Photocopy of an unpublished memoir by E Pleasant (circa 400pp ts) of his activities during the Second World War, covering his work as a conscientous objector on Jersey at the beginning of the war, the German occupation in the summer of 1940 and his subsequent career as a petty thief with a group of other 'mainlanders', abortive attempts to escape from the Island leading to a sentence of hard labour in occupied France, imprisonment at Dijon from where he escapes and is rearrested, internment in Germany, initially in IIag VIIIZ (Kreuzburg, Upper Silesia) and then in Marlag-Milag Nord (Westertimke) where he joins the British Free Corps in May 1944. The memoir goes on to detail his desertion of the Corps, his bigamous marriage to a German girl, then his help of refugees escaping from the Russian zone of Berlin to the American zone, followed by arrest and imprisonment by the Russians in coalmine labour camps, before being released in the 1950's.




1940 - 1950

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Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents


Pleasants, E
British Free Corps


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