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Philippe Picot Funeral Director. Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Contains the details of the person buried, including date of death and place of burial.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number. Please note there is a volume missing in this series for entries numbered 7786 and 9167 covering the years January 1862 to August 1864

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May 4th 1859 - December 18th 1861


Picot, Philippe
Abbott, Elizabeth Marie, née Gallie
Adams, Charles John
Adams, John Edward
Adams, Maria
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Marguerite, née de Ste Croix
Ahier, Philippe
Ahier, Thomas
Airth, Robert
Alexandre, Edouard
Alexandre, Marguerite du Heaume
Alford, George
Allicette, John
Allison, Robert
Amor, Jane, née House
Amor, John
Amor, John Heenan
Amy, Alice
Amy, Caroline Eliza
Amy, Daniel
Amy, Esther
Amy, John Vibert
Amy, Marie, née Payn
Anderson, Sarah Letitia
Angel, John Josiah
Anley, Francis Thomas
Anley, Jean
Anslow, Hannah, née Hodgetts
Armstrong, Mary, née Nichols
Arthur, Francois, Captain
Arthur, Jane Elizabeth, née Poignand
Arthur, Mary, née Benest
Arthur, Noé
Asplet, Jean
Astley, John William
Atkinson, James William Mathias
Atkinson, John
Aubert, Alfred Charles
Aubert, Anne, née Cadoret
Aubin, Anne
Aubin, Betsey, née Gavey
Aumont, Alexandrine Anna
Bagwell, Thomas
Bailey, Ann Marguerite, née Le Sueur
Baker, Amelia Alice
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Margaret, née Burnett
Baker, Maria Louisa
Baker, Susan
Balleine, Louisa Jane
Banks, Harriet Elizabeth Fanny
Banting, Eliza, née Howard
Barette, Esther, née Picot
Barkham, Jane Mary, née Pranpain
Barnett, Charles
Barnett, Elizabeth Ann, née Prout
Barratt, Joseph
Barratt, Sarah, née Foune
Barrett, Martha
Barrett, Sarah Marie, née Dutch
Barry, Ann, née Feunell
Barry, Thomas
Bartlett, Samuel
Basset, Nancy Esther, née Le Dain
Bates, Anne, née Bisson
Bates, Edward John
Baudains, Elizabeth Ann
Baudains, François
Baudains dit la Gerche, Philippe
Bavage, Jane Elizabeth Dundridge
Beacom, Mary, née Knight
Beadle, Mary Ann
Beard, Sarah, née Tabb
Beard, Thomas
Beaucamp, George Philippe
Beaugeard, Ferdinand
Beaugeard, John Charles
Beaugeard, Mary Louise
Beaugie, Josué
Belford, Frank
Belot, Frederick Walter
Benest, Francis Herbert
Benham, Elisha George
Beni, Eugenie
Beni, Louise, née Maugeron
Beni, Marc
Bensa, Maria, née Romeril
Berg, Frederick Charles Henry
Berriman, John
Berry, Jane, née Picot
Bertram, Ann
Bertram, Marie, née Rouet
Best, Elizabeth Dyke, née Monie
Best, John
Bevans, Mary Ann, née Vallee
Bevans, Susan Mary Ann
Bichard, Catherine
Biddiscombe, Ann, née Lush
Billot, Mary Jane
Billot, Thomasine, née Orin
Bird, Samuel Arnold
Bisson, Daniel Walter
Bisson, Mary Ann
Bisson, Philip
Bisson, Rachel
Bisson, Thomas
Bisson, William David
Bisson, Winter Philip
Blackford, Charles
Blampied, Anne
Blampied, Anne, née Mourant
Blampied, Anne Susanne, née Le Cornu
Le Cornu, Anne Susanne
Blampied, Josue
Blanch, Emily
Blanchard, Alfred Jean
Blanchard, George
Blanchard, Marie Celine
Blin, Charles
Blin, Francis
Blin, John Elie
Bodecot, Henry Robert Hamilton
Boivin, Augustine Marcelline Leopoline
Bombardi, André
Bombardi, Marie Louise
Bosdet, Sophia Mary, née Le Roy
Bott, Joseph
Bottomley, John
Bourdillon, James
Bouteloup, Rosalie Alexandrine, née Allain
Bowden, Mary Ann, née Le Cocq
Bowden, William
Bowdidge, Sarah
Bowhill, Robert
Bradley, Marguerite, née Le Riche
Brady, Elizabeth
Brake, Henry Warren
Brasford, Marie, née du Heaume
Brasher, Charles William
Brasher, Emily Anne, née Dent
Brasher, Francis Edward
Brasnell, Elizabeth, née Cumine
Bray, Henry John
Brennan, Joseph
Briard, Anne, née Langlois
Briddon, Louisa
Briddon, Robert
Brighton, Ann, née Scott
Brine, Richard Anson
Bromley, Rosalinda, née Stone
Brooks, Andrew John
Brooks, Mary Ann, née West
Broussard, Pierre
Brunker, Elizabeth, née Marett
Marett, Elizabeth
Brunker, William Henry
Buckingham, Alfred
Buesnel, George Jean
Burnett, Ann, née Beech
Burnett, Harriet, née Donaldson
Burnett, Henry
Burns, Alice
Burt, Marie Julie, née Le Sage
Burt, Mary Jane
Butler, Patrick
Cabot, Alice Mary
Cabot, Jean
Cager, Elizabeth Carrel, née Le Boutillier
Calendo, Michel
Cameron, Amelia, née Chandler
Campbell, Charlotte, née Wilson
Canivet, Philippe
Capuron, Mary Ann, née Falle
Carré, Jane
Carroll, Anthony
Carson, Roseanna
Carter, George
Carter, Maria
Carter, William
Carter, William James
Carver, Samuel
Catel, Esther, née Baudains
Caulfield, Brian
Caulfield, Catherine
Caulfield, Mary, née Cavannagh
Cavannagh, Rebeca
Cave, William Loranzo
Chalet, Alfred Albert
Chalet, Thomas Peter
Chambers, Esther
Chapman, Caroline, née Cavanagh
Chapman, Edmond
Chappel, Benjamin Harry
Chase, George
Chevalier, George
Chevalier, Jean
Chevalier, Marie, née Larbalestier
Chevalier, Mary Susan
Childers, William
Childs, Elizabeth, née Parsons
Childs, George Chant
Churchill, Frederick Walter
Clare, Eliza Jane Ann
Clare, Robert
Clark, Clara Ann
Clark, Elizabeth, née Jocelyn
Clark, Jane
Clark, Molly, née Malzard
Clark, William John Stephen, Captain
Clemass, Ann
Clift, Christopher Job
Cobden, Elizabeth Clara
Cockerton, Walter John
Cocking, Julia Susannah, née Groizard
Cockram, John Arnold
Cole, Thomasine Beard, née Dunstan
Collas, Jean
Colley, John
Collins, George John
Colman, James
Commings, Nancy, née Le Breton
Connor, Maria, née Ryan
Connor, Thomas
Connors, James
Coombes, Ellen
Cooper, Eleonor Isabella, née Moss
Corbel, Ada Ann Hosking
Corbin, François Leon
Cornish, Elizabeth, née Bosdet
Costard, Selina Elizabeth
Courlouer, Marie
Courtois, Mathilde Eliza
Coutanche, Alice Jane
Coutanche, Anne, née de Ste Croix
Coutanche, Eliza, née Lewis
Coutanche, Jane, née Ride
Coutanche, John
Cox, Catherine
Cox, John
Cox, Robert
Cox, Sarah, née Porter
Craig, Thomas
Creegan, Michael
Creese, Samuel Sydney
Cremar, Jane Williams
Cunning, David William
Cunning, John Thomas Chevalier
Curtin, Thomas
Cuthbert, Alice Mary
Dacombe, Martin Ernest
Dalenty, Mary, née Walsh
Dallain, Clara Jane
Dalley, Ann Harriet
Danjour, Eugène
Davelin, Elizabeth
Davey, Ann, née Wincey
Davey, Caroline Charlotte
David, Julia
Davies, John James
Davison, Thomas
Davlin, Michael
de Brader, Ann Louisa
de Carteret, Henry Francis Aubrey
de Feo, Elmeranda
de Gruchy, Albert Henri
de Gruchy, Fanny, née Sebire
de Gruchy, John
De Gruchy, Louisa Fanny
de Gruchy, Mary Jane
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Gruchy, Tom, Captain
De Jersey, Mary Jane
de La Cour, Philip James
de la Haye, Esther, née Mollet
de la Haye, John Edward
de la Haye, Peter
de la Haye, Thomas
de la Lande, Jean
de La Mare, John Alfred
de la Perrelle, Nancy, née Thoreau
de Mirtre, Rachel Victoria
de Mortemart, Achille
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Ste Croix, Marie, née Roussel
de Ste Croix, Walter Edmund
de Than, Fanny, née Berry
de Thomas, Alicia Adolphine
de Villers, Robert
de Vitré, J L, Major
Dean, Alice Maud
Debure, Louis Hypolite
Decoufle, Aimee Augustine
Delmont, Mary Ann, née Harvey
Delouche, Marguerite Marie, née Billot
Deslandes, Daniel
Deslandes, Henry
Dickson, Ann, née Hocquard
Dickson, James
Dodge, Louisa, née Lancaster
Doidge, Amelia Adelaide
Domville, Henry
Donavan, Michael
Donoghue, Ann
Donoghue, William
Dorey, François
Dorey, Jane Elizabeth
Dorey, Martha Jane
Douglas, Lynedoch
Dowden, Mary Ann, née Mott
Dowington, Elizabeth Adelaide
Doyle, Mary, née Coleman
Drelaud, Pierre
Druce, Elias
du Bois, Ladislaus Alfred
Du Feu, Alice Georgina
du Feu, Walter George
du Heaume, George
du Heaume, Mary Jane, née Peniton
Du Jardin, George
du Jardin, John Thomas
Du Jardin, Madeleine
du Pont, Ann Mary
Duffett, James
Duffey, Mary Ann
Dunn, Mary
Durand, Marie, née Menage
Durell, Jean Charles
Durell, Louisa, née Lyte
Durell, Mary
Durell, Philippe
Durell, Rachel, née Fauvel
Duval, Francois Auguste
Dwyre, Mary Ann
Dysam, Elizabeth, née Bayler
Dysam, Thomas Edward
Ealand, Ellen
Eares, Thomas Alfred
Earles, Mary
Eastley, Henry Coad
Easton, Elizabeth Cordelia
Eddy, William James
Edkins, James Richard
Ellis, Robert
Ereaut, Jean
Ereaux, Sarah, née Lucas
Ereaux, Susannah
Esnouf, Anne, née Le Cras
Le Cras, Anne
Eve, Pierre Paul Basile
Falle, Adolphus Clement
Falle, Elizabeth
Falle, Elizabeth, née Perchard
Falle, Elizabeth Esther, née Nicolle
Falle, Jeanne Esther, née Ahier
Fauvel, Alfred John
Fauvel, John George
Fauvel, Philippe
Feltham, Hannah Sophia
Field, Amelia
Fielding, Mary, née Luce
Filing, Jane Mary
Filleul, Thomas
Finnie, Louisa George Anna
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth
Fitzgerald, Mary, née Dare
Fitzpatrick, James
Fleming, Frank George
Flouche, Anna
Forbes, John
Ford, James
Ford, John
Forster, Isabella
Fort, Thomas
Foster, Sarah, née Chaplin
Freeman, Theresa, née Carroll
Frost, Adolphus John
Furlong, Mary Ann
Gale, Walter Allen
Gallichan, Ann Mary
Gallichan, Edwin Elliott
Gallichan, John Thomas
Gallichan, Marguerite, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Marguerite Susanne, née Craipard
Gallichan, Marie, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Peter
Gallie, Charles
Gallie, Elizabeth
Gallie, Esther, née Pinel
Gallie, Esther, née Pinel
Ganion, John Charles
Gardner, William Henry
Garner, Lavinia Ann
Gasnier, Agnes Mary
Gaudiche, Ernest William
Gaudin, Esther, née Gaudin
Gaudin, Francois Bertram
Gaudin, Jeanne, née Gaudin
Gaudion, Marguerite, née Bott
Gavey, George
Gavey, Julie Jane, née de Gruchy
Gavey, Marie, née Mourant
Gawley, Martin
Geine, William John
Gelender, Elizabeth, née Samson
Gelender, Esther, née Odgers
Gelender, William
Gibaut, Elizabeth, née Gruchy
Gibert, Alfred Francois
Giffard, Anne, née Mourant
Giffard, Ellen Melvina
Giffard, Jeanne Marie, née Le Moigne
Giffard, Philippe
Gifford, Alvah William Le Cronier
Gilbert, George James
Gilbert, James
Gill, Eliza, née McDermott
Gill, Mary Ann
Gill, William
Gillman, Mary, née Coleman
Gladdis, Emily Jane
Gleeson, James William
Godel, Jane
Godel, John
Godel, Philippe
Godel, Philippe
Godel, Philippe Charles
Godfray, Jane
Godfray, Mary, née Vautier
Godfray, Sophie Marguerite, née Poingdestre
Goodbarne, Ida Catherine Margaret Elizabeth North
Goodfellow, John
Goodwin, Henry George
Gore, Frederick
Gosselin, Paul Aimable Francois
Gosselin, Philippe Jean
Gottrel, Francois
Gough, Mary Ann, née Wholeman
Gould, Marthe, née de France
Graham, Catherine
Grant, Philippe
Grard, Jane Esther
Graut, Josue
Graves, George
Gray, Jane Emily, née Goodenough
Gray, Moses
Gray, William
Green, Jane, née Boyell
Green, John
Green, Mary
Greene, Elizabeth Jane, née Patton
Greene, Octavius
Greenslade, Mary, née Webber
Grigg, Harry George
Grimshaw, Elizabeth, née Philp
Groizard, Louis Philippe
Groizard, Susan, née Sarkett
Gruchy, Ermenie Sophie
Gruchy, William Henry
Guerand, Clementine Marie Arthemise
Guerin, Pierre
Guillard, Sophie Anne, née de Ste Croix
Guille, Aimée Louise
Guille, Philip MacLaurin
Gumpel, John Henry
Guynan, Denis
Gwynne, Arthur
Gynn, John
Hacquoil, Rachel, née Barbier
Hadfield, John
Hadfield, Mary, née Horsewell
Hadfield, Thomas
Hale, Ernest
Haley, Hannah, née Thatcher
Haley, Walter
Hall, Clement
Hall, Roger
Halliday, Ann, née McBrien
Hallman, Charles Reed
Hallman, Walter Reid
Ham, Emelia Jane
Ham, Mary Ann
Hammond, James
Hamon, Charles Daniel
Hamon, Charlotte Esther
Hamon, Ellen Rachel Alice
Hamon, James Frederick
Hamon, John, Captain
Hamon, Pierre
Hampson, John Edward
Handy, Esther, née de Ste Croix
Hannaford, Elizabeth & William
Harper, Thomas
Hassell, Charles
Hayball, Mary Ann
Haynes, Carteret Bertram Bayley
Heale, Lucy Margaret
Helleur, Elvina Louisa
Helley, Jane
Heney, Patrick
Henly, Sarah, née Myall
Hennessey, Johanna
Hennessey, Margaret, née Heron
Hennessey, Mary
Hennessey, Timothy
Henri, John Peter
Henriod, Henri Auguste Thomas
Henry, Pauline, née Flambard
Herepath, Daniel
Hergaux, Hortense Eliza
Heron, Elizabeth, née Wood
Heron, Jean Francois
Heron, William
Hester, Eliza
Heyden, Elizabeth
Hiley, Susanna, née Rutter
Hill, Samuel
Hills, Charity, née Berry
Hine, Charles Isaac
Hockey, Frances Louisa
Hocquard, Jane, née de la Mare
Hogan, John
Hollman, Henry
Holloway, Georgina Leary
Holmes, Mary, née Harford
Hopkins, Agnes, née Mant
Horn, Louisa
Hotton, Charles
Hotton, Pierre
Howard, Louise Francoise Constance Marie, née Payn
Howe, Mary Martha
Howes, Margaret, née MacKenzie
Huard, Jean
Hue, Elizabeth Mary
Huelin, Jean
Huelin, Jean, Captain
Huet, Henri
Hulerique, Jacob
Hulerique, Marie Ivan, née Jene
Hunt, Alfred
Hunt, Eliza Georgina
Hunt, Emma Elvina
Hunt, Harriet, née Duston
Hurford, Job
Hurford, Mary, née Home
Hutton, Jane Mary, née Freze
Huxford, John
Ingouville, Elizabeth
Ingram, Mary Eliza
Ivey, Emma Jane
Ivey, Mary Ann, née Burton
Jackson, David, Captain
Jackson, John
Jacquet, Jeanne Julienne, née Blaizet
Jaffray, Fanny Esther, née Treeton
Jamard, Marianne, née Blanchet
Jarvis, Daniel Samuel
Jarvis, Elizabeth Jane
Jeandron, Amice
Jeffery, Edward Thomas
Jennes, Margaret, née Le Feuvre
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, James Lawrence
Johnson, Marie, née Perrier
Johnson, Mary
Johnston, Elizabeth, née Parker
Johnston, George, Doctor
Jones, Elizabeth, née Reed
Jones, George
Jones, George Matthew
Jones, Margaret, née Smyck
Jones, Matthew Elias
Jones, Susan, née Lewis
Jones, William
Jones, William Edmund
Joste, Jean Fleuri
Jouguet, Elizabeth Rachel, née Le Clercq
Journeaux, Charles
Journeaux, Edouard Francois
Journeaux, Esther Ann
Journeaux, John Richard
Joyce, Mary, née Johnson
Kain, Thomas Barry
Keating, James
Keeping, Charles
Keeping, Charles
Keeping, Mary, née Phillips
Keeping, Winter Ernest
Kemish, Anne, née Tope
Kennedy, Catherine, née Ward
Kennedy, Ellen, née Cass
Kennedy, Emma Sarah
Kennedy, James
Kent, Charles Philip
Kerslake, Frederick Edwin
Kerslake, Robert
Kerslake, William George
King, Elizabeth, née Jenkins
King, George
King, Joseph, Captain
Kitchener, Isabel Esther, née de Carteret
Kitchener, Isabel Esther, née de Carteret
Kitchener, Thomas
Kneeshaw, Mary Elizabeth
Knight, John Hogin
Kreps, Jean Alexandre
L’Arrivin, Marie, née Prigent
La Venture, Emily, née Bartlett
Labbey, William Philippe
Labey, Jane Marguerite
Laffoley, Agnes
Laffoley, Francis
Laffoley, James Helier
Laffoley, Jane Elizabeth
Laffoley, Jean
Lamb, Sarah Maud
Laming, Thomas William
Lamy, Louis Francois
Landhatherland, Elizabeth, née Norman
Lanfere, Alfred
Langlois, Albert Philip
Larbalestier, Marie, née Brizac
Larbalestier, Molly, née Romeril
Larbalestier, Philippe
L'Arrivin, Philippe
Laurens, Elie Jean
Laurens, George
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, Jeanne, née Ahier
Laurens, Marie Francoise
Laurens, Marie Victoire, née Aubin
Laurens, Mary Ann, née Le Gallais
Laverty, Mary, née Osborne
Lawder, James
Lawton, Ellen, née Ryan
Lawton, James Joseph Philip
Lawton, Mary Ellen
Le Bailly, Marie Chuquet, née D'Auberville
Le Bailly, Susanne Marie, née Laffoley
Le Bas, Carterette
Le Bas, Esther, née Payn
Le Bas, Francois
Le Bas, Henry Dupré
Le Bas, James John
Le Bas, Mary Jane, née Cole
Le Blond, Edouard Adolphe Emile
Le Boutillier, Jeanne, née Roissier
Le Boutillier, John Peter
Le Boutillier, Philippe
Le Breton, Francis John
Le Breton, Jane, née Hue
Le Breton, Mary White
Le Breton, Matilda Adelaide
Le Breton, Philippe Josue
Le Breton, Sophie Betsey, née Mauger
Le Breton, William Corbet, 1815 - 1888, Dean of Jersey, 1850 - 1888
Le Bretton, Alfred
Le Brun, Daniel Frederick
Le Brun, Georgina Ann
Le Brun, Mary Eliza Agnes
Le Brun, Walter Marett
Le Chapeur, Marie, née Le Seeleur
Le Conte, Francis Peter
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Charles Albert
Le Couteur, Edouard
Le Duc, Louisa Martha
Le Duc, William
Le Feuvre, Ann, née Nicolle
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth, née Le Boutillier
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Feuvre, Peter William
Le Feuvre, Samuel
Le Feuvre, Sarah Ann, née Varvill
Le Feuvre, Sydney
Le Feuvre, Thomas Mauger
Le Fevre, Bonne Henriette Gabriel, née Grout
Le Fevre, Prosper Felix
Le Fevre, Victor Hyacinthe
Le Floc, Jean Marie
Le Geyt, George
Le Geyt, Judith, née Labey
Le Geyt, Julie, née Fauvel
Le Geyt, Matthew John
Le Geyt, William Albert
Le Gresley, Charles
Le Gresley, Edouard
Le Gresley, Eliza Margaret
Le Gros, Ann Elizabeth
Le Gros, Anne, née de Ste Croix
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Emma Carteret
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Mary, née Snook
Le Gros, Tom Charles
Le Gruy, Augustin Ernest Marie
Le Hardy, Edward
Le Jeune, Elizabeth, née Le Boutillier
Le Lay, Mary Ann Jane Malzard
Le Lievre, David
Le Lievre, Mary, née Marett
Le Lievre, Nancy Elizabeth, née Collas
Le Loup, Frederic Philippe
Le Maistre, Charles
Le Maistre, Jane Mary, née Le Ray
Le Maistre, Jean
Le Maistre, John Théodore
Le Marchand, Jean
Le Marchant, Marie, née Blampied
Le Marquand, Jeanne Le Gros, née Bisson
Le Marquand, Rachel, née Hacquoil
Le Marquand, Walter Stracey
Le Masurier, Daniel Frederick
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, Jane, née Le Sauteur
Le Masurier, Nancy, née Rondel
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Mercier, Adeline
Le Montais, Andre Jean
Le Normand, Mathilda Aimee
Le Page, John Samuel
Le Quesne, Isabel Edith
Le Ray, John
Le Ray, Philip
Le Riche, Charles Thomas
Le Rossignol, Jane, née Bosdet
Le Seelleur, Jane
Le Seelleur, Marie, née Le Gallais
Le Seelleur, Sophie Esther, née Jeandron
Le Sueur, Esther Elizabeth, née Ereaux
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Philip John Francis
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Thomas John Aubin
Le Tellier, Auguste Edouard Albin
Le Tendre, Paul George
Le Touzé, Francois
Le Touzel, Esther, née Nicolle
Le Vaillant, Philippe
Le Vavasseur Dit Durell, Alice Jane
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Francois Edouard
Le Vesconte, Jane
Leetall, Benjamin
Leigh, Thomas
Lelievre, Jean François Rene Baptiste, Reverend
Lempriere, Amelia
Lempriere, Elizabeth, née Poingdestre
Lempriere, Jean
Lempriere, Philippe Raoul
Lenaghan, William
Lerrier, Mary Ann
Lewis, John
Lewis, John Owen
Lihou, Mary Ann Louisa
Lillicrap, Elizabeth, née Huelin
Lindsey, Alice Jane
Lipscombe, Henry
Lobb, William
Loisel, Edouard Albert Benjamin
Long, Charles James
Lorant, Jean Louis
Louden, Ann, née Martin
Louden, John Emsley
Lozouet, Pierre Nicolas
Lucas, Jean Philippe
Lucas, Louisa Ann, née Allix
Lucas, Peter
Luce, George
Luce, John Francis
Luce, John George
Luckarift, Augusta Mary
Lumsden, Margaret
Lynch, John
Lyons, Jane Elizabeth
Lyte, Thomas Orphan
Mabey, Anna, née Meech
Mace, Anne Marie
Mackay, Margaret
Maclintock, Margaret Dickinson, née Maclintock
Madden, John
Maddigan, Jeremiah
Maddocks, Robert
Mahault, Sophie Aimable, née Desbouillons
Mahoney, Thomas
Maighney, Marguerite, née du Feu
Maigné, Julienne Jeanne, née Breté
Male, Samuel
Malherbe, Radolphe Francois
Malikin, Thomas
Malin, John Gibaut Marpin
Mallard, Mary Frances, née Courtis
Mallet, George Philippe
Mallet, Jane, née Lucas
Mallet, Philippe
Mallet, Thomas
Malzard, Elizabeth, née Laurens
Malzard, Jean
Malzard, Marie
Manley, Elizabeth, née Chevalier
Manley, William Barrington
Manning, Caroline
Marett, Edouard
Marett, Jean
Marett, John Touzel
Marett, Marguerite, née Dowell
Marett, Marguerite Elizabeth, née Marett
Marett, Marguerite Frances
Marett, Marie, née Le Sueur
Marie, Francois Albert
Marrett, Ann Elizabeth
Martel, Susanne, née Michel
Martin, Henriette, née Pottier
Martin, Margaret, née Rodgers
Martin, Maria
Martin, William
Martyn, Edward Nicolls
Maskell, Emma, née Goss
Masny, Mary
Masters, Constance Jane Florence
Mathias, Mary, née Mauger
Mauger, Francois
Mauger, Jane, née Ereaux
Mauger, Jean
Mauger, Philippe
Mauger, Philippe
Mauray, Jacques Toussaint, alias Boré
McAllen, Betsey, née Le Marquand
McAllen, John Henry
McCann, Catherine
McCarthy, Margaret, née Sullivan
McCarthy, Morris
McCarthy, Patrick
McCormick, David
McCormick, Elizabeth Ann
McDonald, Elizabeth, née Le Feuvre
McDonald, Henry
McFarlane, Sarah Jane
McGowan, Alice
McKee, Susan, née Collins
McKenzie, John Alfred
McLean, Henrietta
McNally, Ann
McNally, Edward
McNulty, Maria, née Edwards
Meadows, John Callender, Reverend
Measom, William
Meason, Mary Ann, née Dempsey
Medland, Thomas
Meech, Alfred John
Meek, Thomas
Melekin, Philip
Melekin, Sophie, née Mackintosh
Merett, William
Messervy, Elizabeth
Messervy, Jane, née Balleine
Metaier, Anna
Mew, Mary Ann
Miles, Ann Jane
Milne, Selina Mary Ann, née Sinel
Minchent, Gilbert Richmond
Minchington, Elizabeth Jane Susannah
Mitchell, Fanny
Mitchell, Francis William
Mitchell, Mary, née Lawrence
Mitchell, Mary, née Carroll
Mitchell, Michael
Mitchell, Sophia, née Wood
Mitchiner, Susanne, née Galichan
Moignard, Francis Deslandes
Moldoon, Elizabeth, née Malzard
Moldoon, Thomas
Mollet, Jean
Mollet, Mary Jane
Monamy, Rachel, née Mauger
Monck, James Philippe
Monet, Betty, née Le Breton
Monet, Philippe
Morrensey, Elizabeth
Morrisey, Michael
Morrison, Margaret, née Welsh
Morrison, Michael
Moses, Betsey, née Alicette
Moses, Betsey, née Alicette
Moses, Charles
Moses, Charles
Mounsey, Letitia, née Patteson
Mourant, Anne
Mourant, Elizabeth, née Nicolle
Mourant, Josué
Mourant, Marie Elizabeth, née Gallie
Mourant, Philippe Abraham
Mouton, Louise Marie
Mulgannon, Mary Ann, née Carrington
Mulligan, John, Sergeant
Mulot, Mary Ann
Murphy, Darby
Murray, Elizabeth
Nant, Mary, née Monamy
Narramore, Elizabeth, née West
Neale, Joseph
Neel, Charles
Neel, Elias Clement
Nepo, Charles
Newman, Maria, née Furzland
Newman, Richard
Nickels, William
Nicolle, Edouard
Nicolle, Elie
Nicolle, Marie, née Le Seelleur
Nicolle, Sophie Jeanne, née Nicolle
Noblet, Jean François
Noël, Edouard
Noel, Jean
Noel, John James
Norfolk, Elizabeth Ann
Norman, Elizabeth, née Aubert
Norman, George Edward
Norman, Harriet Fanny
Norrie, William
Nowlan, Bernard
O’Connor, Mary, née Derwin
Obren, Henry Fisher
O'Connor, Michael
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Craft, Martha Emma
O'Donnell, Hugh
O'Donoghue, Elizabeth, née Edkins
O'Keefe, Anna Jane
O'Keefe, Mary Ellen
Orange, Charles
Osmant, George Sturgis
Osment, Anna Louise
Osment, Elizabeth Ellen, née Tucker
Otté, Emma Harriette, née Penny
Otté, Joachim
Ozard, Mary Jane
Pallot, Betty
Pallot, Rachel, née Godfray
Pallot, Suky, née Le Gros
Pallot, Walter
Palmer, John
Palmer, John
Palot, Clement Henri
Park, Catherine Ann, née Mitchell
Parker, Eliza Ann
Parker, Henry
Parker, Sarah
Parsons, Amelia, née Berry
Pascoe, William
Pashley, Mary Ann, née Hill
Patout, Edouard Anthoine
Patout, Mary Ann, née Labey
Patten, Edward Charles
Payn, Elizabeth, née Le Boutillier
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Payn, Jean
Payn, Marie Rachel, née Filleul
Payn, Susanna Alice
Peak, Martha
Peake, Alice Maud
Peake, Joseph Henry Pearce
Pearce, Ann Elizabeth
Pearce, Anna
Peek, Jane
Pelerin, Frederic
Pelham, Charles Henry
Penery, Susanne, née Marett
Pepin, Jean
Pepin, Philippe
Pepin, William
Perchard, Ann, née Tavener
Perchard, Elizabeth, née Joslin
Perchard, Jeanne, née Valpy
Perezel, Delecia
Perryman, Richard Thomas
Pezet, Charles
Phelan, Margaret Ann
Phelan, Mary Ellen
Philips, Francis
Phillips, Ann Susan
Phillips, Esther, née Clement
Phillips, William
Pickard, Amelia, née Churchall
Pickford, Mary Jane, née Toogood
Picot, Alfred William
Picot, Ann Amelia
Picot, Esther Elizabeth, née de Gruchy
Picot, Philippe
Pike, Elizabeth Adelaide
Pike, Frederick Samuel
Pike, Mary Ann, née Clarke
Pincombe, Abraham
Pincombe, Mary Ann, née Irish
Pinel, George
Pinkham, Mary Jane
Pinney, Fanny Alice
Pinwill, Joseph
Pinwill, Joseph Thomas
Pipon, Susanna Mary Shilton
Pique, Stephen Francis
Piquet, Clement Thomas
Piquet, Thomas
Pirouet, Mary, née Le Mottee
Pitman, Isaac
Piton, Amelia, née Vickery
Piton, John George, Captain
Platt, Francois
Podester, Louisa
Poilpot, Isabelle Adele
Poingdestre, Abraham
Poingdestre, Jean
Poingdestre, Louisa Jane
Poirier, Ladoiska Eugenie
Pol, Honoré Jean Flour
Pol, Reine, née Fleché
Potter, Jane, née Moore
Potter, William Thomas
Pouclee, Nancy, née Le Dain
Poulain, Anne Jeanne, née Patson
Powell, Alfred William Henry
Power, Judith Rachel, née Le Boeuf
Preston, Robert
Prevel, Alice Esther
Priddle, Samuel
Provost, Yvet
Pullen, John
Purchase, Esther, née Le Feuvre
Quaglioni, Amelia Eugenia
Quenault, Azelie Josephine
Quenault, Jane Georgina
Quenault, Jean
Queree, Molly Jenny, née Queree
Queree, Philippe
Querée, Mary, née Giffard
Querée, Thomas
Querée, William
Quesnel, Charles, Doctor
Ragsdale, Louisa, née Witt
Rapsey, Thomas
Reardon, Bridget
Reid, John
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Charles Philip
Renouf, Charlotte
Renouf, Clement Hamon
Renouf, Elizabeth, née du Bois
du Bois, Elizabeth
Renouf, Elizabeth, née Le Vesconte
Le Vesconte, Elizabeth
Renouf, Florence Blanche
Renouf, Philippe Chevalier
Renouf, Thomas Holt
Rerden, Ann, née McKenzie
Richards, Elizabeth, née Le Gallais
Richardson, Anne, née Laverance
Richardson, Elizabeth, née Richardson
Richardson, John, Reverend
Rider, Elizabeth, née Frances
Rive, Elizabeth, née L'Amy
Robert, Francoise, née Fauvel
Roberts, Ann, née Vye
Robilliard, Clara Eva
Robilliard, Edwin
Robinson, Charlotte Sophia, née Renouf
Renouf, Charlotte Sophia
Rodney, Elizabeth, née Tinsley
Rogers, Sophia
Roissier, Jane
Rollings, John
Rolstone, Christopher John James
Romeril, Alice Finnie
Romeril, Annie Matilda
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, George
Romeril, George
Romeril, Jane Touzel
Romeril, Louisa
Romeril, William
Rosenfeld, William Arthur
Rouget, Francis
Round, Henry
Rowed, Richard
Ryan, Joanna
Salter, Edith
Samson, Henry
Samson, Mary Ann, née Toner
Sarre, Frederick
Sarre, Mary Ann, née Farrell
Saunders, Rosina Maria
Sbire, Esther, née Helleur
Scard, George
Scard, Mary Ann, née Blow
Scott, Elizabeth, née Crawley
Scott, George John
Screaton, Marguerite, née Hocquard
Seward, Charles
Shallow, Catherine
Sharland, William John
Shaw, John
Shaw, Maria Elizabeth
Shaw, Samuel
Sherlock, Edouard
Shewell, Ernest
Shewell, Margaret, née Fraser
Shiner, Ann, née Falle
Simmons, Fanny Jane
Simpson, Archibald
Sims, John
Sinel, Philippe
Sinel, William Courtney
Skews, Elizabeth, née Cummings
Smeeth, William
Smith, Emilie
Smith, Frances Selina
Smith, Henry James
Smith, John
Smith, Mary, née Shoosmith
Smith, Mary Sarah
Smith, William
Smith, William
Snelling, Ann
Soady, John Richard
Soper, Ann, née Farr
Spurring, Charles
Square, George William
Squire, William
Stag, Charlotte
Stancombe, James
Stanhope, Philip Lawrence John
Starck, Caroline Jane
Starck, Jane Eliza
Starck, Marie, née Messervy
Statt, Daniel
Stennett, Edward
Sterlinge, Marie Louise
Stevenson, Samuel John
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, Robert Walter
Stone, George Green
Strudwick, Selina Emma
Sullivan, Edouard
Sullivan, John
Supple, Bridget, née McMannes
Sweeney, Alfred James
Sweeney, Bryant
Sweeney, Thomas
Syvret, Elizabeth, née Misson
Syvret, George
Tanguier, Elizabeth Ann
Tanguier, John
Tapley, Alice Mary
Tapley, William John
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, George
Taylor, John Francis
Taylor, Patrick
Tence, Jean
Terry, Harriet, née Renouf
Terry, Matthew
Thanet, Francoise
Thauot, Alice Jane
Thauot, Peter
Thomas, Alfred Elie
Thompson, Mary Ann Jane
Thorn, Elizabeth, née Ottom
Thorne, Elizabeth
Thorpe, John
Tocque, Anne Jeanne
Tolervy, Jane, née Kesterton
Tomney, Peter
Toner, Elizabeth Ann
Toogood, Robert
Torode, John Frederick
Tourgis, Anne, née Romeril
Tourgis, Sara, née Pinel
Touzel, James Joseph Francis
Touzel, Mary Elizabeth Jane, née Collas
Tramp, Fanny, née Fallaize
Tramp, William, Captain
Trash, Henry
Tregaskis, Isabella Jane
Tregear, Jemima, née Webber
Tregear, John George
Trego, Susan, née Lewis
Treloar, Absalom
Treloar, John Henry
Treloar, Mary Jane, née Gilbert
Trott, James
Trott, Jane, née Hastie
Truffaut, Alexandre Aimable Michel
Truman, Francis Charles
Tucker, Ann, née Moyce
Tucker, John
Tucker, Richard
Tucket, Emma Lydia
Tynam, Caroline, née Laffoley
Tynam, Ellen Amelia
Tynam, John
Vardon, Charles Philippe
Vardon, John Edwin
Vasse, Desirée Henriette
Vasselin, Berthe Marie
Vasselin, Eliza Honorine
Vasselin, Elize Maria Virginie
Vasselin, Virginie Honorine, née de la Rue
Vautier, Charles, Captain
Vernon, Walter George
Vibert, Helier, Captain
Vibert, Susanne Marie, née Nicolle
Vidamour, Frederick Peter
Vigot, Francis Lewis
Vincent, Charles
Vincent, Mary Ann
Voisin, Francis John
Voisin, Mary,
Voisin, Thomas John
Vontom, Alice Georgiana
Vyvyan, Richard, Colonel
Wadams, Anna Maria, née Butcher
Waller, Elizabeth, née Simpson
Wallis, Charles
Wallis, Christiana, née Easton
Wallis, Jane Bennett
Warburton, Selina Rosannah
Ward, Hannah, née Johnson
Ward, Helen, née Sullivan
Ward, Patrick
Ward, Temperance Dry
Warin, Henry Julian
Waring, John
Warren, Hannah, née Jolliffe
Warren, Mary Ann
Warren, William
Waterman, Samuel
Watts, William
Way, John Robert
Weary, Joseph
Welsh, Emma Robin
Welsh, Sarah, née Harris
West, Robert
Whalin, Catherine, née Costillo
Whalin, Patrick
Wheeler, James John
Whitaker, Sarah, née Kean
White, Edward
White, John
White, Mary Ann
White, Patrick Henry
Whitel, Agnes Jane
Whittingham, Thomas
Whittley, Amelia
Wilcox, Charlotte
Willcocks, Mary, née Pearce
Williams, George
Williams, Susannah
Williams, William
Williams, William Alfred
Williamson, Ann
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Cornwell Baron
Wilson, Margaret,
Wilson, Susan Eliza, née de la Mare
Wood, Elizabeth Jane
Woods, Jane, née Lewis
Woods, Thomas
Woods, William
Xavier, Anne, née Leledier
Le Cras, Anne


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