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Croad and Sons Funeral Directors - Accounts Ledger. This includes name of person paying the account, name of deceased and items ordered for the funeral and costs. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only.This volume has been attached as it commences at an earlier date than the first Livre de Remarques volume. To find the name you are interested in please click on the PDF document, look at the index document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.

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February 5th 1849 - March 10th 1868


Croad and Sons (Funeral directors)
Abel, Mr
Ahier, Mrs
Ahier, Child
Ahier, Mrs
Ahier, Child
Ahier, Miss
Alexander, David
Amy, W
Amy, Mrs
Amy, Miss
Anderson, Child
Andow, Joseph
Armstrong, Mrs
Arscott, James
Arthur, Child
Arthur, John F
Arthur, William F
Asplet, Jean
Asselin, Clement
Aubin, Miss
Aubin, Mrs
Auger, F N
Averty, Thomas
Averty, Miss
Baal, Child
Bailhache, Mrs
Baker, Child
Baker, Mrs
Bans, Mrs
Barkham, Walter Thomas A
Bates, Infant
Baudains, Child
Baynes, Mrs
Bee, Mr
Belford, Mrs
Bellebon, Mrs
Benizet, Child
Bertram, Child
Bertram, Mrs
Bethell, H
Binet, Mrs
Binet, Child
Binet, Mrs
Binet, Philippe
Binet, Child
Binet, Mrs
Binet, John
Binet, Child
Bisson, Child
Bisson, Captain
Bisson, Child
Bisson, Mrs
Bisson, Miss
Blackith, Francis
Blackler, Ellen
Blackmore, John
Blackmore, J W
Blampied, Mrs
Blampied, Child
Blanchford, Child
Bligh, Mrs
Boielle, Mrs
Boreham, Child
Boreham, Mrs
Boreham, James
Boudier, John George
Bourchin, Mrs
Bourke, M P
Bourke, Mrs
Bowen, Martin
Bradley, Mrs
Brady, Martin
Brasford, J
Bree, Child
Brooks, Mr
Burger, Child
Burger, Mrs
Burns, child
Burton, Infant
Cabot, Child
Cabot, Miss
Callan, Mrs
Callanan, Mrs
Campbell, Miss
Carperton, Infant
Carty, Child
Cayzer, Child
Cheese, Child
Childs, Child
Clarke, Mrs
Cochrane, Edward
Cookson, William, Reverend
Coombes, Child
Copp, Child
Copp, Child
Copp, Mrs
Copp, Child
Corbel, Child
Corbet, Charles A
Cousins, George
Cousins, Child
Cousins, Thomas
Coutanche, Miss
Coutanche, Mrs
Coutanche, Infant
Coutanche, Edward
Criblet, Louis
Croad, Child
Croker, Absalom
Daly, Mrs
Davey, Child
Davis, Mrs
Davis, Miss
Davis, Child
de Carteret, Philippe
de Faye, Child
de Gruchy, Mrs
de Gruchy, P F
de Gruchy, Jean
de Gruchy, Francois
de La Cour, Mrs
de La Mare, Child
de La Mare, Miss
de la Mare, Mrs
de la Mare, Anne
de La Mare, Infant
de La Mare, M
de la Mare, Philippe
de Quetteville, Mr
De St Croix, Mrs
De St Croix, Elizabeth
de Veulle, Child
de Veulle, Mr
Delo, Miss
Delo, Child
Delo, Mrs
Delo, Infant
Deslande, Mrs
Deslande, Mr
Dix, Child
Dix, Mary Agnes
Dodd, Edward P
Dodge, Infant
Dooling, Mrs
Dore, Mr
Dorey, Mrs
Draper, Mrs
Dunell, Mr
Dunell, Child
Durell, Mrs
Durell, Miss
Durell, Child
Durell, Francis
Eckford, Lieutenant General
England, Child
Ereaux, Child
Esnouf, Child
Esnouf, Mr
Falle, Mrs
Falle, G
Falle, Mary
Falle, Infant
Fauvel, Captain
Fauvel, James
Fauvel, Benjamin
Feehan, Patrick V
Fergus, Mrs
Field, G
Filleul, Mrs
Filleul, Thomas
Fillieul, Harriett
Fillieul, Mrs
Fillieul, Child
Fillieul, Jean
Fillieul, M
Finlay, William
Flaherty, Child
Gallichan, Miss
Gallichan, Jeanne
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallie, Stillborn
Garrio, Mr
Gaudin, Infant
Gaudin, Mrs
Gautier, Mrs
Gayzer, Child
Gelender, Miss
Gelender, Mrs
Gibaut, Mrs
Gifford, Child
Gilpin, Child
Girardeau, Mrs
Gires, Mrs
Godfray, Child
Godfray, Master
Godfray, Child
Goodrige, Child
Gosselin, Child
Gosselin, Mrs
Gosselin, George
Gould, Child
Grant, Child
Gray, Miss
Gribble, Child
Gribble, Mrs
Grier, Mrs
Grimshaw, Mrs
Groundsell, Infant
Grounsell, Infant
Gruchy, Child
Gruchy, Miss
Gun, George
Gunton, Infant
Guppy, Infant
Guppy, Mrs
Habin, Elisabeth
Hacquoil, Esther
Halin, James Charles
Hamon, Francois
Hamon, Mrs
Hardeley, James D
Hardie, Child
Harvey, George
Heloin, Infant
Helouin, Infant
Henry, Mrs
Henwood, Child
Higham, Edward
Hocquard, Mrs
Holder, Child
Horman, Child
Horman, Infant
Horman, Jean
Hubert, Mrs
Huelin, Mrs
Huelin, Child
Hurst, Sarah
Husk, Child
Ichet, Mrs
Inman, Mr
Jago, Charles
James, Samuel
Jeune, Infant
Johnson, Mrs
Johnson, Child
Jones, Infant
Jones, Child
Journeaux, Mrs
Journeaux, Child
Journeaux, Mr
Journeaux, Philippe
Journeaux, Infant
Knight, John
La Rue, Child
Landrin, Pierre
Langlois, Infant
Larbalestier, Infant
Laurens, Child
Laurens, Miss
Laurens, Mrs
Lavalle, Infant
Laventure, Child
Lawrence, James
Le Bair, Mrs
Le Boutillier, Miss
Le Breton, Josue
Le Breton, George
Le Capelain, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, Mrs
Le Cocq, Child
Le Cocq, Miss
Le Cocq, Infant
Le Cornu, Mrs
Le Cornu, Infant
Le Couteur, Infant
Le Couvet, P
Le Dain, George
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, Child
Le Feuvre, Anne
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Gallais, Child
Le Gresley, Mrs
Le Gresley, Mrs
Le Gros, Mr
Le Gros, Mrs
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, Infant
Le Huquet, Child
Le Lievre, Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Mrs
Le Maistre, Child
Le Maistre, Jean
Le Marquand, Child
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, Mr
Le Masurier, Mrs
Le Masurier, Infant
Le Masurier, Child
Le Masurier, Mrs
Le Miere, Felicite M
Le Montays, Judith
Le Quesne, Child
Le Ray, Mrs
Le Riche, Mrs
Le Riche, Joseph
Le Riche, Child
Le Riche, Mr
Le Riche, Infant
Le Rossignol, Child
Le Rougetel, Thomas Edward
Le Rougetel, John E
Le Roy, Charles
Le Roy, Miss
Le Scelleur, Jeanne
Le Scelleur, Rachel
Le Sueur, Infant
Le Sueur, Mr
Le Templier, J
Le Templier, Child
Le Vesconte, Mrs
Lee, Child
Legg, Child
Lempriere, Child
Lidstone, Child
Louise, Mrs
Love, Mrs
Lucas, Child
Lucas, G
Luscombe, R, Reverend
Luxon, Charles
Mabey, Child
Macdonald, L
Macfarlane, Joseph
Machon, Mrs
Mael, Child
Manly, Child
Marchant, Child
Marchant, Infant
Marchant, Mrs
Marett, Mrs
Marett, child
Marett, John
Marett, Infant
Marett, Jean
Margitson, Mrs
Marie, Child
Marie, Philippe, Captain
Marquand, Child
Marret, Child
Marrett, Infant
Marshall, Child
Martel, Child
Mauduit, Child
Mauduit, A G
Mauger, Captain
Maxwell, Major
McKittrick, Thomas
Mercer, Miss
Messervy, Philippe, Reverend
Messervy, Mr
Metivier, Mrs
Miller, Mrs
Mist, B
Monamy, Child
Moore, Miss
Moore, Child
Moore, Nicholas
Morgan, Master
Morris, Jane
Moss, Child
Moss, Mrs
Mourant, Mrs
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, Philipe
Nance, Mrs
Napier, D C, Colonel
Nicholson, R C
Nicolle, Mr
Nicolle, Mrs
Nicolle, Child
Noel, Child
Noel, Jean
Noel, Mrs
Norman, Jean
Olivier, Alice Mary
Osborne, Child
Paezold, Thomas C E
Pallot, Child
Pallot, Philippe
Pallot, Philippe
Pallot, Rachel
Pallot, Mrs
Pallot, Joshua, Captain
Pallot, Abraham
Palmer, R, Lieutenant
Parke, Child
Payne, Captain
Pearce, Alexander E, Reverend
Pearson, James
Pelerin, Infant
Pellow, Child
Pepin, Infant
Perchard, Mr
Perren, Child
Phillips, Mr
Picot, Mrs
Picot, George
Picot, Child
Pigeon, Child
Pihan, Child
Piller, Mrs
Pineaux, Jeanne
Pineaux, Mr
Pirouet, Mrs
Pitman, Edward
Planque, Mr
Plyman, B
Poindgestre, Jean
Porter, Child
Powell, Mrs
Pridham, William D
Prigg, Child
Prince, Mrs
Prince, Child
Pugsley, Child
Quenault, Marie
Quenault, Mr
Queree, Child
Ramie, Mrs
Randall, Mr
Reed, Child
Rees, Child
Renouf, Mr
Renouf, Mrs
Renouf, Child
Renouf, Miss
Richardson, Child
Ricou, Child
Rive, Peter
Robert, Mrs
Robertson, Miss
Robin, Mr
Robins, Ann
Robinson, Laura
Roissier, George
Rondel, Mrs
Rose, Mrs
Rose, Mr
Rous, Mr
Roussell, Mrs
Row, Child
Saltmarsh, Child
Samson, Child
Sansom, Mr
Saunders, Child
Scarborough, Child
Seckerson, Mrs
Short, Child
Short, Mrs
Slade, Child
Slader, J W H
Smith, Infant
Snell, Miss
Starck, Mrs
Starck, Charles
Stewart, George H
Stokes, Mrs
Stone, Captain
Stone, Child
Syvret, Mrs
Tarrant, Alice
Thauot, Miss
Thebault, Child
Thouault, Mrs
Touzel, Mrs
Touzel, C G
Touzel, George
Toyne, Miss
Valpy, Child
Vasselin, Infant
Vatcher, Child
Vautier, Francois
Vautier, Child
Vautier, Mrs
Vickers, Child
Vincent, Child
Vincent, H
Vonberg, Fred C
Wadsworth, Joseph B
Walden, Mrs
Watson, Mrs
Watson, Mr
Whettingstall, Child
Whittingstall, Child
Wills, Miss
Wilson, Child
Wilton, Miss
Worsfold, Thos
Wright, Child
Yeatmen, Robert
Youlton, Mrs
Youlton, Child
Young, Mrs
Young, R, Captain
Jourdan, Child
Le Feuvre, J
Fillieul, Ann
Brochet, Mr
Dix, Joseph
Norman, Mrs
Touzel, Philippe
Quesnel, Child
Henwood, Child
Bynam, Child
Le Gresley, Child


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