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P J Conery, Funeral Director Accounts Ledgers - includes details of the person being buried, place of burial, the name of the person paying for the funeral, their adress and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only. To find the name you are interested in please click on the PDF index document, find the name, then open the other PDF and navigate to the relevant date.

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May 4th 1957 - January 28th 1959


Conery, P J
Atkinson, George Arthur
Bannen, Joseph Edward
Bannier, Toussaint Pierre
Bath, Katherine, Shiels
Battinson, Helena
Bertram, Ernest
Blake, Nanette Mary, Horn
Blanchard, Florence Mabel, Wickers
Bonnemar, John Francis
Boyle, John Lewis
Brannigan, Sarah, Cornfield
Britt, Herbert Denis
Campion, Kenneth Harold
Collins, Elsie Philomena, Jehan
Crowhurst, Bernhard Frank
Davies, Frederick Horance
de La Mothe, Mary , Mother
Dene, Reginald Bertrand
Desrez, Lucie Louise Victoria
Dodge, William John
Drouin, Madeleine, Morin
Ecobichon, Mary Elizabeth, Wickings
Faucon, Alan George
Finch, Sarah Ann, Cornish
Freeman, Florence Mary, Aveson
Gallichan, Mabel Selina, Aveson
Gallichan, Stanley Falle
Geary, Amy Elsie Hamon, Ferris
Gill, Doris Ida, Vale
Gosling, Edward John
Gough, Julia Florence, Corbel
Hebert, Eugene Jean
Helary, Marie Victorie
Higham, Ralph Gilson
Julien, Francois Marie
Le Cras, Francis
Le Miere, Florence Marie, Le Miere
Le Neindre, Marie Francoise, Jan
Le Quesne, Eugenie Celestine, Disque
Le Rossignol, Elizabeth, Quirot
Le Rue, Eugenie Marie, Huet
L'Ecrivain, Ann Alicia
Lion, Honora Crowley, Tierney
Mullins, Rosalina, Brogan
Nagle, Esther
Noel, John Nicolle
Norris, William Harold
O'Brien, Michael J
Parkes, Ida Mary, Morris
Payn, Jeanne Marie, Chretien
Payne, Steven Kenneth
Perree, Charles Le Riche
Peterson, Gertrude
Petra, Raymond Frederick
Priddy, Florence May, Landick
Prigent, Hyacinthe M
Richards, Rose Emma
Riou, Jean Louis
Rogers, Arthur Edward
Routier, Lizzie, King
Ryan, Martin
Taschke, Joseph
Tite, Florence Ann, Wadge
Tredant, Alfred George Vincent
Troy, Infant
Watson, Sonya
Wills, Guy


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