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A A Pitcher Funeral Director Accounts Ledgers - includes name, age and address of the person being buried, place of burial, the name of the person paying for the funeral and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only. To find the name you are interested in please click on the PDF Index document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.

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September 14th 1969 - August 1st 1972


A A Pitcher Limited
Abraham, Ada Adelina
Adair, Mildred Elizabeth Florence, née Cooper
Ahier, Johanah Margaret Ellen, née Moignard
Ahier, Clarence George
Ahier, Jacqueline
Airey, May, née Le Marquand
Aldred, Hilda, née Heath
Alexander, John
Alker, Arthur
Allan, John Carruthers
Allen, Infant
Allo, John Herbert
Amy, Amy Maude, née Hanning
Anderson, Thomas Victor
André, Francois Marie
Armstrong, George
Arnold, Leonard William
Arnold, Alice Lilian Maud
Arthur, Herbert Francis
Baker, Kenneth William George
Balston, George Charles Henry
Banner, Thomas George
Barrett, Bernard Gordon
Barry, Dennis Egerton
Bataille, Florence Maud, née Ryan
Bates, Bertha Blanche
Battrick, Thomas Harrold
Baudet, Philip Ernest
Bayliss, Lilian Elizabeth, née Laffoley
Becquet, Edward
Becquet, Mary Ann, née Norman
Beecroft, Henrietta Johnson
Behrend, John Louis
Bell, Roger Murray
Bell, Mary
Berezay, Alfred Henri
Berry, Rachel
Besnard, Marcel James
Betts, Violet Doris, née Le Moignan
Beuzeval, Florence Sarah, née Ryan
Blagg, Claude Edmung Langley
Blampied, Infant
Blanchet, Doris Maud
Blanchet, John Francis
Boff, Mary, née Tarry
Bonn, Melissa Marina Arabella
Booker, Ivy
Booth, Samuel
Boullier, Percy James
Bouteloup, Martha Evelyn, née Holmes
Bowerman, James
Boylan, Teresa, née Gibson
Brasford, Noreen Cullinane, née Desgranges
Brett, William Walter
Briard, Annie Sarah, née Phillips
Briard, Louisa, née True
Brown, Kenneth
Burnett, Florence Mary
Butcher, Lee Anthony
Carré, Doris Marie, née Rault
Carvenec, Margaret Jocelyn, née Cohu
Cavey, Eva Winifred
Cawley, Hilda, née Ivey
Chamberlayne, Tankerville Seymour
Chapman, Sarah Ann, née Gratton
Chevalier, Cecil Thomas, née Noran
Chevalier, Ada Laura, née Le Flock
Chinn, Albert William
Churchouse, Patrick Franklin
Clayden, William Ernest
Clough, John Henry
Clyde, John Oliver
Cole, Rose Daphne
Cooper, Patricia Ann
Cornick, Gladys Matilda
Crick, Eric Frank
Cude, Dennis
D'Authreau, Regine Hue, née McAllen
d'Authreau, Charles John
Davis, Hilda Mabel
de Ceuninck, Louisa Lea Victorine, née Letellier
de la Cour, Edward Philip
de la Haye, Elsie Mary, née Le Lion
de Ste Croix, Hilda Blanche, née Copp
Devine, Hugh
Dimond, Thomas Edwin
Dobbs, Alexander Francis
Dobin, Dorothy May, née Benwell
Dodd, Phyliss Evelyn, née Harris
Drake, Raymond
Duhamel, Charles Philip
Dwane, Joyce Irene May, née Vasse
Egre, Laura Jane, née Badier
Egre, Winter George
Elliott, Grace Stephanie, née Le Rossignol
Ellis, Maud Mary, née Brophy
Evans, James
Evans, William George
Falcon, Edith Margaret, née Harding
Falle, Wilfred Philip
Farcy, Marcel
Fenton, Albert Elias Percy
Filleul, Adelaide Eliza, née Lempriere
Firmin, Victor Edward
Firth, Kathleen, née Green
Flaherty, Edward
Flemens, Cecil Arthur
Fleming, William Isaac
Ford, Clara Ann, née Drouin
Foster, William
Foster, John
Fox, Eric Charles
Gallie, Lawrence Winter
Gallie, Ada Selina, née Rive
Gaskell, Alice June, née Le Sueur
Gauvin, Madeleine Louise Barré, née Michel
Gibbs, John
Gilchrist, Infant
Gill, Anthony
Godrick, Clarence Henry
Golley, John
Gormley, Ronald James
Gow, Denis
Graham, Dorothy Louise, née Winter
Graham, Calvert Sinton
Grant, Emily Amelia May, née Godbolt
Green, Michael Robert
Greenhough, Marjorie, née Edwards
Griffin, Alice Evelyn, née Pinel
Griffin, Mary Josephine Florence, née Allen
Grime, Marjorie, née Lloyd
Guy, Harold James
Gwillim, Thomas Walter
Hairon, Maurice Julien Emile
Hall, John William
Hallewell, Edith May, née Smith
Hamon, Edouard
Hannaford, Alexina, née Scorrgie
Hardy, Cecil Albert
Hargreaves, Gerald de la Pryme
Harris, May Muriel, née Kennedy
Harris, Ian Michael
Harrison, Percy
Harvey, Roy
Hassell, Alfred Thomas
Haynes, Bernard Leslie
Hayward, Alfred Frederick
Hearne, John Dermot
Hector, Charles Henry
Hernio, René Desiré
Hervé, Andrew James
Hewitt, Arthur
Hibbs, Bernard
Hickman, Lilian Alice Rebecca, née Randle
Hoad, Arthur
Hogan, Catherine
Hollingsworth, Doreen, née Rodmell
Holloway, Shirley Dawn, née Perham
Honeyball, Mary Dorothy, née Lamotte
Houiellebecq, William Edley
Howard, Rosalia Clotilde, née Grazzuizi
Howlett, Arthur Albion
Howlett, Molly, née Bowen
Hoyles, Mabel Annitta, née Buesnel
Hoyles, Phillis Ethel
Hughes, Charles Shakespeare
Humphreys, Kathleen Marguerite, née Thomas
Hunt, Nancy, née McCracken
Hurry, Janet Elizabeth, née Lee
Inman, James William
Jacklin, Henry Louis
Jacklin, Rhoda Theresa, née Luxton
Jackson, Frederick William
James, Mrs
James, Thomas Trevor
Jeronimo, Baby
Jones, Margaret, née Thomas
Journeaux, Elsie Edith
Kay, Samuel Ayre
Kearsley, Irene, née Goodey
Kearsley, Levi
Keeping, Ernest William John
Keith, Arthur Eugene
Kember, William Charles
Kent, Frederick Edward James
Kent, Violet Edth, née Le Masurier
King, Agnes Emily, née Lloyd
Knight, Walter Aubert
Lamond, Edward Stewart
Lane, Graeme George
Lane, Richard
Langlois, Winter Philip
Last, Florrie Louise, née Jarnet
Laurens, William Charles
Le Bail, Annie Marie Louise, née Moulin
Le Blancq, Louisa Pauline
Le Bourgeois, Louisa Victoria Annie, née Filleul
Le Boutillier, Eunice Collas, née de Caen
Le Breton, Rachael Ellen, née Gavey
Le Brocq, Winter
Le Claire, Francis John
Le Comte, Julie Lucienne Wanaver, née Becq
Le Cornu, Frances Jane, née Le Cornu
Le Cornu, Edna May, née Evans
Le Dain, Philip Ernest
Le Dain, Edith, née Suret
Le Feuvre, Eva
Le Goubin, Violet Victoria, née Hunt
Le Gresley, Leonard Francis
Le Liard, Anne Marie
Le Liard, Alfred McDermott
Le Lievre, Lilian Mabel, née Le Cocq
Le Lievre, Edward Louis
Le Lièvre, James Alfred
Le Long, Jean Jules
Le Marquand, Philip Francis
Le Marquand, Marie Francoise, née Millin
Le Quesne, Ella Margaret, née Hansford
Le Riche, Hilda May, née Lagadu
Le Rossignol, Dorothy
Le Rossignol, Elsie May
Le Vesconte, Alfred Philip
Leatt, Gladys Maud
L'Ecrivain, Marie Francoise Anne, née Poulain
Lewis, John
Lewis, John Henry Walter
Lewis, Leonard George Stanley
Lilley, Francis James Patrick
Long, Aileen, née Beatty
Lucas, John Peter
Luce, John
Luce, John Francis
Macdonald, Ronald
Maine, Percival Frederick
Manning, Stephen Edward
Martin, George
Mason, William
Matthews, Muriel, née Whitney
Mauger, Grace Lilian, née Alexandre
McEwan, Alexander
McGowan, Helen Jill, née Cairns
Mead, Reginald Court
Meagher, Lilian Clare, née Payn
Mearns, Hilda Brooks, née Corhill
Michel, Maureen Maud, née Learmouth
Miles, Denise, née
Moitie, Mary Ann, née Crosby
Moitié, Elsie Louisa
Morgan, Margaret Ann
Morris, Jane Louise
Morris, Ethel Nora, née Beswick
Morton, Lilian, née Dent
Mourant, Martin Gordon
Muir, Kathleen Emily, née Moore
Vivian, Grace Dethan Boyd, née Channing
Newsom, Arnold
Nicholas, Albert
Nicholls, Albert Edward
Nicholson, William
Nicolle, Gertrude Margaret
Noel, Edmund Francis
Norman, Alice Maud Mary, née Smith
Norris, Kathleen Marion, née Head
Nuttey, Lilian Mary, née Lobeck
Oakley, Annie Louise, née Franks
O'Donovan, Daniel Bernard
Ovens, Florence May, née Pitman
Pallot, Wesley George
Pallot, Reginald Charles
Pallot, Emile Nicholas
Parker, Peter Kenneth
Paton, Hugh Stewart
Pearson, George Henry
Pepper, Frances, née Jackson
Perchard, Irene Mary, née Jones
Perry, Gertrude Lilian May, née Haines
Petra, Emile Francis
Petrie, Claude John Francis
Pharo, Kevin
Pharo, Stephen
Phillips, Wenda Ethel, née Butler
Pickles, Richard Raymond
Pigot, Hersey Elizabeth, née Maltby
Pilkington, John Joseph
Pipe, Wilgress George
Pirouet, Elizabeth Hesketh, née Bryant
Pitcher, Mabel Emily, née Tostevin
Pitcher, Maurice Charles
Pitman, George William James Charles
Plant, Amy, née Marshall
Podger, Reginald
Poingdestre, Edith Sarah, née Moody
Pontorno, Ignazia Sgroi
Poulouin, Brian Alexander
Price, Eleanor, née Silvester
Quayle, Cicely Frances
Quenault, Tom Gerald
Quinton, Mabel, née Garner
Rault, Leon Marie
Reis, William Toynton
Relhan, Harold Clairmont
Rendell, Jane Carmen, née Franke
Rennell, Ada Eliza, née Drouin
Rennell, Ada Elize, née Drouin
Renouf, Doris, née Le Clercq
Renouf, Cecilia Eliza
Richard, Philip Yves
Richardson, Ella Maud
Roskill, Wilfred Gustaf
Rowe, William John
Rumfitt, Margaret Gladys, née Griffin
Ryley, Constance Ethyl Beresford
Sangan, Josephine, née Toudic
Sangan, Marie, née Fenton
Saunders, Marie Therese, née Kingham
Senior, Susan Avril
Sexton, Lily May, née Eyles
Shales, Ada Jordan, née Wood
Shaw, Edith Agnes, née Sayers
Shinnie, Kenneth Lester
Short, Amy Phyliss Rebecca
Silcock, Jack
Sinett, Charles Sidney
Smart, John Henry
Smart, Anne Mary, née Marshallsay
Smith, Mary Theo, née Roloff
Smith, Hephzibah Maude Florence, née Stacey
Smith, Beatrice Chrysanthemum, née Scantlebury
Snepp, Reginald Walter
Soderland, Herbert John
Steel, Ernest William
St George, Louisa, née Tucker
Tucker, Louisa
Steel, Amy Violet, née Raymond
Sterne, Florence Emily, née Richardson
Steward, Gladys Elizabeth, née Proctor
Stone, William Farquhar
Stott, Clifford
Streher, Reginald
Sutherland, Melissa Martha, née Balleine
Symons, Ernest
Syvret, Louisa Elizabeth, née Le Sueur
Syvret, Sydney Charles
Tague, Bernard
Tardivel, Linda May, née Mathieu
Taylor, James Ernest Frederick
Taylor, Ralph Frederick
Therin, Marguerite Marie Louise, née Simon
Thomas, Marguerite, née Dallin
Thomas, Dorothy, née McRae
Thomas, David Rees
Tierney, Sidney James
Tierney, Maud Mary
Toms, Reginald Arthur
Townsend aka Wickens, Brien Graham Peter
Tressard, Walter Pierre
Tuck, Coram
Tulett, Eileen Mary, née Webster
Twitchen, Andrew de Veulle
Vasse, Elsie May, née Tierney
Verriour, Victoria Violet, née
Vincent, Irene Mary, née Gilley
Voisin, Alfred Ernest Godfray
Vosper, Nora, née Robinson
Wainwright, Helen Jill, née Cordingly
Walker, Charles Ernest
Walker, Nellie Louisa, née Osborne
Wall, Francis Ewart
Watson, James
Weed, William Lester
Whitaker, Louisa, née Green-Wood
Whitley, Rosalind, née Holmes
Whitley, William
Wigley, James
Wilde, William
Williams, Thomas Leslie
Williamson, Florence Adelaide, née Alderick
Willis, John
Wilson, Frank
Wiseman, Thomas
Wood, James Richard
Woodham, Reginald
Woolerton, John
Woolfrey, George Henry
Wright, Edwin Alfred
Wright, Cecil Durell
Young, Robert James
Young, Martha, née Chapman


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