Diary of F G Woodall (214pp October 1942 - March 1943 with numerous entries in a personal code; photocopy of the transcript of the uncoded entries, 35pp) kept by him while in his forties and living on Jersey, Channel Islands, running his own small shop selling toys and miscellaneous articles during the German occupation, giving useful insights into the conditions on the island, particuarly the appallling situation of Russian forced labour, complaining about obstructive bureaucracy from the local authorities and highlighting: problems of supplies, trading and food, differing attitudes among islanders to the Germans (human sympathy for some), resentment towards opportunist and priveleged islanders (though he himself enjoyed some privileges, living in a flat attached to his brother's hotel), anxieties about deportations to Germany, and his great sense of regret at not leaving the Island before the occupation.




1942 - 1943

Scope and Content

Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents


Woodall, F G


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