick Peter George
Haynes, Elizabeth, née Robinson
Heaume, Priscilla
Heggs, Ricordina Emma Louise Elsbeth, née Fiege
Henley, Infant
Hennequin, Jules Jean Marie Francois
Henri, Alfred George
Henri, Louise Marie Francoise, née Fontaine
Herivel, John de Gruchy
Herivel, Ada Mary, nee Le Riche
Herve, Harriet Desiree, née Housel
Herve, Francois Louis Marie
Hescott, Henry William
Heys, Stephen
Higgins, Florence Mary
Hill, Annie May, née Thomas
Hockley, Infant
Hodgetts, Charlotte Maria, née Beardmore
Holt, Robert Durning
Horman, Mary Louisa, née Fiott
Horn, Ellen, née Brehaut
Horn, Ema Henrietta, née Poingdestre
Hosking, Infant
Huelin, Helena Maud, née Patch
Hunt, Dorothy Ella, née Miller
Inman, James Wilson
Irwin, Emma Maud, née Brisset
Isherwood, Henry Charles
Isherwood, Ernest Frederick
Isherwood, Walter John
Jacobs, Frederick Charles
Jamieson, Alfred
Jarvis, Lilian Maud
Jeanne, Gladys Lydia, née Saussey
Jehan, Francis
Jenkins, George Richard
Jézéquel, Jean Alexandre
Johnson, Alice Emma Eliza, née Johnson
Johnston, Frederick James
Jollie, Elizabeth Jane, née Armstrong
Jones, Ellen, née Perry
Jourdan, Alfred George
Journeaux, Ann Susan, née Miller
Miller, Ann Susan
Journeaux, Clara Edith, nee McDonald
Joy, Ernest Edward
Kalber, Frederick William
Kavanagh, Peter Gorvel
Kavanagh, Peter Gerard
Keagan, Lydia Anne, née Metherell
Keeping, Eleanor Elizabeth, née Dale
Kent-Smith, Marjorie Joyce
Kermin, Michele
Kirk, Valerie Peta
Kirschner, Rudolph
La Gorge, Victorine Sophie, née Hebers
Labalestier, Infant
Labey, Thomas
Labey, Jeanne Therese Irma Julie de Varec, née de La Mourine
Lagadu, Marie Josephine, née Cabec
Laignel, Alfred John
Lamy, Mrs
Landick, Herbert William
Lanham, Emma Maud Elizabeth, née Dibden
Larbalestier, Rebecca Mary Ellen, nee Le Cras
Larbalestier, Louise
Larose, Jean Baptiste Pierre Adolphe
Lauguille, Adelaide Francoise Marie
Laurens, Isabella, née Griffiths
Laurens, Evelyn Malzard, née Selous
Laurent, Suzanne Yvette Gabrielle, née Kerfuly
Laverty, David William
Lawford, Lilian Mary, née Piton
Le Bailly, Albert Auguste Alexandre
Le Bas, John Frederick Mallet
Le Blanc, Prospere Joseph
Le Blancq, Janet, née Le Seelleur
Le Blond, Charles
Le Boeuf, Clara Jeanette
Le Boutillier, Louisa
Le Boutillier, Mabel Maud Mary, née Le Ruez
Le Boutillier, Ann Luce, née Lempriere
Le Breton, Ellen, née Arthur
Le Breton, Francis
Le Brun, Anna, née Le Boutillier
Le Brun, Elias
Le Brun, Louisa Jane, née Cotillard
Le Cappelain, Margaret, née Cameron
Le Clercq, Ada Louisa, née Carpenter
Le Cocq, Edward Philip
Le Cornu, Charles Henwood
Le Cornu, John Guille
Le Cornu, Louise Marguerite, nee Henwood
Le Cornu, Edward Vibert
Le Couteur, Infant
Le Cuirot, Eleanore Alexandrene, née Drieu
Le Feuvre, Hilda, nee Renault
Le Flem, Dennis David
Le Francois, Selina Ann, née Laurens
Le Geyt, George Henry
Le Gresley, Celia Ann, née Poingdestre
Le Gresley, Clarence
Le Gros, Mr
Le Gros, Alfred Victor
Le Guillou, Marianne, nee Pelorget
Le Hourou, Infant
Le Huquet, Louisa Alice, née Etasse
Le Lievre, Lilian Maud
Le Lievre, George Paul
Le Maine, Louis Francis
Le Maistre, Agnes
Le Maitre, Eloise Victorine
Le Marinel, Mary Ann, née Bisson
Le Marquand, John Kirby
Le Marrec, Kathleen Maud, née Desborough
Le Mercier, Wilfred Thomas
Le Mercier, Fanny Louisa, née Pitman
Le Moeur, Eliza, née Vivian
Le Moignan, Kathleen, née Cann
Le Monnier, Alphonse
Le Mottee, Herbert Stanley
Le Noa, David John
Le Pen, Pierre Marie
Le Pennec, Derek Charles
Le Prevost, Ethel Constance Tremellyn
Le Quesne, Florence Julia, née Medell
Le Roy, Victorine
Le Sauteur, Amy, née Thorne
Le Sech, Charles Joseph Marie Gabriel
Le Seelleur, Ann
Le Seelleur, Alice Jane
Le Seelleur, Elsie Mary
Le Sueur, Louisa Eliza
Le Tourneur, Albert Henry
Le Touze, Marie Yvonne, née Le Perchec
Le Vannais, Raymond Arthur
Le Vesconte, Jane Louisa Ann, née Porteous
Lempriere, Ada Monima
Lesbirel, Walter Clement
Letellier, Marie Melanie Augustine, née Auguste
Little, Malcolm
Lloyd, Clarence Walter
Lock, George Henry
Logan, Charles
Logan, Lydia Margaret
Lozouet, Marie Bonne Caroline
Lucas, Emelie Jullienne, née Gigien
Lucas, Alfred Philip Francis
Lucas, Jane Elizabeth, née Le Brocq
Ludlow, Jean, nee Ogden
MacKenzie, Emma Sarah, née Bostock
Maguire, M G
Maguire, Henry
Mahé, Jeanne Marie, née Courcoux
Mainguy, Etienne Mathuren
Makin, Infant
Mallet, Clarence Philip
Mallet, Jane
Manning, Infant
Mannion, Florence Eliza, née Grier
Marett, Elizabeth, née Cager
Marett, Mabel Elizabeth
Marett, Alfred Edwin
Marett, Nora, née Kirk
Marie, Florence Emma Elizabeth, née Freeman
Marie, Pearl Grace, née Langlais
Marshall, Amelia Eliza Jane
Martin, Mary Alice
Martin, Albert Auguste
Masfen, Lancelot Charles
Mason, George Edward
Matson, Fanny, née Pearce
Matson, Mary Jane, née Romeril
Matson, Edward Follett
Matson, Esther Maud, née Richardson
Matson, Ann Elizabeth, née Square
Matson, Ernest Frederick
Matthew, Cecilia Ann
Mauger, Charles
Mauger, Celia, née Pinwill
Mauger, Susan Elizabeth
Mauger, Terence Arthur
Mauger, Annie Marie, nee Dolo
Maughan, Victoire Victorine, née Sallou
McCloughen, Theresa Marion, née O'Brien
McDonnell, Ethel Louisa, née Webster
McGahy, Elizabeth, nee Osbourne
McLeod, Robert
Medder, Ernest
Merrills, Clarence
Messervy, Lydia Maria, née du Feu
Metcalf, Stephen Michael
Metivier, Gertrude
Mildren, Ronald Gordon
Mildrew, Alice Mary, née Le Sueur
Miller, Jessie, née Drinkall
Milner, Laura, née Normington
Minson, Simonne Therese
Mix, Christina Stewart, nee Sutherland
Moon, Infant
Morais, Maria, née Gelard
Morais, John Philip Henry
Morin, Peter George
Morles, Charles Wright
Morton, Infant
Morvan, Francois Louis
Mosely, Scylla Ural, née Neame, Lady
Mourant, Philip Charles Courtney
Moysan, Yves
Mullins, Elizabeth, née Clithrow
Mustart, Edit Annie, née Baylis
Neil, Marie Charlotte
Neil, Bienaime Louis Auguste
Neville, Mary Ann, nee Ellis
Newham, Elizabeth, nee Lewry
Nicolas, Marie Francoise, née Dornemin
Nicolle, Clarence Philip
Noakes, Frances Louise
Noel, Walter Arthur
Noel, Linda Mary
Noel, Lilian Maud, née Billot
Noel, George John
Noel, Philip Thomas
Noel, Lydia
Noel, George Francis
Okubo, Augustine Adele Louise Josephine, née Le Villio
Owen, Samuel Arthur
Ozouf, Philip Walter
Pallot, Amy, née Chillord
Pallot, Philip John
Pallot, Timothee Alexander
Pallot, Hilda Grace, née Barette
Pallot, Lydia Maud
Palmer, Doris May, née Marshall
Palmer, Clarence
Parker, Norman Anderson
Parker, Laura Jane, née de Ste Croix
Parker, Clarence Bertie
Parker, John
Parker, Henry James
Parker, Joan Isobel Margaret, nee Bowes Lyon
Pastorel, Alfred Peter
Patch, Charles Walter
Patch, Walter James
Paul, Marie Louise Alexandrine, née Gilles
Payne, Mabel Maria, née Nicolle
Penney, John Richard
Perchard, Adelaide Jane, née Noel
Perkins, Infant
Perree, Elizabeth, née Le Boutillier
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Perrenaud, Adele Laura Marie
Persou, Jules
Phillips, Francis
Pichon, Christina Cameron
Pickard, Thomas Kingsley
Picot, Rosalie Francoise, née Gicquel
Picot, Philip
Pinel, Laura Ann, née Carpenter
Carpenter, Laura Ann
Pinel, Regina Mary, née Blampied
Blampied, Regina Mary
Pinel, Louisa Mary
Pinel, Anna Marie, née Oram
Pirouet, Alfred James
Poingdestre, Louisa Mary, née Ahier
Poret, Elvina Eliza May, née Henry
Powell, Stephen Frederick William
Priaulx, William
Proudfoot, Mary Edith
Putland, Louisa, née du Feu
Queree, Louisa Jane, née Jones
Quinn, Patrick
Rabet, Elise Marie
Rabet, Raymond Charles
Rattenbury, Louisa, née Price
Regnault, Charles Eugene
Remphry, Lizzie Ann, née Lewis
Renault, John Francis
Renouf, Lydia Le Maistre, née Le Mottee
Renouf, Philippe
Revell, Kate Florence, née East
Richardson, Hilda
Richardson, Edward James
Richardson, Henry Gordon
Rive, Charles John
Rixon, Arthur Thomas
Roach, Mary Louisa, née Le Rossignol
Roberts, James Henry
Roberts, Ernest George Morris
Roberts, Vera Emma, née Lempriere
Robinson, Edward Ernest
Robinson, Ethel Maud, née Holden
Rodgers, Emma Brimelow, née Walch
Rolland, Pierre Marie
Romeril, Annie, née Le Rossignol
Rondel, Marie Lucie, née Touzel
Roscouet, Marie Josephine, née Le Touze
Rouxel, Francis John
Rundel, Henriette, née Le Gros
Salmond, Henry Bertram
Salsac, Alphonse Victor Ernest
Sarsby, David
Saussey, Zoe Clemence, née Le Capon
Sawyer, William Edward
Sawyer, Irene Joan Constance, née Cox
Seager, Ann Elizabeth, née Sansom
Searle, Robert Percival, Major
Selotour, Ernest Marie
Seymour, Clara Annie, née Goddard
Sharp, Valentine
Sheehan, John Joseph
Shone, Henry John
Short, Charles Stanley
Shortland, Sidney Herbert
Showell, Infant
Showell, Lucie Catherine Marie, née Humeury
Silcock, Arnold
Sinclair, William Reader
Sinclair, Colin Charles
Sinel, Mary Elizabeth
Slade, Edward
Slater, Mary Ann, nee Baker
Smart, Frank
Smith, Frederick Charles
Smith, Robert
Snow, Esther Marie Lilian, née Wright
Soffe, Harriet Lucy, née Eckton
Sohier, Beatrice Florence Maud
Soulabail, Eugenie Marie Rosalie, née Jouanne
Southby, Rupert
Stacey, Thomas Elias
Stamberg, Mary Ann Distin, née Blampied
Stathan, Joanna
Steele, Thomas Frederick
Stephens, Benjamin Theodore
Stephenson, Edward James
Stone, Annie Louisa, née Noel
Noel, Annie Louisa
Stoodley, Peter Derek
Stoodley, Harry Charles
Sutherland, George Humphry Vivian
Swiney, George Sidney Charles
Symes, Harriet Frances, Sister
Syvret, John Philip
Teviotdale, Alexander Stuart
Thiebot, Francis
Thomas, Agnes Betsey
Thomas, Samuel Thomas Earle
Thornhill, George Herbert
Tipping, John Mackay
Torpy, Susanne Grace, née Ellis
Tostevin, Infant
Touzel, Alfred George
Touzel, Mary Jane, née Dolbel
Touzel, Caroline Ann Beatrice
Trafford, Frederick
Trehiou, David Nevil
Triscott, Natalie, née Corp
Trudgett, Vernon Arthur
True, Kathleen Perrin, née Biddle
Tucker, Elias Alfred Matthew
Urvoy, Marie Therese, née Corlay
Vasselin, Infant
Veasey, Selina Elizabeth, née Blanchard
Verner, Guy William Henry
Videgrain, Jules Jean Baptiste Joseph
Videgrain, Alice Aimee, née Julien
Wallace, Emily Ada Sarah, née Dale
Wallser, William Henry
Ward, Louis George
Ward, Alice, née Sceats
Warner, John William
Waugh, Vannessa
Webster, Percival
Whelan, Lilian Christina, née Woodbridge
Whiffen, Ellen Morris, nee Morris-Weaver
White, Margaretta, née Whil
White, Gordon George
White, Clarice Laura, nee Bannier
Whitehead, Henry
Whitley, Annie Mary
Whittick, Frank William
Wileman, Thomas
Williams, Herbert Leader, Doctor
Williams, Richard Henry
Wilson, Flora Fanny
Wilson, Infant
Winchester, Sidney
Winter, John Richard
Wright, Louisa Rachel, née Godden


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