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Croad and Sons Funeral Director -Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number. Please note that in this volume, the numbers 20020 - 20119 have been used twice - this is a mistake in the original volume,

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April 5th 1946 - March 2nd 1955


Croad and Sons (Funeral directors)
Abraham, Adelina Angelina, née Ferrand
Acourt, Wilhelmina Kate, née Acourt
Acton, Stephen
Adam, Walter Joseph
Adams, John Le Clercq
Adye, Isabel Constance, née Vickers
Ahier, Alice, née Pirouet
Ahier, Dorothy Louisa, née Stephens
Ahier, Emelie
Ahier, George Frederick
Ahier, Hannah Langlois, née Jehan
Ahier, John Philippe
Ahier, Louisa Agnes
Ahier, Lydie Elise, née Gruchy
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, Walter Clement
Airey, George Matthew
Alexander, William
Alexandre, Francis Philip
Alexandre, Lizzie Ann
Alexandre, Marguerite
Alexandre, Mary Jane
Allan, Alice Blanche, née Dalley
Allan, Pauline, née Young
Allbut, Florence Emily
Allen, Daisy Eleanor
Allen, George Alywin
Allix, Philip John
Amiot, Henriette Anne, née Darragh
Amiot, Peter Bienaimé
Amy, Anna Jane
Amy, Charles Vincent
Amy, Clarence Deslandes
Amy, Elise Mary
Amy, Ellen, née Whitehead
Amy, Emily Jane, née Frost
Amy, Florence Ellen, née Fisher
Amy, Florence Matilda
Amy, Francis
Amy, John Hamon
Amy, John Mourant
Amy, John William Giffard
Amy, Mariane Mary
Amy, Maud Mary
Amy, Thomas John
Anderson, Amelia Lydia, née Le Couilliard
Anderson, George
Anderson, Hilda Annie, née Fox
Anderson, John Emil
Andrews, Bertha, née Baylis
Andrews, Florence Jenny, née Doran
Andrews, John
Anido, Ernestina Regina
Anley, Ada Maud
Annesley, Arthur
Anquetil, Bella, née du Feu
Anquetil, Edmund
Aplin, Charles James
Armitt, Gladys, née Dumbill
Armstrong, Cecil Alfred
Armstrong, Ethel Calvert, née Evers
Arnold, Ruby Elizabeth Mary
Arrowsmith, Christopher John
Arscott, Mary
Arthur, Alfred Noé
Arthur, Edith, née Le Rougetel
Arthur, Hedley Mortimer
Ashford, Charles Edward
Asplet, Hubert
Atkins, Violet Edith Mary, née Budd
Aubert, Elizabeth Jane, née Nant
Aubert, Eugenie Rose, née d'Hermilly
Aubin, Clarence John
Aubin, Susannah Roaf
Aubin, Thomas Vickery
Aubin, Victorine Françoise, née Le Ribault
Averty, Phyllis Elizabeth, née Hutchings
Avery, George Edwin
Ayre, Dorothea, née Hammond
Ayton, Edward Innes
Baal, George
Bagnall, Leonard
Bailey, Alfred Edward
Bailey, Ann Mary, née Le Maistre
Bailey, Eliza, née Pallot
Bailey, Harry
Bailey, William Harrison
Baker, Amelia Ann, née Gruchy
Baker, Annie Louisa, née Baker
Baker, Cecilia Ada, née Gallie
Baker, Marjorie, née Hamling
Baker, Thomas William
Baldwin, Arthur Charles John
Balston, Blanche Mary Maud, née Foley
Bannister, John Murray
Barbier, Harold John
Barbier, Louisa
Barbier, Mabel Marie
Bardin, Antoinette
Bardin, Hilda Ruby, née Noel
Barker, Emily, née Harber
Baron, Josephine Marie
Barr, John Angelo
Barrett, Edward
Barron, Jessie Somillie, née Rae
Barrot, Elizabeth Jane, née Piquet
Barrot, Louis Auguste
Barry, Ann
Barry, Maureen, née Comyn
Bartlett, Evelyn Ella, née Eldon
Bartlett, Henry Frank
Bartlett, John Thomas
Bartlett, Justine, née Biggs
Barton, Alice Maud Mary, née Cox
Bastide, Michel
Batchelor, Winifred Cavell, née Renouf
Baterd, François Marie
Battam, Alice Alexandra
Battam, Lydia Lucinda, née Stone
Bauche, Elvina Clara, née Le Boutillier
Bauche, Philip
Baudains, Albert
Baudains, Arthur La Croix
Baudains, Edward Sydney
Baudains, Hannah, née Queripel
Baudains, Jacqueline Ann
Baudains, Joshua
Baudains, Maria Godfray, née Jeune
Baudains, Stella, née George
Baudains, Thomas George
Baxendale, Elizabeth Ellen, née Ormisher
Baxter, Alfred William
Bear, Kenneth Wilfred
Beasley, Louisa Elizabeth, née Poingdestre
Beaugie, John Samuel
Beer, Annie Watson, née Jean
Belk, Ada Blanche, née Le Cornu
Bell, Elizabeth Anne
Bell, John
Bellamy, Frederick William
Bellot, John
Belton, William Henry
Bendixon, Grace Shaw, née Forwood
Benest, Anne Amelia Sophia, née Pinel
Benest, Eliza Lavinia
Benest, Elize Sarah, née Legg
Benest, Florence Emily
Benest, George
Benest, Nancy Gertrude, née Turner
Benest, Peter Jeremy
Benest, Richard Michael
Benett, Arthur Morris
Bennett, Charlotte Amelia, née Le Bourg
Benoit, Marie Catherine, née Riou
Berry, John Jeffrey
Bertram, Adeline Florence, née Richomme
Bertram, Elizabeth, née Mourant
Bertram, Florence Eliza Maria, née Le Cornu
Bertram, John
Best, William Joseph
Bevan, Alfred James
Bevis, Albert John
Bevis, Edith Maud, née Rose
Bichard, Alice Eliza, née Le Gros
Bichard, James
Bichard, Marie Josephe, née Rivoallon
Bickmore, Arthur
Biddle, Blanche Gertrude
Biddlecombe, George Francis Joseph
Bidois, Mary Lena, née Fernand
Bigwood, James Thomas
Billot, Adeline Therese Ann, née Thomas
Billot, Philip Edward
Binckes, Thomas Morden
Binet, Alice Maud, née Mabey
Binet, Emily Margaret, née Dunsford
Binet, Emmeline Maud, née Renouf
Binet, Henry John
Binet, Martha
Binet, Sophie Elize, née Balleine
Bisson, Agnes, née Le Gros
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Edward Philip
Bisson, George Philippe
Bisson, Henrietta Jane, née Bisson
Bisson, John Wesley
Bisson, Margaret, née Warburton
Bisson, Marie Azela Pauline, née Dutot
Bisson, Walter
Bisson, William Charles
Black, William Allan
Blackburn, Lawrence
Blacker, John George
Blackler, Maud Mary, née Yeatman
Blackmore, Roy Edward
Blackmore, William Isaac
Blampied, Charles John
Blampied, Edith Mary, née Le Brocq
Le Brocq, Edith Mary
Blampied, Harold John
Blampied, Jane Ann, née Journeaux
Journeaux, Jane Ann
Blampied, John Clarence
Blampied, Laura Emily
Blampied, Matilda Cecelia, née Griffin
Blampied, Rosina Emma
Blampied, Roy Charles
Blampied, Walter Henry
Blampied, William Albert
Blason, Ann Alice, née Colclough
Bliaux, Richard Francis
Blight, Leonard Henry
Blogg, Herbert
Boardman, Alexander Slight
Boielle, Constance, Purrier
Boleat, John Ernest
Bond, James Anderson
Bonhomme, Jean
Bonnerdal, Octavie
Boot, Florence Annie, née Rowe
Boots, Charles
Boots, Minnie, née Perrins
Boswell, Martha Emily, née Sinclair
Boudier, Angeline Louise, née Le Jeune
Bougourd, James
Boulard, Leonore Marie
Boulvard, Stephanie Marceline, née Surcouf
Bovill, Kenneth
Bowden, Havelock Leslie
Bowman, Mary Julia
Bown, Alice Emilienne, née Buchet
Bowring, Ernest Hugh
Bowring, Medora Frances, née Hixon
Bracher, Edith Margaret, née Pearse
Brant, Ellen Margaret
Bree, Touzel John
Brehaut, Grace May, née Devenish
Brehaut, William Augustus
Briard, Ernest Touzel
Briard, John Winter
Brien, George
Brighton, Emma
Britton, Annie Elizabeth, née Cory
Britton, Kenneth
Broad, Florence Mary
Brochet, Clara Susan, née Le Clercq
Bromlif, Marie
Brooke, Arthur
Brooks, Harriet Rachel
Brown, Albert Edward
Brown, Elizabeth Margaret
Brown, Gladys May
Brown, J A, née Chillingworth
Brown, Jack Walter
Brown, Margaret Evelyn, née Bartrop
Brown, Percival
Brown, Peter Sainsbury
Brown, Reginald Malcolm
Brown, William Henry
Brownbridge, Reginald Robert Foster
Brucker, George
Bruckner, Lilian Noel, née Hodgeson
Bryant, Lewis Albert
Buchan, John Gordon Pride
Buchanan, Robert Alexander Niven
Buckingham, Ernest Edward
Buckingham, John Carol
Buckland, Edith Helen, née Chapman
Buesnel, Edwin
Buesnel, Philip
Buesnel, Philip Francis
Bull, Florence Mary, née Barton
Bull, Marian Joan, née Bull
Burch, Fanny Elizabeth, née Banks
Burges, Annie Clara, née Stone
Buriel, Marie Renée, née Fleury
Burnham, Frank William
Burr-Bryan, Grace, née Hardinge
Burrell, Fontaine Meers
Burton, Leslie
Bush, Charles Edward
Buswell, Henry Hope
Butler, Ernest
Butler, Pierce Essex O'Brien
Buttfield, Louisa, née Corbin
Buzeval, Charles Adolphe
Cabeldu, Alfred Herbert
Cabot, Charles Elie
Cabot, Clifford Raymond
Cabot, Mabel Frances, née Henderson
Cabot, Mary Ann Ida, née Morris
Cabot, Philip Jules
Cabot, Rosa Elsie, née Ahier
Cabot, Susan Jane, née Chambers
Cadell, Charles Alexander Elliot
Cadin, Edwin William
Cake, Johanna, née McElligott
Camacho, Matilda Augusta
Cameron, Ralph Abercromby
Camp, Thomas
Campbell, Charles Ross
Campion, Henry Charles Theron
Canning, Jane
Carré, Fanny Clementine, née Le Gros
Carry, Peter
Carter, Emily, née Lempriere
Carter, Mary Jane, née Messervy
Carver, Alice Maud, née Dunell
Cary, Blanche Lydia, née Billot
Cary, Eliza Jane, née Le Bailly
Cassin, Bienaime Armand Desiré
Catlow, Herbert
Caulfield, Kathleen Mary, née Holt
Cave, Henry Arthur
Cavey, Elsie Amy, née Le Lievre
Cavey, Sydney John
Cavey, Wilfred George
Cawley, Francis Henry
Challinor, Eva Beatrice, née Noakes
Chamier, Daniel Trenham
Champagne, Jeanne Marie, née Connan
Champion, Arthur William John
Champion, Louisa Janet, née Le Sueur
Chandler, Anthony
Chandler, Grace Evelyn, née Smith
Chandler, William Percy Gann
Channing, William James
Chapman, Alfred Walter
Chapman, Irene Rhoda, née Berry
Chapman, Thomas Musgrave Gray
Chapman, Thomas William
Chapple, Emma Eliza
Charles, Eliza, née du Feu
Chassereau, Douglas Hamilton
Chatel, Iris Gladys, née Tucker
Chazel, Walter Frederick
Chazel, William Samuel
Cheriton, Gwennyth Marguerite Ellors, née Rickards
Chevalier, Eva Annie, née Honeycombe
Ching, Elizabeth
Ching, Emily, née Benest
Ching, Vera Marguerite
Chisholm, Anne, née Banster
Chisholm, Malcolm James
Chittenden, Francis Henry
Chupeau, Anne Marie, née Gascoyne
Churchill, John James
Clark, Robert
Clarke, Ellenore Gertrude, née Lister
Clarke, Eunice, née Noel
Clarke, Harry
Clarke, Kate Constance, née Williamson
Clarke, Mary Elizabeth, née Houguet
Clarke, Minnie Florence, née Pye-Finch
Claydon, Clara Jane
Clayton, Edith
Clement, John Henry William
Clement, Minnie, née Wells
Cloarec, Marie Noelle, née Merrien
Clothier, Elsie Emma Anna, née Francis
Clothier, Trudi Anne
Cobden, Herbert
Cobley, Annie Louisa, née Barker
Cockburn, Ivy Winifred, née Clements
Cocking, Marion Florence, née Langley
Coenen, Irene Mabel, née Le Cocq
Coffey, Laura Ann, née Follain
Colan, Emily, née Carter
Colbert, Albert
Cole, Edith Evelina, née Godden
Cole, Walter
Collas, Florence Esther
Collas, John Philip
Collings, Harry Ralph
Collins, Gladys Muriel Madeleine, née Thuillier
Collins, Kathleen Gladys, née Sylvester
Collins, Marie Pauline, née Hurel
Collins, Michael Richard
Collins, Sarah Jane, née Lucas
Collins, Vernon Bassett
Comber, Alan Bryan
Coney, Patrick Edward
Connan, Augustine Marie
Connell, Alice Amelia, née Gale
Connell, Anne M, née Le Riche
Conway, William George
Cooke, Florence, née Perrins
Cooke, Florence, née du Pré
Coombs, Augustine, née Bechemin
Coombs, Charles Sidney
Coombs, Charles Sidney
Coombs, Elsie Ida, née Le Riche
Coombs, Susan Alice, née Le Gros
Cooper, Edith Agnes, née Pierce
Coorcock, Samuel Stevens
Copelstone, William Drake
Copp, Alice, née Le Gros
Copp, Violet Esther
Coram, Emelie Marie, née Tredant
Corbet, Ernestine Harriet, née Gonfroy
Corbin, Frederick George
Cornish, James Hughes
Cornish, James William
Cory, Martha Elizabeth Harrington, née Newnham
Cossham, William Lorymer
Costard, Clara Lee
Costard, Percival Richard
Cotton, Benjamin Temple
Coutanche, Eloise Janet
Coutanche, Lucile Eugenie, née Perchard
Coutanche, Lydia, née Baudains
Coutts, Duncan
Couture, Marie Anna
Coventry, Russell
Coward, Ellen Louisa
Coward, James Luckraft
Cowdery, Francis Lansley John
Cowey, Joy Alexandra Beatrice
Cowley, Elizabeth Louisa Stratton
Cox, John
Cox, Lillie Caroline, née Gander
Coxshall, Alice Julia, née White
Coxshall, Philip
Coyen, Victorine Marie, née Le Baux
Cracknell, Alice Maud Mary
Cracknell, Frederick Charles
Crill, Minnie Perchard, née Touzel
Cristin, Joshua Ogier
Crittall, Lydia Mabel, née Revy
Croad, Helena Jane, née Le Sueur
Croft, Fanny Elizabeth
Crook, Frederick Richard
Cross, Mary, née Touzel
Cudlipp, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Billot
Cuming, Charles James
Cuming, John
Cuming, Winifred Louisa
Cummings, Adelaide Anne, née Downton
Cunningham, Helen
Cunningham, John
Curwood, James Arthur
Custard, William Charles Elton
Dailey, Emily Mary, née Le Sueur
Dalgliesh, Marianne Pringle, née Gardner
Dalgliesh, Percy
Dallain, Walter Bree
Dance, George Whitmore
Darracott, Anne
d'Auvergne, Alice Jane, née Payn
Davenport, John
Davenport, Sara Mabel, née Goodier
Davey, Ada Susannah Louisa, née Gallichan
Davey, Jennifer Valerie
Davey, Victorine, née Hardey
Davey, William Charles
David, Marie Francoise, née Beaudet
Davies, Alice
Davies, Flora Peers, née Goulden
Davies, John
Davies, Katie, née Teague
Davies, Louisa Ann, née Lewis
Davies, Thomas Frank
Davis, Arthur Randle
Davison, James Edwin
Davison, Rugby Percy
Davy, Frederick Alexander
Daw, Emma Agnes, née Le Brun
Day, Elvina, née Connell
Day, George Thomas
Day, Peter Philip Thomas
Day-Luce, Jessie Josephine
de Bourcier, Ella Dora, née Keeping
de Bourcier, Elsie Susan, née Rattenbury
de Carteret, Augustine Desirée, née Lamy
de Carteret, Henry
de Carteret, Nellie, née Wells
de Dotteville, George William Le Cocq
de Faye, Marguerite Marie
de Gruchy, Ada Jane
de Gruchy, Alice Collas, née Le Cornu
de Gruchy, Charles George Mourant
de Gruchy, John Thomas
de Gruchy, Mabel Jane
de Gruchy, Percival
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Philip John
de Gruchy, Thomas John
de Gruchy, Thomas Raymond
de Jersey, Frederick Joseph
de la Haye, Alice
de la Haye, Annie Adelina, née de Veulle
de La Haye, Clarence Bert
de la Haye, Eliza
de la Haye, Elizabeth
de la Haye, George Francis
de la Haye, Louisa, née Châtel
de la Haye, William George
de la Mare, Clarence Arthur
de la Mare, Clarence John
de la Mare, Julia Jane Charlotte, née Fauny
de la Mare, Lucy Jane, née Barry
de la Mare, Madeline May
de La Mare, Margaret Elizabeth, née Ellet
de La Mare, Sally Ida
de la Mare, Thomas Charles
De la Mothe, Philip Thomas
De La Motte, Alice
de La Perelle, Louis Philippe
de la Perrelle, Edwin George
de La Perrelle, Hélène Mary, née Le Goubey
de la Taste, Bertha Charlotte
de la Vega, Marie, née Le Vesconte
de Laquaine, Marie Therese, née Pennier
de Lescherry, Roger George Richard
de Quincey, Sanders Herbert
de Rue, Philip de Gruchy
de Souza, Walter Edward
De Ste Croix, Alfred Arthur
de Ste Croix, Annie Elizabeth, née Adams
de Ste Croix, Mavis Vera, née Richomme
de Visme, Robert Francis James
Dearnley, Ellen, née Biltcliffe
Dempsey, James Dermott
Denis, Charlotte Marie, née Beaugeard
Denis, Edmund James
Dent, Thomas Edward
Denville, Kate, née Saville
Desdoity, Annette
Deslandes, George Edward
Deslandes, Marjorie Whitel, née Robins
Despart, Albert Simon
Dessoude, Henri Leon Pierre
Dethan, Adelaide Rebecca, née Connell
Dick, John McPherson
Dignum, Graham Charles
Diment, Frederick John
Dimmick, Ada Theodora
Dimond, Anna Rebecca, née Davis
Dimond, Helène, née Banch
Dobbs, Edith Mary, née McFerran
Dobbs, Henry Hugh
Dodd, Edmund Victor
Donnithorne, Clarence Edward Stuart Comyn
Donoghue, John Waters
Donoghue, William James
Donovan, Annie Amelia, née Rogers
Dorey, John Francis
Dorkins, Francis John
Douglas, Gertrude Marion Thornton
Douglas, Louisa Alice Maud, née Adams
Downton, Mary Jane, née Poole
Drake-Brookman, May Kathleen, née Chesnaye
Drelaud, Emma Harriet, née Benoist
Drelaud, Henry
Dresser, Percy Bates
Dreux, George
Drew, Johanna, née Dwyer
Drew, John Wilfred
Drieux, Cesarine
Driscoll, Andrew William
Drube, Emma Rose, née Jeune
du Feu, Arthur Stanley
du Feu, Augusta Selina, née Bouillon
du Feu, George Winter
Du Feu, John William
du Feu, Lydia Mary, née Amy
du Feu, Percival
du Feu, Walter
du Jardin, Millicent Winifred
du Mosch, Nora Alice, née Benest
du Mosch, Olive May
du Pre, Annie, née Laurens
du Val, Pierre
Dudgeon, Leslie Andrew
Dudley-Smith, Enid Doris, née McCulloch
Duffin, Charlotte
Dumosch, Clementine Victorine, née Ferey
Dunell, Annie, née Fox
Dunell, William Frederick
Dunmore, William Ernest
Dunsford, Lizzie Marie Katherine
Dupré, Marguerite, née Vaudin
Dupré, Percy Wilfred
Durkin, Ronald Joseph
Dutot, Frank John
Dutot, John Arthur
Dutot, Madeleine, née Guibert
Eager, Emilie Yvonne
Egré, John Tourgis
Elford, Alfred Buller
Elie, Edward Joseph
Ellett, Selina
Elliott, Henrietta Maria, née Adolp
Ellis, Doris Holbrook, née Ogier
Ellis, Phyllis Gertrude, née Coutanche
Emby, Phyllis Lockwood
Emms, Derek Gordon
English, Doreen Mabel, née Porter
Esau, Florence, née Fudge
Esnouf, Clara
Etienne, Jean François
Eudes, Jeanne, née Marie
Evans, Joshua
Eve, John Basil
Ewart, William Herbert Lee
Ewens, Louisa Ann, née Le Bredonchel
Faed, Frank Grant
Faiers, Gordon Robert
Fairs, David Arnold
Falle, Alice Ann, née Falle
Falle, Bertram Godfray
Falle, Edith
Falle, Gladys Vernon
Fallis, Maria
Farley, Sarah Catherine, née Jackson
Farmery, John William Schofield
Farndon, Mary Ford, née Hayes
Farrar, John
Farwell, Walter Lamond
Faucon, Kenneth Richard
Fauvel, Ada Florence, née Campbell
Fauvel, Clarissa Edina, née Noel
Fauvel, George Francis
Fauvel, Philip John
Fawcett, Frederick Benjamin
Fellowes, Unity Laura Elizabeth
Feltham, Matilda Jane, née Cousins
Fennell, Fred
Fentum, Annie Louise, née Fooks
Ferey, Auguste Charles
Ferey, Clara Catharine, née Young
Ferrant, Alice Ada Jane, née Badier
Ferrant, Elizabeth Mary
Ferris, Eliza Elizabeth, née Sauvey
Ferry, Nelly Ann, née Bassett
Fichou, Julie Blanche, née D'Orleans
Field, Harriet, née Rose
Filleul, Charles de Veulle
Filleul, Eliza Ann, née Pitman
Filleul, Mabel Esther, née Le Brun
Filleul, Mabel Julia
Findlay, Thomas William
Finnie, Annie Margaret
Fisher, Frederick Hubert
Fitch, Frederick
Flavelle, Rose Alice, née Starkey
Fleming, Peter
Ford, David John
Forestier, Hyacinthe
Forrest, Edward James Forysth
Fosse, Ernest Auguste
Foster, Amy Alice, née Meatchems
Foster, Charles Robert
Foster, Florence
Foster, Thomas Charles
Fowler, Eveline
Fox, Ellen Olivia, née Brown
Fox, William Henry
Fraboulet, Yves Marie
France, Edward Mortimer
Frank, Pauline Jane
Fraser, Charles
Fraser, John Henry Pearson
Fraser, Norah, née Sanders
Freake, Alice Maud, née McFadyen
Freeman, John William
Freeman, Winifred Ella, née Marsh
Freixas, Edith Maud, née Bartlett
French, Faye, née Renouf
Frizell, Charles William
Frost, Frederick George
Fry, Elizabeth, née Chillingworth
Fry, Percival
Fulton, Adelaide Amy, née Hamon
Fulton, James Alexander
Gabent, Florence Annie, née Burgess
Gabent, Philomène Marie, née Des Bois
Gale, Adolphus
Gallichan, Alice Jane, née Le Boutillier
Gallichan, Annie Ellen, née Wood
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Edina Payne, née Godfray
Gallichan, Eliza
Gallichan, Francis Roissier
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Hilda Fanny
Gallichan, Hilda Fanny
Gallichan, Louisa Alice, née Mourant
Gallichan, Ruth Greenway, née Lane
Gallichan, Sarah Ann, née Bowles
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, William Henry
Gallichan, William John
Gallie, Francis Walter
Gallway, Flora Caroline, née Oxenden
Gammon, Hilda, née Petty
Gange, Frank Belson
Garde, Frances, née Morvan
Gardner, Gertrude
Garner, Eric Spencer
Garnier, Frederick John Bisson
Garnier, Jane Mary, née Bisson
Gaskell, Arthur
Gates, James Francis
Gaubert, Marie Cecile, née Hamon
Gaudin, Eva Ann
Gautier, Marie Antoinette
Gavey, Jean Barbenson
Gavey, Marie Elisabeth
Genegout, Marie Francoise
Gerard, Philip John
Germain, David Arthur John
Gershom-Parkington, Frederick
Gibaut, John Charles
Gibbins, Elise Amelia, née Nicolle
Gibbs, Ernest William
Giffard, Eva Madeline
Gilbey, Daniel Arthur
Gillam, Clara, née Ebdon
Gillard, Louie Annie, née Laurens
Gillard, Sydney Charles
Gilson, Edward Howell
Ginns, Williams Tyrrell
Girard, James Daniel
Girfitt, Gertrude Isabel
Gladden, William
Glen, Graham
Glendenning, Edith Allan, née Hope
Glovernée Whitehead
Goarin, Marie Therese, née Allo
Godel, Clara Elizabeth, née White
Godfray, Alfred Denis Bertram
Godfray, Bessie, née Mollet
Godfray, John Vance
Godfray, Luther
Godfray, Mary Ann Filleul
Godrich, Florence Jane, née Moignard
Godrich, Samuel Alexander
Golding, Elvina Emily, née Giffard
Goldsmith, Sydney Douglas
Goldsmith, Walter Alfred
Gomm, Daisy Olive, née Filleul
Goode, Leonard Bruce
Goode, Ronald Walter James
Gorin, Emilie Marie, née Le Fevre
Gorin, Gertrude Mary, née Preece
Gorin, John Francis
Gosselin, Charles Winter
Gottrell, Adolphus John
Gottrell, Gertrude Caroline, née Lowden
Gottrell, Philip George Alfred
Gouffini, Joseph Alexandre
Gould, Denise Florence Elsie
Gould, Henry Reginald
Gould, Leonard
Goutté, Alice, née Le Gallais
Graham, Anne Jane, née Thomson
Grandin, Alice Eliza
Grandin, Alice Mary Ann, née Le Breton
Grandin, Anne Rachel, née Luce
Grandin, Bertha Desiree, née Drouet
Grandin, Doris Grace, née Crockett
Grandin, Emily Lilian, née Le Sueur
Grandin, Reginald Herbert
Grant, Kathleen, née Simpkins
Graut, Phyllis Doreen, née Hardman
Green, Ann, née Le Cocq
Green, George Henry
Green, Joseph Charles
Green, Rachel Mary, née Taquet
Gregory, Helena, née Jones
Griffin, Olive Aline, née Jouny
Griffiths, James
Griffiths, William Henry
Griffiths-Lester, Ada Emily, née Benest
Grigg, Anna Maud
Grigg, Marian Emma
Grimwood, Ralph Vere
Grindin, Charles Frederick
Groom, Alice Emily, née Enbley
Grossman, Oskar
Grover, Dorothy Maud
Gruchy, Caroline, née Binet
Gruchy, Caryl Ann
Guegan, Jean
Guenier, Adela Maud, née Vigot
Guillard, Alexandra Elizabeth, née Hawkins
Hawkins, Alexandra Elizabeth
Guillemet, Marie Margaret, née Briand
Guillou, Yves Marie
Guiton, George Filleul
Guiton, Leonora Sarah, née Guiton
Gulliver, Rhoda
Guyot, Maria Berthe, née Ecolasse
Guzzwell, John
Hacquoil, Elizabeth Sophie, née Bowditch
Haills, Clare, née Holden
Haines, John Abraham
Haines, William Theodore
Hairon, Emile Romain
Hake, Arthur John
Hake, Florence Ethel, née Le Cocq
Hall, Arthur
Hall, Arthur Newman
Hall, Cora Amelia, née Bartlett
Hall, Janet Sexey
Hall, Percy Newman
Halliday, George
Halliday, Jane, née McConnell
Halling-Evans, Christopher James Maule
Halls, Annie, née Skeats
Hambly, William Charles
Hamby, Charles Heddon
Hamling, John William
Hamon, Ada, née Yeatman
Hamon, Doris Alice, née Asplet
Hamon, Edith Maud
Hamon, Ella Annie
Hamon, Emily Florence, née Hettich
Hamon, Francis Philip
Hamon, George
Hamon, George
Hamon, John de Gruchy
Hamon, Lilian Ethel, née Strang
Hamon, Mary Louisa, née Fowler
Hamon, Thomas John
Handley, Miriam, née Clark
Hankinson, Robert James
Hansford, Frederick Clarence
Hansford, Jane Mary, née Fromager
Harben, Clarence George
Harben, Elvina, née Le Lievre
Harding, Sarah, not recorded
Hardman, Emma Justina, née Helloco
Hardy, Francois Victor
Bedford, Louise Ada Marion Shelly, née Young
Harris, Ada Laura, née Bertram
Harris, Alfred Charles
Harris, Arthur George Robert Charles
Harris, Clara Jane
Harris, Henry Charles
Harris, John
Harris, Winifred Maud, née Nicolle
Harrison, Albert
Harrison, Herbert Reginald
Harrison, Hilda Mary, née Stampson
Harrison, Jack Cecil
Hartridge, Louise, née Tangee
Harvey, John Herbert John
Hawkes, Laura Gwendoline
Haynes, Helena, née Jeune
Hayward, Alfred Francis
Headen, Violet, née Scott
Heading, Amelia, née Bowman
Heading, Frank
Heal, Mary Jane, née Copp
Heard, Beatrice, née Denis
Helleur, George Samuel
Helleur, John George
Helps, Geoffrey Alan
Henderson, Claude Duncan
Hendriks, Cornelis Hendrik
Henley, Charlotte, née Tabb
Henry, Emily Augutus
Henry, Ferdinand
Henton, Bernard Arthur
Hepworth, Sarah Ann, née Wood
Hepworth, Sarah Ann, née Wood
Herbert, Madeleine Florence, née Horsfall
Hermes, Rose Annie, née Cooper
Heron, John
Hérouville, Maud Dorsey, née Le Ruez
Herrell, Denis
Herring, Gwendoline Maude, née Ellis
Herring-Smith, Marjorie, née Heaton
Hervé, Françoise, née Rebilliard
Heurtaux, Lilian Alice
Hezlett, Mary Kathleen Amy, née Good
Hibbs, Ellen Elizabeth, née Truscott
Hibbs, Francis Charles
Hide, Cecilia, née North
Hill, Arthur Hedley
Hilson, Eva Brewster
Hind, Jane Ahier, née Proper
Hind, Walter
Hingston, Alice Rachel, née Hall
Hitchen, Elsie Lilian, née Winter
Hobley, Ernest
Hocquard, Emile
Hocquard, Florence, née de La Mare
Hocquard, John Edward
Hodder, Maud Jane, née de La Perelle
Hodge, Elise, née Ahier
Hodges, Edwin James
Holland, Alfred George
Holley, Caroline Charlotte, née Holley
Holley, Rosemary
Holmes, Henry Burvill
Homer, Sarah Jane
Honeycombe, Harriet Helleur, née de La Haye
Hope, David Brian
Hopkins, Mabel Violet, née Ball
Hornby, Philip Florance
Horne, Margaret Jane, née Browning
Horton, Clarence William
Horton, Elizabeth Jane, née Barbier
Horton, Eva Winifred, née Payne
Hossack, William Bartlet
Hotton, Emma Louise, née Hepburn
Houguez, Elizabeth Ann
Houillebecq, Louisa Matilda, née Goufini
Houquet, Marie Frances, née Olivry
Housman, Florence Zillah Elizabeth, née Alford
Houssin, Marie Françoise, née Mauvieux
Howard, Walter John
Hubert, Arthur
Hubert, Francis
Hubert, Mabel du Bois
Hubert, Mary Angelina, née Josset
Huelin, Adelina Elizabeth, née Le Boutillier
Huelin, Ann Harriet
Huelin, Charles Francis
Huelin, Philippe
Huet, Alice Alexandrina, née Drouin
Huet, Jean Baptiste
Huggett, Louisa Mariam, née Bignill
Hughes, Annie Joyce, née James
Hughes, William
Hull, Betty Lilian
Humby, Jessie Rose
Humphries, Henrietta, née Baker
Humphrys, May Elizabeth
Hunt, Alice Mary
Hunt, Christina, née Ormiston
Hunt, Ellen Agnes
Hunt, Jean Blair
Hunt, Stewart Spencer
Hurel, Adele, née Le Moal
Hurel, Peter Julian
Hurry, Adeline Hurry, née Brackenridge
Hurst, Alice Selina Margaret, née Hurst
Husband, Arthur
Hutchings, Alfred Renouf
Hutchings, George James
Hutchinson, Allan Moir
Hutchinson, Henrietta Germaine, née de Chazel
Hutton, Marian Hughnita
Hynes, Ernest
Isaacson, Anna Aurora, née Moritz
Isherwood, Richard
Jackson, Clara Jane
Jackson, Margaret Louise
Jacob, George Alfred
Jacob, Rose Esther, née Beaumont
Jaffry, Anna Marie
Jancour, Marie, née Morice
Jandron, Florence Emily, née Pluck
Jandron, Philip Edward
Janvrin, Walter
Jasper, Kathleen Maud, née Keeping
Jean, Annie, née Watson
Jean, Ernest Albert
Jean, John George
Jean, John Watson
Jeanne, Alphonse Ernest Athanase
Jefferies, Amy
Jehenne, Victor Louis
Jenne, Mary Jane, née Picot
Jerrom, Louisa Mary, née Foster
Jerrom, Mary Elizabeth
Jesty, William James
Jeune, Cecialia, née Copp
Jeune, Louisa Ann, née Henri
Jeune, Lydia Lizzie, née Camp
Job, Emma Harriet, née Huxham
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, Frederic George
Johnson, Samuel Gordon
Johnstone, Jane
Johnstone, Thomas Sleman
Jolin, Robert Henry
Joll, Charles John
Jones, Edward Selwood
Jones, Emily Amelia, née Garland
Jones, John Frederick
Jones, Sarah Ann, née Jenkins
Jordan, Ada Harriet, née Sinclair
Jordan, John William Thomas
Jordan, Olva Dean Elizabeth
Joseph, Ferguson Michael
Jouanny, Mary Ann E, née Helie
Journeaux, Arthur Henry
Journeaux, Florence, née Terry
Journeaux, George John
Journeaux, Stanley Walter
Joy, Eliza, née Millner
Juhel, Clarence Francis
Kalber, Eleanora, née Edwards
Kalber, Frederick
Kalber, Winifred Eleanora
Keen, Emily Annie
Kemish, Daisy May, née Wood
Kemp, Irene Winifred, née Huson
Kempster, Albert Joseph
Kendall, Marguerita, née Cummings
Kennedy-Taylor, Norah, née Swan
Kent, Irene Grace, née Gould
Kerichard, Maria, née Le Roy
Kerkham, James Chapman
Keyho, Edith Florence
Keyse, Thomas
Keywood, William James
Kilgour, Helen, née Leithead
Killey, Herbert Henry
King, Arthur Victor
King, Eleanor May
King, Jack St Aubyn
Kingswall, Albert Douglas
Kinsey, Mary
Kitcher, Adelaide, née Pirouet
Kitcher, Edward Henry
Kitcher, George
Kitcher, Terence Michael
Knapton, Frances Elizabeth
Knight, Mary Ann
Knocker, George Stodart
Knocker, Mary Ann, née Chamberlain
Knox, Henry Howe Cuff
Kurrels, Emma, née Konincks
La Cloche, Bertha Annie, née Beck
La Cloche, Louisa Maria Esther
La Goguée, Marie Joseph
Labey, Lydia Jane, née Mourant
Labey, Matilda Jane, née Ahier
Labey, Thomas Henry
Laffoley, Delphine Marie, née Holley
Laffoley, George
Laffoley, Roger Charles
Laffoley, Selina Grace
Lamerton, Mabel Harriett
L'Amy, Evelyn Florence, née Kitcher
Landick, Arthur Stephen
Landick, Lilian Jane, née Moody
Lane, Annie Laurie, née Smith
Langford, Albert Thomas
Langford, Kathleen Mildred, née Ray
Langler, Catherine Charlotte, née Britton
Langlois, Alan Edward
Langlois, Amy Eliza, née Le Gatois
Langlois, Arthur Philip
Langlois, James Ferdinand Charles
Langlois, John Reginald
Langlois, John Richard Francis
Langlois, Réné Auffrey
Langlois, Susie Delicia, née Vigot
Langworthy, Evelyn Maud, née Blampied
Blampied, Evelyn Maud
Larbalestier, Lydia Maud Florence, née Chappel
Laugeard, Mary Julia, née Le Cocq
Laurens, Alfred Thomas
Laurens, Betty
Laurens, Emma Fanny, née Tourgis
Laurens, George Oscar
Laurens, Harold Herbert
Laurens, Ivy Clementine, née La Cloche
Laurens, Jessie, née Holder
Laurens, John William
Laurens, Percival George
Laurens, Rosa Louisa
Law, Annie Elizabeth
Lawrence, Jesse
Laycock, Jane Mary, née Bond
Lazenbey, Margaret, née Potts
Le Bas, Henry Mahy
Le Bas, William Frederick Mallet
Le Bas, William Philip
Le Ber, Jane Marie, née Ballaine
Le Blancq, Clifford Arthur
Le Blancq, Durell Larner
Le Blancq, Louisa Francis, née Le Cocq
Le Boeuf, Frederick
Le Boucher, Marie Françoise, née Renan
Le Boutillier, Alice Jane
Le Boutillier, Amelia Sophia
Le Boutillier, Edmund Arthur
Le Boutillier, John Francis
Le Boutillier, Sydney Touzel
Le Boyer, Anne, née Turner
Le Boyer, Bon Pierre Paul
Le Bredonchelle, Charles Francis
Le Breton, Adolphus
Le Breton, Alexandre
Le Breton, Felicia Elizabeth
Le Breton, Olivia Melrose, née Vaudin
Le Breton, Thomas Elie
Le Brocq, Alan George
Le Brocq, Alice Jane, née Burt
Le Brocq, Edith Alice, née Evans
Le Brocq, Elizabeth Ann
Le Brocq, Louisa
Le Brocq, Louisa Rachel, née Corbin
Le Brun, Amelia Elizabeth Ann
Le Brun, Claude Clarence Richardson
Le Brun, Daniel Arthur Charles
Le Brun, Edouard Alexis François
Le Brun, Henriette Lucienne Jeanne, née Chambard
Le Brun, Isabel Ann, née Thorburn
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, John Pinel
Le Brun, Lilian Martha, née Bigwood
Le Brun, Lydia Pinel
Le Brun, Peter George
Le Chasseur, Jane Lydia, née Le Bellier
Le Chevalier, Ernest Lewis
Le Chevalier, Rose Marie, née Bal
Le Clercq, Laura Jane, née Warren
Le Cocq, Arthur Buesnel
Le Cocq, Eliza Jane, née Downton
Le Cocq, Esther Jane, née Henry
Le Cocq, Francis Baudains
Le Cocq, John Francis
Le Cocq, John Neil
Le Conte, Alfred Francis
Le Conte, Mary Ann Jane
Le Conte, Valentine Marie, née Besnard
Le Cornu, Alice, née Rive
Le Cornu, Anna
Le Cornu, Charles Edward
Le Cornu, Charles Sydney
Le Cornu, Francis
Le Cornu, Lilian Jane Alexandrina
Le Cornu, Mary, née Syvret
Syvret, Mary
Le Couilliard, John
Le Couilliard, Lydia Gertrude, née Desmares
Le Couilliard, Mabel Ann, née Hamon
Le Couteur, Frank
Le Couteur, James John Blackett
Le Couteur, Maud Eugenie Alexandra
Le Couteur, Winifred Elizabeth
Le Coz, Marie Reine
Le Cras, Mary Ann, née Corfield
Le Cronier, Ernest
Le Cuirot, Charles Frederick
Le Cuirot, Victoire, née Lucas
Le Dain, Ada Julia, née Savory
Le Dain, Arthur Henry
Le Druillenec, Sainte Françoise, née Sangan
Le Feuvre, Adelaide Marthe
Le Feuvre, Anne Mary, née Vibert
Le Feuvre, Edwin Stanley
Le Feuvre, Eliza
Le Feuvre, Eliza Mary, née Le Sueur
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, Herbert John
Le Feuvre, Matilda Louisa, née Mourant
Le Feuvre, Max
Le Flock, Marie Augustine, née Le Bihan
Le Fol, Hetty, née Vautier
Le Galle, Peter Louis
Le Gentil, Alice Zelie, née Gibaut
Le Geyt, George Henry
Le Goupil, Philomène Françoise, née Guédard
Le Grelsey, Claude Alexandre
Le Gresley, Anna Jane, née Le Maistre
Le Gresley, George
Le Gresley, Henry
Le Gresley, Isabella Regina Amelia, née Le Rossignol
Le Gresley, Jane, née Harley
Le Gresley, John Josué
Le Gresley, John Philip
Le Gresley, Maud Jane, née Le Sauteur
Le Gresley, Selina Esther, née Cabot
Le Gros, Charles Sydney
Le Gros, Elsie Lydia, née Broomer
Le Gros, Fanny Rebecca, née Dunford
Le Gros, Fanny Rebecca, née Dunford
Le Gros, Jeffrey
Le Gros, John Bertram
Le Gros, Lydia, née Bailhache
Le Hayée, Isabelle
Le Herissier, William Charles
Le Huquet, Charles
Le Jacques, Mary Jane, née de La Haye
Le Lievre, Arthur Francis Vaughan
Le Lievre, Clarence John George
Le Lievre, Emily May, née Marett
Le Lievre, Francis Walter
Le Lievre, Laura Maud, née Gallichan
Le Lievre, Philip
Le Maistre, Albert William
Le Maistre, Anna Jane
Le Maistre, Elizabeth Jane, née Paskins
Le Maistre, Francis John
Le Maistre, Lilian Constance, née Duncan
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, Philip Daniel
Le Marchand, Alfred Francis
Le Marchand, Elsie Maud, née Marie
Le Marchand, Margaret, née Phelan
Le Marquand, Annie Elvina, née Connell
Le Marquand, John
Le Masurier, Ada
Le Masurier, Clement Philip
Le Masurier, Eileen Mary, née Hardman
Le Masurier, George James
Le Masurier, Jane Mary, née Amy
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Louisa Jane, née Le Mercier
Le Masurier, Lydia Louise, née Le Lievre
Le Masurier, Mary Ann, née Starck
Le Miere, Agnes Augustine Marie, née Enault
Le Miere, Vivienne Violet
Le Moine, Florence Annie, née Godeaux
Le Monnier, Louise, née Besnard
Le Montais, Ada Maud, née Hamon
Le Mottée, Elizabeth, née Vautier
Vautier, Elizabeth
Le Mottee, Mary Ann, née Copp
Le Mottée, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Mauger
Le Neveu, Charles Batiste
Le Neveu, Harriet Cecile
Le Neveu, Philip John
Le Pape, Marie Françoise, née Gigien
Le Petit, Paul Pierre
Le Poidevin, Jeanne
Le Poidevin, Percy Rider
Le Quellenec, John William
Le Quesne, Alfred Walter
Le Quesne, John Philip
Le Quesne, Kathleen Laura,
Le Quesne, Philip Samuel
Le Quesne, Philip Walter
Le Rat, Yves Marie
Le Riche, Alfred John Philip
Le Riche, Charles
Le Riche, Charles Winter
Le Riche, Francis
Le Riche, Francis Philip
Le Riche, Harriet
Le Riche, John Francis
Le Riche, William Charles
Le Rossignol, Amelia Eliza, née Hooper
Le Rossignol, George Roy
Le Rossignol, Harold Amy
Le Rossignol, John Thomas
Le Rossignol, Lilian Mary, née Le Gallais
Le Rossignol, Mary Ann, née Reed
Le Rougetel, Jessie, née Cogan
Le Rougetel, Thomas
Le Roux, Ada Louisa, née du Feu
Le Ruez, Jane Matilda, née Jean
Le Scelleur, Ada
Le Seelleur, Adelina Agnes Ann, née Le Gros
Le Seelleur, Ellen Mary Esther, née Cowley
Le Seelleur, Ethel Mary, née Cummings
Le Seelleur, Walter
Le Sueur, Ada Mary, née Druce
Le Sueur, Anne Mary, née Quenault
Le Sueur, Annie Rachel, née de Gruchy
Le Sueur, Ellen Grey, née Anderson
Le Sueur, Ethel, née Oldridge
Le Sueur, Hilda Mary
Le Sueur, Horace Clive
Le Sueur, Louisa, née Messervy
Le Sueur, Louise Catherine, née Druce
Le Sueur, Sydney Walter
Le Templier, John
Le Tourneur, Francois
Le Vaillant, Alice Maud, née Scoones
Le Vaillant, Jack
Le Vesconte, Hannah Phyllis, née Male
Le Vesconte, Tony
Le Vesconte, Winter Noel
Le Villio, Jeanne Marie, née Lavarec
Leader, Ernest William
Lee, Kenneth James
Lefevre, Marie, née Deniac
Legg, Reginald George
Leigh, Mary Hope, née Edwards
Leisham, Thomas
Leluan, Octave
Lempriere, Elizabeth Jane, née Legg
Legg, Elizabeth Jane
Lempriere, Louisa Ada, née Samuels
Lempriere, Sydney Raoul
Leonard, Mary
Leopold, Wlliam Henry
Leslie, Elizabeth Strapps, née Keyworth
Leslie, John Richard
Leslie, John William
Leslie, Kenneth Malcolm
Leton, Alice Maud, née Mellor
Lewin, Charles La Primaudage
Lewis, Agnes, née Jones
Lewis, Mary Ann Sophia
Lidstone, William Albert
Light, Fauchette Louise
Lihou, Barbara Maud
Lihou, David William
Lillicrap, Emma Zoe, née L'Hermite
Limpus, Charles George
Linds, Mary Anne, née Smith
Lineham, Dora
Lloyd, Hilda Blanche, née Laffoley
Locker, William Jervis
Lockyer, Elsie May, nèe Howlett
Long, Ada Emily, nèe Touzel
Long, Philip John
Loustale, Augustine, née Fossey
Lucas, Edith Mary, née Eveleigh
Lucas, Emma Lydia, née Lucas
Lucas, Henry Aimable
Lucas, Margaret
Lucas, Walter Charles
Luce, Adolphus Le Cornu
Luce, Adolphus Philip Renouf
Luce, Alice, née Horman
Luce, Edwin Edmund
Luce, John Adolphus
Luce, Josephine Marie, née Burban
Luce, Philip Le Cerf
Luce, Raulin Le Montais
Luce, Thomas Arthur
Lucey, Denis Francis
Luxon, Arthur
Luxon, Ellen
Luxon, Myra Grace, née Guiton
Luxon, Percy Knight
Lycett, Ernest William
Macé, Jeanne Marie, née Morin
Macey, Arthur Edwin
Macey, William James
MacFarlane, Florence Stevens, née Goodsman
Machon, Elizabeth, née Whittle
Machon, Whitby John
MacInroy, David
MacKenney, Samual Charles
Mackenzie, Lilian Lisle, née Baker
Macpherson, Hugh Malcolm
Maggs, Ann Marughi
Maguire, Lydia Martha, née Pullen
Mahieu, John Francis
Mahieu, John Francis
Mahrer, Gertrude
Major, Agnes Rose
Major, Esther Ann, née Le Feuvre
Male, Joseph
Male, Selina, née Beauchamp
Malegeant, Maria Julia, née Le Goffe
Malenfant, Marie Françoise
Mallet, Ann Eliza, née Marie
Mallet, Francis Elias
Mallet, Hannah, née Single
Mallet, James Luce
Mallet, Jane Elizabeth, née Guilliard
Mallet, John
Mallet, Stanley St John
Mallet, Teresa Ann
Mallett, Charles James
Mallett, Mary Elizabeth
Mallett, William James
Maloret, Louis George
Malzard, Anna Rachel
Malzard, George
Malzard, John Frederick
Malzard, John Robert
Manning, Emma Rachel, née de Gruchy
Manning, Lyndon Charles
Manton, Dorothy Emily
Marcel, Doreen Alma
Marcus, Joseph Edward
Marcus, William Charles
Marett, Alice Susan
Marett, Blanche Mary Josephine, née Laurens
Marett, Eileen Mary
Marett, Keith Everard
Marett, Philip Arthur
Marett, Walter Renouf
Marie, Albert Francis
Marie, Alice Laura, née Wakfer
Marie, Gladys Maud, née Mercier
Marie, Marie Alexandrine
Marie, May Ada, née Woolley
Marie, Reginald Richard
Mariette, William Henry
Marks, Harry Leopold
Marquis, Reginald Ogier
Marriage, Alice Maud, née de La Mothe
Marriner, John Taylor
Marshall, Augustus William
Marshall, Edith Sara, née Goodchild
Marshall, Sarah Alice, née Shaw
Marshall, Victoria Louisa, née Chevalier
Marsouin, Marie
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, George Francis
Martin, Geraldine Irene, née Godfray
Martin, Harry Broadhurst
Martin, Sidney John
Martyn, Edward Pengelley
Mason, Fanny, née Hordern
Masson, Henry Ernest
Masson, Herbert
Matson, Emilie Yvonne, née Roudot
Mattas, Helen, née Jaza
Mauger, Cyril Walter
Mauger, Jane Mary
Mauger, Louisa Mary, née Coward
Mauger, Mary, née Cameron
Mauger, William Wilmot
Mauger, Winnifred
May, Florence
May, Frederick Stansmore
McAvoy, Helen Frances, née Guerin
McCandless, Samuel Alexander Lyle
McCartan, Michael Joseph
McCrae, William Moir
McDermott, Frederick William
McElligott, Octave
McFadyen, Elizabeth Lizzie, née Wallis
McFadyen, Nigel Edward
McFadyen, Samuel Edward
McGarth, John Thomas
McGugan, Walter
McGuinness, John Francis
McKennoy, Sophia Mary, née Waddington
McKeough, Charles Guy
McNaught, William Ernest Cresdee
McPetrie, Alexander
Mearles, Clarice, née de La Mare
Medland, George
Medland, John Alfred
Mercier, Ralph Felix
Merhet, Louis Philip
Mesny, James Philip
Mesny, Karen Marisa
Mesny, Mary Ann
Messervy, Albert
Messervy, Alice
Messervy, Clement Charles
Messervy, Edgar
Messervy, Elise
Messervy, Louisa Renouf, née Bisson
Messervy, Lydia Bettina, née Billot
Metcalfe, Cecil Stanley
Meyrick, Dorothy Maud, née Hamon
Michel, Aline Louisa, née Hamon
Miles, Edward
Millard, Ethel Isabel, née Millard
Miller, James
Miller, Walter James
Millest, Daisy Lilian Perren, née Gray
Millow, Ernest Emile
Millow, Lydia Ann, née Millow
Millow, William Richard
Mineur, Angeline Marie, née Couillard
Mitchell, Catherine Rutherford
Mitchell, Florence Millicent, née Yeates
Mitchell, William Edward
Mitchener, Arthur Paget
Moignard, Clifford Philip
Mollet, Ada Louisa
Mollet, Emily Coutanche, née Mourant
Mollet, Olivia Gladys Blanche
Monksfield, George Sydney
Moody, Anne Regina, née Vallée
Moody, Edwin William George
Moody, Hilda, née Hammond
Moody, Mabel Hannah, née Robrough
Moody, Olive Blanche, née Poingdestre
Moody, Richard
Moore, Joseph William
Moore, Kate Emily, née Colebrook
Moore, Sidney
Moore, William
Moorman, Clara Youlton
Moorman, Ethel May, née Preece
Morcel, François Marie
Moreau, Catherine, née Graviou
Morel, Emily Rachel
Moriatz, Eugene
Morin, Hyppolite
Morin, Marguerite, née Roselagadac
Morley, David George
Morley, Margaret Jane, née Leach
Morley, Reginald John
Morley, William George
Morrison, Robert Stobie
Morrissey, Emma Jane, Bailey
Moss, Alice
Moss, Edwin Alton
Moss, Lily
Moulin, Emile Gaston
Mounter, Harold
Mourant, Eliza Mary, née Germain
Mourant, Henrietta Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Henrietta Jane
Mourant, John Matthew
Mourant, John Thomas
Mourant, Oliver
Mourant, Thomas Philip
Moyse, Robert Harold
Moyse, Susan Mary, née Bisson
Muckersie, Benjamin Symon
Muels, Louisa Mary Armandine, née Traisnel
Muir, Ann, née Retson
Muller, Anthony Joseph
Munnings, Ada Florence, née Warden
Munro, Roland Charles Alick
Munsey, Sydney Thomas Henmans
Munsey, Sydney Thomas Hensman
Munton, Florence Mary, née Hunt
Murdoch, Kenneth
Murdock, Alison Margaret, née Pettie
Musso, Louisa Matilda, née Houillebecq
Nash, Norah Mary
Nash-Brown, Joseph William
Nash-Brown, Mary Anna, née Jones
Neale, Elizabeth Jane Julia, née Cronin
Neel, Florence Elizabeth
Nelson, Susie Amy, née Baker
Newbould, Anna Gertrude Maggie, née Mitchell
Newbould, Herbert
Newland, Bertie Clifford
Newland, Mathew Henry
Newton, Charles
Newton, Eliza Matilda, née Lascelles
Nicholls, Arthur
Nickels, James Gilbert
Nicol, Erskine
Nicol, Thomas
Nicolas, Charles Percy
Nicolle, Amelia
Nicolle, Arthur St John
Nicolle, Clara Ann, née Le Sueur
Nicolle, Edward Alfred
Nicolle, Eleanor Amy Jane, née Terrey
Nicolle, Gladys Harriet, née Davey
Nicolle, Lilian May, née Sebire
Nicolle, Lilian Susan, née Guiton
Nicolle, Matilda Esther, née Hamon
Nicolle, Philip Falle
Nicolle, Rosemary
Nicolle, Victoria, née Coombs
Noel, Alfred Joseph
Noel, Alfred Thomas
Noel, Alice Jane, née Houguet
Noel, Annie Louisa, née Mitchell
Noel, Arthur Edmund
Noel, Beatrice Henriette, née Sadler
Noel, Charles John
Noel, Charles William
Noel, Clement Cuthbert
Noel, Eliza Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Eliza Jane
Noel, Henry Philip
Noel, Lizzie Ann, née Amy
Amy, Lizzie Ann
Noel, Louisa Harvey
Noel, Philip Winter
Noel, Rose May, née Hurley
Noel, Thomas Edward
Noel, Walter Francis
Nolais, Agnes Rose, née Whelan
Norledge, Louise Marin, née Harrison
Norman, Elizabeth Ann, née Yearsley
Norman, James Messervy
Norman, John Fleury
Norman, Kathleen Saracen, née Le Boeuf
Norman, Margaret Louise
Norman, Mary Louisa, née Davison
Norrie, Lydia Mabel, née Horman
Norris, Hubert John
Norris, Walter Stanton
Nugent, Mary Ann, née Waldron
O' dell, Joseph Henry
O'Brien, Thomas
O'Brien, William
O'Connell, Gertrude, née Mendez
Oldbury, Isiah
Oldham, Charlotte, née Shepherd
Ollivier, Marie Louise, née Le Noan
Ollivier, Philip
Orchard, Joseph
Osborne, Albert Charles
Osborne, Charles
Osment, Caroline Eliza, née Rance
Osment, Edwin Henry
Osment, William Henry
Osmont, Charles Francis
Ottley, Edna Shibley, née Milligan
Ottley, William John
Oxenden, Nigel Vernon
Oxer, Francis Vivian
Page, Albert Edward
Page, John Sutherland
Pain, Florence Lucy Valentine, née Bassett
Pain, William George
Paine, Kate
Pallett, William Frederick
Pallot, Elizabeth, née Mollet
Pallot, Francis John
Pallot, Heather Shirley
Pallot, Lydia Elizabeth
Palmer, Albert Edward
Palmer, Stanley Ewart
Palmer, Thomas
Palmer, William Samuel
Parker, Eva Marie, née Louden
Parker, Melinda Charlotte, née May
May, Melinda Charlotte
Parker, Thomas Bolt
Parlett, Frank
Parr, Alfred William Clifford Vernon
Parris, Sarah Emily, née Murphy
Parris, William Henry
Parry, Albert William James
Parry, Roy Albert
Parsons, Elizabeth, née Priest
Paskins, Albert
Paskins, Elizabeth Jane
Pasquier, Elizabeth Ann, née Ferbrache
Patch, Elsie Florence
Pavoux, Jeanne, née Herdes
Pawson, Gilbert
Payn, Emily Agnes, née Le Bas
Payn, Lizzie Jane, née Le Rougetel
Payn, Thomas Ernest
Payne, Mary Jane
Payter, Eleanor, née Berry
Pearce, Dorothy Maud Beresford, née Mitchell
Pearson, Jessie Grace Elizabeth, née Newport
Pedder, Emily Beatrice, née Garnett
Pellett, Rosetta Lydia Reine, née Rossi
Pennec, Jean Marie
Penney, Louisa Jane, née Taylor
Penniger, Clara Evelyn, née Cave
Penny, Albert Edward
Penny, Johanna, née Flynn
Pepin, Langston James
Pepin, Lilian Elsie
Pepler, Helen Mary, née Daly
Perchard, Alfred
Perchard, Alice Beatrice
Perchard, Anne Sophia
Perchard, Elias
Perchard, Lilian Mary
Perchard, Walter
Perkins, Margaret, née Le Masurier
Perkins, Victoire Pauline, née Yvon
Perredes, Jane Esther, née Mourant
Perrédès, Madeline Elsie, née Rogers
Perrée, Clementine Désirée Augustine, née Reynel
Perrins, Harriet
Perrins, Walter
Persey, Ida
Pesante, Maria
Pettiquin, Joyce Dorothy
Philipps, Marion, née Gurney
Phillips, William Walter Fauvel
Phipps, George Constantine
Pickard, Gertrude May
Picot, Averil Emily Mary
Picot, Charles Amy
Picot, Ellen Louisa, née Titcombe
Picot, Wilfred Joshua
Pierce, Cecil
Pigeon, Edwin Alfred
Pigeon, Sophia Eliza
Pihan, Alfred Victor
Pihan, Laura
Pilgrim, Isabella, née Leach
Pim, Hugh Maxwell
Pinel, Elizabeth Ann, née Coombs
Pipon, John George
Piquet, Clarence John
Piquet, Mabel E, née Wallis
Pirouet, Arthur Nicolle
Pirouet, Arthur Thomas
Pirouet, Eva Mabel, née Le Blancq
Pirouet, John Francis
Pirouet, Norah Joy, née Lillicrap
Pirouet, Thomas Frank
Pitman, James Thomas
Platts, Stanley George Lawrence
Pleven, Jean Marie
Pleven, John Francis
Pleven, Sainte Françoise, née Bienvenu
Pluck, James
Podgornick, Ernest
Poignand, Elise Alice, née Le Brun
Poingdestre, Anna Henrietta, née Camp
Poingdestre, Elias
Poingdestre, Francis Raymond
Poingdestre, John George
Poingdestre, Winter Thomas
Poirier, Mary, née Levée
Pollock, Archibald Fulton
Polson, Robert William
Pool, Blanche Florence Wallis, née Podger
Pool, George Hawkes
Poole, Harold Claude
Pooley, Elvina Jane, née Pitman
Potier, Gladys, née Fenner
Poulton, Jessie Emmeline, née Tucker
Powell, Elsie May, née Taylor
Preston, Muriel Margaret, née Fuszard
Priest, Herbert Lewis Rew
Prigg, Jabez Luther
Pringle, James
Prioleau, John Randolph Hamilton
Prior, Margaret, née Taylor
Proctor, Sarjabia
Prouings, Ellen Emma Burrell, née Witt
Pullin, Alice Mary, née Ahier
Pullin, William Henry Charles
Purkis, Frederick James
Purkis, Rosa, née Nichols
Quemper, Marie Louise, née Merrien
Quenault, Nellie Louise, née Savory
Queree, Edward Joseph
Queree, Florence
Queree, Hedley Cecil
Queree, Sydney Joseph de Gruchy
Querée, Ida, née Darragh
Querée, Myra Louise
Querotret, Alice
Querotret, Jane, née Gicquel
Quinn, Edward
Quinn, Ruth, née Cliff
Quirot, Philip Edward
Rabasse, Elizabeth Rachel, née de Caux
Rabet, Winifred Grace, née Legg
Raffray, Arthur John
Raleigh, May Harrie, née Wilson
Ramsey, Agnes Juliana, née O'Shea
Randall, Ellen, née Gregory
Ransoon, Edith Miriam, née Read
Raven, William John
Ravilly, Theophile Marie
Rawnsley-Gurd, Harold Walter
Ray, Anne Adele
Ray, Augustus Frank
Reed, George Samuel
Reed, Thomas Robert
Rees, Colin Atkins
Rees, Marian Adelaide Frances, née Girdlestone
Renard, Thomas
Renault, Frederic Francis
Renault, Valerie, née Le Lievre
Renaut, Amelia Rosa
Rendall, Clara Eda (Twitsey)
Renée, Adolphus Désiré
Rennolds, Ethel Louise, née Good
Renouf, Alice Catherine, née Lawrence
Renouf, Alice Jane, née Pitel
Renouf, Alice Jane, née Le Conte
Renouf, Alice Maud Mary, née Jourdan
Renouf, Ann Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Clara Isabella, née Fowler
Renouf, Doris Edna
Renouf, Elizabeth Ann, née Nobes
Renouf, Elsie, née Denby
Renouf, Florence Ann, née Sullivan
Renouf, Frederick George
Renouf, Gerald
Renouf, Jack
Renouf, Mary Ann Susan, née Renouard
Renouf, Philip Hedley
Renouf, Ralph
Renouf, Thomas Arthur
Renouf, Walter
Renouf, Winter Charles
Reynel, Arthur Clarence
Reynel, Edward Louis
Reynel, Louis
Rhodes, Arthur
Rice, Martineau, née Andrew
Richard, Marie, née Le Garigon
Richard, Peter Henry John
Richards, Ada, née Churchill
Richards, Athalie Marie, née Dauvin
Richards, Augusta, née Billings
Richards, Marie Ann, née Fromage
Richardson, Laura Mary, née Goat
Richardson, William Henry
Riches, Anne Amelia, née Allen
Richmond, Henry James
Rickett, Rose, née Gasnier
Ricketts, Charles Hickman
Ricou, Albert Louis
Ricou, Alice, née Gallois
Ricou, Blanche
Ricou, Frank Henri Louis
Ricou, Roland Silvester
Riley, Jane Catherine, née Riley
Riley, William Charles
Rimington, Jimmy
Risbridger, Elvina Celestine, née Nerou
Risbridger, George Henry
Ritchie, Charles Edward
Rive, Alice
Rive, Elias Theodore
Rive, Ernest Philip
Rive, Florence
Robert, George
Roberts, Alfred Charles
Roberts, Elsa
Roberts, William H
Robertson, Kathleen Louise, née Douglas
Robin, Katharine Griffiths
Robins, Arthur Ernest
Robins, George Frank
Robins, Winter Alfred
Robinson, Alexander Cameron
Robinson, Francis Lubbock
Robson, Frank Charles
Roche, Mary, née MacCullah
Rogers, Alice Matilda, née Foster
Rogers, Martha, née Stuthard
Rogers, Mary Ann, née Howell
Roissier, Alice Mary, née Hemming
Roissier, Reginald Philip
Romeril, Daisy Mary
Romeril, Donald Arthur
Romeril, Edward George
Romeril, Emily Elizabeth
Romeril, Francis William
Romeril, Henry John
Romeril, Snowden Philip
Rondel, Denys Clement
Ross, James Paull
Rothwell, Elizabeth Helen, née Tyldesley
Rouault, Anne Marie, née Lefaucher
Rouault, Eugene
Rouault, Victorine, née Le Feuvre
Rowcliffe, Charles Edward
Rowe, Harry Smith Sutlej
Rowe, Henry John
Rowe, Lydia Maud, née Jolin
Rowland, Maud, née Abel
Roy, George Philip
Ryan, Annie Kate, née Jones
Sagan, Richard
Saint, John Anthony Frank
Salisbury, Madge, née Berry
Sallai, John Philip
Salmon, Frank
Samuel, Edward Joseph
Sanders, Ann
Sanguy, Alfred Eugène
Saterford, Jeanie Hewet, née Coombe
Saterford, John Le Brocq
Saunders, Charles Wallace
Saunders, Kathleen Clara, née Fairchild
Saunders, Lydia Kate, née Kirkby
Sauvage, Elizabeth Jane, née Laffoley
Sauvage, Lilan Maud, née Renouf
Scarth, Theodosia Skelton
Schollhammer, Maria, née Warren
Schubert, Clara Elsie, née Hooley
Schwob, Lucy Renée Mathilde
Scott, Ernest Lynch
Scott, James Alexander
Scriven, Eustace John
Seabrooke, Lawrence Mends
Seago, Mary Elizabeth, née Henry
Sears, James Edmonds
Sebire, Arthur George
Sebire, Ethel Rose
Sebire, Jessie Emma
Secker, Mary Rebecca, née Matherall
Shadgett, Harry Ernest
Sharp, Doreen Betty
Sharp, William Edward
Sharpe, Stanley Herbert
Shee, Amelia Gertrude
Shephard, Frederick John Copp
Shepherd, James Henry
Sheppard, Ida, née Douglas
Sheppeck, Joanna, née Ryan
Sherwood, Arthur Hugh
Simmons, Gertrude Elizabeth Victoria, née Journeaux
Simon, Beatrice Alberta Victoria, née Nicolle
Simon, Maud, née Farrell
Simon, Sigmund Howard
Simpson, Mary Ellen, née Le Dain
Sinclair, Alice May, née de Ste Croix
Sinclair, Lilian Mary, née de Ste Croix
Single, Georgina, née Collings
Single, Jane Ann, née Case
Singleton, Sarah Elizabeth, née Spooner
Skingle, Leonard Charles
Skinner, Annie Louisa Maud, née Lee
Slade, Alice Maria, née Styles
Smith, Adolphus Matthew
Smith, Arthur Cecil
Smith, Edith Alice, née Vardon
Smith, Edith Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth, née Cobley
Smith, Eric
Smith, Frederick Edward
Smith, Frederick William Waters
Smith, Harry A
Smith, Lionel Eldred
Smith, Nancy, née Angel
Smith, Nina, née de Gruchy
Smith, Peter
Smith, William Henry
Smithers, Dorothy Emily
Sohier, Adeline Constance Battersby, née Bonnet
Solé, Janette
Sowden, George Henry
Soyer, Yves Marie
Spriggs, Edward Frederick
Stadon, Mary Elizabeth, née MacKan
Stammers, Alfred
Stangroom, Graham
Staniforth, Annie Elizabeth
Staniforth, Mary
Statt, Rachel Louisa, née Lempriere
Stehr, Martha
Stephens, Durell Godfray
Stephens, Rachel Rosa Clementina, née Sullivan
Stephenson, Celestine Edward
Stephenson, Charles Harold Simpson
Stevens, Reginald Rose
Stewart, Eliza Miller, née Anderson
Stewart, Francis Hugh
Stewart, Margaret Hunter, née Fulton
Still, Alfred Bertie
Stokes, Alice Charlotte
Stone, Kenneth Mark
Stone, Mark Llewellyn Thomas
Stones, Frederick William
Storey, Arthur Robertson
Strand, Edith, née Petter
Stratford, Mary Ann, née Le Bris
Strickland, Cyril
Stuart, Hillyard
Stuart, Hillyard
Sugden, Arthur Henry
Sullivan, Ada Constance, née Ahier
Sutlie, Peter Edwin
Swan, Hazel Kathleen
Swanson, Hilda Maud, née Cotton
Symons, Mary May
Syvret, Archibald William John
Syvret, Francis George
Syvret, George Edward
Syvret, Louisa
Tabb, Charles John Edward
Tabb, George Arthur
Tabb, Hedley John (Jim)
Tanguy, Florrie Ann, née Follain
Tanguy, Marian Hamon, née Whitel
Tank, Hilda Florence Benest, née Barnes
Tanner, William Allan
Tapley, Stanley George Trenchard
Tardivel, Barbara
Tardivel, Harriet de Gruchy, née Le Masurier
Tarr, Annie, née Bain
Tarr, William
Tatam, Muriel Ina
Taylor, Bertha May Rose, née Quant
Taylor, Edith Blanche, née Mallett
Taylor, Evelyn Hawkins, née de la Mare
Taylor, Leonard
Taylor, Nina Georgina
Taylor, Richard Leonard
Terrey, Harriet
Theyer, Arthur Russell
Thielbôt, Ann Elizabeth
Thomas, Albert William
Thomas, Alice Emily, née Podger
Thomas, Alice Maud, née Carré
Thomas, Edwin Ernest
Thomas, Lancelot Willoughby
Thomas, Rosine Marie Yvette
Thompson, Ena Finlay, née Darling
Thompson, Evelyn Annie, née Finlay
Thompson, Herbert Hepworth
Thompson, Ralph Murray
Thompstone, Florence Annie, née Westbury
Thomson, Leonora Athlandra, née Pike
Thorne, Reginald Edward
Thornton, Florence Crewe, née Horton
Thornton, Irene, née Queree
Thornton, John Thomas
Tickner, Doris May, née Arthur
Tipping, Harry Brierley
Tirel, William Reginald
Tite, Frederick William
Tite, Marie Ernestine, née Vautier
Tocque, Emma, née Moss
Tocque, George
Tolcher, Samual Marie
Tolson, Stanley
Tonks, Elizabeth Lucie, née Astbury
Torrance, William
Tostevin, Beatrice Kate, née Potier
Tostevin, Esther, née Dethan
Tostevin, Eva Blanche, née Cabot
Touriment, Eugenie Florence, née Le Roy
Touzel, Anne Elizabeth
Touzel, Elsie Jane
Touzel, Maud, née Bridle
Touzel, Maud Amelia
Touzel, Philip Collas
Touzel, Thomas Charles
Townend, George William
Trachy, Caroline, née Smallcombe
Traisnel, Peter Paul
Tramner, Louisa Mabel, née de La Haye
Tregear, Katherine Emily, née Eveleigh
Trist, William
Trott, Gertrude Florence, née McFarling
Trott, Jacob
Trotter, Almeria
Truscott, Madeleine
Tucker, Gladys, née Cornish
Tudball, Katie, née Sheen
Turley, Lucretia Charlotte, née Goodley
Turner, Alexander Crosbie
Turner, Clarence Percy
Turner, Reginald Sidney
Turner, Stanley
Turpin, Hubert Philip
Tute, Richard Clifford
Tuthill, Anne Marie
Underhill, Henry James Richard
Vachell, Arthur Cadogan
Vallois, Lilian Louisa Martinson, née Fullam
Vallois, Margaret Elvina (Daisy)
Valpy, Hélène Mary
Van Overzee, Adrain
Varaillon, Constant Archille
Vardon, Annie Jane, née Cordon
Vardon, Elizabeth, née Noel
Noel, Elizabeth
Vardon, Eveline Maud, née Cousins
Vardon, Gertrude May, née Gallie
Vardon, Spencer Herbert
Vatcher, Henry Monckton
Vaudin, Alfred
Vautier, Mary, née Wyatt
Vautier, Réné Auguste
Veasey, Priscilla Matilda, née Hergeaux
Veitch, Alice May, née Allard
Venement, Anne Clements, née Monet
Verner, Oliver William
Vernon, Eliza Florence, née Romeril
Vernon, Julia Matilda, née Gosset
Vernon, Walter George
Veron, Marguerite Louise, née Cochu
Verrieres, Edward Joseph
Vibert, Bertha
Vibert, John James
Vickers, May, née Houghton
Viel, Edward Charles
Viel, Florence Annie Elizabeth
Vigot, John Charles
Vigot, Lizzie, née Glenister
Vilton, Florence, née Hostingue
Vilton, Mary Elizabeth, née Moon
Vincent, Helier Alexandre
Vincent, Philip John
Voisin, Alfred Arthur Herbert
Voisin, Arthur James
Voisin, Emma May, née Thorne
Voisin, Violet Geraldine, née Godfray
Voisin, Walter George
Wadham, John Wise
Wakeham, Edmund William
Wakeham, Eileen Mary, née Mercer
Wakeham, Florence, née Bennett
Wakeham, Percy George
Walker, Victoria Mary, née Bordeaux
Walkey, Patricia
Wallis, Preston Richard
Walters, George Richard
Warn, Louisa Taylor, née Pont
Warner, Alfred John Arnold
Warr, John
Warren, Alfred James
Warren, Edward John
Warren, Frederick George
Wason, Maud, née Holden
Wason, Maud, née Holden
Watkins, Mabel Elvina, née de La Mare
Watson, Jane, née Morris
Watton, John Filleul
Watts, Louisa Jane, née Poingdestre
Watts, Matilda, née Grant
Weale, Clara Annie, née Bolton
Webb, Cecil James Munro Edgeworth
Webb, Elizabeth Margaret, née Mason
Webb, Rose Ellen, née Turner
Webb, Susannah Alexandre, née Rose
Webber, Alice Clare, née Chandler
Webber, Ethel, née Marquis
Webber, Percy Wilfred
Webber, Robert William
Webber, Robert William
Webley, Albert Garnet
Webster, Mark Seal
Wedderburn, Marjorie Felise Mainwaring, née Brooks
Weir, Edmund George Harrison
Wellman, John Thomas
Westbrook, Dorothy Jean
Wheeler, John Adolphus
Wheeler, Ophelia Annie
Whelan, John Patrick
Wheler, Alice, née Malpas
Wherry, Sarah Rogers, née Stephenson
White, Arthur Henry
White, Colin
White, George Walter
White, Kevin Albert
Whitehead, Emily
Whitel, William
Whitfield, Charles Beeston
Whitnall, Amy Catherine, née Connell
Whitnall, William Thomas
Whittaker, George
Whittingham, William Henry
Whittington, John Arthur
Whyte, Amy Eleanor
Wickers, Wyndham
Wilden, Jessie Le Breton, née Raffrey
Wilford, John Russell
Wilkerson, Thomas William
Wilks, Arthur
Will, Duncan Alured Elmsley
Williams, Bert Edward
Williams, Christopher Charles
Williams, Edward Ivan
Williams, Mabel Beatrice, née Hoiles
Williams, Percy
Williams, Rhoda, née Reed
Williams, Walter
Williams, William Thomas
Willmett, Mahala Grace, née Thomas
Willott, Arthur Herbert
Willott, Edith Harvey, née Jones
Wills, James Robertson
Wilson, Ada Emily, née Marett
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles John
Wilson, Elvina Jane Mary, née Bishop
Wiltshire, Annie, née Wallace
Winter, Trevor George
Winterbottom, William Dickson
Wiseman, Margaret Hedley, née Parker
Wiseman, Richard
Wisker, Thomas
Wood, Gertrude Jemina Sophia
Woodcock, Reginald Boyd
Woodhouse, George William
Woodhouse, Ruth Patricia, née Sykes
Woodman, James Robert
Woods, Graham Philip Norton
Woods, Horace William Warton
Woods, Walter William
Woonton, Clara Annie, née Messservy
Worboys, Alison Jean
Wray, Robert Robson
Wright, Alfred George
Wyer, Clarice Maud, née Lane
Yates, Thomas Victor
Yockney, Susie Baudains, née Le Cocq
Le Feuvre, Eliza


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