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Croad and Sons Funeral Director -Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant entry number.

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March 2nd 1955 - November 23rd 1960


Croad and Sons (Funeral directors)
Abbott, Mabel Mary, née Skelton
Skelton, Mabel Mary
Abbott, Thomas
Ackeson, Joseph
A'Court, Gertrude, née Longstreeth
Longstreeth, Gertrude
A'Court, Henry Dixon
Adam, Emile Nerac
Adams, Edith Millicent, née Smith
Smith, Edith Millicent
Adams, Lena Mary, née Plevin
Plevin, Lena Mary
Ahier, Alice Florence, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Alice Florence
Ahier, Blanche Florentine Matilde, née Lédo
Lédo, Blanche Florentine Matilde
Ahier, Edwin James
Ahier, Florence Amelia
Ahier, Winter Clement
Akers, John Wilson
Alavoine, Florence Louisa, née Huelin
Huelin, Florence Louisa
Alexander, John David
Allan, Thomas Warren
Allbon, Florence Rachel, née Walker
Walker, Florence Rachel
Allen, Patrick Ralph
Allo, Edouard Pierre
Alluto, Raymond Edward
Amy, Adeline Esther, née Le Cornu
Le Cornu, Adeline Esther
Amy, Alfred Labey
Amy, George William
Amy, Marie Josephe, née Castel
Castel, Marie Josephe
Amy, Philip John
Amy, Priscilla Ann
Amy, Walter George
Amy, Walter William
Ankers, Theresa Mary Amy, née Lambert
Lambert, Theresa Mary Amy
Antelme, Lucia
Arnold, George Denis
Arthur, John Touzel
Arthur, Mary Ann, née de Gruchy
De Gruchy, Mary Ann  
Arthur, Walter Bridges
Ashelford, Elizabeth Jane, née Ainsley
Ainsley, Elizabeth Jane
Ashelford, Elizabeth Jessie, née Ainsley
Ainsley, Elizabeth Jessie
Ashelford, Marjorie Searle, née Silverlock
Silverlock, Marjorie Searle
Ashford, Ruby Millicent, née Gordon
Gordon, Ruby Millicent
Asplet, Alice Anna, née L'Amy
L'Amy, Alice Anna
Aune, Elisabeth Marie, née Liotard
Liotard, Elisabeth Marie
Averty, Adelina Anne, née Webber
Webber, Adelina Anne
Avery, Adèle Virginie, née Scott
Scott, Adele Virginie
Bagot, William Hugh Neville
Bailhache, Bernard John
Bailhache, Douglas Cecil
Baird, Isobel Mary, née Grant
Grant, Isobel Mary
Baker, Evelyn Frances, née Buchan
Buchan, Evelyn Frances
Baker, Gertrude Ellen
Baker, John Richard
Baker, Louis
Baker, Louisa Jane, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Louisa Jane
Ball, Alfred Charles
Balleine, Irene Muriel
Banister, Robert Leslie
Banks, Arthur William
Banks, Isaac Swindell
Bannon, Margaret Elizabeth, née Judkins
Judkins, Margaret Elizabeth
Bannon, Raymond Blenerhassett
Barclay, Robert Cochrane
Barker, Alfred Theodore
Barnes, Florence, née Mallett
Mallett, Florence
Baron, Alice Le Cornu
Barrett, Henry Charles
Barron, Robert Dower
Barrow, Leslie Watson
Barry, Maud Blanche Madeleine, née McKenna
McKenna, Maud Blanche Madeleine
Barry, Violet Gwendoline Prettyman, née Darby
Darby, Violet Gwendoline Prettyman
Bartlett, Rosa Mary, née Lucas
Lucas, Rosa Mary
Barton, Alice Eliza
Barton, Florence Esther Louisa, née Boielle
Boielle, Florence Esther Louisa
Bashford, Alice Magdaline, née Copp
Copp, Alice Magdaline
Battam, Marie, née Disquet
Disquet, Marie
Baudains, Ada Miriam, née Marett
Marett, Ada Miriam
Baudains, Ann Mary, née Beaudet
Beaudet, Ann Mary
Baudains, Arthur Thomas John
Baudains, Winifred Gladys, née Slaughter
Slaughter, Winifred Gladys
Bayne, Charlotte Marion
Bayne, Pattie Juliet
Bean, Edward Thomas
Beaton, Elizabeth, née Hill
Hill, Elizabeth
Beattie, Florence Virginie, née Loveridge
Loveridge, Florence Virginie
Beaugeard, Alice de Gruchy, née Picot
Picot, Alice de Gruchy
Beaugie, Susan, née Messervy
Messervy, Susan
Beck, Elisabeth Mathilde, née Millner
Millner, Elisabeth Mathilde
Becquet, Alfred Philip
Belford, Gladys Edith, née Copp
Copp, Gladys Edith
Belloc, Marie Louise, née Graviou
Graviou, Marie Louise
Bellot, Nadine Ann
Benest, Clarence Raymond
Benest, Cyril John
Benest, Lilian May, née Kellaway
Kellaway, Lilian May
Benest, Mabel, née Nicolle
Nicolle, Mabel
Benest, Selina, née Renouf
Renouf, Selina
Benest, Sydney George
Bennet, Kathleen Caroline
Berger, Marie Antoinette Lanne Hine, née Della Rocca
Della Rocca, Marie Antoinette Lanne Hine
Bertram, Adelina Victoria, née Besnard
Besnard, Adelina Victoria
Bertram, Alfred Robert
Bichard, John
Bickford-Smith, Leonard William
Biddle, Mabel Violet
Bigwood, Frank
Bigwood, Lily
Billot, Emelie Rosalie, née Richomme
Richomme, Emelie Rosalie
Billot, Ernest John Philip
Billot, George Victor
Billot, Gertrude Mary, née Perchard
Perchard, Gertrude Mary
Binding, Edward
Binks, Frederick Anderson
Bird, Ada Ann, née Stricke
Stricke, Ada Ann
Bird, Walter Cyril
Bishop, Amelia Fanny, née Podger
Podger, Amelia Fanny
Bissell, Hugh Osborne
Bisson, Abner Cartwright Huelin
Bisson, Edward Philip
Bisson, Julia Ann, née Twynam
Twynam, Julia Ann
Bisson, Laura Ann, née Le Brun
Le Brun, Laura Ann
Bisson, Maria Sarah, née de La Perelle
de la Perelle, Maria Sarah
Bisson, William
Blackler Douglas, Charles Maxwell Vandeleur
Blake, Cyril Chamberlain
Blampied, Edward
Blampied, Thomas Richard
Blampied, Winifred Anne, née Quénet
Quénet, Winifred Anne
Bliault, Ellen Mary, née Carter
Carter, Ellen Mary
Bloom, Cecilia Matilda Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Cecilia Matilda Jane
Croll, Mary Ann
Bois, Mary Ann, née Croll
Bolton, Bertha Eliza
Bond, Ellen Louise
Bond, Herbert Cecil
Bonne, Camille Louis Albert
Booth, Raymond Mitchell St John
Boscher, Maria, née Le Bullock
Le Bullock, Maria
Bott, Archibald Hector
Boucheré, Florence Maud, née Vernon
Vernon, Florence Maud
Bourke, Florence Evelyn, née Smith
Smith, Florence Evelyn
Bowden, Jane Elizabeth, née La Gerche dit Baudains
La Gerche dit Baudains, Jane Elizabeth
Bowles, Mary Anne Richardson Hope, née Arnott
Arnott, Mary Anne Richardson Hope
Branch, Adah Loomis, née Hill
Hill, Adah Loomis
Bree, Ann Elizabeth, née Deslandes
Deslandes, Ann Elizabeth
Bree, Lizzie Jane
Brenan, Violet Edith, née Waldo
Waldo, Violet Edith
Bressat, Florence Helena, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Florence Helena
Briard, Edward Luce
Briard, Georgina Rebecca, née Rolstone
Rolstone, Georgina Rebecca
Britton, Clement Donald
Bromley, Elsie, née Morgan
Morgan, Elsie
Brooks, Elizabeth Florence May, née Stokes
Stokes, Elizabeth Florence May
Brown, Albert Edward
Brown, Albert Ernest
Brown, Doris Ellen, née Cabot
Cabot, Doris Ellen
Brownbridge, Florence Mary, née Jackson
Jackson, Florence Mary
Bruce, Alice Maude Emily, née Pinkey
Pinkey, Alice Maude Emily
Bruce, Isabella Stiven, née Bruce
Bruce, Isabella Stiven
Bruce, John
Bruckman, Franziska Petrennella, née Barthel
Barthel, Franziska Petrennella
Buckley, Leicester Dudley Lionel
Buckley, Vera Antoinette, née Colley
Colley, Vera Antoinette
Buesnel, Rosa
Bull, Henry Collins
Bullen, Elizabeth Esther, née Watts
Watts, Elizabeth Esther
Burke, Rudolf Edmund Maurice
Burn, Alma Maud Mary, née Rabb
Rabb, Alma Maud Mary
Burnett, Marjorie, née Hinton
Hinton, Marjorie
Burnham, Rosaline Maud, née Webber
Webber, Rosaline Maud
Butcher, Louisa Lily, née Egan
Egan, Louisa Lily
Butler, Eugenie Melanie, née Denis
Denis, Eugenie Melanie
Buttery, Albert Richard
Buttfield, Edith Blanche
Cabot, Annie Louise, née Vilton
Vilton, Annie Louise
Cabot, John Daniel
Cabot, Percy Chambers
Cabot, Philip John
Cabot, Vera Mary, née de Faye
de Faye, Vera Mary
Campion, Ada Jane, née Ollivier
Olliver, Ada Jane
Campion, Samuel Herbert
Cane, Frank Reginald Thomas
Cann, William Edward
Cantell, Amelia Mary, née Hann
Hann, Amelia Mary
Carey, John Lionel Romilly
Carpenter, Eliza, née Dodge
Dodge, Eliza
Carter, Ada Beatrice, née Jarvis
Jarvis, Ada Beatrice
Carter, Edith Elsie, née Bond
Bond, Edith Elsie
Carter, Reginald Andrew
Carter, William Henry
Cash, Elvina Emma
Castle, Arthur Thomas
Castle, Susan Elizabeth, née Weller
Weller, Susan Elizabeth
Catlow, Lucy, née Walmesley
Walmesley, Lucy
Caton, May Frances, née Briard
Briard, May Frances
Cavey, Mabel Sarah, née England
England, Mabel Sarah
Channing, Elizabeth Ann, née Reed
Reed, Elizabeth Ann
Channing, Jane Ammantine, née Dethan
Dethan, Jane Ammantine
Chapman, Gladys Mabel, née Grandin
Grandin, Gladys Mabel
Chapman, Lawrence Alfred
Chapron, Amelia Lydia
Chaperon, Amelia Lydia
Chapman, Margaret Annie, née Banks
Banks, Margaret Annie
Chenery, Ada Mabel
Cheney, Clara Louisa, née Bassett
Bassett, Clara Louisa
Chesneau, Eugenie Collette Françoise, née Collet
Collet, Eugenie Collette Françoise
Chester, Bernard Fry
Chevalier, Clara Maud, née Preston
Preston, Clara Maud
Chevalier, Thomas Henry
Chinn, John Henry
Clark, Eliza, née Maben
Maben, Eliza
Clark, Henry Charles
Clark, Jessie, née Mogridge
Mogridge, Jessie
Clarke, George Edward
Clarke, Lilian Ruby, née Connell
Clayton, Florence Matilda, née Baker
Baker, Florence Matilda
Clough, Olive Lister
Coad, Walter Howard
Cockburn-Mercer, Dorothy, née Patterson
Patterson, Dorothy
Cockburn-Mercer, Tom Hamilton
Cohu, Harriette Haverstock, née Bowman
Bowman, Harriette Haverstock
Colley, Catherine Jane, née McCall
McCall, Catherine Jane
Collings, May Louise, née Arkill
Arkill, May Louise
Collins, Hilda Annie, née Ereaut
Ereaut, Hilda Annie
Collins, Ivy Constance Victoria, née Gibbins
Gibbins, Ivy Constance Victoria
Collins, James Geary
Collinson, Walter Julius
Connell, Florence Louisa, née Richards
Richards, Florence Louisa
Cook, Maud Emma, née Stoneman
Stoneman, Maud Emma
Coombs, Emma Christine, née Warren
Warren, Emma Christine
Cooper, Hilda Maude, née Stanley
Stanley, Hilda Maude
Cooper, Julie Anne
Cooper, Louisa Lavinia, née Messervy
Messervy, Louisa Lavinia
Copp, Charles Alfred
Coppin, John William
Coram, Jacob William
Corbett, William
Corley, Jean Baptiste
Cornick, Claude Reginald
Cornish, Mary, née Macdonald
Macdonald, Mary
Cory, James William
Cory, Netley Alma, née Bailey
Bailey, Netley Alma
Costello, Edith Mary, née Richards
Richards, Edith Mary
Cotillard, Frank Louis
Couch, Emma Bennett Oak, née Symes
Symes, Emma Bennett Oak
Couillard, Pierre Emile Desiré
Coutanche, Henry
Coutanche, Margaret
Coutanche, William Francis
Coutts, Bernard
Cowdery, Frederick Woodford Valentine
Cowdery, Thomas Joseph Blake
Cowdray, John Matthew
Cox, Arthur Herbert
Cox, Edgar Charles
Cox, Maud May, née Butler
Butler, Maud May
Craig, Thomas
Crampton, Euphemia P
Craufurd Cooper, William
Craven, Thomas Leslie
Crawford, Violet Miriam, née Southby
Southby, Violet Miriam
Creaghe, Hubert Archer Wilding
Cresson, Marius
Crill, Sydney George
Cristin, Ada Jane, née Ogier
Ogier, Ada Jane
Croft, Louisa Gertrude, née Pallot
Pallot, Louisa Gertrude
Cross, George Arthur
Crosse, Clara, née Coombs
Coombs, Clara
Crosse, Dennis
Crossley, Joseph Arthur
Cummings, Walter
Currie, George William
Cusens, Thomas Edward
Cutforth, Jessie
Cutland, Francis George
Cutland, John Foote
Cutland, Mary, née Dixon
Dixon, Mary
Cutland, Robert William
Cutler, Clarissa Mary, née Le Geyt
Le Geyt, Clarissa Mary
Daghorn, Louise Reine, née Mignet
Mignet, Louise Reine
Dallin, Hedley Edward
Dalton, Reginald Thomas Alleyne
Darling, Percy Horace
Dart, Ada, née Kirk
Kirk, Ada
Davey, Isaac
Davey, Madeleine Phyllis, née Aubert
Aubert, Madeleine Phyllis
Davidson, James Tyndall Coventry Simpson
Davies, Daphne Louise, née Bromley
Bromley, Daphne Louise
Davies, John Haldane
Davis, Walter Stanhope
d'Avoine, Fanny Louisa, née Langford
Langford, Fanny Louisa
Day, Annie Matilda, née Cabeldu
Cabeldu, Annie Matilda
Day, Arthur Clemence
Day, George Lawrence
Day, William Nathaniel
de Breanski, Julie, née Le Roux
Le Roux, Julie
de Caux, David Alfred
de Chanteloup, Emile Charles Joseph
de Gruchy, Eliza Lavina, née Pirouet
Pirouet, Eliza Lavina
de Gruchy, Emeline Louisa, née Trachy
Trachy, Emeline Louisa
de Gruchy, John Edgar
de Gruchy, Maria Agnes, née Hale
Hale, Maria Agnes
de La Cour, Geoffrey Thomas Francis
de la Cour, Marie Hannah, née Woodfine
Woodfine, Marie Hannah
de la Cour, Vernon Sill
de La Haye, Alice Mary, née Le Fondré
Le Fondre, Alice Mary
de la Haye, George Huelin
de La Haye, Jane Maude Mary
de la Haye, Josué John
De la Haye, Olga Elsie, née Gaudin
Gaudin, Olga Elsie
de la Mare, Linda Mabel, née Blackmore
Blackmore, Linda Mabel
De La Perrelle, Mary Ann Le Neveu
de Laquaine, Louise Henriette, née Huet
Huet, Louise Henriette
de Rue, Albert John
de Rue, Clarence Philip
de Salis, Charlotte Edith
de Ste Croix, Clara Elizabeth, née Cooke
Cooke, Clara Elizabeth
de Ste Croix, Joseph Charles
de Ste George, Emily Maud, née Warren
Warren, Emily Maud
Demaney, Pierre Marie
Denis, Edmund Gale
Denis, Philip Moyse
Despres, Emma Alexandra
Desreaux, Geraldine May
Desreaux, William Thomas
Diment, George Theodore
Dimond, Percy
Dingle, Hilda Maud, née Le Cornu
Le Cornu, Hilda Maud
Dit Le V Durell, Christopher Neil
Dixon, Caroline, née Alexandre
Alexandre, Caroline
Dixon, Emma Margaret, née Etherington
Etherington, Emma Margaret
Dobson, Martha, née Ingham
Ingham, Martha
Dodsley, Emily Florence, née Gresham
Gresham, Emily Florence
Dodson, Christopher
Dolbel, Jessie Eliza
Dorey, Edith Violet, née Hooper
Hooper, Edith Violet
Dorey, Gertrude Emily, née Giffard
Giffard, Gertrude Emily
Dorey, Susan Payn
Dormand, Kathleen Louisa, née Allen
Allen, Kathleen Louisa
Dormond, Keith
Douglas, Margaret Rae Brown, née Finlay
Finlay, Margaret Rae Brown
Douglass, Alice McGeough, née Bond
Bond, Alice McGeough
Dowling, Jemima Ethel, née Smith
Smith, Jemima Ethel
Dowling, John James
Downer, Frederick
Doyle, Daniel Joseph
Drelaud, Percy
Drube, Edna Marian
Drury, Ernest Alfred Henry
du Feu, Hariett, née Cabot
Cabot, Hariett
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, Walter Vernon Don
du Heaume, Priscilla Ruth
du Jardin, Charles Louis
du Tot, Clement
du Val, Eva Jane, née Badier
Badier, Eva Jane
Duckworth, William
Dukes, Anthony Frederick John
Dumond, George Eugène
Durand, Raymond Jean
Durnford, Laura Ann, née Bowditch
Bowditch, Laura Ann
Durston, Frank Ernest
Eastwood, Georgina Harriet Barbara, née Cameron
Cameron, Georgina Harriet Barbara
Edgar, Mary, née Best
Best, Mary
Edgeley, Reuben
Edmonds, Wallace George
Edridge, Amy Beatrice, née Cooper
Cooper, Amy Beatrice
Edsall, John James
Edwards, Evelyn Lizzie
Edwards, Hedley Le Riche, Jurat
Egland, Grace, née Cutland
Ellett, Caroline Susan, née Le Seelleur
Le Seelleur, Caroline Susan
Elliott, Edward Robert
Elliott, Reginald
Ellis, George Johnston
Enault, Adele Zelie
Enault, Adelena Adelaide Leontine
Ereaut, Julius Alexandre
Ereaut, Mabel
Esnouf, Alice Maud Mary, née Ewens
Ewens, Alice Maud Mary
Esnouf, Stanley Francis
Etasse, Marie Guilleaume
Eve, Alice, née du Heaume
du Heaume, Alice
Eve, Alice Rachel, née Boudier
Boudier, Alice Rachel
Everest, Edith Irene, née Pasquier
Pasquier, Edith Irene
Fairchild, William Henry
Fairlie, Graeme Ogilvy
Falla, Kathleen
Fallaize, Ada, née Henry
Henry, Ada
Falle, Albina Bertram
Falle, Alice Rosalie
Falle, Florence Isabel
Falle, Lewis Edward
Falle, Mary Ann, née Messervy
Messervy, Mary Ann
Farber, Gustav Adolph
Farish, James Arthur
Farnham, Louisa Jane
Faulknor, Sarah Ada, née Webb
Webb, Sarah Ada
Fennell, Rosa, née Few
Few, Rosa
Fenton, Arnold
Ferey, Alice Gertrude
Ferey, Herbert Francis
Ferguson, Annie, née Hoare
Hoare, Annie
Fetherston-Godley, Reine Cecilia Siddons, née Faulder
Faulder, Reine Cecilia Siddons
Field, Alice Evelyn
Fisher, Frederick William
Fisher, Henry Charles Frederick
Fisher, Sarah Ann Emma, née Goate
Goate, Sarah Ann Emma
Fitch, Ann Jane, née Journeaux
Journeaux, Ann Jane
Fitch, Jessie Mary Leonie, née Bidios
Bidios, Jessie Mary Leonie
Fitzwilliams, Francesca Christine, née Wagner
Wagner, Francesca Christine
Fleming, Dorothy Norma Paterson, née Fairlie
Fairlie, Dorothy Norma Paterson
Foot, Margaret, née Vernon
Vernon, Margaret
Foot, Peter
Ford, Ada Florence, née Kelland
Kelland, Ada Florence
Ford, Snowden Edwin
Forwood, Constance Mary Muriel, née Fairlie
Fairlie, Constance Mary Muriel
Forwood, Janet Faith
Foster, Susan Mary
Fox, Edwin Alfred
Fox, Julia Mary, née Andow
Andow, Julia Mary
Frampton, John Lancelot
Fraydon, Berthe Elsie, née Le Long
Le Long, Berthe Elsie
Frigot, Peter Desiré
Frost, Louisa, née Mills
Mills, Louisa
Galbreath, Elsie Agnes, née Hadley
Hadley, Elsie Agnes
Gale, Albert John
Gallichan, Edward John
Gallichan, Florence Jane
Gallichan, Henry George
Gallichan, Louisa Jane, née Madden
Madden, Louisa Jane
Gallichan, Mary Jane, née Laurens
Laurens, Mary Jane
Gallichan, Philip Nicolle
Gallichan, Philip Renouf
Gallichan, Rosalie Maria, née Gavey
Gavey, Rosalie Maria
Garde, Frederick Luce
Garnier, Elsie Maud, née Edwards
Edwards, Elsie Maud
Garnier, Marguerite Louise
Garrett, Josephine Bell, née Wall
Wall, Josephine Bell
Gaudin, John George
Gaudion, Lilian Maud
Gautier, Elizabeth, née Allix
Allix, Elizabeth
Gee, Wilhelmnia Caroline, née Dunne
Dunne, Wilhelmnia Caroline
Geffroy, François Louis
Germain, Esther Elizabeth, née Jeune
Jeune, Esther Elizabeth
Gibaut, Charles George
Gibaut, John
Gibbs, Reginald
Gibson, John
Gibson, Margaret, née Dixon
Dixon, Margaret
Gladden, Gennie, née Witts
Witts, Gennie
Gladstone, Florence Elliott
Glendewar, Orlando Thomas
Goarin, Ernest Clarence
Godeaux, Francis Philip
Godel, Marguerite, née Hamon
Hamon, Marguerite
Godfray, Alfred John
Godfray, Annie Starck
Godfray, Joshua Bertram
Godfray, Miriam Rose de Lara, née Cohen
Cohen, Miriam Rose de Lara
Godfrey, Ada, née Turner
Turner, Ada
Godfrey, Percy Gregory
Godfroy, John Charles Lerrier
Godkin, Samuel Robert
Goguelin, Auguste
Goldsmith, Rosa, née Drelaud
Drelaud, Rosa
Gorin, Thomas Walter
Gorton, Sandford George
Gosheron, Bernard Derek
Gothard, Gertrude Louie, née Averill
Averill, Gertrude Louie
Gough, Hilda Emma, née Renouf
Renouf, Hilda Emma
Gough, Richard Albert
Gough, Sally Rita
Grant, Henry Le Feuvre
Grant, Ronald Alister Percival
Gratiaen, Beatrice Hesba, née Loos
Loos, Beatrice Hesba
Green, James Charles
Greene, Alice Norah Gertrude
Greensted, Barbara Theed
Griffith-Lester, Sidney
Grubb, Edith Gertrude, née Wallace
Wallace, Edith Gertrude
Gruchy, Alfred Josué Machon
Gruchy, Beatrice Mary, née Le Couteur
Le Couteur, Beatrice Mary
Gruchy, Elizabeth Mary, née Glasspool
Glasspool, Elizabeth Mary
Gruning, Edward Louis
Guens, Edouard Jean Baptiste
Gurney, Amelia Ann de Ste Croix, née Fauvel
Fauvel, Amelia Ann de Ste Croix
Guzzwell, Marie Frances, née Boltman
Boltman, Marie Frances
Hacquoil, George de la Perrelle
Hagedorn, Louisa, née Archibald
Archibald, Louisa
Haig, Arthur Brodie
Haig, Wolseley de Haga
Haine, Victor
Haines, Amy Ethel Beatrice, née Hitchcock
Hitchcock, Amy Ethel Beatrice
Haines, Gertrude, née Coombs
Coombs, Gertrude
Hairon, George Trenchard
Hall, Fanny Blanche, née Balsdon
Balsdon, Fanny Blanche
Hallett, Dorothy, née Lambert
Lambert, Dorothy
Hallewell, Arthur Vincent
Halls, George
Ham, James Harold
Hambly, Ann Louisa, née Le Quesne
Le Quesne, Ann Louisa
Hamilton, Hugh
Hamon, Cecil Alfred
Hamon, Charles John
Hamon, Ellen, née Crew
Crew, Ellen
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Julius Charles
Hamon, Lydia Amelia, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Lydia Amelia
Hamon, Mary Josephine, née Le Louet
Le Louet, Mary Josephine
Hamon, Una Jane, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Una Jane
Hancock, James Walter Ernest
Handley, Charles Victor Gordon
Handley, Henry Todd
Hanmer, Thomas Anthony
Hansford, Elsie Maud, née Ching
Ching, Elsie Maud
Hardey, William James
Harding, Robert Stanley
Harris, James Lonsdale
Harris, Jane Mary, née Rive
Rive, Jane Mary
Harris, Janet Elsie
Harrison, Alfred
Harrison, Annie Eliza, née Guiton
Guiton, Annie Eliza
Harrison, Sybil Eenee, née Wailes
Wailes, Sybil Eenee
Harrison, William Eric
Harvey, Eva May, née Parsons
Parsons, Eva May
Harvey, Florence Marion Grace, née Averty
Averty, Florence Marion Grace
Harvey, Mary Miller, née Grierson
Grierson, Mary Miller
Harwood, Louisa Mary
Hatcher, Luke
Haycock, Percy Raworth
Hayes, Albert Alfred
Hayes, Sibyl May, née Le Cocq
Le Cocq, Sibyl May
Haynes, Charles Henry
Heald, Annie
Healey, Alfred Hearn
Heath, Alec Charles
Heaton, James Cunliffe
Hebert, Blanche Louise
Henderson, Amelia, née Hinchliff
Hinchliff, Amelia
Henly, Jessie Georgina, née Mortimer
Mortimer, Jessie Georgina
Hennequin, Louis Jules Joseph
Henry, Ellen Eliza
Henry dit de Lavaux, Fernand
Hepburn, Henry
Heurtaux, Sidney George
Heurtley, Ernest Sidney
Hewitt, John Frederick William
Hibbs, Charles Henry
Hibbs, Herbert Bower
Higgins, John Joseph
Hilson, Elizabeth Murray
Hinds, Clara, née Luce
Hitchcock, Sidney Herbert
Hitchcock, William Duplock
Hobart-Hampden, Elsie Angel Heath, née Pitcher
Pitcher, Elsie Angel Heath
Hobbs, Nancie Erica, née Gruchy
Gruchy, Nancie Erica
Hocquard, Elizabeth Powell, née Connor
Connor, Elizabeth Powell
Hocquard, John Edward
Hocquard, Laura M
Hodge, Clarence John
Hodge, David Stanley
Hodges, Eleanor, née Messervy
Messervy, Eleanor
Hodgeson, Joseph Albert
Hodgetts, Ernest Aldridge
Hodgetts, Philip Mallet
Holden, Annie
Holland, Arthur Frederick
Holland, Rose Florence
Holley, Bienaime Alfred
Holmes, Ada, née Newton
Newton, Ada
Holmes, Clifford Reuben
Holmes, Willie Geoffrey
Hooper, Louisa Hilda
Hope, Margaret Annie Ogilvie, née Mitchell
Mitchell, Margaret Annie Ogilvie
Hopkins, Hubert Carew
Horman, Sidney
Horton, Louisa, née Poingdestre
Poingdestre, Louisa
Hotton, Eliza Ann, née Machon
Machon, Eliza Ann
Hotton, Henrietta Ann, née du Heaume
du Heaume, Henrietta Ann
Houguet, Alice Mary
Houguet, Francis Le Gresley
Houiellebecq, Milya Alphonsine, née Fossey
Fossey, Milya Alphonsine
Houillebecq, Charlotte, née Cabot
Cabot, Charlotte
Howard, John
Howard-Edwards, Annie Clare, née Norman
Norman, Annie Clare
Howe, Walter George
Hubert, Ada Thomasine, née Le Sauteur
Le Sauteur, Ada Thomasine
Hubert, Alice Ann
Huelin, John
Huelin, Philip Alfred
Hughes, Joseph Donald Attwell
Hunt, Ada, née Raffray
Raffray, Ada
Hunt, Adolphus
Hunt, Alexandre Alfred
Hunt, Gertrude Nellie, née Handley
Handley, Gertrude Nellie
Hunt, Lilian Margaret, née Bailey
Bailey, Lilian Margaret
Hunt, Stanley Albert
Hunt, Sydney Robert
Hunt, Wilfred William
Hunter, Harry Claude Arnele
Jandron, Joshua Le Montais
Jarvis, Gladys Sylvia, née Palmer
Palmer, Gladys Sylvia
Jarvis, Harold Lucius
Jean, Alice Jane, née Le Maistre
Le Maistre, Alice Jane
Jean, Elizabeth Ann, née Valpy
Valpy, Elizabeth Ann
Jefferies, Louisa Elizabeth
Jeffs, Elizabeth Margarita Christina, née Knecht
Knecht, Elizabeth Margarita Christina
Jerrom, Ada Mary, née Hubert
Hubert, Ada Mary
Jerrom, Charles Henry
Jeune, Thomas Charles
Job, Kate Martha, née Holloway
Holloway, Kate Martha
Johnstone, Mary
Jonas, Lewis Gordon
Jones, William Montague
Jouan, Francis Edward
Jourdan, Isidore Mary
Journeaux, Arthur Huelin
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, Philip John
Keiley, Marguerite Deloraine, née Cockburn-Mercer
Cockburn-Mercer, Marguerite Deloraine
Keith-Davies, Eliza Young, née Matthews
Matthews, Eliza Young
Kelland, Rachel Jane, née Ingram
Ingram, Rachel Jane
Kelly, Frances Eileen, née Dolman
Dolman, Frances Eileen
Kenworthy, William
Keyho, Amelia
Kimpton, Ethel
King, Elsie Vivienne, née Harris
Harris, Elsie Vivienne
King, Howard Marmaduke
King, John Augustus George
Kirk, Frederick John Charles
Kirsten, Stanley Sigfried
Kopp, Joseph Michael
Labarre, Francine Marie, née Roullet
Roullet, Francine Marie
Labey, Elsie Claire, née Le Blancq
Le Blancq, Elsie Claire
Labey, Arthur George
Laffoley, Alice Jane, née Laffoley
Laffoley, Alice Jane
Laffoley, Henry Louis
Laffoley, John Bond
Lake, Harry Arthur
Lakeman, Ethel Agnes, née Harnett
Harnett, Ethel Agnes
Lakeman, Thomas Charles
L'Amy, John Hamptonne
Lander, Hilda, née Noel
Noel, Hilda
Landick, Frank Curtis
Langley, Gertrude Mary Langrisher, née Male
Male, Gertrude Mary Langrisher
Large, Emmeline, née Walker
Walker, Emmeline
Laurens, Alfred John
Laurens, Charles Sharman
Laurens, Emily Frances
Laurens, William
Laurie, Joyce Diana, née Saout
Saout, Joyce Diana
Laurie, Percy Douglas
Laverty, Evangeline Gertrude, née Simmons
Simmons, Evangeline Gertrude
Law, Bertram
Lawrence, Ethel, née Strachan
Strachan, Ethel
Lawrence, Gladys Vera
Lawrence, Kate, née Strachan
Strachan, Kate
Lawson, Mabel Florence
Layton, Arthur Bertram
Le Bas, Blanche Emily, née Dart
Dart, Blanche Emily
Le Bas, Florence Elizabeth
Le Ber, Francis Philip
Le Blancq, Walter Henry
Le Bon, Marie Julie Yvonne
Le Boutillier, Audrey Mabel
Le Boutillier, Francis Daniel
Le Boutillier, Francis James
Le Boutillier, Jane Henrietta Anne, née Berry
Berry, Jane Henrietta Anne
Le Boutillier, Nora
Le Breton, Amy Jane
Le Breton, Cecil Bernard
Le Breton, Cecilia Louisa
Le Breton, Susan, née Rosery
Rosery, Susan
Le Brocq, Alfred
Le Brocq, Harold
Le Brocq, Louisa Jane, née Le Masurier
Le Masurier, Louisa Jane
Le Brun, Albert John
Le Brun, Daisy Marie, née Quenault
Quenault, Daisy Marie
Le Brun, Emma Jane, née David
David, Emma Jane
Le Brun, Francis John
Le Brun, Joan Kathleen, née Quarry
Quarry, Joan Kathleen
Le Brun, John George William
Le Brun, Mary Lizzie Way, née Cowdery
Cowdery, Mary Lizzie Way
Le Brun, William Moses
Le Cheminant, Wilfred
Le Clercq, Hilda, née de Quetteville
de Quetteville, Hilda
Le Cocq, Alice Louisa, née Holmes
Holmes, Alice Louisa
Le Cocq, Louisa Selina, née Scott
Scott, Louisa Selina
Le Cocq, Percy Nicolas William
Le Cocq, Walter Blampied
Le Cocq, Walter Francis
Le Conte, John Charles
Le Conte, Mary Ann, née Dwyer
Dwyer, Mary Ann
Le Cornu, Alice Mabel, née Grindin
Le Cornu, Ethel Sarah, née Legg
Legg, Ethel Sarah
Le Cornu, Ethel Sarah, née Legg
Le Cornu, Francis Charles
Le Cornu, Harold Godfray
Le Cornu, Mary Jane Selina, née Langlois
Langlois, Mary Jane Selina
Le Cornu, Philip Francis
Le Couilliard, Francis Charles
Le Couteur, Alice Sophia, née Guilliard
Guillard, Alice Sophia
Le Couteur, Gertrude Maud, née Sheat
Sheat, Gertrude Maud
Le Cras, Philip Charles
Le Cuirot, Charles Francis
Le Druillenec, Francis
Le Feuvre, Ada Feodore, née Le Feuvre
Le Feuvre, Ada Feodore
Le Feuvre, Amelia Rachel, née Brideaux
Brideaux, Amelia Rachel
Le Feuvre, Arthur
Le Feuvre, Donald
Le Feuvre, Ellen Edith
Le Feuvre, Francis Vibert
Le Feuvre, Jessie, née Pipe
Pipe, Jessie
Le Fèvre, Thomas
Le Gaillard, Emma, née Cockerall
Cockerall, Emma
Le Gallais, Philip Edmond Mark
Le Gresley, Adèla
Le Gresley, Percy Clifford
Le Gros, Jane Eliza, née Starck
Starck, Jane Eliza
Le Gros, Louisa Despargues, née Marett
Marett, Louisa Despargues
Le Gros, William Alfred John
Le Hayée, Alphonse Désiré
Le Hayée, Maria Augustine
Le Huquet, John Fred
Le Lacheur, Robert John
Le Lievre, Mary Josephine, née Le Villalard
Le Villalard, Mary Josephine
Le Lievre, Ursula Mary, née Carter
Carter, Ursula Mary
Le Long, Ethel Doris, née Le Monnier
Le Monnier, Ethel Doris
Le Main, Elizabeth Mary, née Cloarec
Cloarec, Elizabeth Mary
Le Maistre, Amy Laura, née Ryan
Ryan, Amy Laura
Le Maistre, Annie Victorine, née Le Mercier
Le Mercier, Annie Victorine
Le Maistre, Hilda Winifred, née Sellar
Sellar, Hilda Winifred
Le Maistre, Mabel Harriet, née Nash
Nash, Mabel Harriet
Le Maistre, May, née O'Grady
O'Grady, May
Le Marinel, Arthur Robert
Le Masurier, Edwin Philip
Le Masurier, Elsie Marie, née Le Chevalier
Le Chevalier, Elsie Marie
Le Masurier, Emily Jane, née Finch
Finch, Emily Jane
Le Monnier, Clifford Charles Syvret
Le Monnier, Emily Louise, née Hardy
Hardy, Emily Louise
Le Neveu, Adele Marie, née Le Riche
Le Riche, Adele Marie
Le Neveu, Lizzie Ann, née Crill
Crill, Lizzie Ann
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Edwin
Pettiquin, Elie Victor
Le Petiquin, Elie Victor, alias Pettiquin
Le Poidevin, Gertrude Land, née Allix
Allix, Gertrude Land
Le Poidevin, James de Faye
Le Quelnec, Clifford Henry
Le Quesne, Adeline Mary, née Vibert
Vibert, Adeline Mary
Le Quesne, Annie Lilian, née de la Haye
de la Haye, Annie Lilian
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Quesne, Reginald Palmer
Le Riche, Charles Winter
Le Riche, David Frederick
Le Riche, Harriet Ann Elizabeth, née Le Chasseur
Le Chasseur, Harriet Ann Elizabeth
Le Riche, Lydia Mary, née de la Motte
de la Motte, Lydia Mary
Le Rossignol, Alice Mary
Le Rossignol, John Neel
Le Ruez, Hilda Laura Louisa, née Le Quesne
Le Quesne, Hilda Laura Louisa
Le Sauteur, Mary Hannah, née Meynell
Meynell, Mary Hannah
Le Sauteur, Philip Winter
Le Sauteur, William Thomas
Le Scelleur, Alfred James
Le Seelleur, Annie Edith
Le Seelleur, Elsie Maud, née Vardon
Vardon, Elsie Maud
Le Seelleur, Frank Henry
Le Seelleur, Helena Louisa
Le Seelleur, Maria Elvina, née Gould
Gould, Maria Elvina
Le Sueur, Dorothy Jane, née Quéree
Quéree, Dorothy Jane
Le Sueur, Norman Hamilton
Le Templier, Mary Jane Mourant, née Palmer
Palmer, Mary Jane Mourant
Le Touzé, Jane, née Le Masurier
Le Masurier, Jane  
Le Touzel, William James
Le V dit Durell, Edward Charles
Le Vaillant, William Thomas
Le Vesconte, Maria, née Gorin
Gorin, Maria
Le Vesconte, Philip John Laurens
Le Vesconte, Stanley Claude
Le Warne, Olive Martin, née Le Rossignol
Le Rossignol, Olive Martin
Ledger, Amelia, née Le Petevin dit Le Roux
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Amelia
Lee, William John
Leece, George Charles
Leitch, Ronald Andrew
Lejacques, Edmond Henri
Lemoigne, Aimée Marie Angeline, née Le Cuirot
Le Cuirot, Aimée Marie Angeline
Lempriere, Edward Cecil
Lempriere, Marjorie Yvonne
Lempriere, Mary Jane, née Lempriere
Lemprière, Mary Jane
Lempriere, Sydney Raoul
Lenaghan, Thomas William
Leslie, Grace Fanny, née Burton
Burton, Grace Fanny
Lewis, Edward Thomas
Lewis, Jane Hannah, née Richmond
Richmond, Jane Hannah
Lewis, Margaret Elizabeth, née Turner
Turner, Margaret Elizabeth
L'Hermite, Francis Joseph
L'Hermitte, Augustine Elise, née Le Couillard
Le Couillard, Augustine Elise
Linane, Ada Emily, née Marshall
Marshall, Ada Emily
Linds, Frederick William
Liron, Emily Annie, née Morcel
Morcel, Emily Annie
Lister, Martha Jane, née Baker
Baker, Martha Jane
Little, Marie Louise, née Rault
Rault, Marie Louise
Lockyer, Charles Leonard
Longmuir, Alexander
Longmuir, Edith, née Warren
Warren, Edith
Longson, Margaret, née Howard
Howard, Margaret
Longson, Margaret Corney, née Lee
Lee, Margaret Corney
Louden, Reginald Thomas
Lucas, Blanche Amy, née Richardson
Richardson, Blanche Amy
Luce, Edward John
Luce, Emmeline Eliza, née Le Marquand
Le Marquand, Emmeline Eliza
Luce, Ernest Edouard George
Luce, Ethel Mildred, née Down
Down, Ethel Mildred
Luce, Mary Elise
Luce, Philip John
Luce, Rosa Vivian, née Mitchell
Mitchell, Rosa Vivian
Lusby, Arthur
Lyte, Florence Mary
Lyttleton, Westcote Raymond
MacDonald, Norman
Macey, Mary Ann Jane, née Blampied
Blampied, Mary Ann Jane
MacFarlane, John Charles Hooper
Machon, Agnes Jane, née Laventure
Machon, Olive May, née Henley
Machon, William Frederick
Mackay, Gladys Louisa, née Langlois
Mackenzie, Eva Edith, née Shave
Mackenzie, Harold Montague Shave
MacLellan, Donald Alec
Macready, Jessie Georgina Elizabeth
Macready, Lawrence Charles
Magnus, Theodore Allingham
Mahier, Louisa, née Vibert
Vibert, Louisa
Mahieu, Elize Adeline, née de Rue
de Rue, Elize Adeline
Mahoney, Elizabeth Fitz
Mahoney, Maud, née Goodenough
Goodenough, Maud
Mainland, Alice Maria
Makin, Elizabeth Anne
Male, Edward Robert Francis
Mallet, Alice Mary Theresa, née Murphy
Murphy, Alice Mary Theresa
Mallet, Ernest Alexandre
Mallet, Stanley Rogers
Mallet, Louise Clementine
Mallett, Louisa May, née Whitel
Whitel, Louisa May
Mallinson, Kathleen Rose, née Parkinson
Parkinson, Kathleen Rose
Malzard, John William
Malzard, Sarah Anne
Manning, Joseph Onslow
Maples, Florence Isabel, née Reeves
Reeves, Florence Isabel
Marcheron, Alice Jane
Marett, Evelyn Maud, née Vardon
Vardon, Evelyn Maud
Marett, Hilda, née Le Seelleur
Le Seelleur, Hilda
Marett, Ida May, née Canivet
Canivet, Ida May
Marett, Isobel Mary, née Abbott
Abbott, Isobel Mary
Marie, Lydia Ann
Mariette, Florence Margaret
Marks, Dudley Ephraim
Marks, May Mahalah, née Carver
Carver, May Mahalah
Marshall, Clarice Maud, née Amy
Amy, Clarice Maud
Marshall, Erskine Hinderwell
Martin, Arthur Reginald
Martin, Florrie Eva, née Pellant
Pellant, Florrie Eva
Martin, William Gordon
Mason, Anna Louisa, née Balfour
Balfour, Anna Louisa
Mason, Arthur Henry Alfred
Mathews, Henrietta
Matthew, Mabel Mary Laurens, née Jouan
Jouan, Mabel Mary Laurens
Mauger, Alice Maud Mary, née Le Petit
Le Petit, Alice Maud Mary
Mauger, Henrietta Kathleen, née De Montmorency
De Montmorency, Henrietta Kathleen
Mauger, Patrick Francis
Mauger, Sarah Ann, née Bearman
Bearman, Sarah Ann
Mauvigner, Jeanne Julie, née Baudet
Baudet, Jeanne Julie
McCarthy, Edith Florence, née Harben
Harben, Edith Florence
McLeod, Robert
McMillan, Antony
McMillan, Antony
McNair, John Bell
Medder, Henry
Medland, Arthur George
Medland, Kenneth Albert
Meheux, Victoire Marie, née Ruellan
Ruellan, Victoire Marie
Mellis, George
Menard, Maria, née Desnou
Desnou, Maria
Messervy, John William
Messervy, Martha Mary
Michel, Emily Vibert, née de la Perrelle
de la Perrelle, Emily Vibert
Michel, Margaret Elsie
Middleton, Kathleen Rosaline, née Hingle
Hingle, Kathleen Rosaline
Milne, Ewan Thomas Mitchell
Milton, Ada, née Leslie
Minchineer, James
Misson, Ernest
Mitchell, Violet Maud
Moignard, John Reginald
Moir, Robert Gifford
Moison, John Francis
Mollet, Alfred Philip
Mollet, Ann Mary, née Pallot
Pallot, Ann Mary
Moneypenny, Samuel Francis
Monty, Constance Julia, née Moore
Moore, Constance Julia
Moorman, Maud Mary
Morcel, Amelia Lydia, née Chaperon
Chaperon, Amelia Lydia
Morcel, Amelia Lydia, née Chapron
Chapron, Amelia Lydia
Morcombe, Fred Granville
Morgan, Frank
Morin, Florence Maud Mary, née Le Boutillier
Le Boutillier, Florence Maud Mary
Morin, Marie Rose Françoise, née Corley
Corley, Marie Rose Françoise
Morris, Arthur Oliver Philip
Morris, Maude Mary, née Graham
Graham, Maude Mary
Mortimer, Emma Ann Elvina, née Underhill
Underhill, Emma Ann Elvina
Moscrop, Ada Margaret
Mottet, Martha, née Flour
Flour, Martha
Moultrie, Ethel Mowbray, née Fergusson
Fergusson, Ethel Mowbray
Mourant, Bertha Mary, née Coles
Coles, Bertha Mary
Mourant, Clifford
Mourant, Francis Charles
Mourant, Lydia Mary, née Ahier
Ahier, Lydia Mary
Mourant, Olive May Vernon, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Olive May Vernon
Mourant, Oscar Filleul
Moyes, Eustace Fletcher
Moyse, George
Muels, Edward Louis Adolphus Sarkett
Muirhead, James Archibald
Murphy, Cyril St John
Murray, Harold Evelyn Stanley
Myers, Samuel Jack
Naughton, Ursula Josephine Violet, née Buck
Buck, Ursula Josephine Violet
Neale, Frederick James
Neil, Melanie
Neilson, Harry Ross
Nelson, Edith Mary, née Brown
Brown, Edith Mary
Nelson, Richard
Nény, Jean Léon Marie
Newton, George Edward
Nicholas, Ivor Alfred Thomas
Nicolle, Alice
Nicolle, Clement James
Nicolle, John Edward
Nicolle, John Winter
Nicolle, Joshua Carrel
Nicolle, William
Noblett, Clara, née Freestone
Freestone, Clara
Noel, Alisimon Annie, née Greenwood
Greenwood, Alisimon Annie
Noel, Beatrice Ada, née Renouf
Renouf, Beatrice Ada
Norman, Alice Madeline
Norman, Donald Philip
Norman, Ellen
Norman, Ethel Margaret Helen, née Laurens
Laurens, Ethel Margaret Helen
Norman, Walter Davey Vernam
Norman, Walter Francis
Nunn, Bertram Henry
O'Brien-Butler, Mary Millicent, née Weatherston
Weatherston, Mary Millicient
Oddie, Walter Thellasson
O'Donnell, Margaret Josephine, née O'Boyle
O'Boyle, Margaret Josephine
Ogier, Abraham
Oliver, Francis Herbert
Oliver, Thomas Gordon
Orchard, Ada Julia, née Vautier
Vautier, Ada Julia
Orchard, Douglas Alfred Ernest
Ory, Albertine, née Le Cocq
Le Cocq, Albertine
Ory, Henri Leopold
Osmand, Percival Charles Saville
Osmont, Annie Trune, née Lakeman
Lakeman, Annie Trune
Owen, Ernest Robert
Ozouf, Mary Jane Elizabeth, née Vardon
Vardon, Mary Jane Elizabeth
Packer, Evelyn Vida, née Clarke
Clarke, Evelyn Vida
Packer, George
Page, Thurza Elizabeth, née Savage
Savage, Thurza Elizabeth
Pallot, Alice Mary
Pallot, Henry George
Pallot, Louisa Mary, née Aubin
Aubin, Louisa Mary
Pallot, Mary Jane, née Mallet
Mallet, Mary Jane
Parker, William Henry
Parkinson, Ethel Violet, née Hayes
Hayes, Ethel Violet
Parsons, Victor John
Paterson, Grace Stuart, née MacLeod
MacLeod, Grace Stuart
Paton, Frances Emily, née Preston
Preston, Frances Emily
Patton, George Walter
Payn, Henrietta Ada, née Foard
Foard, Henrietta Ada
Pead, Louise Adelina Ann, née Falle
Falle, Louise Adelina Ann
Peck, Lilian Hilda
Pellan, Victorine
Péllet, Zépher Jean Marie
Penney, Ethel Florence Mabel
Penseney, Harold William
Pepin, Alfred Leighton
Peppercorne, Elizabeth Agnes, née Hippisley
Hippisley, Elizabeth Agnes
Perchard, Hilda Eliza, née Noel
Noel, Hilda Eliza
Perchard, John Elisée
Perchard, Philip Joseph John
Perkins, John Ellis
Perkins, Kate Eliza, née Sore
Sore, Kate Eliza
Perrée, Thomas Russell
Perrier, John De Carteret
Perrier, Philip Thomas
Perrins, Eliza
Pesant, Edith Louise
Peto, Valentine Frank Cave
Pfammatter, Theophile Julian
Phillips, Anice, née Morgan
Morgan, Anice
Phillips, Ella Marie, née Malet de Carteret
Malet de Carteret, Ella Marie
Phillips, Henry Raymond
Picot, Daniel John Charles
Picot, George Wimble
Picot, Roland Frederick
Pigeon, George
Pigeon, Mary Ann, née Le Templier
Le Templier, Mary Ann
Piguet, Stanley George
Pike, Sydney, née Parkin
Parkin, Sydney
Pinel, Lilian Mary
Pinson, Charles Victor
Pirouet, Tinzee Georgina
Pitcher, Marion Emily
Pitman, Samuel Latimer Calvert
Pleven, Constance Joy, née Lansbury
Lansbury, Constance Joy
Poignand, Lucille
Pomeroy, Eliza Alberteen, née Melin
Melin, Eliza Alberteen
Pool, Sylvia May, née Crenan
Crenan, Sylvia May
Poole, Clara Sophia
Pooley, George
Potier, Florence Alice, née Le Brocq
Le Brocq, Florence Alice
Potier, Philip John
Potter, Gerald Howard
Poulain, Auguste François Désiré
Poulain, Jeanne Renée
Poupard, Wilfred
Powell, John James
Price, Gladys Violet
Prigg, Marguerite Le Quesne, née Gavey
Gavey, Marguerite Le Quesne
Prigg, Matilda Ann, née Body
Body, Matilda Ann
Pritchard, Kathleen Aimée Beatrice
Provost, Paul Louis
Pugsley, Thomas Jeune
Pullen, Charles Arthur
Pullen, Elsie Maud, née Wallis
Wallis, Elsie Maud
Pullen, Evelyn Blanche, née Mollet
Mollet, Evelyn Blanche
Pulleyn, James
Pullin, Charles Arthur
Pye, John Charles
Queen, Delicia, née De Gruchy
De Gruchy, Delicia
Quenault, Elias Francis
Querée, Charles
Quéree, Adolphus John
Quéree, Harriet Eleonore, née Romeril
Romeril, Harriet Eleonore
Queripel, Elizabeth Annie, née Silvey
Silvey, Elizabeth Annie
Ralph, Walter James
Rampton, Yvonne Florence, née Hodge
Hodge, Yvonne Florence
Ratel, Philip Gibaut
Rattenbury, Maud Ellen, née Nixon
Nixon, Maud Ellen
Rayment, Reginald Hanson
Read, Walter Summers
Reed, Harriet Louisa
Reeve, Ellen, née Coleshill
Coleshill, Ellen
Reid, Horne Maitland
Remon, Ann, née Laffoley
Laffoley, Ann
Remon, Kathleen Amy Margaret
Renard, Lydia, née Drelaud
Drelaud, Lydia
Rendall, Henry Arthur
Rennie, Grace Annie, née Rennie
Rennie, Grace Annie
Renouf, Anne Marie, née Gallois
Gallois, Anne Marie
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, Arthur
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Dennis
Renouf, Elsie Eliza, née Brache
Brache, Elsie Eliza
Renouf, Jane Susan
Renouf, Nora
Renouf, Rosa Bella, née Pearce
Pearce, Rosa Bella
Renouf, Ruby Dora, née Long
Long, Ruby Dora
Renton, Norman
Richards, Eleanor, née Leyland
Leyland, Eleanor
Richardson, Ada Jane, née Syvret
Syvret, Ada Jane
Richardson, Ruby Janet, née Laurens
Laurens, Ruby Janet
Richmond, Lilian Julia, née Price
Price, Lilian Julia
Richmond, Sydney Walter
Richmond, Wilfred Charles
Richomme, Gertrude Maud, née Day
Day, Gertrude Maud
Richomme, Lydia Rose, née Billot
Billot, Lydia Rose
Riley, Christopher John Molesworth
Rive, Elsie Louisa, née Journeaux
Journeaux, Elsie Louisa
Rive, Louisa Mary
Rive, Lyndon
Rive, Mabel
Robb, Mary, née Skillen
Skillen, Mary
Robert, Lilian, née Steward
Steward, Lilian
Robert, Gladys
Roberts, Agnes, née Pennington
Pennington, Agnes
Roberts, Amelia, née de Fiessness
de Fiessness, Amelia
Roberts, Charles Wentworth
Roberts, Thomas Stanley
Roberts, Reginald
Roberts, May, née Watson
Watson, May
Robertson, Arthur Edward
Robertson, Gladys Pretoria
Robertson, John Bishop
Robinson, Henry Kendall
Robrough, Eliza Ann
Rogers, Thomas John
Romeril, Ada Louise, née Robilliard
Robilliard, Ada Louise
Romeril, Ruby May
Rose, Lydia Hannah, née Journeaux
Journeaux, Lydia Hannah
Rosenberg, Dorcas Ann, née Robins
Robins, Dorcas Ann
Ross, John Brackenridge
Roussel, Alfred Stanley
Routier, Emmeline Elizabeth, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Emmeline Elizabeth
Rowcliffe, Elizabeth Lydia, née Noel
Noel, Elizabeth Lydia
Rowland, Annie Mary, née Le Quesne
Le Quesne, Annie Mary
Rowland, Henry James
Rush, Eugenie Marie, née Genissil
Genissil, Eugenie Marie
Sadot, Marie Françoise, née Plevin
Plevin, Marie Françoise
Salmon, Sydney Hughes
Sandy, William James
Sangan, Emile Joseph
Saterford, Jeanie Elsie
Saunders, Macan
Saunders, Margaret Frances, née Gibbs
Gibbs, Margaret Frances
Saunders, Margery Aldersey, née Bacon
Bacon, Margery Aldersey
Sauvage, Sydney Brocq
Savin, Albert
Scadden, Thomas Charles
Scarborough, May Augusta, née Rose
Rose, May Augusta
Scotson, Cecily Hamilton, née Goode
Goode, Cecily Hamilton
Scott, Frederick Gowan
Scott, John
Scott, Marie Madeleine, née Martinelle
Martinelle, Marie Madeleine
Scott, Michael
Screen, Percy Gilbert
Screen, Percy Gilbert
Scriven, Beryl Mona, née Harrison
Harrison, Beryl Mona
Seaward, Catherine May, née Heeney
Heeney, Catherine May
Sebire, Rex John
Sebire, Rosalie Marie, née Amicel
Amicel, Rosalie Marie
Seear, Bertram Charles
Shadgett, Beatrice, née Humphreys
Humphreys, Beatrice
Shannon, Ivy Winifred, née Wormall
Wormall, Ivy Winifred
Sharman, Mary, née Moffat
Moffat, Mary
Sharp, David Anthony
Sharp, Narissa Jane, née Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Narissa Jane
Shaw, Frank
Shaw, Gerald
Shedden, Isabella, née Shannon
Shannon, Isabella
Shepherd, William Ernest
Shields, Archibald
Short, Thursa Jane, née Lobb
Lobb, Thursa Jane
Silvertop, Charles Arthur Joseph
Simeon, Cornwall Barrington
Simmonds, Ellen
Simmonds, Rowland Charles
Simmons, William Henry
Simon, Claude Samuel
Slater, William Percival
Slee, George Kinglsey
Smith, Abner Clement
Smith, Alfred William
Smith, Aubin George
Smith, Bernard
Smith, Clifford Sydney
Smith, Edward Thomas
Smith, Frederic Hargreaves
Smith, Frederick George
Smith, John Henry
Smith, John Henry
Smith, Lewis Walter
Smith, Lucy Gertrude, née Bisshopp
Bisshopp, Lucy Gertrude
Smith, Mabel Blanche, née Sebire
Sebire, Mabel Blanche
Smith, Mary, née Gething
Gething, Mary
Smith, Melanie Mary, née Le Miere
Le Miere, Melanie Mary
Smith, William Henry Garratt
Smithers, Bertram
Soames, Phyllis Ellen, née House
House, Phyllis Ellen
Sohier, Thomas Henry
Southby, Claudia May
Southby, Ida Georgina
Soyer, Anne Marie, née Chardonnel
Chardonnel, Anne Marie
Spearman, Gertrude Mary
Spelman, John Shelly
Spiller, Frederick Vincent
Spong, Ambrose
Stacpole, Edith Ellen, née Gunner
Gunner, Edith Ellen
Stainer, Mary Ann, née Dimond
Dimond, Mary Ann
Stanbury, Eliza
Starck, Hilda Alice, née Dorey
Dorey, Hilda Alice
Steel, William
Stevens, Alfred Edward
Stevens, Reginald
Stevenson, Cecil Young
Stewart, George Herbert
Stewart, Jessie Marie MacDougal
Stewart, Margaret Benne, née Hunter
Hunter, Margaret Benne
Stewart, Mary Caroline, née Moore
Moore, Mary Caroline
Stone, Elsie Mary, née Hamon
Hamon, Elsie Mary
Strachan, Jean Adèle
Stuart, Alexander Maitland
Sutherland, Arthur Robert
Suttie, Ellen Reid, née Methuven
Methuven, Ellen Reid
Sutton, William
Swan, Janet Kevand, née Davis
Davis, Janet Kevand
Swanson, Constance Phyllis, née Le Vesconte
Le Vesconte, Constance Phyllis
Sweetman, Ivy Doreen, née Yule
Yule, Ivy Doreen
Symes, James Dickinson
Tabb, Frederick John
Tanguy, Doreen May, née Jouquet
Jouquet, Doreen May
Tanguy, Pamela Ruth, née Sharpe
Sharpe, Pamela Ruth
Tarr, Elizabeth Louisa, née Quintaine
Quintaine, Elizabeth Louisa
Tarratt, Ethel Georgina, née Thompson
Thompson, Ethel Georgina
Tatam, Percy Albert
Taunton, Joan Isolda, née Mauger
Mauger, Joan Isolda
Taylor, Evelyn Sarah, née Harris
Harris, Evelyn Sarah
Taylor, Frederick Charles
Taylor, James Le Breton
Taylor, John Edward Brownlow
Taylor, Sarah Elizabeth, née Stephens
Stephens, Sarah Elizabeth
Tee, Letitia Emily Arabella
Tennant, Amy May, née Lewis
Lewis, Amy May
Tennant, Claude Alwyne Muriel
Terry, Charlotte Elizabeth, née Hervice
Hervice, Charlotte Elizabeth
Terry, Leonie Clementine, née Chamard
Chamard, Leonie Clementine
Thatcher, Walter Frederick
Thelland, Alice Esther
Thomas, Eric Rhys Raglan
Thomas, George Randolph
Thomas, Hannibal Seymour
Thomas, Lucy Ann, née Wilford
Wilford, Lucy Ann
Thorne, Clifford
Thorne, Teresa Holly Audrey, née Renaux
Renaux, Teresa Holly Audrey
Tidswell, Ada Elizabeth
Tolcher, Elizabeth Templeman, née Lindsay
Lindsay, Elizabeth Templeman
Tomlin, Claude Henry
Tomlin, Margaret Mary, née Easton
Easton, Margaret Mary
Touzel, Eleanor Mary, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Eleanor Mary
Touzel, Emeline, née Pepin
Pepin, Emeline
Touzel, Frank
Touzel, Harold Gillard
Touzel, Philip Alfred
Towell, Ethel Annie, née Stoneman
Stoneman, Ethel Annie
Treffey, Andrew John
Trickey, Charles Lewis
Truscott, James Walter
Tubb, Herbert Hugh
Tuck, Joseph James
Tucker, Frederick
Tucker, Howard William
Tucker, Walter Noel
Tunstall, Edith Jane, née Walton
Walton, Edith Jane
Turner, Edward
Turner, George Charles
Twite, William John
Upton, Rosamond Nadia Suckling, née Hunt
Hunt, Rosamond Nadia Suckling
Urvoy, Victor
Valpy, Hedley Charles
Vardon, Annie Louisa, née Knight
Knight, Annie Louisa
Vardon, Mabel Louisa
Varney, Harry George
Vautier, Jack Rollo
Vautier, John
Vautier, Julia Loveday, née Dowinton
Dowinton, Julia Loveday
Vautier, Raymond Le Brocq
Verant, Philip James
Vibert, Amy Sarah, née Dadge
Dadge, Amy Sarah
Vicary, Acland Ernest
Viel, Linda Violet, née Le Moine
Le Moine, Linda Violet
Vincent, Winter John
Vivian, Alice, née Le Cocq
Le Cocq, Alice
Vizer, Susan Catherine, née Thomas
Thomas, Susan Catherine
Voisin, Emily Ann, née Hubert
Hubert, Emily Ann
Voisin, Sydney Walter
Wadsworth, Lilian Margaret
Wagner, Sophie Rosalie
Wakefield, Harry
Wakeham, Louisa Jane, née Crossman
Crossman, Louisa Jane
Walden, Sarah de Faye
Wallace, Ernest Leslie
Wallis, Louisa, née Bignold
Bignold, Louisa
Wallis, Montague Calverley
Walmesley, Eliza Jane, née Vibert
Vibert, Eliza Jane
Walsh, Fanny Marie, née Detcheverry
Detcheverry, Fanny Marie
Walton, Athelston Roland Spink
Wand, Vera Constance Marie, née Wilkins
Wilkins, Vera Constance Marie
Wand-Tetley, Thomas Harrison
Ware, William Edward
Warren, Emma, née Bertram
Bertram, Emma
Warren, Jane, née Grant
Grant, Jane
Warren, Jessie, née Carter
Carter, Jessie
Watkins, James
Watson, Edward Arnold
Watson, Harry Charlion Barr
Watson, Joseph
Watson, Marguerite Emily, née Fuller
Fuller, Marguerite Emily
Watson, Thomas
Watson, Thomas Edgar
Waugh, Rosa, née Stolty
Stolty, Rosa
Weay, Alfred Francis
Webber, Hilda Alice
Welham, Reginald John
Wellar, John
Wellman, Stanley Walter
Wells, Robina, née Embury
Embury, Robina
Welsh, Elsie May, née Parker
Parker, Elsie May
Weston, Annie Theodore, née Parker-Jervis
Parker-Jervis, Annie Theodore
Wheatley, Clara, née Ferguson
Ferguson, Clara
Wheeler, Irene Eleanor, née Noel
Noel, Irene Eleanor
Whelan, Clarence Andrew
White, Elsie May
White, Mabel Frances, née Hodgeson
Hodgeson, Mabel Frances
White, May Beatrice, née Tovey
Tovey, May Beatrice
Whitel, Nelson Collas
Whitley, Clement
Whitley, Lydia Susanne, née Perredes
Perredes, Lydia Susanne
Whitley, Winifred Violet
Wilding, Bertha Harwood, née Middelmass
Middelmass, Bertha Harwood
Wilkinson, Clara, née Playle
Playle, Clara
Williams, Dorothy Clara, née Williamson
Williamson, Dorothy Clara
Williams, Elizabeth, née Williams
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Gerald Anthony Walton
Williams, Godfrey Herbert Joseph
Williams, Gordon Francis
Williams, James Renouf
Williams, Louise Marie, née Arthur
Arthur, Louise Marie
Williams, Lucille Annie, née Moignard
Moignard, Lucille Annie
Williams, Nora Agnes, née Le Gallais
Le Gallais, Nora Agnes
Williams, Sefton Richard
Willings, Alfred Leslie
Wilson, Lucetta, née Sutcliffe
Sutcliffe, Lucetta
Wilson, Mary Jane, née Silvester
Silvester, Mary Jane
Winslet, Victor Gemmell
Witherell, Alice Maud Mary, née Chevalier
Chevalier, Alice Maud Mary
Womwoll, Lucknow William
Woodhall, Arthur Reginald
Woodhouse, Alice Jocelyn, née Bennett
Bennett, Alice Jocelyn
Woods, Gerald William Trayler
Woodsford, Clara Mary, née Baker
Baker, Clara Mary
Woodsford, Edith Ann
Worrall, Alice Margaret
Worrall, Arthur Hardey
Wright, John Bridgeman
Wright, Marinda, née Thornton
Thornton, Marinda
Yates, Nancy
Youlton, Charles Buesnel Harris
Young, Arthur Stanley
Young, Lawrence Herbert Frankland
Young, Patrick Henry
Yvon, George Alexandre


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